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  • the vampirefication of Bella Swan

    my art ig is @/oimedesenha, pls don’t save and repost, just share from the original post ❤️

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  • The sixth chapter of Tale of Years: 2003 has just been posted!

    You can read it on fanfiction.net here or on AO3 here.

    #Tale of Years: 2003 #Tale of Years #fanfiction#edward#cullens #Forks high friends #reviews are like hugs!
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    went shopping yesterday and i found a denali sweater??? the way this made my entire day! you can’t even imagine

    (peak bella‘s moonstone ring that i‘m wearing)

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  • You know the Cullens recreated OK Go - Here It Goes Again’s music video.  The only questions was which family member was which musician.

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  • My biggest question about the twilight series is if all the Cullen’s do their own homework or like if they try to pass it off to their siblings. I feel like our boy edward did everyone’s before he met Bella.

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    Twilight, again. Another ending. No matter how perfect the day is, it always has to end.

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  • TLNRS-Part Six (Marcus)

    Without further ado- part six!!

    Warnings: some cursing, brief illusion to panic attacks, low self esteem


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    Originally posted by dianaofthemyscira

    The next morning found you down in the kitchen for breakfast, a silly grin on your face and a happy song on your lips.

    Last night’s date had been…amazing. You didn’t know anyone could be that attentive and sweet and Marcus had blown even the Queen’s expectations out of the water.

    You gave a happy twirl and goosebumps erupted over your skin as you remembered the hooded look in his eyes and the gentle way he had wooed you over the course of the evening.

    It was way too soon for Love and you were still a bit wary and skittish of anything remotely romantic, especially with Vampires, this soon after the whole Carlisle debacle, but oh, did you wish and want whatever this was to come to fruition.

    It was so nice to be appreciated and feel as if you were sought after.

    “Sounds like someone had a good night,” Edward’s sudden voice came from behind you and you jumped with a yelp.

    “Eddie!” you scolded, holding a hand over your heart, willing it to stay within your rib cage, “Don’t do that!”

    To your surprise, Edward lifted his hands in the air, a serious look on his face.

    “No harm meant, Y/N.”

    Your brow furrowed- what the heck was his problem? It wasn’t like you thought he meant to scare you into an early grave.

    Edward’s head tilted a little behind him and you looked over his shoulder to lock eyes with Jane.

    “Oh, hello,” you said with a small, uncertain smile. The Volturi has all been incredibly welcoming and helpful, but the Witch Twins had been more standoffish than the rest.

    Which you could understand. After all, you were a human, and an Unwanted Mate at that.

    Edward’s eyes narrowed in your direction and you gave a small sigh.

    Honestly, you loved Eddie like a brother but the mind reading thing was a bit tiresome at times.

    And it wasn’t like you were wrong!

    You were human and you were an Unwanted Bond Mate.

    Simple as that. No amount of positive thinking or good self esteem was going to change that.

    You turned your attention back to Jane as she shifted and stepped further into the kitchen.

    “You are okay?” the blonde vampire asked emotionless, ruby eyes darting from you to Edward and back again.

    You tried valiantly to tramp down the warmth that blossomed in your chest at her question.

    It was nice to know that she cared, even if she was just asking out of what was probably duty to one of her Kings.

    You were suddenly grateful that Jasper didn’t like you enough to hang around like Edward.

    One invasive-talented vampire was enough.

    A gentle throat clearing reminded you that you had yet to answer, so with a very red face, you assured her that you were fine.

    Jane stared you down for a few moments, long enough for you to start fidgeting, before giving a single nod and disappearing.

    You turned wide eyes to Edward who just shook his head with a chuckle.

    “I have no idea,” he smirked and you rolled your eyes.

    Uh huh. Sure.

    “Where’s Bella this morning?” you asked curiously as you continued to make your breakfast.

    “Packing for our return trip,” Edward said quietly after a moment and you froze, all happy thoughts of Marcus disappearing as it dawned on you.

    They were returning to Forks.

    You probably should too.

    Your mind started to race. What was it going to be like, back in Forks with the Cullens? Could you even stand to see them every day? Would their sudden apologetic and sad demeanors make you give in when you should stay strong or would their attitudes change back to how they were once you were out of Italy? Did you even want to stay in Forks? What if you didn’t have your job when you got back? What if you never recovered from being an Unwanted? What if—

    A cold hand was suddenly on your shoulder and you were drawn back into a gentle, brotherly embrace.

    “Breathe, Y/N,” Edward murmured into your hair. “Just breathe for a few moments, okay?”

    You nodded as best you could with your head tucked into his chest, but dutifully took a few deep breaths.

    Why were you like this?

    You were pretty sure that normal people wouldn’t be freaking out over a sentence as simple as, “She’s packing”.

    Then again, what exactly was normal anymore? Since apparently vampires existed and had their own version of the Mafia.

    Edward snorted and you gave a somewhat shaky smile.

    Well, at least you were entertaining to someone.

    “You are not going to be forced to go back with us, Y/N,” Edward said softly after a few quiet moments. “I am sure that Aro would welcome you here.”

    You raised your head to frown at the vampire. “I am not going to be a charity case.”

    To your surprise, Edward actually rolled his eyes.

    “Aro thinks many things about you, Y/N, but charity case is not one of them.”

    You blushed at the slight reprimand and burrowed your face back into Edward’s chest.

    A gentle hand ran through your hair and Edward added quietly, “There are a lot of people who care for you, Y/N. Never forget that. And those same people would do everything in their power to make sure you were taken care of and provided for. You have a way of endearing yourself to people quickly and we vampires are no different. Those that want to take care of you do so because of you and who you are, not because of any sort of pity.”

    That warmth was back, unfurling in your chest like a flower blooming on a warm spring day.

    You squeezed the vampire in front of you in a tight hug, mentally sending your thanks.

    You needed to hear that.

    “Anytime,” came Edward’s murmur and then you found yourself suddenly seated at the table in a rush of wind.

    Your forgotten breakfast was placed in front of you with the order to eat.

    “You’ll feel even better when you have something on your stomach. And then you can decide if you want to stay or come back to Forks.”

    You weren’t exactly sure what epiphany Edward thought your food would give you, but by the time you had finished eating, you still were no closer to figuring out what to do.

    Should you stay or should you go?

    What really was waiting for you back in Forks?

    But then, what was really waiting for you here?

    You gave a soft growl, a pathetic sounding one compared to the ones the vampires could produce, but it made you feel marginally better.

    Maybe you could just go…live in England on your own. No vampires, no Mates, no supernatural.

    Just the English countryside, horseback riding and rain.

    You smiled big, this was a great solution!, and turned back to Edward who was looking at you in a mixture of both amusement and disbelief.

    “Y/N,” he started after a moment, “what on Earth makes you think that’s going to be an option for you?”

    Your jaw dropped.

    “An option for me?” you parroted. “I’m a grown ass woman! Why wouldn’t it be an option?!”

    Edward snorted in pure amusement now and took a seat across from you at the table.

    “Y/N, there are too many vampires interested in your well being to let you go off on your own somewhere. And,” he continued, holding up a hand when you opened your mouth to interrupt him, “English is very wet, very rainy and very cloudy. Not the ideal place to try and get away from creatures that thrive in the shadows.”

    You snapped your mouth shut.

    The man had a point there.

    Which kinda sucked. What a good excuse to move to the UK.

    “Why don’t you come back with us, Y/N?” Edward suggested when your thoughts didn’t leave England.

    Your eyes locked onto tawny gold.

    “At least for a little while. That will give you a chance to get everything in order if you don’t decide to stay.”

    You studied his face while you thought it over.

    It would be good for you to go back. Get back to the familiar and comforting.

    And maybe even get on with your life.


    “I know it sounds kinda crazy, Edward, it being so soon and all, but I’m going to really miss everyone here.”

    The mind reader picked up on exactly who you would miss the most and he gave a gentle smile.

    “I can assure you the sentiment would be returned, if he wasn’t going along.”

    You blinked once. Twice. Three times.

    And then, “Wait, what?”

    Edward leaned back in his chair, an air of smugness radiating from him.

    “Marcus. King Marcus. The one with the beautiful eyes and the amazingly kind heart you haven’t stopped thinking about?”

    You blushed red at that.

    “He decided to come along with us to Forks,” Edward continued, “if you had decided to join us.”

    “But why?” you asked in genuine confusion. Why would he want to go to Forks of all places?

    Edward leveled you with a look that said, ‘Really?’

    You leveled a look right back at him.

    “He’s known me for a few days, Eddie. And we’ve had one date- if you can technically even call it that. Seems a little premature for him to go galavanting across half the globe for someone he just met.”

    Edward leaned in, elbows on the table and face serious and close to yours.

    “Y/N. Listen and listen good. You are worth it. Whatever my sire has said and done, however my coven has treated you, forget about it. I told you- you endear yourself to people quickly. The Volturi are no different. What they feel for you is true and all because of you. Bonded or no, Unwanted or no, they care for you. As do I. Don’t be so hard on yourself or surprised that Marcus would travel with you to Forks. There are more that would come if they could.”

    “Young Edward is right,” a low, gravelly voice said from the doorway and you snapped your head over to see Marcus standing there, Volturi robes blending in with the shadowed doorway.

    “You sell yourself much too short, Cara Mia. I am going with you to Forks because I wish to. Because I do not want you to have to face Carlisle and his coven alone. And because I very much want to see where this attraction between us may lead.”

    Marcus stepped into the room and slowly made his way to your side before lowering himself elegantly to his knees.

    “However,” he continued quietly, “should you wish me not to go, I will remain here in Volterra.”

    You blinked dumbly at him.

    “You mean, I have a say in this?” you asked in surprise.

    Edward made an odd sound and Marcus looked stricken.

    “Y/N,” he said earnestly, “you will always have a choice.”

    You looked between the two of them and then your eyes went wide.

    “No, that’s not what I meant! I mean it was, but not necessarily like that! Just…it is surprising to me that I would have a say in whether you went to Forks or not, because…well, of the obvious.”

    “Why would you think you wouldn’t have an input into whether I accompanied you to Forks or not?” Marcus asked quietly.

    You rose a brow. “You mean other than the fact that you’re a King? A Vampire one at that? You can go wherever you want- why would my opinion matter? I’m just me- human and decidedly not a royal.”

    “But perhaps I am just Marcus- a man trying to woo a woman he’s beginning to care very deeply for. A man who wouldn’t want to press his luck and go anywhere he wasn’t welcome.”

    Silence reigned in the kitchen. Marcus was looking intently at you, you were gaping probably quite unattractively back at him, and Edward was pretending to be engrossed in the ceiling to give you two the illusion of privacy.

    “Y/N,” Marcus whisperer, cold hand lifting to gently cup your cheek. “May I accompany you to Forks? And act as your Protector?”

    Edward’s attention was now focused intensely on the two of you, but you paid him no mind, your own attention captivated by the King kneeling at your feet.

    “Yes,” you finally managed to murmur. “Please.”

    A soft smile curled the edges of the Vampire King’s mouth and he smoothly stood.

    “Then I have preparations to finish. I shall see you when we depart tonight, Y/N. Until then.”

    With a kiss to the back of your hand, he was gone in a swirl of robes and a gust of wind.

    Dazedly, you wondered if Aro’s flamboyance was contagious.

    After a few minutes, you snapped out of it and looked over to see Edward looking at you with an unreadable expression.

    “…What?” you asked cautiously.

    “King Marcus,” Edward started, before stopping, his expression warring somewhere between joy and caution.

    “King Marcus what?” you finally demanded when it seemed he wouldn’t say anything else.

    “He asked to be your Protector.”

    “Yeah? And?”

    “And you agreed.”

    “Yeah? And?!”

    Edward’s honey gaze met your own.

    “And he has formally claimed you. He is your Protector and you are his Charge. Your battles are his battles, your enemies are his enemies. He wants nothing more than your safety and happiness.”

    You gaped as Edward leaned forward to add lowly, “He would now die for you.”

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    What I Think Dating Alice Cullen Would Be Like

    A/N: Hey y’all, I am quite obsessed with Alice right now, so I’ll probably keep adding to this!! So follow so you can check back ;)

    -Her hands would always be wandering all over you, making sure you’re still there and letting you know that she is too

    -Constant hand holding, for the same reason

    -That woman loves her kisses, y’all are kissing like all the time

    -You always let her use you as a model, she loves to try out new fashion trends and such on you

    -You living in the Cullen house and flawlessly integrating yourself

    -Unlike the way she reacted to Bella, Rose actually likes you, so she, Alice, and yourself often do things as a trio

    -Jasper, Emmett, and Edward treating you like their precious little sister, protecting you always, but you fit in with them and are one of the boys, so to speak

    -If anyone were to threaten you, they’d be all over them, Alice leading at the forefront

    -Alice is 1000% a switch so whether you’re holding her or she’s holding you she’s quite content

    -You’ll often watch movies together, even though Alice complains because she already knows how it’ll end

    -She’ll pretend she doesn’t want to watch, but in reality she’s ecstatic to just be spending time with you

    -The sex is way better than you could’ve imagined

    -When Alice eats you out, you’re always left positively breathless

    -She’s all about being sweet and letting you know how much she loves you, but can take some command over you/allow herself to be dominated a lot of the time

    -(If you’re human) Feeling self conscious about her being better than you at sex, simply because her body is more capable

    -Her completely disagreeing with you and going on and on about how everything you do to her sends shivers up her spine and how she wouldn’t trade it for the world

    -”No, my love, no. It isn’t like that. Just having you love me and feeling what you do to me is the most blissful thing I’ve ever experienced.”

    -The two of you sharing quite the impressive strap collection

    -Esme got tired of not only you and Alice, but the rest of the couples in the household (including her and Carlisle) not being able to have sex whenever they wanted, so she built a series of small vacation homes nearby for each pairing where they could go whenever they pleased and be alone with one another

    -You and Alice using yours daily (of course)

    -This was a perfect idea, because you all still lived at the Cullen house and got to be together as a family, but you could all engage in extra curricular activities without bothering anyone

    -You and Alice being the first openly lesbian couple at Forks High School

    -If you thought the Cullens got stared at a lot before, you’re really in for it now

    -Boys at school would still constantly flirt with you, thinking you were just hiding your attraction for men

    -The way Alice got was quite terrifying, you’d never seen her be so possessive

    -”If you really think that’s going to work, you’re all a bunch of naive, stupid children. Can’t you see she’s happy without any little boys in her life?”

    -She may be tiny but the moment she gets up in their faces they become aware that she isn’t one to mess with

    -Alice adores taking naps with you, breathing in your scent as you both take the time to just be with one another

    -Wanting very much to become like the Cullens, despite Alice’s initial apprehension

    -She saw you becoming like her, but was scared for you. Even though she saw Bella becoming the same and was in support, it was different when it was her mate in the question

    -Building up the strength and control so that she could be the one to do it

    -Finally becoming like her and living out the rest of your lives together

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  • #juliana's 22nd birthday #answered#cullens
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  • Random thought I had I know,, a fat transfer (like BBL) would probably look the same as normal after the transformation, the venom would prob destroy objects/substances like breast implants or fillers tho?

    Maybe the silicone/botox gets eaten up by the venom and the empty space gets filled in with natural skin/matter during the transformation?? Idk what do y’all think

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    I’d love to get a kiss on the forehead by Alex ☺️

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  • the cullens are a family of theatre kids

    #explain why else they are like That #exactly u cant #its that or being a vampire Makes u a theatre kid #twilight#cullens
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  • some days ago i finished my Alice Cullen fanarts set but i think today is a good day to post it ♥ always wanted to be her for halloween ♥ pelase do not save the pictures and repost, remember always to share art from the original post so the artists don’t loose attention ♥ my art ig is @/oimedesenha 

    i’m getting a little repetitive (maybe) with my twilight fanarts but i really feel like here is the only place no one roll their eyes when i talk about the saga 

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