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  • The debut EP from Skullcrusher, the perhaps deceivingly-named spectral folk project of Los Angeles musician Helen Ballentine, came out digitally back in July. It’s getting a physical release this week via Secretly Canadian and to mark the occasion, Ballentine has released two new tracks, a fresh original called ‘Farm’ and a cover of Radiohead’s long-shelved OK Computer outtake 'Lift,’ which finally saw official release on the album’s 20th anniversary reissue. Here’s what Ballentine had to say about 'Farm’: “'Farm’ was created out of time I spent reflecting on my childhood and family. The process of developing it to its current version ended up being really tied to these reflections. Noah [Weinman] and I were visiting my family on the East Coast when the decision was made to release it in the coming months. We went up to a studio in Woodstock, a couple hours from where I grew up, and recorded the song in a day. I was able to gather a lot of really nostalgic sounds from the area: crickets, cicadas, the beach in CT and the creaking of old homes. I had the ability to really talk through the memories and emotions of the song and how they could be manifested sonically.“ [via Stereogum]

    NYC duo Cults released their fourth studio album, Host, at the beginning of September. After some years of experimenting with beaming pop-rock tunes, the veteran dream-pop band has somehow now rotated its way back to the darkness-inflected, sugary synth-pop of their acclaimed 2011 debut record. The 2020 version of that sound, now animated with real guitars and instrumentation, can be heard on album standout, 'A Low,’ a song about depression that’s wrapped up in a glittering synth-pop bow and feels just the slightest bit ominous, like stepping into a too-sweet, too-pink Candy Land. In fact, that’s more or less the premise of the track’s new accompanying video. Directed by Jeff Striker, the new visual finds vocalist Madeline Follin wandering through a clearing of cotton candy clouds, human-sized lollipops and radioactive green foliage as she sings: "Eyes like a painting/ Watching/ Unfading/ Vacant figures…” As Follin explains in an email: “This video was also shot on a smartphone and Jeff built a mini Candy Land in his living room and projected us into it. I love that he decided not to be too on the nose and create such contrast between the lyrics and the visuals.” Striker adds: “What I like about Cults is that underneath the moody atmosphere, there’s always a sweetness and that’s the side of them that I wanted to shine on for this video. […]I think what’s powerful about the video for me is that Madeline is retelling one of her darkest moments while dancing in a candy land. She has made it to the other side of a rough passage and she’s sharing her experience and hope with us. It’s a very generous act.” [via Nylon]

    Toronto pop artist Alex Porat just released her debut EP bad at breakups. To celebrate, she’s also given fans her new single 'forgot to forgive.’ Unlike her last single, 'never say ily again,’ which featured bright melodies, 'forgot to forgive’ branches into a darker emo and electropop sound. To quote Porat, the song is “About being haunted by your past and being unable to move on.” While the verses are softly spoken, the chorus stands out as a haunting carousel waltz. At the same time, the spun-out background harmonies give it an enchanting, otherworldly vibe. It feels almost straight out of Tim Burton film. The production takes a minimalistic approach, but it’s extremely effective with Porat’s silky vocals stealing the show. The music video is equally just as chilling with director Iris Kim really bringing out Porat’s songwriting. Basked in a cold blue hue, Porat is confronted and terrorized by a creepy clown. Stylistically, the use of jump cuts and flashes evoke feelings of intrusive thoughts. It also incorporates visuals reminiscent of artist Salvador Dali with abstract, melted elements. [via Earmilk]

    Teyana Taylor has shared the full video for her song 'Lose Each Other’. A real highlight on her The Album project the soulful hymn has now received the full video treatment. Directed by Teyana herself, the carefully choreographed clip features a guest spot from none other than Sir Elton John. “’Lose Each Other’ is such a special record for me, and I wanted the visual to feel just as big,” she says. “I told my team ‘you know what would be dope? If I could have Elton John open the video on the piano!!’” She continues: “Not that I thought it could really happen, but just putting it out there in the universe lol. So as we were working through treatment ideas and solidifying logistics for the video, an international phone number calls me…. and for a second I almost didn’t answer, but my intuition spoke, I answered. All I hear is…’Hello darling, it’s Elton. I’d LOVE to do your video!’ I FREAKED OUT!” For his part, Elton John comments: “When Teyana Taylor released her debut album, I became a huge fan. She was a guest on my Rocket Hour and I fell in love with her original spirit. Aside from her brilliant music, Teyana is one of the most visually dazzling artists working in music today. So I jumped at the chance to be in her latest video ‘Lose Each Other.’” [via Clash]

    Nilüfer Yanya has announced the Feeling Lucky? EP. It drops December 11, and the British artist is celebrating with the new single 'Crash’. This is the follow-up to Miss Universe, her debut album. Unsurprisingly for a young songwriter whose first full-length effort blew up, Yanya has been thinking about luck — both consciously and subconsciously. As she noted in a statement, it wasn’t until she’d been working on the EP for a while that she realized the connecting theme. She said, “One of the songs had the theme of luck in it as a concept but then I realized they all do. That got me thinking about luck in general; good and bad. Things out of our control and things in control of us, how often we put acts and happenings down to the fortune of good luck or bad luck when things exceed our expectations or don’t go according to plan.” Her new single 'Crash’ is an oblique take on those ideas. Co-written by Nick Hakim, 'Crash’ finds the narrator with head spinning from too many questions. She repeats the line, “Where the heavy drinkers at?” which helps set the scene, but still there’s a sense of things tipping towards a point of no return. “I was under the impression these things don’t go bad,” Yanya sings. “I was under this impression.” And perhaps most of the time they don’t, but that’s where the luck comes in. The song comes with a music video that features Yanya  in a severe rock and roll take on a the uniform of a flight attendant. “The video for 'Crash’ takes place on a flight,” Yanya said. “Last year, doing a lot of touring I found myself becoming more and more anxious each time I boarded a plane, something which was new for me as I’ve never had a fear of flying. With each flight we took it felt like the turbulence was getting worse and I was convinced my luck was due to run out. I didn’t write 'Crash’ about being on an aeroplane but I really like it visually as an embodiment of the song.” [via Consequence of Sound]

    The Los Angeles rock band Suzie True are releasing their debut album, Saddest Girl At The Party, next month. Now they’re back with another track, 'Carmen,’ which gets its name from the video game character Carmen Sandiego. It’s a lot of fun, less about the world-traveling criminal mastermind and more about a vampiric relationship that the band approaches with a flippant attitude. “Cut your nails short so you can’t bite them/ Invite my friends so you can fight them,” Lexi McCoy sings on the hook. “And prove to yourself that you’re like no one else/ And come to me because we’re not meant to be.” “I wrote this song about my first serious relationship — it’s about caring about someone but knowing you’re not a good fit together and realizing you have to move on,” McCoy said in a statement. “Especially when you feel like you have to change who you are to be with them. It’s a tough lesson to learn when you’re like 18.” She continued: “The song is called ‘Carmen’ because of the lines ‘I wanted to be your Carmen Sandiego, but I got lost trying to find my way home.’ My ex had joked that he had a crush on Carmen Sandiego as a kid, and I thought that was really cute and funny. I felt like I was trying to be what he wanted, instead of being myself. It’s about growing and changing in a relationship, and realizing you’re pretending to be someone you’re not.” [via Stereogum]

    Last year, the Copenhagen-based musician Erika de Casier released her debut album Essentials. It was an intriguing blend of sensual ’90s R&B and icy cool production and it evidently attracted the right ears because de Casier is 4AD’s newest signing and she’s releasing her first single for the label, 'No Butterflies, No Nothing,’ a fluttering track about what happens when you don’t feel those flutters. “It’s about wanting to fall in love with someone, but the butterflies are just not coming,” de Casier explains in a statement. It’s smooth and baroque and quite pretty, and would slot in nicely next to the high-art theatrics of last year’s FKA Twigs album MAGDALENE. de Casier also directed the track’s music video. Here’s what she had to say about that: “I wanted to create a sort of “perfect” realm where the underlying drama is what cracks the picture. When I was a kid, I used to hurry home from school so I could watch Days Of Our Lives and I really think it’s funny how soap operas depict characters’ lives in such an openly overdramatic and unrealistic way – it’s all about the drama. I was also inspired by romantic period films like Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility, so to mix the two aesthetics with my own was really interesting.” [via Stereogum]

    On the heels of her excellent Mothertime EP (a collaboration with Chrome Sparks released in April), Kalbells—the solo project of Kalmia Traver of Rubblebucket—is back with 'Hump The Beach,’ a euphoric love and lust song written for and about the Earth, which was co-produced with Luke Temple (Art Feynman, Here We Go Magic). 'Hump The Beach’ arrives alongside a music video which was collectively directed by Traver and her bandmates Zoë Brecher (Hush Puppy, Sad13), Sarah Pedinotti (LipTalk, Okkervil River), and Angelica Bess (Body Language) who also are star in the video as themselves and as characters: James Bondage 0069, Spam-ela Can-derson, Pirate Booty and Buzzy “the Sneak” Shallows. Traver explains the video-making process: “We co-directed & created this video as a band and used emergent strategy (a philosophy explored by one of our heroes, writer Adrienne Maree Brown) to create the treatment. It was our first time being all in one place together since the beginning of COVID and being, dreaming & creating together was a healing explosion of joy. We have always loved styling ourselves and each other for photo shoots and live shows, and we knew we wanted a beach involved, and plenty of humping, and so the treatment emerged from there. During the making of this song and video we have been employing a technique we call the “radical love experiment” to communicate our desires and get to a better place where we all feel heard and held. The only rule of the experiment (so far - it’s an experiment!) is that we are each allowed to say how we feel and the other person/people must listen. So far so good!”

    Just in time for Halloween, Alt-Pop/Rock singer-songwriter Tizane is using her ethereal prowess to serve us haunting, dark alt-pop vibes in her new track  ‘Are You Bad’ (with accompanying frightful video). At just 19, the UK young gun is already turning heads with her trademark spellbinding voice and cinematic production . Following the success of her recent single ‘He Took It All Back’ she is ready and raring with her next release. ‘Are You Bad’ cleverly creates a sultry soundscape using shadowy atmospheric synths and heavy cello. Elevated by distorted keys and uptempo beats, an explosive chorus bolsters the tracks’ powerful energy and creates an edgy pop aesthetic. Tizane explains, “‘bad bitch sonnet’…. it’s just saying that you don’t have to be a bloke or indeed, be ruled by one - you’re a woman, and that’s really, really good enough!” With Halloween (scarily) here, Tizane has opted for a horror pastiche video set to heighten the terror and ramp up your heart rate. Filmed in a haunted house (formerly the estate of Oliver Cromwell) in Maidstone, Kent, the video gives us a virtual ‘Who’s Who of cine monsters from Freddy Kruger and Michael Myers through to Leatherface and Regan from The Exorcist. “The vibe of the song is kind of spooky and as the drop date was going to coincide with Halloween, we thought it may be an opportunity for a bit of fun.” Tizane elaborates, “Basically, I’m holed up in this amazing house as the Halloween Zombie Apocalypse happens. We’ve spoofed every horror movie from ‘Halloween to Texas Chainsaw – it’s just totally sick!”

    'Sweeter The Honey’ is the new single and video from Brooklyn songwriter and guitarist, Aubrey Haddard. It’s a warning, but almost like a siren’s song, entices the listener with the music while bringing them to trial with the message.  A testament to female resilience and its double edged sword. From Aubrey on the song: "Writing ‘Sweeter’ started with the bass line and came together quickly. It really hasn’t changed much since its inception. Charley has a knack for creating really melodic, infectious bass lines and this one is a perfect example. We decided to feature the guitar on the bridge and I think it gives the song a lot of head room right before we bring the hammer down. The sugar-coated video conceptualizes the idea that things are not as they seem, almost distraction from the underlying warning. kind of like “come, see my fruit? have some. It might be poisonous. I might be too.”

    'Doubt Nothing’ is JGrrey’s second release of the year, following June’s 'Ain’t So’. The new song is produced by Owen Cutts (Stormzy / H.E.R) and arrives with a video directed by James Papper for Blink Ink. JGrrey says of her new single, ”'Doubt Nothing’ again just does what it says on the tin. I was really particular about what song I was going to release following on from 'Ain’t So’ and my mood and my energy and everyone else’s energy right now just needs 'Doubt Nothing’, I’d like to think it’s uplifting. It’s just me in a song really.“ [via Line Of Best Fit]

    LA by-way-of New Zealand artist Kelsy Karter releases the official video for her single 'Goodness Gracious’. Known for being vocal about what she believes in, the music video opens with Kelsy and her real-life boyfriend, walking the streets of Los Angeles wearing masks, where it’s currently mandated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the 1:47 mark, Kelsy is seen spray painting two messages onto a concrete wall - the self explanatory "K.K. loves A.S.” - and “Fuck Trump.” “Think about it. You’re a 10 year old impressionable kid sitting at home watching the news with your parents, dreaming of being president someday,” Kelsy explains. “He is being taught the wrong values by having a man like Donald Trump as president. Sexism, racism, homophobic, nasty and inappropriate behavior is not acceptable and it’s not right, yet we have a man in power who represents all of these things. I may not have much influence but if I can help promote love and kindness to one kid through speaking up for what I believe in, which is condemning that man and his behavior, then I believe it’s worth it.”

    Contemporary artist, Artemis creates a laid back funky vibe with her latest single, 'Synchronicity.’ The accompanying music video provides a 1970’s inspired colorful visual for the smooth R&B beat. The retro sound combined with the singer’s sultry vocals make for a smooth, easy listen. 'Synchronicity’ has a classic melody with a modern new wave twist. The single sounds like it belongs in the background of a hipster Manhattan coffee shop, but also the soundtrack to a Saturday night party clad with bell bottoms and peace signs. Artemis’ powerful vocals are the standout aspect of the track. Her voice is reminiscent of Corinne Bailey Rae with a hint of Amy Winehouse. The video emphasizes the use of the colors orange, yellow, and red with the singer as the focal point. She is carefree and limber as she dances with friends. From the mellow beat to the dance-inducing music video, the artist creates intrigue from simplicity. For the single’s production, Artemis collaborated with fellow Vancouver talent, Isaiah Terrell-Dobbs, lead vocalist and bass player for the band, Shwey. 'Synchronicity’ is the third track on her most recent EP release, Glow4meplz. [via Earmilk]

    Nothing lasts forever and Tsar B knows that better anyone as she forms an unforgiving trio with trailblazers Nova Twins. A standout track from the Belgian pop alchemist’s forthcoming EP 'Flitch’ sees Tsar B and Nova Twins calling all the shots. Having slowly been sharing new material this year, Tsar B is set to release her first new project since her 2018 debut album The Games I Played at the end of the month. 'Flitch’ is its crowning glory. The aggressive, attitude-filled track came together after Tsar B reached out to the London-based duo on Instagram. Having had a huge crush on their debut album which dropped back in February, she knew somehow they had to get together. “I love their energy and aesthetic, remotely working on the song and video was an interesting but rewarding experience. I love the girls’ modesty and crazy talent and absolutely can’t wait for new music from them.” Nova Twins had an easy time making the decision to jump on board. “We love the sass on this tune! When Tsar B asked us to feature, it was a no brainer!” As for the music video, they had a lot of fun creating it in lockdown, “DIY style, with our iPhone taped to the ceiling, throwing bad bitch shade on the kitchen floor…” “Feels like a match made in heaven,” Tsar B says and we have to agree. Bringing a raw punk element to her signature off-kilter sound with Nova Twins on board 'Flitch’ harks back to the angular and abrasive nature of tracks like her still-arresting debut 'Escalate’. [via Line Of Best Fit]

    Canadian singer-songwriter FAANGS has unveiled her new bop 'HUH’, which is a first taster of her upcoming debut project TEETH OUT. 'HUH’ is FAANGS’ debut solo release, and follows on from her appearance on Felix Jaehn’s 'SICKO’ single with Gashi in March. FAANGS, real name Charlie Storwick, says of her new single, “The FAANGS vibe is so big, so much to swallow at one time, that I needed something that kicked in the door. That song is just me genuinely out here, trying to be myself. It’s a light on how the world is about to be in for a lot of personality.” Storwick adds of the upcoming project, “The project is maybe a bit dark, but it hits so hard and the beat makes you move - it’s full of rage, but you can also bop to it in a car. Maybe that’s just me…full of rage but always wanting to bop.” [via Line Of Best Fit]

    After confirming her new single was titled 'Positions’ earlier this week, Ariana Grande has unveiled the full release as the lead single from her forthcoming album, which is due to land next week. The new outing is accompanied by a Dave Meyers-directed visual that sees her swap positions with Donald Trump in The White House - a timely visual that precedes the upcoming US election on 3 November. Next week Grande is releasing her follow up to last year’s thank u, next. LP, after tweeting last week, “i can’t wait to give u my album this month.” She’s yet to announce the title of the album. [via Line Of Best Fit]

    London-via-Melbourne’s CLOVES returns with battle-ready single 'Dead.’  The song sees the singer go full-throttle with her tantalising ode to the dark world anxiety can create in the mind, made real in the visuals. “Maybe this song should have a back-up name titled ‘Conversations With Myself’,” CLOVES notes. “It journeys through anxiety and how that leads to self-deprecating actions. I was in a hard place in myself at the time, and I’m very aware that it sounds cliche but I genuinely found creating this track very cathartic; it not only felt like a way for me to express myself and get the heaviness out of my chest, but it also felt like the beginning of something, an opening foundation of an album, and I think the idea of that creative opportunity was equally helpful to me at the time.” With playful lines such as the cheeky “My mind’s been fucked, mental fornication” nestling up to more bare-bones lyrics, that duality is reflected in ‘Dead’’s accompanying visuals, which see CLOVES trapped inside a mesmerizing but malicious video game of her own internal state. Of the video she says: “This video represents the isolation, exhaustion and repetition that anxiety creates. It can feel like an over-functioning game in your mind. The video travels through the game ‘levels’ and barriers that your mind creates, only to end up right back where you started…”

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  • don’t involve yourself with groups that are obsessed with “keeping you out of your comfort zone.”

    it’s almost invariably presented as a self-improvement exercise, where you are instructed to do things that are increasingly more invasive or uncomfortable around others because….. it makes you a better person? and being comfortable is bad?

    by design, these exercises condition you to ignore your intuition. they teach you to disregard the voice in your head that says “i don’t want to do this,” or “this is wrong.” it’s a version of “boiling the frog”- once you shut down your responses to things that bother you a little bit, it’ll be a lot easier for the group leader to get you to do the same for things that bother you a lot, or even things that go against your morals

    healthy versions of this do exist, specifically in the form of evidence-based therapies for anxiety that are overseen by a specialist. however, it’s important to remember that this rejection of your “comfort zone” is a fundamental tactic of high-control groups and destructive cults.

    #cults#cult #high control groups #ex cult
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  • Just a friendly reminder: cults, especially pseudo-christian cults, often promise to let you in on special or hidden knowledge that other groups either keep concealed or were never gifted with.

    Christianity is literally an open book. There is no “secret” knowledge. Don’t fall for this trick.

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  • A drawing I did for Midheaven - a Vietnamese artgame I played a while ago

    Was having fun with all the details lol

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  • Some cult members broke into my house and when I came in they tried to catch me but I killed all of them because I felt like I’ve had this dream before and therefore could predict all of their movements. I reached the last room where I saw the cult leader and Ivy Walker from ‘The Village’. He told her to capture me and tie me up to the couch, but I knew she was in love with me so I started seducing her while she tried to set me on fire using a tealight. Eventually I convinced her to marry me, and the cult leader blessed our marriage. I was told they wouldn’t try to kill me anymore, but I was supposed to join their cult. I didn’t want to do that so I showed them how to watch YouTube (which immediately distracted them from me) and ran upstairs to call the police, but changed my mind because I literally killed five or six people.

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  • Thinking about that time I started getting ads for a cult so I went and googled things like “I hate cults” “how to join anti cult movement” “how to end cults forever” and it actually fucking worked

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  • I found another “cult” clasic.

    #music#cults#sos#pip#pop#90's#90's aesthetic #these people are horrible and deserve to be jailed forever #banger#Youtube
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  • I’ve been rewatching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, which I haven’t seen since I was a kid. I never realized how much this show dealt with real, present dangers that women deal with on a daily basis.

    Vampires are framed, usually, as symbols of male violence, especially sexual violence. The Master raises the Anointed One to follow in his footsteps, showing a sort of systemic support for the perpetuation of male violence.

    Season two literally has an episode with a cultist that kidnaps highschool girls by inviting them to frat parties and getting them drunk (maybe even roofieing them) and feeding them to a demon in a not-so-subtle metaphor for date rape.

    An early episode has a demon grooming Willow by catfishing her in an online chatroom. Yeah, that’s a real episode. Oh, and let’s not forget the episode where a bunch of kids get possessed by hyenas, including one of the main characters, who then proceed to try to rape and murder multiple people. And they eat the principal. That one feels a lot like an indoctrination metaphor to me but maybe that’s a stretch.

    But what makes it unique is that it has Buffy be extremely capable, usually being the one doing the saving rather than being the damsel in distress. I’m so glad I had this show growing up and I just wish I had been able to understand the intricacies of it then.

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  • God will judge the World by Jesus

    “So that men will say, “Surely there is a reward for the righteous; Surely He is God who judges in the earth.””

    ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭58:11‬ ‭

    My God is patient, not willing that anyone should perish, but He also don’t mess. He has an appointed deadline when he will separate the righteous from the wicked, those who have faith in Jesus and those who rebell against God and reject His Son.

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  • me trying to reconcile my feminist side with my cult fanatic side when i hear about a couple who fought over midsommar “christian did nothing wrong” vs “christian deserved to die”

    #like yall wanna join a cult????? yall wanna be jn a cult????? #yall wanna just KILL CHRISTIAN cuz hes a shitty dude?????? #cuz lmao mood #but a CULT??!?!? #i have been very into cults lately #midsommar#cults
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  • all I’m trying to do is research cults and mass suicides and Google is so concerned! talking about “suicide prevention helpline” and “if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts” like pls leave me alone

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  • image

    parallelism -> You and me always forever

    • “Running Up That Hill” – Placebo

    • Yennefer x Geralt – The Witcher

    • “My Kind Of Woman” – Mac Demarco

    • Yennefer x Geralt – The Witcher

    • “Always Forever” – Cults

    • “The Lovers” – René Magritte

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