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  • ladymiamime
    23.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Why does my life just keep getting worse?

    No matter what I do it is constantly getting worse.

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  • hauntedzone
    23.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    happy scorpio season!

    #enter the wormhole #oh my god why did i get a wave of clarity as scorpio season started #its like libra season was cursing me. the hell #a*
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  • dumbasticart
    23.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Just got reminded of a silly dnd moment i had and thought id share :P

    So, I am in a campaign, Curse of Strahd module. To those who are unfamiliar, the characters ar stuck in Barovia because of Strahd, who is a vampire. He invites us to his castle, which we accept (cuz after some time he “politely” pointed out that if we don’t, he’ll kill us) 

    My character is an aaracokra bard, Sitara, happy go lucky gal, mischevious, charming and caring. She had quite a few banters with Strahd already, once lied about something important and she enjyos fucking with him. 

    This time, Strahd tells us that he doesn’t like what we are doing and he will show no mercy, if we keep it up. Threateningly he adds that he is always watching us, threw the eyes of creatures of the land (which we already knew tho). Sitara asks “When you say always, you mean every minute? Like even when we bathe?” to which Strahd a bit confused says that no, he is keeping eyes on us whenever he feels nesecary and that he has no interest in watching us there. And that its not always him who watches and starts to ramble on, while keeping up a netural tone. Meanwhile the aasamir paladin is trying to not laugh her ass off, the cleric is hoping that this won’t have any awful consequences while Sitara just has an annoying grin on and says she is happy to hear that.

    So yeah, I like poking fun at the evil man :’D

    #dumb talks#dnd#dnd storytime #curse of strahd #man i love this campaign #big shout out to liam #he rules this v well #keeping characters and story in balance #i want to talk with strahd more #but u know #he quite pissed at us #we will have enough in the final battle #sitara will definetly not forgive him #cuz what he did made sitaras dad make a deal with a devil #soooo ye #she mad at him #cant wait to kill the fucker
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  • jammeleon
    23.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    I propose that the new Reaper x Cole Cassidy ship be called


    To celebrate the fact that this abomination was formed during halloween.

    #overwatch#mcree#reaper#cole cassidy#mcreaper #that post made me think #i dont ship it but its fun to come up with cursed stuff
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  • grass-cant-save-me
    23.10.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    ??? when did i draw a staff of homa?

    #i think i vaguely remember telling curse abt it??? #thats ab it tho
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  • blackypanther9
    23.10.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Count on me - (Loki x Reader)

    If any song is not working or something let me know and I put the lyrics in the story. The songs belong to the bands and the uploaders.

    (y/b.s) = Your bus stop

    (W/e/n) = Worst enemy’s name

    (W/e/f) = Worst enemy’s friends

    (Y/f/n) = Your friends name (Y/f/n)s = Your friends names

    No ones POV...

    It was Halloween and you and your classmates, with 2 teachers, were planning on going to a old house, looked scary but it was just another school trip. You were planning on going there together in the evening. Meeting at the bus stop,(y/b.s), like always... (I don't know where you life soo yeah...put your own bus stop or something in it.) Right now you were home with one of your secret best friends. He was always there for you, he could read you like an open book and he did as you wished. His name was Loki. Loki Laufeyson. You believed that he got called like that from his parents, because they were Marvel Thor fans, like you.

    Loki was your favorite character. So innocent, cute, sweet, misunderstood, broken...like you. He and you weren't so different from each other. Just that...brother thing was a little different...you had no siblings. But you had one more male friend and he was like a brother to you sometimes. Sad thing ? He took drugs and many other things. No matter !

    Loki was 2 years older than you, had also a brother and is out of high school. You were in your last year. In 8 - 9 months you even were turning 19 years ! Yes Loki was 20 years old and you 18 years old. He will turn 21 in 6 - 7 months... Loki knows everything about you and you everything about him....well he didn't know all of you. He thinks that he does, you never trusted anyone very much and you had a feeling that he could betray and leave you. So he doesn't know about your powers you had. They were a burden and you had no practice with them. Right now he was helping you with your homework. Math and Physics’ a pain in the ass.

    "No Y/n. 10 000 - 1 000 × 200 aren't -190 000. You have to change the problem, because you aren't supposed to calculate minus numbers. But you can't change the multiplication problem. So what do you have to change ?"

    "Umm...the 10 000 ?"

    "Correct ! And where do you have to place it ?"

    "On the end !"

    "With what calculate symbol ?"

    "Minus !"

    "Great Y/n ! You did it. And what is the result ?"

    "190 000. Now I get why I was always having trouble in that ! I didn't read it correctly and then I did it wrong !"

    Loki laughed at that. You pouted at him and continued working.

    "My brother was acting like a little kid again...saying you were my girlfriend..."

    Your heart skipped a beat and you froze, blushing.

    "W-what ?"

    "Don't worry. I told him that we are just friends."

    You felt your heart shatter a little at that. The truth is...you love him and wished to be his girlfriend, you just never had the guts to tell him. And now you hide it even more.

    "Yeah...Good to know. Hit him when he says that again."

    He chuckled.

    "I will."

    After you were done with your homework you looked at the time and sighed frustrated.

    "I still have 3 hours left..."

    "How about a videogame ?", Loki suggested.

    "Like ?"

    "Hmm...Sonic that car race game....Umm...Plants vs. Zombies, Dead by Daylight or...Fortnite ?"

    "I HATE Fortnite. You can't even play Dead by Daylight. You barely saw me play Plants vs. Zombies. And in Sonic & All - Stars Racing Transformed you are an absolute zero."

    Loki chuckled lightly.

    "Yeah...you are right. I have to learn it firstly, to defeat you."

    "Ha ! I am a god in these games ! Try again ?", you said laughing.

    "You can't defeat me, no matter how much you practice.", you continued.

    Loki looked at you with a mischievous smirk.

    "Then maybe we do something what I can already."

    "Can we just cuddle ? I need it.", you whispered.

    Loki looked at you worried. He stood up went to your ladder, climbed it and laid down in your loft bed. You followed and climbed on top of him. He hugged you with his left arm and stroked your hair with his right hand.

    "What happened this time ?"

    "(W/e/n) happened. They said nobody likes me. My Mother is ugly, all friends I have are dumb, ugly and...and...they just use me. I am a blind, foolish, ugly piece of shit. That I still help some of my classmates is a wonder. And I always skip school...And (w/e/f) laughed at me. It was worse than ever today ! And my so called friends didn't do anything or helped me ! I was all alone ! I...I don't wanna go to school anymore ! All I want is die !", you said crying.

    "Shh...There, there. It will soon be over and then you finally get rid of them.", he said comforting.

    "No I will not ! They already hunt me everyday down the streets ! I always run home Loki !"

    Loki was silent.

    "I have nobody who is there for me when I need them the most ! And I always can just turn to you, when it already hurt me too much ! You don't know how mean they all are ! And the elder woman who was, until this year, our class teacher mocked and bullied me too ! Since I arrived there ! They all make my life a burning hell ! Death is better than keeping myself on a silly hope and alive !"

    Loki was thinking...about a song he heard and helped him sometimes. Y/n loved music and that was a good option. He smiled as he remembered and started...

    (Lyrics is in the song. Unbreakable heart by Three Days Grace.)

    You stared at Loki while he sang. You smiled a little smile, as he was finished, and hugged him tight. He hugged you back.

    "Thank you...Loki."

    "You are welcome, Y/n."

    "You always know how to tell me that I should keep going."

    "But you never tell me how you feel about all that. In songs I mean. You always told me you hear Goth, sad, depressed music, but I never heard even one from you. Not even one that described you."

    You were silent.

    "Well time I do so, eh ?", you asked.

    "Yeah...if you want to."

    You nodded. After a few breaths you started to sing.

    (Lyrics is in the song. Still Alive by RED.)

    Loki stared at you as you sang and when you were finished he was shocked. Not that you could sing, but about the song. It wasn't at all what he expected.

    "Wow...", he whispered.

    "...This is...me from the inside...while the outside only shows an enjoying, funny woman."

    You both sat up and Loki pulled you into a tight hug.

    "I am so sorry... If something happens today, Y/n, no matter what, no matter where, no matter if you see me or not...Call my name and I will be there. Even if you just need me to talk. No matter how far we are apart, as soon as you call my name, I am there. I swear.", he whispered into your hair.

    After that you cuddled until you had to get up and pack some stuff. Loki walked you a little bit to the bus stop until it got too dangerous to be caught and said your Goodbye's. After that you went alone, like always... You were feeling so empty...

    As you arrived the bus didn't take long to be there too and you went in last. (W/e/n) and their friends groaned as they saw you. Your 'friends' all sat next to someone else from your class, so you sat alone the whole ride, wishing Loki was still there with you and talking to you.

    You set the timer on your phone when you have to exit, it will play an annoying tune. Then you pulled out your headphones and connected them to your phone. You listened to a few songs from YouTube and texted with Loki, where you faked his name to step - dad.

    'Hey you there ?'

    "Yes. Everything okay ?'

    'For now yes. I am sitting in the bus with them.'

    'Any friend of yours next to you ?'

    'No. They sit next to someone else of my classmates. I sit alone like always...'

    'Your Mother returned from work, not long before I went home. She asked me where you are and I told her what you told me.'

    'Okay thank you. I better text Mom later so she won't worry that you may have lied or something.'

    'Yeah. Good idea. Where will you actually be then ? A street ? House ? Apartment ?'

    "No. In a forest.'


    'Calm yourself...they said it is perfectly safe. And if not...I will text you.'

    '...Fine...Just be careful...'

    'We will probably play silly games and then we are done anyways. Spooky silly games and maybe tell some Horror stories. There won't be much to have fear of. But I swear to you that I will be careful.'

    'Good to hear. I have to go, my brother set a pan on fire...again...'

    'Didn't you say he was the older one of you two ?'

    'Yes. But he is the idiot, muscleman and I am the weak, intelligent man. So yeah...'

    'Okay. Haha...Good luck and...tell him I said "Hi". Bye.'

    'Bye. Call me if you need me.'

    'I will. Thanks.'

    And with that you cursed Loki's Brother. Now you were alone again. Just listening to music. One of your 'friends' suddenly sat themself next to you and gave you a smile. You stopped the music and looked at them with a raised eyebrow.

    "What is it ?"

    "Hey... I and the others were wondering if you wanna be in our group and the leader. It's just (Y/f/n)s, me and you."

    You shrugged with your shoulders.

    "I don't see why not.", you said fake smiling.

    You knew that they were just using you and your brains. But you couldn't do anything against it, they all would just use you. So what's the point in fighting against it ? Your 'friend' hugged you and left again. You listened to your music again.

    (Lyrics in the song. Unbound by Avenged Sevenfold.)

    After some minutes you wrote your Mother.

    'Hi Mom.'

    'Y/n ! Why didn't you text me earlier ?'

    'Sorry Mom. I was talking with my friends.'

    'It's okay Sweetie. So...your friend told me that you were going with your class and that witch of a class teacher to a Halloween - school - trip. Is that right ?'

    'Yes Mom. It is right. I am sitting in the bus.'

    'Okay Darling. Did you do your homework ?'

    'I did Mom.'

    'Good. Is your friend with you ?'

    'No he isn't. He had to go home and he is still my little secret.'

    'Okay Sweetie. When will you return ?'

    'Nobody knows. All we know is that it will be today very late.'

    'This school is getting on my nerves...First forcing everyone to come and then not even knowing when they will return...Do you have your keys ?'

    'Yes, Mom. I have them. How is "Dad" ?'

    'Your Stepfather is fine. He recovers very quick. He will soon leave the hospital.'

    'Yay !'

    'I have to go now Sweetie. I need food and sleep. I love you and be careful.'

    'I will Mom. I love you too. Bye.'

    And with that she was offline and you again with your music and thoughts all alone. Your phone vibrated. Loki.

    'Hey. Are you there or still in the bus ?'

    'Still in the bus. Why ?'

    'Your Mother wrote me that I should come and watch over you. She doesn't trust your classmates and teachers.'

    'I will be fine. Maybe I am a little confused...'

    'Why ? What happened ?'

    'Well after you and I stopped writing...one of my so called friends asked me if I would be in the group of my 'friends' with them and if I would like to be the leader...I agreed...but I am confused to why we need a group...'

    'I knew it...'

    'What ?'

    'They want you to do something in the forest ! Be extremely careful there !'

    'I will. But why would we be in the forest at night and do something in there ? It is cold !'

    'I don't know...Maybe there is a house and there you play or something...'

    'I get a little scared right now...'

    'Don't be. If something is happening, call my name and I will be there. I promise and that is no joke or trick.'

    'Okay. I swear I will.'

    'Good. See you later Cutie.'

    '*Sticks out tongue* Until later Handsome.'

    After 1 hour your phone gave an ugly tune and you knew that you were there. Everyone got out, you as the last one. You went into the forest and there stood a little wood - house. There stood an older woman. She smiled and welcomed everyone inside.

    "So there will be 4 rounds and a bonus round. Who wins all of them gets a bigger reward than the money in these arcades. The leaders have to do all the choices. When one of the members wins the whole team wins and everyone who died will be revived. Now all teams write their names down. You are team one.", the woman said, pointing her finger at you.

    You nodded, took out a lined block out of your bag with a pen and wrote big on top 'TEAM 1' and you wrote your name on the paper. The others wrote their names down also. Then you waited for more instructions.

    "Everything is allowed to use, even the phone. Even music. Nothing is forbidden, just porn and other perverted stuff. Now the first round will be a 'Run away in the forest' game. You will have to find out from who or what, yourselves. Some may know that thing, others not. The second round will be in your family's house. What is awaiting you there is not clear. Then in the third round you have to face your worst nightmares and fight against them. In the fourth round you have a school adventure. And the bonus round is...a secret. It is mostly about bravery, Intelligence, fear, heart, anger and...LIFE. Now...on with you. Team one is first one to play. Follow me."

    While she spoke you made some notes and a scale with round 1, 2, 3, 4 and bonus round. Then you followed her and she told a warning.

    "You have to be careful. You have only one life and if the whole team loses...you are dead. Now please start."

    You and the rest touched the arcade machine, but you got soaked in and you stood suddenly in the forest. It was burning, in front of you stood a purple car. You scanned the whole area. Ropes to swing yourself...things you can crawl through and things you can jump over. Many traps are there too. You knew against what you are going.

    "Guys, listen to me. Before we start. I know who we are stepping against."

    The text you said was above your heads, for everyone to read. While you heard yourselves talk.

    "Who is it ?", one of your 'mates' asked.

    "William Afton. He is a fast runner, murderer of many children and a sly fox. Not every way you see is an escape. You have to think logical and twice about it, before you use the way. Most of them are with traps. Just one way brings us back here. And it will probably change always for the next group. You understood me ?"

    They nodded.


    "We just follow you.", the second one of your 'teammates' said.

    You nodded and with that the game began. Another text entered. With music you just knew too well.

    (Lyrics in the song. M.I.A. by Avenged Sevenfold.)

    'Be careful. Just one way will bring you out. The purple man will kill you if you make one wrong move. The traps will help him and kill you also. Now...much luck.'

    "Come on ! Watch out for traps ! If you see any then note it in your heads to not go that way, if we lose one of us."

    "Rodger that !"

    'He saw you ! Run !'

    "It started run, run, RUN !", you yelled.

    As you turned around he had a bloody AXE with himself and he is fricking big ! And bloody fast.

    "RUN FASTER !!"

    You turned a sharp left, the others followed you in the fastest race they could. Then you ran straight ahead as fast as you could. You saw traps not too far away from you all and you turned to a sharp right. There was a hole with lava in it and a rope above.

    "GO, GO, GO !!", you yelled.

    They hurried themselves on the rope and to the other side. You grabbed the rope before William could get you. You landed on the other side, but didn't let the rope go.


    They did as you told and you all tore on the rope until it loosened and you threw it in the lava.

    "NOW FOLLOW ME !!"

    And you started to run again while you heard the man scream in anger. Sharp right, straight ahead, sharp left, straight ahead...It went on and on. Suddenly you heard a scream and as you turned you saw William killing one of your 'mates'.

    'You lost one of your members.'


    And with that you all ran even faster. One of them saw the fastest way and screamed.

    "THIS WAY !!"

    You saw all the traps.


    But your member was already in one. The purple man ran for his victim in the trap.


    A scream was heard.

    'You lost a member.'

    You kept running and running. Then you read...

    'You are almost there.'

    You smiled, but it soon faded into panic. In the way were first of all traps and second William.


    So you turned to the left and the man was right behind you.

    "Go, Go, GO !!", you yelled.

    They did but the second one slipped and fell screaming into the lava.

    'You lost another member.'

    You jumped and grabbed the rope at the last second. Just you and one of the members left.

    'You are almost there.'

    No traps, no purple monster. You smiled and ran to the same spot you started. Afton stopped, turned around and walked away.

    'Congratulations ! You won the first round, leader Y/n. You may exit the game. You won $2000 with your teammates. Share it fairly. Have a good day.'

    And with that you and the survivor were back at the arcade and as you looked at the money...most was taken by your so called friends. The other one took so much that you, in the end, just had a hand full.

    'Pff. Sure fair share...', you were thinking.

    'Money - hungry brats...'

    You snapped out of it as the woman touched you shoulder, smiling.

    "You did great !", she praised.

    "Thank you, Miss.", you mumbled.

    "She is the freak ! Of course she would win this ! It was losey anyway ! Watch how we do this, you bitch are just a freak !", (w/e/n) yelled laughing at you.

    The woman lost her smile and looked at you still. You had tears in your eyes and walked out of the room. The woman turned around and looked at (w/e/n) and their friends, angered.


    There was silence. The woman walked out to find you, thinking that you were hiding now, but was more met with a sad you, sitting on the stairs, your back to the door, singing a song. She listened at the song you had sang.

    (Yee...I know....But I liked this song sooo...yeah...)

    She felt sorry. You never wanted pity, you are strong...The woman felt how you were fighting the sadness and pain. It must be very long going on now...

    'Even her teammates just used her...'

    And didn't share fairly. She touched your shoulder and you flinched. Slowly you turned around and saw the woman.

    "M-Miss ! I am so sorry ! I didn't meant to cause trouble !", you said panicked.

    The woman sat next to you.

    "How long ?", she asked.

    "W-what ?"

    "How long is this going on ?"

    ".....Since first class...It stopped as I went in third into another class, second class,...but...just for 3 years and then it all started again...It was even more aggressive...It never stopped and I am depressed...my so called friends never helped me and...I just have my family and a friend of mine, nobody knows of, that helps me out. Without them...I would have killed myself a long time ago..."

    "Is he here ?"

    "No...", you choked out.

    "Where is he ?"

    "He is home with his brother. And I regret it to have him as a friend. Most of the time he is with me and...not with another woman or some friends...or even his own damned Brother ! He should just leave me..."

    "Now, now. What is your name ?"

    "Y- Y/n Y/l/n...."

    "My name is Alexa. Alexa Routh. What is your secret friend's name ?"

    "...You wouldn't believe me, what his name is..."

    "Tell me."

    "L...Loki Laufeyson...I guess his parents were huge Marvel Thor fans..."

    "Huh. To be honest I expected worse.", she giggled.

    You chuckled with her.

    "Listen. You are fighting and still alive. If Loki every time came for you and helps you willingly, you deserved him pretty much. Now...come back inside and wipe your tears away. You are a fighter and if anyone is bullying you again, tell me. I warned them all."

    You nodded, wiped away your tears and followed her back inside.

    "Thank you.", you whispered.

    "No problem.", she said smiling.

    The first round was over and everyone made it. Yay...You are so not happy, but you giggled that the leaders were always the first ones to die. Alexa smiled when she heard you giggle.

    The second round was like the first one, your 'friends' used you and took all the money, without fair share. It was almost like Luigi's Mansion. You hunted ghosts, but also had to kill Zombies, before they killed you. Of course some were assholes and let themselves get killed, just to get the money first...

    The third round was difficult, because you had no fears...none showed. You didn't know that Alexa put a spell on the arcade to spare you the pain.

    After that the fourth round came. You were in the school and there were 10 waves to pass in the game. Zombies were your enemies. It reminded you on Plants vs. Zombies. And it really was that game. Best. Round. EVER ! You thought. They all left you and you fought all alone and won closely. The others didn't really made it and lost their lives. Like always the others just took all the money...

    "Now. Dinner if it's ready then you can go home. It all took too long and no team deserved the bonus round.", Alexa said.

    You lowered your head as your fake friends came to you whispering.

    "Thanks for nothing Y/n."



    "Ungrateful slut..."

    And with that...you ran outside. Alexa heard them and went after you. This time you weren't on the stairs but she heard you anyways. Typing on the phone. She followed it. She stood behind you and read the text.

    'Hey Loki. I...I think I won't come back home tonight. We have so much to do here. We will arrive tomorrow, so don't wait that we return today. Please tell Mom too...my phone can just send this last time then my money is out. I hope we see us tomorrow...Sleep well Loki.'

    There was a pause then there stood: step - dad online and then writing...

    'Okay. I will wait tomorrow for you. I hope you are okay. Sleep well too Y/n. I will tell your Mother. And remember that if you need me just call my name. I will be there in a heartbeat.'

    "Thank you...Sadly I won't return tomorrow or ever...", you whispered.

    Alexa saw tears on the Display and a knife in your left hand. Alexa knew what you were about to do and held your arm. You flinched and looked at Alexa.

    "Alexa ?!"

    "Don't you dare kill yourself !"

    You were too weak to not listen and let the knife fall, whimpering. Alexa pulled you into a hug.

    "Loki still needs you. You didn't live your life out. There is still so much beautiful to experience. Don't throw that away, because of some idiots. Come with me, we make dinner together."

    You stood up with her and nodded, sniffling. Dinner was taking 2 hours and then everything was ready. As you all ate they complemented Alexa and she thanked them. Then they all went to the bus, even you.

    "Hey look there is that weird Purple man ! Cool !"

    As you went to the bus you realized something.

    "Shit I forgot my jacket !"

    You ran back and got your jacket, before you ran back out, Alexa stopped you.

    "Y/n...Be safe."

    "I will be...thank you for everything, Alexa."

    She gave you a sad smile and suddenly the door knocked. They were aggressive and hard. Not long after all that, your classmates screamed in pure terror.

    "Intelligence, bravery, teamwork, realization, hope, trust, skill and help will you need to win. Don't fear anymore. He will be there, always."

    The door burst open and the purple man, a ghost and Zomboss came in. They grabbed you.

    "NO ! Let me go ! No !! Ahhh !!"

    You tried to kick them. You tried to grab the floor and hold yourself there as they were pulling you out of the house. As you were outside you were digging your nails into the ground deep and helpless...It didn't help much. They were dragging you deeper into the forest. You were afraid. You were trying to think and desperately called a name.

    "LOKI !! LOKI HELP ME !!!", you screeched.

    A flash green appeared. And as it disappeared, Loki stood there in a weird armor. You didn't really care for now you just feared for your life. Tears were running down your face and you were shaking. Suddenly the pulling stopped and your legs fell to the ground.

    "Y/n are you okay ?! What happened ?!"

    Loki rushed to you.

    "T-that is the fifth r-round of the g-game...They sur-prised me and...I had nothing t-to protect myself...I-I am f-fine..."

    "Stop lying Y/n ! You are all shaken up ! Let me help you."

    You looked at him and nodded slowly. He nodded back and gave you 2 throwing knives and a dagger.

    "Use them if you have to. Now put your back on mine and get in a fighting stance, like I showed and taught you. Watch right, left and front."

    You did as he told you. He really taught you a little of everything. Fighting with hands and feet, with knives and daggers, standing in a fighting stance and dodging. Then they came...Zombies, ghosts and the purple nightmare. And you started fighting and killing. You got the hang of it quickly and...well...let all your anger and aggression out you had in you.


    You heard Losing Control by RED as you fought and killed and let all your anger out on these...things. Loki wasn't forgotten you always watched if he needs help. Like now, behind him was someone.

    "Loki get down !!", you yelled as you threw the throwing knife at Loki.

    He got down quickly and the head of the Zombie got pierced with it. It fell down...(Lost yo !) After 20 minutes you finished. Panting and feeling more alive.

    "Y/n ? Are you alright ?", Loki asked you.

    You turned to him and nodded, smiling. You gave him his dagger and throwing knife back.

    "Thank you for helping me. No...for saving me."

    You hugged him tight. He hugged back.


    As you pulled back you grinned.

    "So you are the real God of Mischief. Ha ! I thought we don't have secrets from another.", you teased.

    "I thought you would hate me..."

    "Bullshit. Loki...you were always my favorite character in Marvel."

    He smiled at you.

    "Thank you. Well I have something for you to know."

    "And that is ?"

    Loki leaned down and kissed you quickly.

    "I love you.", he whispered blushing.

    You smiled, blushing.

    "I love you too."

    After that you went back out and Alexa gave you a huge box. Loki teleported it home to you and then you both got back into the bus. Everyone stared at Loki and then laughed at you. Loki got mad and yelled...


    They all fell silent and you sat next to him in the bus. After you were home he stayed with you and you opened the box. There was so much money inside that could keep you alive for 2000 years ! You smiled and thanked Alexa. Then you went into bed and cuddled with Loki. Knowing that everything will be better now.



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  • the-desi-magical-girl
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Oh God, please tell me this isn’t how Anne sees them.

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  • grocerystoredean
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    dean my best friend dean

    #han talks #the fic is called cursed or not it’s a 115k witch familiar au yes I have bad taste yes it’s very good
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  • raaabta
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ....accidentally opened my father's chat with his friend instead the one with my friend...he had sent a message with "fuck" in it.....lemme just go and die

    #I KNEW HE CURSED BUT?!? FUCK!??!??!???!?!!?!??!??!?!??!?? #ashi.txt
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  • feyinvestigations
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    just started playing aai and i love kay with my entire heart. 

    Inspired by the rat server

    Reblogs appreciated!

    [Image ID: the image is a drawing over a tumblr post. The photograph in the “post” is Kay Faraday from Ace Attorney sitting clothed in a jacuzzi with a bird perched on her arm. Below is text.)

    Kay is wearing a pair of sunglasses, pink shirt with red sleeved, a dark blue scarf, a dark blue pleated skirt, leather gloves, and jika-tabi boots. Her boots are dark grey and reach her mid-shin, the toe of the boots actually splits so there is one section for the big toe and another for the rest of the toes. It looks similar to hooves. 

    Kay is sitting in the water, which reaches her mid torso, and her legs are floating in the water. Her right arm is lifted above the water, and a crow is perched on her arm

    Under the photo is an edited text post. 

    User ask-lang-zi (ask Lang Zi) is the first reblog, with text saying “Why Kay got socks in the jacuzzi”

    the reply is posted by user gummybearshoes (Gummy bear shoes) with text saying “those are his hooves you bitch”. End ID]

    #kay faraday#aai2#aai#ace attorney #ace attorney fanart #ace attorney investigations #shitpost#meme#aa shitpost#aa meme#art#my art#crow#fanart #cursed image redraw #art meme#aa kay #i have only just started aai and i love kay so much #funky little thief #agent lang#detective gumshoe#dick gumshoe #fake tumblr post #those are his hooves #tw cursing#digital art#joke #phoenix wright ace attorney #pwaa#aa investigations
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  • kiosang
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Whumptober Day 22

    Cursed:  She really was a bad little girl, wishing that.

    Demon:  It burned and she fell to her knees, clutching at her face.

    Obsession: It had just started out as a fun hobby, something he enjoyed.

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  • ditzycrow
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Oh Lothric, you sickly twink, what a beautiful abomination you truly are...

    #Hope Elden Ring continues the tradition of cursed pretty boys!
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  • dramarising-replacement
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I love that this nest rental group was redone but fuck do I hate how it's run now. Kinda want to leave it but I'm the only reliable nester for my element and I enjoy helping.

    But fuck, I wish the person who runs it now would stop tagging me for stupid shit every other week.

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  • flake-n-rudy
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Zack: How could you just LEAD me on like that about Flake??? Rudy: I.. Zack: GOD I feel like such a douchebag... I just... GOD Rudy: I....mmm.... Zack: So NOTHING about Flake you said was true then??? Rudy: N... No... I m-mean... Yeah but... also... uh.. no.. Zack: What does that MEAN? It’s a yes or no Rudy!!

    Zack: Oh come ON Rudy! Have a backbone man! You’re 35 years old! Can’t you decide how you feel about someone without the help of others?? Rudy: I.... I don’t.... Know.... Zack: It feels like all you ever do is just... Go with what everyone else is saying and just never speak up for yourself! I’ve always loved how soft spoken and calm you are Rudy, I really do. But you HAVE to be able to formulate your OWN opinions on others! I just go off with what YOU say and then spitball a question and you go off of it without question! I swear you are just as bad as Flake is sometimes! Zack: Hell, You’ve known Flake longer than I have! Shouldn’t you know more about your best friends habit and emotions and actions? I mean- The dewott stops mid sentence as the scraggy in front of him suddenly whips his head up, catching Zack off guard as the lizard raises their voice suddenly.

    Rudy: I’VE TRIED FOR YEARS TO GET HER TO OPEN UP. BUT SHE NEVER OPENED UP TO ME. I KNOW NOBODY IS OBLIGATED TO TELL ANYONE EVERYTHING BUT SHE JUST REFUSED TO TELL ME ANYTHING OR MADE ME SEEM LIKE I WAS PRYING Rudy: I LITERALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO... TO HAVE SOMEONE THAT I LOVE AND CARE ABOUT JUST CONSTANTLY SHOVE ME ASIDE. I WATCH HER OPEN UP MORE TO STRANGERS MORE THAN SHE EVER DOES ME!! Rudy: I D-DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I DID. W-WHY SHE WONT TRUST ME. I DON’T K-KNOW WHAT’S SO WRONG WITH ME THAT SHE SEEMS TO DISTRUST ME SO M-MUCH... I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR HER BUT SHE ONLY SHOVES ME ASIDE.... YOU KNOW HOW HORRIBLE IT IS TO WATCH SOMEONE YOU LOVE OPEN UP MORE TO A TOTAL STRANGER THAN SHE EVER WOULD TO YOU?! NO YOU DON’T!! The scraggy begins to pant heavily and tremble, bending over slightly in a attempt to get back some of his breath between sniffles. The dewott attempts to bend down and pat Rudy on the back softly Zack: I’m... I’m sorry Rudy I didn’t- Rudy: H-how... am I supposed to form my opinion on someone when.... w-when she wont even open up to me... I don’t... I don’t know what I DID... I’ve spent... y-years trying to figure out what to do and I’ve... I’ve tried so much Zack but she... s-she just.... Rudy wipes some tears away from his eyes as he tries to continue speaking Rudy: I don’t.... know w-why... she wont trust m-me.... Why she a-always shoves me away.... I don’t... I don’t know what I did.... Why she just... won’t.... Rudy: T-then I think it’s over... t-that we are just drifting a-apart... then she suddenly snaps and insists she spends time with me.... gets me away from you and anyone else and... t-then I think she DOES care about me.... Zack: Rudy... I- Rudy: So when y-you guys say “oh she’s just using you for training” or “o-oh she’s just manipulating you because she’s bored”.... w-what am I supposed to think?... I c-can’t disprove it at all... because h-half the time she.... s-she doesn’t even seem to care..... But then suddenly s-she does and then she doesn’t and then s-she does and.... Rudy: W-what am I supposed to think then.... All I HAVE is other people’s opinion because... I... I d-don’t even..... know... I don’t... know.... I j-just.... I just w-want her to.... I.. Rudy:...... I d-dont know why she doesn’t care about me... Or i-if she even does care about me.... I cant... THINK.... All that happens is my chest ends up hurting when I’m around her......... a-and all I have.... is you.... So when YOU s-say she’s being manipulative and awful... it’s... all I have to go off of anymore....

    #chrono#Rudy#Zack#scraggy#dewott#sfw#pokemon ask #pokemon ask blog #swearing#cursing#cussing#long post #a bit text heavy I apologize im running low on art fuel :'D
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  • ask-noelleholiday
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #cursed m!a
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  • ask-noelleholiday
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #cursed m!a
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  • ask-noelleholiday
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #cursed m!a
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  • hqrbinger
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #˗ˏˋthe sun in my sky <3ˎˊ˗ #❬ ❀ ❭ moots <3 #꒰💌꒱₍₁₎ : from the cursed inbox
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  • ask-noelleholiday
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #cursed m!a
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