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    Before - and after my shower

    Shaved, moisturized, and clean clean clean🥰🥰🥰

    #message me if you want to see more 🥰 #me#mine#art#pretty#cute#hot#boy#dream boy#shower pic#picture
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  • I know I’ve been doing a whole fic on Chrollo but I thought this would be cute (It starts out really sad but I promise it gets cuter) this is just kind of a normal boyfriend AU that I’ve had in my head for a long time because I genuinely think it’s kind of adorable and even though I suck at writing affection and cute content I really wanted to write this so, hope you likey~


    Originally posted by aranelmiriel

    You hung up the phone on your mom, not able to handle the pressure from her anymore. Tears fell down your face and pattered onto the concrete below. Enough. You couldn’t take her yelling, her threats, her flat out abuse anymore. Enough was enough. You wondered if he was home, though you weren’t sure you wanted to bother your boyfriend with your problems again. You knew Chrollo would try to help you if he could, however, there wasn’t much he could do other than soothe you and talk to you.

    You: Hey, are you home?

    It would probably take a while for him to respond, so you got up from your couch to make something to eat. You might as well try now rather than have Chrollo force you to later. The chill from your fridge made you shiver the second it hit your body. A glance around the shelves told you there wasn’t much to eat to begin with. Sighing, you shut the door a little harder than you probably should have, the slam being accompanied by a few bottles of condiments falling over on the inside. You groaned, realizing if anything spilled you’d have to pick it up later. It wasn’t even that big of a deal to clean up a mess, but everything just felt like it was piling up.

    Your mom being an asshole, this little mess, you cat being sick to her stomach all the time and you didn’t know why, the library being closed due to illness. Everything seemed to be against you for the time being and you were beginning to feel the toll being taken on you physically and mentally. You never felt like eating or even bathing, your hair greasy for the past 4 days and body odor most likely radiating off of you. A buzz notified you of his reply.

    Chrollo: Yes, why? Are you alright?

    You: No…

    Chrollo: Would you like to talk about it?


    Chrollo: Alright. No one is here but me. You’ll be okay.

    Instantly, you grabbed the keys for your car. You didn’t even look good, though you were sure he wouldn’t care either way. Once you dropped into the drivers seat, you simply threw your hair up in a bun so you would look a little less messy. He was still your boyfriend after all and you didn’t want to seem like a total wreck, despite the fact that you were anything but okay as of right now. You then thought about the smell you had accumulated and snatched up the stick of deodorant you kept in your car. It was a little melted due to the heatwave but it would do for now. 

    Traffic wasn’t too bad thankfully. Finally, something that didn’t make you feel like the universe hated you. A few stoplights and some back roads later, you had arrived at your boyfriends small house in the middle of practically nowhere. Just like he had promised, none of Chrollo’s friends were there to accompany him. You shot him a text, letting him know you were there while you got out of your car to lock the doors. Sniffling, you climbed the dark wooden steps to his front door. It swung open before you even had the chance to knock.

    Chrollo stared down at your red, puffy face. You sniffled again, wiping your eyes to avoid any tears that would try to come out. He moved to the side to let you in.

    “I assume it was your mother again?” his voice was so comforting. Soft, gentle, reverberating through your brain and touching every neurotransmitter that elicited a dopamine reaction in your head. You could listen to it all day if you really wanted to. You nodded in response, plopping down on his couch and curling into a ball against the arm. You rested your head on your hand, keeping your eyes forward while Chrollo came to sit next to you. He leaned forward to get a good look at your face as he spoke.

    “So, what’d she do this time?” he tried to make some sort of conversation. You were slightly surprised he didn’t offer you anything today. Maybe he just knew you’d decline anything he had. You did every other time, but it was still nice to heard him offer. You sighed.

    “I don’t even know what I did this time! I was just asking her about this weekend since she said she wanted to see me and she went off!” you explained. You hands flew up in the air, showing how upset you were about the whole thing. Chrollo nodded.

    “Do you mind if I ask what you had planned with her this weekend?” he continued to try and gain some sort of information to help.

    “Just about the hotel thing she wanted to do. Remember when she asked me if I wanted to do a hotel thing, just to chill out with her and her friend? Yeah, well, that’s not happening…” you felt tears start to well in your eyes. It wasn’t that your mother had said she wouldn’t do it, it was just that you no longer wanted to even bother in it with her. You were just supposed to go over there for the weekend since you hadn’t seen her in a long time and she suggested hanging out together at a small hotel downtown. Of course, she decided on a whim that she’d invite her friend Angela with the two of you. You figured this would turn out bad, considering everything she ever suggested had turned out bad, but you had obliged anyway, thinking this time might be different. God had you been wrong.

    “She decided last minute she was gonna take Angela with us and of course for some reason Angela decided not to like me that day so she told my mom something that literally didn’t even do!” you were crying again now. Not entirely sobbing, but the hot tears rolled down your face and slid off your chin. A sighed sounded from Chrollo’s mouth. He obviously didn’t know much of what to do for you. His hand reached out and wiped the tear from under your chin. 

    “Would you like anything to eat? Anything to drink?” he instead turned to making offers that he though might potentially help you feel better. The sudden change in subject ticked you off, but you didn’t let it show through. You knew he was just trying to help in the best way he knew how. You turned your red and teary eyes away from him again. 

    “A movie you’d like to watch? We can play a game or something if you like. I’m sorry, I don’t know much of what to say, but I don’t like seeing you upset like this.” his warm hand rested on your shoulder, his thumb rubbing gentle circles against your skin. You sat up straighter. 

    “Just go ahead and get me some cranberry juice or something… I’m not too hungry…” you replied quietly, standing to make way for the tv. Your eyes scanned over the realm of movies he had in place for nights when the two of you had nothing better to do. Romantic Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Adventure, and not to mention the movies and shows he had on the platforms installed in the tv. You heard him shuffling around in the kitchen, pouring glasses of what was probably your cranberry juice. A few cabinets opened and closed which meant some food would be made as well. You hadn’t been hungry, but Chrollo would insist that you ate something.

    He came back, setting down a steaming bowl of something you assumed to be a soup he made for you when you came over. A thin, dark purple liquid filled a glass next to the bowl. Chrollo sat down on the end of the couch, leaning back. You slipped a movie in to watch for the time being and turned to him.

    “Come here.” he spoke gently, patting his lap. You smiled and followed the little command. You set yourself up against his chest in his lap, taking the cranberry juice to your lips while Chrollo pulled a blanket from the back of the couch to cover you with. You didn’t really pay attention to what you had put in, but you enjoyed it. Seemed to be a mix of horror and comedy that made the two of you laugh. Chrollo didn’t say much, but you found yourself yelling at characters who made dumb decisions and laughing when you had been right.

    “I swear they’re dumb…” you shook your head, Chrollo chuckling next to you. He held on of his hands on the small of your back, moving in circles every now and then. The other rested on your thigh near your knee for extra comfort as well as to hold you closer to him. You had felt a lot better now. You nearly forgot about your mom at this point and didn’t really want to bother thinking about her.

    “Okay, I’m bored now, we should listen to music or something.” the suggestion was abruptly made immediately after the movie had finished. Even Chrollo gave you a surprised look.

    “Oh? What do you want to listen to?” he scrolled through his phone to look for a playlist. You peeked over and eventually took the phone right out of his hands, picking out the playlist labeled with your name to see if he had added anything new. He had, but there was one song you really wanted to listen to. It had been your favorite for a long time and when you first found out that Chrollo had added it onto his phone, you had been beaming about it for days.

    You connected his phone to the tv to let the surround sound speakers in his living room blast the music back to you. You turned your body to face Chrollo while still sitting in his lap. Your body naturally started bouncing to the rhythm. Your head bobbed with the beat, your lips moved in sync with the lyrics, and your hands danced around his chest. Chrollo simply watched you, admiring your every move as you danced and laughed on his lap. A smile played on his lips. Eventually, he found himself moving along too. His head lolling around lazily to the beat with your stronger movements.

    Your fingertips played along his chest, poking and prodding when certain words came up. You sang loud and ugly but you didn’t care for the time being, instead singing louder. Chrollo fake cringed at your bad singing and you scoffed teasingly, hitting his chest while he chuckled again.

    “You seem to be in a better mood.” he commented, trying to be louder over the music. You just gave him a smile.

    “I am~ and it’s all because of you.” you grabbed him by the chin and gave him a light peck on his soft lips. His brows furrowed.

    “I don’t think it was me in all, wouldn’t you say? I made you dinner but that was it, you did the music and the movie by yourself dear.” Chrollo always gave you credit for good things, and you appreciated it endlessly. A blush painted your cheeks, but you weren’t embarrassed. Instead, you gave him another peck on the cheek and nuzzled your face in his neck.

    “Thank you for trying though, I appreciate it more than you know…” the words came suddenly before you could even think about them. A jolt against your body and a grunt indicated Chrollo’s surprise at those words. It wasn’t like this was the first time you’d said something like this to him. In fact, you told him these things all the time, yet he always seemed not to expect it. His large hand rested on your back, rubbing lovingly.

    “Anytime love.” 

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