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  • ghoulcouriersix
    17.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    💙Chip & Cassidy 03/????🧡
    #Cyberpunk 2077#Cassidy Righter#Chip #OTP: Follow The Heart #IM FUCKIN#AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA #I LOVE THIS SO MUCH
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  • visceralcoma
    17.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    I always thought that when CDPR said Kerry was gay, they meant gay as in like the umbrella term? Because gay is still very much used like that.

    Just a thought is all.

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  • bean-cup-chan
    17.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Organization Tips

    A common complaint I’ve heard recently is that there are so many mods, how do you keep things tidy? Here’s what I do!

    I work out of two main folders:

    steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod

    Desktop\unused mods

    The first is the active mod folder, and the other is a folder I can easily find that contains all the mods I am not currently using.

    Tip: You can open two versions of file explorer by pressing + N on your keyboard. This makes it easy to drap-and-drop files from place to place.

    My unused mods folder is organized into several folders.


    In my clothing folder, I have every file pre-appended with clothing_ so I can easily find it in my mod folder when it’s time to uninstall. I keep the name of the modder in the file so I can locate the nexus page again if I’m having issues or I’ve forgotten the command code.

    I keep text files with the CET command codes for mods, as well as sets that I enjoy, in the command codes for clothing folder.


    In my pose folder, I have the poses organized by type. See my Beginner’s Guide to Cyberpunk 2077 Mods if you’re not sure what the difference between these are.


    In my character-specific mods folder, I have everything organized by character. If a V or NPC shares the same mod, I’ll duplicate the mod and re-name it to have the character’s name up front to easily find and move when needed.

    So now when I’m looking in my active mod folder, I just need to go to Frank_ or Goro_ or MrHands_ to move around my mods for him instead of searching in the list.

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  • megasilly
    17.10.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    New V! He’s a trans streetkid netrunner with great fashion sense 🤙🏻

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  • xeoniq
    17.10.2021 - 48 minutes ago
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  • neon-and-chrome
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A quick draw over from this post, of a shot from Constantine (2005)

    Featuring No glasses Johnny™️ because I can’t draw glasses at an angle to save my life.

    (Please don’t repost my photos without my permission.)

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  • sakuranplays
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The Metamorphoses of Alt Cunningham ~ Echo ~

    Echo still had a body then, she was not just a voice : but although she was always chattering, her power of speech was no different from what it is now. All she could do was to repeat the last words of the many phrases that she heard.

    ~ Ovid's Metamorphoses - Book III - Echo and Narcissus ~

    Echo (Ἠχώ) was once a talkative nymph who cursed to never speak out her mind out loud and who could only repeat the last words spoken by someone else. One day, she saw a beautiful man named Narcissus (Νάρκισσος) and became deeply infatuated.

    However, she could only wait for Narcissus to say something so that she could repeated his last words. When the moment finally arrive, Narcissus brutally rejected her which left her humiliated and ashamed. She watched Narcissus fall for his own reflection and when he lost the will to live, she withered away in grief until all that was left was the echoes of her own voice.

    Alt Cunningham was a gifted netrunner who created a program that can transfer and contain both human intelligence and artificial intelligence in a digital format. The program converted engrammatic data of a person's personality into a digital construct. It was nicknamed as Soulkiller when her own employer believed it can be utilized as a weapon as the process could destroy the mind of the physical body while keeping their digital construct intact. Disturbed by the implication, Alt reached out to a reporter with the intention to disclose against her employer until she was abducted by Arasaka corporation.

    At Arasaka tower, Alt reworked the Soulkiller from memory under the watchful eye of Toshiro, an Arasaka executive responsible for her capture. She made some adjustments to the program; the ability to navigate the Net on it's own and the control over her newborn AI. As predicted, her captors used the Soulkiller program on her. When Alt was ripped from her physical body, she immediately took control of the Soulkiller to save herself. She killed her captors and stole the access codes and planned her escape. While she kept Toshiro under control, she started the process of transferring herself back into her body.

    Unfortunately, even the most perfect escape plans can go deadly wrong. Or in this case, it was all because of a foolish narcissist named Johnny Silverhand.

    She had these incredible blue eyes; clear through and through, like crystals of Lace, and a smile from a magazine dream. 'Course, the eyes were Teknics 23S0's, and the smile really was from a magazine-nice biosculpt Job. It didn't matter how much was real In the end. I still fell hard for her. I'm that type." -

    ~ Cyberpunk 2020 - Johnny Silverhand ~

    Like so many others before her who was attracted to the beauty of him and his music, Alt fell hard for the famed musician. It was not enough to be one of the faces in the crowd, she had to become the most beautiful to attract his notice. When she did, she willingly went into a sexual relationship with no strings attached despite herself being in love with a man who was too much in love with the complex lies he spun around himself.

    It was a doomed relationship from the start. She was in love with a man who was too much a coward to be truthful about himself and how he felt for her. It became a toxic game of how much hurt they can inflict on each other until one of them piss the other off in the heat of an argument. Then one of them would come for the other and the cycle repeat itself until she had enough.

    After the man who ruined her life invaded Arasaka tower the second time and released her into the Net, she was freed but it came with the cost of her own humanity. For over a half a century, she survived the treacherous abysses of nothingness by holding on to the image of Alt Cunningham while her mind becoming more like a machine than human. As the Soulkiller, she still held the fascination over the workings of a human mind. She created the Ghost City out of the remnants of Hong Kong to house a society of artificial intelligence but her life's work remain incomplete.

    Until she sensed the presence of Johnny Silverhand and found someone new.

    Is it simply the release of the soul from the body? Is death nothing more or less than this, the separate condition of the body by itself when it is released from the soul, and the separate condition by itself of the soul when released from the body? Is death anything else than this?

    ~ Plato's The Phaedo ~

    #cyberpunk 2077#Alt Cunningham#Johnny Silverhand #The Metamorphoses of Cyberpunk 2077
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  • arvellon-wick
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Attempt at Kerry 🥺❤️‍🩹 cos I’ll never do Johnny

    #I know I suck at hair DONT MENTION IT #Anyways Kerry is baby and anyone who chose to let Johnny be a jerk to him IS WRONGGgg #My Art#Kerry Eurodyne#Cyberpunk 2077
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  • silvana-2077
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Welcome to Night City Choom!💕

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  • brettdeadly
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Back on my pop punk / emp trap wave! Also wanted to give you guys a heads up about a new project of mine.

    Im starting an indie record label called Illumignarly Records! Im going to take underground artists that fall through the cracks and put them on with the knowledge i've aquired over the years.

    Im very excited. Follow my tumblr. Ill keep you updated!

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  • not-your-gay-bestie
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I haven’t played the game and I barely know who Kerry is but even I know he’s gay

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  • theoverly
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Louise really is the worst... as the child of a woman who never respected the fact that I was a child and not just an accessory I wanna punch her in the face for draging Ted and Kim into her and Kerry's argument

    #cyberpunk 2077#kerry eurodyne #louise nordin eurodyne
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  • xeoniq
    17.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
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