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    02.08.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Doodle about mouth. I forgot to upload it.

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  • viktorsvektor
    02.08.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    did this ending purely for the screenshots and now i’m in tears

    #cyberpunk 2077#cp2077#female v#johnny silverhand#silverv #johnny silverhand x female v #pls i’m in tears #i did the devil ending too
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  • soobawlz
    02.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #yeah im going to throw myself in the ocean after tonight #bryce mosley#cyberpunk 2077 #stop stop opst #STOP LOOKING LIKE THAT #every time i swap or spawn him im like #STOP IT#:pain:
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  • unkind-cake061
    02.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    idk who this golden man is

    but golly---

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  • infosechindi
    02.08.2021 - 2 hours ago


    Cyber Security Awareness video Tip of the day for 2 July 2021.

    @CyberSamvad @Cyber_Term @Cyber_Aware @cybersafe

    #CyberSafety #CyberFit #CyberAlert #CyberSecurity #OnlineSecurity #OnlineSafety #informationsecurity #cybersecurityawareness

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  • alfredosauce50
    02.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    What makes me human [Cyberpunk! America x reader] 15

    Wordcount: 3, 484 Rating: T for strong language and mild violence “For you, it can be. I'm actually conscious about the taste and origins. You know those protein jellies Zao makes? They're made of his roommates.” Chapter synopsis: Everyone goes out for a night in town for a day off. While Arthur is complaining about the venue of choice, Allen sulks about the prospect of being replaced. When you disappear to the bathroom, he follows you and comes clean about it, even suggesting that you run away with him. You're reminded that you picked the right choice when you come across some unfinished business.

    What makes me human - 15 - Blood was on the agenda

    “Technology advances, but humans don't. We're smart monkeys, and what we want is always the same. Food, shelter, sex, and in all its forms, escape.”

    He could repeat the quote word for word if he wanted.

    A week had passed since Zao left the planet, leaving you buried to the neck with work, and him, with an unstable mechanic. Alfred was still wasting away, but he couldn’t bring himself to care when the guy was the source of all his problems. Ever since he returned to the guest room after comforting Arthur, this feeling of abandonment never stopped haunting him.

    How could it, after seeing you curl up so comfortably with Alfred? Every night was the same. Allen would face you, hoping you could face him. But it was always your back. Your arms were coiled around the blonde's neck like they belonged there. And the image seared into his mind like branding. It only burned deeper into his soul at every passing day as you stuck closer to the man.

    Down a narrow flight of stairs in a secluded street was a pounding nightclub. Two bouncers who could easily take his head off guarded the entrance. With tattoos of dragons etched into their skin, the sight was enough to get Arthur warbling again. “Why did we have to come here? The club across the street looked fine to me!”

    Allen clicked his tongue and ruffled his hair.

    “If it weren't for the fact that two of your friends are on the hit list, we'd go there. But we need every bit of protection we get.” Holding his hips as he gave the two men a squint, a tense silence fell around the group before they gave a soft grunt. A grin stretched over his face. “Good thing your boyfriend has connections.”

    “... Hah...” Digging a hand through his choppy blonde locks, he shook his head with a hard frown. “And because of that, that idiot will turn up dead in a ditch one day...” As he trailed off, everyone entered the establishment. One of the bouncers whipped their head over their shoulder to stare at the group that just disappeared inside.

    “Didn't we already let that guy in? The blonde one?” He pointed behind him with a thumb.

    “... You're tripping balls, man.” The other sighed.

    “Not today, I'm not. The one with the blue eyes. Like an hour ago.”

    “Maybe he came in again cuz' he wanted to. It's not that deep.”

    “This is why I'm better at this job than you.”

    “Eat shit.”

    It was a cloudy afternoon. A grayish-blue haze had been cast over the city, but what you walked into was so much dimmer in comparison. Nothing but neon illuminated the interior. Lights that faded from blue to purple lined the countertops. The tiles of the dancefloor were a blinding white. Next to it was a heated pool that glowed blue.

    As fog clouded over the surface of the steaming water, it curled around the patrons wading in it. Needless to say, you were hypnotized. “Did nobody actually think of bringing their swimsuit?” Scrambling to the edge, you bent down to your knees and played with the white clouds. “A nice hot soak would do my sore muscles some good.” Before your fingers could do so little as graze against the water, Alfred grabbed your wrist.

    “But not for your junk. They're practically swimming in STIs... Just do it at home in the bath.” He grumbled, pulling you up. Shivering at the thought, you let him pull you to the bar.

    “But the bath doesn't glow...”

    “Not yet, it doesn't.”

    Allen narrowed his eyes. The guy was so quick to follow you, then lay hands on you, it had him rethinking his life purpose. Protecting you was meant to be his thing. Hell, it used to be his job, even. And yet, here Alfred was, having replaced him. No way. He was just an outsider in the end, wasn't he?

    As he watched your interaction with him, he would soon learn he was right to some degree. Maybe Alfred didn't replace him, after all. He just became another figure in your life. Somebody he never managed to be--yet.

    “Let's just grab some grub.”

    Ever since Alfred arrived, he'd been wondering what was on the menu.

    Hunger might have been history, but not eating. And you knew it well. Shooting him a weird smile, you nudged him with your elbow. “You say you don't have organs, but you still have a digestive system. How else do you use the toilet, huh?” Alfred looked at you, turned away, then looked at you again with his face scrunched up in a scowl.

    He couldn't admit it, but you were right down to a T. “It doesn't count. It's not exactly real if it's not made of organic materials.”

    Taking a seat by the counter, the stools beside scraped back to be occupied by your friends. While Alfred sat on your left, Allen sat on your right. Arthur took the end. “It's all a social construct.” You piped, much to his displeasure. The word wasn't entirely accurate to describe the emotions flurrying in his chest, however.

    Was he frustrated? Yes. But he'd be lying if he said he didn't want to hear what you had to say. And you didn't disappoint. “If something serves a function in your body, it's an organ. Doesn't matter what it's made of.”

    Alfred waved over the bartender. “I'm not having this conversation with you. We're from different generations, so I have a right to brood in peace.”

    “Fine. But I won't let it destroy you.”

    His breath hitched while he was about to order. “Can I--” Darting his eyes to yours, his voice only faltered at the steely look in them. Tearing his gaze from you had never been so difficult. “... Can I get a yakisoba with extra bonito flakes on the top? And uh, six of these dim sum-thingos?” He slid the menu to you.

    “What do you want?”

    A soft laugh rumbled from your throat as he refused to look at you. I'm finally getting through to your thick-headed ass, huh? But you couldn't be unreasonable. This was always a touchy subject. “I'll just have these dumplings. What about you two?”

    Allen raised his brows, unimpressed. “Lotus chips and beer for me. This isn't the most vegetarian-friendly place in the world. Sucks.”

    Arthur smirked. “I know, right? But protection is the priority, I suppose. I'll have the BLT.”

    “I don't think you get to side with me when you ordered the worst thing off the menu.” The redhead mused, causing the other to flare their nostrils. He slapped his hands down on the counter to sit further up his stool. “But I get it. Aw, everything reminds me of him! Except for this BLT cuz' it's white.”

    “Shut your gob and bugger off, Allen! It's literally just food.”

    The said man sipped his beer loudly. “For you, it can be. I'm actually conscious about the taste and origins. You know those protein jellies Zao makes? They're made of his roommates.”

    “So what? Not everyone has the same eating habits as you. Deal with it!”

    You exchanged funny looks with Alfred. “Don't they get along well?”

    “Not as well as us. And it'll stay that way so long as you don't talk about your philosophies.”

    “... And that's not happening.” The food finally arrived, so the murmur of conversations came to an end. But it wasn't long before they picked up again. “You're not the only one who can have opinions.” Alfred glanced at you with narrowed eyes. “I can't even say that they're as strong as yours. But you'll have to live with them. Maybe you could learn something new.”

    He scoffed, but he couldn't bite back a defeated smile. “C'mon, not this again. You of all people should understand how I feel about that stuff.”

    “And I've seen what it does to you.” Alfred hung his head at that. This was exactly what he wanted to hear, but it annoyed him all the same. The hardest topics were often the most worth discussing, and this was a perfect example of it. Giving your chest a few indignant bumps with his head, he sulked like a child much to your amusement. “I'd love to entertain you some more, but nature calls.”

    Hopping off the stool at that, he thrust out a hand to grab yours. It all happened so fast, even he was shocked. But it became apparent to you both what just happened—he needed you for one last reckoning. For you to see that expectant look of his, saying how he wasn't done with you. After a few moments, he let go, letting you turn away and run off to do your business.

    Life had been such a shitshow you almost forgot the situationship between you and him. Even with his lacking memories, he couldn't forget it either. And now, he just had to wait for the right time.

    “Right. That's it.” Allen grumbled, scraping his chair back to hop off.

    Arthur glanced up.

    “And where the hell are you going?”

    “Gonna go with her. I've learned to not trust anything anymore.” Jogging after you at that, the mechanic was left with a fellow blonde.

    “Well, would you look at that? It takes two to tango.”

    Alfred shook his head. “What?”

    “You and Allen, I mean.”

    The toilet flushed. Leaving the cubicle to wash your hands in one of the communal sinks, you stared at your reflection as you shook away the water droplets. The pandemonium of the club music had faded to a soft thumping, giving you some space to collect your thoughts. Even in the darkness, what you saw in the mirror couldn't be clearer. It was distinctly different from watching yourself in a pond—where the ripples of the water distorted your image—specifically the one in the garden back at headquarters.

    Your old home.

    But it could burn for all you cared. This was who you were now. Tired, resentful, and fuelled by a fire of hot vengeance.

    “... Whatcha thinkin' about?”

    Your heart jumped out of your chest as you turned to the voice. Leaning against the doorframe was none other than your old bodyguard himself. “Oh my god, you scared the crap outta me.”

    He craned his head to the side with a grin. “Sorry, a force of habit. Security works better when they're discrete.” You responded wordlessly with a small, wistful smile. As nostalgic as it was to have the man by your side 24/7, he didn't have to do this anymore. And it was better that way. Something about bodyguarding never sat well with you. Not with a man of his talents, anyhow.

    Walking in to join your side, he bent down to fold his arms across the sink. Then, he rolled his head up to you. “So... Wanna tell me why you look like that?”

    “Like... Like what?” Blinking a few times at the mirror, you leaned in to peer at your reflection.

    Allen snorted. “Not literally. Well, not your physical appearance. I can tell when something's on your mind.” Straightening up, he squeezed your shoulder as he stared at both of your reflections. Almost instantly, he felt you tense up beneath his fingertips. “I've known you for nearly eight years, dollface. I'm offended that you're underestimating me.” The man pressed his cheek to yours coyly. “Even if you don’t talk to me about your problems, I can smell em’.”

    You outstretched your hands to hold the edge of the sink, breaking away from the contact on his skin. It wasn't anything worth paying mind on your end, but the feeling of your face separating from his was reminiscent of tearing something from its glue. It stung as much as it was destabilizing. It showed in his troubled frown, which deepened when he heard your mirthless laughs while you hung your head.

    “I'm sorry I haven't been talking to you.” The loudest silence fell around you both as his eyes went round with grief. “It's... Too productive.” Returning his gaze with a bittersweet smile, he felt himself die a little inside. You weren't spared of the sensation as you continued with an honesty so brutal, it killed you to say it. “I've been trying so hard to make something out of myself.”

    Your brows trembled ever so lightly as they furrowed together. “But I'm getting so tired, I wanted to just... Give up on the future. Maybe disappear for a bit. But I couldn't bring myself to come to you or anyone about it. You especially.”

    Allen huffed out a pained breath. “Why? I wanna help you! You can trust me with anything, you know that! Out of everyone in the world, I'm the closest to you, aren't I?” Holding onto your shoulders, he gave you a desperate squeeze. “Or am I wrong to assume that?” In this space in time, he never felt more betrayed in his life. The hurt coursing through every fiber of his being was unbearable—he preferred being skewered into by your father's blade to this.

    “Because it’s Alfred now?”

    Your heart sank as you listened to and saw how wounded he was. His lips were trembling, and tears were threatening to spill from his glassy eyes. Never in your life had you seen him cry. The sight was so sobering you couldn’t hold yourself from pulling him down into a tight hug. “No! It's because you're you.” As your bodies swayed from side to side in the embrace, you dug a hand through his hair and screwed your own eyes shut. “You’re my only family in the world. Nothing and nobody will ever replace you, ever.”

    He tightened his hold on you as he let a few tears roll down his face. His eyes had been shut as a last-ditch resort to keep that from happening, but they oozed out the tiny gaps of his lids. “Then talk to me.”

    Allen never knew he had this fear, but here it stood before him in all its glory, threatening to undo his sanity at the seams. It was the fear of being a second choice. Being abandoned. He already was once, and it nearly cost him his life. But if you did it--“What makes me so different from the rest? Why would it be easier to say this to everyone else?”

    “Because you’ve known me since I was thirteen!” You buried your face into your hands to hide how it contorted with pain. Falling deathly quiet at your sudden outburst, he could only watch as you trembled away. “I’ve been working towards something ever since. I always thought I was scared of disappointing dad. But in the end, I was more afraid of disappointing you.”

    Allen pulled you in again, and this time, he didn’t hesitate to kiss your cheek. It wasn’t a first, but the way how his mouth lingered on your skin made it feel like something more—something beyond a platonic friendship—and pulling away felt like a sin in itself. “Don’t think that fucking low of me. You could never disappoint me.” Pressing his forehead to yours, he bit back a contented sigh as your cries quietened to sniffles.

    “You have nothing to prove. Fuck expectations. You don't have to live the way everyone wanted you to. Just live how you want.” Reaching up to hold your face, he was at a loss from how satisfied it felt to finally say it. But the moment of truth had yet to come—the culmination of everything he wanted in this world.

    “Just run away with me. We can put this all behind us. We don’t have to think about this ever again.”

    You held onto his hands that found a place on your cheeks. It was a nice thought. To abandon everything you knew to live a carefree and blissful life with Allen. But you declined with little hesitation. “We don't run from things. It's not who we are.” A sad smile made its way to your face. “And I have too much unfinished business.”

    Allen wasn't sure whether to think of your response as rejection. But he wasn't about to let it get to him. “... If you ever do, then tell me. Zao's got a nice retreat in the middle of nowhere. We'll pack our things in the middle of the night and disappear by morning.” Your smile spread to him, but his was more bittersweet.

    “I just want you to know that you'll always have a way out of everything. I'll wait for you. So just... Give me a call.” He shoved his hands into his pockets to walk off. With one last wistful look over his shoulder, he added this. “I'll always be your guy.”

    Going to the bathroom was meant to clear your head, but here you were, sitting in your lonesome in an empty pool room in the penthouse to mull over the conversation. You would be lying if you said you didn't want to run away with Allen. A part of you wanted to return to how things used to be—when it was just you and him. He was the most important person to you in the world, but so was Alfred. You couldn't just forget about him like fuck all, could you? Breathing out a drawn-out sigh, you watched the soft pulsing of lights of the city at night through the window.

    Maybe Allen did want you to forget him.

    Fiddling with the gun he left you, the barrel scraped against the counter in small slides. Then, you picked it up with a huff to slide off the stool. It was about time you joined the rest. As you did, you caught sight of a familiar silhouette by the window.

    Shrouded in the dimness of the room, their body was nothing but a shadow against the scenery of neon holograms and billboards. With a brief squint, you could recognize the person almost right off the bat.

    “Alfred? How did you know to come up here?” Tucking the gun into your back pocket, you couldn't help but grin at the pleasant surprise. The said man spun to your voice, then waved. Your grin would've widened at the sight, but it faded upon discovering he was in a different set of clothes than what he arrived in. He came in a dark khaki military jacket and navy blue jeans.

    Weird. When did he change to a kimono?

    “Hey! I haven't seen you in ages. Come gimme a hug, dammit!” Tightening his arms around your waist, he lifted you up a few inches off the ground. A few nervous laughs fell from your lips as you held onto his shoulders to stabilize yourself. And they felt... A little softer than you remembered. Warmer. Before you could linger too long on the sensation, he set you on your feet and gleamed.

    “Whatcha doing in the club, (F/N)? I thought you didn't like places like these. 'Specially when this one's got ties to the underworld and stuff.”

    You craned your head to the side—never have you been this baffled. “... You walked in here with us.”

    Alfred blinked. “Oh, did I?”

    “... Are you drunk?”

    He patted his chest a few times without eliciting any sort of whirring noise—immediately, the interaction changed to an unsettling one. But his answer only confirmed your suspicions. “Nope! Stone-cold sober. It would take more than a few drinks to get this baby down.” He gloated, much to your surprise. But the shock soon morphed into a grim kind of understanding.

    Alfred couldn't get drunk.

    In a heartbeat, you grabbed his wrist, then felt down his forearm. The utmost terror contorted at your expression as you felt his soft flesh sink between your fingers. You only sucked in a horrified gasp when you witnessed his veins disappear under your presses. It was almost as if he was—“Heh. You having fun there?”

    Glancing up at him in a dark glower, you never bothered to open your mouth. Instead, you reached for your back pocket. If he was who or what you thought he was, you couldn't let Alfred see him. He couldn't leave this room alive. However, your conviction couldn't triumph the smallest shred of hope that you were just seeing things. There was one way to confirm you weren't hallucinating.

    Blood was on the agenda, and you wanted to see it.

    You pulled out your gun at light speed and fired a shot into his palm.

    The explosive bang was loud enough to reach a few floors down, including the elevator that just left this one. Allen was whistling to himself when he heard it.

    As faint as it was, he couldn't mistake it for anything else.

    He shouldn't have left you alone.

    #hetalia fanfiction#hetalia fanfic#science fiction#scifi romance#sci fi#cyberpunk#cyberpunk 2077 #hetalia x reader #reader insert #america x reader #country x reader #aph america#2p america #2p! america #2ptalia #2p!america x reader #2p america x reader #aph england#2p china #2p! china #axis powers ヘタリア #axis powers hetalia #alfredosauce50
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    02.08.2021 - 3 hours ago
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    02.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    she aint gay tho :'|

    i feel like she flirted with fem V even more than Judy haha

    actually Judy didn't flirt with V at all???!!?

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    02.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    a lil Felix for @mister-dude :3

    #cyberpunk 2077#dude #i love felix way too much #too much invested in his lil glowing eyes #he's such a nice dude #ma heart is bleeding still #damn #but look at him #visiting u for shittalking and not reblogging his cursed pic lol #others ocs#my art#Felix Vega #not sure if Felix would be an amazing or horrible nightlight
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    02.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I’ll probably never get over this being in the game

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    02.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    cp2077 is glitched again, everyone has vacant stares and they’re moving funny lol

    #and poses are broken in photo mode #idk if it’s my character or mods or the game itself #playing: cyberpunk 2077
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    02.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    @beammeupbroadway is the sweetest person in the entire world and she got me this lovely commission from @mdmtwnk and I haven't stopped looking at it since I got it and I love it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you from the bottom of my heart and I swear I'm gonna scream forever!!!

    a censored, full version is under the

    #nsft#cyberpunk 2077#johnny silverhand#cyberpunk v#female v#silverv #I hope this doesn't get flagged #I got creative with these censors and love them #maybe the ass one isn't needed but I ain't taking chances #also I will forever scream about this because I love it so fucking much and I literally just keep looking and wanted to share #because I really do love it so much #and Johnny looks so good I'm gonna scream #AND MY V IS PERFECT #LIKE ALL THE THINGS ABOUT HER ARE THERE AND #AAAAAAAAAAAAA
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    02.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I feel like everyone needs more Valentine tonight

    @rindemption bless you for spoiling me with gorgeous shots 😘💚

    #v for valentine #him in Mateos shirt makes me a little feral #cyberpunk v #cyberpunk 2077 v #male v
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  • elioamari
    02.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Sweetest Submission ~ Ao3 Fic Fandom: Cyberpunk 2077 Pairing: Kerry Eurodyne x Male V Rating: Explicit Warnings: None “I mean it, I thank that gonk Silverhand every damn day for bringin’ you to me.”

    "Hey, Ker?"


    "I love the sentiment but shut up and fuckin' kiss me already."

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  • deadwords-x
    02.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Me: "I've gathered you all here today-"


    ATLA/TLOK Hyperfixation: "If I could bloodbend, things would be alot simplier."

    CP2077 Hyperfixation: "Judy's wifey, Panam's bae, Kerry's a Dilf, Rogue's my Milf, Johnny is the one night stand that i keep calling, Misty is my goth gf, Jackie is my himbo husbando, Vik is daddy-"

    Pokemon Sword/Shield Hyperfixation: "....WOOLOOO!"

    DND Hyperfixation : "If I don't get at least an 18, this is rigged." *rolls a NAT 1* "GODDAMN-"

    Me: *sighs*

    Miitopia Hyperfixation: "So this is DND without dice."

    Neo: The World Ends With You Hyperfixation: "Anime dudes and chicks looking badass, fucking rock and metal music, solid 9/10 game so far."

    Resi Evil 8 Hyperfixation: "...."

    Me: *shaking*

    RE8: "You literally played one hour-"


    My tumblr mutuals seeing me post various fandoms: "Is she...are they okay?"

    Mutual #2: "No but at least their posting."

    #the hell do i even tag this as? #cyberpunk#cyberpunk 2077#cyberpunkgame #neo the world ends with you #pokemon sword #pokemon sword and shield #atla#tlok#miitopia#re8#toh
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    I am not okay 😂☺️

    #silverv #why this game #why didn’t I choose a happier game to hyperfixate on #this game is garbage #garbage for making me cry #cyberpunk#cyberpunk 2077 #johnny silverhand x v #johnny silverhand#oc
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                                        ♡   # BIMBOCORE . ♡

             ❛ ❛      an  independent,  highly  selective,  highly  private,  mutuals  only  writing  blog  for  various  ORIGINAL  CHARACTERS,  all  being  written  with  some  attempt  by  PEACH .

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    Valentin & Mitch | 259/??
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