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    27.07.2016 - 4 years ago
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    23.01.2015 - 6 years ago

    my treat!

         Although she's taken to investing her personal time in her new operations, Ikusaba still feels an obligation to still show up every morning at Just Desserts--not that it's tasking, or even annoying. Rather, one could say she even feels at home in the cafe, finding herself often working later or assisting in other areas outside her security duty, whatever she can help with, as she does not seem to mind this busy restaurant.

         Shyly so, she knows she must approach her manager for a favor, or a proposition more than anything else. Aware that Miss Sera is only one of her managers, she doesn't hold the power to make decisions alone... but it does not hurt to ask. If nothing else, Mukuro will look elsewhere for this particular type of associate, no harm done. ❝ Excuse me, Miss Sera... but if it's alright, could I talk with you privately? It is not urgent, ❞  she states, having just clocked out of her shift for the day.

    #cybershaman #!! my treat #tfw bad title... #but here you go! take your time - and dont feel obliged to reply to the whole length!
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    20.01.2015 - 6 years ago


           Walking through Sector 005 would inevitably lead to trekking through the stands of many outdoor vendors. Necessities and novelties embellished the stands. She hadn't any need for these items, so her eyes hardly remained on the objects for sale. Lilac orbs focused in on the people instead. Unfortunately, she seemed to witness a younger person attempting to steal a handmade bracelet from a vendor. Almost reflexively, she found her digits wrapping around the wrist of the small thief.

                  ❝ Do you truly believe that it's ethical to steal another's belongings? ❞

           Startled at the fact that they were caught, the kid dropped the bracelet and scurried off quickly after yanking their wrist away from the former viceroy's grasp. Her action seemed quite futile, as she had no doubts that this incident wouldn't stop the thief from stealing once more. Her eyebrows furrowed slightly before noting a bystander right beside her. Hopefully she would be capable of answering her current query. 

                  ❝ Is there no governing body or law enforcement in this city? ❞
    #cybershaman #mini: sera 01 #( this is yours even tho i didn't get my 10 dollars )
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    18.01.2015 - 6 years ago
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    07.01.2015 - 6 years ago

    propιnqυιтy | ( ѕera & ĸanda )

         Evening began making its appearance as an artificial sun slowly started sinking into the distance. Earlier in the week, he had received an invitation that happened to inform him of a ball that was taking place on this particular day. However, what he was unaware of was the magic that coincided with each invitation that made each receiver compelled to go to this event. While this was the type of ordeal that the swordsman would wish to avoid, this enchantment led him to feel quite the opposite. Despite the spell that created an uncharacteristic push to go to the ball, his regular personality traits remained intact. For example, he spent minimal time preparing for the occasion and refrained from expressing his drive to attend to any other person.

         Unfortunately, this all led to a lack of communication due to assumptions.

         He had sent Sera a text message informing her that he was walking over to her home that was in the same Sector, so it would take no more than 15 minutes to arrive at the girl's residence. The swordsman left his own house with his sword, mask, and invitation after attempting to evade any prolonged conversations with his comrades who now doubled as his roommates.

         The landscape had grown only slightly darker as the sun was now creating a mixture of orange a purple. Despite wearing the numerous layers that suits normally required, he noticed the drop in the temperature and brisk winds only made the environment chillier. The mask that hung from his digits swayed back and forth; even though the invitation had made him wish to go to the ball, the swordsman couldn't feel less excited to have to wear the stupid looking accessory. Without a doubt, he'd wait until the very last possible moment to properly equip himself for the event.

         Arriving at the shaman's abode, he rang the rather adorned doorbell a single time. After a relatively short amount of time considering the size of the mansion, he heard light footsteps on the other side of the door drawing closer. Taking into account the living fossil who she lived with, he guessed that she would be clad in numerous embellishments; when she answered the door, he was slightly surprised to see the opposite. Of course, he always maintained a sense of indifference when it came to her clothing preference, since clothing wasn't necessarily something he took much notice to. However, her perplexed disposition made him draw one conclusion.

         "I guess I'm here too early."
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    28.12.2014 - 6 years ago
    #meme sunday #(cries this is actually pretty nice for him maybe) #cybershaman
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    26.12.2014 - 6 years ago
    ︵‿︵‿︵‿✉ To: Lavi
    She pressed a small hand to her chest, swallowing thickly before a shy smile made it’s way onto her features. Delicate footsteps carried the raven haired girl forward to idly pluck up a piece of parchment that had floated down to settle beneath the desk. She turned slightly, offering out the paper. Once fingers were freed, the shaman’s hands fell away to rest themselves upon her satchel, flipping it open as a soft hum passed over pink lips.
    Finding what she was looking for, Sera held up a strange but unique piece, a wooden puzzle box meant to cause intrigue and stir up the curiosity in the bookman. ❝Um, I-I’m sorry… I didn’t meant to bother you but… ah, I thought a small gift wouldn’t do any harm. Merry Christmas, Lavi.❞ The seller explained to her that it had a medium difficulty level and if given enough time, most people should be able to open it. She had more than enough faith that the redhead would consider it child’s play so the inner cylinder possessed a secret compartment that concealed a variety of knick knacks that in some shape or form were interesting to study. She stared down at the carpet beneath her feet, somewhere between flustered and embarrassed before she plucked a matching key out of her pocket. ❝—Oh! I almost forgot. The box must be unlocked with this key, so it’s important that you hold onto it!❞
     From: Sera ✉︵‿︵‿︵‿

                       「✍」—» Genuine surprise had been clear on Lavi’s expression when he’d answered the door of his apartment to find the shaman standing at his threshold, apparently bearing gifts. He had blinked for a few moments in thoughtful silence before stepping aside and allowing her to come in, leading her into the spacious confines of his room so as to not bother his roommates. Not that they ever talked to him. He had leaned against the bed as he watched her offer the paper, taking it from her gently before a single green optic fixed itself on the box in Sera’s open palms. His gaze was analytical, head tilting slightly to peer at the sides as well. Slowly, though, a small smile adorned the Bookman’s features, thin fingers reaching out to gently pick the box up. Mentally, he was already working out the problem, which felt good after so long just idling in this place. It was the type of gift he wouldn’t expect, one that had obviously been thought over for a bit of time. Lavi felt a swell of gratitude grow in his chest, gaze rising from the box to the face of the girl before him.

                       ” Thank you, Sera. It’s really nice. ” The exorcist was obviously quite pleased with the gift, already starting to poke and prod at it before the key was even given to him. It was accepted as well, slipped into his pocket as his attention turned to the box for a few moments more before being directed to Sera once again. The gift, though appreciated, had been unexpected, but luckily Lavi had already gotten her a gift. She was… something special to Kanda, apparently, and he wasn’t going to leave her out of the odd gifts he had already passed out. A long arm reached behind the bed as he leaned back for a moment, snagging the handle of a decorated present bag that then found itself being dropped into Sera’s hands. ” It’s just simple stuff, body washes and perfumes. And a, uh, cat plushie. Some chocolates and candy canes too… Merry Christmas. “

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    25.12.2014 - 6 years ago


    ︵‿︵‿︵‿✉ To: Kanda
    Since she had discovered Christmas, she was determined to always give gifts to those she cared for the most. Despite the swordsman’s insistence on not wanting anything, she could not fairly wrestle the overwhelming desire to follow tradition. She doubted Kanda completely understood how much he meant to her, and in some way, she was grateful for that. Sera was sheepish; her confidence subdued as she attempted to make sure he was as happy as she was, though he showed it in a remarkably different way. There were things she wanted to tell him, confessions kept buried deep, but she was still hesitant, waiting for an okay. And until then, she made due in other ways, weaving all the love for him within more subtle details.
    She followed close behind him, craning to see what he would see, double-checking that the present she had placed on the table was still there. No wrapping or embellishments outside of the ribbon, no box or brightly colored paper. It was painfully simple but she knew Kanda to be practical and not care for such things. But it wouldn’t be complete without his name etched on a paper tag in her neat cursive. There he would see a pair of leather fingerless gloves, much like the worn ones he used when training, black and stiff, but what made them special was that stitched with white thread on the inner part of the right wrist was a tiny flower. 
    There was a child-like quality in the way the shaman drew her arms to her chest and leaned closer, attention focused to see his reaction. He probably knew first hand that the idea that she would let the holiday pass without a blatant display of her affection was quite unimaginable.  
    From: Sera ✉︵‿︵‿︵‿

         He fully expected to partake in the annual rituals that would roll around once every year. While he wouldn't ever be one to celebrate on his own, he recognized that these celebrations were to be engraved for as long as he was with the shaman. While it would have been initially viewed as somewhat of a chore, he knew that going through with these actions made her happy; assuring this happiness instead of focusing on his own preferences had become a top priority. When it came to celebrations such as this one, he noted himself slowly growing accustomed to the motions.

         She held a strong sense of excitement as he walked over to the table. He knew that it was something that was most likely well thought out and somehow tailored to his interests. Despite this, all of the gifts that she has ever given to the male has withheld a reflection of herself- whether or not it was blatant or intentional.

         Neatly placed on the table, he discovered a pair of gloves that would be practical to use. After observing further, he noted a minuscule embellishment resembling a flower. While a floral addition to leather gloves might have been slightly different in nature, he still planned on utilizing them. A neutral expression softened further as he turned to face the expectant female in order to express his gratefulness.

         "Thanks, Sera."
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    01.12.2014 - 6 years ago
    #(tfw the bae almost indirectly kills you) #cybershaman
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    27.11.2014 - 6 years ago

    —— Maze of Life // Cross&Sera 「event」

                                               Fate leads the willing,                                    and drags along the reluctant.                                                                 — Lucius Annaeus Seneca

               ☩          “Shit.” Cross Marian leaned away, dusting off his hands. “This wall isn't going to come down at all.” He said it in such a manner that suggested that the wall he had been previously trying to take down wasn't a hundred-something-foot tall impasse made of rock and steel. Putting his hands on his hips, he turned his gaze upwards. At a certain point, the darkness was too much, and he couldn't see any further. He sent Timcanpy up, but even the small golem wouldn't go, as if he were afraid of something. He took a rest in Cross's hair, on top of his head.            ☩          He peeled his dirty gloves off, shoving them into his pocket and turning to his companion. “Sorry to say,” he shrugged, “but I believe we'll have to travel through this maze.” He smiled warmly, though it was plain to see that malice and aggression were the true causes of the smile.            ☩          Cross didn't really know Sera all that well. Really, all he could say about her was that she was cute, ran a maid café (that's what he called it, no matter what anyone else would say), and gave him a gun. There, also, was the fact that they were currently “tied” together, of sorts.

               ☩          Raising his arm again, he pulled the sleeves of his coat and cassock back again to reveal the softly pulsating insignia. The girl had a matching on her same arm, glowing just as brightly in the dim light as it did when he had first discovered her not too long ago. For the most part, it resembled the Rosy Cross that the Black Order used; however, there actual rose in the middle had been replaced by a sort of circle with nails going through it. Sera had said that particular symbol resembled the logo of the Karma Society, from where she came from. In the middle of this circle was a thick line. Other red lines looped around their wrists, similar to threads.            ☩          “You know, I've never seen such a symbol,” he had said earlier, “and I know a damn lot of symbols.”            ☩          Every time he moved, the middle part of it, as if it were a compass, pivoted around, always pointing towards the same spot—he determined it had to be the center, and that they were supposed to get to the Center. That's what the messages that had appeared before they entered also alluded to, didn't they? It also seemed that what one felt, the other felt, though that particular part of the link hadn't really come up yet.            ☩          Cross clapped his hands together. They weren't really that far into the labyrinth, just having walked through the door hole—which creaked and crooned as it filled up, leaving nothing else in its path—and turned a few corners. Cross then had stopped, trying to see if he could find any weak spots in the wall—which, obviously, there were none.            ☩          “Alright, dove,” he started walking, pulling his sleeves back down so they covered his wrist, “i think we should have a game plan.” He nodded, confidence dripping from his tone of voice and the way he walked. “I promise we'll get through this no matter what, but we really need to think of what to do if either of us are in danger, especially since we can't leave each other.”            ☩          Cross looked down at her, a sultry smile plastered on his face.
               ☩          “I can offer basic teleportation skills. I can't go where I haven't been, though, so we're shit outta luck in that regard.” He rolled his shoulders back and removed the gun from his holster. “I never miss a mark, though, so I gotta thank you for lending me this.”            ☩          The exorcist turned the gun over in his hands. It felt so good to be holding a gun after what seemed like forever. Although it wasn't no Judgement, it would have to do. He hadn't used a pistol ever, before, but he was sure he could learn. Just more shots and not having to reload that much, right? Those were the only differences? It didn't affect his aim, so limited shots would be fine.            ☩          He replaced the gun and moved his coat and robes to cover it once more.            ☩          “We need to discuss what you can do, though,” he said. “Most people in this City aren't exactly normal, though if you are...” He nodded thoughtfully, pearly whites almost glowing in what little illumination they had. “I'll protect you. No need to worry.”            ☩          He couldn't really shake the feeling that they both had a long journey ahead of them. Especially with the dream he had had that morning, things might prove harder than he could handle. A tinge of anxiety weaseled its way into his stomach—he noticed it, but paid no attention to it. Timcanpy sensed it, though, and flapped his wings, taking to the skies again rather than sit solitary. He hovered around his master's head.            ☩          He looked to the future, though. No matter what was thrown at him in this maze, he would get himself and Sera to the Center, even if it meant defying fate itself.

                                           It is uncertain where death                                                 may await thee,                                    therefore expect it everywhere.                                                                 — Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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    21.11.2014 - 6 years ago
    ☩ GUNS & ROSES ☩ behindthemagdalacurtain & cyber-shaman
    "We need a team name and a logo." "B-But, General, shouldn't we—" "Also, you need to wear the apron."
    #ca shit#ca teams#ca event#cybershaman #would be willing to make banners too for other teams lol... #the banners like the small pixel banner here #unless u provide me with renders #just msg me #also the big banner is made at 500px but you know TUMBLR #make sure you have that one extension installed or it look ugly
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    19.11.2014 - 6 years ago

    cyber-shaman replied to your post:

    {{ hires him to work at just desserts… as long as he puts down the fish. ; u ; }}

    bustygoth replied to your post:


    I'm not cute, I'm manly as hell.

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    #cybershaman #( ; letters. #( ; memes. #( ' whispers. )
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    #cybershaman#;answered#PIXEL NO #GO TO SLEEP #TURNS SERA AROUND
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    12.11.2014 - 6 years ago
         A perplexed countenance conquered a neutral expression at the game suggestion. While the game rules itself were incredibly bizarre to him, the fact that she'd offer him something that was even remotely sweet only added to his confusion. Why would she feel obliged to share with him? Naturally, the possibility of her being currently ill was one of the first thoughts in his mind.  "Uh, you  can keep it for yourself, but..."  

        He lightly places his palm on her forehead as he analyzed her to see if she has any other visible symptoms of being ill.  "Are you sick or something?"

    #cybershaman #(sera's game is off the charts) #(why is he the worst the crowd boos kanda yuu)
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    10.11.2014 - 6 years ago

    She'd recognize that child anywhere.

    Unruly, disobedient, and stubborn, she detested the will that her own progeny had. And Jenna would undoubtedly try to fix that. Unfortunately, however, she had need of certain equipment to perform the procedure, and even if she had, she'd dare not risk that in a filthy city such as this.

    Should Sera die, then her plan would be ruined. No--she needed this child alive, so maybe she'd go for a different angle in gaining control over the girl. Threatening her 'friends', perhaps?

    No...there was no knowing what sort of allies the brat managed to gain. Then perhaps, just perhaps she should act loathe as she was to consider it...'nice'.

    No, out of the question. This girl was rebellious, and deserved proper punishment for not doing as was told.

    "You. I've been looking for you, 'darling'". Her words came across as harsh, unforgiving, as her eyes glared at the individual in question. She strode over to the irksome girl, halting just before her.

    "Don't even think about running, you insolent child! You'd vanished along with your pathetic creations, and then I wake up here? Explain! Take us out of this ridiculous place at once!"

    It was then when it could be understood that Jenna had thought this was another creation of Sera's.

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    07.11.2014 - 6 years ago

    schrodinger's catbox ♚ sera


    ♚ — The Witch of Miracles required a short break from the festivities that came with the war. Her powers nearly exhausted, she'd taken her cat form for a simple walk that evening, having been a terribly long time since she'd last had the power to do so. Before she was a Witch, Bernkastel had been a cat, so naturally there were some comforts that could only be found in her original form. 

    Not to mention, anyone looking for her would be searching for a Witch, not a cat, and even then the only thing that suggested the cat's original identity was the ribbon fastened around her tail. 

    "Meow~!" A soft mewing came from the cat's mouth as she curled up on a street bench, fully unaware that she had just run out her magic limit and would be stuck that way until midnight. ...Or that she would soon be kidnapped.

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    05.11.2014 - 6 years ago

    —— Did You Fall From Heaven? // Cross&Sera

              ☩          Cross Marian decided that he absolutely, positively, dreadfully hated Sector 001. He wanted to drink his worries away, not wander aimlessly for hours upon hours only to find out that when he paused, all the buildings had shifted again. He couldn't find anything in this damned place and it pissed him off to no end.           ☩          The buildings had shifted again, and he kicked at the dirt, cursing under his breath. It was starting to dip into the late afternoon, and he hadn't had a single drink yet. It was driving him mad. He was far too sober for this shit.           ☩          Making a mental note to buy enough alcohol to take back to his apartment complex, Cross rounded a corner, looking up and down the street to see if any of the bars he was familiar with were placed on this street now. They weren't, unfortunately, and he cursed even more, with even worse words, even louder, now. This day was going tremendously well, wasn't it?           ☩          The general started walking down the street he had turned onto, looking into the various storefronts, as if he were going window shopping. Truthfully, he didn't have much money at the moment; whatever alcohol he was getting, he was placing on a tab (under Allen's name, of course, ever since he found out the boy was also here in this strange city). Whatever money he did have was going towards food—and he even had to settle for less expensive food, which didn't suit his taste at all. His palate wasn't all that used to such greasy, disgusting, cheap ass food, but he needed, and wanted, to eat, so he put up with it.           ☩          Thus, all these items he found in these various shops were simply to look at. He did find a nice hat store with some spectacular hats that he'd have to remember the name of to find later—since, after all, remembering locations wouldn't get him anywhere.           ☩          Cross's vision was assaulted with pink as he moved onto the next store. The front was painted this garish color, with pink tables and chairs sitting outside … It wasn't very … to his taste at all.           ☩          However, the sweet, sweet sound of girls' laughter drifted out of the open door. Was this a hot spot for women? He had never seen it before, but perhaps it was just on the side of the sector he hadn't wandered about and hadn't shifted closer to his previous whereabouts.           ☩          Cross couldn't turn down the women, could he? Never in his life.           ☩          Curiously, he peeked his head through the open door. It was just as the outside, with pink everywhere, but sweets, cakes, and other café foods dotted the area in display cases. Women were plentiful, and he could have sworn he saw a girl in a lacy maid dress...           ☩          Clearing his throat, the redhead walked up towards the counter, stood in a line. He looked completely out of place here, but it was going to be so worth it, wasn't it? Finally, he was going to get some action in this God forsaken city.           ☩          When he got to the register, he smiled smoothly at the girl working it. She was a pretty one, even if she did look a little young, but she couldn't be too young if she was wearing a Manager's name tag, could she?

              ☩          “Good afternoon,” he said, voice a little sultry. “Do I have to reserve a table to go on a date with you?”
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