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  • ahouseofvillains
    18.05.2021 - 16 minutes ago


    Scroop: You know, the funny thing about shaking hands is...[shows him his claws] you need hands!

    #source: the emperor's new groove #treasure planet#john silver#scroop #scenario: they both wind up stranded on a jungle planet and it turns into kuzco and pacha in emperor's new groove #scroop. sarcastically: 'it's a good thing you're not a big fat cyborg or this would be REALLY difficult!'
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  • zimniyaktiv
    18.05.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    i’ll just be lurking and replying to small things for the rest of the day. had my second jab so my arm is slowly dying on me. 😂 just gonna take it easy.

    #⍣ ;; what’s going on in that big cyborg brain of yours? ★ ooc
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  • nitianer
    18.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    “ I ’ l l   b e   h e r   s h i e l d  [ . . . ] ”
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  • narvana27
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    That's high key Rai when he made some mistake when he's a leader. Like... It's totally him. And don't tell me you don't think that crossover of Xiaolin and Teen Titans or Justice League would be lit... Like it would be, I know that, and I have even my own headcanon, stories and scenarios already about that so yea 😅😂

    #Rai and Robin would have some shit to talk about cuz u know they both are leaders #Clay and Cyborg would be Bros because of their love for steaks #Staefire and Kim would be besties #It's such a good idea #Warner Bros we're waiting #Xiaolin showdown#Raimundo Pedrosa#Teen Titans
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  • shadowfoxsilver
    18.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Noticed my Mentor had changed their Lobby Cookie, so I did this~

    (Keeping in mind my mentor is lv 69 so they can easily obtain new cookies quickly...xp)

    #Aloe Cookie#Cyborg Cookie #cookie run ovenbreak
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  • skquill
    18.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Newt maze runner voice: if I could do it all over again, I would. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

    #she... Aloe would do it all over again... if it meant she got to meet Cyborg. and got to save her again. I... #cookie run #okay I gotta sleep.
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  • eobsinj
    18.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    (sambucky cyborgs au; just 2 vibranium bros) | what if vision's laser beam did hit sam back in civil war, he got serious injuries but ended up getting healed by a mix of wakandan and stark tech (+bruce banner yo idc abt canon).

    sam could have tony's infinity war/endgame nanotech for his wings and his suit, except since he's now technically a cyborg, he IS the wings and the suit.

    sam wouldn't need a wing pack. his wings are attached to his body seamlessly. (can u imagine !!!! he's like a cyborg angel)

    maybe his wings could have cloaking technology??? i dont know. this is a superhero movie.

    shield is now magnetic Only. like in aou. only them and their team can use it.

    redwing is now an extension of sam, instead of just an ai drone.

    (in this au im giving bucky his cat, alpine, but he's a robot cat. so now both of them are just nerds trying to domesticate their robots)

    (alpine the robot cat is also magnetic, and bucky likes to perch him on his shoulder)

    sam and bucky are now the top sexiest avengers in the mcu (they already were sexy before, but now theyre even Sexier)

    (aj and cass now have Two cyborg uncles!!! amazing!!!)

    /ok now can anyone add more to this or maybe write a fic about this. cyborg sam has been on my mind since i watched outside the wire. had to edit it now bc the alternative "what if sam got hit" plot @cowboylakay and i thought of was Devastating./

    #sam's cyborg parts have glowing blue-ish accent and bucky's has gold accent. very couple of them #seriously i am Begging for anyone to write or make something out of this au bc i like it so much lmao #if it isnt obv i dont know Shit about mechas or robots. but this is from a canon with aliens and magic and shit. so this is totally possibl #i wanna draw them but i cant think of anything right now so #pls ignore that cyborg sam does not have organs in the gif. it's a cyborg leo (outside the wire) thing. sam still has organs. hopefully #if any of yall havent seen outside the wire pls watch it bc leo (cyborg mackie) was sexy af #so cyborg sam Would be super sexy af too #bottom line is anthony mackie sexy #sambucky#sam wilson#samuel wilson#bucky barnes #james buchanan barnes #james bucky barnes #james barnes#fic idea#sambucky au#fic prompt#mcu edit#cyborg au#cyborgs#marvel#myedit#my edit#eobsinj#alternate universe#sambucky fic#winterfalcon#falcon#captain america
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  • bridgefourisgayrights
    18.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    anyway that unholy au is brought to you by the image of buff ass robot gideon with the same undercut and sunglasses and her same big zweihander but the blade glows cuz mgs is like that and her same big cloak

    #txt #whats hilarious is in my head cyborg gideon is like. buffer and squarer than the canon beloved cyborg protag in mgs #whats so sexy about the au is like. all of the best tlt stuff can just stay the same #but oh yeah the swords GLOW here
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  • yoair
    18.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Anthropology of Mobile Phone Culture in Japan

    Anthropology of Mobile Phone Culture in Japan

    The History and Development of Cell Phones The mobile, or cell, phone has been one of the largest technological innovations in recent decades. It has reworked business practices, sociality, and the way we spend our time. In fact, there is a decent chance you are reading this on a phone at the moment. However, if one were to look back a decade or two ago, this was not the case. While mobile phones…

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  • write-r-die
    18.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Prisoner - Part 15

    February 1067 - Norman Conquest of England

    Henry Cavill is a respected Norman baron who has been tasked with finding Thomasin Latymer, an ill-tempered Saxon noblewoman, and returning her to London so the king can marry her off to a cruel Norman invader. The two grow close during the long journey, and Henry puts his own life in danger (more than once) to protect the woman he loves.


    More chapters are coming! I’m sorry if this made it seem like the story is over because it most certainly is not!

    For a long moment, silence reigned.

    William’s eyebrows rose. Lawrence scoffed, a bemused smile playing on his lips. Henry looked so enraged Thomasin was nearly surprised that he didn’t have smoke coming out of his nostrils.

    “Is this true?” William asked after a moment.

    Thomasin swallowed; her throat was dry as sand. “Yes.”

    William took a deep breath and rubbed his forehead. “And how was your virtue lost?”

    Thomasin wasn’t sure how to proceed. She didn’t want to implicate Henry without – 

    “I had her on the road to London,” Henry declared. He took a knee beside Thomasin. “Forgive me, your grace. I believed myself within my rights – I thought she was mine.”

    Thomasin could see him grinding his jaw from the corner of her eye. 

    “What, may I ask, gave you that impression?” William bit out. 

    “I thought your grace had not yet made up your mind on who to give her to.” This was true. “I believed that you would agree if I asked you. I told Lady Thomasin the same. I even gave her my family’s ring as proof of my intention and love.”

    Thomasin broke the weak chain around her neck and held it out, keeping her eyes downcast. The king took the ring and chain and sat down heavily on his throne to study it. He didn’t need to study it to know it was Henry’s but he kept inspecting it as he though.

    Henry was as angry as he had been the day Thomasin was shot, but this time there was no fear or desperation to distract him. He was going to kill Thomasin. He’d save her first, of course, but only so he could kill her himself. 

    Lawrence threw his head back and laughed. “Your cowardice is legendary, my friend.”

    “Excuse me?” Henry bit out.

    “You’re too afraid to face me in battle, so your woman lies to protect you.”


    “You are a gentleman, Henry,” Lawrence said dismissively. “Everyone knows it. You’d never bed a noblewoman – a virgin, no less – before marriage. You adhere to the chivalric code as though it were God’s Law.” 

    “It surprises me, my lord, that you know what chivalry is,” Henry bit. “Surely any man familiar with the practice would not rape or murder women.”

    Lawrence ignored the jab. “Your grace, may I speak?” he asked.

    William waved at him to indicate that he go on. He seemed intrigued by Lawrence’s words.

    “This is all false. Lord Henry is an honorable man. Too honorable, I think, to bed a noblewoman outside the confines of marriage.”

    “And yet dishonorable enough to lie to my sovereign?” Henry snarled, raising his icy gaze to meet Lawrence’s. 

    “No,” Lawrence said, holding up a finger. “I think he’s trapped in his woman’s lie. Or perhaps he orchestrated it because he is a coward. Have her examined – by someone other than Lady Elaine. Then we shall know for sure.”

    “Do you even want me?” Thomasin snapped.

    “No,” Lawrence said easily. “You’re either a whore or a liar. Possibly both.”

    Thomasin was about to pounce on him like a wild cat, but Henry dug his fingers into her thigh to keep her still.

    They’d be found out if she was examined. Henry had taken care to leave her intact; now his act of what he previously considered to be chivalry was now the perfect example of his foolishness.

    “I’m against humiliating young women by examining them,” William said. Thomasin and Henry both visibly relaxed. “However – I ask for any facts that might substantiate this claim and put Baron Lawrence at ease.”

    “She has a red mark on her side, just here, about the size of my palm,” Henry said, placing his hand on his ribs. “A port-wine stain.”

    “It’s true,” Thomasin said hurriedly. “I’ve always had it. You can ask Etheldreda – my maid – she’s seen it.”

    “That means nothing,” Lawrence said. “She easily could have told him about it to substantiate this ridiculous claim.”

    “Is there anything else you can offer in your defense?” William asked Thomasin.

    “Charlie!” she exclaimed. “Henry’s brother. And Roger, too. They know what happened. They’ll tell you.”

    Henry was furious again.

    William called out for Charlie, who was standing awkwardly near the doors. He’d entered quietly after Thomasin came rocketing through to watch the events unfold. 

    Charlie advanced until he was in front of the dais, Henry and Thomasin knelt on one side of him and Lawrence standing with arms crossed on the other. 

    Charlie bowed low. “Your grace.”

    Henry glared at him from the corner of his eye. He could only keep himself calm by vividly imagining knocking a few of Charlie’s teeth.

    “How may I be of service?” Charlie asked, folding his hands behind his back.

    “Lady Thomasin wishes to break her marital contract to Baron Lawrence on the grounds that she is not virtuous,” said the king. “The act happened the night before Baron Hammond’s attack. She said you would be able to substantiate her claim. So,” he said, releasing a deep breath, “tell us what you know of that night’s events.

    “I know that some of the men saw them together. Roger’s men in particular, I think,” Charlie said. “Lady Thomasin was bathing in the lake and Henry happened upon her.”

    “Did you see them behave inappropriately?”

    “No, your grace. But when I saw Henry in the morning and confronted him, he did not deny it,” Charlie replied. “I told him he could lose his head over it; he said that it was his head to lose. We spoke no more of it.” He thought to add something about Henry’s obvious affection for her which he had witnessed on many occasions, but that wouldn’t substantiate any claims about virginity.

    “Who saw them?” the king asked.

    “I do not know, your grace,” Charlie replied. “No one told me directly, either. I overheard some of the men talking.”

    You stupid slut! Thomasin screamed at herself. It was unseemly that she should be caught, but she supposed she ought to be happy about it now if it would save her. It would damn her too, though. She was a fallen woman now, married or not. She would never command the same respect she once had.

    The king waived Charlie away as a groom announced Baron Roger’s arrival. He looked serious but confident as he walked through the room towards the dais, footsteps echoing on the wooden floor.

    Roger bowed. “Your grace.”

    “Did you see Lady Thomasin behaving amorously with Lord Henry?” William asked. He was too agitated to thank Roger for coming on short notice.

    “No, I did not.” Roger’s voice was even and strong. He hadn’t told a lie since childhood, even to ease someone’s mind. The king trusted his word.

    “Did someone tell you what had happened?” William asked.

    “I don’t care for gossip, your grace.”

    “But did someone tell you?” Lawrence pressed.

    “Yes. My second’s squire saw Henry come upon Thomasin while she was bathing in the pond.”

    Why was he at the pond in the first place? Thomasin thought.

    As if he read her thoughts, Roger replied, “He was heartily punished for his ungentlemanly conduct, of course. He should not have been there at all.”

    He was watching me bathe?! Thomasin wanted to shriek. 

    Henry was fuming, too. Was it possible for a man to be any angrier than Henry was now? Had he reached his limit, or would he find more room for spite somewhere in his heart?

    “Did the squire see it happen?” Lawrence asked.

    “I’m afraid I didn’t ask, my lord,” Roger replied. He turned back to the king. “As I said, I’ve no interest in gossip, and even less in the sexual exploits of my brother-by-law.” Henry kept his face down but Thomasin thought she saw a smirk on his face. “I did see him behave familiarly with her.”

    “Familiarly?” Lawrence repeated.

    “He called her by her Christian name. She rode with him nearly every day, and they both looked forlorn when she did not. He kissed her in plain view of us all when she was injured.”

    “Do you believe he bedded her: Yes or no?” Lawrence growled. He was as red as a strawberry.

    “I did not ask, nor did I hear any solid evidence one way or another. All I can say with certainty is that Henry intended to marry Lady Thomasin the moment we arrived in London,” Roger said, a slight edge in his voice now. He addressed his king: “I fear I cannot give you the answer you seek, for which I am deeply sorry.”

    “Have her examined,” Lawrence said again.

    William held up his hand for silence. An infinite moment passed. Henry could feel his pulse in his throat. Thomasin was wavering enough that she might fall over.

    Finally, William heaved a heavy sigh. “Go. Bathe, change your clothes, confess your sins, whatever you like. You’ll be married in three hours’ time.”

    “Thank you, your grace. Thank you.” Thomasin was ready to collapse but instead she lifted herself enough to kiss the enormous ruby ring on William’s hand.

    “I am truly humbled by your graciousness and kindness, my king,” Henry said.

    William nodded, waving his hand dismissively. “Go.”

    Henry and Thomasin reached for each other’s hands at the same time and interlocked their fingers. Thomasin’s hand was shaking; Henry’s was as steady as ever.

    “Henry,” William called when they were about to pass through the doors. “We shall speak again later.”

    Henry bowed his head. “Your grace.”

    Neither of them cast a glance at Lawrence. They were both caught up thinking of Thomasin’s lie and how Henry would express his displeasure.

    Once they were well away from the throne room. Henry grabbed Thomasin by the arm and tugged her into an empty servants’ corridor. She hissed as his hand closed around the arrow wound in her arm.

    “What in God’s name is wrong with you?” he seethed. 

    “Henry –”

    “I told you to let me take care of this,” Henry snarled. “I do believe that is the only thing I’ve ever truly asked of you. But now you’ve made a coward and a liar of me and a whore of yourself. By God, what were you thinking?”

    Thomasin forced herself to remain silent. Henry needed to be angry before he could understand.

    “I lied to my king. It’s practically treason.”

    Charlie and Roger stood a few feet back, awkwardly watching the interaction. 

    “I am sorry I put you in that position,” Thomasin said. “But it’s done now. We have what we want.”

    “What we want?” Henry shook his head. His upper lip curled into a sneer. “You are many things, Thomasin, but I never took you for a fool.”

    She couldn’t remember the last time he’d called her by her proper name.

    “I’m not a fool,” she snapped. “It was the right thing to do. The smart thing. I’d been thinking of it for days, and even Charlie –”

    “Even Charlie?” Henry repeated. He turned slowly to his brother, his eyes cruel shards of ice. “You put her up to this?”

    “Henry –” Thomasin started.

    “I made a suggestion, yes,” Charlie said, arms crossed over his broad chest. 

    Henry was so angry that he couldn’t speak for a moment.

    “I think we ought to go,” Roger said, putting a hand on Charlie’s chest and starting to push him back.

    “Why would you tell her to do that?” Henry managed. His low voice was frightening; Thomasin would’ve been less worried if he were shouting.

    “For the same reason she thought to do it herself. To protect you, you fool.”

    Charlie had the greater temper, but Henry was far stronger. He could break someone’s bones without meaning to. Right now he did mean to.

    Roger kept pushing Charlie back and telling him to shut up; Thomasin tried to shove Henry away or pull him back by his clothes– something to keep him from attacking his brother. She might as well be a puppy pawing at a fire-breathing dragon for all the good it did. 

    She physically put herself between the brothers, thinking to block Henry and Charlie from each other. Henry swept her out of the way as easily as a cat batting a ball of string.

    “Just because you don’t think she’s worth the trouble –”

    “Of course, I do!” Charlie shouted. “She’s your wife now. She’s as much my sister as Nik’s and Piers’s wives. I’d give my life in defense of hers if need be, but I refuse to let you give yours for no reason because of your ridiculous ideas of chivalry!” Charlie finally shook Roger off of him. Henry had gone still but Thomasin kept a fistful of his tunic wrapped in her fingers. “You’re my elder brother, aye, but I’ve been the one looking after you for as long as I can remember. You’re clever and strong but any time there’s a pretty girl involved, you’re a child.” He stepped closer to his brother, curling his lip in a snarl. “Harden your heart and do what needs done.”

    It was what their father used to say.

    He shoved past them and stormed down the hall. Roger bowed slightly before following after him.

    Henry turned his icy glare at Thomasin. She didn’t like Charlie’s implication that Henry had loved others, but she knew better than to push it now. “You both think me weak,” Henry growled. “I won’t have my own wife undermining me. What in God’s name were you thinking?”

    She was furious. “I think that you are all that I have,” she hissed, voice low and menacing. “I think I have no place here without you. I beg you to forgive me, sir, for offending you by trying to protect the only thing that’s mine!” The anger fell away from Henry’s face and was replaced with shock. “Do excuse me.” She curtseyed and turned on her heels before Henry had the chance to express his feelings.

    It was the closest thing to a declaration of love that she’d ever given him.


    The pendant Henry commissioned wasn’t styled like the ones the Cavill women wore, but it was pretty nonetheless, and the crest was just as it should be: a knight’s helmet set above a calf, both surrounded with swirling plumes.

    Henry’s mother and sisters-by-law wore large, heavy, oval pendants – golden of course, like the Cavill men’s rings – with thin, delicately braided threads of pure gold along the border. 

    Thomasin’s resembled a gold coin. A well-made coin, certainly, but it was small and round, and the crest was difficult to make out.

    It was suspended on a silver chain. 

    The chain was a last-minute replacement that Roger secured in a complex trade three-way trade with an older baron and a young nobleman of little renown. Coins, jewels, knives, chess sets, and even a kitten changed hands. Roger arrived at the chapel feeling terribly pleased with himself, the proud new owner of a thin silver chain and an orange tabby cat, which he would take possession of the next morning.

    Henry had assumed Thomasin would wear the pendant on her gold chain where she wore his ring, but she broke it in the throne room. 

    Henry’s ring was back on the small finger of his left hand where it had lived ever since he reached manhood. Being without it had felt like being naked. He’d go to twist it when he was distracted or anxious; he was surprised every time when he realized nothing was there. It was comforting to have it back on his person, but it was also unsettling. If it was on his finger, it wasn’t with Thomasin – he wasn’t with Thomasin. But that would change in just a few minutes.

    He was at war with himself. Part of him was elated knowing that he was about to have all that he wanted; another part was anxious about the king’s vague declaration that he and Henry must speak again; another part of him was still furious at Thomasin for her actions. The final part of him and the largest by far was just tired – tired in a way that a good night’s sleep simply could not fix. And a newlywed man wasn’t likely to get much sleep anyway.

    Thomasin couldn’t keep still. She was nervous about being so close to Henry after what had just happened, but she supposed she would be close to him for the rest of her life. That didn’t mean she wanted to deal with him just now.

    What’s worse, the priest who took her confession a few days ago was the same priest to marry them. He looked at her like a disappointed father would. Thomasin imagined he was coming up with a list of punishments for her – some combination of Acts of Contrition, Pater Nosters, fasting, and maybe even beatings depending on the priest’s personal beliefs. What would he do if she threw herself on the floor and begged to be allowed to take the veil? He couldn’t very well deny her such a request and she’d already lost most of her dignity when she lied.

    Charlie looked angry as ever, arms crossed over his chest. Roger was simply uncomfortable in a room full of so much tension. Elaine was visibly anxious. Mercia was a bit confused.

    The only person who seemed truly pleased about the wedding was Queen Matilda. She had always admired Henry’s honor and charm, and she knew that he was deeply in love with his bride. William had not yet told her the events that transpired earlier in the day, but he was quite sure her opinion of Henry would fall. 

    Mercia sidled up next to Thomasin and held her hand. Batty’s magic must not have worked on her last night because she still seemed upset, though Mercia couldn’t imagine why. She was marrying Henry, not Lawrence. That was a good thing. Henry was smiley and kind, even if he was too silly to call Thomasin by her proper name.

    Furthermore, Lawrence seemed to have vanished altogether. None of the servants had even whispered his name in the hours leading up to the ceremony. Thomasin was too worried about Henry to be scared of the baron’s wrath, and Henry was too angry with Thomasin to spare a thought on the man.

    Thomasin passed the hours before her wedding with a bath. And then a second one. And then a third. The water was lukewarm and the pads of her fingers and toes were pale, itchy, and wrinkled but she didn’t care. Etheldreda nearly had to drag Thomasin out by her hair so they wouldn’t be late. There was no time to plait her hair or dab peppermint oil on her lips – not even to pinch her cheeks.

    Her clothes were lovely, of course – gifts from the queen that somehow fit Thomasin’s shape perfectly – but they seemed out of place on someone so frazzled. She was nearly running by the time she reached the chapter. She fell into a half-curtsey, half-stumble as she crossed herself in the doorway.

    Henry was waiting by the altar. She tried not to notice how handsome he was.

    Thomasin and Henry didn’t look at each other during the ceremony. They were too furious and embarrassed and elated to meet the other’s eye.

    At the end, Henry turned to face his new wife and slipped the chain over her head. She studied the pendant with sore eyes and a tight throat while Henry untangled the chain from her hair. It was loose across her shoulders and damp like it had been the first night he saw her in the hidden chamber. 

    Thomasin lifted the pendant and examined it. It was beautiful. How long had Henry had this? How early on did he have it commissioned? He really did love her, didn’t he? In that case, God save them both. “Thank you,” she said softly.

    “You’re welcome.”

    It was uncomfortable as all hell, but Roger still had the urge to applaud. Henry or Charlie might want to punch him for it, but he didn’t quite care.

    Mercia joined in straight away. “Yaaaay!” she cheered, slapping her hands together. “You married!” She wedged herself between the bride and groom and grabbed each of their hands after stuffing Batty under her arm. Henry’s hand was far too big for her to grasp, so she held on to his index and middle fingers instead. He stooped slightly so she could reach him comfortably.

    Kal, who was not allowed in the chapel, barked joyfully when his master emerged. He shook his tail with such excitement that his whole body moved.

    They only stayed in the grand hall long enough to fill their stomachs, though the bride only tore up a roll of bread out of anxiety, and the groom consumed just over half an apple tart. Spirits in the hall were high; the nobles wasted no time getting in their cups. Someone was talking to either Henry or Thomasin the entire time; they had no chance to speak to each other, which Thomasin was grateful for. She savored the few moments of relative peace she was given, gathering her strength for what was sure to be a long, loud argument what would end with Thomasin crying in a heap on her bed.

    She felt like she was being marched to the gallows when she and Henry stood and made for the door.

    People shouted encouragement for Henry and offered lewd suggestions about how he might best please his new wife; weddings guests always did so when it was time for the bride and groom to retire.

    Thomasin shot a nervous look at Elaine but the healer was laughing and cheering with the rest of them. Mercia had long since gone to sleep but Thomasin found herself wishing for the child’s interference. Thomasin knew she would have to leave with Henry sooner or later but she had every intention of dragging her feet about it.

    Henry held an arm around his wife as he guided her back to her chamber which they would now share. None of the revelers followed after, thank God. The last thing they needed was an audience of drunken nobles standing outside their door all night.

    Henry shut the door behind them and bolted it. Thomasin stood nervously in the center of the antechamber, fidgeting with her new pendant as she waited for her new husband to start shouting.

    Henry heaved a sigh. He slowly ambled over to Thomasin, his hands folded behind his back. He stopped when he was in front of her; she didn’t look up at him, even after he asked her to.

    “Why?” she growled. “So you can see how red my face gets when you chastise me?”

    Henry put his hand on her cheek, already flushed from emotions and anticipation of the fight to come. “No.” He tilted her head up and gave her a peck on the lips. “So I can kiss you.”

    Thomasin narrowed her eyes. She was determined not to let him distract her, but her knees were already shaking. “You’re not angry with me anymore?” she asked incredulously.

    Henry maintained his flirtatious look when he replied. “Thomasin, I’m furious.” She winced at the use of her full name. “I have every intention of expressing my anger, but I shall wait until tomorrow to do so.”

    “Why?” Making her wait just sounded cruel to Thomasin.

    “Because I don’t want to shout at my wife on our wedding night.” He smirked. “I’ve other activities in mind.”

    AUTHOR’S NOTE: The ending sucked but I just wanted to publish it. I’m in a bit of a pickle here. I want to write a fluffy, smutty wedding night but I’m having problems with my muse after Henry’s Instagram post. It’s just not fun to write about a real person when you know that person is miserable and probably dislikes people like you for being so obsessed with him. That being said, this is obviously a totally fake story set in a different time period so we’ll see how the next chapter shakes out

    ALSO we are nowhere near finished with this!

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    Movie Muses’ Tags (Part One)

    #good-hearted and wise-cracking formerly con-artist || nicholas wilde #courteous and respectful pie baker || gideon grey #intimidating and caring police chief of zootropolis || chief bogo #pompous and prideful mayor of zootropolis || leodore lionheart #independent and ambitious con-artist || finnick #persistent and courageous police officer || judith hopps #blissful and optimistic photographer || goofy goof #calm and cool skateboarder || max goof #serious and caring cyborg doberman || dynomutt #brave and selfless teenager || dorothy gale #courageous and caring king of the animals || lion #the guardian of hope || e. aster bunnymund #the guardian of fun || jack frost #the nightmare king || pitch black #open-souled and curious child || jamie bennett #the guardian of dreams || sanderson mansnoozie
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    wow! lesbiabs!

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    A commission for a kind patron of my work.

    Become one and get nudes, alts, videos, notes and much more @ patreon.com/firez

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    God that’s gay

    *Do not use he/him on this post. Aloe is a woman. Get over it*

    #the fact that I even have to tell people that aloe is a woman #do you have something against lesbians #what’s wrong cookie run tumblr? I thought you wanted pronouns to be respected #fuckin whiny ass bitches #anyway rant over✨ #comfort character tag #cyborg cookie#aloe cookie#cookie run#aloecy #comfort ship tag #lgbt
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    18.05.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #ninjago#ooc post #Sorcha is the new earth ninja following tragic events when they’re adults #Ryan ends up being the next master of song #Ryan: you loooove me #Sorcha: if I had a dollar for everytime you’ve been in trouble #Sorcha: I’d be able to afford a better car #siblings #ask the blind archer #ask the mun #cyborg!deityxcorruptedcole #grumpy zane #grumpy Zane verse
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  • vi-violetrose
    18.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    I blame @sparkytheflame35 for this one (original text by @ botanyshitposts )

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  • axelmedellin
    18.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Daily sketch 17 may 2021

    Violet Evergarden

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    18.05.2021 - 14 hours ago


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