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  • a plague among your bloodline

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  • Do vampires get vitamin D deficiency from lack of sunlight?

    Do vampires have to take vitamins?

    #vampire#vitamin#D #idk what im even doing anymore #very tired#vampyr
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  • i was tagged by @grrrrrr-argh ty!

    rules: tag 10 people you want to get to know better

    name: you can call me dory

    gender: female

    height: 1,60 m (according to google that’s 5′ 2 if that makes sense?)

    sexuality: straight

    favorite animal: i’m not really into animals as, like, pets. i love watching birds though

    average hours of sleep: 8-ish

    dog or cat: if i have to choose i’d say cat but as i said i’m not really an animal-loving person

    current time: 13:04

    dream job: writer? probably? that’s already like my side job lol

    when I made this blog: i think 2012

    why I made this blog: hm if i remember correctly it was @ailec-12 who convinced me that it was a good idea? or was that regarding fb??? my memory’s failing me guys

    reason for url: i used to have a different one that could somewhat be linked to me irl through an old twitter account i had back then so i wanted to change it to something that was personal but not recognisable? so it’s a pet name for an oc but with no vowels

    tagging @tinyarmedtrex  @semicolonsandsimiles @ailec-12 @maibelline @pynches @ivejardim @yale-reject @angry-neverland @parrishbrat@pumpkinpadparadscha @magicienetreveur

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  • sorcerers stone: 7/10 basic but good

    chamber of secrets: 8/10 plot was very good

    prisoner of  azkaban: 8/10 i know everyone loves this one but in retrospect i stand by 8

    goblet of fire: 9/10 really good aside from cutting most of barry jr story being cut

    order of the phoenix: 10/10 for the batter of the ministry alone 

    half blood prince: 10/10 -1 for cutting basically all of riddles history but still 10

    deathly hallows pt. one: 6/10 didnt go into any of the backstories of creature regulas or dumbeldore

    deathly hallows pt. two: 4/10 legitimate a different ending than the books huge let down


    #i’m actually so bitter i hate the last movie i’m so dissatisfied #d#hp
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  • lil heart in my coffee walnut cake <3 the bread pile is because my dad apparently needs to dry it out for fishing bait but it’s been on top of the fridge for weeks and it keeps getting bigger

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  • Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz

    I’m only doing this because I forgot how to write cursive

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  • kendimi room filmindeki cocuk gibi hissediyorum disari cikicam gunesten gozum acır diye korkuyorum bunye alisti odaya

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  • s e l f c a r e 🌿

    lot by @whyeverr

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  • Fájt mikor azt mondtad, hogy ha minden nap találkoznánk megőrülnél mellettem.❤️😔

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  • #free readings #free tarot readings #D#Leo
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  • “I decided on the spot that I would be an artist, and I assure you, it was no ordinary artist I had in mind.”.
    Do it your self design artwork accessory gifts for father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter now https://ift.tt/2srx7QF

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  • That’s what I’m here for. 

    #funny#memes#dank#dank memes#mediating#vwop#zwok #the doom patrol #the doom patrol fandom #the doom patrol memes #doom patrol #doom patrol fandom #doom patrol memes #dc#dc comics#negative man#d#helping#people #figuring stuff out #since #a long time ago #in a galaxy far far away #i guide others to a treasure i cannot possess #idk enjoy
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  • No one talk to me, I’m too busy thirsting over the Mandalorian’s Ahsoka 

    #i lie #still talk to me #but also know that I am a lesbian first human secon #d #they had no right making her so nice and sexy and amazing #the whispers behind the screen || ooc
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  • 🥺i either want my thumb in my mouth, Daddy’s thumb/finger(s)/d*ck in my mouth, or a lolli in my mouth 🥺 it’s just so comforting and soothing to suck on stuff

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  • I am Once Again mad about my familial background

    #d #my great grandparents on one side were stolen from their families and taught how to be ‘white’ #and then my grandpa on my other side refused to teach his kids his fathers language and culture just so they could blend in #THERES SO MUCH I COULDVE LEARNED AND ITS ALL BEEN TAKEN AWAY BY SHITTY WHITE PEOPLE AHHHHHH #vent #it’s so fucking sad and I feel stupid for being upset abt it #and it hurts too bc the people who are able to pass on their culture in my family are either estranged or dead #and the ones that died are dead bc hospitals are absolute shit to native people #I’m hella white passing so I feel awkward talking abt this stuff and how traumatizing it was growing up #as I get older it starts to hurt more because I realize that there’s so many little things that my family does that are missing context #that sentence doesn’t make sense but it makes sense to me because I’m!! panicking #I’m trying to be grateful that I haven’t been affected first hand by this generational trauma but like- I still see it all around me #none of this probably makes sense
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