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  • thanks dad

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  • Imagines le journaliste demande à toi et à ton mari Tom qui est le plus sévère avec vos enfants…

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  • he’s such a dad. i would die for this one (1) man.

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    • Dad: Hey Son, Why Don't Veterinarians Need to Measure The Weight Of Fish?
    • Son: I Think They Do Dad...
    • Dad: No They Don't, Cause Fish Got Their Own "Scales"!
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  • Today’s Daily Dad, Who’s Going In The Dad Zone, Is Monty Uno [Code Name Kids Next Door.] Mr. Uno May Be A Bit Bumbling, But He Understands That His Son Needs To Be With His Friends… As Long As He Spends Some Time With His Dear Old Dad Every So Often!

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    This one is for you Dad. I know it wasn’t easy. Thank you for all you sacrificed. Death took you too soon. You’re grandsons have grown to become quite the Gentlemen. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about all you have done for us while you were on this earth. I’ve traveled down your road and I’ve learned that I don’t have to die that way. That is something I wish I would of listen to you about while I was young, but somethings a man has to learn on his own, but you were right. I will always love you with all my heart.

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  • I don’t know where my romanticism comes from. My mom and dad would read to me a lot. ‘Treasure Island,’ 'Robinson Crusoe,’ tales of chivalry and knights, things like that. Those are the stories I loved growing up. By Daniel Radcliffe

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  • I really could use a hug from my dad right now.

    #he gives such good hugs #and his smell always gives me some sort of feeling everything is going to be okay #feeling of being home idk #me#dad
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  • Anon Request: Dad!Bangtan, kids are obsessed with BT21 characters

    Tags: Dad!Bangtan, BTS, BTS Drabble, Anon request, Anon ask, my asks, my requests, Bangtan, Bangtan Boys, Dad au, Husband au, BT21, kim seokjin x you, min yoongi x you, jung hoseok x you, kim namjoon x you, park jimin x you, kim taehyung x you, jeon jungkook x you

    Genre: Fluff

    Title: BT21 or Bust



    Originally posted by holy-jinsus

    “Daddy!” You looked up, pausing in reading the bedtime story, as your daughter yelled out excitedly at the sight of her father walking into the bedroom. 

    Jin had obviously just gotten back, his black mask still looped over his ears, draped beneath his chin, his clothes rumpled and worn from being on the plane for so long, his suitcase still in his hand. Dropping the bag at his feet, he offered you a tired smile, before crossing the room to your daughter, who was bouncing excitedly on her knees in the bed, hands outstretched toward him. 

    He kissed the top of her head, and even though his tone was fatigued, he hid it well for his daughter, his voice just as normal, excited to see her as he exclaimed, “There’s my girl. How are you, princess?” 

    Scooping your daughter into his arms, Jin nuzzled his nose into her neck, making her giggle as she squirmed to get away from the tickles, peppering kisses all over her cheeks and nose and face as she asked in excitement, “Daddy, daddy! You’re back! Did you bring me a present?!” 

    You rolled your eyes slightly, and he grinned at you over the top of her dark head of hair, as you shook your head slightly at him and returned the gesture. He was putty in her hands. Of course he had brought her a present from his trip. 

    “Of course I did, princess.” He said, settling her back down onto the bed, and as she scurried to dive back under her covers, he pointed at her, sternly saying, “But cover your eyes. And hold out your hands. No peaking!” 

    When she had done as he said, giggling slightly behind her fingers that were clenched haphazardly over her eyes, he crossed the room back to his suitcase and pulled out something, holding it behind his back as he came back over to your daughter, breath held in anticipation, as she held out her hands. 

    “Okay. Ready?” Jin asked, a slight smile crossing his full lips, as your daughter nodded enthusiastically. Reaching out, he placed the present in her hands, and as soon as it touched her fingers, she squealed, opening her eyes. 

    “Daddy! AN RJ! How did you know he’s my favorite??” Your daughter hugged the large stuffed alpaca to her chest and pressed kisses all over his furry head, as Jin glanced over at you, shooting you a slight grin and wink. 

    “I don’t know. Just a hunch.” He said, his tone filled with amusement, as he looked at first the RJ bedding covering his daughter’s bed, and then to the posters and knick knacks on every other empty surface of the room, all representing a certain alpaca. 

    Standing, you stretched, leaning over to give your daughter a kiss on the head as you said warningly, “Now, promise me, no playing with RJ tonight. Just go to sleep and you can play tomorrow, okay?” 

    Nodding, you followed Jin out of the room, shutting the door softly behind you. Turning to face him, he rubbed a hand across his face, the tiredness coming back across his face as you put your arms around his neck and leaned up to press a gentle kiss to his lips, as you said softly, “Hi.” 

    “Hi.” He smiled down at you, leaning down to kiss you again, a soft sigh escaping his lips at the contact. 

    “Did you bring me something too?” You asked cheekily, grinning up at him. 

    “What? Why?” He asked, slightly offended, as he teased you. “You live with the actual human representation of RJ. You have me. Kim Seokjin. The man himself. What else could you possibly need?!” 

    You laughed, and pulled him toward the bedroom, glad he was finally back home. 



    Originally posted by starrijmn

    Your husband came into the living room, throwing himself down on the couch, slouching into the thick cushions with a long sigh and a groan, as he leaned his head back, closing his eyes. 

    You glanced over at him from where you were playing with your toddler daughter on the floor, and smiled to yourself. He was so cute when he was tired. “Long day, baby?” 

    “Ugh. The longest.” He rolled his head to look at you, cracking his eyes open beneath his damp, newly showered hair, as he frowned slightly, his full lips pulling down, and whined out, “Hoseok had us practicing that new routine nonstop. He’s like a drill sergeant when he gets going. He never stops.” 

    Leaning forward, you kissed your daughter’s soft forehead, inhaling her scent for a moment, as she looked up at you, a smile so much like her father’s gracing her miniature features. Reaching for the remote, you turned the TV on, changing the channel until you found the cartoons, and pushed yourself up from the floor, crossing the room to sit beside Yoongi’s prostrate form lounging on the couch. 

    “Sorry, baby.” You sympathized, pushing his wet hair back off his forehead, as his dark eyes flickered over to you. You smiled at him, leaning over to press a kiss to his forehead, just like you had done moments before with your daughter. 

    “Ugh.” He groaned again, and you looked up to see him looking at the cartoon that was playing on the TV, as he said in disgust, “Baby. Why do you let her watch this? Its embarrassing.” 

    You watched the BT21 characters dance across the screen, complete with jaunty music, and then grinned at him, reaching out to stroke your fingers down the side of his face as you teased, “Ah, come on, baby. It’s cute. And she likes it. Look.” 

    You both looked over at your daughter, who was dancing along with the characters on the TV screen. 

    Sighing heavily, Yoongi pushed himself up from the couch and crossed the room to her, sitting down beside her cross legged. You leaned back on the couch, watching as he pulled his daughter into his lap, and as she laughed at her father, he looked down at her, affection clear in his eyes as he pointed at the TV screen and then asked her, “Which one is your favorite, mini? Hmmm? Which character?” 

    You grinned to yourself, as she looked between her father and the TV screen several times, and although her father looked relatively relaxed waiting for her answer, you knew he was tense, hoping she would pick the character that he had designed. 

    Finally, your daughter pointed a chubby finger at the TV and yelled out, grinning, her tiny teeth on display, “Cooky!” 

    The pink rabbit, who was indeed on the screen at that point, made her giggle, and you saw Yoongi glance over his shoulder at you, slight displeasure on his face. You shrugged, and he turned back to the program, guiding his daughter’s finger toward the other character as he said innocently, “Oh, I think you mean Shooky, mini. Don’t you like Shooky?” 

    You stifled a laugh behind your hand, when your daughter, shaking her head, stood up and pressed a hand against the TV, right over the pink, slightly tough looking bunny, and once again called out, “Cooky!” 

    Giving up, Yoongi retreated back to the couch and, burying his face in your chest in defeat, his arms going around your waist, grumbled out, “Betrayed by my own kid. Remind me to kill Jungkook next time I see him.” 

    “Okay.” You laughed out, a hand going up to stroke through his still damp locks, as he cuddled against you further, and your daughter continued to dance happily to the BT21 characters in the background. 



    Originally posted by bangtang-me

    “Okay.” You sat down next to the twins on the floor, using your husband’s legs as a back rest as you leaned against his shins, reaching for the box next to you as you said, “Wanna see what mommy bought?” 

    The boys, practically humming with excitement, nodded enthusiastically at you, and you smiled at them fondly, as you made a show of pulling the large box out of the bag, turning it around so they could see what was inside. 

    “BT21!” One of your sons screamed, grabbing for the box, as the other twin tried to wrestle it from his hands. There was a brief scuffle, and then they figured out how to open it, dumping the group of toys into the floor at their feet in a jumbled pile. 

    “Whoa, whoa. Take it easy. Don’t break them right out of the box.” You cautioned, holding out a hand to stop the boys from ripping into the figures immediately. 

    “I’ll admit, those are pretty cool. I hadn’t seen the new stuff.” Hobi leaned forward, his arms going around your neck, as he rested his chin on the top of your head, looking down at the characters on the floor. 

    “Okay.” You pointed to one of the twins. “You go first. Pick one. And then we can talk about it.” 

    Your son reached forward, his brother waiting impatiently for his turn, and picked out a figure, holding it up for you and Hobi to see. You felt Hobi grin his customary smile, his lips moving lightly against your hair, and then he asked, “You know this one! Who is it?” 

    “Koya!” The twin called out excitedly, holding the koala figurine aloft proudly. 
    “He’s a koala. And he’s Uncle Namjoon’s friend!” 

    “Good.”  You clapped your hands, letting your other son pick next. 

    He held up the smaller figure of Shooky, and looked at the cookie for a moment, biting his lip, his features so much like his father’s, before he said, “This is Shooky. He’s a cookie. And he’s Uncle Yoongi’s cookie.” 

    “What about this one?” Your other son couldn’t wait for his brother to be finished, holding up the action figure designed by his father, waving it excitedly in the air as he jumped to his feet. 

    You laughed, reaching up to cover one of Hobi’s hands with your own, as you said, a twinkle in your eye, “Oh. That’s a special one. It’s also mommy’s favorite!” 

    Hobi squeezed the arms that still lay around your shoulders in a gesture of hidden affection at your words, pressing a kiss to your temple, before he motioned to your son. He handed his father the figurine, and he twirled it around in his fingers, before he gave it back, saying calmly, but excitement bubbling behind his words, “Okay. Who’s that?” 

    “Mang.” Your son didn’t even hesitate, looking down at the horse figurine held in his small hand. “He’s a horse. And he’s daddy’s friend!” 

    “That’s right!” You clapped your hands again, laughing as you tilted your head back to look up at Hobi, who was grinning at his son proudly from over your head. 

    “But.” Your son spoke up again, looking up at the two of your quizzically, as he continued to palm the figure of Mang. “Why is daddy’s character a horse? Is it because Uncle Tae says he looks like one?” 

    Your mouth dropped open, and you reached up, stifling a laugh behind your hand as you heard Hobi huff in irritation and throw himself back against the couch behind you, as your son obliviously went back to playing with the other figurines on the floor with his brother. 

    “Baby.” You laughed, trying to control your amusement as you crawled up on the couch next to him, trying to get him to look at you, his arms folded crossly across his chest. “He didn’t mean it.” 

    “I know, I know.” He grumbled out, finally looking at you, his mouth drawn down in a dramatic frown, that spoke to the fact that he wasn’t actually upset, just being dramatic. “But my own son. Aiii. It’s too much.” 

    You laughed, now that you realized he wasn’t being serious and wasn’t actually hurt, and leaning forward to kiss him, said seriously, “Well. You know I think you’re hot. And about Taehyung.” You shot him a wicked grin, running a finger across his lips as you did so, lowering your voice slightly so the boys wouldn’t hear. “He doesn’t have sex with you on a daily basis, so his opinion is moot, and mine is law in this situation.” 

    He laughed his eyes growing bright again, and pulled you down on the couch beside him, kissing your head as he said softly, “You are so right. Thanks for the perspective, baby.” 



    Originally posted by kimnamjuniverse

    You heard a horrified shriek echo down the hallway, and then the sound of your daughters screaming at one another. Sighing heavily, you paused in folding laundry and pushed yourself up from the living room floor, making your way down the long hallway and to their shared bedroom at the end of it. 

    “Girls!” You yelled out over the din of their shrieking, standing in the doorway, hands on your hips, as you surveyed the fighting sisters. “Stop that this instant!” 

    “But mom!” Your older daughter yelled, still tugging at the doll held tightly in her younger sister’s unyielding hands. “She’s not allowed to play with the Koya doll! She’s going to ruin it!” 

    “Will not!” Your younger daughter yelled back at her sister, pulling the doll from her grasp once again, before sticking her tongue out at the other girl. 

    “That’s enough. I’ve had it with this argument.” You waved your hands at them, stomping into the room, finally out of patience. This fight had been going on all day, and you were done with it. “Give me the doll.” 

    You held out your hand toward your younger daughter, who with one last glare at her sister, put the BT21 action figure into your outstretched hand. Closing your fingers around the koala, you sighed, and pushed some hair back off your forehead, looking between the two girls sternly as you said seriously, “Now, you can have this back when you can learn to play nicely. Until then, play with the other dolls. And share. Or else those will be taken away too.” 

    Sighing, the sisters still slightly bristled at each other, the eldest nodded and then huffed out, “Okay, fine, mom.” 

    You left the room, the Koya doll still held in your hand, and upon reaching the kitchen, sighed once again, before placing the coveted action figure on top of the fridge where neither daughter could reach it. 

    Pulling out your phone, you listened for a moment, and satisfied that things were back to normal and they were playing happily again, you started to type out a quick text to your husband, who was still at the studio for the day. 

    “That damn koala of yours started another fight between the girls today. Please bring home another one before I lose my mind. I might actually have to call 119 if this keeps up.” 

    A rueful grin slipped across your lips at the words, and as you pressed send, you slipped your phone back into your pocket and returned to folding the laundry, the sounds of the now content girls echoing down the hallway. 



    Originally posted by jiminarmy


    You looked up from the book you were reading, sitting cross legged on the couch, at your husband’s call. 

    He was sitting on the floor, leaning over the baby, who was cooing and happily kicking on her back, lying on a blanket on the floor, as she waved her chubby fists at her father. He grinned down at her, seeming to have forgotten for a moment that he had called to you, and then glanced over, saying, “How much do you think babies actually understand?” 

    You shrugged slightly, and then said back nonchalantly, “I dunno, babe. Why?” 

    “Because with our genes, our daughter’s gotta be smarter than the average baby.” Jimin gushed, reaching out and letting your infant daughter cling to his finger as she babbled up at him. He smirked at you, and you laughed, as he said seriously, “But no. Seriously. Watch this.” 

    Setting your book aside, you watched as he reached behind him, pulling out one of the stuffed BT21 characters from behind his back, and holding it, dangling, in front of the wide eyes of the baby. She squealed happily and kicked her legs, reaching up for the toy, but he kept it slightly out of her grasp as he looked over at you and said, “Okay. Now watch.” 

    You nodded, telling him that you were still watching his ridiculous demonstration, your lips pulled back into the hints of a self serving smile, as you watched him cutely reach behind his back again and pull out another stuffy, his own character, Chimmy, this time around. 

    Jimin held the stuffies up in front of his daughter, her eyes darting back and forth between the characters, and then without hesitation, she reached up and grabbed the Chimmy stuffed animal from her father’s hands, the toy instantly going in her mouth as she began to chew on one of the stuffed dog’s ears. 

    He turned to you, his mouth forming his expression of surprise and wonder that you loved, his full lips pursed in the shape of an “o” as he pointed at your daughter, happily chewing on her prize, as he exclaimed excitedly, “See? She did it again! She always picks the Chimmy, no matter who else I hold up!” 

    You grinned at his excitment, offering him a polite smattering of applause as you said in amusement, “Good job, babe. She really is a genius.” 

    “Of course she is.” Jimin said, leaning back over the baby, as she looked up at him with sparkling eyes, causing him to smile down fondly at her. “She’s ours.” 



    Originally posted by kimthwriter

    Hearing giggling coming once again from your daughter, who sat at the kitchen table with her father, supposedly doing homework, you glanced up from your cooking, and asked in a good humored tone, raising an eyebrow at the duo, “I’m hearing an awful lot of giggling over there. Are you actually working on homework?” 

    “We are, mama!” Your daughter exclaimed, holding up her worksheet for you to see the neat rows of arithmetic scrawled across the page, as Tae shot you a grin from over her head. 

    “Okay.” You said, still not convinced, as you smiled to yourself, turning back to the stove, warmth in your chest as you listened to your husband try to explain a problem to your young daughter. 

    “All right. Let’s move on from math for a second, my brain needs a break.” Tae said, as he shuffled through your daughter’s worksheets, looking for something different to work on. “Ah ha!” He exclaimed triumphantly, holding up an art and shapes project. “Let’s do this.” 

    You glanced over your shoulder, pausing, once again in cooking, to watch them secretly, quietly for a moment. Your daughter’s dark head of hair, bent over the paper, her father next to her, the same look of intense concentration on his features as they read the instructions aloud. 

    “Read the description of each shape and draw it. That doesn’t seem too bad.” Tae said, as he sat back, and your daughter began to draw something on the paper in front of them. 

    It was silent for several moments, the scritching of the pencil the only sound in the room, and then you heard your husband ask, “Wait. What’s this?” 

    You left the stove and came to stand behind them, wiping your hands on your apron, before placing them on Tae’s shoulders and bending over to see what he was looking at. 

    “It’s a heart.” Your daughter said proudly, pointing to the shape she had drawn on the page. 

    “Honey, hearts don’t have all these extra things.” You said, slightly confused, as you pointed out the extras she had added around the traditional heart shape. 

    She looked up at you, clearly offended, and then to her father, before she said in annoyance, “Yes they do, mama. That’s Tata’s hands, and his eyes, and….” 

    You glanced down at Tae as she continued to point out the characteristics of her father’s character, and you watched as a boxy grin slid across his face the longer he listened, before he said proudly, “That makes sense to me. Tata is a heart.” 

    “Yes.” Your daughter nodded, sitting back in her chair, happy that someone finally understood. “And they asked me to draw a heart. So I did.” 



    Originally posted by roselstra

    Coming in through the door of your apartment, you laid your bag down on the kitchen table and kicked out of your tall heels, letting out a long sigh as you released your hair from its bun and unbuttoned the tight suit jacket you had been wearing all day. 

    Walking down the hallway, you saw light coming from the cracked door of your son’s room, and you smiled softly to yourself as you approached, the sounds of Jungkook’s muted voicing drifting down the hallway to your ears. 

    “Hey you two.” You said, as you pushed open the door open to the nursery. 

    “Oh, hey jagi!” Your husband looked up from where he was playing with your son on the floor, the baby lying on his stomach, lifting his head on a wobbly and still unsure neck. 

    “What’s our son wearing, Kook?” You asked, hiding your smile behind your hand, as you stepped into the room and glanced down at your son, who was dressed head to toe in a pink bunny suit, complete with hood and floppy ears. 

    “It’s a Cooky costume. Cute, huh?” Kook picked up the baby, standing, the infant held in his arms, careful to support his head, as he offered you his bunny smile, his eyes sparkling. 

    “It is pretty cute.” You laughed, reaching out to brush your fingers across your son’s tiny hand, before reaching up to push the hood, which had fallen over his eyes, away from his face. “It’s soft too.” 

    “Right?” Kook agreed proudly, bouncing the baby slightly in his arms, before he said, “He’s gonna be a great boxer someday. Just like his dad and just like Cooky. Just watch, huh little man?”

    The baby stared up at his father with large dark eyes, and after several moments, gave him a large, toothless smile as he cooed up at him. “Yeah, that’s right.” Kook thumbed the baby’s chin, and you grinned, as he began to bounce gently around the room on the balls of his feet, his son securely in his arms, as he mimicked the cheer of a crowd, “Cooky, Cooky, Cooky.” 

    You watched them for another moment, love warm in your chest, and then you said in amusement, “Okay, you two champions. Who wants to spend some time with mommy before bed?” 

    “We do!” Kook crossed the room to you, pressing a kiss to your lips, before he left the room, bouncing down the hallway, once again cheering quietly to himself, “Cooky, Cooky, Cooky!” as you followed, laughing, behind them. 

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  • This is actual footage of me if I was a dad LOL doing way too much!

    #dad #lol #getit #tiktok #lol

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  • „Yeah you held me so tight, now someone else can, but you were the first man that really loved me”

    Camila Cabello, First Man, Romance Album

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  • image

    Dads calling

    Hold your breath

    And try not to cry

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  • My dad: that expensive toilet paper must be clogging the plumbing. Throw it all away NOW!

    My mom: …tell him we can just use it as tissue and not flush it. How does he know? Did some come up downstairs?

    ..and my dad thinks he’s smart. 🙄

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