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  • so my dad and i are hangin out and he just breaks the silence with “what’s a trope”

    #mine#dad #uhhHHHH a... trend....? in media...?????
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  • You can tell your dad is pissed by how loudly he ruffles his papers

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  • Szálj, szálj sólyom szárnyán három hegyen túl, szálj, szálj, és vigyél ebből a pokolból….

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  • image

    This man. I cannot even explain to you how much this man means to me. Hes the best brother anyone could ever ask for and if theres anything good about me, or worth something, it’s because of this man. Hes been my brother, my dad, my friend, teacher and most important, hes just always been there. Hes my handsome, goofy, big hearted, big brother. My Superman. On some serious shit, I would do legitimately anything in the world for him. I’d take more than a bullet and even a life sentence.

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  • Mom has to roll out early this morning. Eggs, toast and sausage for breakfast!

    Twitter: @TheDadsManual
    YouTube: TheDadsManual
    Tumblr: TheDadsManual

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  • Dissapointment

    “They…rejected me cause they felt like I was too young.”

    Jay pouted, both of them were in their 20s. Though Jay was in his earlier years than his older hubby. If Xavier couldn’t make it into Hock Enterprises, he wouldn’t have stood a chance. Not that he had one anyway since he dropped out of college.

    “Now don’t say that…”

    “They did give me a suit though, as well as a pamphlet. They were told me that they will put in a recommendation on my next job.”

    Jay smiled, patting his love on the shoulder and gave him a kiss.

    “I’m proud of you…”

    Xavier opened the suitcase and grabbed ahold of the pamphlet in it. Turning to the first page, his eyes widened as his body autopilot to the spare guest room and shut the door.

    Jay felt that was strange, but maybe his husband just really wanted to get a head start in finding his next job, he always was the studious type.

    Speaking of which…look at this suit! You know, even though his husband did not get accepted, he still got a pretty fancy suit-

    Wear it on…

    Blinking, Jay felt the compulsion to strip down in the living room. Placing his clothes to the side as he grabbed a hold of the full outfit and placing on a table the attire. Picking it up, it was not merely just a suit, but the whole ensemble with accessories, and even a clean XL pair of clean underwear.

    Wear it.

    He immediately slid on the underwear to his crotch. Adjusting it as he felt powder being applied over on his member and behind. The XL briefs stuck on, as the man grabbed ahold of his package.


    Taking on an accented voice, Jay muttered as he began kneading his manhood. Letting out soft groans as he was completely focused on his tool. Kneading as the bulge certainly tented without hesitation.


    One hand still grabbing hold, the other reaching for those silky polished grey pants and began sliding up. Only this time, as a wave of testosterone flushed through his thighs, they doubled in size and muscle, which only had eased the process of bringing them upward, fitting perfectly like he had been wearing them for years.

    Of course, while he had been a househusband, he did study business alongside his hubby Xavier. Though he could recall being better in his course.

    But yes, that’s how they met. Nodding to himself, as he made sure to continue kneading his manhood that was beneath a zip. Bending downward, his freehand fished out for a clean pair of white socks and wore them on his feet.

    Giving gentle presses over the soles as they seemed a couple of sizes larger, but that must be because he was almost always in dress shoes. Maturing beyond his late thirties, like the more responsible man he is.

    Indeed, you are the head of the household.


    Speaking of which, contrary to asian tradition, he grabbed the pair of dark brown polished dress shoes from the table and wore them. The dull clunks to the floor vaporised any idea of being the cook in the house. Sure he stayed at home more often than not, but he was not the cook.

    Of course, he could recall a nagging voice informing him not to wear shoes in the house or he won’t get diner, but he reassured it that he always polishes them before entering.

    A man of his word.

    He had to always be in the right frame of mind, as he sat down on the chair. The computer screen in front of him instantly flicked on.

    Welcome, Mr Hock.

    His hands immediately typed away on the keyboard, on autopilot as the study table and the chair he was on seemed to be spinning, rearranging as the layout of the one storey house shifted to multiple. Rich furniture replacing the cheap as ornaments and oriental decorations layered the house wealthily with every press of the button.

    Yet despite all that, the man only seemed to be focused on his typing. Palms effortlessly typing away as slight wrinkles aged with hard work, trailing down forearms to biceps, ensuring the businessman kept his schedule regimen of keeping fit whilst being devoted to his job.

    “If only Xavi understands…”

    Glueing his buttocks to the chair, his boyfriend’s constant slacking only further increased his speed, both in typing and in the ‘disciplining’ of his manhood. Groaning angrily with every thought relating to the younger male.

    “So dishonourable…”

    Jaey Hock spoke, slightly accented due to his asian upbringing…but modernised to a fluent english. Slipping on his dress shirt, buttoning up swiftly as he had tons of work to be done. Clinging tight onto his skin as firm outline of his pectorals and six pack was displayed in the older male.

    Honestly, that was where his pride went. Straightening his back to a proud 6ft 2, the right height as his sleek study table adjusted to the Patriarch as his meaty thighs continued to sandwich his raging manhood, the fury with every type thickening the power surging within his nuts and 8 inches.

    He hated thinking about that young slacker Avin living in his home. Sure he raised him to be a manly man such as himself, but this is no way for a future manager of the family company to behave!

    Sliding on his blue and grey checkered tie with a KNOT! Wincing as a sharp pain jolted from his glued butt, sealing his cheeks from any homosexual practices as he was a married male! He was the man of the house!

    Almost done with his work, right hand finishing off the final clicks as he click ‘Send’. The mesmerising loading task bar sending intelligent spirals to the angry businessman, thinking about that younger male…the fury only made him wanna-


    A loud firm shout came from the early forties, putting on his grey suit jacket as a neat pocket square rested over on his left pec. Hair being spiked to the brim as thick, kissable lips definitely could not resist his oval shaped jawline.

    Lips for his wife of course.

    Married for over twenty years and raising his rebellious son the best they could, completing his ensemble was his expensive company watch. As he slid it on, he GRABBED and TUGGED his manhood, tension and testosterone sealing the final changes in seconds.

    Wedding ring polished to a glimmer as it reflected his new lifestyle and demeanour. With brows furrowing in a natural roughish style, the man narrowed his expectations to simple and high. All in the name of honour-!

    *Report fully sent*


    Mr Jeremy Hock yelled in an oriental bliss. Firing away his former self as new streams of hard work and discipline orientate themselves into his DNA. Built only for reproduction and productivity, like how he would always describe himself to his employees.

    “IZ LIT!”

    A loud youthful yell came from the room nearby. The 48 year old father immediately got up from his office chair, heading towards the source of that unkempt groan.


    Slamming open, door hitting the wall as what was revealed in the youthful, sport cologne scented room were tossed and turned sheets amidst sets of clothing, and in the middle was a shameful display of his 22 year old son.

    He had tasked his son to research, but all he did was fool around with himself and play video games! One hand a game controller, the other hand a playboy magazine for thirsty men who could not control their urges.


    His father had taught young, raised his son Vince to be an intelligent and honourable. He was so disappointed to see him turn into a ‘TakTik’ zoomer who keeps jerking off.

    He hates doing this to his grown up son, but.

    “Son, you’re grounded.”

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  • Goodday Class,

    This is your assignment.

    Kindly attempt and submit your answers in the comment section below.

    Please show all your workings.

    #examination (at Lagos, Nigeria)

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  • 【カナダ生活】モントリオールの住宅街がクリスマスモード!我が家もクリスマス仕様に! 国際結婚 | 海外育児 ■SHU_PAPA VLOG #108■

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  • Parents: Talk to us about anything!! We want you to trust us no matter what!

    Me: …Okie well, I’ve been feeling quite anxio-

    Parents: No, not that lol. You don’t actually feel that, yknow?

    #parents#mum#dad #they stress me tf out #like im SORRY #I forgot you know my feelings better than ME lol #invalidation
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  • My partner told me I look like the dad from inside out, I’ll take it. Cause I’d 100% let that guy turn me inside out.


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  • This is possibly one of the weirdest comics I’ve drawn in recent years, but it’s also the first one in which I experimented with a new means of creating that nighttime-shading look. So I’m still fond of it.

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