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  • I really miss passing my dad while driving down the road and him throwing his hand out of his truck or sticking his whole head out of the window to stick his tongue out at me

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  • No necesito sus lágrimas

    No me importan las promesas

    Estoy cansada de las mentiras

    Todo lo que necesito es que usted salga de mi vida

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    Who out there doesn’t sleep naked ..

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  • My dad keeps saying that once he’s sorted out the shed he wants to start playing video games but when I try to show him mine he just says that they’re too childish or that he won’t like them :/ I just want someone to play games with

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  • Me when my son gets in school 🤣🤣🤣 #lol #jokes #laughs #viral #share #thelevelupcrew #stayblessed #vibes #goodevening #tuesdayvibes #tuesday
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  • Casting fishing lines

    from a boat, shore or mid-stream

    my father’s idea

    of a happy quiet life

    with or without a great catch.


    D W Eldred

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  • He mentally supports my dreams but he doesn’t financially support itzche.

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  • What are you curious about these days? Ask anything and get honest answers.

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  • [Ugh I’m doing some more iambic pentameter practice. I used to love sonnets. That was before I knew about iambic pentameter, though.] 

    I told you not to go into those woods
    And yet I’m not surprised by this at all
    And here I weep robbed of my parenthood 
    And there you lay a victim of your fall

    Of course I sobbed, for hours ran fresh tears
    Your life so short, why did you have to go?
    Your grave my oldest, haunting, dreadful fear
    Your death- a curtain falls upon the show. 

    I’ll cry and say you’re in a better place
    But honestly I can’t believe that you
    Would go and never show your lovely face
    A world like that is just a broken view

    Goodbye, my dear, I hope that you enjoy
    I feel that I’ve wound up a hollow toy. 

    [God so I’m eighty percent sure that about half of these lines aren’t actually in iambic pentameter, but I guess I got some practice which is nice. I also have a newfound respect for Shakespeare.] 

    #shitty sonnets#sonnet#iambic pentameter #this is really fucking hard #twss#poem#poetry#parent#dead kid#kid#child#daughter#dad#repetition#shitty poems#but hey#its practice#death#dead #bridge to terabilthia #it reminded me of that #actually I dont think the poem was that bad #im kinda proud of it #woah #is this... confidence? #or at least something other than self-loathing?
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  • Das letzte Mal war ich so erschöpft von meinem Leben, als du von uns gegangen bist,wie ein Feigling. Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass mich das noch einmal einholen würde und du nach Jahren immernoch so viel Kontrolle über meine Gefühlswelt hast.

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  • they were right about you and they’re right about me ; *

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  • image

    Take a look at these amazing benefits to offer about the importance of having conversations with your children:

    • Kids learn conversation skills like how and when to talk versus listen
    • We reflect on our days, how we felt, and the choices we made
    • Conversation starters for kids opens up topics that otherwise wouldn’t be shared
    • All family members learn about one another
    • You’re able to celebrate successes and how to support and encourage one another
    • Kids value how others feel
    • You’re able to reinforce family values like kindness, respect, and perseverance
    • Kids build confidence and competence
    • You practice gratitude
    • You strengthen the family bond

    These questions will reveal so much about you and your family. They’re fun, insightful, and a fantastic way to get kids to open up.

    1. What was your favorite part of the day?
    2. Who did you play with at school?
    3. How were you kind to someone today?
    4. What are you proud of?
    5. What are you thankful for?
    6. What’s one good thing you’re really good at?
    7. Who’s the nicest person you know?
    8. Which family member do you love seeing the most?
    9. What are you looking forward to this [season/month/week]?
    10. How would you change the world when you grow up?
    11. What could our family do that would make the world better?
    12. What superpower would you like to have?
    13. If you could only keep one toy, which toy would it be?
    14. Pretend you could be the teacher: what rules would you have in the classroom?
    15. If you could be an animal, which one would you be?
    16. Would you rather [blank] or [blank]? (e.g. go to the pool or beach)
    17. If we spent time alone just you and me, what would you want to do (or where would you want to go)?
    18. Let’s say you could be any age, what age would you be?
    19. If you could be any cartoon character, who would you be?
    20. What does it mean to be a good friend?
    21. What do you think makes a family close?
    22. What makes you feel happy?
    23. How do you cheer yourself up when you feel sad?
    24. What’s your favorite book?
    25. What’s your favorite meal?
    26. What do you like best about our family?
    27. What’s your favorite thing to do as a family?
    28. What’s your favorite thing about [a family member]?
    29. What do you like best about school [or camp, swim class, etc]?
    30. What’s your favorite holiday of the year?
    31. What’s your favorite room in our home?

    remember, there isn’t a “right” answer, no matter how whimsical theirs might be. It’s perfectly fine for your child to say she would love to be a unicorn or fly to the clouds to cheer herself up.

    Above all, apply these questions to learn, grow, and bond with your child—whether over nightly dinners or even waiting in line at the grocery store.

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  • Grude do pai. ♥

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  • É a carinha do pai. 03/06/2020 ♥

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  • I just had a moment of remembering all the times my dad was always there at my moms house EVERY Christmas despite their separation, he didn’t want to miss us opening the presents even when we weren’t kids anymore. His joy was seeing us open our gifts. I miss my pops.

    Some days hits harder than others.

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  • 7.13.2020, 8:41pm

    Yesterday night I told my dad that I had been feeling depressed lately and that I was feeling especially anxious about my future, and that something he’d made me watch with him (Jenny Slate’s Netflix stand-up special tbh) had made me feel even sadder. The only reason I had told him this (bc normally I don’t talk to anyone about my problems) is because he was being pissy because he just thought I was mad at him for no reason. Instead of being understanding or comforting, he just gets even more mad when I tell him I’d rather be alone for the evening because I need some alone time (my mind was a mess and I couldn’t really deal with anything in that moment), but he still makes me stay in the living room and watch TV with him (a common occurrence. I’m not sure why he can’t let me do my own thing. I understand I live in his house, but I’m an adult). Anyway, he falls asleep so I go to bed. I wake up just as depressed as I had been, if not more honestly. I clean the house while he’s asleep and then return to my room, staying in there alone (crying in silence). I hear him get up and do his own thing. He doesn’t check on me, which I’m used to, so it doesn’t bother me and I guess I like it because it means he won’t be mad at me. When he finally comes to talk to me, he asks if I want to go pick him up some food. I say something along the lines of “if you want me to,” but as I was upset and had been crying, my voice sounds quiet. Instead of asking what’s wrong or anything, he gets mad and storms off. This sets me off even more and I can physically feel myself fall further into my depression. Thank God my manager texted me and asked me to come into work almost immediately after this happened. I agree, hoping that getting out of the house will make me feel better. I tell my dad I’m leaving and he’s still being short with me, so I just leave. Work wasn’t a good distraction and I was still feeling horrible. Before I left work I texted him and asked if he still wanted me to pick him up food. He said, “I don’t care. Whatever you want.” Which means he’s still pissed. When I got off, I cried all the way home and sat in our driveway crying for probably 45 minutes. When I finally came inside, I stood in silence at our doorway for another ten minutes. At that point my dad finally came out of his room and saw me, so I pretended I had just gotten home. He didn’t say a single to me, so I knew he was still mad at me (for some unknown reason. If I’m missing it, please tell me.). I go back to sitting in my room, trying not to cry. He comes by my door and pointedly tells me to remember to take out the trash then goes back in his room. I do so, but stop by his room to ask if some blinds that were in a box were trash. He says “The blinds in front of the trash can?” I say “The ones on the floor in the kitchen” as they were not in front of the trash can. He proceeds to raise his voice, repeating numerous times “THE BLINDS IN FRONT OF THE TRASH CAN? ARE THE BLINDS IN FRONT OF THE TRASH CAN TRASH?” and I get tired of it, so I just mumbled “Okay, so yes,” and leave. After taking out the trash, I’ve just been sitting in my dark room in silence. He comes out of his room, tells me to take care of our pets, and then asks if I’m going to eat some leftovers that we had in the fridge. I say “you can have them all,” implying that no, I was not going to eat them. In an angry tone, he says “That’s not what I asked,” and throws them back in the fridge. I haven’t been hungry today and probably won’t eat. Since then I’ve (say it with me now) just been sitting in my dark, silent room, crying to myself. I’m basically just sitting around, waiting for it to be an acceptable time for me to try to go to sleep. I only decided to type this out because I have nothing else to do and it’s as close to a distraction as I’m gonna get.

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