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    Writing is hard. Writing chapters is hard. I have no shortage of ideas or material but making it fit for human consumption is difficult. But in case anyone cares I am still working on my WIPs it’s just very slow going and the holidays are definitely not helping.

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    30.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Succession Chapter 24 (Karl Heisenberg/female reader) Resident Evil Village fanfic

    Title: Succession Chapter 24

    Characters: Karl Heisenberg, female reader

    Rating: NC-17 for sex and language (primal kink, knife kink, sexy hide and seek, cat-and-mouse, fingering, P in V, creampie, unprotected sex *wrap it up, kids*)

    Summary: you discover a long lost relative has died and made you his sole beneficiary  While flying to collect your inheritance, you crash in a village in Romania.

    Author’s Note: I do not own the characters from Resident Evil Village.  This is a work of fiction.  Anything remotely similar to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

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    Chapter 24

    “I am so bored!!” you proclaimed as you let your book fall shut.

    Heisenberg lifted his gaze and turned his head to look back at you.  He was bent over a body lying on one of the steel lab tables, his focus on breaking open its ribcage in order to remove the heart.  You didn’t ask Heisenberg for specifics with his autopsies and experiments...the less you knew, the better.  The mere thought of the morning you sat in Moreau’s laboratory as he worked on the body that eventually rose up and tried to kill you still made you shudder.

    “You are, huh? Wanna help me?  You can always wrap up the body’s organs and dispose of them...or be my personal assistant and hold open the chest cavity as I install the controls,” he offered with a hint of humor in his voice.

    You scrunched your nose, your face showing your disgust.  “No, thank you,” you groaned, standing to your feet.  You removed your long sleeved shirt and tossed it on the table, a black halter top underneath.  You also wore a pair of jeans with your favorite pair of shoes. Heisenberg’s focus went back to the body as you lifted your hands in the air.  You reached towards the ceiling, going up to your tiptoes.   Moving your body to the right and to the left, you breathed deeply through the stretches, letting your head roll from side to side, relieving the muscles in your neck.

    Heisenberg had been working hard in his lab for almost six hours.  Once you two finished eating lunch, he left you in his quarters to read and nap.  You also busied yourself with cleaning his shower and bathtub as well as sweeping the floor.  When that was done, you grabbed your book and walked around the factory, looking for a warm place.  There was a table and chair next to a steel walkway overlooking a vat of hot liquid.  It glowed orange and red as if you were watching lava inside a volcano.  It proved to be a nice place to keep warm and listen to the churning of the large steel machines as you read.  After a few hours, you got up and continued to walk down corridors, down flights of stairs, and eventually found yourself in Heisenberg’s lab.  He greeted you with a swift peck on the lips before you sat across the room from him.

    He didn’t mind your presence.  When you were around, even if you were reading and he was wrist deep in viscera, he was happy.  He looked over at you lost in your story and smiled.  As you turned page after page, he worked on his soldats, jotted notes in his papers, and made audio recordings of his findings.  You smiled and chuckled to yourself whenever something went right or he reached a breakthrough.  His recordings must have been littered with spurts of chaotic laughter when he felt accomplished or riddled with curses when something fell flat.  It made you giddy; everything he did made you fall more and more in love with him.

    “Are you done yet?” you asked once you finished stretching, coming up behind him and wrapping your arms around his waist, “let’s do something…”

    Heisenberg huffed as he pulled his latex gloved hands out of the body’s sternum.  “You whine like a brat sometimes, you know that?” he muttered.

    You smirked, stepped back, and stomped your foot, further proving his observation.  “Karl…” you whined with extra emphasis, “I’m bored!  I’m bored, Karl, please play with me…”

    He froze in place for several seconds before slowly lifting his head.  You felt the electricity in his body; it was palpable.  You didn’t know if you hit a nerve or excited him.  You took a step back as he slowly turned around, pulling his latex gloves off one by one.  He dropped them onto the small table next to him and went for his black leather gloves, pulling them on.

    “You want to play, do you?” Heisenberg asked.  It made your heart skip a beat when you saw his mouth curve into a dark smile.  His sunglasses shielded his eyes and you were unable to see the primal and dangerous look he was giving you.  You took another step backwards as he took another step forward.  “Well then, pussycat...what do you say we play a game of hide and seek…”

    You inhaled in surprise when you felt your ass hit the table you had just been sitting at, the piece of furniture stopping your retreat.  Heisenberg continued to smile as he stepped in front of you.  “Hide and seek?” you asked, your voice meek and squeaky.

    He laughed as his gloved hands went to your arms, squeezing gently before sliding up to your shoulders.  “Yes,” he answered, his hands moving along your shoulders and coming to a stop at your neck.  His fingers wrapped around your neck as his thumbs caressed back and forth along your jaw.  You visibly shivered as you gripped the edge of the table.  His body tilted over you, his hips pressing to yours, his erection evident in his trousers.  “I will give you ten minutes to hide somewhere in this factory.  After that time, I will come find you...and when I find you...I will fuck you…”

    A heavy rush of air slid from your throat as his fingers slightly tightened around your neck.  You moaned softly as you pushed your groin against his.  He already had you so desperate for his cock...how were you supposed to keep your wits about you and find a place to hide in such a small amount of time?  This arousing and dirty cat-and-mouse game he concocted made your pulse race so fast that you knew he could feel it on either side of your neck.

    “So what do you say, my love?  Are you in or are you out?”

    Your tongue slid along your lips and you smiled.  “I’m in…”

    “Good…” he chuckled.  He released your neck, his lips hovering over yours, and whispered one word: “...run.”


    You bolted down the hallway and up the nearest set of stairs, an excited smile on your face.  In the last three weeks, you felt like you learned and discovered most of the factory.  There were so many twists and turns in the place.  Most of the rooms were vacant with dusty tables and chairs.  The possibilities of finding a terrific hiding spot were endless.

    “Run, run, little pussycat…”

    You gasped when you heard Heisenberg’s disembodied voice sounding from overhead.  You looked up at the corner of the hallway and found one of the stereo horns.  How was he able to go over the PA system when he was down in the bottom floor, you thought, but then remembered that his electromagnetic ability allowed him to tap into the PA system from wherever he was in the factory.  His deep voice flowed as you stopped to listen.

    “You have eight minutes until I come looking for you, Y/N.  Do you think you can find somewhere to hide in that amount of time?”

    You smirked and turned to rush to the nearest door, opening it wide.  The room was dark but bare with no place for you to hide.  Shutting the door, you ran around the corner and down another corridor.

    “I can practically smell your delectable little cunt.  Oh, what should I do first once I’ve found you?  I have a few ideas brewing in my perverted mind…”

    A soft moan rushed from your mouth as you entered a large office and circled towards the back of a metal desk.  You thought of crouching underneath, but a decomposing rat lay on the floor.  Pushing that idea aside, you darted out the room and across the hall.  Room after room showed nothing in terms of good hiding places.

    “I can see it now...shoving you face first against the wall...ripping your panties clean off your body...and getting on my knees to eat that delicious pussy from behind…”

    You pressed your lips together and felt your clit pulse at the thought of Heisenberg eating you out from behind.  His tongue made you insane by the time he was finished performing cunnilingus.  And that in addition to his fingers shoving in and out of your opening made you cum in record time.  He continued to speak as you ran up another set of stairs.

    “Or perhaps throwing you over my shoulder, taking you back to my lab, and placing you onto one of my lab tables.  I could fasten your wrists and ankles down and overstimulate that sweet body...making you cum again and again, countless times until you are begging me to stop.  Or not allowing you to cum at all!  I’ll tease you, keep you right on the very edge...and not let you cum.  I’ll spend hours edging you, watching as tears slide down your face and you beg me for release… Maybe that will teach you to not disrupt me while I’m working...you naughty, naughty little pussycat…”

    “God dammit, Karl,” you moaned as you entered a large room.  Chains hung from overhead.  Boxes and crates were stacked along the far wall.  A long table with a tan tarp hung over the sides, the edges of the tarp touching the floor.  A perfect hiding place.  You lifted the tarp and looked underneath.  Apart from some dust and dirt, it was clean.  You climbed underneath and waited.

    “Your ten minutes are up, doll face,” Heisenberg’s voice echoed through the speakers, “ready or not, here I come…”

    You curled up on your knees and elbows under the table and listened for Heisenberg’s footsteps to come down the hallway.  Giddiness churned in your belly.  You felt like you were 8 years old again, playing hide and seek with the neighborhood kids.  Of course, this game held more erotic consequences than simply being tagged out.

    Fifteen minutes passed before you heard the steady beat of work boots walking down the hallway.  You pressed your hands over your mouth, your excitement and nerves increasing.  Your heartbeat pumped in your chest as you heard his feet stop periodically to look down walkways and into other rooms.  His steps continued closer until he crossed the threshold into your hiding room.

    You held your breath, staying absolutely still as he moved around the area.  The tarp was heavy and you were unable to see through it.  With only your sense of hearing, you struggled to place exactly where he was in the room.  You could hear him approaching the table and moving towards the left of it.  Oh no, you thought determinedly, I’m not getting caught this easily.  

    As quietly as you could, you slid to the right and began slipping out the other side of the table.  You moved slowly in case the tarp made any noise.  Little by little, you made it out the other side, gently lowering the covering to the floor.  Just as everything went still, you heard Heisenberg lift the other side of the tarp, looking underneath.  He let out a disgruntled humph.

    As you sat on your knees and elbows, straining to hear his next move, you looked over at the open doorway.  The thought of escape crossed your mind.  If you ran fast enough, you could exit the room, escape down the hall and turn this hide and seek game into a game of chase.

    Before you could move, Heisenberg’s arms wrapped around your body.  You let out a shrill scream as he pulled you off the floor and held you tight to him.  His hot breath was in your ear as he grunted and chuckled.

    “Found you…” he purred.

    You let out a gleeful laugh as Heisenberg whirled you around in his arms.  Without much effort, he lifted you off your feet and set your ass down on the table.  His mouth closed over yours with a growl.

    Knocking his hat off his head, you ran your fingers through his graying hair.  Your mind went hazy at the feel of his tongue shoving into your mouth.  His arms pulled your body close to his as your legs wrapped around his waist.

    His lips kissed along your cheek and stopped at your ear.  A low, dangerous growl settled in his throat and had goosebumps rising on every inch of your skin.  “Oh, what am I going to do with you?” he asked gruffly, his lips closing over the flesh at your neck.  You tossed your head back and moaned loudly, wrapping your arms around his shoulders.  He continued sucking on your neck, his gloved hands moving up and down your back, coming to rest on your ass.  His hands gripped you and hauled you against him, his hard cock straining against his zipper.

    “Karl…” you whimpered as you pushed his trench coat off his shoulders.  He let it fall to the floor and pressed his hands back on your ass.  His mouth was still on your neck, sucking and biting hard.  It was evident that he wanted to mark you.  Every time you looked in the mirror, you would see the bruise he was determined to leave on your skin.  You knew he was claiming you, making sure you knew just who you belonged to.

    “Hold on tight,” he growled as he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you away from the table.  Your arms and legs held tight to his body as he walked towards a darkened area in the room.

    “What are you…” you started to ask as Heisenberg pulled your arms away and lifted them straight up in the air.  Cold metal snapped around each wrist and you let out a surprised shriek.  You looked up to see one of the chains was hanging overhead...and on the end of the chain, wrapped around your wrists, were a pair of metal restraints.  

    “Unwrap your legs.  Put your feet to the floor,” he instructed.  He held you firmly to him, not letting you go, as you placed one foot after the other on the floor.  You were able to stand on the balls of your feet.  “Do the cuffs hurt your wrists?” he asked, “are you comfortable hanging from them?”

    You swallowed hard and nodded your head.  “Yes,” you moaned.  He smiled and removed his sunglasses, securing them on the top button of his shirt.

    “Good,” he said, his right hand cupping your chin, “I told you what I was going to do when I found you.  You’re mine to do with what I want...understand?”

    You bit your lower lip as your heartbeat surged in your chest.  “Yes, sir,” you answered.

    “Good girl.  But you know at any moment if it is too much, you tell me and we will stop.  If the cuffs hurt, if what I’m doing hurts...tell me…”

    His face hovered inches from yours as you looked up into his intense gaze.  You smiled up at him.  He returned the smile, released your chin, and extended his hand towards the right side of the room.  It happened so fast that you only witnessed it from your peripheral vision.  A metal box cutter flew through the air and into the waiting grip of Heisenberg.  He lifted it towards your face and you watched as he pushed the button upwards, the sharp edge becoming visible.  Your eyes never left his face as he slowly cut the straps from your halter top.  The fabric fell around your waist, showing Heisenberg your breasts.

    He dropped the box cutter to the ground, leaning forward and pressing deep kisses along each breast, his tongue flicking each nipple.  You tilted your head back and whimpered as he moved to his knees in front of you.  He removed your shoes, socks, and jeans, leaving you in only your panties.

    “God damn, pussycat,” Heisenberg murmured as he looked up your body.  Seeing you suspended from the cuffs, barely able to stand on the balls of your feet… “You have no idea what you are in for…”

    He lifted your right leg and placed your thigh on his shoulder.  His gloved hands moved up each outer thigh as he slowly kissed up your inner thigh.

    “Karl…” you whimpered, your body swaying back and forth.

    His tongue thoroughly licked your flesh, his beard rough and his lips soft.  His mouth moved to your panties over your soaked pussy.  Taking a deep inhale, he groaned under his breath.  “You smell like pure fucking sin…” he marveled, his tongue darting out to lick you over your panties.

    Your hips had a mind of their own, relentlessly pushing against his face, wanting more and more of his tongue.  His hands went to your ass cheeks and squeezed hard.  He teased and tormented you with his mouth.  Your fingers gripped the chain and held on tight.

    “Please, Karl...take my panties off...I want your tongue inside of me…” you pleaded as you looked down at him.  His gaze locked on to yours as his tongue swirled over your panties.  He was loving every single second of teasing you.  A strangled whimper escaped your mouth as he suddenly pulled his tongue from you and stood to his feet.  You stomped your foot impatiently and Heisenberg laughed at your little tantrum.

    “Such a brat,” he said, walking around your body, pressing up closely behind you.  You tried to turn towards him, but his hands kept you still.  He moved his right hand to your stomach, keeping his left hand on your hip.  Painfully, torturously slowly, Heisenberg moved his right hand downwards and pushed it down the front of your panties.

    “Fuck, Karl…” you cried out feeling his leather fingers sliding over your clit.  His left hand shot up to the back of your head and gripped your hair, holding your head firmly in place.  Your eyes widened as he growled in your ear.

    “Don’t tell me that this doesn’t drive you crazy,” he muttered, circling his fingers again and again, “you love it when I rub your clit.  You cum every time I rub this sensitive little spot…”  You released an anguished moan as you tried to buck against his hand.  He watched your body wriggle and writhe, his cock so rock hard, he thought he would cum simply from watching you.  “How badly do you want me, pussycat?  Tell me…”

    He kept his grip in your hair; you were unable to turn your head let alone your body.  You wanted to look up into his eyes and beg and plead for him.  Whatever he wanted, you would give it to him if he would just let you cum.  He was keeping the filthy promises he had said over the PA system.

    “I want you so badly, Karl...please fuck me...I want to cum on your cock...I’ll do whatever you want…”

    He laughed as he pulled his hand from your panties.  “Bad, bad girl…” he marveled, taking his hand and pressing his gloved fingers to your lips.  “Lick yourself off...then I’ll consider fucking you…”  Your fiery gaze stayed on his as you opened your mouth.  Heisenberg watched your tongue swirl around, cleaning his fingers.  His cock throbbed in his trousers as he watched you.  “God damn…” he moaned, pulling his fingers away from you.  He took a step back, never taking his eyes off you.  He pulled the sunglasses off his shirt as well as the items around his neck.  Letting them drop to the floor, he unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall down his arms.  His undershirt was next until his naked torso was on display...his eyes never leaving yours the entire time.

    Heisenberg took a step towards you as he pulled off his belt, casting it aside.  Both his hands went to your thighs and pulled your legs around his waist.  The second your skin connected with his, your body was on autopilot.  You with your panties and Heisenberg with his trousers...the two of you began grinding like a couple of horny teenagers.  The two of you craved movement, friction...anything to prolong the incredible feeling.

    You gripped the chains and gyrated against him, your legs holding him tight to you.  Heisenberg growled and groaned against your lips, his fingers sinking deep into your ass cheeks.  “Y/N…” he mumbled, “how the fuck do you do this to me?  I’m strong, powerful, immortal...a fucking god...but only you can bring me to my fucking knees.”

    Tears stung your eyes as you held his gaze.  “Karl...I love you…” you whimpered, “...all I want is you.  There’s nothing you could do to make me want you any more or less than I already do…”

    Unable to control himself longer, he tore your panties completely off your body.  You released a satisfied cry as he fumbled with his zipper, shoving his pants down enough to free his cock.  Using your legs around his body as leverage, you lifted up and over his dick, Heisenberg’s hand pushing himself inside of you.

    The two of you shouted and yelled as you bounced on his cock.  He buried his face between your breasts as he licked the beads of sweat sliding down your skin.

    “Fuck me!  Oh god, Karl, fuck me harder!  Harder...oh fuck!!!” you shouted as you tossed your head back.  Heisenberg’s hands were splayed over your back, holding you close.  Your sweat mixed with his as you continued to shout and moan in ecstasy.

    “Your pussy is amazing...so fucking tight...you clench around me like a fucking vise…” he growled, pressing his mouth to yours.  Your tongue circled with his.  He pulled back just enough to nibble your lower lip with his teeth.  “Cum on my cock, Y/N…” he commanded as his hips slapped against yours.  

    “Karl...Karl...oh fuck, Karl….please don’t stop…” you squealed.  Heisenberg’s left arm held you tight as he moved his right hand between your bodies, his thumb finding your swollen clit.  He licked and kissed along your neck as he barreled his prick into you, pressing and rubbing your clit wildly.

    “KARL!!!” you screamed as your eyes rolled into the back of your head.  Your climax shook you violently as your cunt milked him.

    “OH FUCK, Y/N...FUCK!!!” he roared, his arms squeezing you tight.  He came hard as his lips fastened to the flesh of your neck, shouting loudly.  Your body trembled against him, your legs weak.

    With the flick of his fingers, your cuffs unfastened and you fell against him, your arms hanging weightless over his shoulders.  “I’ve got you,” he said reassuringly.  As he walked towards a metal chair, he squatted down and retrieved his trenchcoat, still holding you effortlessly.  He sat in the chair with you straddling his lap.  You shivered and nuzzled against him as he took his coat and wrapped it around you.  “It’s okay…” he continued, circling his arms around you, holding you close, and rubbing his hands up and down your back as you came down from your orgasm.

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    God is punishing me for every time I laughed at people with preference for older men

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    sup’ buttercup? 🔧⚙️🔩

    plz he came out so handsome-

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    "Time to test this baby out!" Testing some Karl Heisenberg's sketching skills. What does he do when he's not being a mad scientist? What do you think is his daily life?

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    “you know, I much prefer live bodies on my table, buttercup. would you volunteer?“

    yet another sketch of the metal husband! i can never get enough of him 🥰

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  • karlskitten
    19.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Lazy Days

    It wasn’t very often that Karl would stay late in bed with you, but after a long night deep in the factory he was wiped. You were able to convince him to stay with you and rest for once, but JUST this once.

    He had cleaned up and crawled into bed, laying down with a loud sigh and pulled you close to lay your head on his chest. You both quickly drifted to sleep catching a few hours of much needed rest and comfort. 

    Late morning comes and you’re both in a sleepy haze, not quite asleep, but not quite wanting to get up and join the living. Both just enjoying the distant sounds of the factory below and the warmth of each others bodies. Karl was a bit more awake than you, used to waking up much earlier. You feel him very gently trailing his rough finger tips up and down your thighs and back. His soft touch sends tingles up your spine in the best way. You sigh and hold him tighter, and that’s when you feel him lift the leg you have draped over his own a little higher, slowly rubbing his achingly hard cock against you until he easily slips inside your dripping core.

    It catches you by surprise and you inhale sharply, he just chuckles and coos at you to relax and let him take care of you while he maneuvers your body on top of him. You keep your head laying on his chest, his hands moving down your body to grab your ass cheeks and steadily started pulling you up and down on his cock.

    “Mmm, Karl....” you quietly whined. “I know Buttercup, let it all out, let me know how good I feel inside you” his voice low and husky in your ear. 

    He continues his leisurely thrusts up into you, holding you close and trying to drag out every sound he can from that beautiful mouth of yours. Telling you what a good girl you’re being for him, taking his cock so well, how you’re so nice and wet just for him. 

    You can feel your orgasm growing closer, but his pace just isn’t enough to get you over the edge. You start grinding on him, trying to meet his thrusts, trying to get him to move just a bit faster. “Aww my little kitty getting impatient?” he laughs and nuzzles his nose in your hair. “Wanna...need to...” is all you can pant out, too focused on your growing pleasure. So close to being pushed over that edge.

    “That’s right Kitten, go on, cum for me. Cum for me!” he growls out. You didn’t need to be told twice, those words were all you needed for your orgasm to finally hit you. Karl wasn’t far behind, moving his arms to wrap around your back, thrusting wildly to push you both through your releases.

    Laying there together panting, you both took a minute for your hearts to calm again, just enjoying the after glow. Karl keeps one arm on your back bringing the other up to pet your hair and move it from your face. You stay like that, with him still inside you, just listening to each other breathing softly and feeling the closeness of total skin to skin contact. It’s the most calm and relaxed Karl has felt in a long time and he’s not so eager for it to end. He kisses your forehead and closes his eyes telling you to close yours as well. A few more minutes pass and you’re both out once again.

    You think you’ll have an easier time convincing Karl to have lazy days with you more often from now on.

    Yay, this is my second attempt ever at writing and writing smut lol I read enough Heisenberg things from so many people that I’m hoping to get better and braver about writing. Anyway I hope people like this! :D

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    Succession Chapter 23 (Karl Heisenberg/female reader) Resident Evil Village fanfic

    Title: Succession Chapter 23

    Characters: Karl Heisenberg, female reader

    Rating: NC-17 for language, fingering, hand job, dirty talk

    Summary: you discover a long lost relative has died and made you his sole beneficiary. While flying to collect your inheritance, you crash in a village in Romania.

    Author’s Note: I do not own the characters from Resident Evil Village.  This is a work of fiction.  Anything remotely similar to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

    Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Chapter Three

    Chapter Four

    Chapter Five

    Chapter Six

    Chapter Seven

    Chapter Eight

    Chapter Nine

    Chapter Ten

    Chapter Eleven

    Chapter Twelve

    Chapter Thirteen

    Chapter Fourteen

    Chapter Fifteen

    Chapter Sixteen

    Chapter Seventeen

    Chapter Eighteen

    Chapter Nineteen

    Chapter Twenty

    Chapter Twenty-One

    Chapter Twenty-Two

    Chapter 23

    The old issue of National Geographic served as an interesting read as you waited for Heisenberg to return to his quarters for dinner.  You found the magazine in one of the rooms down the hall the day before while you were walking around out of boredom.  It had been abandoned on a metal table, covered in dust.  The date on the issue read November 1950.

    You read through the articles one by one, not taking any of the facts at face value.  The issue was 71 years old; most of the topics had probably been discredited or updated over the years.  The pictures of rainforests and sweeping prairies were beautiful and awe-inspiring.  

    You turned a page to continue reading just as you heard Heisenberg’s heavy footsteps and his labored grunts.  Turning towards the door, you watched as he came through the doorway lugging a large wooden chest of drawers.

    “Karl, what the hell?” you shouted as you stood from the chair, “be careful!  That thing looks heavy!”

    “I can handle it!” he grunted as he crossed the room and placed it down next to his own chest of drawers, “I’m stronger than I look!”  You watched as he shoved the new piece of furniture against the wall next to his furniture.  Once he had it where he wanted it, he loudly tapped the surface and turned to you.  “So, what do you think?”

    “It looks nice,” you said, walking closer, “what’s it for?”

    Heisenberg chuckled as he circled around you and came around to your back, wrapping his arms around your waist.  “It’s yours,” he whispered into your ear.

    “It’s for me?” you asked.

    “I’m tired of watching you sift through all these suitcases, so I brought this in for you to put your clothes,” he said, hugging you tighter to him.  

    Your lips parted in surprise.  “Really?” you asked, turning in his arms to face him.  He smiled and nodded his head.  The gesture warmed your heart.  You had to admit that rifling through the suitcases and piles of clothes was becoming quite tedious.  Having drawers to place your clothes in would be wonderful. “Oh, Karl,” you murmured teasingly, gripping the lapels of his trenchcoat, “is this your way of asking me to move in with you?”  

    You giggled as you looked up at him, but stopped as you watched his face turn serious.  He lifted his hand and removed his sunglasses, his amber eyes searching yours.

    “I’m asking you to stay...in the factory...in the village...with me…” he said softly, “...it’s been a month that you’ve been here and I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed every moment with you.  Even the moments where you kicked and screamed, ran from me, and struck me across the face.  I love you, Y/N, and I want you to stay here with me…”

    You smiled softly and brought your hands up to his cheeks, running your fingers along his thick beard.  Your thumb slid over his lower lip and caressed his scar.  Any other person in your situation would want to find their way to Moldova, get their money, and return back to their normal life.  But you knew there was nothing back home for you other than a mundane life where you just existed instead of lived.  In the factory with Heisenberg had become a place where you thrived...you were with the man you loved and with friends like Moreau and the Duke.  Sure, the village wasn’t the safest place for you, but you had faith that Heisenberg would rise up with his hundreds of soldats and vanquish Mother Miranda...and then you would be free to live without the fear of pain and impending death.

    “I love it,” you said, lifting yourself up and kissing his lips, “and I love you.  Thank you so much, Karl…”

    He pulled your body tight to his and kissed you deeply.  His lips pressed against yours and gently pried opened your mouth, his tongue pushing its way to yours.  You became drunk off his kisses, your mind swirling.  You pulled his hat from his head and dropped it to the floor, running your fingers through his hair.  He moaned into your mouth and rolled his tongue with yours.  When the two of you finally pulled apart, you were gasping for air.

    “Go on, pussycat,” he said, giving your ass a swift spank, “put your clothes away and I’ll start cooking dinner…”


    After dinner, Heisenberg suggested a nice, hot bath.  You were more than ecstatic for that.  Another snowstorm was sweeping through the village and it was getting cold inside the factory.  A bath would warm and relax you... and also serve as another excuse to get naked with Heisenberg.

    You washed the pots, pans, and dishes while Heisenberg drew the bath.  He had made herbed fish on a bed of rice and uncorked a bottle of white wine he had purchased a few days ago from the Duke.  Everything was delicious.  It always astounded you how skilled Heisenberg was in the kitchen.  He didn’t seem like the type of guy who would do anything more than pop a TV dinner in a microwave and press a few buttons, but in the village, quick and easy dinners were pretty much non-existent.

    The last dish was cleaned, dried, and put in the cabinet just as Heisenberg turned off the faucet.  “Are you ready, doll face?” he asked.  You slowly turned to him as he shrugged out of his buttoned up shirt.  A smile spread across his face as you went for your shirt, pulling it over your head.  He unbuckled his belt as you walked to the tub, unclasping your bra.  You could feel his eyes taking you in as you pushed your pants and panties down your legs.  “Undress faster and get that gorgeous ass in the bathtub…” he ordered playfully.  He pulled the last of his clothes off and slid into the tub.  You lowered one foot into the hot water, your breath coming out in a loud whoosh.  It was hot and welcoming.  As you lifted your other foot and gently lowered it into the tub,  Heisenberg’s hands moved up and down your legs, squeezing your flesh.  You lowered yourself fully into the hot water, lying your back against the front of his body.

    The water was soothing and relaxing as Heisenberg wrapped one arm around your waist and another around your shoulder.  He held you tight against him, his nose nuzzling your neck.

    “This feels so good, Karl,” you whispered, slipping deeper into the water, letting the back of your head rest on his shoulder.  His hands moved along your body, his lips kissing your wet skin.  You could feel his cock hardening and pressing against your lower back.

    Heisenberg’s right hand slid slowly down your stomach and between your legs.  You closed your eyes and sighed softly feeling his middle and index fingers slip between your pussy lips, gently moving back and forth along your clit.

    “Karl...mmmm...you don’t waste any time…” you moaned, arching your back.  His left arm wrapped around your waist under your breasts, holding you tight.  You moved your hips back and forth, whimpering helplessly.  Heisenberg’s breath was steady in your ear.  He chuckled softly as he fingered your pussy.

    “Did I ever tell you what I did that day that we almost kissed downstairs after you first met the Duke?” Heisenberg asked.  

    You shook your head and bit your lower lip, silently begging him to keep touching you.

    “After you slapped me and I shoved you in the room and locked the door...I went into the bathroom and jerked off…”

    “Oh fuck, Karl…” you moaned.  You moved your hand under the water and slid it over his hand, assisting him in your pleasure.

    “...you drove me so fucking crazy...I wanted you so goddamn badly...I stood at the sink, shoved my hand down the front of my pants, and stroked my cock…”

    Your moans grew louder as you bucked your hips against his hand, the water in the tub sloshing about.  “Uh...oh yes...tell me more...what did you think about?”

    Heisenberg’s lips trailed soft kisses along your neck and shoulders as he continued.  “...I imagined what it would have looked like to walk in on you naked in my bed...touching yourself...thinking of me...and how I would have spread your legs wide and licked your sweet cunt...tasting every drop of you...wrapping my lips around your swollen clit…”

    You moved faster, small waves of water splashing out of the tub.  “Yes...Karl, that’s so hot to imagine you touching yourself…”  As you arched your back, you moved your hand between you and Heisenberg, finding his cock rigid and hard.  You wrapped your fingers around the base and squeezed him.  He grunted and bit into the flesh of your shoulder.

    “...I wanted you so fucking badly...Y/N, you have no idea how much I wanted you...you sleeping next to me those first few nights and all I wanted was to touch you...taste you...fuck you…”

    His words made your heart race and his fingers on your clit made your orgasm slowly rise inside of you.  “I wanted you, too, Karl...I hated you at first, but I couldn’t shut off the attraction I felt towards you...oh, Karl, you make me feel so good when you touch me like this…”

    He hummed and licked along your ear, softly nibbling it with his teeth.  “I want to make you cum...I love watching your body lose control under my hands...the sounds you make when I’m fucking your cunt...you’re such a good girl for me, pussycat...such a good girl…”

    Your release climbed higher when Heisenberg suddenly pulled your hand from his cock.  He interlaced your fingers with his and pressed them against your stomach.  “Karl…” you whined, wriggling your body helplessly, “...I want to jerk you off...I want to make you cum with me…”

    He laughed softly against your ear.  “Right now it’s all about you, pussycat...we have all night for me to cum inside you...on your back...on your tits…”

    Your legs trembled under the water as he rubbed your clit harder and faster.  You pushed his hand firmly against your pussy, bucking your hips wildly.

    “Be a good girl and cum for me, Y/N...you can do that, can’t you?”

    “YES...OH FUCK, KARL...I’M GONNA CUM...I’M GONNA...OH GOD!!!!!!” you screamed as your head fell back on his shoulder.  Your orgasm exploded to the surface, more water spilling over the edge of the tub and onto the floor.  Your clit pulsed under his fingers as he continued to rub you wildly.  Your orgasm was unrelenting, the sweet release coursing through your body.  Heisenberg sucked on your neck, his hand releasing yours at your stomach and moving up to grip the front of your neck.  His other hand remained over your pussy until you became too sensitive for his ministrations.  You pushed his hand away, your thighs still shaking.

    “Good girl...good girl…” he breathed against your neck, sucking and nibbling until he was certain there would be a bruise tomorrow.  The thought of a bruise on your neck made him growl.  He wanted to brand you, to leave his mark for all to see.

    “Karl...oh my god…” you breathed, lifting your arm to wrap around the back of his head.  You held him close as he nuzzled your cheek with his nose.  He moved both hands to your breasts, gently squeezing them and rolling your nipples between his fingers.

    “I can’t get enough of you…” he growled.

    You smiled as his fingers rolled back and forth around your nipples.  “Oh, Karl...just you wait until I get you into bed so I can return the favor…”

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    11.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Golden Sour Part 2

    (Yandere Karl Heisenberg x Reader)

    Rating: Mature18+

    Fandom: Resident Evil Village

    CW: Kidnapping, Bruising, Hair pulling, Very descriptive,

    Word Count: 2,789

    Summary: This is a part two of a long series i'm happy to start. Heisenberg finally gets his hands on reader.

    AN: Thank you all for the long wait! I made this part a bit longer than the last! Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it! <3



    Since that day Heisenberg had seen a lot more of you. He’d seen how you got to work, how you got home. He’d seen enough to have your schedule memorized. He knew of all the coworkers you’d spend time with, the ones you wouldn’t. He even noticed the ones who had secret intentions with you, and the ones who only saw you as a friend and coworker. The catch was that you hadn’t seen him since his last visit, and neither had your coworkers.

    He’d chosen to go unseen. Hiding in crowds, behind buildings, or trees. Watching you from afar using a pair of binoculars he’d created in his factory. He’d come to terms with his obsession, he wouldn’t deny the way you made him feel, nor did he care. He kept asking himself, ‘So what if I am obsessed? You were a person people would fight for.’ And that’s what he decided to do: fight for you. In his own little fucked up way, to ensure he couldn’t lose to anyone else, not even you.

    Apart from Sundays and Mondays that you’d have off, and Saturdays when you’d leave at eleven at night. Your shift was pretty straight forward. That’s the day he’d been waiting for. The bar was in a quiet part of the village. The only real danger being rowdy drunk customers, and the occasional rebellious teen. You wouldn’t bother your coworkers to go with you outside when you left through the back exit. Bringing the trash out with you, before you would head for home.

    Would, being the key word.

    He only let you get as far as tossing the trash in the dumpster before pulling you into the corner of the small alley. Covering your head with a potato sack. Watching while you screamed and clawed at the apprehension covering your face. You scratched at his hands, wrangling your body trying to free yourself of his iron grip. Using his powers a strip of metal sprung from the darkness and tied itself around your wrists. Your instincts told you to grab at the sack and pull it over your head but you couldn’t. The person attacking you exceeds your own strengths.

    So you did the only other thing you could think of, weak spots, hit them hard and with all you got. You kicked your leg behind you as fast and hard as you could. Going between the convicts legs and hitting their crotch. You felt as the person recoiled from the blow. Taking this time to pull yourself as much as you could from their relentless grip. “Ow fuck.” Heisenberg cursed. Knees buckling, but this pain was nothing compared to the things he’s endured. He regained his composure before you could slip any further. His pained hisses turning into breathy chuckles. “Easy now buttercup, I’m not gonna hurt ya’”

    You froze in fear upon hearing those words. That voice, your breath hitched and became shallow as you felt your stomach sink. It was him, the man you’d bumped into, the one that gave you all that money. The goofball everyone warned you about. You balled your fists and tried slamming them as best you could to his face. Swinging your bound wrists down, trying to cause enough pain to wiggle free. But he kept a tight grip on the sack around your head. Only letting you get a few exasperated sobs before chucking you over his shoulder. He hadn’t taken you as the fighting type, needless to say you’ve impressed him once more. Another strip of metal flew out the alley and bound itself around your ankles. Causing the flailing of your legs to stop as you wriggled on his shoulder.

    He made his way to the forest. Deciding a mob was not the crowd he’d like to erupt by parading you through town bound and gagged on his shoulder. Plus, the less Mother Miranda knows about his 'impulsive kidnapping' the better. The last thing he wants is his “Mother” to find out about his sweetheart. You were making too much noise though. Screaming and kicking, even in the awkward position you kept trying to knee his chin. But he was tougher than you’d think, thank the cado for that. The only reaction he’d have was a momentary recoil in pain. You were only hurting yourself with this display.

    “Oh give it up already!” He let in, the disturbance becoming irritating. “We’re almost there, behave for a few more minutes.” At those words you struggled more, wherever, “There.” Was, you didn’t wanna find out. You were not gonna make it easy for this bastard. Curling your legs and launching yourself forwards as much as you could in an attempt to make him drop you.

    And he did, pulling you off his shoulder and throwing you to the ground. “We’re here.” He grunted. The floor was dry, crunchy, it felt like dead grass, and dirt. You whimpered as the pain and exhaustion set into your bones and muscles. You could sense bruises lining your body.

    Before you had the chance to catch your breath. Your head got pulled backwards. You gagged as the sack cradled your neck tight, he was dragging you by the appendage around your head. You heard the chill shrieks of the rusty door open, and slam shut behind you, the scent of rust and oil filled your nose.

    He let go after a short distance, and you gasped for air. In the factory he could hold a longer leach. It was impossible for anyone to get in, or out without his say. The only things he’d have to be particularly concerned about were his creations and the haulers. But that wouldn’t be a pressing issue for long. “There you go sweetie.” The sudden change between his aggressive voice. And the now loving baby talk he was using to address you made a chill run down your spine.

    The shuffle of fabric ruffling closer to you made your heart race. “Let’s get these off hmm?” You heard the metal confines on your limbs fall to the floor. The sharp ping of them defining as the sound bounced off the walls of your new metal prison. Light appeared all around you, the sack finally removed from your head. “Ain’t that a lot better?” You rubbed at your wrists and kept your head down. The beating in your chest was too intense. You felt it swell in fear as you took in your situation, tears and dried makeup streaks adorned your face.

    He tsked in your direction at you ignoring him. Dropping on one knee and gripping your cheeks with one hand. “So beautiful, all pale and teary-eyed for me.. So perfect.” He sighed, a loving smile plastering his expression. You turned your head to the side, shrugging your face from his hands. “You goddamn creep! Why are you doing this?” Your heart raced. You thought this man was generous and kind, for fucks sake he gave you a shit ton of money for being sweet on em’.

    You delivered a sharp blow to his crotch again making the man curse. This time he let himself double over, not worried about you being able to get away. “Cause i fuckin’ like ya!” He admitted as he hissed in pain. Those words made your mind go blank. “You're special, and funny, and cute, and you smell good, and your skin is so smooth and silky-”. You stopped his disturbing rambling with another kick this one on his back.

    “Well I don’t like you! Let me go now!” You tried to sound intimidating. But your voice sounded more stressed than hateful or intimidating. The sound itself causing the man to coo up at you.

    You scoffed at him. Deciding not to waste more time with this trash instead running for an open door. But as you approached it it slammed closed in front of your face. Every door you tried was either locked or slammed shut. It was a nightmare, a goddamn nightmare that felt to fucking vivid and real.

    “Don’t tire yourself out babycakes, ask and I’ll give you the grand tour of my humble abode.” You felt tears well in your eyes, you were so tired.. You turned your head again. ‘I need to calm down, look at my surroundings, what can I use in my favor?’ You tried to reason with yourself. The room was very spacious and sorta empty apart from a couch, and a desk close to a fireplace in the corner of the room. There was a big table with many chairs in the middle of the room, but it's covered by a big white sheet.

    Above you were many flat rectangular light fixtures, and.. Windows! Very big windows, but they were too close to the high ceilings. You kept looking and noticed the piles of metal, and scrap. Steel beams stacked up and twisted.

    You made your way in their direction. Seeing your captor sitting at the desk watching you with amused eyes as he puffed on a fat cigar. He stood up straight upon seeing you stand on a beam, “Now honey those are dangerous! Get down!” You ignored his pleas, if you kept climbing you’d make it close enough to jump on the small ledge in front of the windows.

    The moonlight reflected on your face and you felt hope, your victory was so close, you needed to keep going. The beam you were standing on shook, and rose. Baffled you looked around, all the beams lifted and curled around you. As shocked as you were you had no time to dwell, you were so close, you jumped.

    “No!” You heard the man yell from below you. The next beam is all you needed to cross to get you your freedom, you felt the cold air hit your face! You were so close!

    And then the beam dropped.. You felt your stomach rise. Snapping your neck to the side as you fell, the beam lodged itself in an adjacent wall and you were falling. Shuffling feet and loud thumps and crashes were all that filled your ears.

    When you opened your eyes you were in the arms of your captor. You looked in horror at his power. The shades adorning his face doing nothing to conceal the rage in his expression. But he didn’t act on it, he dropped you. A door behind him creaked open and he walked through it leaving you by yourself in the destroyed room.

    You tried to steady your shaky breaths, a few loose tears dripping to the dirty floors. You felt the hope dimmer down and curled up in the corner of the room. Your legs felt heavy and sore, and your throat scratchy. You could see faint bruises splotch your thighs and waist, and the sting of the burn mark around your throat. ‘This is a nightmare.’

    The sound of hinges filled your ears, waking you from your restless sleep and striking fear in your heart. Deciding not to wait, you got up and tried to open the various doors in the room. But they shut tight. Starting to feel the icy presence of fear and stress you banged on the last door. trying to get someone’s attention from the outside. “Please help me! Anybody please!” You sobbed.

    “Don’t bother, sweetheart.” His voice chirped from behind you. Your pounding stopped but you weren’t about to show him your hopelessness. ‘Don’t lose your head Y/N, keep looking around'. Heisenberg noticed the sudden burst of confidence in that moment. He wasn’t sure why, but the uneasy feeling of you having some sort of plan frightened him. ‘What are they up to?’

    As you walked around you noticed an entrance to a makeshift kitchen on the far side of the room. You figured the side your captor was on wouldn’t have an exit for you. ‘Even so the father away from that freak show the better’. The first thing you did was ransack the drawers for any silverware you could use to unlock a window or door. All the knives were gone, ‘Go figure’ you thought huffing with a roll of your eyes. A spatula caught your attention from the corner of your eye, metal, thin, perfect!

    You skip back into the room, breezing past the wretched man to the biggest industrial doors. ‘This has to be a door to the outside.’ But the closer you looked, every door in this room never had a lock, only a sliding handle. ‘How did he lock it?’

    “Please..” You whimpered, “I don’t want to be here.” You couldn’t tell if this was another attempt at catching someones attention. Or if you were talking to the man puffing on a cigar watching you with a smug smile on his face from the couch.

    “Sweetheart, you have nothing to be scared of, I'll be taking good care of you, promise.” He cooed, walking up behind you with arms open wide. He wanted to pull you close, give you some comfort. But you backed away as if his touch would crush every bone in your body.

    You dodged his affection, scrambling past him, falling on your face in the process. He sighed and lowered his arms. He watched as you ran towards another open door, it led to the bathroom. And he followed behind you. ‘This was gonna be a difficult captive.’ He thought, but he had to admit you were a strong one. If some other villager was in your place he was sure they wouldn’t have given him as much vigor as you.

    “Would you calm down so I can show you around already?” He asked, annoyed with the situation. He held out his hand in an offer to make this civilized. He didn’t want to hurt you after all! He wasn’t lying when he was saying you had nothing to be scared of, he would take good care of you. Protect you.

    The thought of touching him disgusted you. Rather than accepting his offer you grabbed anything you could get your hand on. Toilet paper, toilet brush, mats, even soap bars. “Get away from me! I thought you were nice, not some pervy sicko!” You yelled chucking the toiletries.

    “I’m trying to be nice!” Heisenberg tried to argue. “This doesn’t have to be bad! Calm down.” You weren't going to come to him, so he would have to do it himself. Approaching you slow, like he was scared of startling you.

    He pulled you up and close to his chest before you could start struggling again. Keeping one arm firm around your waist while the other hoisted your butt onto his forearm.

    “See?” Heisenberg tried to reason. “Not hurtin’ ya.”

    “You’re still awful, kidnapping me, you’re sick, disgusting!” What is he thinking? That you’d enjoy abandoning your life and be happy imprisoned in this place?

    You placed your hands to his shoulders, pushing him as far as possible from you. It wasn’t too far though. The man's grip keeping you in place, but you refused to give up, kicking and pushing with all your might. “Let me go, let me out! I want to go home, I wanna be away from you!”

    This was too much. This was something you hear in stories or movies, not in real life. Not something that happened to you. It felt like a nightmare or something you’d hear happened to someone on the news.

    “I’m sorry sweetheart, i can’t do that,” he hummed, though there wasn’t a hint of actual guilt in his voice. “You're too good for this shithole world, I wanna take care of you. protect you.”

    “I need protection from you! ” You answered without delay, strained and overwhelmed. His grip was too strong to challenge. You couldn’t believe this. That sweet guy that played around with you that day, who was generous enough to actually give you a huge sum of money. Everything.. Tainted.

    And to think you actually thought this guy was-

    “Was this your plan from the beginning? since we first met?” Your tone low and quiet. Struggling against such a strong grip was useless. The only thing you could do now was let your face be pushed into his neck. Stay still in this freak’s hold, pressed to his chest as if you were his possession. The idea made you queasy.


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    i can’t believe karl heisenberg is goth and mlm!

    him and I should totally get married-

    #karl heisenberg #resident evil 8 #daddy heisenberg #resident evil village
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  • krismas0arson
    09.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    This is where I'm going to explain my Lycan!Heisenberg Headcanons because they deserve to be shared. I will say now that this is all that I have so far but as soon as I get more idea they will be shared!

    Physical Attributes

    Physically, He does not have ears or a tail as Lycans and Werewolves are two VERY different things. But he will have a much more noticeable amount of body and facial hair.

    I connect this with his long hair as well and I like to think that once it gets to be lower than his shoulders is when he chops it off. And when I say chops it I off I mean literally. He takes a peice of sharp scrap metal and just slices through this hair. And then just moves on with his day.

    In terms of body and facial hair tho- I don't really think he really started to trim and keep it under control until he really started to trust and gain feelings for you.

    Like I'm talkin an ABSURD amount of chest hair, facial hair, armpit hair, and his intimate areas. It's not that it wasn't uncomfortable or annoying to him. He just never really had any real reason to waste time on it when he could be working on his experiments. But then when you came around, he started to genuinely care about how he presented himself.

    But I will say, that this man knows absolutely nothing about shaving. So the first time he asked you to teach him how to or atleast be there to try to help him learn was honestly the most wholesome thing ever

    Lycan Mentality

    He has some, what he calls, Feral episodes. It's basically just him getting overly territorial and all around just growling, snarling, and snapping at people. This almost only happens when the situation has anything to do with you possibly getting hurt, when he is a bit paranoid, or even when you yourself aren't in the best of places mentally.

    He will also have what he calls Werewolf Menstrual Cycles but in all reality it's basically just a Lycans heat cycle. No blood or any intense physical pain. Just a large man who is going to be overly emotional, very temperamental (with everyone except you of course-), and all in all just REALLY Horny with Mating Cramps.

    On the overly emotional and temperamental side of things, he will be very sensitive to really anything and basically just be a moody man who is very easily threatened by anyone that comes within 3 feet of you. His instincts are basically telling him to protect you at all costs and if anyone makes skin to skin contact with you. There's no easy way to say this... that person is probably gonna end up leaving with scars they didn't arrive with.

    But that's only if you aren't able to pull Karl away and back to the nest before he can even think about what he's gonna do to this poor bastard that just tried to steal his mate away from him.

    And if you do successfully pull him away and back to the nest. Be warned, that's more than just you pulling him away to stop him from hurting someone. In the state of mind he is in and with his hormones completely wacked, his animalistic instincts are going to take that as you, his mate, pulling him away because you are getting needy and... let's just say he has his priorities straight because the minute he realizes you are leading him toward the nest weeeeeell- I'll just say that the instincts take over and we will leave it at that.

    And on top of being basically just a grown a*s man with more hormones than a teenage boy, hes just really wanting to do what his instincts are telling him to and that's to "Protect mate. Care for mate. Stay with mate. Breed mate." And that's basically just on repeat in his head for the remainder of the week. (Oh and I forgot to mention it is not monthly! It is once every 3 to 4 months at the least. Sometimes it can happen once every 6 months it really all depends on his mental health and well-being)


    I've already mentioned "Nests" in a previous post and basically what those are is a small room (typically big enough to fit a king size mattress but a queen works just fine) that is filled with pillows, blankets, animal pelts, and basically just as many soft things that can fit in their while still being able to fit the Lycan and their mate, as well as leaving room for intimate interactions.

    The nest is both a safe place for the lycan as well as their own den in a way. It's somewhere they are able to feel safe and comfortable both when their mate is and isn't around. The nest will typically be drenched in the smell of both the lycan and their mates scent making it the ideal place for both members in the relationship.

    It is also a place for the lycan to bring and store gifts that they have given to their mate. The gifts serve as both a way of courting and expressing love. Both lycans and mates can give and receive gifts though typically the more dominant of the 2 is the one who will court the other. Whether it is during heats or not, the dominant party is more than willing to court the other by whatever means.

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    07.11.2021 - 4 weeks ago
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    07.11.2021 - 4 weeks ago
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    07.11.2021 - 4 weeks ago
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  • 16syd
    06.11.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    I wonder if Karl was made to be more deranged and still hated Miranda but didn’t think about using rose to kill Miranda, would he have tried to drink Rose the minute Ethan showed up 🤔

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  • nitr0gen777
    05.11.2021 - 1 mont ago



    ”Poor boy, stuck using my hand-me-down!”


    that is the closest thing I am getting to ”good boy” and I am living for it

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