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    26.11.2021 - 3 days ago
    #stucky x reader #steve rogers x reader x bucky #steve rogers x reader #bucky barnes x reader #little!bucky barnes #daddy!steve rogers
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  • marvelfanfics1
    24.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Hey, my little ones!

    We are close to 500 followers and I already have my special fic ready. (so, excited for you to see!)

    I didn't post much the past days, because I wasn't really inspired with all my requests and didn't know what to write. (don't worry I'm still working on to get every request done with the best of my ability!)

    So just to say.....

    I'm also open for some dark requests (I love dark....)

    Or something with the winter soldier (just imagine the winter soldier with a little I'm gonna cry 😭)

    (I think I'm gonna make it a habit to put funny stickers to my random posts 🙃)


    @marvelsguantletkeeper @my-river-lilly @canned-rootbeer @fanfictioniseverything @devilslilbabysblog @madgep

    #julia's random posts #little!reader #little reader #daddy!loki x little!reader #daddy!loki #daddy!thor x little!reader #daddy!thor #daddy!stucky #daddy!stucky x little!reader #daddy!steve x little!reader #daddy!steve #daddy!bucky x little!reader #daddy!bucky #daddy!peter x little!reader #daddy!peter #mommy!wanda x little!reader #mommy!natasha x little!reader #mommy!nat #mommy!wanda #little!peter x little!reader #little!peter
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  • charmieholic
    23.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Hi everyone! I need your help please. I'm looking for a Stucky fanfic... I think it's called "The therapist" or something along those lines. Basically Steve is with Sharon and goes to therapy to try and salvage their relationship and obviously the therapist is Bucky. Long story short they end up together and start a ddlb dynamic. Lots of kinky and explicit stuff 😉 I thought I saved it on my bookmarks in AO3 but I can't find it anymore and it's my favourite fic 😭 can anyone help please ❤️

    #stucky#sub steve#dom bucky#daddy bucky#the therapist#fanfic#steve rogers#bucky barnes#help please #that fic is literally what saves me from shitty days #steve x bucky
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  • cuddlesforelle
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    elle’s rules

    fandoms i write for…


    x-men (soon)

    twd (seasons 1-9)

    what i write…






    pet play


    polly relationships

    what i won’t write…

    rape (or cnc)


    when i write…

    all of the characters are aged up if they are minors (ex: peter parker or carl grimes)

    the pronouns are she/her unless asked to be changed (I only write she/her or they/them)

    i am completely fine with writing threesomes

    i am also completely okay with writing au’s

    i am okay with writing a traumatic past, or mental illnesses, and ways to cope with the character(s)

    the reader is always the little(s)

    ddlg character i write for…


    steve rogers (Chris Evans too)

    bucky barnes (love to) (Sebastian Stan too)



    sam wilson (love to) (Anthony Mackie too)

    peter parker (I see him as a little, so when it’s a polly relationship??)

    zemo (especially with Bucky or sam, or both…)

    x-men (on hold)


    negan (Jeffery too)


    carl (honestly love dom!carl)



    lee bodecker

    lance tucker

    mdlg characters i write for…




    Carol (Brie too)


    maria hill (blackhill mommies, my fav)


    x-men (on hold)



    enid (hot mommy?)



    if you ask for…

    if you ask for a specific kink, I’ll research it and if I’m comfortable and think I’m able to write it, I’ll do it

    if it’s a cnc kink I’ll ignore it

    they/them pronouns, I’ll do it

    any specific pet names, I’ll do it (ex: princess, kitten, slut, little one)

    for the actor or actress instead, I’ll try to do it!!

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  • sargent-james-barnes
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Stucky x chubby!little!reader


    Description: Steve and Bucky's little is feeling insecure

    A/n I am not saying there is anything thing wrong with being fat/chubby bc I myself is a bigger guy so please don't take this that way

    Tw: "fat shaming", body image, John walker 🤮

    Gn reader

    You were standing in front of the mirror looking at your body, just why couldn't you be small like all the other littles. John walker your daddies friend made comments on your body when they were away he said, "wow you eat a lot for a little." And "Jesus my little is way smaller than you and she's younger." When you thought about what he said again you started to cry, you covered your stomach with your arms and curled up into a ball.

    Steve and bucky were making dinner for all of you dancing and sharing kisses, "do you think they're okay they've been upstairs for quite a long time?" Steve said worried about you. "I don't know, we should go check on them, they have been a bit off since we took them to so John and his little." Bucky said worriedly. They rushed upstairs and found you curled in a ball crying your eyes out

    "woah baby, what happened?" Bucky immediately ran to you and pulled you into his arms. "N-nothing is w-wrong with me." You said through tears and sniffling. "Hey baby doll please tell us what happened or else we can't help." Steve said in a calm tone. "I'm fat." You said sobbing into Bucky's shirt. "What?" Bucky and Steve said confused because you've never mentioned any issues with weight. "It's like John said I eat a lot for a little." You said full of self hate. "He said what, baby you listen to me we don't care about weight and what John said wasn't right but hey there is nothing wrong with being fat or chubby now Is there think about it baby?" Bucky said fuming with rage but calming himself down. you shook your head no. "See now why don't we go down stairs and eat dinner and then we can watch your favorite movie and cuddle?" Steve suggested trying to make you feel better. You nodded your head and cuddled into bucky more needing the comfort. They'd deal with John later right now their little one needed them

    #bucky barnes fluff #bucky barnes #bucky x reader #mcu #stucky x reader #steve rogers fluff #steve x bucky x reader #steve x reader #stucky x little!reader #daddy!steve x little!reader
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  • marvelfanfics1
    19.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #little!reader #dd/lg blog#little reader #daddy!stucky #daddy!stucky x little!reader #daddy stucky x little reader #daddy stucky #daddy!steve x little!reader #daddy!steve #daddy!steve rogers #daddy!bucky x little!reader #daddy!bucky #daddy bucky x little reader #daddy bucky #daddy bucky barnes
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  • buckybeardreams
    19.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    My cat is the cutest ever guys, I swear. She like knows that blankets mean warmth and so all I have to do is ask her if she's cold and then she'll come over and lay down and let me drape a blanket over her. She just like snugs up under it too and it's adorable

    #why are cats so cute?? #i love my cats #why do i feel like Bucky would do this too #like when Alpine gets cold he just coos at her and tucks a blanket in aprund her #steve just watches half exasperated that bucky spoils his cat sm but also with like hearts in his eyes #cuz that cat is bucky's baby and if he's that good with her then he just knows he'll be great with kids #i can just imagine bucky tucking a blanket under his kid's feet cuz they complained that their little toesies were cold #and bucky would be all like there is that better baby? you want some hot cocoa too princess? #i need to write a super soft daddy bucky being all attentive and fretting over his kids fic #with steve just sitting there smiling softly as he watches #stucky
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  • marvelfanfics1
    17.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Message: Hey so I love all your content and have read all your fics and I was wondering if you any recommendations for writers that write similar topics to you? If you are not comfortable with doing that I totally understand!

    Have a nice day!



    First of, thank you so much <3 that means a lot to me!

    Some of them are Dark and not so similar to mine, but I thought maybe you would like it too.

    And here are some writers I would recommend with a few of my favorite fics from them:


    Steve's and Bucky's girl (Dark!Stucky and forced age regression. It's very, very, good and well written, better than mine definitely)


    (my favorite fics from them, so cute and good written <3)

    Loki celebrating little!readers birthday

    Little!reader introducing her squishmellows to Loki

    Loki with a sick Asgardian!little!reader

    Disobedience not his favorite Loki x little!reader


    Their Angel (its a masterpiece! I absolutely love this series. Again, Dark!Stucky with forced age regression)


    The mob!Daddy!Bucky fics are so cute and are always making me tear up. Really too cute <3


    It's Sebastian Stan (and characters). All their works are so good and comforting. I always reread the fics when I need comfort. There's also some Chris Evans and Stucky <3


    malen'kiya + Soldat masterlist (this series is so heartwarming I can't even describe it. It's winter Soldier x little!reader)



    @marvelsguantletkeeper @my-river-lilly @canned-rootbeer @fanfictioniseverything @devilslilbabysblog

    #age regression #little!reader #little reader #daddy!loki #daddy!stucky #daddy!steve #daddy!bucky #daddy!bucky x little!reader #daddy!loki x little!reader #daddy!stucky x little!reader #daddy!steve x little!reader
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  • anavalancheofstucky
    17.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    IWFYCIUYS: Chapter 3: Cross Your Heart And Hope To Die

    Read chapter 1, chapter 2. Read on AO3.

    Here's chapter 3. I'm still very new to writing smut so I hope I did well!! I'm still shocked with how many people have already viewed and left kudos and comments!

    Summary: Fresh off a mission, Steve Rogers stops by Tony's lab and meets the omega of his dreams, Bucky Barnes. Steve finally allowed himself to dream about something he had always wanted, a mate. Little did he know that he had found his True Mate. A story of awkward flirting, overcoming your past, and finding true love.

    Rating: Explicit

    Categories: M/M, F/M

    Pairings: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov, Wanda Maximoff/Vision, Maria Hill/Sam Wilson

    Characters: Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Rebecca Barnes Proctor, Bucky Barnes' Sisters, America Chavez, Maria Hill, Happy Hogen

    Tags: Captain America Steve Rogers/Modern Bucky Barnes, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Alpha Steve Rogers, Omega Bucky Barnes, Daddy Kink, True Mates, Awkward Flirting, Bucky Barnes & Tony Stark Friendship, Bucky works for Tony Stark, Bucky is 22, Steve is 37, Age Difference, Mating Cycles/In Heat

    Chapter 3: Cross Your Heart and Hope To Die


    Once safely inside a car on the way home to Brooklyn, Bucky reflected on the past 15 minutes. Bucky barely knew what hit him. One minute he was in his lab talking about his family with the hottest alpha he’s ever met, and the next minute he was in heat. The strange thing is that he already had a heat two months ago, and he is regular on his suppressant shots, and his cycles are always six months apart. He’s four months early. The worst part was that this happened in the presence of the man he’s been crushing on since he was eight! He had a poster of Steve in his room all the way through getting his Ph.D.!

    And that’s the thing, Steve was so considerate. The second Bucky showed any signs of distress, the alpha was already checking in with him and making sure he was ok. He’s never felt safer in his life than in the supersoldier’s orbit. This is actually quite strange given that he was an unmated omega in heat in the presence of the unmated epitome of alphas, Steve Rogers himself. But, Bucky could tell that the first thing on the alpha’s mind was ensuring that he got to safety, and he never took advantage of Bucky.

    Not to mention that the alpha was so sweet. He just let Bucky ramble about his family and his research. He smiled and seemed genuinely interested in what he had to say. Then there was also the fact that the alpha was the most amazing smelling alpha he had ever met. Often times you-know-who smelt like burnt cigarettes, gunpowder, and motor oil. Stop thinking about your asshole ex Barnes!! Ok, back to sweet and caring Steve, who smells like musk, and pine trees, and now that he thinks about it, a little bit like vibranium. And whenever he smiles, there is this undercurrent of a beautiful forest that Bucky just couldn’t get enough of.

    Ever since they met yesterday, the alpha is always on his mind. Even though they had quite the awkward first meeting. Bucky even got to see him today when he looked like he had just finished his run with the Falcon. But, most importantly, he was wearing a shirt that was way too tight for his frankly massive chest. After what he knew had to be a seriously hardcore run, the alpha didn’t look out of breath. Someone once recorded him running and uploaded it to Twitter, and it was incredible how fast he was, and he was just running like it was nothing! It was truly unbelievable. And Bucky could have sworn that Steve had been watching him when he went to pick up his drink. He also noticed the hint of disappointment in his eyes when he couldn’t seem to find someone once he had ordered. Was he looking for Bucky? No way, but what if he was?

    Bucky was just glad that he was wearing extra exorbitant underwear today because just being around the supersoldier made him slick. That came in extra handy with his heat coming straight out of nowhere. Now that he thinks about it, that is incredibly odd. He got another suppressant shot when he finished his heat two months ago. There is no way that it wore off that fast. He decided he would call his doctor when this was all over to make an appointment because this could not happen again. Heats are bad enough when they happen unexpectedly, especially if there is no alpha present to help him through it. Technology has come a long way in the past few decades, but knotting toys will never be the same as actually sharing a heat with an alpha.

    On the topic of alphas, oh god, he needs supplies! He knew he needed to go grocery shopping tonight, but he is especially unprepared for a heat. God, it will be so embarrassing, but he needs to call Becca for help. Reluctantly he took out his phone and dialed her number.

    “Well, if it isn’t my favorite brother? Bucky Bear, how are you?!” came a familiar voice as soon as she picked up the phone.

    “I’m your only brother Becs,” came his tired reply.

    “Whoa, what’s wrong? Are you ok?” she asked. She could be such an alpha sometimes.

    “No, I don’t know what happened, but I think my suppressant shot failed, and I’m randomly going into heat, and I don’t even have groceries because I was going to go after work tonight, and I’m not prepared at all” he rambled, but was soon cut off.

    “Seriously?!?! How could that even happen? You are on one of the best suppressants on the market?” came the alpha’s response.

    “I don’t know.”

    “Ok, I can be at your place in 45 minutes. I’ll get groceries on the way. Are you safe?” she sounded really concerned as he heard her moving around.

    “Yes, I’m safe. I was at work when it happened, but Steve made sure that I got into the car safe, and he has me texting him when I get home. And don’t worry, it’s a Stark car, Tony’s driver Happy, who’s a beta, is driving.” came his response.

    “Wait, hold up. Who’s Steve. You’ve never mentioned him before.” replied Becca. He already regretted opening his mouth.

    “Uh, Steve. He works with Tony, we met like yesterday. He stopped by to see what I was working on when it happened.” said the omega.

    “Steve who? And don’t you lie to me, Bucky, I will know!” came her response.

    “Fine. Steve Rogers, happy?” said Bucky reluctantly.

    “Oh my god. Captain America?! The man who made you realize you were gay?!” came her excited yell.

    “No, Becs. Not Captain America, Steve Rogers. There’s a difference. Captain America is his persona given to him as propaganda during World War II. Steve Rogers is just a really nice guy from Brooklyn.” he replied.

    “Oh my god, you LIKE him! Like, like like him. Wow, that must have been a dream come true.” said Becca.

    “God, shut up, Rebecca. It’s not like he would ever want to be with me,” grumbled Bucky.

    “Hold up, don’t listen to the lies that HE told you. You are an amazing man Bucky, I mean it. If anything Steve Rogers is undeserving of you. I can’t let anyone speak down to my big brother, even you.” came Becca’s passionate response.

    “Thanks, Becs.”

    “Always, B. Ok, so I’m going to ask something that might seem random, but I need you to let me know, ok? Have you been around any new alphas in the past few days?”

    Bucky thought back, and the only new person he’s been around for a prolonged period of time would be Steve. He spoke up, “Uh, no. Just Steve.”

    Becca paused for a moment and then said, “I know you don’t believe in it, but have you considered the fact that you might be True Mates with him?”

    Bucky’s brain screamed at him. Half of it was going, ‘yes! This makes so much sense!’ while the other half was going, ‘there’s never been any proven evidence of True Mates not matter what the old wives’ tales say.’

    Bucky sighed, “Becca, you know that’s not real.”

    “Just think about it. A lot of what I’ve heard, even from people I’ve worked with at the hospital, is that when you meet your True Mate, no matter how good the suppressants you are on, you trigger a heat and a rut in each other. I know you are aware of and believe in the proof of compatibility, but have you ever considered the fact that True Mates are just really compatible with each other? It’s just something to think about, ok? I need to get going so that I can grab everything from you,” came Becca’s response.

    “Thank you again, Becs. I really do appreciate it,” said Bucky.

    “What are sisters for? Love you B!” came her reply.

    “Love you too,” he said right before hanging up.

    Luckily, Bucky could tell that he was almost home, which was incredibly relieving as he could tell that the symptoms of this heat were starting to show up. But something seemed to be making the symptoms not appear to be as bad as they would typically be. Then, Bucky remembered. He’s wearing Steve’s jacket! He felt a little guilty about how much Steve’s scent was calming him, but he let that go as he nuzzled his nose into the collar that smells heavily of Steve as it brushes against his scent glands all day.

    Finally, Happy pulled upright by Bucky’s building and parked. As Bucky got ready to get out of the car, Happy stopped him.

    “Sorry, Mr. Barnes, but Captain Rogers made me promise to ensure that you get to your apartment undisturbed.” came Happy’s response.

    Bucky nodded and got out of the car when Happy held the door open for him. He got his keys out and unlocked the front door. Luckily, it seemed like the universe wasn’t entirely out to get him, and the elevator was working. Bucky and Happy got onto the elevator, and Bucky pressed the button for the fourth floor. Bucky and Happy had met in the past, so it wasn’t awkward silence as they took the elevator to Bucky’s floor. Once they exited the elevator, Bucky made his way to his apartment door and unlocked it.

    He turned to Happy, “Thank you, Happy, I really appreciate you looking out for me.”

    The beta replied, “Of course, Mr. Barnes, it’s not a problem at all. Don’t let Mr. Stark know, but you are one of his favorites, and he’d never want anything to happen to you.”

    Bucky smiled and went inside. He locked the door and got his phone out to text Steve. He pulled up his contact and changed his name from Steve Rogers.

    Bucky Barnes: Hey Steve, I’m home!

    Stevie ❤️🤍💙: Thank you for letting me know you’re safe!

    Bucky Barnes: Thank you for looking out for me.

    Stevie ❤️🤍💙: Anytime, Buck.

    Bucky felt his heart warm a bit from the exchange. He tried not to let his brain dream about being compatible with him. It would just hurt his heart to go down that road. Even if it did make sense, he had heard of people having their heats or ruts triggered by meeting someone they are highly compatible with, but True Mates? That just seemed to be a bit too far.

    Bucky was starting to feel the urge to nest, so he headed to his bedroom to change. Reluctantly, he took off Steve’s jacket so that he could change into comfy sweatpants and a super soft t-shirt. He wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but he put the jacket right back on. He started to gather the extra pillows from his couch and the blankets that he had. He pilled the pillows and cushions up to build the walls of the nest. He grabbed his extra sheets and blankets and got to work. Almost as soon as he was done, he heard a knock at the door. He very carefully approached and grabbed the baseball bat he keeps by his door. He checked the peephole and was relieved to see that it was just Becca. He unlocked the door and let her in.

    “Hey, B. You feeling it yet?” she said as she came in with the groceries. He made sure to lock the door behind her and went to the kitchen to help her.

    “Yeah. It just sucks since this came completely out of nowhere.” was his response.

    Becca was officially his favorite sister. She had gotten him all these ready-to-eat snacks and foods. Cut up meats and cheeses, cut up veggies and dip, cut up apples with caramel for his sweet tooth, chocolates in case he wanted more sugar, and everything else that an omega needs when they go into heat, especially if they are going to ride it out solo.

    “Thank you, Becs. I really appreciate it,” he said right as they were finishing up.

    “You’re my brother, I’d do anything for you, and I know you wouldn’t have wanted to call mom.”

    “God no, that would be the worst.” he scowled as he replied.

    “Yeah, I’m getting goosebumps thinking of it. Hey, where’d you get that jacket,” she said.

    Bucky groaned as he looked down. He had completely forgotten about the jacket and how much it was soothing him. “It’s Steves. He gave it to me to go home in to make sure that no one would bother me.”

    She eyed him strangely, “Did you give any thought to what I said? He seems like a really good guy from what you’ve told me. Plus, the timeline makes a lot of sense.”

    Bucky stared her down, “It just seems unlikely, Becs, but yeah, he is definitely one of the good ones.” That seemed to make Becca smile.

    “Ok, I’ll get out of your hair, but don’t feel afraid to reach out to me if you need anything. I love you, B.” She came over and hugged him.

    “Love you too.” He walked her out and made sure to close and lock the door behind her.

    Bucky couldn’t deny that his brain kept going back to being compatible, but he couldn’t deny the comfort that Steve’s scent brought him. Again, most alphas, especially unbonded ones, had scents that upset Bucky, but not Steve’s. Steve’s scent was like a warm blanket that settled all of Bucky’s nerves. But this small piece of his brain kept saying that he wasn’t worthy and that he didn’t deserve Steve. But every time he thought this, he got another whiff of Steve and settled back down.

    Bucky got some of his snacks and a couple water bottles out of the fridge and put them on his nightstand. He could feel the low throb of arousal that started to form that told him that his heat would be starting soon. Bucky grabbed his favorite toys out of his nightstand and took them to the bathroom to wash them. He looked at the shower, he knew he should shower, but he didn’t want to wash off the scent of Steve as crazy as it sounds.

    After drying off the toys, he placed them on his other nightstand and lay down. He knew he should get as much sleep as possible before his heat fully started. The last thoughts he had before he drifted off we of strong arms, blond hair, and a smile he couldn’t forget.


    When Bucky woke up again, he felt like he was on fire, and all he could feel was a need to be filled and knotted. He whined and turned onto his stomach quickly. He took off the jacket and set it down near his head. He practically threw off his shirt and his sweatpants which were absolutely drenched in slick. Bucky shoved his face into the jacket and whined in the hope that his alpha would hear him.

    Impatiently he shoved two fingers into his hole that was aching to be filled. Those two fingers went in without any resistance. He put in another and aimed for his sweet spot. He whined once he hit it and kept rubbing at his prostate. After not much effort, he came all over his sheets.

    Now that some of the intense desire was gone, he was able to get up and grab one of his toys. Luckily it was one of his favorites, a large 8-inch knotting dildo in bright purple. Usually, he’d ease himself into it a bit and tease himself, but he was in heat, so he went at it. He shoved the dildo in him and started riding it and riding it hard. He was whimpering and whining and crying out from pleasure.

    All he could think about was blond hair, blue eyes, and strong muscles holding him down and fucking him until he could feel it in his throat. Bucky wanted his alpha so bad, but he had to make do with his favorite toy. He changed the angle so that he could hit his prostate straight on. It was just the right angle. He grabbed onto his dick with his other hand and started jerking off. He could feel the pleasure building up, and he came hard. He inflated the knot, and he fell face forward into his alpha’s jacket. Now that he was filled, he was able to allow himself to drift off into sleep again.


    Finally, Bucky was through the worst part of his heat. He was able to take a shower and get most of the grossness, slick, and leftover come off of his body. The omega changed into a pair of sweatpants and Steve’s jacket. He was getting ready to order some takeout to finally eat some actual food when he heard a knock at the door. Suspicious about who was there, he looked through the peephole, and he saw a delivery person.

    Confused, he spoke to them through the door, “Can I help you?”

    The person spoke up, “I have a delivery for a James Barnes.”

    He knows that he didn’t order anything. “I haven’t ordered anything.”

    “It says here that it was sent by a Steven G. Rogers? I’m sorry, that’s all the information I have.” came the response.

    Bucky felt his heart flutter a bit when he heard who sent it. He opened the door. “Thank you.” Bucky took the box from them.

    “You have a good day, sir!” replied the delivery person before stepping away. Bucky closed and locked the door. He brought the box into his kitchen and opened it. Inside was a bunch of fresh fruit, chocolate and caramel dip, mixed nuts, and chocolates. There was a note inside,

    ‘Hey, Buck. I hope you’re doing well. I can’t wait to see you when you get back! Yours, Steve’

    Bucky couldn’t keep the smile off of his face, he grabbed his phone.

    Bucky Barnes: I can’t believe you sent me this!!

    Stevie ❤️🤍💙: Was it too much?

    Bucky Barnes: No! Thank you so much.

    Bucky Barnes: This is the nicest thing someone has ever done for me 🥰

    Stevie ❤️🤍💙: I’m glad you liked it, Buck.

    Bucky couldn’t keep the butterflies away each time that he heard Steve refer to him as Buck. There was something so special about Steve Rogers, and Bucky looked forward to getting to know him better.

    #stucky#steve rogers #captain america steve rogers x modern bucky barnes #modern bucky barnes #captain america steve rogers #bucky barnes #alpha steve rogers #omega bucky barnes #a/b/o dynamics#Winter Soldier#Daddy Kink #Don't worry daddy kink is coming #True Mates
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  • falcqns
    16.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #mcu bucky barnes #bucky barnes smut #bucky barnes angst #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barns fanfiction #steve rogersxreader #steve rogers rp #steve rogers x bucky barnes #steve x bucky #steve rogers#stucky rp #stucky x reader #stucky x y/n #stucky x you #daddy!steve rogers x little!reader #daddy!steve x little!bucky #daddy!steve rogers x little!bucky barnes #daddy!steve rogers x little!bucky #daddy!steve rogers #little!reader #little!bucky
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  • stevesbestgirl
    16.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Their Girl - Part 3

    Soft!Dark!Daddy!Stucky x Little!F!Reader

    8715 Words

    Warnings: kidnapping, references to drugging, mean Wanda, separation anxiety


    The next morning, you woke up sweating from that same nightmare. The shattering of the glass on the apartment floor woke you with a start. No longer in little space, at least for a limited time, you felt disgusted at the comfort you’d taken in being sandwiched between the two men- in between your kidnappers. You didn’t want to be comforted by them.

    Climbing carefully out of the bed, you were intent on getting a few moments to yourself before you regressed again, knowing it was inevitable. Slipping into the bedroom you’d been locked in still made you shiver.

    Kneeling on the plush carpet, you picked up the stuffed bunny from yesterday, brushing your fingers over the soft fur. You traced the line of the embroidered mouth, the velvety nose, the hard plastic of the eyes. Sinking into the carpet, you buried your face in the toy, trying to compose yourself. But you kept circling back in your head to what you could have done that had led you here. Why had they chosen you?

    “Sweetheart?” Steve’s voice drifted in through the open door.

    You scrambled up from the carpet, hoping your face wasn’t wet, “Papa?”

    “What are you doing on the floor?” He came in and crouched in front of you.

    You showed him the toy, “Wanted my bunny.”

    He brushed his thumb over your chin, his thumb coming away wet, “What’s wrong?”

    The soft tone of his voice and the pet names pulled at the frayed edges of your consciousness and you didn’t fight it this time, “Had a bad dream.”

    His brow furrowed, “Why didn’t you wake me, sweets? Or Daddy?”

    “Didn’t wanna make you grumpy.”

    “Sweetness, I wouldn’t be grumpy at you.” He gathered you up in his arms and stood, “C’mon back to bed and tell me about it.”

    You leaned into his chest, “Don’t ‘member. Just made me scared.”

    Setting you back in your place in the middle of the bed, he murmured, “We’ll make you feel better.”

    “Everything okay?” Bucky’s voice was laced with sleep, his words scratchy and slurred.

    “Just a bad dream,” Steve said, climbing in beside you. “But we’ve got our bunny and we’re back.”

    He slid over close, laying on his side and opening his arms for you to burrow into his chest, your bunny clutched up to your neck. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders, stroking your hair.

    Bucky wrapped his arm around your waist, moving closer, “Don’t be leaving Daddy out.” Untangling one of your hands from your bunny, you rested it on top of Bucky’s. In response, he moved his on top, lacing his fingers through yours, “There’s my girl.”

    Breathing deeply, you felt better. You had nothing to be afraid of; your daddies would keep you safe. Your breathing evened slowly and your eyes fell closed as you enjoyed the warmth and security of the two men.

    “That wasn’t so bad,” Bucky murmured low.

    “No,” Steve agreed, voice barely above a whisper. “But I don’t think we’re there yet.”

    “She feels safe. It’s only a matter of time before she stops fighting.”

    “Just keep an eye on her. We can’t get excited yet.”

    Bucky chuckled, “We both know it’s too late for that.”

    Steve hummed, the sound vibrating his chest as he pressed a kiss to the top of your head. A sleepy groan slipped from your lips as you pressed your forehead to Steve’s chest.

    When your eyes fluttered open again, Steve was gone. A soft whimper bubbled up from your chest, prompting Bucky’s arm to tighten around your waist, “You awake, babydoll?”

    Your voice came out in a whine, “Where did Papa go?”

    Bucky chuckled, “He’s out on his run. He’ll be back, don’t worry.”

    You twisted around so you could nuzzle into his neck, “He was s’posed to cuddle.”

    Bucky laughed, “He did, doll. You fell asleep. But you can yell at him when he comes back. What do you say we make some breakfast?”

    You peeped a pouty eye open, “Can we have pancakes?”

    A grin spread over his lips, “Maybe if you ask nice and give me a little kiss, I’ll see what I can do.”

    Wiggling up to his level, you softly kissed his cheek, “Please, Daddy?”

    He brushed his nose over yours, “That’s more like it.”

    Clamoring out of bed, you tugged at his hand, “C’mon, Daddy!”

    He chuckled, allowing himself to be pulled out of bed before scooping you up and carrying you to the kitchen. He deposited you on the island, “Wait here while I get the stuff out, okay?”

    You nodded seriously, watching him gather the equipment. He put the pan on the stove and handed you a plastic bowl before grabbing a measuring cup and whisk.

    When he finally began measuring, you asked, “Can I stir it, Daddy?”

    “You sure, doll? That’s the most important job.”

    “I can do it, I promise!”

    “Alright, I trust you,” he conceded, moving the bowl from your lap to the countertop before pouring the mix in, “What kind of pancakes do you want, princess?”

    Your eyes lit up, “Do you have chocolate chips?”

    He hummed, tapping his chin, “Maybe.” He handed you the whisk, “You start mixing and I’ll see what we’ve got.”

    You started mixing, focused on not spilling while Bucky rifled through the cupboard. Sauntering back over, he kept one hand behind his back, “Good job, babydoll, don’t mix too much.”

    Pausing, you looked at him, “Did you have ‘em?”

    He half-smiled, “Close your eyes.” You did as he asked. “And,” there was a crinkling sound, “Open.”

    You parted your lips and he slid a chocolate chip onto your tongue, the smooth, sweet flavor melting onto your taste buds. Beaming, you opened your eyes as Bucky popped one in his own mouth with a grin before pecking you softly on the lips.

    It caught you off guard, just as it had with Steve the day before, but you decided you didn’t dislike it. Reaching for him, you said, “Want more, Daddy.”

    He raised an eyebrow, “More chocolate or more kisses?” You felt your cheeks grow hot under his gaze as you twisted your fingers together. He gasped in exaggerated realization, “You want more kisses?”

    Shyly, you nodded, looking down at your hands in your lap until Bucky pulled you into his arms, peppering your face with little kisses. His lips were soft on your forehead, your nose, your cheeks, your chin, and finally, one more on your lips.

    You squealed in surprise, giggling wildly, only quieting when he pulled back, grinning, “Like that, doll?”

    You nodded, “Uh-huh.”

    Your stomach growled audibly and he set you down, “Alright, alright, I can take a hint, I’m going.

    “Can I help cook?” You watched as he turned on the stovetop.

    “Not this part, babydoll. The stove will be hot.” Seeing your crestfallen expression, he added, “Can you get the syrup out for me? Right in the fridge.”

    Nodding, you ran over and scanned the fridge. The shelves were lined with water bottles and sports drinks. Different kinds of juice and a half-gallon of milk occupied the second shelf. Little containers of strawberries and blueberries rested on the very top shelf.

    You glanced at Bucky; he was watching you, eyebrow cocked, “No snacks, doll. Breakfast will just be a couple minutes.” You grabbed the syrup from the door and hastily set it on the counter, watching Bucky cook until the front door rattled.

    “Papa’s back!” You ran into the living room just as Steve walked in. Crossing your arms, you pouted as he removed his running shoes and put them on the shoe rack, trading out for his loafers.

    Finally, he glanced up, brow furrowing, “Hey sweets- what’s the matter?”

    “Papa, you were s’posed to cuddle me this morning!”

    “But I did, sweetheart.” He tousled your hair, “You fell asleep.”

    “But I need cuddles while I sleep or the bad dreams will get me,” you insisted.

    “Is that right?” You nodded. “Well, you still had Daddy this morning. Did he keep you safe?”

    “Yeah,” you admitted. “But I wanted you too.”

    He kissed your forehead, “I’m sorry. We can cuddle after breakfast, okay?” Biting your lip, you nodded again. He knelt, “What are we having? Smells good.”

    Cheering, you chirped, “Daddy’s making pancakes!”

    “You like pancakes, sweetheart?”

    You grinned, “Yeah!”

    He gave you a little nudge toward the kitchen, “You’d better go keep an eye on Daddy then. Make sure he doesn’t eat ‘em all before I get cleaned up, okay?”

    “Okay!” You scurried back into the kitchen, “No eating all the pancakes, Daddy!”

    “Alright, I won’t!” He glanced over his shoulder as Steve passed through the kitchen, “You did say you wanted clingy, didn’t you Stevie?”

    “I’m not complaining,” Steve hummed, brushing a hand over your shoulders as he passed.

    “Good. You got five before breakfast is ready.”

    You watched as Bucky finished cooking, sliding the last pancake onto a plate and shuffling them over to the table. Scooping you up, he settled you into the boosted seat, clipping the tray on once you were seated.

    “What do you want to drink, princess?”

    You blurted out the first thing that came to mind, “Chocolate milk!”

    Bucky chuckled, “I don’t think we have that.” He kissed your cheek and made his way to the fridge, “Besides, I think you’ll be sweet enough with those pancakes. How about some orange juice?” You nodded hesitantly and he brought the juice over, “Next time I go shopping, I’ll try to get some chocolate milk, okay?”


    “If you behave yourself,” he smirked.

    “I will!”

    He glanced down the hallway before cutting up your food, “You gonna eat Papa’s breakfast for him? He’s late.”

    “No, Daddy! We can’t!”

    “I’m glad one of you is loyal to me,” Steve scoffed, emerging with damp hair and clean clothes.

    Bucky only grinned as they sat down. Spearing a chunk of pancake on the small plastic fork, he held it out to you, “You wanna try first, doll?”

    Nodding, you leaned in and opened your mouth, allowing him to feed you. Humming, you wriggled in your seat as you chewed the sweet and fluffy cake.


    “Uh-huh!” Holding out a hand, you reached for the fork, “Can I, Daddy?”

    He puffed his lower lip out in an exaggerated pout, “You don’t want me to feed you, baby?”

    “Don’t wan’ your food t’get cold, Daddy. You gotta eat too.”

    Steve squeezed your leg from your other side, “What a sweet girl we got, Buck.”

    You beamed at Steve, cheeks warming under his praise. Bucky conceded, handing over the fork, which you quickly used to eat another bite. You offered the next bite to Steve, “You wanna try, Papa? ‘S really yummy.”

    Steve chuckled, “Those are too sweet for me, angel. You’re all the sugar I need.”

    “Okay,” you bit your lip. “Whatta ‘bout you, Daddy? You wanna try?”

    Bucky smiled, “Sure, princess.” He opened wide and you carefully fed him a piece of pancake from your fork. He hummed as he chewed, “I did a pretty good job, huh?”

    You nodded, “Uh-huh. Thank you, Daddy.”

    You beamed at him and Bucky smiled, “No problem, babydoll.”

    Steve watched the interaction, looking like he regretted his answer. But you were too focused on your breakfast to notice.

    Once you were finished, you set down your fork, reaching for Steve, “Time for cuddles?”

    “Whoa, watch those sticky fingers, sweetheart,” Steve chuckled, dodging your grasp. “Let’s get you cleaned up first, hm?”

    Glancing down at your hands, you could see the syrup dotting your skin. You nodded, “Okay.”

    Unclipping the tray from your seat, he pulled you out, careful to grab under your arms and avoid the syrup, “We’ll get you all cleaned up and then we’ll cuddle all morning, okay?”

    “You promise?”


    “Even if I fall asleep?” you pouted.

    He laughed, setting you down and starting the tap, pausing to pour some bubble bath in,  “Why, you feeling sleepy already?”

    “Cuddles make me sleepy, Papa.”

    “Yeah? How come?” He knelt, resting his hands on your hips. You shrugged and he smiled, “Is it because your daddies make you feel comfy and safe?”

    Nodding, you added, “And warm.”

    He kissed the top of your head, “I’m glad you feel that way, sweetness.” Hooking his fingers under the hem of your nightdress, he made to take it off, but your own hands were suddenly clutching the hem, embarrassed. “What’s wrong?” he asked, brow furrowing.

    Fisting your hands in the silky material, you mumbled, “‘M shy, Papa.”

    “Sweetheart, you have to get undressed to get clean,” he insisted, draping his large hand over your fist. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed of.”

    “Don’t wanna,” you whimpered.

    “You did it for Daddy yesterday,” he pointed out.

    You chewed your lip; he was right. You weren’t sure why you felt so shy.

    “Something wrong?” Bucky’s voice drifted into the bathroom and you glanced over your shoulder to find him leaning on the door frame.

    “I’ve got it, Buck,” Steve said firmly. He knelt, gazing up at you imploringly, “Angel, please be a good girl for me? I don’t wanna have to-”

    “Steve,” Bucky warned.

    “What?” Steve huffed. “Can you butt out? She already likes you better.”

    Your brow furrowed as Bucky retorted, “Threatening her with punishment isn’t going to make her trust you.”

    “Because you know everything, right?”

    “I didn’t say-”

    “I like Papa too,” you tried to be heard over the bickering, your voice echoing off the tiles. Your lip trembled as they both quieted, gazes landing on you, “‘M sorry, Papa, I didn’t mean t’ make you sad.” You sniffled, growing teary-eyed, “I’ll be good for you, please don’t be mad.”

    One look at your tear-filled eyes and his annoyance evaporated, “You don’t have to be scared of me, baby.” He brushed a stray tear from your cheek, “I just want you to trust me like you do Daddy.”

    “Papa is scary when he’s mad,” you admitted, avoiding Steve’s gaze. “Hurt my arm.” Unconsciously, you brushed your still sticky fingers over the place where he’d grabbed you.

    No longer concerned about getting sticky, he ran his fingers over the spot, lips pressing together at the faint, yellow remnant of a bruise. “I-” He ran a hand through his still damp hair, “I’m sorry.”

    You chewed your lip anxiously, twisting your fingers together as you watched him wrestle with his words.

    “I got scared when you disappeared,” he finally admitted. “It hurt my feelings that my baby wanted to leave me, so I was mad. I shouldn’t have grabbed your arm and I’m sad that I hurt my girl. I’m supposed to keep you safe, sweetheart, and I’m gonna do a better job, alright?”

    You nodded, “You keep me safe from bad dreams.”

    He half-smiled, “Yeah.”

    “No more punishment?” you asked hopefully.

    “I hope not,” he murmured, kissing your forehead. “But I’m gonna keep my temper, okay? Promise.”

    You nodded, “Okay.”

    He brushed the hem of your nightdress again, “Can I give you a bath, sweetness?”

    You hesitated for a second, but ultimately nodded, allowing him to pull the dress over your head. Satisfied that things weren’t going to escalate, Bucky disappeared from the doorway. Turning the water off in the tub, Steve brushed your arm with his thumb, “Ready?”

    Your cheeks were hot, but you nodded again and he hoisted you into the tub, where you were grateful for the cover of bubbles.

    “There, not so bad, huh?” He rolled up his sleeves and settled in on the floor, resting his elbows on the edge of the tub, “Is the water okay, sweetness?”

    “Uh-huh.” It was pleasantly warm but not too hot, but your cheeks still burned at the soft smile on his lips as he gazed at you.

    “You want some toys or something, baby?” He seemed eager to please now that you’d reassured him that you did like him.

    You were still feeling shy, but that piqued your interest, “What kind of toys?”

    He pulled a basket from under the sink offering you a couple of rubber ducks and small wind-up toys. He cranked the key on one that looked like a fish and dropped it into the tub, where its fins fluttered, propelling it through the water.

    You squealed, twisting around to watch its progress and hastily moving away as it bumped the side of the tub and swam toward you.

    “Whoa, careful!” Steve chuckled, wiping water from his cheek. “I already had a shower.”

    You glanced at him, suddenly wary of the way you’d splashed, “You’re not mad?”

    He poured warm water over your head, taking care to block your face, “Nope, not mad. Let’s get you washed up and then you can play, okay?”

    You agreed and he scrubbed shampoo into your hair with a softness that seemed intent on proving he could be gentle. His rough hands combed through, the pads of his fingers brushing around your face to keep the soap away from your eyes. Closing your eyes, you hummed at the soothing sensation, leaning into his touch.

    “You like having your hair washed, sweetness?” You hummed your approval, only opening your eyes once he’d washed the soap away. Squirting some body wash onto a washcloth, he tipped your chin up, “Can you stand up for me, sweets?”

    You paused; that meant leaving the cover of water and bubbles that you’d grown comfortable under. But he was looking at you so hopefully; you didn’t want to make him sad again. Your voice was barely audible, but you murmured an okay and slowly stood, accepting Steve’s hand for balance.

    “There’s my good girl,” he cooed, wiping the cloth over your skin with deliberate care. You held your hands in front of you, trying to block part of your exposed skin, but he either didn’t notice or didn’t mind. “There, all done. You want to play for a few minutes?” He pulled the fish toy from the water and rewound the key before dropping it back in the water.

    Your eyes followed the toy as it puttered around the tub for a minute before turning your gaze to Steve, “Cuddles now?” Standing up and feeling exposed had spoiled some of the fun of the bath and you were ready to be dressed again.

    His expression flickered, “You don’t wanna play, sweetheart?” You shook your head. “Alright, let’s get you dried off then.” He pulled the plug and dried you off, covertly ignoring the darkening of your cheeks.

    Wrapping the towel around you and flipping the hood over your head, you hoisted you up onto his hip and crossed the hall to the bedroom. He didn’t seem to notice the way you tensed as you crossed the threshold, already intent on picking your outfit.

    Pulling out a frilly blouse and a skirt, he held them up, “What do you think?” You nodded quickly; you’d agree to whatever he wanted you to wear if it meant you could be dressed and out of this room.

    Once you were clothed, he kissed your forehead, “I forgot the comb in the bathroom, I’ll be right back, alright sweets?”

    The whimper that left your throat was fearful and desperate: you bolted after him, grabbing him and clinging on. You didn’t want to be left alone here.

    “What’s the matter?”

    You glanced over your shoulder at the brightly-lit pastel walls, “Scared, Papa.”

    His brow furrowed, “What are you scared of?”

    You swallowed the lump in your throat, “Don’t leave me all alone.” You tightened your grip around him, burying your face in his side.

    He still sounded confused, but he agreed, “Okay baby, I won’t leave you alone.”

    He allowed you to trail after him into the bathroom, where he combed your hair and sent you out to the living room to wait for him. Skittering down the hallway, past the open doorway, you heard music drifting out from the living room.

    You’d barely walked into the room when Bucky scooped you up, swaying softly to the music with you on his hip, “Look at you babydoll, all clean and dressed up pretty. Were you good for Papa?”

    You nodded, “Yes, Daddy.”

    “That’s my good girl. You wanna dance with me?”

    Before you could answer, he spun in a quick circle, dipping you down a little and pulling a laugh from you. He rocked you back and forth on his hip, holding one of your hands in his as he danced around the living room.

    “You stealing my cuddles, Buck?” Steve’s voice rang out as he strode down the hallway.

    “Wouldn’t dream of it, Stevie. Just teaching our girl how to dance,” Bucky grinned. He offered Steve the hand that had been clutching yours, “You wanna join?”

    Steve laughed, accepting Bucky’s outstretched hand. Bucky pulled him in and Steve wrapped his other arm around Bucky, sandwiching you between the two of them as they swayed to the music. Leaning your head on Bucky’s shoulder, you watched them share a meaningful look before Steve leaned in for a kiss.

    You jumped as a robotic voice spoke overhead, “Captain Rogers and Sergeant Barnes, Mr. Stark requests your presence in the briefing room.”

    Neither Steve nor Bucky looked as surprised as you expected, but they did look annoyed.

    “I thought we told him to disable that damn speaker,” Bucky growled.

    “We did.” Steve glared at the ceiling, “F.R.I.D.A.Y., kindly remind Tony that we’re not available. We filled out all of the ridiculous paperwork for family leave.”

    There was only a few seconds pause before the speaker replied, “My apologies Captain, but Mr. Stark said it was urgent. He asked me to relay the name ‘Batroc’.”

    Steve’s jaw tightened and he and Bucky shared another look, this one far less romantic.

    “Steve, we can’t go on a mission right now,” Bucky implored. “Someone else will have to go.”

    “I have to go, Buck. If something goes wrong and they lose his trail, you know I’ll never forgive myself.”

    “We can’t leave her, we’re all just getting adjusted-”

    “You stay and I’ll go-”

    “Like hell you’re going without me,” Bucky interrupted. Your heart was beating quickly listening to them; they were going to leave you alone?

    “Let’s just go and talk to Tony, maybe it’s just a debriefing.”

    Bucky nodded, “I’ve gotta change, I’ll be right back.” He handed you over to Steve and disappeared down the hallway.

    “Angel, you’re gonna go to Natasha and Wanda’s for a little bit okay?”

    Your voice wavered, “What about cuddles?”

    His face fell, “Just for a few minutes, okay? I promise, when we come back, we’ll cuddle, just like I said.”

    “I don’t wan’ you t’go,” you sniffled. “You promised.”

    “I know, baby, I know. I don’t wanna go either, but I’ve got to keep you safe. And you’ll have fun with Nat and Wanda.” He patted your butt softly, “C’mon, we’ll pick out a toy to bring over, okay?”

    Burying your face in his shoulder, you allowed him to bring you back into the bedroom, the despair pooling in your gut surpassing your fear of the bedroom.

    He held up a baby doll, “How about this?” You shook your head and he swapped out for a plush elephant. “This one?”

    You shook your head again, picking up the pink dog Wanda had given you, “This one.” You glanced at the box of crayons on the shelf, “Does Wanda have crayons?”

    “I’m sure she does, sweetheart.”

    You fixed your gaze on him, “Papa, can I come with you instead?”

    He pulled you into a hug, “I’m sorry, sweetness, but we can’t take you with us. But hopefully we’ll be back in less than an hour.”

    “Do you promise?”

    He sighed, “I can’t promise that, but I’ll try my best, okay?”

    You nodded and Bucky poked his head in the doorway, “Are we ready?”

    “Ready as we’ll ever be.” Steve scooped you up, “You talk to Nat?”

    “Yeah, she’s good to watch her.”

    They left the apartment and you gazed around the hallway. You hadn’t gotten a good look the last time you were outside the apartment, but it looked mostly like a normal apartment building, aside from the keypads outside each door. Walking only two doors down, Steve set you down and both he and Bucky knelt, each one holding one of your hands.

    “I know you’re nervous, doll, but don’t worry. Nat’s gonna take good care of you until we come back. She and Wanda are nice, so be good for them, okay?”

    “Okay,” you agreed, voice wobbly.

    Steve knocked on the door sharply, keeping his eyes on you, “If you’re a good girl, we’ll see about a reward, alright? Maybe some ice cream?”

    You nodded just as the door opened, revealing Natasha, “Hi boys. Hey little dove.” She met your eyes when she spoke to you and you buried your face in Steve’s shoulder.

    “Hi Nat. Thanks for helping us out so short notice,” Steve rubbed your back. Bucky nodded his agreement.

    “No problem, I know how it is. She’s in good hands.”

    Steve gave you a quick squeeze, “Alright, sweetheart. It’s time.” He set you down and kissed your forehead.

    Bucky kissed your nose, “We’ll be back soon, babydoll.” You threw your arms around his neck with a whimper and he hugged you tightly, “It’ll go by fast.”

    Bucky carefully untangled himself from your grasp and Steve gave you a little nudge toward Nat, “We’ll see you as soon as we can.”

    Nat brushed her fingers over your shoulder and your lip trembled as they walked away. “Come on, little dove, we’ll have a good time while we wait for them.” She steered you inside, where Wanda was sprawled out on the couch with a game in her hands.

    “Wanda, put that away, we’ve got company,” Nat said firmly.

    “One minute, I’m almost done,” Wanda insisted.

    Nat was about to reprimand her, but she caught sight of the way you were craning your neck to see what Wanda was playing, “Fine, why don’t you show Y/N your game then?”

    Wanda looked over her shoulder and beamed, “You wanna see my island?” Nodding hesitantly, you left Natasha’s side to climb up on the couch next to Wanda, peeking at the screen. “That’s me, and the mouse is Bella- she’s my favorite. I even got her photo in my house- let me show you!”

    She gave you a tour of her house, which was stuffed full of furniture and decorations. Then she showed you her whole island and all of her villagers and her collection of fish and bugs in the museum.

    Plucking up your courage, you asked, “Can I try?”


    “Wanda, if you can’t share, we’ll put the game away,” Nat piped up. She was in an armchair, reading a book, but it was obvious she was listening carefully.

    “Okay,” Wanda ceded reluctantly. “Just don’t mess up the flowers, okay? I’m trying to get gold roses.”

    “I won’t,” you promised. “I just wanna catch a butterfly.”

    You fumbled with the controls for a second and Wanda piped up, “You have to get the net out first. Here, let me show you.”

    “Wait, I can do it-”

    “Girls, maybe we should find something you can both do, hm?” Nat closed her book and approached, her hand out for the game.

    Your face fell, “B-but, I-” Your protest dissolved into stammering with Nat’s gaze on you. You put the game in her hand.

    “Thank you, dove. You’ll get the chance to try the game, I’ll make sure, alright?” You nodded, avoiding her gaze. “What do you girls want to do?”

    Wanda crossed her arms in a pout, “I wanted to play. It’s my game time.”

    “You can play later, Wan. The schedule is a little different today,” Nat said smoothly. “What about you, little dove, what do you want to do?”

    You glanced at Wanda, “Do you have coloring books?”

    She nodded, “Yeah, a whole bunch.”

    “Why don’t you go grab a couple, Wan, and we’ll pick a movie?”

    “Okay, Mommy.” Wanda scampered off down the hall and Nat flipped the TV on.

    “Sorry dovey, Wanda is still working on her sharing. What do you like to watch?” You bit your lip; now that she’d asked, you couldn’t remember any of the things you liked. She chuckled, “Let’s take a look.”

    She flipped through the list of movies on the TV and Wanda returned with two coloring books in hand, plopping down on the couch next to Nat, “Oh, Mommy, can we watch that one?”

    “Y/N is going to choose this time, poppet. You can pick next time.”

    “That one is good,” you said quickly, eager to take the pressure of choosing off.

    “Are you sure?” You nodded and she selected the movie Wanda had chosen. “Wan, why don’t you let Y/N choose which coloring book she wants first. That would be nice of you.”

    Wanda glanced at the books before holding them out, but she held one significantly closer to you than the other. You accepted the one she was basically already handing you, watching nervously as Nat narrowed her eyes at Wanda.

    She turned her attention back to you, softening, “Is that the one you wanted?” You nodded, unwilling to disagree. Nat stifled a sigh, rising, “I’ll get you something to drink, alright dove? You want some juice?”

    “Yes, please,” you squeaked.

    “Mommy, mine is almost gone, can I have some more?” Wanda called after her.

    “Sure Wan, bring your cup out,” Nat replied from the kitchen.

    You watched the movie opening while they were in the kitchen, which seemed to take a little longer than you expected. When they came back, Wanda’s mood seemed a little more somber and Natasha handed you a sippy cup.

    You glanced at her, “No fuzzies?”

    Her brow furrowed, “What?”

    Cheeks burning, you dismissed it with a shake of your head, taking a tentative sip. You breathed a sigh of relief; it was only juice.

    You began coloring and watched the movie in small intervals. Natasha played with your hair, scratching your head with her fingernails. Eventually, the panic in your belly began to subside and you felt a little more at ease. You would feel better once your daddies were back, but you weren’t so afraid now.

    Still, your heart leapt when there was a knock at the door. Natasha rose to answer it and you trailed after her, abandoning your coloring book on the couch. She opened the door and the moment you caught a glimpse of Steve and Bucky, you darted out, throwing your arms around Steve.

    Steve caught you, lifting you off your feet in a hug, “There’s our girl. How was she?” Bucky leaned in to kiss your forehead and you reached for him. He chuckled, accepting as Steve handed you over.

    Nat smiled as you nuzzled Bucky’s shoulder, “She was perfect.”

    “Great. Could we ask for another favor?” Steve grimaced. You picked your head up, gazing at Bucky curiously.

    Nat leaned against the doorway, “What’s up?”

    “We have to go out of town. Tonight.” Steve looked increasingly guilty as you stared between the two of them.

    “It’s just tonight, doll,” Bucky murmured.

    “She can stay, it’s no problem,” Nat nodded.

    “Great. We’ll go home and get some stuff packed and be back soon,” Bucky promised.

    They shuffled away from Nat’s door and you fearfully asked, “Are we goin’ home?”

    “Just for a couple minutes, babydoll,” Bucky said. “You’re gonna stay with Nat and Wanda for the night.”

    “B-but, I wanna stay with you,” you sniffled.

    Steve looked guilty as he opened the door to their apartment, “We know, but we have to work, sweetheart.”

    “Didn’t you have a nice time with Nat and Wanda?” Bucky asked, rubbing your back.

    “I d-don’t wan’ you t’go.” Your tears spilled over as you clung tightly to Bucky.

    “We don’t want to go either,” Steve said, looking pained. “But we’ll be back tomorrow.”

    You looked at him with pleading eyes, “W-what about our cuddles, Papa? You promised.”

    Guilt washed over his face, “I know sweetness, but I’ll make it up to you. When we come back, we’ll spend the whole day together. We’ll have snacks and watch cartoons- all three of us.”

    Bucky set you down and disappeared down the hallway, while you immediately latched onto Steve, “You can’t break a promise- you can’t. ‘N I’m scared to sleep without you. What about the bad dreams?”

    “Auntie Nat will keep you safe; she’s just as tough as me and Daddy,” Steve insisted. His brow was furrowed and he looked entirely miserable. “I’m sorry, baby. I know it’s hard on you right now.”

    You let out a wail, realizing that no amount of guilt was going to change things. Releasing your hold on Steve, you sat on the floor, your shoulders heaving with sobs. “Hey, hey,” Steve cooed, picking you back up and holding you tight to him. “It’s gonna be alright, angel. We’ll be back before you know it.” He rubbed your back and swayed from side to side, but you were inconsolable, crying into the side of his neck.

    Bucky returned, clutching a black duffel back and a red backpack with flowers on it, “I packed her clothes and more stuffies. I got her toothbrush, paci, and one of my shirts to sleep in.”


    His voice was pleading, but Bucky interrupted, “I’m not letting you go after Batroc alone, Steve. No.”

    “How are we supposed to leave her like this?”

    “Here, I got her.” Bucky held his arms out and Steve handed you over, “You go pack your things.” You wrapped your arms around Bucky’s neck, dissolving into hiccups as tears dripped from your chin. “Alright, doll, I need you to listen to me.”

    He sat down on the sofa and pulled you back so you were facing him, “Papa and I don’t want to leave, but we have to. No amount of crying will change that. We’re sad too, but you’ll be safe with Natasha and Wanda will keep you company. I need you to be a big girl for us and be good for Nat while we’re gone. And when we get back, we’ll order pizza and eat ice cream and watch cartoons in our pajamas all day, okay? Does that sound good?”

    You nodded and he wiped your cheeks, “I need you to talk to me, babydoll. Does that sound good?”

    You sniffled, “Y-yes.”

    “Okay, so we’ve got a deal.”

    You wrapped your arms back around his neck and breathed deeply, inhaling the scent of pine that lingered on his skin. It helped you calm down a little bit, though you still felt nervous. When Steve returned with his own duffel bag, he looked a little relieved that you were no longer sobbing.

    He dropped his bag on the floor by the door and sat down on the couch next to you and Bucky, “Feeling better, sweetheart?” Biting your lip, you shook your head no, releasing your grip on Bucky to shuffle onto Steve’s lap. He grabbed a tissue from the coffee table and wiped your face clean, “We’ll video-chat when we get off the plane tonight, okay?”

    You nodded, “Okay.”

    Your voice was still thick with tears and he brushed his thumb over your cheek, “What a good girl, being so brave for us.”

    You laid your head on his shoulder with a soft whimper and he and Bucky both stood. Bucky grabbed all three bags and they headed for the door. Pausing outside Natasha’s door once again, Steve set you down and rubbed his hands over your arms, “Alright sweetness, be good, have fun, and we’ll be back tomorrow as soon as we can.” He pulled you into a hug, “We love you.”

    Your heart skipped; they loved you? Your cheeks flushed as Bucky followed suit, clutching you tight in a hug, “See you soon, doll. We’ll be cuddled up eating ice cream before you know it.” He kissed your forehead, “Love you.”

    You knew you should say it back, but you were feeling overwhelmed and small; your mouth wouldn’t make the words. Before you knew it, they’d knocked on the door and you were being shuffled through the threshold. Then the door was closed and they were gone.

    Natasha knelt, brushing your hair back from your face, “Hey little dove, let’s get a cool washcloth for those puffy eyes, hm?”

    Your voice came out shaky, “Okay.”

    She took you by the hand into the bathroom, which was littered with brightly colored hair ties and bath toys that overflowed from their basket by the tub. Wetting a fluffy-looking washcloth under the sink, she squeezed your hand, “We’ll get you cleaned up and I thought we could make a little blanket fort and watch movies. How does that sound?” When you didn’t answer, she gave you an out, “That be okay, dove?”

    You nodded, accepting the cool washcloth she handed you. “Go ahead and put that over your eyes,” she urged gently. “I’ll be right back, I’ll grab your juice.”

    Nat brushed your hair back again before disappearing. You sat on the closed lid of the toilet, pressing the washcloth to your eyes like she’d said. You hadn’t realized how puffy your eyes were from crying until the cooler temperature soothed the heat.

    “Are you okay?” Wanda’s voice came from the doorway.

    You sniffled, no longer caring if Wanda thought you were a baby, “Miss my daddies.”

    “I miss my mommy when she goes on missions too,” she offered. “But I always have to stay with Uncle Tony and Peter.” You could hear the wrinkle in her nose, “I don’t like staying with boys.”

    “My daddies are boys,” you lowered the cloth to point out.

    “Yeah, but you’re a girl,” she countered earnestly. “We should be best friends.”

    You appraised her; she still wanted to be your friend even after you’d had a meltdown when she’d visited. “Really? Even though I got upset before?”

    She nodded, “It’s okay. Mommy said you were still getting used to your new home.”

    Home. The word seemed strange- like it didn’t quite fit in the sentence where she’d put it. But still, you nodded, “Okay. We can be friends.” You wiped the dampness from your eyes, “Thanks for being nice to me.”

    Wanda beamed, “No problem! Me and Mommy are really nice. And we’re gonna build a fort and do makeup and eat snacks.”

    You nodded, “Okay.”

    Nat appeared behind Wanda, glancing at you, “Feeling better, dove?”

    You nodded, cheeks warming, “Uh-huh.” You stood and clutched the washcloth in your hand, approaching the doorway.

    Nat offered your cup from earlier, “Here, I’ll trade you.” She brushed a hand over your forehead, “Don’t be embarrassed. The first time is the hardest. They’ll be back before you know it.”

    You clutched the cup, grateful to have something to do with your hands. Nat ushered you and Wanda from the bathroom, picking your backpack up from the floor, “How about we show Y/N your room, Wanda?”

    “Yeah! Let’s go!” Wanda grabbed your wrist and pulled you down the hall. As she’d told you, her bedroom was painted a soft shade of purple, with bedding to match and a white dresser. There was no changing table like the one in your own room. Clothes dripped from the dresser drawers and toys were scattered on the bed and floor.

    “Wanda, I thought I told you to clean up,” Nat said.

    Wanda clasped her hands behind her back, “I forgot. Sorry, Mommy.”

    “We’ll talk about it tomorrow.” Nat’s tone was light, but there was enough edge to make you glance her way. But she only smiled at you, “You can leave your bag in here, little dove.”

    You settled for leaving it by the door, glancing at Nat, “Can I have my paci, please?” You were feeling a little nervous still- you made sure to use your manners so Nat wouldn’t get mad.

    “Of course, little one,” she cooed. “You don’t have to ask.”

    “She uses a paci, Mommy?” Wanda asked, peering around you to watch while you rifled through your bag.

    “Y/N is a tiny bit littler than you are, poppet.” She tugged Wanda back to give you some space and murmured something in her ear that you couldn’t hear.

    A little embarrassed, you tucked the pacifier in your pocket for later, pulling your stuffie out instead, “I changed my mind.”

    “Alright, dove, that’s okay. You girls want some lunch?”

    “I thought we were gonna make a fort,” Wanda protested.

    “We will,” Nat assured her, “But we should eat something first. We’ll need our strength, right?”

    “Yeah, I guess so,” Wanda agreed.

    Nat steered the both of you back out to the kitchen, “What’ll it be ladies? The soup or the salad?”

    “Peanut butter and jelly!” Wanda cheered. She added quickly, “Please!”

    “How about you, dovey? Same thing?”

    “Yes, please.”

    “Grape or strawberry jelly?”

    Wanda piped up, “I like grape!”

    “I know what you like, silly,” Nat chuckled.

    “Um, strawberry please.”

    “You got it,” Nat smiled. “And such good manners. Bucky and Steve are lucky to have such a good kid.

    Wanda leaned on the counter and Nat began prepping lunch, “I’m good too, right Mommy?”

    “Yes, you are too Wan,” Nat replied, stifling a smile.

    After lunch, true to her word, Natasha helped you and Wanda build a fort out of blankets. Soon, their living room was buried in a sea of sheets draped over furniture and the carpet no longer visible under the nest of pillows and blankets.

    Nat brought out her makeup and carefully painted both of your faces, leaving you feeling slightly cheered. By the time Wanda insisted that the two of you get to do Natasha’s makeup in return, you were giggling with Wanda, swiping deep shades of purple over Nat’s eyelids. Animated movies played in the background and you felt more at ease. Eventually, you stopped peering at Nat’s phone for the time and got lost in playing with Wanda.

    At least, until Nat’s phone began to vibrate, chiming a strange song, “Who’s strong and brave, here to save the American way?”

    “Oh, that’s Steve, dovey,” Nat accepted the call and handed you the phone.

    You gazed at the screen as the call opened. Your face popped up in the upper right corner and after a few second's delay, the rest of the screen loaded in, revealing Steve and Bucky crowded in front of the camera.


    “There she is!” Steve cooed, waving at the lens.

    “How you doing, babydoll?” Bucky asked. “You having fun?”

    You nodded, “We did Auntie Nat’s makeup!” You panned the camera to show Natasha, who grimaced and waved.

    “Hi Uncle Steve, hi Uncle Bucky!” Wanda chirped, crowding into the frame.

    “Hi Wanda,” they greeted.

    “Come on, poppet, let’s give them a minute, hm?” Nat suggested. She urged Wanda toward the kitchen.

    Once they were out of sight, Steve sobered a little, "You doing okay, sweetheart?"

    "I miss you." And you did. Now that you were looking at them, the dull ache was back in your belly. You wanted to be nestled between the two of them on the sofa in their apartment.

    "We miss you too, doll," Bucky said, his brow furrowed. "But are you having fun?"

    You nodded slowly, "Nat and Wanda are bein' nice to me. We made a blanket fort and we're gonna have snacks and watch cartoons."

    Steve looked like he wanted to say something but Bucky spoke first, "That sounds like a good time."

    "When are you comin' back?" you asked, unconsciously fishing for your pacifier in your pocket.

    "Tomorrow for sure, angel," Steve reassured you.

    "We'll call again before we get on the plane, okay?" Bucky added.

    "Promise?" You slipped your paci in your mouth and gazed at them expectantly.

    Steve's expression softened, "We promise, baby."

    "We'll be back soon and I've got a hundred kisses for you," Bucky grinned. Your cheeks warmed and you smiled, making his grin widen.

    A phone chimed on their end and they both shared a look, Steve saying hastily, "We've gotta go, sweetness. Be good, okay? We love you!"

    "Bye doll, love you!" Bucky followed, waving goodbye.

    You pulled your paci out quickly, "Bye Papa, bye Daddy! I love you!" You blew them a kiss just as someone's finger brushed the screen. You caught a glimpse of both of them looking stunned before the call ended.

    Staring at the black screen, you felt your lip wobble as sadness crept back in. Putting your paci back in, you followed Nat and Wanda's path to the kitchen.

    "There you are, little dove. You want something to eat?"

    You shook your head, mumbling around your pacifier, "'Uh-uh, 'm not hungry."

    "That's okay, we'll bring some snacks out anyway and they'll be there if you change your mind."

    "We got little marshmallows and popcorn!" Wanda offered you a small bowl full of mini marshmallows, popping one in her mouth.

    "Don't push, Wan. Come on, girls." She led you both back out to the living room where she sat down in the nest of blankets and propped up a pillow behind her.

    She held out an arm to each of you, inviting you to snuggle in with her. Wanda immediately grabbed a blanket and nestled herself into Nat's side, her gaze locking onto the TV and glossing over as she munched on popcorn and marshmallows.

    You twisted your fingers together; you wanted to cuddle with your daddies. But they were far away and Natasha had been nice to you today, so you cautiously grabbed one of the blankets and sat down next to her.

    She rubbed your back, but she didn't pull you over to her. After a few minutes, you relaxed enough to scoot a little closer, removing your paci in favor of eating a little bit of popcorn. By the time the first movie was finished, you were resting your head on Nat's shoulder.

    "I'll be back, girls. You two decide what you want to watch next, alright?" Nat extracted herself from between the two of you, taking the empty popcorn bowl with her. You let out a faintly sleepy whine when Nat moved and she chuckled, "I'll be right back, dovey."

    Wanda watched Nat go, "Mommy is good for cuddles, isn't she? She's the best!"

    You were nodding your agreement until she added the last part. You bit your lip, "I like cuddling with my daddies better." You were still missing them. "Papa is big and warm and Daddy gives me kisses."

    Wanda leaned in earnestly, "But Mommy smells nice and she scratches my head." You only shrugged, which was apparently the wrong thing to do. "You don't even know what you're talking about. You're a baby anyway."

    "Wanda!" Nat was just returning from the kitchen. She rested her hand on her hip, “What has gotten into you today?”

    “Mommy, I was tellin’ her that your cuddles are the best, but-”

    “I heard what you said, little lady. And you were the only one calling names.”

    “I didn’t mean to!”

    You clutched your stuffie to your chest, watching the two of them until Nat glanced your way, “We’ll discuss it tomorrow, Wanda. You’re going to apologize and behave yourself for the rest of the night.”

    “Sorry, Mommy.” Nat remained where she stood, rigid. “Sorry, Y/N.”

    “It’s okay,” you mumbled, burying your face in your blanket. You stuffed your paci away back in your pocket and watched Nat give Wanda a stern look before settling back in.

    “One more movie, then it’s time for bed.”

    The atmosphere wasn’t quite as relaxing the second time around; Natasha was clearly annoyed with Wanda and Wanda was trying to be good to make up for her slip. Unfortunately, that meant she was also trying to make sure that Natasha noticed her being good, which seemed to defeat the purpose.

    By the time the movie was over, Nat seemed eager to get things around for bed. She fluffed your pillows up for you and glanced at Wanda, “Are you going to sleep out here tonight with your friend?” The way she asked made it obvious what the correct answer was.

    Wanda nodded, “Yeah, I wanna stay with Y/N. Are you gonna sleep with us, Mommy?”

    “No, I’m going to sleep in my own bed, but I’m just down the hall.”


    “No arguments, Wanda. Now let’s go get our pajamas on.”

    Wanda jutted her lip, but didn’t push the subject. You both followed Nat down the hall and into Wanda’s room.

    “Wan, pick some pajamas, alright?” She knelt and rifled through your backpack, pulling out Bucky’s tee-shirt, “Your daddy left you his shirt to sleep in, dove. You want help?”

    You nodded, “Yes, please.”

    “Alright, arms up,” she commanded. You obliged, squishing your eyes closed as she pulled your shirt off. At least with Nat and Wanda, you didn’t feel as embarrassed.

    You closed your eyes as Nat put the shirt on you, relaxing a little as Bucky’s scent washed over you. By the time Nat pulled Bucky’s shirt over your head, Wanda was changed into her own pajamas: a blue tee-shirt with a bear on it and pants to match.

    “I got dressed all by myself,” Wanda pointed out, tugging on Nat’s sleeve.

    “Good job, poppet,” Nat replied, digging through your bag for your toothbrush. Wanda huffed, clearly displeased at not having Nat’s full attention.

    When she found it, you followed Nat like a baby duck into the bathroom. You brushed your teeth, which felt strange, since Bucky had been doing it for you.

    Once you were both in your pajamas and your teeth brushed, Nat took you both by the hand and you trooped back to the living room, sitting back in your place on the floor.

    “Mommy, can we watch a movie ‘til we fall asleep?” Wanda asked.

    Nat hummed, “I think that can be arranged.” She added, more stern, “But only for tonight.

    Wanda cheered and Nat put on another movie before kissing you both on the forehead, “If either of you need me, I’ll be right down the hall. Good night, lovelies.” She flipped the light off as she departed and you watched her go, belly dancing with nervousness.

    You didn’t like the noise from the TV and you missed the security of having your daddies on either side of you. Pulling Bucky’s shirt up to bunch up in your fist, you held it close to your mouth, your stuffie clutched in the crook of your other arm. You closed your eyes, but quickly peeped them open when you felt the blankets shifting and then the padding of feet on the kitchen tile in the next room over.

    Glancing over, Wanda’s place on the floor was empty, so you watched, waiting until she came creeping back into the living room, the whole bag of marshmallows clutched in her arms. She caught your eye, beaming, “I got another snack- don’t tell Mommy.”

    You bit your lip, glancing down the hallway; you weren’t going to tattle, but your stomach flipped at the idea of getting in trouble while your daddies were away. You’d promised to be good.

    Wanda climbed back into her spot in the nest of blankets and began eating, offering you a handful, “You want some?”

    Quickly, you shook your head no, pressing your eyes closed again. Undeterred by your reluctance, you heard the crinkle of the marshmallow bag frequently. Once it had been quiet for a few minutes- and you were no closer to sleep- you peeked, finding Wanda nodded off, a handful of marshmallows scattered down her front.

    Swallowing hard, you squeezed your eyes closed, but sleep was still eluding you. You wondered what your daddies were doing right now- if you were lucky, maybe they were on their way home already. You put your paci in your mouth and crawled under your blankets, trying to block out the sound of the TV, but it wasn’t until the movie was over that you finally drifted off.

    Part 2

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  • maddiewritesstucky
    14.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    Pairing: Daddy Steve / College Student Bucky

    Rating: Explicit (18+)

    Wordcount: 2.5k

    Tags: Semi-public sex, age difference, anal fingering, masturbation, dirty talk, mild degradation/humiliation, anniversary sex, come play, daddy kink

    Synopsis: The only thing fatter than Steve’s dick is his bank account, and Bucky’s just a little bit of a skank for it.

    When Bucky had drawn that careless, haphazard circle in the jewelry catalog, he’d thought he was being pretty obvious.

    Clever, and slutty, and obvious.

    He’d thought Steve would take one look at it sitting there on his desk where Bucky left it, his lips pulling up in that smirk that only ever means one thing, and he’d come and pull Bucky away from whatever he was doing; push him to his knees, and show him just how clever and slutty and obvious he is. 

    He’d really thought Steve would just take it for the god awful joke that it was.

    Bucky really should know by now that when Daddy asks him what he wants for an anniversary present, and he responds by drawing a fat circle around a pearl necklace in a jewelry catalog...

    Steve’s not just gonna jerk off all over his tits and leave it at that. 

    “So pretty,” Steve sighs, lips pressed just behind Bucky’s ear. His hand dips inside the open collar of Bucky’s shirt, fingertips catching on the string of pearls laying against his collarbone. “Isn’t Daddy good to you, getting you just what you asked for?” 

    Bucky’s breath is being knocked out of him in staccato gasps as the fingers of Steve’s other hand press and twist and shove up inside him; the edge of the marble countertop digging into the front of Bucky’s hips, and his own flushed reflection staring back at him.

    “So—oh—so good to me, Daddy.” 

    Steve sinks his teeth into the skin of Bucky’s neck, well above the line of his collar, and he keeps them there; suckling at Bucky’s skin until Bucky can feel himself bruising. 

    It only makes him harder, knowing he has to walk back out into the restaurant, into that dining room full of people, and see out the rest of the evening with a glaring imprint of Steve’s mouth on display. 

    He could let his hair down and cover it, but there’s something in the way Steve’s eyes darken as they catch Bucky’s in the mirror that says he knows Bucky won’t. 

    More to the point, he doesn’t want Bucky to.

    “I told the waiter you gave it to me,” Bucky rasps, letting his lashes sit heavy as he swipes his tongue out over his parted lips. “Been telling everyone my Daddy gave me this pretty pearl necklace for our anniversary.” 

    It’s not true, Bucky hasn’t pointed it out to anyone, and no one’s asked—probably by virtue of the fact that it’s a pearl fucking necklace—but it’s worth it for the way Steve shudders behind him; that primal, possessive part of his ego stroked by the notion of Bucky showing it off, showing them off.

    “Were they jealous, baby?” 

    Steve rubs firm and deliberate over Bucky’s prostate, and Bucky just barely catches a moan  before it spills out. 

    He nods, his bottom lip clamped between his teeth as he rocks back against Steve’s hand, and Steve releases his grip on the necklace to begin working open the buttons of Bucky’s shirt.

    “Mm, of course they were,” he kisses Bucky’s cheek, far too soft for the punishing rhythm of his fingers inside him. “Bet they all wanna be the one spoiling you, havin’ you on their arm. But they don’t get to, do they?” 

    He rakes his nails down the exposed skin of Bucky’s chest, flicking at the peaked bud of his nipple and digging into the spot beneath Bucky’s ribs that always makes him shiver.

    “No, Daddy,” Bucky gasps as pleasure pricks white hot with the push-stroke of Steve’s fingertips. 

    “And why is that, Bucky?” 

    “Because I’m yours…fuck, Steve.”

    He can’t keep it in, the sob-like hitch in his breath; not when Steve’s hand slips down and wraps around the aching length of his cock. 

    Steve hooks his chin over Bucky’s shoulder and nips at his cheekbone, presses his lips hard against Bucky’s ear as he jerks him in time with the thrust of his fingers. “Watch,” he growls, “watch Daddy make you come.” 

    Bucky doesn’t need to be told twice, he couldn’t take his eyes off this if he tried—his own reflection staring back at him pink-cheeked and slick-lipped; pants halfway down his thighs and his shirt hanging open, that goddamn necklace perched right there on his clavicle.

    And Steve, pressed up tight behind him, the picture of composure save for the ravenous look in his eyes...

    Bucky comes hard, and he comes loud, all over his stomach and Steve’s fist, and he doesn’t even have time to give a shit about it because Steve is gripping him by the hips and spinning him around, pushing him to his knees on the cool tile floor. 

    “Are we done playing your little game now, James?” Steve’s eyes are fixed on his own reflection in the mirror as he leans right over Bucky to wash his hands in the sink. His voice is low, conversational, but it’s edged in something that throbs darker, something befitting the way he steps back and grasps Bucky’s chin between his still-wet thumb and forefinger. “Are you ready to be a grown up and ask for what you actually wanted?” 

    Bucky’s eyes track the movement of Steve’s free hand as it falls to palm at the bulge in his slacks, and Bucky swallows hard.

    There are voices outside the bathroom, he’s sure of it, but his blood is buzzing; liquor and climax and Steve’s heated gaze hitting him where it counts, and they both know he’s gonna ask for it, just like they both know Steve’s gonna give it to him. 

    Right here, in the bathroom of this offensively expensive restaurant, on a goddamn Wednesday night.

    “I wanted you to come on me.” 

    It comes out small and pathetic, needy. He looks up at Steve from under his lashes, skimming his hands slow up the thick columns of Steve’s thighs, and it hits him hard how bad he wants it; his own spent dick twitching all over again for the obscene jut of Steve’s arousal inside his pants. 

    “Come on you where, Bucky? Be specific.”

    “Fuck, anywhere,” Bucky whines feebly, shuffling closer until his face is all but shoved into Steve’s crotch. “Wherever you want, Steve, just…I just wanna wear it.”

    Steve looks at him a long moment, tightening his grip on Bucky’s chin to tip his face up until the light catches on the arcs of his cheekbones. He’s dragging an appraising stare over Bucky’s face, lips upticked like he knows something Bucky doesn’t; like there’s something amusing about it all that Bucky’s missed.

    “Funny, isn’t it?” he muses, bright eyes dipping to the necklace as he speaks. “Couldn’t get you to accept a damn thing in the beginning. But now...” 

    He plucks gently at a pearl and rolls it between his fingertips; brushes the soft cotton collar of the shirt he’d had tailor made for Bucky to wear tonight. It makes Bucky squirm, his stomach turning with something that might once have been shame, but now just reads like heat. 

    “Now, you’re a bit of a slut for Daddy throwing his money around, aren’t you? Just love steppin’ out knowing you look good, look expensive...”  

    Steve’s fingers go to his own belt buckle, dexterous and unhurried in working it open, and Bucky can only nod. 

    The reality of Steve’s wealth had been jarring at first, so far removed from Bucky’s own humble upbringing, and the bare-bones student life he’d been living when they met. But he’d discovered pretty quick that being spoiled just really fucking agrees with him, and he’s long since given up trying to pretend it doesn’t get him hard when Steve treats him like—

    “My little sugarbaby,” Steve’s grinning down at him so goddamn knowing, praise and mockery weighing equal in the coo of his voice. 

    Bucky’s fingers flex a desperate grip on Steve’s thighs. “Daddy,” he breathes, his mouth dropping open on instinct when Steve slides his zipper down to spring his cock free.

    He leans in close and sticks out his tongue, waits for the warm weight of Steve in his mouth. But what he gets instead is Steve’s hand fisting tight in his hair, pulling him back and holding him at a distance. 

    “You got a lot of nice things now, don’t you? Lot of pretty things...”

    Steve wraps his free hand around his cock and pulls at himself, firm and deliberate; flicking his wrist on the upstroke in a move that says he’s not here to draw this out.

    “How does it feel, knowing that every person who looks at you can just tell you’re a kept boy? Does it feel good, Bucky?”

    Fuck, it does. Bucky wishes he could say otherwise, but the twitch of his spent dick and the whine that creeps into his voice speak the truth, even if he weren’t so willing to admit it. “Yes, Daddy.” 

    “Yeah, they take one look at this baby face—” Steve releases his grip on Bucky’s hair to cup his jaw instead, squeezing his thumb and forefinger into the hollows of Bucky’s cheeks until his lips part on a gasp, “—and they know you ain’t been around long enough to earn all these nice things for yourself. You know what they’re all thinking, don’t you? When they’re staring at you on my arm?” 

    His eyes are so bright, so calculating as he dips down; not even waiting for a response before he’s pressing his lips to Bucky’s, speaking low into his open mouth. 

    “They’re wondering what kinda nasty things you must do to get Daddy to open his wallet.”

    Bucky groans shamelessly into the kiss Steve draws him into, all tongue and teeth and possession. Steve’s jerking himself faster, his voice turning rough and breathless in a betrayal of how close he’s getting.

    “They probably think that’s all you are, just a pretty thing for me to blow my cash and blow my load on.” 


    “Are they right, baby? Is that all you are?” 

    Bucky’s as good as shaking, sunk on the way Steve zeroes in on the exact things that make his stomach swoop and his cheeks flood scarlet. He knows what this is, the choice Steve is laying out for him here — fight me on your worth, or turn your cheek and wear the degradation, I’m playing either way.

    Bucky might be the one on his knees, but the shots are his to call and he knows it. Steve will talk him down to nothing if it’s what he wants, and that’s the very thing that makes him tip up his chin and meet Steve’s gaze.

    “No,” he says, resolute, defiant. “You love me.” 

    Steve groans, something close to pride sparking in his stare; the closest he’ll come to revealing that this is the outcome he hoped for.

    “Daddy loves me,” Bucky pushes, rubbing his hands up Steve’s thighs to hold his hips. “And I love you too.”

    “Oh, I know you do,” Steve growls. “You know how I know, baby?”

    Bucky shakes his head, and Steve angles himself in closer; dropping his voice to a conspiratorial purr. 

    “Because you’re drippin’ thousands in this outfit tonight, and yet you’re here on your knees  in a fuckin’ bathroom, because the only thing you really wanna wear is me.”

    “Oh,” Bucky can’t help the cry that escapes, and then he’s once again being gripped by his hair and held back while Steve strokes himself; rough pumps of his fist, until he’s coming all over Bucky’s chest with a bitten-off curse.

    “Steve,” Bucky pants, staring wide-eyed at the perfect drip of Steve’s release down his body. “Fuck, Steve…” 

    Steve grips him by the chin, tilting his face up into a breathless kiss before pulling back with a sigh. 

    “You good?” He leans over Bucky once again to rinse his hand under the tap, and pulls Bucky to his feet; hands firm on Bucky’s waist to steady him.

    His eyes flit over Bucky’s face and down the length of his body, checking him over.  

    “Yeah, I’m...that was...” Bucky blows out an unsteady breath. “Just...fuck.” 

    A smile turns up Steve’s lips, and he touches a kiss to the corner of Bucky’s. “You’re going to go and get in the car,” he says calmly, taking the two sides of Bucky’s shirt in his hands, and beginning to button it from the bottom upwards.

    “Uh, Steve!? I’m covered in—” 

    “You will go and wait for me in the car, James,” Steve repeats, making it clear that it’s not up for debate as he continues fastening buttons over Bucky’s come-streaked chest. “I’m going to go and ask the kitchen to box up our desserts, and then we’re going home...I really can’t take you anywhere.” 

    He gets Bucky’s top button done up, and tuts in disapproval; dragging his hand down Bucky’s now clothed front so the dark fabric sticks against his skin.

    Bucky gapes down at the sight of himself, at the obvious wet clinging of his shirt, and he hates the fact that he’s starting to get hard all over again. 

    “But...do I have to walk back out the way we came in?” Bucky’s trying to think how far the walk from the bathroom to the front door is, how well lit the dining room was, how many people had been there…

    “That’s where the car is.”

    Steve’s checking himself over in the mirror, straightening his suit and raking his fingertips carefully through his hair; looking infuriatingly just as put together as when they’d first walked in.

    Bucky avoids his own reflection entirely, turning his back to the mirror — it’s better he not know the dire extent of what he’s about to parade through the room full of people who may or may not have just heard him getting fucked.

    “Alright then,” Steve sighs, turning to Bucky and gesturing to the door. “After you.” 

    Bucky hesitates a second before he reaches a shaking hand for the lock and then the handle; hot all the way to the tips of his ears as he steps into the short corridor leading back to the dining room. 

    He can feel his blood pressure spiking with every step, and he resolutely does not look down at the glaring wet patches on the front of his shirt.

    People will think it’s water, right? There’s no way they’ll know...except that he’s also flushed as hell, and breathing hard...and probably smells like sex, now, without the barrier of his jacket to contain it...

    “Buck,” a firm hand on his shoulder stops him just as he’s about to turn the corner back into the dining room.

    “It’s a little cold outside, you should take this,” Steve says flippantly, shrugging his jacket off and wrapping it around Bucky’s shoulders. “Car keys are in the pocket.” 

    Bucky doesn’t say anything about the transparency of the gesture, but he feels his whole face break into sweet relief all the same.

    “Right, thanks,” he nods, aiming for casual and missing it by a mile. He pulls the jacket closed tight around his front, and hops up onto his tiptoes to peck a grateful kiss to Steve’s cheek. “I’ll see you out there.”

    #SugarVerse #sugar daddy steve #college student bucky #stucky au#steve/bucky#steve rogers#bucky barnes#pwp fic#daddy kink #wealth kink…is that a thing? #bucky Enjoys being spoiled #and we love that for him
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    I Will Follow You ‘Cause I’m Under Your Spell

    Hi, y'all. This is my first fanfiction in more than 5 years and my first ever in the Stucky fandom. Please bear with me as I adjust to writing fanfiction after lurking for years! Steve and Bucky are my boys and I am so excited to share my love of them with the rest of the world! I don't have a schedule set for updates, but I will update as much as possible. There is so much potential for this story and I can't wait to share my story with the world! You can find me on tumblr here, I just recreated an account and that was my push to step back into the world of writing! Titles from Follow You by Bring Me The Horizon.

    Read on AO3.

    Summary: Fresh off a mission, Steve Rogers stops by Tony's lab and meets the omega of his dreams, Bucky Barnes. Steve finally allowed himself to dream about something he had always wanted, a mate. Little did he know that he had found his True Mate. A story of awkward flirting, overcoming your past, and finding true love.

    Rating: Explicit

    Categories: M/M, F/M

    Pairings: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov, Wanda Maximoff/Vision, Maria Hill/Sam Wilson

    Characters: Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Rebecca Barnes Proctor, Bucky Barnes' Sisters, America Chavez, Maria Hill, Happy Hogen

    Tags: Captain America Steve Rogers/Modern Bucky Barnes, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Alpha Steve Rogers, Omega Bucky Barnes, Daddy Kink, True Mates, Awkward Flirting, Bucky Barnes & Tony Stark Friendship, Bucky works for Tony Stark

    Chapter 1: My Head Is Haunting Me and My Heart Feels Like a Ghost


    It had been an extended mission, two weeks trekking across the world, taking down the remaining Hydra bases. It felt like the team had been following a never-ending stream of bases, every time they thought they had found the last base, they found new intel. It had been long enough, and the alpha knew that they couldn’t go on at this pace for much longer. Steve was glad to be almost home. “Debrief at 10:00 tomorrow. Make sure you eat before you crash, ok?”

    “Yes, dad,” replied Clint.

    “I just want to look out for my pack, Clint,” responded Steve. The quinjet landed on the docking bay of Avengers Tower. The team, Steve, Natasha, Clint, Sam, and Wanda, all headed in their various directions to complete their post-mission routine. Steve headed down to Tony’s lab, the new suit that he was trying out had kevlar that was even more bullet resistant than before, but it was limiting his range of motion.

    Steve could hear loud rock music as soon as the elevator doors opened. The music turned down as soon as the soldier stepped out of the elevator. Once the alpha had fully stepped into the lab, he smelt the best scent he had ever had the pleasure of smelling. He immediately looked around the lab; the alpha knew it wasn’t Tony as he had long been bonded to Pepper. 

    Finally, his eyes narrowed in on the most beautiful man he had ever seen. He had long chestnut hair that touched his shoulders but was braided in a similar way to what Thor had worn in the past. The omega was tall, not as tall as Steve, but he was much slimmer than the supersoldier. He had long, lean arms and was wearing tight jeans that must have cut off circulation to his ankles but made his ass look absolutely stunning. The alpha had never had such a visceral reaction to an omega before. He had liked omegas, betas, and even alphas in the past but, none of them held a candle to the gorgeous man in front of him. Natasha had set him up on so many dates in the past, but they only saw Captain America, not Steve Rogers, who is just a kid from Brooklyn that doesn’t like bullies. Something about this kid made Steve think he was different.

    Suddenly, the omega looked up. He startled and let out an adorable mouse-like squeak once his eyes landed on Steve. The man dropped the screwdriver that he had been holding, and a blush came over his complexion. Tony finally walked into the lab, “Ah, Grandpa Frisbee, what do you bring to me today?”

    Steve sighed, “Hey Tony, I actually came to you about the new uniform you made me,” the alpha unzipped the top of his tac suit. Once he was in his undershirt and got the top of the supersoldier’s sensitive nose detected a hint of omega arousal even under the heavy blockers that many omegas wear nowadays. He could have sworn he heard another mouse-like squeak, but he wasn’t sure.

    He set the top down on the nearest workbench. “What on Earth could it be? I found a new hexagonal pattern for the Kevlar to try and keep it as protective as possible while still allowing movement,” declared Stark. 

    “Tony, the movement is exactly the problem that I was having with it. The improved bullet resistance was necessary and helpful against some rogue bullets from Hydra agents. I felt that the suit was stiff when I was moving; it definitely hindered my ability to fight.”

    “Hmmm. I’ll have to find another pattern that would allow for more movement.”

    A melodic voice spoke up, “Have you considered weaving vibranium into the fabric? It’s highly durable, lightweight, but it also won’t hinder movement.” Steve’s eyes were drawn across the lab to the beautiful omega from earlier. The alpha doesn’t think he has ever heard a voice so sweet.

    “See Barnacle; this is why I keep you around! You have all these ideas that make my life so much easier! Capsicle, have you met my young prodigy, Bucky Barnes? He graduated with a Ph.D. from MIT at only 20 years old, just a few months shy of the record that I set! Bucko, I’m sure you know the Star-Spangled Man With A Plan!” rambled the genius.

    “Awww, you do love me, Stark!” came the reply. Bucky stepped away from his station and came up to shake the alpha’s hand. His scent was even stronger up close and all the more wonderful. It was like one of his Ma’s fresh-baked pies combined with caramel and a floral scent the soldier couldn’t quite place. “Captain Rogers, it is a pleasure to meet you.”

    The alpha was struck silent by the beautiful man and his intoxicating scent. From that alone, the supersoldier knew he was in trouble, but he couldn’t wait to see where it would take him. A small piece of him that had been hidden since the ice began to unravel. It was such a breath of fresh air to be referred to by his name and not the propaganda title he was given in the 40s to try and sell war bonds. Eventually, the alpha’s brain unscrambled, and he was able to shake the brunette’s hand. “D-DDr. Barnes, the pleasure is all mine. Please call me Steve. Is it possible to integrate threads of vibranium into the suit?”

    “Then I must insist that you call me Bucky! It is, I have discussed it with my friend Shuri would is an expert on vibranium, and they have been doing this for thousands of years. I’m sure that I could convince her to give us some. I’m sure I could work something out.” came the omega’s response.

    Hearing the two geniuses banter back and forth was fascinating, even if the supersoldier couldn’t understand everything that they were saying. The brunette’s passion and eagerness was quite frankly the cutest thing the blond had seen in a long time.

    “I’m sorry but I really need to get to my floor so that I can crash for 12 hours, we just got back from a mission,” the alpha turned to shake the omega’s hand again, “but, I cannot wait to see what you’ll come up with, I can already tell that it is going to be great.”

    “Of, course! Bye Steve!” replied Bucky. Steve turned towards the door and the elevator arrived. “Bye Buck.” said the supersoldier right as the door closed.

    This omega was everything the alpha hadn’t allowed himself to want, he was in trouble, big trouble.


    The doors to the elevator closed and the omega let out a deep sigh.

    “What was that?” questioned Tony. Bucky groaned in response. “How about we pretend that never happened?” 

    “Not gonna happen Buckaroo, not gonna happen.”

    “I can and WILL rat you out to Pepper!”

    “As if!”

    “Don’t test me Stark!”

    “Ok, back on topic. Do you have a crush on our resident icicle? Because I could have sworn I heard you squeak, not once, but twice in his presence. I have NEVER heard you squeak in the 4 years that we have been working together!” came the response from the Avenger.

    “I may or may not have had a childhood crush on Steve Rogers. And he may or may not be the reason I figured out I was gay.” replied the younger man.

    “Oh, this is going to be so great! We absolutely need to get you two together!”

    What?!? Why?!” screamed Bucky, “There is no way he would be interested in someone like me!”

    “Oh, no. He was definitely interested, I’ve never seen Cap like that before. And that is just your asshole ex in your head again. You know I’m not the touchy-feely type, but you are worthy of love and you are a catch. Not only do you have the ruggedly handsome looks but you are almost if not just as smart as I am, combined with a heart that just keeps giving. Seriously, don’t listen to him you are amazing.”

    “Thank you, Tony-” the other omega immediately cut him off, “No! Feelings time is over! La la la la I CAN’T HEAR YOU! FRIDAY turn the music up again!” ACDC suddenly went up 20 levels in volume.

    Bucky shook his head. The billionaire may seem rough on the outside but he loved and cared about those around him. But, there was something undeniably amazing about the alpha that had just been in the room. Ever since his ex, Bucky’s hackles always rose when he was around an unfamiliar alpha. But when Steve entered the room, he couldn’t help but feel safe. His undeniably alpha scent of pine trees, metal, and musk was like a soothing balm to the omega’s soul.

    Not to mention the fact that he had a body of a Greek god. He couldn’t help the squeaks he let out in the alpha’s presence, especially when he took off the top of his tactical suit. His undershirt was so tight he could see every ridge of the man’s muscles especially his abs that looked straight out of a magazine. He was everything that the omega found attractive. 

    There was something beautiful about the man’s presence, even though there was something sad and lonely about him, he just seemed like a breath of fresh air. Bucky noticed that he seemed to perk up when he called him Captain Rogers instead of Captain America. People must always forget that there is a man behind the shield and that Steve Rogers has feelings and desires to. 

    Bucky could tell that there was something special about the captain. No one had ever made him feel this way before. The pieces of himself that he had hidden and locked away since his last relationship seemed to unravel with every thought that he had of the alpha he just met. Boy, was he in trouble.

    Chapter 2. Chapter 3.

    #Stucky#shrunkyclunks #captain america steve rogers x modern bucky barnes #Captain America Steve Rogers #Modern Bucky Barnes #Captain America#Winter Soldier #daddy steve rogers #baby bucky barnes #daddy kink#alpha/beta/omega dynamics#alpha/omega #Alpha Steve Rogers #Omega Bucky Barnes #True Mates
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    Need some fluffy requests, because I'm not feeling like writing smut now. When I start writing smut its just 'blergh'.

    I need fluff to cry my eyes out at 🥺

    And thank you for all those sweets comments and rebolgs, really appreciate it. <3

    Lub you all <3


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    no thoughts, just this steve with this bucky.

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