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  • jolied
    08.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Clive Owen as Doctor Nick Callahan (Beyond Borders 2003)

    #clive owen #still one of my favorite role of his - i like him being alpha but wow weak when he fell in love with Sarah #plus his heart is in the right place #ugh and clive is such a dream boat here #the 2000's was his really peak years he was such a stellar actor - well he is still today but lied low #ugh what a beautiful man i love the edges in his face and his smileeee and his eyessss #okay forever simping #baby luv 🐰 💖 #sarah's baby luv 🐰🍯 #daddy bunny 🐰🍯💖✨😘 #clive daddy bunny owen #actors#Hollywood#beyond Borders #beyond borders 2003
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  • ballerinabrat
    03.08.2021 - 4 monts ago
    #hhhhhhhh#butterflies #he's my favorite #best daddy ever #d/s#ddxlg#little space#my words
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  • kritiparashar
    20.06.2021 - 5 monts ago

    My Daddy_ Poetry

    An integral part of my life,Who makes life so bright,His diligence and dedication,Always a source of inspiration,He is my favorite champion,Always pampers with luxurious,Never let me adjust with any less,Taught me always to be confident,In a way he raised me with affection,Undoubtedly I am daddy’s princess,Who felt a sense of emptiness,When he was fighting with death,Recently on a verge to loose…

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  • sammydem0n64
    19.04.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Mister Goldcut 💞

    #damn son you look good for a bloke in his 40’s! #my favorite sugar... friend ???? listen he’s not old to be a sugar daddy but- #my art#art#demon’s ocs #artists on tumblr #lilyheart hotel and apartments #Edwin Goldcut
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  • hell-is-a-teenage-girll
    09.04.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Just wearing my favorite bra.

    #the ''paint'' on me was me painting myself with the bath bomb 😂 #that's me #she's my favorite bra #I love her hands on me #bath time#tub time #my daddy s #my baby#butch femme#butch4femme#femme#butch#lesbians#lesbian couple#men dni
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  • nanashinohime
    26.09.2020 - 1 year ago

    Today was a busy day for Mink. Wherever they goes, Akushima seems to know where they are. Someone from Scratch must have told Akushima their plan. 

    But, Mink trusts his men. They maybe former prison inmates but he knows that they`re loyal and won`t betray him.

    Recently, they do most of the planning in their new hideout near the Oval Tower. Maybe the place is bugged. He need to examine the place again. 

    But for now, he want to go home and sleep.

    Clear:  “Mink! I found you! I told you he`s here.”

    Out of nowhere, Clear and the others appeared.

    Aoba: “Mink, you`re done for today right? You`re free right? Let`s go and drink at Mizuki`s place!” 


    Knowing Aoba`s stubbornness and would not take no for an answer. He quietly follows everyone.


    With all the events that happened today, getting a drink before going home sounds a good idea for him.


    Aoba: “We`re here!”

    After a few minutes of walking they`ve finally arrived.

    Mink: “.......” 

    Mink looks troubled. I wonder why?

    It`s because Aoba and the others decided to give Mink a surprise birthday party again this year!

    Aoba: “Mink! Blow the candle and make a wish!”

    Mink: “......”

    Will he do it?

    He did!

    Everyone: “Happy Birthday Mink!”

    This year my Mink Birthday shrine is simple and i’m a few hours late but, 

    Happy Birthday Mink!

    #Sorry this is stupid XD #anyway happy birthday mink #sorry for my bad handwriting #there`s probably a grammar error too so im sorry for that #happy birthday mink #mink birthday celebration 2020 #mink birthday celebration #happy birthday to my problematic favorite and cinnamon daddy mink! #cant remember which tag is use for mink so im using all #mink dmmd#dmmd#dramatical murder #ooff.i should have removed my keyboard protector #mink (dmmd)#dmmd mink #i think this year is the fourth year i celebrated his birthday #also if you`re reading this good day to you. sending you virtual hugs from japan
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  • lets-get-greeky
    01.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    I like how most greek mythology blogs on here all ship apollo x hermes

    We know what’s up  👀

    #apollo#apollomes #apollo x hermes #hermes x apollo #hermes #i love those little shits so much #like i swear #my two favorite gods #that are s o entertwined with each other in greek mythology #and have so much history #and like bruh deadass homer practically said they gay for each other #apollo is hermes' sugar daddy #change my mind
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  • johnfuckingwick
    09.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    i love one motorcycle daddy

    #dear god this is a terrible picture but holy shit he looks so fucking good wtf?!?!?!?!!???? #motorcycle daddy keanu is my favorite no doubt about it babyyyyy #motorcycle daddy keanu bend me over your arch motorcycle p l e a s e #keanu reeves
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  • sleeplessnightx
    09.12.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    LIAN SHI has walked on set. they’re a 33 year-old AGENT who’s been working at SKYLINE MEDIA for TEN MONTHS. they’re CUT-THROAT, you say? i’d like to think they’re more AMBITIOUS. either way, catch them watching SPIRITED AWAY (2001) — ni ni / she/her / lesbian / cis woman


    perfectly painted nails holding a cigarette, expensive clothes that look tailored, a dry martini ordered while alone at a bar, city skylines from penthouse views, planning your day down to the last minute, chess matches that last hours and days because a winner must be called.


    ♫ FUCK THIS WORLD (INTERLUDE) — rina sawayama ♫ DAISY — ashnikko ♫ SHE CALLS ME DADDY — king mala ♫ THE MAN — taylor swift ♫ THEREFORE I AM — billie eilish ♫ COMPANY — tinashe ♫ BITCH BETTER HAVE MY MONEY — rhianna ♫ TOXIC (INSTRUMENTAL VERSON) — anthony willis


    full name: lian shi. nickname(s): doesn’t like nicknames. parents: wěi shi ( mother, 51 ) / jiahao shi ( father, 52 ). siblings: liu shi ( younger sister, 29 ). children: none. zodiac signs: scorpio sun / virgo moon / capricorn rising. age: thirty three. gender: cis woman. pronouns: she/her. sexual orientation: lesbian. relationship status: single. birthplace: nanjing, china. occupation: agent at skyline media. positive traits: independent, ambitious, alluring. negative traits: calculated, cut-throat, spiteful. tattoos / piercings: none.


    mean lesbian who always feels the feminine urge to put a man in their place. she has a cold rage inside her and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, so i wouldn’t get on her bad side. 

    her father is a pretty famous chinese actor and through nepotism, brought lian into the film business. due to this, she tries hard to go above and beyond, trying to prove that she doesn’t need hand-outs. 

    born in china, and lived there most of her life but moved back and forth, following wherever her family was based while her dad was filming. she and her family aren’t super close. 

    her favorite pastime is playing chess as her father and her would always play strategy games. she’s good and loves a challenge. has a chess board in her office, for sure. 

    she is non-committal and a workaholic, she loves being busy and will never complain about having too much to do. 

    studied finance at UCLA and began working in the finance department before interning as a talent agent. has been working at skyline media for ten months now. 

    character inspirations: dana gordon ( entourage ), vanessa gekko ( bojack horseman ), santana lopez ( glee ), cheryl blossom ( riverdale ), monet de haan ( gossip girl reboot ), beth harmon ( the queen’s gambit ). 

    𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬.

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  • rxxicole
    09.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    STRETCH YOU OUT [ a. todo ]

    ↬︎ anime: jujutsu kaisen

    ↬︎ pairing: aoi todo x reader

    ↬︎ warning(s): swearing, daddy kink, dom!todo, mirror sex, public sex, creampie, & choking

    wc. 1.7k

    PLOT. best friend todo has some nsfw thoughts for his bestie.

    ADVISORY. reader is female and black unless stated otherwise.

    TODO SAT ON THE small, cheap dressing room bench. legs spread wide and posture relaxed. you two were the only ones back there. him watching you try on clothes, hoping to find one for an event the schools were having. he was your best friend, always accompanying you anywhere you wanted to go.

    you had came back from searching the racks for another dress. two options were in either hands and you approached the intimidating male with a smile.

    “emerald green or aquamarine blue?”

    todo thought for a second, his eyes scanning the two options. they were similar dresses; both in a satin like material and with thin spaghetti straps. they looked tight, like they’d hug you in all the right places.

    he wanted to hug you in all the right places.

    “green.” he answered, just after clearing his throat.

    you smiled happily, tossing the other dress on the return rack next to you, you entered the dressing room assigned. todo could barely hold it together. after almost seeing you naked, on accident, the other day his lewd thoughts of you had begun plaguing his mind all the time.

    but the ones that lingered the most were about your pussy. how it tasted, how wet it would get if he were to just caress you through your panties. if you’d sit on his face and allow him to bring you over the edge, again and again and aga—

    “aoi, can you come zip me? my hands are slipping.”

    shit. you wanted him to go in there?? his eyes trailed down to the obvious bulge in his pants and he cursed himself for wearing sweats.

    adjusting himself, todo stood up and let out a shaky breath. “y-yeah. just unlock the door peaches.”

    there was shuffling and then a click and the off white door was open for him to enter. his huge size made it a tight fit with him pushing you closer to the mirror, your hands on either side of the glass to brace yourself. todo closed the door behind him, taking a breath to ground himself. the 6’3 hardly ever got nervous. not even when meeting his favorite idol, but you—you made todo anxious.

    “you okay aoi?” your soft voice pulled him from his head and his eyes snapped to yours in the mirror.

    you looked so good. tits pressed firmly against the tight fabric and cleavage displayed deliciously for him to stare at. your piercing eyes holding his gaze made his cock twitch in his pants as he thought about you looking at him while eating your pussy out from the back. or rearranging your guts.

    “mhm, let me know if my hands are too cold.” he responded, changing the subject.

    todo’s hands were large in nature, rough from working out and fighting, but they soft as his thick fingers worked to zip up your dress. truthfully, you knew what you were doing. todo, while he was your friend, was an extremely handsome human being and on a whim, you decided to pull this stunt. there was a 50% chance of it working out and part of you hoped it did.

    shifting your self a little lower towards the mirror, ass almost kissing todo’s bulge, you lowered your voice and asked him the question. “do i look pretty aoi?”

    “fucking gorgeous peaches.” todo whispered breathlessly.

    his eyes were no longer on yours and instead, were watching your body as his hands traveled down from your upper back to your sides and stopping just at the curve of your ass.

    “gorgeous enough to eat? daddy?” the seductive tone in your voice was enough to have the man groan deeply behind you.

    he was close. you knew he was from the way his hands would flex and grip your hips a little tighter. pushing back on him harder, practically resting his dick in between your cheeks, you whimpered. “please?”

    and that was all it took for todo to move his hands to grab your ass cheeks tightly and forcefully pull you completely into him. his chin was resting slightly on your shoulder, eyes now looking at you in the mirror but yours were closed, relishing in the way his hands felt mapping out your curves.

    “open your eyes for me sweet girl.” todo murmured into your ear just as one hand slipped under your dress to massage your inner thigh.

    your eyes flew open in anticipation, goosebumps rose on your skin easily at his actions. “aoi.” you moaned, desperate for him to move his hand higher up.

    todo wanted to spend days worshipping your body, truly appreciate you for the beauty that you were. but he didn’t have days, nor hours to bask in your breathless praises and siren-like moans. todo had minutes before someone walked back here and caught him fucking into you like he had seconds to live.

    nibbling at your neck to tease you, but not enough to leave a mark, he smiled when you let out another pretty moan for him. you were so responsive to everything he did. he’d have to take advantage of it another day, but today he needed to be quick.

    “i can’t take care of you like i want to today, peaches. that ok?”

    you nodded your head, almost starting to cry from how slow he was moving. but you knew it was the lust talking because todo was by no means small. and you were going to regret not being properly prepped in the future.

    todo’s hand wrapped around your neck easily, he squeezed gently before tilting your head back so that you were actually looking at him, “use your words.”

    this was new. you had your desires for him but being in the actual moment was new and it felt like you could never catch your breath, everything about him was hot.

    “yes sir.”

    “good girl.” he grinned, giving your neck another squeeze before letting go and focusing on the tight green dress obstructing him from what he actually wanted.

    unzipping the dress quickly, todo was careful enough not to damage it. you still had to wear it after all. your breast were exposed to him for the first time and todo really began to hate that you guys were in a dressing room and not in his bedroom.

    “don’t get tired on me sweet girl. i plan on having you again later.”

    at this point, you were roughly biting your lips in order to hold back the sounds todo’s words were causing you to make. “please todo! want you inside me now.” you begged, surprised at the person you became in the heat of the moment.

    kissing you for the first time, todo’s hands worked on pulling your soaked underwear away from your dripping cunt and one hand cupped your mound, toying with your clit while the other pulled himself from the confinement of his sweats.

    your muffled moans seemed loud in the small stall and you had to grip harder on the edges of the mirror as your body shook from the pleasure his fingers were giving you. “p-please!”

    todo thought this was a dream. having you like this was a reoccurring thought in his head and he just could not fathom the idea that he had you crying and moaning for him. gripping his thick cock, todo spread your pussy lips apart and teased your entrance with his tip.

    “let me know if you wanna stop, okay?”

    nodding your head, you pushed your hips back to try and get todo to slip his cock into you, but he stopped you by grabbing your hips and stilling you in place. “you’ll take what i give you.”

    and before you could respond, todo had pushed into in one move, fully sheathing his monster cock in your small hole. a sharp yelp moved past your lips before todo’s big hand covered them.

    “fuck y/n! been keeping this pussy to yourself? didn’t wanna share with daddy?” todo’s lewd accusations had you shaking your head.

    no! you always wanted to share with daddy.

    “i’ll teach you how to fucking share.”

    you were thankful for todo’s hand over your mouth. moans spilt out of you continuously and whines of pleasure followed after them. you could scream and cry and no one would hear you. but it was redundant when todo’s balls kissed the back of your thighs with every thrust of his. and the sounds of your arousal gushing out of you were loud on their own.

    he felt so good. so warm and big and long enough to do what was needed and more. removing the hand off your mouth, todo brought his fingers back to your clit and began rubbing tight circles into the bundle of nerves. had he not of been holding you by your waist, your knees would’ve buckled in pleasure.

    “a-aoi—mmph—so close!” you quietly screamed when he pinched your nub.

    todo cursed lowly, feeling your walls tighten around him the more he played with your clit. you were amazing around him. the jujutsu sorcerer hoped this wasn’t a one time thing. that you’d let him properly date you and fuck you like a whore romantically.

    “where do you want me peaches?” todo moaned, feeling himself close to the end.

    you swallowed a moan of your own before answering. “in me.” you whispered, eyes trained on the cum ring at the base of his dick from your cream.

    the mirror was foggy and barely visible, but the both of you could see where his cock pushed in ‘n out of you with ease. strings of slick forming each time todo pulled back to push back in. the sight was becoming too arousing and before you could even warn him, you were creaming around his cock, eyes rolling backwards and mouth dropped open in a silent scream.

    todo could thank god that he caught your facial expression as you came. such a lewd look for a pretty girl, but it had him cumming deep into you, hips stuttering and his grip on your hips bruising. your body lightly shook as the both of you came down from the high.

    “excuse me? is everything alright in there?”

    oh shit.

    NOTE. writing smut freaks me out but i love it sm at the same time!! pls lmk how i did on this one! <3

    ↬︎ join the taglist: @rubinocore @nyxeclipse @sweeneyblue1 @knjkitten @namjoonswifeyy @sunrayyellowhalo @pimpnameyannie @brownmochi @gabzlovesu

    #mayawrites #black!reader #mdni#todo smut #todo x black!reader #todo x reader #jjk smut#jujustu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen smut #jjk x black!reader #jjk x reader #ambw imagines#anime#anime smut #anime x black!reader
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    My Top Posts in 2021


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    What your favorite Marvel woman says about you


    You’re either either an Age of Ultron hate bot, or you have ten pages written out defending it

    You’ve been saying “Give Natasha a movie!!!” Since 2012

    You’re a sucker for character growth, more specifically overcoming emotional abuse Zuko style


    You’re a lesbian.

    Your favorite episodes from Agent Carter season one are 3 and 6

    You’re a sucker for the friends to lovers trope


    You’re a lesbian

    That’s it


    You’ve probably lost someone close to you, sorry about that

    “In the comics ___!!”

    You’re either neutral on Tony or are a Tony anti


    You either love Steve or hate him so much

    You’re a bottom for her. Even if you’re a top, you’d bottom for Peggy Carter. (Citation: Instagram users little_linbeifong, max_gold36, and @sweet-sappphic )

    You probably think the Marvel shows are better than the movies


    You’re a sucker for MILF’s

    You have few truly close friends

    I hope you’re seeing someone for that trauma you’ve been neglecting


    How’re those daddy issues going

    Seriously though, you can trust your friends they’re not gonna turn on you

    You think the Guardians are better than the Avengers and that the GotG movies are underrated

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    Okay I’m still not over the “If Fury wanted eye candy around he could’ve at least picked Romanoff” interraction, like is it just accepted around S.H.I.E.L.D. that both Natasha and Maria are super hot?

    Do new recruits see two of Fury’s most trusted agents walking around and have to do a double take while their S.O.’s yawn and reassure them that “Yes that is the Black Widow, yeah that’s Fury’s right hand, no he didn’t pick them because they’re hot, you can pick your jaws up off the floor now.”

    Are there wagers about this?? Do drunken S.H.I.E.L.D. agents hit on the two most powerful women on the helicarrier? Do they have inside jokes about it?

    Marvel answer my calls damnit.

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    Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →

    #my 2021 tumblr year in review #your tumblr year in review #Philinda being my top post of the year #So sexy of them #the if fury wanted eye candy post🥰
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    I made it! Ok ok so first, what would the boys (would you mind specifically adding mutt for my asks 👉👈) have their s/o named on their phone?

    How about all of them ;)

    Sans: bonezone buddy


    Star: bootylicious ;)

    Honey: sweetheart❤️❤️❤️👌🏼🙏👀✨✨💀He likes emojis

    Red: drumstick gotta pay homage to the legs

    Edge: prince/princess

    Mal: sparkles✨

    Cash: he wouldn’t even add a name. It’s just a very poorly taken profile picture

    Oak: buns


    Charm: the good flavor~

    Sugar: love, but he also includes a creep shot of your butt at the profile picture

    Lord: just your name

    Mutt: babe❤️

    Wine: dearest (yn)

    Coffee: that b*tch

    Pop: he doesn’t put contact names in his phone. It’s just your number lol

    Rhythm: twinkle toes

    Pluto: my starlight

    Jupiter: my little hero

    Peaches: snacc

    Rancher: just your name again

    G: thiccus dickkus (doesn’t matter if you don’t have a d*ck. That’s your contact name)

    Green: just your name, but he adds an emoji that describes you at the end

    Snipe: …… daddy. Or mommy lol

    Bruiser: partner in crime

    Ace: baby❤️❤️❤️

    Slim: no contact name, just a creep shot of either your cleavage, your shoulders, or your butt as a profile pic

    Butch: darling

    Boss: kitten/bunny

    Rust: my squishy

    Noir: shortie

    Lilac: also bootylicious lol

    Basil: little honey bee

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    I’m looking at some of my old posts and have realized that a lot of the character descriptions aren’t very accurate with how I write the characters now. So I’ll be be redoing each skeledudes general personality description (and job description) and reblogging this post each day until I have all of them ;)

    Sans: He’s our typical lazy and punny guy! Sans is a real people’s man and has friends and connections all over. Despite finding across as a charismatic extrovert, he’s actually very introverted and enjoys his friends in controlled doses. Sans is a playful prankster at heart. His favorite reactions from his victims is the face of blank confusion as they witness his quiet little acts of chaos. Sans is a very guarded monster who doesn’t typically show a lot of emotion beyond surface level. It takes a long time to earn enough trust for him to open up. A long long time. Sans is also a scholar at heart. The only time you’ll ever see him truly work is when something is interesting enough for him to feel passionate about

    His job is a nuclear engineer! Sans is researching ways to combine nuclear energy with magic to make safer and cleaner energy sources

    Papyrus: he’s the true definition of an optimist. Papyrus can always see the best in any person or situation. Because of this, people may think that he’s naive. He isn’t, he just stays strong to his ideals and is stubborn enough to ignore any criticism. Papyrus lives for seeing his friends and family succeed. In fact, he’s at his happiest when he makes others happy. This makes him the ultimate cheerleader friend. Pair that with a very empathetic and observant personality, and you have a guy who can get along with almost anyone. However, his passion is also his greatest flaw. When papyrus gets really into something, he sometimes doesn’t see the risks involved and will continue on to that goal regardless. He’s impulsive

    For his job, he owns an escape room! It’s actually several different rooms: a large main room, four smaller surrounding ones, the lobby, and a medium room for parties. The puzzles and themes of the rooms change every other month

    Star (underswap sans): he’s an adorable positive energy ball of PURE EVIL. Ok ok, not true evil of course, but Star is a manipulative little imp. He goes by the rule of: “if you won’t treat me like an adult, then I’m going to take advantage of it.” He’s definitely not above using his looks to get what he wants. With his friends, Star is easygoing and playful. He loves to tease and flirt and prefers friends who can keep up with him. He’s also a bit of a scatterbrain and has a bad habit of taking on more than he can chew. Star is a wonderful motivator but has issues with being too pushy if he feels like his friend isn’t progressing fast enough.

    His job is in the police force as a detective and SAR (search and rescue). His main priority is finding missing persons and taking out human trafficking rinks

    Honey (underswap papyrus): honey is a total sweetheart. He can be pretty shy and anxious when you first meet him, but if you’re nice, he’s quick to latch on and adopt you into his friend group. When he’s comfortable, he’s a very chill and playful guy. He has a raging motherly streak and doesn’t realize sometimes that he’s nagging. Honey is a romantic at heart and just wants someone he can be sappy with. He does get very clingy since he assumes that most people are only around him because of Star. Don’t mess with his kitchen. He’s a total nerd and will happily fixate on almost any fandom with his friends

    His job is an online translator. He mostly does written legal documents but also sometimes acts at the translator for zoom meetings. Honey prefers to work from home

    210 notes • Posted 2021-06-20 06:50:28 GMT


    The Lineup is Here!!

    Alright in order from left to right we have:

    Pluto (outertale sans) at 4’11

    Pop (dancetale sans) at 5’0

    Lord (fellswap sans) at 5’1

    Mal (swapfell sans) at 5’1

    Sans (undertale) at 5’3

    Charm (underlust sans) at 5’3

    Red (underfell sans) at 5’3

    Star (underswap sans) at 5’4

    Peaches (farmtale sans) at 5’4

    Wine (fellswap gold sans) at 5’5

    Snipe (mafiatale sans) at 5’5

    Ace (mafiaswap sans) at 5’5

    Butch (mafiafell sans) at 5’7

    G (gastertale sans) at 5’8

    Coffee (fellswap gold papyrus) at 6’0

    Cash (swapfell papyrus) at 6’0

    Honey (underswap papyrus) at 6’3

    Sugar (underlust papyrus) at 6’3

    Rhythm (dancetale papyrus) at 6’3

    Oak (horrortale sans) at 6’3

    Rust (horrorfell sans) at 6’3

    Papyrus (undertale) at 6’5

    Jupiter (outertale papyrus) at 6’5

    Edge (underfell papyrus) at 6’5

    Rancher (farmtale papyrus) at 6’6

    Mutt (fellswap papyrus) at 6’6

    Lilac (horrorswap sans) at 6’6

    Bruiser (mafiatale papyrus) at 6’6

    Slim (mafiaswap papyrus) at 6’6

    Boss (mafiafell papyrus) at 6’8

    Green (gastertale papyrus) at 6’8

    Basil (horrorswap papyrus) at 7’11

    Willow (horrortale papyrus) at 8’0

    Noir (horrorfell papyrus) at 8’3

    So there we go! Official heights and a first look at all the guys!

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    The Uquiz is ready!!

    Which skellyman would be your bestie?


    anyways here’s the link! enjoy ya’ll!

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    I posted 6,799 times in 2021

    67 posts created (1%)

    6732 posts reblogged (99%)

    For every post I created, I reblogged 100.5 posts.

    I added 10,331 tags in 2021

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    #knb - 239 posts

    Longest Tag: 81 characters

    #it’s the mm webtoon announcement it still gets notes the webtoon is/was god awful

    My Top Posts in 2021


    #sk8week2k21 | Day 3 | Most Relatable Character

    ↳ The random guy who calls Shadow daddy... No, I will not be taking criticism at this time

    73 notes • Posted 2021-04-07 15:30:54 GMT


    #sk8week2k21 | Day 2 | Favorite Friendship: Cherry Blossom, Joe and ADAM

    ↳ I need more of their youth and the start of S

    76 notes • Posted 2021-04-06 04:02:49 GMT


    #sk8week2k21 | Day 5 | Most Memorable Scene: My Happiness Is.. ∞

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    They did Shadow dirty 😤

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    I’m Absolutely DYING at the post to reblog ratio😂

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    I posted 2,366 times in 2021

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    For every post I created, I reblogged 14.3 posts.

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    Longest Tag: 86 characters

    #ik this is super short but im trying to get my love of writing back and i enjoyed this

    My Top Posts in 2021


    Bakugou: You just gotta use what's in there

    *points to Denki's head*

    Denki:...song lyrics?

    Bakugou: No

    Denki: Memes?

    Bakugou: No, I-

    Denki: Tiktoks?


    Denki: Ohhh

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    Happy birthday Red Riot <3

    Here are some cute gifs of the birthday boy

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    Dating Class 1-A best bois + Shinsou

    (bc our sleepy lavender-haired boy will always be in 1-A in our hearts💖)

    Includes: Bakugou, Todoroki, Shinsou, Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero

    Gender neutral I think?? I didn’t proof read and i have a tendency to write for myself so...


    💥Bickering. Constantly.

    💥Friends w/ his Mom

    💥He cooks for you bc otherwise you would survive off of minute ramen let’s be real

    💥Vv possessive and protective of you (not bc he doesn’t trust you or know you can take care of yourself tho, like, trust me, Bakubabe ain’t gon date no wuss)

    💥He calls you ”My extra” (not my idea, I read this in a fanfic somewhere and latched onto the name bc fUCKTHAT’SCUTE)

    💥Makes you actually study (or dies trying)

    💥Tries his best to be the #1 bf because he has to win at everything he really is whipped for you

    💥He tries to pretend he doesn’t care but it shows

    💥Does sweet stuff for you vv aggressively

          - “Oi, L/N, take this...I got it at the store but I don’t want it.” “Bakugou, this is my favorite drink.” “Yeah so what?” “You got this for me didn’t you?” “I DID NOT!!!” “Mhmmm sure.” “I DIDN’T!! FUCK YOU YOU EXTRA, JUST BECAUSE WE’RE DATING DOESN’T MEAN I LIKE YOU OR ANYTHING SO DON’T GO GETTING ANY IDEAS!!!”

    💥”I love you Katsuki” *glares and looks away, blushing* “Yeah whatever, I love you too I guess.”

    💥Truly a Tsundere


    ❄🔥This boy feels so lucky to have you as his S/O lemme tell you

    ❄🔥He spoils the heck out of you, like trust me, Daddy’s money ain’t goin’ to waste 🤑🤑🤑

    ❄🔥And he memorizes all your fav snacks, songs, tv shows, movies, activities, etc.

    ❄🔥Socially tho he is oblivious AF but he tries his best pls help him.

    ❄🔥You cuddle with different sides of him depending on your temperature.                 - Like, Cold? Boom! Left-side Shoto. Hot? Boom! Right-side Shoto.

    ❄🔥Doesn’t initiate physical affection but craves it constantly (love him pls he’s touch-starved)

    ❄🔥You trash Endeavor all the time and it warms his heart that you care enough about him to be so angry on his behalf

    ❄🔥Don’t get me wrong tho we will support him fully if he wants to repair their relationship

    ❄🔥100% takes you to meet his Mom...you two are the most important ppl in his life ofc he’s gonna want you to meet



    🎮Roasting each other 25/8

    🎮Napping together

    🎮”’Toshi! Cat!” “Where?!” “There! C’mon!”

    🎮Uses his quirk on you but never in a disrespectful way                                      - “Pay attention to me!” “I can’t rn Hitoshi!” “Why?” “Because I have to study!” “Y/N you’ve BEEN studying, take a break!” *uses quirk to make you come cuddle him*

    🎮Gaming together

    🎮Y’all hardly ever go on ‘dates’ you just hang out all the time bc ur besties UwU

    🎮Movie nights where you ironically watch movies like ‘Twilight’ and make SO MUCH COMMENTARY

    🎮Honestly like 90% of your interactions give off vibes that you two hate each other so when ppl find out you’re dating they’re hella confused

    🎮”I hate you.” “Then stop hugging me.” “No” “Bitch.” “Asshole.”

    🎮Best friends who kiss n’ stuff


    ⚡Charges things for you (charger!Denki owns my entire heart I’m-😍)

    ⚡Pick up lines

    ⚡Couple tik toks

    ⚡Meme/Vine references

    ⚡Crackhead energy for dAYZ

    ⚡Karaoke dates

    ⚡Pokeman jokes

         - Like, if you lose him in a store you have your own version of marco polo where you say “Gotta catch ‘em all” and he’ll respond with pikachu noises

    ⚡He is your hype man 100% like, he just wants you to know how amazing you are so he will tell you as often as he can

    ⚡Physical affection too

           - he kinda clingy but you don’t mind at all

    ⚡He’ll accidentally zap you sometimes. Like when he gets overly excited but let’s be real when is he not or in his sleep 

           -(but he’ll do it on purpose sometimes too if you know what I mean 👀🥵😏)

    ⚡If you give him something he’ll treasure it FOREVER no matter how small or random

    ⚡Just- sweet boy isn’t afraid to look like a fool in love for you and we stan ✋😭


    📼Most lowkey and supportive bf you will eVER meet

    📼He’s so considerate and supportive ugh I’m weak

    📼And I feel like this boi got style ok 

            - Like imagine him in some ripped jeans and a baggy white shirt with a jean jacket and some nikes 👀🔥✨

    📼I will bet you $50 that our flex tape mans can do your hair and it look better than if you did it

    📼You call him ‘Serotonin’

    📼He rolls his eyes but lowkey loves it and thinks it’s the cutest fucking thing bc iT IS

    📼Standing behind you and resting his chin on your head/shoulder

    📼You play with his tape sometimes when ur feeling bored or fidgety

    📼Candid photos of you are his fav

    📼He loves to watch you in general and he’ll smile to himself

    📼And he lovingly teases you just to see you get all pouty or mad bc u entertain him to no end

    📼Overall he’s just a total package



    👊Never pressures you to do anything or makes you even slightly uncomfortable 

    👊Calls you beautiful or gorgeous instead of hot


    👊The cute thing is that his personality is ADORABLE with yours no matter what your personality type is

         - Like, Antisocial? Anger issues? Pessimist? Boy have I got a mans for you

         - Extrovert? Super sweet? Optimistic? Boy have I STILL got a mans for you

    👊Helping him dye his hair

    👊Your friends and family all ADORE him

    👊If you have siblings they’re all “When are you bringing Kirishima to visit?” “Did you invite Kirishima?” “Tell Kirishima I said hi!”

    👊He’s their fav sibling now. 

    👊You’re just gonna hafta deal with the fact that you’ll always be 2nd place (except to Kiri)

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    That awkward moment when you start watching a show just for fun and then shit goes DOWN but ur too emotionally invested to turn back

    337 notes • Posted 2021-03-24 02:12:34 GMT


    Sero: *sneezes*

    Bakugou: CURSE YOU!!!

    Y/N: *sighs* Katsu, c'mon, we've talked about this. It's 'bless you'

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  • lg-secretsx
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    Top Posts in 2021 💖


    Be careful with your sub when they are in sub/little space

    sometimes it's hard to use a safe word when we are deep in sub space and just want to serve & please our dom.

    check in with your sub. "you ok, baby?"

    know in advance what their limits are.

    talk openly & often about boundaries.

    learn their non-verbal cues.

    pay attention to facial expressions and notice if they tense up.

    talk afterwards.

    and of course, aftercare always. ❤️

    1250 notes • Posted 2021-03-18 00:30:37 GMT


    Not a Toy

    It's late and we're laying in bed. I'm on my back and he's on his side, turned away from me. I assume Daddy has fallen asleep but I'm feeling needy so I start to use my vibrator. Then I hear Daddy say, "Is that making your little pussy feel good, baby?"

    "Yes, Daddy."

    "Yeah? Is that your favorite toy?"


    "No? What's your favorite toy?"

    I'm still pressing the vibrator against my clit, getting wetter. "Daddy's cock."

    Daddy is silent and doesn't do anything for a moment. Then he turns towards me, rises onto his knees and leans over me. I feel my cheeks flush as I meet his eyes.

    "Do you like feeling Daddy's cock in your little pussy?"

    "Yes, Daddy."

    "And in your mouth?"

    "Yes, Daddy."

    "Is that why you said Daddy's cock is your favorite toy?'

    "Yes, Daddy."

    Daddy smiles slightly, caresses the side of my face and then takes his cock out of his boxers. He strokes it for a moment, and then tells me to suck. I do as I'm told, putting down the vibrator and getting on my hands and knees. Even though I've stopped using the vibrator I'm still getting wetter, now from feeling his hard cock in my mouth and throat.

    "Show Daddy how you worship his cock." I start to go faster and deeper, how I know he likes it, while massaging his balls. I continue eagerly for several minutes, desperately wanting his praise.

    "Babygirl, look at me." I look up and pause, with his cock still in my mouth. "Daddy's cock is not a toy. See how you are worshipping my cock? Toys aren't worshipped. Toys are used. Kind of like how Daddy is using your mouth right now. Do you understand?" I nod. "Are you Daddy's toy?"

    I nod and try to say "yes, Daddy" but he pushes himself in deeper as I say it, so what comes out sounds pretty pathetic. "Are you Daddy's little cum toy?" he asks, louder. This time he pulls his cock out and let's me say yes. I nod eagerly. I'm still waiting for his praise. "That's a good girl. Yes, yes you are. Now let Daddy use his little toy. Let Daddy fuck your little throat."

    By this point my pussy is throbbing and I know I'll be spanked later for how wet I'm getting the sheets. Daddy fucks my throat until he comes. I swallow it, he kisses my forehead, and I watch him lay down and let out one of those gutteral sighs he does after I please him. One of my favorite sounds.

    "Babygirl," he says. "Play with your vibrator now." I grab my vibrator and begin to use it again, my pussy feeling much more sensitive than earlier.

    "Is that your favorite toy, baby?"

    "Yes, Daddy."

    "Good girl."

    2002 notes • Posted 2021-04-25 18:06:36 GMT


    Questions to Ask Your Sub for Intimate, Safe, & Hot D/s

    Understanding what D/s means to your sub will help you be the best Dom you can be.

    About the D/s Dynamic:

    What attracts you about dominance and how does submitting make you feel?

    What does your kink identity (little, kitten, puppy, slave, etc.) mean to you?

    How much do you want our D/s dynamic to be a part of our lives, from 0 - 100% of the time?

    What are some everyday life examples of dominance you think are hot/fun?

    What do you think is the difference between someone being controlling and someone being dominant?

    About Sex:

    What names do you like to be called during sex?

    How do you like to be touched?

    How do you feel about restraints? What kind?

    Do you like being degraded or humiliated? How?

    What does ideal aftercare look like for you?

    About Experience:

    Have you ever felt like someone crossed the line or violated your boundaries? What happened?

    What kinks have you tried but didn't like?

    What is something you've never tried but are curious about?

    When and how did you first get into bd/sm (or dd/lg, md/lb, etc.)?

    What do you think was missing from past relationships?

    This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it's a good place to start!

    Honesty creates intimacy & communication ensures safety 💖

    2018 notes • Posted 2021-05-19 23:34:00 GMT


    Feminist Kink 101

    Kink: a woman consents to serving a man sexually because she enjoys it, and he also satisfies her sexually.
    Sexism: a man expects a woman to serve him sexually because "that's how it should be," regardless of if she enjoys it.

    Dominance: a man makes decisions for a woman based on the preferences & goals she's informed him about.
    Toxic Masculinity: a man disregards a woman's needs/wants, tries to control her, and makes unilateral decisions regardless of how they affect her.

    Feminism: an informed, self-respecting woman with boundaries chooses to own her sexuality & submit to a man as long as he respects her.
    Internalized Misogyny: a woman idolizes a man, obsesses about him, & submits to him, regardless of how he treats her.

    2751 notes • Posted 2021-07-21 21:00:47 GMT


    Quick tip: When your sub is sad or depressed, ask them if they need more of your dominance or less of it.

    Some subs will want you to be really present and consistent with your structure and leadership so that they feel taken care of and have the motivation to keep going.

    Others will want to take a step back from submitting so that they can let go of pressure and focus on self care.

    If they want more: Be firm but kind. Remind them of their rules and responsibilities (more than once if necessary). Remind them of their rewards and consequences. Praise them a lot when they follow through.

    If they want less: Reassure them that it's okay to take a break every once in a while. Make sure they know they aren't letting you down, and that you'll be ready to take control whenever they are feeling up to it.

    2820 notes • Posted 2021-06-18 23:11:41 GMT

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  • princesatoru
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 2k

    𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬: daddy kink (only the nickname!) caretaker/ service dom goj, fem afab reader, oral f! rec, cowgirl, established relationship, lovesick gojo, soff subby reader, goj stays dressed the whole time, overstim, creampie, praise (”good girl, princess” + lots of other pet names lol) tiddy suckin’

    𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: dom/ sub, slight public sex (jus the elevator up), goj doesn’t prep u as much as he should but it’s ok, reader drools a little (poor baby) unprotected sex, one very weak very wimpy thigh slap bc goj is pouty, reader wears strawberry lipgloss an perfume, subspace mention

    𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬: happy birthday to my favorite, best boy 🥺 daddy goj had by far the most requests so i hope y’all like this!! 💗

    He’s dreamed about you all day, all week, really, a four day business trip eating away at his precious time with his favorite girl on his birthday, no less.

    You’re his soft place to land, always dressed in some sweet little outfit he bought for you, a vision of beauty in creamy pastels and foamy chiffon. He loves you of course, always has, but he thinks he might love taking care of you even more. 

    He’ll never forget the first time the word had slipped through your glossy lips, a breathy moan that rippled over his skin and pierced him right in the heart. 


    You were ashamed, went to cover your mouth with your cute little hands but he pulled them away, tugging you toward him by your chin. Your eyes went wide, lashes batting against your cheeks as you blinked up at him.

    “Don’t be embarrassed.” 

    His grin rivaled that of a wolf, a snarl edging into his voice. 

    “Say it again, sweet girl.” 

    It was a dream come true, the thought still makes him hard and suddenly he’s reminded how lucky he is no one decided to sit next to him on the train. He only has about fifteen minutes before he gets to see you (not that anyone’s counting, or anything) and he knows you’re probably pretty in pink at the station, all dressed up and waiting for him. 

    He has to loosen his tie. 

    What should be a quick trip passes by syrupy slow, skyscrapers and power lines dragging across his vision. He tries not to squirm around too much, shooting out of his seat the instant he feels breaks against the tracks. 

    You’re there when the doors open, leaning on a bit of railing across from him with a frilly little umbrella hovering over you. He almost runs, but he manages to restrict his stride to a trot when he realizes just how many eyes are on him. 

    “Princess.” He breathes, clapping a hand behind your neck and pulling you in toward him. Butterflies erupt in his stomach when you yelp in surprise, his hands falling to their natural resting place on your waist. 

    “Don’t be shy, cutie. C’mere.” And then, in a slightly quieter voice, “Daddy missed you.” 

    Now you have to kiss him to shut him up, swallowing the little chuckle he lets out at your flustered state. His lips are smooth, sticky with chapstick and sweet like candy and his tongue hooks with yours after a bit of prodding on his end. Certainly a scene for the middle of the train station, and you’re embarrassed the entire way home. (Exactly how he wants you.)

    You know you’re in for a spell once you get back to your place, he spends the whole car ride with his hand firmly gripped around the meat of your thigh and barely acknowledges your driver save for the wad of cash he palms into the guy’s hand once he parks. 

    He slings an arm over your shoulder and drags you to the elevator without so much as a word, jumping your bones as soon as the doors close, sliding his tongue between your lips and palming at your ass before you get a chance to even breathe. 


    “Shh, sweet baby, what’s my name?” 

    You were going to ask him to stop, really, the ride up to the penthouse doesn’t take more than a minute or two and anyone could hop on between here and there but… 

    “Daddy.” You breathe, swayed by his absence and his tongue and his desperation to touch you. 

    “Good girl.” 

    He thumbs over your lips, dragging the finger across the bottom of your face to smear your sparkly, strawberry flavored gloss across it and kissing the spot. 

    “What a mess.” He whispers, hands tucking beneath the cut of your dress and under your bra to yank your tits forward- wrapping his lips around your right nipple and sucking. 

    You work the buttons of his shirt to free his torso, dragging your hands down his toned, rippling stomach and settling them near his belly button.

    He moans, breathing in the scent of your perfume, your skin. Kisses work their way across your collarbone, lips pressing against every inch of your flesh he can reach before the ding of your ride reaching the appropriate floor cuts him off. 

    He’s lucky no one else tried to get on, lifting you up to wrap your legs around his waist, carrying you to the bedroom with his lips fixed to yours. How he manages to get his luggage inside is a mystery to you, because you're draped over the bed in what feels like an instant. 

    You’re caged in with his body, thighs on either side of your stomach. He hovers there for a moment, drinking in the sight of you all flustered and shy and wrapped up like a pretty little present for him. All his to unwrap and play with as he pleases.  

    He wants to spread you apart, to crack you open like the spine of a favorite, well loved book- dragging your hand down to the bulge swelling up in his pants and beaming at you. 

    “Feel what you fuckin’ do to me?” He tugs your wrist up to his mouth, kisses your knuckles and fingernails. Your free hand fists the fabric of his shirt into a ball, scrambling for purchase somewhere before you fall over the edge. 

    He leans back on his haunches, hooking a finger in your underwear from underneath your skirt and tugging it off of your legs, unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants in the same motion. 

    He’s hard already, pushing the fabric of his silk underwear through the hole in his zipper and you swallow a little, eyes fluttering closed at the sight of him above you. He can already tell that you’re a goner- his presence alone is enough to send you straight to subspace. 

    He’ll just have to help you out. 

    “Lift up baby, atta girl… fuck you look so good under here…” 

    He ducks beneath the froth of your skirt, hands resting on your hip bone and stomach respectively to hold you in place for his advances. 

    “Pretty baby…” He coos, nipping your thighs with his incisors, spreading them apart and slotting his face between them. “Soooo wet already, you feelin’ greedy?” 

    He flits the tip of a finger over your clit, now sticky and clinging to the cotton of your panties- he can make it out perfectly through the veil and he basks in the little whimper you let out at the gesture. 

    “Fuck. I missed you so goddamn much.” 

    He knows he’s babbling a little, running his mouth in circles but he’s overwhelmed by you, swimming in tulle and the smell of your strawberry perfume, your body wash, your cunt. 

    He breathes it all in, drunk after just a little taste of you. He bites down on your thigh, so so close to your dripping pussy and it makes you throb. 


    “Shhhhh baby…” He murmurs, lips tickling over the bruise starting to form, “Good girl.” 

    He delves into you, tongue prodding and exploratory, nudging against every nerve ending you have while you cry out for him.

    “Taste like strawberries.” He sighs, and you kick at him a little for pulling you out of the moment. 

    “Liar. It tastes like pussy.” 

    He laughs, scooping you up closer to his mouth by your thighs. His breath tickles your bare flesh, glitter running through your veins at the sensation. 

    “You’re right.” He says and you kick again, giggling.  “You’re right! Just tryna be poetic for ya.” 

    A wet stripe across your cunt, your legs shake and lock around his neck, muffling his words. 

    “You just won’t let a guy get away with anything, huh?” 

    Another, this one dragging it’s way down through the absolute mess he’d made of you already and back up the length of it again, his lips wrapping around your twitching, swollen clit to finally give you the relief you’d been whining for all along. He laps at you until you see stars, burying his face in your pussy, his nose pressed against your mound. 

    It doesn’t take long for you to tug him out from under your skirt by his hair, hearts replacing your pupils. Your chest heaves and he runs his forearm over his chin before slipping one of his fingers in your mouth, swirling the digit across your tongue, dragging it along the roof of your mouth and your eyes flutter closed before you can help it. Tasting yourself always makes butterflies erupt in your stomach. 

    “Y’see? Strawberries.” 


    He laughs again, this one breathless and agonized. 

    “I’m gonna take this off, okay?” 

    You rise up to help him and he lays you back down with a shush, sliding his palm under you and lifting you up by the small of your back to unzip it with the other. He slides the straps down your shoulders, applying gentle kisses to the skin revealed underneath. 

    He shuffles the bodice off too, dragging a finger down your spine as you kick the skirt off. He gives a little slap to your thigh when you do, a pout on his lips that you can spy from underneath your lashes. 

    “Let me spoil you.” He grumbles nosing at your tummy, “Missed you.” 

    “O-okay, daddy.” 


    He nips at you some more, wrapping his hands around your sides and lifting you up and into his lap like a doll. He drapes your arms over his shoulders, mouthing against your neck, your shoulders and your collarbones. 

    You can feel his cock grinding up underneath you, so big as it spreads the lips of your pussy even through layers of fabric. 

    “Want me to fuck you baby?” He purrs, slipping two fingers inside of you with a squelch. “Yer so fucking wet, bet I could fit without even stretching you out…” 

    “Please.” You hiss, writhing with need as you grind against him, hands flat on his chest to brace yourself.  

    “Shhh, Baby. Okay, g-gonna… fuck. Fuck, fuck.” 

    He slides in with one fluid motion and all rational thought leaves your mind.

    The drag of his cock inside of you makes your whole body tremble, a symphony of pleasure swelling in your chest, your stomach, stretching out through your capillaries and your veins and overwriting all of your senses. 

    You’re drooling, spit and tears pooling underneath your chin and spilling down his chest, the fabric of his shirt soaks it up but you’ll both be a sloppy mess once he’s done with you. 

    He always seems to manage this, injecting himself like a serum that courses through you until the only thought you’re able to muster is him, him, him. 


    He doesn’t correct you, just tugs you forward by your chin to soothe a kiss over your swollen little pout. 

    “I told you it’s okay, sweetheart. Just b-breathe like me… Shhh you got it.” 

    You take his advice, sucking in your breaths and holding them for a few moments, matching his cadence. It makes everything even more vivid somehow, a cord inside you somewhere tight enough now to snap- 


    “I know, baby, I know- go ahead, it’s okay-” 

    You clamp down around him, pulsing and squeezing him so hard he has to clench his teeth to keep himself from cumming on the spot. You’re always left wondering how he manages to outdo himself every time- the longer you’ve been with him the better he seems to understand your body, reading you like a map to some beautiful treasure. 

    “Sorry baby but I’ve gotta- fuck.” 

    He rolls his hips against you in a warning, planting his hands on either side of your torso, working you up and down his cock without letting you move so much as a muscle. 

    It’s too much, the aftershocks of your orgasm still rippling through you but you can’t imagine denying him now, not after going so long without seeing him and not on his birthday- 


    “Shhh baby, I know you can take it, just-” 

    “N-no! The… I had a cake because-” 

    “It can wait.” He growls, nipping at your ear. He picks up his pace, squishing, wet noises lilting throughout the room and filling your brain with white noise. 

    “This is the best present.” 

    He grins at you but it’s fearsome, his eyes far too serious for the intensity of his gaze. He’s desperate. 

    “T-thank you, Daddy… f-feels so good!” 

    “Fuck.” He murmurs, the praise rushing through him and moving straight to his dick. You don’t miss the way he blushes at your words. 

    “Thank you, thank you, t-thank you!!!” 

    He pulls you as close to him as he can get you, soft tits pressed up against his chiseled chest as he sighs into your hair. 

    “So sweet to me, yeah? Daddy’s g-getting closeeeee, baby.” 

    “It’s okay...c’mon… w-we can eat cake…” 

    He huffs a laugh, kissing along your neck, his grip on your torso loosening as his stomach ripples underneath your sticky, wet thighs. You’re mesmerized by the sight, jaw slack and hanging open in awe. His brows are furrowed, bottom lip caught between his teeth as he finally lets himself cum inside of you. 

    It’s thick, spurting into your cunt and filling you up oh-so-good. His dick twitches and throbs until he’s bled dry and he hisses when you’re still pulsing around him, he’s over sensitive but unwilling to be separated from you yet. 

    “Fuck I missed you, angel.” 

    “Missed you too Daddy.” You sigh, slumping down onto his chest. “Happy birthday.” 

    He nuzzles his nose against yours, pressing a kiss onto your cheekbone, right below your eye. 

    “I love you.” 

    He accentuates it with a little smack to your ass, lifting you off of him to pull out and admiring the little trickle of cum that leaks down your legs when he does. 

    “Guess it is a happy birthday.” He laughs, sitting you back down in his lap. “Almost thought you forgot.” 

    “Never!” You laugh, swatting at him, “You just barely gave me a chance to say anything!” 

    Fair enough. 

    “Wanna make it up to me?” He pouts, tilting his head to the side. “Maybe when your legs stop feeling like jelly you can grab me a slice of that cake you almost ditched me for.” 

    He pinches your thigh and you yelp, annoyed. 

    “Sure, baby. Whatever you want.” 

    It’s said with an eye roll, but that’s good enough for him. 

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