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  • yoursadistdom
    30.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Like if you’re a desperate slut in need of a powerful, experienced man who knows precisely how to take control of you and enjoy you - pinning you down, stripping you naked, tying you up, gagging you, teasing you, punishing you, rewarding you, training you, dominating you, humiliating you, degrading you, using you, and making you into his perfect obedient little fucktoy for his pleasure and enjoyment.

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  • men-know-best
    05.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Daddy's rules:

    No being mean to myself

    Bedtime at midnight

    Be on my knees for at least 10 minutes a day

    Practice deepthroating for 20 minutes a day

    12 slaps to each cheek for not following Daddy's rules

    Trans girls are girls and trans Men are Men if you don't believe these things GET OFF MY BLOG.

    i don't actually believe lesbians can be "fixed" or that i am a "recovering lesbian" that is pure fantasy kinky fun.

    Trump is a loser who lost and he is a wannabe authoritarian. He's s fascist as is the rest of the GOP and most conservatives in America. FUCK OFF IF YOU SUPPORT THEM!!!

    i'm a huge socialist commie bitch. i want EVERYONE to live their lives on their own terms. i support BLM, defunding and disarming the police, destroying structural patriarchy aka the legal and political systems that are in place to prevent women from living our lives on our terms. Abolishing the prison system that has no interest in the actual rehabilitation of people and all the interest in continuing slavery. The anti abortion law in Texas makes my skin crawl and is so vile it makes me want to puke. i am VERY pro abortion. i am antifascist. i am pro LGBT rights. All the structural shit in America is BAD. This country was founded on bad things and those need to be addressed and changed and made up for.

    Now as for the question of am i a feminist? No. i am not a feminist because most of what is called the "feminist movement" doesn't give two shits about me and has left me and many MANY others behind and a chunk of it wants me dead.

    i am all for destroying the structural patriarchy because it hurts people, but i will not apologize for feeling empowered by submitting to the Men i deem worthy of that respect.

    This blog is my safe place to explore my kinks and the moment you threaten that safe place and make it feel unsafe is when i block you. Lucky so far most of you have been great.

    i am happily owned by my wonderful Daddy/Boyfriend! Respect Him.

    i am a recovering lesbian turned straight girl here to explore her love of and being a good girl for Men and my many kinks around misogyny and the Patriarchy. i have a preference for Black Men, but i have a wonderful Boyfriend who owns me and i am NOT looking for another. Men are still allowed to talk to me, but just know that i am happily owned.

    Rules for this blog:

    i will block anyone for any reason without warning.


    i will share pics once we talked some if i want to.

    You don't own me until I give you my submission.

    The title "Daddy" isn't one I give out to just any Man. i will NOT call you that.

    All Men will be called Sir unless a Man is uncomfortable with that. If i fail to do that feel free to tell me to slap myself in the face and i will.

    No is a complete sentence. If you continue to push you will be BLOCKED immediately.

    If you are a Man who is more than 5 years younger then me you are welcome to follow, but i am not interested in doing anything with you.

    White supremacy, racism, transphobia, homophobia will NOT be tolerated and you will be BLOCKED.

    Conservatives are NOT welcome you will be BLOCKED.

    Consent is MANDATORY.

    i believe that Men are superior to me, but not to all girls.

    Feminism is about women living our lives the way we want to live them. i want to be a housewife fucktoy for Men happily in the kitchen. Fuck any feminism that erases me.

    Don't be an asshole.

    Blank blogs unless there is a description about who you are is an instant block.

    This blog will sometimes get political and nerdy as a treat.

    This blog LOVES Harley Quinn and hates the Joker.

    Don't be pushy

    This list subject to change.

    About me:

    Name: Emily or whatever you want to call me.

    Age: 32

    Gender: Catgirl

    Role: sub/fucktoy/middle/kitten

    Sexuality: Straight girl

    Relationship: Owned

    Kinks: ORAL, anal, male supremacy, misogyny, pro patriarchy, traditional gender roles, being called a little girl, being degraded, being talked down to, being called dumb/stupid, masochist, bimbofication, hypnosis, being a recovering lesbian, orgasm denial and control, spanking, anything to do with Cocks and cum, Men's voices, outfit control, news control, praise, hair pulling, playing with my hair, bowing to Men, humiliation, violence, leashes, cat ears, cat tail

    Hard nos: Walking on all fours, eating out of bowls, anything to do with cages, weight control, food control, isolating me, control of things that help me cope, vomit, age play, manipulation, gaslighting, anything to do with BARE feet, tickling, eating ass, anything to do with poop, knife play, the titles master and slave

    Maybes: Piss play, Men eating my ass, licking boots, CNC, choking, Daddy/daughter play

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  • hyuckvanqel
    01.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #— anon thoughts
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  • hypnosideblog
    24.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago
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  • silverdelirium
    17.09.2021 - 1 mont ago
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  • catboytoy8
    16.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    it’s about time i make a pinned post methinks. and i figured out how to put a read more link hehe <3


    hi, you can call me V, or plenty of other terms in the list below <3 i am 20, i am a sub vers/bottom, and i use they/them pronouns. i’m polyamorous, in a queerplatonic relationship and not looking for any other partners right now, but i’m down to flirt anyway ;) as long as you respect that my answer is not indicative of a relationship of any kind between us then i’m fine with anything that doesn’t violate my boundaries or DNI. any violation of these boundaries will result in an immediate block, so you have been warned.


    basic DNI (bigots, p/dos/MAP/NOMAP/whatever other bullshit name you freaks have come up with to avoid being called what you are, if you’re into inc/st, r/pe, z/ophilia, etc., don’t come near me)

    transmeds/truscum/whatever or if you don’t believe in nonbinary genders, refuse to use they/them pronouns, etc.

    cishets, cisgender trans chasers, people who are only attracted to women, people who are into misgendering/detransition/“sissy” kink/porn (YES, EVEN IF YOU ARE TRANS. I CAN’T HANDLE IT. NO JUDGEMENT TO YOU IF YOU’RE TRANS AND INTO THIS, BUT I DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS BEING ANYWHERE IN MY SPACE, WHETHER YOU’RE TRANS OR NOT.)

    chubby chasers

    if you’re 30+ i do not consent to interaction from you

    if you’re a minor i do not consent to interaction from you and you should not be interacting with nsft blogs in general, just btw, you can literally get people in legal trouble for that

    if your blog has no age in bio, even if it states 18+, i will assume you are a minor or 30+ and react accordingly (by blocking you)

    age regression blogs—i have no issues with sfw age regression but i am not ok with mixing agere with nsf/w or sexual stuff, so if you have an age regression blog idc just don’t interact with this specific blog from your agere blog please

    i also reserve the right to block you for any other reason, stated or not.


    anything that violates the DNI above (for examples not specifically stated above, true n/on/c//on, r/ac/eplay, etc.)

    sc/at, wat/ersports, anything else unsanitary (ex. of other things: fo/ot worship)

    fe/eder kink

    stran/ger kink

    c//g//l, a/ge/play, or n/s/f/w age regression

    DO NOT call my hole a c/un/t, p/us/sy, v/ag/ina, etc., whether you put “boy” in front of it or not. sometimes i will refer to it this way, but i do not consent to anyone else doing that here.



    topping specifically as a service top

    spanking & other mild impact play

    pet play (mild/part-time)



    somno (but this is p much just in theory 😭)

    mixing weed and sex (with explicit consent prior to getting high)

    body worship

    musk o////////o

    orgasm control

    daddy kink (NOT D/D//L, only specifically calling my dom daddy)


    calling someone master/mistress 🥰

    idk if there’s a name for this, oral fixation maybe? but specifically, having things shoved in my mouth to shut me up, and you have to do it while i’m talking and say “shut the fuck up” or the like, otherwise it’s just not as sexy

    fuck machines

    spit roasting

    breeding 0////0

    verbal doms


    For me:

    baby, baby boy, babe

    kitten, kitty boy, kitty

    prince, little prince

    cutie, sweetheart, doll, love

    mister/sir (bonus points for Mister V/Sir V)

    any masculine or gender neutral terms of affection


    bitch/hot bitch/bad bitch


    toy, fucktoy, boytoy

    hole (as in “just a hole” or such phrases)

    For my body parts:

    hole (for my mouth or my front/back hole)

    dick/tdick, cock/tcock*

    *sometimes when i say dick/cock i mean my actual body part, other times i’m talking about the strap <3

    and that’s it! i may update this post as time goes on so go ahead and check back periodically :3 any kinks listed neither in my hard limits nor in the “stuff i’m into” category is either stuff i’ve never heard of or stuff i’m neutral about (like, i’d try it if a partner wanted to, but wouldn’t ask a partner to try it) OR stuff im not sure about. thanks for reading this far! go forth and feel free to be interactive in my asks or notes or maybe even my dms ;3

    last but not least here are my bdsmtest results uwu

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  • jamesbuckbarnes17
    11.09.2021 - 1 mont ago
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  • jamesbuckbarnes17
    11.09.2021 - 1 mont ago
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  • agentofbarnes
    20.08.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #☆ orders received ☆ #sam wilson#video recs #this made me….tingle
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  • depraved-empress
    16.06.2021 - 4 monts ago
    #anon#🔞thirst #🔞midoriya.izuku #🔞my.hero.academia #🔞futa#🔞incest #🔞with.a.pussy.au #🔞pregnancy #🔞breeding.kink
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  • failureog
    08.06.2021 - 4 monts ago

    u-uhsm- just horny (mostly subby but also mostly dommy, bitch idfk im just horny and need to get these fuckers outta ma brain, switch vibes go brrrr) venting below ig? am v hrny halp ;;

    also its long and descriptive read at ur own risk

    [subby bit]

    wanna be told im just too small and dumb for the simpilist things, that im just their fucktoy and should be used and stuffed like a good little whore

    wanna be their cumdump and if they need to release any emotions they can just bend me over matter what they're doing bc im a good little whore and their little cumdump

    wanna be forced to grind on their thigh and beg to be fucked bc only good puppys get [insert title that im too embaressed to say] 's cock.

    ✨breeding kink go brrrrr✨


    ✨jealous sex✨👌

    hngggggg like them bein possessive an makin sure i remember im theirs

    want them to happen to get jealous at something and just decide to remind me who i belong to and i just end up marked up and unable to properly sit down/walk for a week straight

    wanna be in public with them and then they see someone looking or get jealous and take me to the bathroom and stuff me full of cum so i gotta walk around the rest of the day with [title] 's cum in me wiz a plug so i don loose any

    getting praise and degration at the same time 👀👌👌👌👌👌 BUT ALSO GETTIN PRAIS FOR SMALL NORMAL THINGS U DO MAKE HEART GO BRRRRRRRRR

    ✨but also aftercare-✨

    jus cuddling wis [title] an cockwarmin them so cum stays in dere and getting plugged if they gotta get up, havins a bath an food an tea/drink! maybe gettin teased or smths

    [dommy bit]

    but then again i wanna tease them in public, but not fuck them nono, just rub their thigh, put my hand a little too high under their skirt make them squirm, when they get to bothered bring them on my lap and rub their back while kissing their neck and making them even needyer by telling them how slutty they are for getting horny for me in public, how they're such a whore for wanting daddy's cock right here in a public mall of all places!

    want them to be bratty and act like their the top till i just get fed up and wrap my hand around their neck right there infront of everyone and tell them say that again, you wanna top me? prove it little one.

    small domination things are the best. like, keeping a hand around their waist all the time so they cant leave my side in a crowd, keeping a hand on their thigh at meals just rubbing the inside of their thigh, kissing them and holding their hair to maneuver them around, or even grabbing their neck when you kiss them just lightly squeezing

    sitting them on my lap and making them keep my cock in them but they cant move! just sit there like a good toy while we watch somethin', maybe ill bounce my leg and oh its not my fault if they bounce a bit on my lap! they just have to be a good little baby and stay there for daddy

    Then again theres also primal play, chasing them around and forcing them down against the ground stripping their pants too just see them dripping, so wet lube would be pointless, just fucking them right there letting all the woods hear them moan and beg for me to stop even tho we both know they love it,


    having a warm bath and cuddling with bathbombs and tea/drink! snacks! getting wrapped up in fluffy clothing and cuddling infront of the fire, aaaaaa 😭

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  • sunshyngal
    25.04.2021 - 5 monts ago
    #im going to hell
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  • honeybunny-sawamura
    01.04.2021 - 6 monts ago
    #the way u dropped this in my box and i was like sjisk #oh daichi babe heheh #what a tease you are heheh #spicy daichi anon 🌶 #spicy daichi time #chara anons 👤
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  • honeybunny-sawamura
    16.03.2021 - 7 monts ago
    #bye bunny is gone now she is a blushy mess #please mod how can u do this me i am >///< #i need daichi to fucking rail me like damn #damn damn DAMN #honey daichi anon 🍯 #spicy daichi time #chara anons 👤
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  • mdmcfadden1
    12.03.2021 - 7 monts ago

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  • cloudystevie
    14.02.2021 - 8 monts ago
    #steve rogers smut #steve rogers imagines #steve rogers headcannons #steve rogers x reader #steve rogers x reader smut #nomad steve rogers x reader #nomad steve rogers smut #chris evans smut #chris evans x reader #chris evans imagines
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  • dracos-eternity
    09.02.2021 - 8 monts ago

    J.J. Maybank X Reader


    Anon Request- AU! Where the Royal Merchant treasure hunt didn’t happen. J.J. Maybank SUPER smut pls

     Summary- Just a J.J. Maybank smut



    Y/N P.O.V.

    “J.J., don’t you do it.” I feel his arm’s leave my body and hold my breath, waiting for the impact of the water. I come up, climbing back on the boat and pushing him over the side. “Ha, that’s what you get.” He comes up, getting close to me and towering over me.

    “Princess, your going to regret that.” I bite my lip, feeling heat between my legs.

    “Guy’s, we’re all here.” Pope clears his throat, making J.J. back up. 

    “Oh, Pope, calm down. You just need to get laid, I promise, it’ll relax you.” I sling an arm around his shoulder before he death glares me, making me raise my hands in defeat. I take the blunt from Kiara, taking a giant hit off it before passing it to John B.

    “No, you two need to stop being so horny.” I smirk at J.J.

    “Pope, we’re not horny, we’re in love.” J.J. says, grabbing my waist and pulling me onto his lap.

    “If that’s what you call that.” He rolls his eyes, walking away from J.J. and I.

    “They just don’t know.” He mumbles into my neck, his hand rubbing up and down my thigh. I push his hand off, turning so that I sit sideways. 

    “J.J., everyone is here.” I nod my head behind us, motioning to the group of people behind us. 

    “So, just be quiet and they’ll never know.” He continues to trail kisses on my neck, my breath becoming faster.

    “J.J., stop.” I pull away, getting out of his lap. 

    “Ugh, why?” He gets up, standing behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist, erection pressing against my ass.

    “J.J., I can feel it.” 

    “Good, now we’re both horny and as long as your quiet nobody will know.” He chuckles against my skin as I let out a sigh, silently giving in. He pulls me over, sitting me in his lap as he sits down. He pulls a blanket over us as I sit on his lap. His fingers soon find their way into my swimsuit bottoms, rubbing my clit. I bite my lip, trying to conceal the moans as he leans down kissing my neck. “Remember, babygirl, if you moan everyone will know how much of a slut your being for daddy.” He mumbles against the sensitive skin on my neck. I gasp as he slides two fingers in me, slowly pumping them in and out. 

    “Shit, J.J., please.” I lean my head down and whisper, trying not to let our friends hear us. 

    “What princess, what is it?” He begins pulling his fingers out of me, making me whine. 

    “Please fuck me, J.J.” I beg. 

    “Okay, calm down.” I sit up on his lap, just barely. He slides his swim trunks down enough to release his aching member. I gasp at the feeling of him against my ass and back. “Now remember doll, quiet.” I nod my head and he looks around, making sure no one is watching us. I whimper as he slowly slides into me, filling me up. 

    “Fuck, J.J.” I lean back, pressing my back against his chest, slowly grinding on him making J.J. groan into my neck. 

    “Fuck, Y/N, just like that.” He whispers into my ear. My movements stall as the boat comes to a stop and I look up to see us outside John B.’s house.

    “Guy’s, you coming?” Pope looks at us.

    “Yeah, give us a few minutes.” J.J. smirks and the other three run off towards the house, knowing what was going to happen. Once they’re gone J.J. lifts me up, turning me around and sliding my bottoms to the side again and slamming me down on him. I moan and grab his shoulders, holding myself up. My head leans back strings of curses and moans leave my mouth as J.J. relentlessly pounds into me. 

    “Shit, I’m gonna cum.” He wraps his hand around my throat applying just enough pressure to make my eyes roll back as I release a high pitched moan. 

    “Good girl, now cum for daddy.” I nod my head and he uses his other hand to rub circles on my clit with his thumb. I claw at his back almost at the edge. “What’s my name?” He grunts out.

    “Daddy, fuck.” The name falls from my mouth multiple times as I cum on him, the tightening of my walls around him making him cum inside me. He wraps his arms around my waist, holding me up. I let my body fall, sinking into him. He kisses my lips and chest, leaving hickeys. 

    “I love you, Y/N.” 

    “I love you too, J.J.” I smile at him as he leans down and places more hickeys on my chest. “What’s your obsession of marking me?” I giggle.

    “So everyone can know your mine.” He places soft kisses each mark. “Now come on, lets go inside.” I get off his lap, fixing myself and stretching, trying to get my thighs to stop aching.

    “J.J., can you pick me up?” He chuckles and lifts me, sitting me on his back. 

    “That bad?” I smack his shoulder as his cocky smirk makes an appearance. 

    “Finally, we thought you guys would be there forever.” Pope says as we walk in the door. I laugh and J.J. sits me on the couch, joining Pope and John B., who are play fighting in the floor.

    “Why does he insist on so many hickeys?” Ki says, sitting next to me and examining my neck and chest.

    “Because he wants to show that I’m his.” I smile and watch the blond boy, abs flexing as he wraps his arms around Pope lifting him up. Fuck his arms, his abs, his face, well shit, now I’m horny again. I stand up, walking to the spare room we’ve claimed as ours. I call his name and motion for him to come to me. He flashes his smirk at the boys and Ki before coming to me. He follows in behind me, closing the door and grabbing my hips, pulling me close.

    “Round two?” He chuckles.

    “Yes, please.” He smiles at me and kisses me, moving us towards the bed. He pulls the string from behind my back and neck, causing my breasts to fall free. He pushes me back on the bed and I feel myself getting wet as kisses up my thigh, stopping his trail as his face reaches my barely clothed core. He places a small kiss on my core and kisses above the hem of my bottoms, hooking his fingers in the side, he slides them off. He slides his own bottoms off and flips me over, causing me to let out a surprised squeal. 

    “Do you trust me?” He questions.

    “Of course, love, why?” He pulls something out the drawer and I feel the cold barrel of a gun on my temple, making me shiver.

    “Is this okay?” He asks hesitant. I nod and smile at the adrenaline coursing through my veins. I whine as he arches my back and slides into me, quickly pumping in and out me, moving the gun so that the barrel meets the back of my head. I moan and lean my face into the bed, trying to muffle my moans. He grabs my hair, pulling my face out the bed and connecting the barrel of the gun to my head. “Let me hear how pretty you sound, show me how much of a good slut you can be.” I whine and let my moans erupt from lungs. 

    “Ah, daddy, I’m gonna-” My sentence is cut off by a warm liquid coming out of my body.

    “Aww, look, I fucked my pretty whore so good she squirted.” He flips me over so that I’m on my back, slamming back into me. He points the gun at me and I let my body take over, reaching forward and licking the barrel of the gun all the way to where his hand rested on the trigger. I smile at him as he lets out a groan, wrapping his hand around my throat. “Such a good fucktoy for daddy.” His hips stutter as he pulls out. “On your knees, now.” I do what he says, getting on the floor and on my knees, opening my mouth and sticking my tongue out. He stands above me, resting the barrel of the gun in the middle of my forehead as he jacks off, soon coming in my mouth and on my chin. He pulls on a pair of boxers and gym shorts, walking out the bedroom and soon returning with a wet rag. He cleans my face off before lifting me onto the bed and cleaning me up, taking the sheets from under me and replacing them. He slides me into some clothes, his shirt and a pair of shorts I had here. He lays beside me, pulling a blanket over us and pulling me close. I smile at him and he kisses my lips. 

    “So, the gun?” I question. 

    “Yeah, I don’t know man, I just dreamed it up and decided to, y’know, try it.” 

    “I’m glad you did, it was hot.” 

    “Yeah, now get some sleep.” He kisses my forehead and pulls me into his chest as I drift of to sleep.    

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  • sweetheartsannie
    09.02.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Ateez + dollification kink

    Dollification is basically a kink wherein one partner looks or behaves like a doll. So that could obviously encompass a pretty large variety of things, and these aren’t strictly about that kink per se, but I spent way too long on this to not post it lol. I just did this for Seonghwa, Yeosang and Wooyoung because I think I actually might have died if I tried to come up with eight different scenarios.

    CW: crossdressing, lingerie, bondage, body writing, praise, degradation, overuse of “doll”, crying, breeding kink, vaginal sex, anal/pegging, vibrators, gangbang mention, dirty talk, Seonghwa calls his dick his "doll parts", taking pictures, master/slave dynamics kinda (mostly Wooyoung, they all call reader “master”), there’s a little bit of spit/drool kink in there.


    “Such a pretty doll.” you finish securing the choker around Seonghwa’s neck, pretty black ribbon now adorning his throat. You love dressing Seonghwa, doing his hair and makeup for him, making sure he always looks his best. He’s just so beautiful, like the doll you always wanted.

    You take a step back and admire him, the straps of the lingerie he’s wearing underneath his skimpy clothes peeking through his see-through crop top. The shimmer around his eyes made them seem even more round and doll-like than usual.

    The way he stares at you with complete reverence and submission in his eyes makes you want to fuck him right then and there, but you want to tie him up first.

    You grab a piece of the thin material of his top, tearing it off of him and making him yelp in surprise. When you realise you don’t have enough space to do what you want, and also partly because you wanted to see his body underneath, you rip the lace at the top of his underwear, just enough to reveal his bare chest.

    “H-hey, what was that for, that was one of my favourites...” he says quietly, a pout forming on his glossy lips.

    “Quiet, I don’t remember giving you permission to speak.”

    “Yes master, sorry master...”

    You grab a marker from the drawer, writing the letters w-h-o-r-e across his lower chest. Having such a label physically written on his body makes him indescribably horny, his cock now swollen and hard and straining against his underwear.

    Before long he's lying on the bed helpless with his arms bound by his sides.

    By now you were almost dripping, aching to just screw your perfect little fuckdoll senseless. After removing your own clothes and lifting up his tiny skirt, you rip open the fishnets covering his legs and push the fabric covering his crotch to the side, letting his erection free.

    You enjoy the sight of him in torn up lingerie and fishnets while you mercilessly ride up and down on his cock, abusing his defenceless, tied-up body like a blow up doll. He’s moaning and thrashing around as much as his restraints allow him to, pleasure and ecstasy surging throughout his body.

    “Speak, doll. Tell me how it feels.”

    “Mmh, feels so good, master! I love it when y-you use my doll parts!”

    After you’re finished with him you want so badly to let him cum inside you, to feel his warm load fill you up, but you know his own cum splattered all over his body would make for a nicer image.

    You get off of him and jerk him off, aiming at his stomach. Ropes of cum shoot out of his cock and land on the fabric covering his stomach, some  also landing on his chest. You collect some of it with your fingers, wiping it across the side of his face.

    You take out your phone, taking a picture of his ruined state as he lies there on the bed tied up, torn lingerie barely covering most of his body.

    His pretty face covered with his own cum, decorating his cheek and around his eyes. His eye makeup smudged and ruined, shifting down his face.

    You make sure to send it to him first thing since you know he'll want to see it. And probably jerk off to it. Slut.


    “How many times have I told you, stop squirming.”

    “I’m s-sorry master... I-I can’t c-cum anymore!” Yeosang sobs out as you continue bouncing him up and down on your strapon, that in addition to the vibe attached to the head of his cock proved to be too much stimulation for him.

    A pool of cum and precum started to form on your stomach.

    “Yes you can, you’re supposed to be my perfect doll. Dolls can’t squirm, or complain, just bounce up and down and look pretty while master ruins you.”

    He tries his best to stay still, biting his bottom lip to quieten his whimpers as tears roll down his pink cheeks.

    “There, see how much easier it is when you just do what master says? No need to cry, just accept your place baby. There’s my perfect, emptyheaded little doll, good boy.”

    He nods his head obediently, using his hand to wipe the tears from his face.

    The way you grab onto his hips and thrust into him makes him gasp out loud, shuddering on top of you.

    You lean forwards and whisper in his ear.

    “Besides, if you can still feel it I obviously haven’t fucked you hard enough yet. I’m not gonna stop until you’re totally numb and can’t even think properly, understand?”

    “Y-yes, master.”

    “Good. You better not forget your place again, doll, because I wont be so nice next time.”

    He whimpers when you start to kiss his neck, his hands gripping onto your shoulders.


    Wooyoung is the best slave anyone could ask for, all he wants is to be the perfect sex doll for you. Whilst he’s waiting for you he plugs his hole and edges himself with his vibrator, just like you trained him to, that way he’s always hard and desperate and ready for you to use.

    When you walk into your bedroom he’s already naked for you, kneeling on the bed and waiting patiently for his master like a good fucktoy. What follows is a long night of you using him however you want, he’s gonna be sore and struggling to walk the next day for sure.

    He lets his mouth hang wide open while being fucked until he starts to drool out of the corner of his mouth and you’ll comment on how messy he’s being.

    “Aww look at that, stupid little doll all fucked out and drooling.” you grab his chin, turning his head to face you, then brush your thumb over his lips to collect the drool on them. You shove your thumb back inside his mouth and he sucks on it eagerly.

    He’s a little ashamed of it, but he wants nothing more than to be used and taken advantage of over and over by anyone who feels like it.

    “Mm, I bet you’d love to have people taking turns on you, using every part of your slutty little body to get themselves off.” you groan as you slam down on his cock particularly hard, making him cry out as he feels the plug in his ass press against his g-spot.

    “Y-yeah, I’m just a cock for anyone to use, r-right master?”

    You tell him how you’re gonna breed your little fucktoy, growling into his ear how you’re gonna milk his cock so good.

    “That’s it fucking fill me up, don’t waste any of it, gonna make you a daddy.”

    That usually sends him over the edge.

    “Uhh y-yes, wanna give master my kids!”

    Even after you’ve both cum you aren’t done with him yet, ordering him to turn over and get on all fours as you take out your strapon and harness.

    He wants to feel like you can do anything you want to him. He has limits like everyone else and of course you respect them, but he wants you to talk to him as if you can do whatever you want and he just has to shut up and take it like a good fuckdoll.

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