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  • ben-c-group-therapy
    05.05.2021 - 1 week ago


    Since Tumblr has been changing so frequently over the years and I lost so many of my links along the way, I’m going this route. Anyway I spent all day finding as many links as I could and updating them. I will try my best to get them sorted right below so that Tumblr doesn’t eat them AGAIN. *Sorry they are kinda messy guys.*

    Benedict Cumberbatch Fluff

    Benedict Cumberbatch Smut

    Benedict Cumberbatch Fics


    Hiddlebatch Fics/Smut

    Sherlock Fics

    Other Fics - AU’s that really don’t have a place to fit. As well as Chris Evans, Chris Pine and some Tom Hiddleston. Loki and Khan as well as Steve Rogers.

    Series - Meeting Tiffany; The Pianist; The Pianist and Me (Benedict, Tom, Henry Cavill, Chris E and Chris C make appearances).

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  • ben-c-group-therapy
    05.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    Daddybatch Fics

    “It’s Coming Right Now!” With a second baby on the way after the previous premature birth of your daughter Jenna you would hope that everything could go as planned with the delivery of the second baby. 

    “Jenna Goes to School” It’s your daughters first day of preschool, Ben tries to get you to understand that she’ll do just fine.

    “An Unexpected Delivery” At eight months pregnant you certainly didn’t expect to be welcoming your little girl into the world just yet.

    “Jenna’s Army” A follow up to “An Unexpected Delivery”

    “To Surgery We Go" Your and Ben’s little girl Shelby finds out some bad news. 

    “To Surgery We Go” Part two. It’s the big day, how will Shelby do? How will you and Ben do? 

    “Is Three Enough?” After a backyard accident Ben tries to make his daughter feel better. 

    “A Lesson Learned" After your twins get in an argument Ben tries to get the situation under control.

    "The Report Card” A pour report from school lands Eva in some trouble with you and Ben. 

    “The Tables Are Turned” Triplets Shelby, Sebastian, and Samuel start to argue but instead of the boys picking on Shelby, it’s Shelby picking on them. 

    “New Baby Sister" After hard labor Ben finally gets to see his second child come into the world and can introduce the new little one to her older brother.

    "Ben’s Girls are Sick” You and your three daughter are sick in bed, but Ben is there to make it all better. 

    “A Bedtime Story” Felicity is having a hard time getting to sleep so Ben reads her a bedtime story. 

    “The Zoo” A nice trip to the zoo for your happy little family for four.

    “A Time Out" The boys pick on their sister and Ben is very upset about it. 

    "Ice Cream for Daddy and Daughter” Ben feels sorry for his daughter Shelby after her brothers pick on her so he takes her out for a treat. 

    “The Boy” Eva is a teen now and is bringing home a boy for the first time. 

    “I’ll Love You Always" Your little girl thinks Benedict like her brothers more than her. Ben has a talk with her and lets her know how much he loves her. 

    "The Massage" Your eight and a half months pregnant belly is really starting to kill your back, Ben tries to help in anyway he can

    "The Cumberbottom Family” Your little girl Lexi has a fashion sense of her own. 

    “The Adoption” After trying to get pregnant for a few years and having some devastating miscarriages today is finally the day Ben becomes a father. 

    “Goodnight My Angel” Baby Eva wakes in the middle of the night so Benedict rocks her back to sleep with a soothing song. 

    “Daddy’s Oscar Show” When you can’t attend the Oscars with Ben you and the children watch from home.

    “Eva’s Sick" An early morning wake up from Eva sends you and Ben to the clinic with a sick little girl. 

    "The Tea Party” Ben has a tea party with his daughter and eventually the whole family gets wrapped up in it. 

    “Ben! I’m Pregnant!" A journey from conception to birth. 

    "The Fort” Shelby is home from hospital after her heart surgery and Ben makes a wonderful blanket fort for her.

    “Daddy’s Little Girl” Ben’s little girl Bella is growing up to fast for him.

    “Tea with Daddy” Ben takes his little girl on a fancy daddy daughter date.

    “Daddy’s Little Princess Meets A Princess” Ben takes his little girl Lilly to Disneyland Paris!

    “Daddy goes to Oz Con” You, Ben and your little girl Kira sightsee in beautiful Australia and attend the convention with Benedict.

    “You’re Having…” Just a little ficlet where you and Ben find out the gender of the baby!

    “Coming Home” Ben and Charlene bring their little girl home from the hospital.

    “A Nervous Daddy” Ben is left alone at home with four week old Kira for the first time and is quite nervous

    “A Hollow Shell” The joy of finding out your pregnant is amazing but when you start having complications things turn awful, fast.  TRIGGER WARNING (Loss, Death, Miscarriage)

    “The Rub Down” Ben’s pregnant wife needs a massage…

    “Midnight Talks” Ben and you both express your fears about having a child.

    “Let’s Count the Ways” Benedict’s son has a few questions about why he loves his wife.

    “Hush My Sweet Girl” Ben’s little girl is having a rough time sleeping tonight.

    “Why Did You Take Her From Me?” An extremely sad fic. Ben suffers a tragic loss on what should be one of the happiest days of his life. -TRIGGER WARNINGS (Death, Loss)

    “The Farmers Market” Your niece gets lost at the farmers market, thankfully a nice British gentleman finds her and reunites you both.

    “The First Birthday” Your and Ben’s little girl is growing up so fast.

    “Time For A Baby?" As you babysit your nieces you and Ben have such a wonderful time that you two begin to think it may be time for your own child.

    "I Have to Tell You Something” You find out you’re pregnant but you are unsure of how Ben will react after he has a bad day.

    “The Drunk Cumberbatch” Ben’s daughter is caught drinking with her friends.

    “Mother’s Day” Ben and your daughter plan a special day for you for Mother’s Day.

    “A Babybatch in the Oven" It’s time to share the big news with Ben’s parents!

    "The First Father’s Day” Ben celebrates his very first Father’s Day.

    “The Unexpected Miracle" You and Ben learn that due to some health problems you aren’t able to conceive. TRIGGER WARNINGS (Fertility Issues, Loss)

    "I’ll Never Date Again” Sixteen year old Jenna has just gotten her heart broken.

    “Her First Play” It is your daughters first school play, how will it all work out?

    “A Fire Inside” Your little girl asks how you and Ben how you met. 

    “We Miss You” Ben has been working in America lately and you and your baby girl surprise him on set.

    “A Birthday Wish”

    “A Day at the Park”

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  • annashipper
    07.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    Mom Anon:  Love this pic with the blond hair and all….

    nice to see there are new pics out there (even if they are like, 2 years old). In the skiing pic, isn’t she supposed to be 14 months pregnant or something? I don’t know but she was always pregnant around that time. 

    And isn’t Pilo 3.0 ‘s birthday coming up? We now “saw” him after all when FaceTiming with his father on the unfortunate balcony. Break out the clowns (not his mum) and the balloons!


    just found this on Jazziesb. Haven’t seen this pic either but I also like it, with the dark hair and scruff. (My inner nan is showing I think). Sorry to flood your inbox!

    Anna:  She was certainly trying to bait a pregnancy during the Vermont / NYC trip (by fluffing up her coat during the NYC trip), but she was wearing a cinched waist dress for the IW premiere in LA, so ... no 14 month pregnancy  :P

    I honestly have no idea when Schrodinger Pilo was supposed to be born, or whether he’s supposed to have been born in the first place Mom Anon.

    Whereas leaks from ‘friends close to the couple’ were the thing for Pilo and Pilo 2.0, the further the showmance goes, the hazier the details become.  To the point where they’re treating Schrodinger Pilo like chopped liver, and his moment in the spotlight seems to be DaddyBatch showing his phone screen to the paparazzo who was taking pictures of him on a balcony.  

    If it weren’t so funny, it would be tragic really...

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  • josgalaxy
    21.12.2016 - 4 years ago

    Imagine Benedict reading to his children a “Good Night Story” each night before going to bed. Imagine him, doing all the different voices and then kissing his little kids and whisper to each one:“I love you, good night”

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  • aregrettablehullabaloo
    05.04.2016 - 5 years ago

    Daddy!Batch pictures (that I will not reblog) are precious!

    He holds the baby so protectively.....it’s precious!

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  • b-rycranston
    26.02.2016 - 5 years ago

    beautiful_picture.gif (made by me pls don steal yo)

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  • b-rycranston
    24.02.2016 - 5 years ago

    daddybatch part 3: sexy disguises (pls click on each pic for an important description)

    #timothy carlton #all screencaps taken by me yo #daddybatch#benedict cumberbatch
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  • tinfoil-hat-brigade
    28.12.2015 - 5 years ago

    Sonday Monday, New Year’s Edition!

    On Christmas Eve, an interview with Amanda Abbington was published in which she stated that Benedict Cumberbatch is overjoyed to be a father, referred to his son by name, and said that he’s going to be guarding Christopher’s privacy in the same way she and Martin Freeman guard the privacy of their two children. I wasn’t totally surprised to see that the haters basically dismissed the comments with a wave of their collective hand, I guess suggesting that Amanda has to support the “showmance” storyline in order to preserve her role on Sherlock. Or something like that. 

    But everybody else who isn’t consumed with jealousy to the point of living in a land of bitterness and lies and conspiracy theories knows that Amanda was telling the absolute 100% truth. Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter are the parents of a wonderful little boy named Christopher. And later this week, Christopher will be celebrating his first New Year’s holiday with his loving parents.

    Daddybatch is real!

    #benedict cumberbatch#sophie hunter #christopher carlton cumberbatch #sonday monday#daddybatch #baby's first new year
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  • tinfoil-hat-brigade
    21.12.2015 - 5 years ago

    Sonday Monday, Baby’s First Christmas Edition (Part Two)!

    Ready for more pictures saluting the Cumberbatch family’s first Christmas together? Well, ready or not, here they come!

    (Hey, haters, you need to supply your own buckets and mops to clean up the mess, y’hear?)

    #sonday monday#benedict cumberbatch#sophie hunter #christopher carlton cumberbatch #daddybatch #baby's first christmas
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  • tinfoil-hat-brigade
    21.12.2015 - 5 years ago

    Sonday Monday, Baby’s First Christmas Edition! (Part One)

    Good morning, skeptics/haters/”critical thinkers”! Every Monday is dedicated to reminding all you dumb bunnies that Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter are married and have a beautiful little boy named Christopher. This week’s edition has a special twist that will make your blood sugar--and the hater’s bile--rise to record-breaking levels.

    We’re just a few days away from Christmas. It will be Christopher’s first Christmas, and Benedict and Sophie’s first Christmas as a married couple and as parents. What a special time for them! I’m sure they’re going to make it as festive and memorable as possible, and I’m still of the opinion that Benedict will be the one who will be up at the break of dawn insisting that it’s time that his son opens all his Christmas prezzies.

    So, to Benedict, Sophie, and Christopher, I say Merry Christmas to your beautiful family, I hope Baby’s First Christmas is full of fun, love, and great joy!

    (Part Two will arrive in a few hours, keep watching this space)

    #sonday monday#benedict cumberbatch#sophie hunter #christopher carlton cumberbatch #daddybatch#special edition #baby's first christmas
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  • tinfoil-hat-brigade
    14.12.2015 - 5 years ago

    Sonday Monday!

    Hey, haters, I know you’re been doing your best for months to prove that Sophie Hunter was never pregnant and Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch is actually a rubber doll, but that will never change the truth. The truth that Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter are married and the proud parents of the very real flesh-and-blood Christopher. Daddybatch is real!

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  • tinfoil-hat-brigade
    07.12.2015 - 5 years ago

    Sonday Monday!

    Happy Monday, everybody! Did you know that Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter are not only married, but are also the parents of a bouncing baby boy named Christopher? No matter how many Bitter Betties out there attempt to deny it, Daddybatch is for real!

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  • tinfoil-hat-brigade
    30.11.2015 - 5 years ago

    Sonday Monday!

    Yesterday I dedicated Sunday Funday to Gatorfisch, since she had unequivocally stated that Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter do not love each other.

    In that same post, Gator also unequivocally stated that Benedict and Sophie do not have a child together. So of course this week’s edition of Sonday Monday must also be dedicated to her. 

    Daddybatch is real. ♥

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  • mas-sera-o-benedict
    26.11.2015 - 5 years ago

    It's so, so lovely that Benedict is enjoying something he always wanted, like being a father and a husband! I can't understand people who can't be happy for him, but oh well...

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  • tinfoil-hat-brigade
    23.11.2015 - 5 years ago

    Sonday Monday!!!

    Happy Monday, one and all! It’s time for your weekly reminder that there’s a little boy living in England named Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch, and his proud loving parents are Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter. Daddybatch is real!

    Thanks to @mrsteabag, this week’s edition of Sonday Monday has a theme...matching shirts.

    We know that Benedict and Christopher already have a pair of daddy-baby shirts, since we’re seen Benedict where this shirt more than once:

    And there’s no doubt that Christopher has the matching little acorn shirt...

    The acorn truly doesn’t fall far from the tree!

    Yesterday, @mrsteabag added this photo to last week’s Sonday Monday post...

    ...and it got me thinking, what other awesome matching shirts could Benedict and Christopher wear?

    I think they’d look totes adorable in any of these....

    And guess what? Mummy Sophie can join in on the fun too!

    I think the bee design would be especially appropriate, don’t you? ;)

    Oh, an extra added bonus, of course Benedict and Christopher will have matching shoes (Chucks) at some point, I have no doubt....

    I hope everyone, especially Daddy and Mummy and little Christopher, have a beautiful Monday!

    #sonday monday#benedict cumberbatch#sophie hunter #christopher carlton cumberbatch #daddybatch#mrsteabag #thanks for the inspiration
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  • tinfoil-hat-brigade
    16.11.2015 - 5 years ago

    Sonday Monday

    It seems especially vital and appropriate to remind the haters/skeptics/”critical thinkers” today that Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter have a beautiful baby boy named Christopher, and that Daddybatch is real. No amount of Photoshop fuckery is going to prove otherwise, no matter how hard you try!

    Have a beautiful day!!!

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  • tinfoil-hat-brigade
    02.11.2015 - 5 years ago

    Sonday Monday

    Wow, I picked up bunch of new followers ovenight!  So for all of my new followers, but mostly for the skeptics/haters/”critical thinkers” out there, here’s your reminder that Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter have a beautiful boy named Christoper who just turned 5 months old! Daddybatch is for real, folks!

    Thank you, and have a wonderful day!!!

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  • tinfoil-hat-brigade
    26.10.2015 - 5 years ago

    Sonday Monday

    It’s Monday, so you know what that means! It’s time for a weekly reminder for skeptics/haters/”critical thinkers”...Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter have a beautiful baby boy named Christopher, and Daddybatch is for real!

    Oh, and and look, Mommy makes a cameo this week too!

    #sonday monday#benedict cumberbatch#sophie hunter #christopher carlton cumberbatch #daddybatch #it's for real!
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  • tinfoil-hat-brigade
    19.10.2015 - 5 years ago

    Sonday Monday!

    Happy Monday to everyone! And specifically, happy Sonday Monday to the skeptics/haters/”critical thinkers”! Remember, your not believing in something doesn’t mean it’s not true. And the truth is, Benedict Cumberbatch is a father, and he has a son named Christopher. Daddybatch is the real, folks!

    #sonday monday#benedict cumberbatch #christopher carlton cumberbatch #daddybatch #this will be benedict with christopher in just a few years
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  • the-abominable-bee
    16.10.2015 - 5 years ago

    i remembered again that benedict is a dad now and that makes me so happy and emotional.

    #help #he's gonna tell such bad dad jokes #him being happy makes me happy #i guess that's a good thing #daddybatch#ben c#benedict cumberbatch#about me
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