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  • cosmicallium
    25.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Happy Sanguine Sunday :)

    #tes #the elder scrolls #skyrim#sanguine#daedra#princes#my post #my beloved............ #LOOK HOW BIG THIS MF HAND IS
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  • ze1ink
    25.07.2021 - 14 hours ago
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  • cosmicallium
    25.07.2021 - 23 hours ago

    That little voice you hear in your head telling you to treat yourself when you go out and get sloshed even after you tell yourself you're only going to have one drink? That's Sanguine babey

    #tes #the elder scrolls #my post#sanguine#daedra#princes #you deserve nice things. order domino's. get yourself those new sneakers. nap a day away. indulge.
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  • cosmicallium
    25.07.2021 - 23 hours ago

    *blows a kiss to the nearest tavern* - for Sanguine

    #tes#sanguine#daedra#princes #the elder scrolls #my post #thinking about him again... my forever boy...
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  • cynder024
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Daedric dagger for my daedric praetor suit 😳

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  • jackals-ships
    23.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    also i was thinking about all the weird shit that goes on in tamriel(but especially Skyrim) and how the FUCK does anyone survive there

    #jackals barks #poor jackal is woefully unprepared for this shit #i have a mod that includes more werewolves+diversifies them so its like BAM werewolves BAM vampires BAM dragons BAM cultists #and then we have the fuckin daedra doin their whole thing #also jackal canonically is a werewolf bc they were attacked by one n the mod includes a werewolf disease i think that's important 2 kno
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  • cursedbeasts
    22.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Hermaeus Mora but he’s made of worms on a string, furby eyes and furby beaks.

    colors of fear was my old artist name which is why it’s signed as such.


    commissions open link in pinned post please reblog my art because it doesnt show up in tags sometimes

    [ID: a drawing of a mass of black worms on a string with hollow white eyes that meet in the middle where there’s a bunch of random yellow-green eyes and several green round beaks.]

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  • the-college-of-whispers
    22.07.2021 - 3 days ago


    Kyne Kin Khenarthi Tava

    the wind and rain

    the heavens and sky

    the elements, but mostly water and air

    unseen air spirits

    nature, particularly trees and glades

    sailors and travelers

    good fortune in daily life

    auspicious stars at birth

    the space in the void for the mortal plane's creation


    Kynareth is a central figure of the Way of the Voice, one of the Nine Divines/Eight Divines/Eight and One, and Bretony and Khajiiti pantheons. She's often worshiped beside Zenithar by craftsmen.

    She is the mother of the demigod Morihaus (aka Morihaus-Breath-of-Kyne). As Kyne, she is considered the wife of Shor (aka Lorkhan). As Khenarthi, she is the antithesis of Namiira and she guides souls either to Azurah for judgment or to Llesw'er (the Sands Behind the Stars).

    Aedric Artifacts

    Kynareth has a number of artifacts and other things associated with her, including the Lord's Mail, the Boots of the Crusader, the Ring of the Wind, and the Thu'um Shout Kyne's Peace.

    The Lord's Mail is a heavy armor cuirass that was originally owned by Morihaus in the Merethic Era.

    The Boots of the Crusader is part of the Crusader set of armor. The boots were created by Kynareth so that the wearer will not be attacked by creatures of the forest.

    The Ring of the Wind is sacred to Kynareth and a legendary treasure of Elsweyr. It's also partially associated with Zenithar. It grants the wearer great speed.

    Kyne's Peace also makes animals friendly for a period of time. It's made up of the words "Kaan Drem Ov" which means "Kyne Peace Trust".

    Additionally, she's associated with the image of a flying bird, an owl, and the colors blue and purple.

    Shrines & Temples

    A shrine to Kynareth can be found in Stros M'Kai (or Sanloa M'Kai) near the Abecean Sea in Hammerfell.

    She has no Chapel dedicated to her in Cyrodiil, but altars to her can be found in every major city's Chapel. The Wayshrine of Kynareth is east of Skingrad, in the Great Forest. She also has a statue in the Great Forest west and slightly south of the Imperial City.

    Shrines to Kynareth in Skyrim look like owls mounted on a pedestal. One is found in the Temple of the Divines in Solitude while another is found in the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun. Other locations where shrines to Kynareth can be found include Crystaldrift Cave, the wreck of the Brinehammer, Fort Sungard, the Hjaalmarch Hills, and the Raven Rock hillside.

    #the elder scrolls #elder scrolls witchcraft #elder scrolls paganism #my post#long post#in-game lore #daedra and aedra #kynareth
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  • littlegumshoe
    22.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    yes darien has a tail bc i guess he’s technically a demi prince and they all should have tails

    #i don’t like him but i’m not gonna deprive the son of a daedra a tail
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  • kinghlaaluhelseth
    22.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    under the influence of daedric princes and the heart of lorkhan, sure Natavi has become a skilled summoner, but sometimes he can't exactly control what he summons when he's angry or upset. one moment he's like ah shit it's spider daedra this time. have fun, asshole.

    #he WOULD also be the one person in morrowind that summons spider daedra #he's the fuck around and find out mephala worshipper. #tes#tes morrowind#tes oc#nerevarine#natavi ashinammu
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  • cosmicallium
    21.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    I really can't stop thinking about how interesting a Bad-Vestige AU could be.

    The Vestige gives in to despair and embraces their identity as a monster and as Molag Bal's tool. The Vestige breaks away from their old life, fueled by grief and the belief that they have no other choice, and fights Mannimarco for the title of Molag Bal's champion - mostly to regain some sense of identity. The Vestige, in the wake of their trauma, is only comforted by the idea of being powerful to protect themself and turns Molag Bal's curse into a gift.

    I know that from a narrative standpoint, the Vestige is required to be at least somewhat good for the plot to work, but I'm very interested in an alternate take where the Vestige snaps and just wants to watch the world burn.

    #tes #the elder scrolls #eso#my post#molag bal#daedra#princes #this honestly all started when I began dressing Freyla up in Mannimarco's outfit #and thinking about how she looked cool as a villain too #freyla struggles with some identity issues after she realizes that her original body was destroyed #so i was considering what would happen if freyla's downward spiral eventually brought her to rock bottom
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  • the-college-of-whispers
    21.07.2021 - 4 days ago


    Taskmaster the Blighted Lord the Lord of Infection and Pestilence the Lord of the Natural Order the Master of Tasks the Lord of Abundant Pus and Bountiful Vomit the Bringer of Disease and Pestilence


    natural order


    pestilence, illness, disease, plague

    the sick and diseased

    Peryite is the Daedric Prince of tasks, natural order (not Jyggalag's perfect order), contamination, illness, and disease. He appears as a green dragon or the ghostly apparition of a pest like skeevers.

    His enemies among the Daedra include Boethiah, Vaermina, and Mephala. He's also an enemy of Reymon Ebonarm, a god in the Bretony and Redguard pantheons.

    Peryite rules the Pits, which are usually unreachable via mortal devices. Most of the information about this realm is derived from reports about other Princes. The souls of his worshipers go to the Pits upon their deaths.

    Peryite's sacred day is the 9th of Rain's Hand. He can be invoked at any time at his shrines using an incense made with a deathbell flower, a silver ingot, a flawless ruby, and vampire dust.

    Daedric Artifacts

    Peryite's only known artifact is Spellbreaker, sometimes spelled Spell Breaker.

    Spellbreaker is a Dwemer tower shield that protects its wielder from both physical and magical attacks by reflecting magic, dispelling curses, and even silencing mages about to cast a spell. It's said that it's still searching for its original owner and won't remain in the hands of anyone else for long.


    Peryite's Cyrodiil shrine is located northeast of Bravil, on the Silverfish River and along a forgotten, overgrown road.

    His Skyrim shrine is located far to the northeast of Markarth, in the Reach Hold. It's tended to by Kesh the Clean, all by his lonesome. The shrine has a Dwemer incense burner used to summon Peryite.

    Dwemer Connection

    For reasons still unknown to me, a lot of Peryite's quests and items are connected to Dwemer ruins and Dwemer items.

    Spellbreaker is a Dwemer tower shield.

    For his quest in the Skyrim game (The Only Cure), Orchendor shepherds Peryite's worshipers into the Dwemer ruin Bthardamz.

    Even the incense pot at Peryite's Reach-based shrine is of Dwemer origin and make.

    But there's no explanation for this at all. It isn't a worship connection, because the Dwemer didn't worship the Daedra and mocked the Dunmer, who did.

    Maybe Peryite thinks it looks cool, maybe he doesn't like how sterile and clean it used to be before it fell into ruin, maybe he's just mad that they didn't worship him. We literally have no explanation.

    #i literally do not know #and it's driving me nuts #the elder scrolls #elder scrolls witchcraft #elder scrolls paganism #my post#in-game lore #daedra and aedra #peryite#dwemer#long post
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  • ladydaedra
    20.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    Of Daedra and Dragons - Pt Two

    Pairing: Miraak x f!LDB


    She watches as he retreats upstairs at a hurried pace, fists clenched at his side as he goes. Closing her eyes, she sighs and tosses the bandages aside before falling back onto the bed. What was she doing? Why did she risk her own life to bring him from Apocrypha and back into Tamriel? That is what he wanted right?

    Divines, what will Frea and the Skaal think of her actions? What about Raven Rock? Miraak enslaved them for who knows how long so, understandably, every person on Solstheim holds a grudge against the man upstairs.

    She knew the second she decided to save him that they won't be coming back to Solstheim, at least Miraak wont. Which begs the question; how are they going to get to Gjalund's boat without getting caught? Do the people of Raven Rock even know what Miraak looks like? If they did, they would recognize the mask and not the man underneath. So they probably could just stroll on through and beeline for the ship.

    And then what?

    Miraak is right; Herma-Mora won't stop chasing them until one of them becomes his champion and it is because of this that she knows she is right in suggesting that they remain travel companions until Herma-Mora is dealt with. How they do that, she has no idea.

    Opening her eyes, she stares up at the wooden ceiling above her that separates her and Miraak. She can only guess on how he feels about the whole situation. The man did wake up an hour ago to her sitting beside his bed with a sword on her lap. Obviously she doesn't trust him and she is certain the feeling is mutual.

    A wolf howls in the distance and she closes her eyes for a few seconds in an attempt to clear her head before she sits up, running a hand through her hair. Sitting there, she takes a few seconds to listen for any activity on the floor above her and when silence greets her, she pushes herself off of the bed and walks around it to the bed behind her. While it would have been easier just to curl up and sleep on the bed she was just on, she would have felt weird sleeping in the bed Miraak was unconscious on.


    With a grunt, she falls onto the snow blanketing the mountains of Solstheim, the Black Book slipping from her grasp and landing a few feet from her. With a groan, she begins pushing herself up onto her feet while ignoring the pain coming from everywhere on her body.

    With a start, she spins around frantically, fearful that she will see the mass of tentacles that is Hermaeous Mora come to finish them off. Them. She turns again, searching for the man she just saved from a death even he didn't deserve.

    Lying beside her, unconscious and bleeding from multiple wounds - all caused by her blade - is Miraak. A brief flash of relief floods through her as she kneels beside him, tilting his mask up enough so she can feel his pulse, pursing her lips when she feels a steady beat. He's alive, they both are but they won't be if they stay out in the snow.


    The morning didn't fare better for either of them. Miraak remained silent as they made their trek down to Raven Rock, always walking a few paces ahead of her and she can feel his irritation from where she is. At the moment, she is beginning to question her logic on dragging him out of Apocrypha.

    Then Raven Rock comes into view and she bites her lip as they continue onward. Her worries from the night prior return and she begins to get anxious at the thought of people knowing who the man she is travelling with truly is and what he has done to them. But how would they know as long as he doesn't utter a single word.

    "When we get to town, I will do the talking," she calls out to him in hopes of forming a plan on getting to the boat without any aggression from the people of Raven Rock. If he hears her, he doesn't let her know and she rolls her eyes in annoyance, "they may not have ever seen you, but I am certain they will remember your voice and if you speak then there if no way you will be leaving this island," more silence and she glares at his back. Normally, she would take the silence as a yes but this is Miraak and he has always been one wanting control, "Miraak-"

    "By the Nines, I hear you!" he snaps back at her, his tone harsh and cold as he doesn't even look back at her as he continues walking, "I heard you the first time and there was no reason to continue repeating the same phrase over and over again,"

    She scoffs and continues to glare at him, "You could have just said okay or anything just to let me know you agree," she retorts with just as much bitterness as he had, "I may be a Dragonborn but that doesn't mean I can read minds, you know,"

    "Yes," he says through gritted teeth as they enter a patch of trees and he makes no move to hold back any low hanging branches for her, instead letting them fly back as if hoping one would hit her, "I could have but frankly I was enjoying the peace and quiet and had hoped you would take my lack of response as a sign that I didn't want to talk but here we are!"

    She stops abruptly to avoid being hit by a branch he held onto a bit too long before letting go, purposefully trying to hit her with it, "could you stop!"

    "No," he replies before letting another branch go. She grits her teeth as she can hear the smirk in his voice, tempting her to draw her sword on him or to simply Shout at him but she refrains.

    "You're acting like a child!"

    "And you are annoying,"

    "I'm annoying?"

    "You're annoyingly optimistic about us defeating Mora,"

    "We have a chance to do exactly that!"

    "He almost killed both of us back in Apocrypha!"

    "Because we were fighting each other!" She all but yells as they walk out of the trees, "you were almost dead and I was too tired to fight Mora! There was no way we could of killed him then but now-"

    "Now we are on the run with a pissed off Daedric Prince hot on our tails," he interrupts sternly as he steps over a fallen log and still refuses to even look back at her, "admit it, Kulaas, there is no hope of victory for us and any freedom we had is gone,"

    She bites her tongue at his nickname, deciding it is not worth her breath to argue against. Instead, she scoffs and glares at him, "I doubt you had much freedom in Apocrypha," she snaps, her anger getting the best of her, "with being a servant of a Prince and all,"

    She never saw him spin around and march towards her until he has her pinned to the side of a cliff, arm braced against her throat and she stares up into his narrowed and dangerous eyes that are as blue as ice and just as cold, "I was no slave," he informs her with a low voice, one meant to strike fear in her but she refuses to give him the satisfaction.

    "I never said you were," she bites back, tempting fate, "so tell me, Miraak, why has your fight for freedom left you since you left Apocrypha?"

    "It hasn't,"

    "Then why are you so reluctant to help me fight Hermaeous Mora?"

    He stares down at her with emotionless eyes and says nothing in response. She meets his gaze head on and tries her damnedest to pull his response from his reaction but the attempt was futile. After a few more seconds, he gives her one final glare before stepping away from her. As she stands up straighter, she watches him walk away in the direction of Raven Rock.

    "I will not wait for you at the boat, Kulaas," he calls over his shoulder and she ignores the annoyance rising at the nickname before she follows. That is an argument for another day.

    #Miraak x ldb #Miraak#Skyrim#Skyrim fanfic #Of Daedra and Dragons #Fanfic#elder scrolls
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  • extra-crabby
    20.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    hello here's Qaal they will absolutely punch you in the face and he won't regret it one bit. they're not always mean btw

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  • valhallla
    20.07.2021 - 5 days ago
    #閃閃發光的你! #💌#daedra
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