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    i have to share this thought i had

    #daffy doesnt understand mirrors #he just thinks his reflection is another duck #and daffy feels threatened by it #ok to rb #daffy duck#looney tunes
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    • Daffy: And I'd like to point out that these tapes have not been faked, or altered in any way. In fact they have time coding, which is very hard to fake.
    • The Judge: Would you please explain for the court "time coding."
    • Daffy: Well, uh, just because I don't know what it is, it doesn't mean I'm lying.
    #daffy duck #source: Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie: Strange Brew
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  • Daffy: Oh wow a polithce chathse! [He goes up to the window but the Yosemite Sam shoots his Coke and yogurt causing it to splash on his face] Aw nuts!

    #daffy duck#Yosemite Sam #source: the goonies
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    • Porky: S-so, did Penelope give you Pepe's exact address?
    • Daffy: Yeah, she sthaid EXACTLY Pariths, Franthce.
    #porky pig#daffy duck#penelope pussycat #Pepe Le Pew #source: wayne's world 2
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    • Daffy: How much do you weigh, Porky?
    • Porky: W-w-what's it matter, Daffy?
    • Daffy: How much?
    • Porky: Around t-t-250 p-p-p-pounds, t-to be exact.
    • Daffy: 'Cause you're 250 pounds of gutleths white meat, and that's why you can't think of a better plan.
    #daffy duck#porky pig #source: pitch black
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    • Daffy: Hey, Marvin, you wanna sth'more?
    • Marvin: I haven't had anything.
    • Daffy: No, do you wanna sth'more!
    • Marvin: I haven't had anything yet, so how can I have some more of nothing?
    • Daffy: You're killing me Marvin!
    #daffy duck #marvin the martian #source: sandlot
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  • [During a car race, Bugs is passing to Daffy’s inside - though Daffy cannot see him because of the window net]

    Porky: D-D-D-Daffy, you should p-probably pay attention.  I th-th-think he’s p-p-p-passing you.

    Daffy.: Is Bugs pathsing me in my sthubconscious?

    Porky: N-n-n-no, he’s actually p-p-passing you!  That’s h-h-happening right n-n-now!

    #Bugs Bunny#daffy duck#porky pig #source: talladega nights
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  • Daffy: [looking at Elmer’s damaged car] Sthuch a waste.  Firthst I’m trapped in the past, and now I’m trapped in a dimension where YOU rule.  Shoot me now…

    Elmer: This isn’t so bad. I can fix this. [Elmer’s car explodes]

    #daffy duck#Elmer Fudd #source: megas xlr
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    • Bugs: What are you doing there?
    • Daffy: Porky Howe put moi in charge of refreshments for the book club.
    • Bugs: Yeah, but what are those?
    • Daffy: Finger sthandwiches. You know, the part that takes the most time is getting that middle knuckle right.
    • Bugs: Daffy, they don't actually have to look like fingers.
    • Daffy: Yeah right.
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    • Bugs: I know you may find this hard to believe, but not everybody spends their whole day thinking about Daffy Duck.
    • Daffy: You're a true sthourthce of comfort, Bugs.
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    • Daffy: It's my motto: "Aim low and avoid dithsappointment."
    • Bugs: I thought your motto was "Sleep and eat."
    • Daffy: It's my other motto, and it's not as easy as it stheems. Sthometimes you eat too much and you can't sthleep. Sthometimes you sthleep too much and miths the meals.
    • Bugs: Boy, your life is such a delicate balance.
    • Daffy: You have no idea!
    #daffy duck#Bugs Bunny #source: the suite life of zack and cody
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    • Daffy: Yeah, I had a praying mantiths epiphany and, as a result, I sthcreamed. No, not... not a girlie sthcream, but the sthcream of sthomeone being confronted by sthome before unknown monthster that had no right exithsting on the sthame planet I inhabited. Did you ever notithce how a praying mantiths' head resembles an alien's head? I mean, the mythsteries of the natural world were revealed to me that day, but inthstead of being athstounded, I was... repulthsed.
    • Bugs: Daffy... are you sure it wasn't a goilie scream?
    #daffy duck#Bugs Bunny #source: the x files
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  • [The gang discusses the stranger in Pizzarriba]]

    Daffy: Aw, come on, man. Just ‘cause he looks like a sthpy and acts like a sthpy doesn’t mean he is a sthpy, does it?

    Lola: I think it pretty much does, Daffy.  You don’t suppose this guy is with, like, the CIA or FBI or anything, do you?

    Porky: Mm, c-c-could be.

    Daffy: Alright, let’s go over the four things we know about him: He’s been here sthinthce it opened, he’s not eating, he’s not waiting for a table upsthtairs… Actually, that’s only three. Anybody else know anything?

    Bugs: You’re a maroon!

    Daffy: That would be four, then.

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  • VHS Video Apocalypse: ‘Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue’ Video Commentary

    As the situation of the world right now is very scary, We here at the Nostalgia Road Trip wanted to do something as a way to bring some joy to what is happening.

    As a way of showing how much you guys mean to us, we are removing one of our exclusive Patreon rewards from the paywall and making it available to all.

    So allow us to entertain you by sharing our video commentary to the classic CARTOON ALL STARS TO THE RESCUE television special.

    So sit back, get yourselves your favorite snack of choice, and hopefully be entertained with our bizarre rantings to this animated feature.

    #cartoon all stars #cartoon all stars to the rescue #cartoonallstarstotherescue#ducktales#the smurfs #winnie the pooh #muppets#muppet babies #alvin and the chipmunks #alf#saturday morning #saturday morning cartoons #acceptable in the 80s #acceptable in the 90s #80s cartoons#90s cartoons#bug bunny#daffy duck
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  • daffy is a lot of things, straight is not one of them

    #TLTS #this shows killing me #looney tunes#daffy duck
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    • Daffy: What if Louis Armsthtrong sthaid, "I can't"? You think he'd have walked on the moon?
    • Bugs: Daf, Louis Armstrong was a singer.
    #daffy duck#Bugs Bunny #source: meet the robinsons
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    • Drip-Along Daffy: And while we're athsking stho many questions, why were YOU sthent to jail?
    • Nasty Canasta: Murder.
    • Drip-Along: I wish it had been sthuithcide!
    #daffy duck#Nasty Canasta #source: personal property
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  • Box-Office Bunny | Director: Darrell Van Citters | Studio: Warner Bros. | USA, 1991

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  • (Blooper) Bunny
    Director: Greg Ford & Terry Lennon | Studio: Warner Bros. | USA, 1991

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