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    I already knew he was guilty, but I thought he would at least try and clear his name. Dahvie Vanity, you are a sick dude.

    Guilty people never want to speak out. 🙄

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  • I will never understand how anyone can like botdf and dahvie vanity still after a countless number of times that hes been outed as a rapist and a pedophile….

    Fucking disgusting. Garbage. Garbage. garbage.

    #dahvie vanity #not even gonna capitalize because fuck him #botdf
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  • I am going to post about how I feel about this whole Dahvie Vanity thing and before you go and say “don’t post it” or “ His Fans are going to come after you!” Well I honestly don’t care and I am not scared of His little teenage fan who think that He is a god and must protect Him when He clearly is not!

    Ok so my first time hearing their music was My best friend showed me the video for betwitched and my first reacting to Dahvie was “Is that a girl?” 🤣😂 My friend corrected me and said,“ No that’s a Boy”, lol he clearly sounds like a man but looked like a girl! But from there on I started to get into their music even though the music is bad and the Lyrics are horrible and gross and yes like alot of other Girls I did have a crush on Dahvie (Gross).

    I was a teenager when the whole thing happened online with the 12 year old girl, and the crazy fans went after her and messed up Her life. Also the Allegations that Dahvie had his way with a young woman so at that time I clearly stopped listening to them. Also I was shocked and proud of everyone who came out and told their side of the story recently. Also how Botdf got taken off of Spotify! And I am currently following the whole investigation going on right now and I personally think that he is a sick man and deserves to go to jail!. I also had the pleasure to speak to Damien (@pretty-grotesque ) and I think they are pretty brave for coming out and telling their side of the story after everything that happened to them.

    #you done goofed #dahvie vanity#botdf#Gross#Wtf #Blood on the dance floor #no ma'am
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    This ones for the haters 💕

    My precios angel responded to me ❤️❤️💪

    #dahvie vanity #Dahvie Vanity is innocent #my heroes#my love#love him#love#angel#saviour #i love you #we gotta fight #sgtc #Blood on the dance floor
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  • huh, Dahvie Vanity really sounds like that??? i just heard one of his songs for the first time ever and had to check twice to see it wasn’t some kind of a parody… he sounds like that???? THAT????? and he still has hardcore stans even after 20+ young girls, most of whom were children when he allegedly abused them, came out to say he committed crimes against them???????????????? all while sounding like that???? how that dude had fans to begin with is beyond me, he sounds like THAT???? for realsies? that’s his real voice? this situation is not laughable by any means, but his music and especially his voice are… what a joke he is. when will the FBI knock on his door? heard Chris Hansen is onto him too

    #not a dream #dahvie vanity#botdf #blood on the dance floor #abuse tw#csa tw#sa tw
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  • a list of people you SHOULDN’T support

    1. Trisha Paytas
    2. social repose
    3. tana mongeau
    4. Onision
    5. Dahvie vanity (botdf)
    6. Bella Delphine
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  • For those following the Dahvie Vanity situation I think this a very important video that shows just how disgusting this man can be, targeting someone as young as 10/11 and having his fanbase go after them, writing songs about them basically telling them to kill themselves and making fun of them self harming. Ruining a family. Ruining a young person’s life and he’s ruined so many more.

    #dahvie vanity #blood on the dance floor #botdf
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  • It’s disturbing to know that there is someone who, I personally used to listen to via the MySpace years, is still out there trying to make a name of himself despite the fact that what he had done, to young girls, for years… is still out in the open for anyone to see.

    I will still never understand why this grown ass man isn’t in jail. Dahvie Vanity, has to go to jail for what he has done.

    Twenty one women (victims) are now given the chance to speak and voice out their experience thanks to the people who are giving them a voice.

    #BOTDF#Dahvie Vanity #I can't believe i used to listen to this band #Dahvie is disgusting #as soon as i found out about the allagations #i stopped listening to them #JayyVonMonroe though #he's a sweetheart #I love Jayy
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  • If you support the band Blood on The Dance Floor and it’s lead singer, Dahvie Vanity, please unfollow me right now.

    He is a child rapist, abuser, and predator, and is currently being investigated by Chris Hansen.

    #dahvie vanity#child predator #hope he goes to prison #disgusting #blood on the dance floor
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  • Man, and I thought Onion Boy was bad. Apparently some man named “Dahvie Vanity” is trying to rebuild his career after suffering major scrutiny. Born Jesus David Torres, Dahvie Vanity, later renaming himself “Kawaii Monster,” was one of the leading members of some scene culture band Blood on the Dance Floor. Somehow never heard of that being a thing until now. He was also known as the Electric Hair God because of his spiked hair. I mean, it should be obvious by now that anyone with that spiked, emo-style hair would inevitably turn out to be bad; Onision, Social Repose, etc. Okay, so Social Repose technically isn’t that bad, but the point remains.

    What did Mr. Kawaii Monster do that makes me say he’s probably worse than Onision? He is a f*cking kiddie diddler. That’s not even as much as an accusation as this was pretty much an open secret throughout the scene trend with him outright telling his audience of teens and preteen girls that they’re better than sex, or outright telling them to throw him their bras especially noting to one that he wanted to see her “Hello Kitty.” You tell me who would be the age range there, will you?

    But, okay, those are just words. What did he do in a physical sense? Try sexually assaulting several underage girls one case being when a young fan of his called a Christian radio show where she revealed that she had been violated by Dahvie and was unsure of what to do because she was fearing she’d betray him. Before he did the whole band gig, he actually traveled out to meet with this girl under the guise of doing her hair. Which, granted he actually did…but ONLY after her mother left. When that was done, he forced her to do deplorable things with him. I of course won’t go into detail there. He was not registered as a sex offender because the mother decided to somehow not to press charges as long as he NEVER showed his ugly, emo face again. Won’t deride her for her decision, but see what we are dealing with now?

    Oh, and the other reason as to why this isn’t just mere accusations? This fucker admitted that he did what he was accused of, but tried to stupidly say that he didn’t know she was underage. Even though he does sexting with her. This son of a bitch knew what he was doing but is trying his hardest to shirk the blame instead accusing his opponents as just “haters.”

    Just fuck this piece of human garbage.

    #fuck this guy #dahvie vanity#rant #blood on the dance floor #vanity#dahvie #jesus david torres #creep#scene culture
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  • I cannot believe Dahvie Vanity has the gall to try and restart his career after all he did.  I guess one good thing about him announcing this is maybe the law will look into this case again and hopefully Chris Hansen will do an interview on him and MAYBE he can be put behind bars where he belongs.  And even if he wasn’t a predator, his music is fucking garbage and it should have never been a thing.

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  • i saw this rumoured too! i hope he is, the dude is fucked in the head

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  • wow everybody gets like rad awesome people following them and i got this nasty fuck following me like wtf go away

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  • Not a dream

    Good morning I hope the person formerly known as Jessi Slaughter is having a good day today and Dahvie Vanity is not

    Also I hope he gets jailed for his many “alleged” crimes

    This is just my onion so don’t come for me

    #not a dream #blood on the dance floor #dahvie vanity#csa tw
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    #Dahvie vanity is innocent #dahvie vanity #I love Dahvie Vanity #my heroes#saviour #jayy von monroe #I love Jayy Von Monroe #Blood on the dance floor #sgtc#love him#love #i love them #family#forever #always and forever
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    I am depressed 🙃

    These are some lyrics from my absolute most favorite artist, and her who saved my life ❤️ idk what for but they just did 🤷‍♀️

    #dahvie vanity #Blood on the dance floor #botdf #I love botdf #jayy von monroe #my heroes #i love you #always and forever #Sgtc #in my veins #my heart and soul #saved my life #for no reason #i hate being alive #Kill me #But I will love you forever #my love#❤️#music#favorite bands#Heroes#till death#lyrics#amazing#godly
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  • Hey did dahvie vanity have a wattpad account? Bc back in the day he tried to talk to me and and my best friend but our english was very broken and probably gave up. We didnt think much back in tbe day, we were actually fangirling a lot, but now i’m seeing all those vudeos and proof he is a pedophile and overall shitty fucking person and it creeps me out…

    #Idk if i should tag tbis as botdf or dahvie vanity im scared of his fans
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