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    Padding up to their meeting location and clumsily sitting herself on the fence, Daise turned her head to look at the small well built cat beside her, whose pale blue eyes now fixated heavily on the burning red sun in the distance, being overtaken by the lashing colors of vibrant reds, her tail holding still even as a warm rustle came through the grass. Settling on the fence, Daise squinted to look at it too. The whole world really seemed to be stained in crimson, even them, being swallowed up in what she imagined the apocalypse would look like. A gentle breath came from Jen as she then leaned her head over onto the fluff covered wolf’s shoulder. Feeling at home with the scent of hay fields burning up her nose, Daise lowered herself slightly and felt the curl of her forelock touch Jen’s smooth fluff. Both of them enjoyed the scene, feeling completely calm and at home for the time being.

    Jen (The cat) belongs to @i-dont-know-any-more-help

    Daise (The wolf) is mine.


    They form

    T H E M E G A G A Y .

    Both are evil, sure, but they’re evil together and that’s all that really matters.

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    Daise ways people, and yet others still think she’s just a cute tiny bb with cute ears when she literally has a medical condition that’s slowly deteriorating her mind and body to eventually take over and consume her until it has full control and forces her to stare at everything she’s become and kill others for the things she never had the privilege of having. Then someone comes and wipes off her mouth and tries telling her everything is perfectly fine.



    I liked making this, but don’t take it too seriously. The consistency is nonexistent, I know.

    This is pretty much how Daise feels about everyone who tries justifying her bullshit- just straight up bites them and leaves them there to question their life choices, and make varying Sr. Pelo screams.

    #Daise#Hybrid#Quick Meme #*Sr Pelo screams of agony* #Why do people try to defend murderers #Bites
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  • the hardest part of my morning was leaving the comfort of my own home with you in it

    the sound of your breathing and the warmth of your body close to mine

    sitting there silently while i stroke your back

    you make me so happy and make me feel so safe

    i love you already 🌼

    puppies, man.

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  • Beautifully effervescent guitars welcome us into Sights Of Blue, a new single from SoCal based indie rock band Daise, who first enthralled us with their music when they made their debut two years ago on Blackroom. They enwrap us with more of their dreamy glistening sound on their new single, a thoroughly enchanting effusion of shimmering dream pop and dewy indie rock with a touch of post-punk flair. Sights Of Blue is like early Two Door Cinema Club gone the Smiths, with some Wild Nothings drizzled into its lambent strings. Wistful yet sweet Sights Of Blue arrives on the heels of Daise.’s first track of 2018, In The Garden, this past May. The band will be opening for The Boxer Rebellion on September 27th at Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles. 

    Eli DeLeon, Daise’s lead vocalist, explains: “‘Sights of Blue’ was written on the subject that almost every person can relate to, about being in a relationship where they have been mistreated and not having the efforts they invest into the relationship reciprocated. Ultimately in the end they should realize they deserve better, recognize when it’s time to move on, and start focusing on making themselves happy again.” Aside from their Teragram Ballroom show, Daise will also be performing at Fox Tower in Pomona, California this Friday the 31st. Stream Daise’s music on Spotify, here, and surrender yourself to the warm current and lustrous tide of their winsome music.

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  • Daise stalks someone for once.

    Hear me out, I decided to be active. So why not a small story about Daise? What better than the antagonist? From the perspective of a victim? Yes. Why not. The story begins after this, by the by.

    Ok, so I’m not sure where to put this, so I’ll leave it here.

    I’m a twenty year old woman with a fair amount of muscle, keep this in mind for the remainder of the “story.”

    I usually go on late night walks around the edge of town on the, sometimes, well lit sidewalk. That being said, I always carry around pepper spray or something of that nature since I’m usually paranoid that something is planning on jumping out of the bushes and scaring me. I’ve never really had anything happen, hell, I’ve barely seen any stoned guys. Let alone big bad murderers. But it’s better safe than sorry, right? Here’s a little context to this as well, I live around the inner parts of a casual neighborhood. Just your regular shit. And the sidewalk has a forest just off to the side, you’ll see how this is important later.

    Anyway, this all began about a week ago. I was just going for another walk, no big deal. Just running under various yellow tinted street lamps, as normal. When out of nowhere, someone wearing a hoody walks out of the woods and stands behind me. And even though I’ve never seen anyone come out of there, it was really nothing. People could come from any direction, didn’t matter to me until they tried to bother me. Then this person starts mumbling to themself. Another thing to keep in mind, they had their hood up and their hands in their respective pockets, which was weird, since it was rather hot and stuffy out that night. But brushing the mumbling aside as none of my business, I continued my walk. Even if I wanted to run out of there. Next thing I know, they did a weird skip run up behind me and stood there for as long as my pace would let them. I realized it was a woman. She looked beyond tired, like she hadn’t slept a day in her life. Her eyes looked like they were blue, at least from the angle I was looking from. Her hair was tucked into her hoody, but it looked to be blond. Probably just some druggy. So I thought. The more she spoke though, the more I realized how calculated her moves had been. How she’d kept walking without almost falling or stumbling. Not to mention how she was standing on the tops of her feet. No, this woman was sober. Sober, and weird. If not more. She whispered something to me that I barely managed to hear.

    “Do you see them too?”

    I think that’s what it was. I had no clue what she was talking about, even now. All I know is that she smiled at me next and sort of laughed. This was a lot for me. Especially at the time. So I just said something like “Haha, no. I’m just going to go.” It didn’t seem to bother her since she was still smiling. So, I thought it was over, and walked away. No need in getting my panties in a twist over some idiot out at night. Though I’m not stupid, so I started taking a separate way. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but I think this is connected somehow, I started noticing that certain items are moved and sometimes missing entirely in my house, even if it is to return pretty quickly. I think she wants me to know it’s her. I think she’s waiting for me to do something. But then again, I could be wrong. There’s always that chance. But it just feels off.

    Ok, I’ve come back to this time and time again as things have gone on, last time I worked on this, things were just going missing. Now there are teeth being given to me, eyes outside my windows, other shit. I don’t know what to do. I know it’s her, I saw those eyes peering straight through my bedroom window. She put her hands on the glass and looked in. I don’t know if she has some shitty contacts of something, but I swear her other eye is purple. I didn’t see it at the time, but her eye is fucking purple. She’s been doing this for about two weeks now, I don’t know what to do anymore. Something’s completely wrong about her. I just can’t tell what. I can’t call this a joke anymore, she’s leaving me teeth, sometimes even bloody ones. It smells horrible. They’re real.

    Yet again, I’m back. It’s been three weeks now. And yes, I’ve called the cops. However, when I was on the phone with them, the teeth were gone. I don’t know what they’re coming from or what’s going on here, but I think she’s just toying with me. Maybe next time, when she finds someone else, she’ll leave my teeth on their doorstep. I really hope it doesn’t come to that. She hasn’t quit though. No letting up, nothing.

    I found that fucker! I caught her! She can’t go anywhere now. Thank fuck I didn’t let her deter me from keeping up with my health.

    We got in a fight. I think she won.

    Alright, last little bit, I’m kinda done here. The whole thing has been quite interesting if I must say, but I guess that’s what it was supposed to be. Just didn’t give me the right vibe. Didn’t like the feel of it, ya know? Anyway, I’m off now, to go live my life and whatever. Maybe we’ll talk again some time. Who knows? You won’t.

    #Daise#Stalking #Not exactly used to this #OC #Maybe this woman was more #I don't think Daise likes stalking
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  • One of my ocs that I’ve had for a few years (but barely draw aaaa), her name is Daise & she’s an elf

    #pixie#faerie#oc#lineart#daise#elf #shes actually an elf but looks like a faerie/pixie and was originally one SO I MEAN.. #canon!daise
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  • Thanks to some of the best music buddies in the world, I was privy to some magnificent tunes that I hadn’t heard of prior to today, including this beautifully dark and rich debut from a band from Southern California named Daise. A Two Doors Cinema Club meets Foals plucky bounce pervades indie rock song Blackroom, while its dreamy drift evokes Local Natives. The sensational first single is a free download on Soundcloud. Suffice to say, I’m in love… deep, deep love.

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  • Blackroom by Daise

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  • Daisy Hookum Moodboard (7/?) 

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  • Daise is an incredibly beautiful and thoughtful and powerful human being

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