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    20.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Daisy Reference

    [Here’s Daisy! She’s very special to me and my fiancee, as we made her together and she’s basically our daughter!]


    Basic Info

    🦄 Name: Daisy 🦄 Nicknames: None 🦄 Age: 4 🦄 Birthday: April 24th 🦄 Sex: Female 🦄 Gender: Female 🦄 Pronouns: She/Her 🦄 Romantic/Sexual Orientation: N/A 🦄 Height: 3′0″ 🦄 Species: Bloompuff/Fairy 🦄 Job: N/A | Daughter of Bloompuff Helios, Bloompuff Angel, and Bloompuff Brine


    🦄 Flower: Dark Blue Fantasy Daisies 🦄 Flower Type: Petals-Common 🦄 Pattern: Ribboned Back-Uncommon 🦄 Tail: Long with Stars-Rare 🦄 Wings: Fairy Wings-Mutation 🦄 Mutation: Fantasy Flower

    Game/Server Info

    🦄 Home Server: Lendala 🦄 Biome They Live In: Plains 🦄 Preferred Weapon: None 🦄 Favorite Block: Purple Wool 🦄 Favorite Item: Clock 🦄 Favorite Mob: Rabbit


    🦄 Strengths: Is very kind and likes to make people laugh. 🦄 Weaknesses: Can be very aloof when upset. 🦄 Powers: None 🦄 Likes: Unicorns, princesses, toys, purple, rainbows, gloves, and playing dress up. 🦄 Dislikes: Doctors, fire, bugs, and needles. 🦄 Personality: Despite her young age, Daisy has a big personality. She's very sweet, very kind, and loves to make her parents laugh. She likes to see people smile and likes to giggle. She's very curious and wants to know more about the world around her. Daisy, however, can be a little aloof when upset and doesn't like to worry people. It's not that she doesn't want to talk, she just doesn't want to annoy or worry anyone. She's also a little clumsy and tends to trip over her own feet or stutter on her words. 🦄 History: Helios and Angel, two loving Bloompuff, got married and were for two years before Daisy came into their life. They couldn't have children of their own, so they traveled to one of the places in Aermerea to speak to the Gods. The two prayed for a child of their own, and their love was true and hearts pure. They were given an egg and soon after, Daisy hatched in Helios' arms. She's been in their life for some time, and Helios, Angel, and Brine love her dearly and will always cherish her. And she loves them all just as much.

    🦄 Trivia

    🦄 Daisy’s favorite color is blue. 🦄 Daisy has a little lisp in her speech. 🦄 Daisy snorts when she laughs. 🦄 Daisy always carries her stuffed unicorn with her, usually in her inventory. Its name is Mimi. 🦄 Daisy is slowly learning how to use her wings. 🦄 Daisy is also a big fan of apples.


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  • wittybrity
    19.09.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    I got you (Platonic)

    Requested by @emcon-imagines

    “Jemma --” Daisy said, as much as she loved her friend, she knew that she still wasn’t at the top of her lying game. To be honest, she hoped that Jemma never made it there, as if that would signal some sort of end to the Jemma Simmons she knew.

    Still, back on point, “Daisy...I promised Y/N…” She said. And, that did get her attention, she had promised you something.

    “I just wanna help her, Simmons. I mean, you’ve seen her...Tired, not herself. Not the bubbly person we all know. Something’s going on…” She knew how this would seem to anyone else; someone interrogating someone, almost gaslighting in some way to get some information.

    But, the two women knew better; it was two friends trying to help another.

    Besides, the three had formed their own group; the term “power puffs” being thrown around a lot. Still, not the point --

    “I didn’t just swear and drop my concern, Daisy. I wanted to help too…” She trailed off, and Daisy nodded for her to continue, “I did to her that she would probably get yelled at...but, she brushed it off at the time. I don’t think Fitz’s sarcasm helped it either.”

    “What’d he say?”

    “‘What’s the worst thing that could happen? I mean, yeah, you’ll probably get yelled at, but it’s not like she’s going to kill you.’ And I said, ‘Not helping’ and...Oh, sorry.” She said, catching herself.

    Daisy smiled, “It’s alright, Jem. Just, tell me, please. I’ll stop after that.”

    Jemma could never say now the puppy dog expression Daisy Johnson could pull off, “...That’s the problem, she isn’t stopping.But, she told me to not bother you about it. She knows how you can be with this and...she doesn’t want to worry anyone else. She says she can handle it.” The Brit said, almost in one entire breath.

    “Famous last words, sadly in some cases.” Daisy said, looking out the window before back to Jemma, “Where is she now?”

    As Jemma went to answer, her gaze changed; she looked alert, “Well...there.” She said, nodding her head behind Daisy.

    The woman turned, seeing you walk in, bag over your shoulder from yet another assignment...yet another few months undercover.

    If you were good at hiding the strain of the work before, this was not one of those times; with the heaviness in your eyes, worn down expression and posture of your body.

    It was getting to you.

    Daisy then looked to Jemma, giving her friend a pat on the arm, “I got this.” She promised, before taking her leave.

    She wasn’t one to break them.


    You had put the weapons away, and was getting ready for the ebrie. Just ready to get that ticked off, then wait until the next job comes your way. You had to keep going, SHIELD was always cut throat, but especially now; you were on the back foot and what not. You had to prove yourself to Coulson, he brought you and Daisy in and kept you in despite what you had done to them.

    That had to be worth something.

    You went with your bag, a bag mixed with your own things and the contents of the sting. Smart? No, not really. But, you were working with limited time. So, you know.

    Besides, Coulson had cleared it and said it was fine.

    So, you went into the kitchen, gonna go upstairs to get it all done with, when you paused…

    There, on her laptop, was your sister, just typing away.

    Given the fact of the bottle of water she had was only just opened, you had to guess that she had only just set up.

    “Hey.” She said, looking up at you from the table, smiling as if you hadn’t caught her in the act.

    “Hey.” You said back, dropping the bag to the floor. You both held each others stare for a moment too long; you had been in each others lives for forever, so you could read each other like a book.

    “Been there long?” You asked, hands going in your pocket. You knew the answer, but still…

    “Nah, just waiting for you.” She said, moving to sitting on the table, legs dangling off of it, “Just wanted to see if you were ok.”

    You held your arms out to your side for a moment, a kind of “here I am” gesture, before letting them slap against your body as you let them drop, “I’m ok...Just want to get up there.” You said, pinching your nose as you closed your eyes for a moment; a rare moment of letting this toll be known to the world in a way that was intentional.

    Daisy saw a way in there, “You tired? I mean, sleep deprivation and mental health issues don’t really go hand in hand...You’re gonna snap.”

    You nodded, same posture as before, “Sure. Just wanna get up there and do this, D.”

    “Coulson doesn’t need it right now.”

    “He does.” You argued.

    She sighed, the Johnson gene of stubbornness surely rubbing off on you, “Look, Y/N/N, I get it. But, AC -- Well, DC, is more than ok with this. Trust me.”

    “Yeah, well, I’ll do shit like that when you do.” Ok, fair; did it hit? Yeah, but she wasn’t a sunken battleship yet...that phrase was weird.

    Anyways, “Y/N,” She started, getting up and grabbing your hands in her own, looking you right in the eyes, “You’re tired, ok? Actually tired….I mean, look, you can barely stand right now. What you need, is rest. Ok?”

    Out of the siblings, you weren’t as open as she was. But, as said before, she knew you better than anyone else. And, because of that, you could be yourself with her. You let yourself nod, eyes dropping to the ground. She squeezed your hands, smile coming onto her face.

    It was like that Skye part of her, the inner child of her’s that needed healing was alway there; the optimist that refused to see the dark.

    Still, she grabbed your bag, putting an arm around your shoulder, and leading you to your room.


    Your room was a fucking mess. Jesus, was it a mess. Now, Jemma had told Daisy that she had no one touch it; no one go in or even put their hand on the door knob.

    But...it was messy, to say the least.

    The two of you stood, silently looking at the state of your room; clothes everywhere, doors left open, bed sheets unorganised.

    She heard your breath shudder a bit. It seemed you had forgotten that the room was left like this. Then again, she was sure you were almost leading two - well, now really more than two - lives at once; SHIELD, your own, and the many undercover personas you had to adapt to.

    Hunter’s lecture about SHIELD not being a lifestyle but a job was true; granted, it was a belief in the world and the good that laid in it, but he still had a point.

    It seemed for you, those two had fully blurred into on destructive, stress filled life. And it was slowly killing you.

    You entered first, grabbing some clothes from the floor and going into your bathroom, locking the door.

    She, meanwhile, went to your bed, smelling them and groaning at the stink that came from them.

    She put the bag down, picking up some of your other clothes - less yours, more SHIELD’s clothes that they gave to operatives.

    There was no style, only a branded shirt (some actually were, but that’s not the point) to say “Shoot at me, I’m with the people you guys at HYDRA hate!”

    She put them away, the clothes coloured black. She remembered when you used to have a more colourful attire, an expression to who you were.

    No, it was just SHIELD.

    After the clothes had been sorted, she then sat on the floor, opening the bag. She looked up at the sound from your bathroom, a shower being turned on.

    She looked back to the bag, seeing bags of cocaine, some files...and your clothes. One of the bags had a hole in, and some of the contents had gone from the bag and onto your own clothes. These ones were yours...now stained with coke.

    With work…

    The shower was still going. And she knew that you were devoted to these people...but what had you lost in the process?

    She went further into the bag, digging deep into it. It took a few moments, but she found something, her fingers brushed against something…

    Removing her hand from the bag, she found a necklace; she smiled, this one more nostalgic. It was a necklace that you had both gotten together with some money you had both saved. Inside there was a photo of the pair of you…

    You’d kept it, you were still there.

    She looked to the door, the shower was still going. She looked to the clothes...she could make a quick trip…


    She came back, clothes in her possession, but no bag. The bag was with Coulson, but the clothes and necklace she kept.

    She came back in, putting the clothes on the bed. The door opened, and you emerged, now in sleep gear.

    “Hey.” You said.

    She smiled, “Hey.” She said back.

    “Can - can you uh, can you stay for the night? Just...after all that, and what you said...I think I could use a break…?”

    Her smile softened, “Of course.” She said.

    You were still you...you still had your own life.

    SHIELD wasn’t your lifestyle, just a belief in the world and a job.

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    ⁣ 𝚌𝚒𝚗𝚗𝚊𝚖𝚘𝚗 𝚋𝚞𝚗 𝚒𝚌𝚎𝚍 𝚕𝚊𝚝𝚝𝚎 🍁

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    I woke up from a nap to find Ducky had left me a little present/art installation.

    #daisy watches tv #the rookie #day of death #chenford #lucy x tim #so this is where i live now #daisy as a mom #ducky #it's like she knows this is my favorite episode and I've been wanting to watch it for a couple days and still haven't #it's just! so! good!
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    #the maiden #my first aos fic! #aos #agents of shield #aos fanfic#aos fanfiction#daisy johnson#quake#skye#raina#grant ward#gordon#aos s2#aofangirling's fanfic #agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. #agents of shield fanfiction #chapter 1
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    k2 come 2 cavern and get ur friend she’s keeps eating glowsticks and plastic and its starting to scare people

    i just like to draw luxo in outfits <3

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    Daisy Ridley

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    Rose is practicing her magic and Nettle discusses visiting outer space with Atom.

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    ok but do i reread red queen or the cruel prince??? i simply ask because chloe ament released an ep based on books and cliche is based on jude and carden and now i’m stuck. what do i do????

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    NGL my “monstrous conservatory” theme on this shelf might be my favorite decoration in the house!

    #isn’t it cute????? #ugh #I bought most of the stuff last year at target #but there were a few new ones this year #or maybe they were just out last year #dreadful daisies #and wild gorechid #loooooooove#halloween#halloween decorations
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    Pond Piece From the "Ridge", Margaret "Daisy" Sutermeister, c. 1900, Smithsonian: National Portrait Gallery

    Size: Image/Sheet: 11.6 x 18 cm (4 9/16 x 7 1/16") Medium: Matte collodian printing out paper


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