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  • daisylore-au
    07.05.2021 - 27 minutes ago
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  • daisylore-au
    07.05.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    So im p sure i sent this on ur main blog but i thought id put it here for convenience, behold: The mushroom princess and The god, dreamxd hasnt appeared in the au but I thought this would be a cute interaction
I LOVE THEM BOTH SO SO MUCH !!!!! look at them !!!! LOOK AT THEM !!!! oh my god i love your style you’ve made them both look so cute ,, i might have to add dream XD into the mix just for this ,,, crying :’D

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  • gutosimmer
    07.05.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    It's the next day, and Kristen wanted to make a friend, so she Invited Lola over since they were already pretty close!

    And now, It's time for homework

    Not Kristen waking up at 6 AM TO PLAY ON THE PLAYGROUND! priorities..

    I didn't even show Daisy getting promoted, but she's already on lvl 4 on her career! Good for her!

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  • deepdean-detectives
    07.05.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    George: True friends don't judge each other

    Daisy: They judge other people

    George & Daisy: Together

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  • emcon-imagines
    07.05.2021 - 55 minutes ago
    requester: anon // request here

    Both of them worry about you all the time

    Jemma is always trying to take care of you, and it’s something that you always argue with her over because she’s always trying to take care of you and you don’t want the help

    But you know it’s because she really cares, and this is her way of helping. She’s a fixer, and she wants you to be safe and well

    Jemma is always checking up on you

    “It’s getting late, you should get some sleep.”

    “Have you eaten anything today?”

    “You were supposed to come down here right after the mission so that I could clean up that wound. Where were you?”

    Sometimes you get so frustrated with her because can’t she just let you go and why does she care so much

    But it’s how she shows she cares, and on your better days, you’re grateful

    Daisy knows what it’s like to be in your shoes, and she’s a little more gentle and not passive, but like

    She’s just there for you, always, whatever you need

    Often times, she’ll just cook you both something if she suspects you haven’t eaten yet that day

    Or bandage you up on the flight back from the mission without saying anything

    And it’s both kinds of caring that you need, sometimes Daisy’s gentleness, sometimes Jemma’s bluntness

    During your worst times, Jemma goes to Daisy, worried about you, and asks if Coulson could possibly ground you from missions for a short time

    Because you keep coming back hurt, putting yourself in dangerous situations with little regard for yourself, almost as if you think you deserve it

    “Jemma, these people need my help! You’re not mom. You can’t just ground me. It doesn’t work like that. I have to go with Daisy. I have to save them from HYDRA. I have to try.”

    “And I’m trying to save you from yourself!”

    In these case, Daisy is the intermediary, her trying to help you understand where your sister is coming from

    They work to find alternatives for self-destructive habits, distracting you with activities around the base, or just spending time with you. 

    Them talking with you, letting you know that your pain is valid, and that you deserve to be able to let it out, but they’d prefer you talk to someone, even Andrew if that helps

    “I don’t deserve you guys.”

    Jemma: “No, y/n, I’m lucky to have you in my life. Anyone would be.”

    Daisy: “We’re here for you. Whatever you need. Family looks out for each other.”

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  • backgroundagent3
    07.05.2021 - 57 minutes ago


    #agents of shield #aos#daisy johnson#skye#quake#grant ward#phillip coulson #aos incorrect quotes #aos crack #1.02 0-8-4
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  • gillysims
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Soon enough, Daisy had her birthday! She becomes an Inquisitive little tot.

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  • daisy-bakugo
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    instead of changing this blog around ima change my rp blog

    whenever I feel the urge to change my theme ima just take it out on her

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  • kenganparadise
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Part 2 of all these characters are just different versions of the same douchebag-

    Part 1 is by far the most controversial thing I’ve ever posted

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  • rare-yanderes
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    •I actually flubbed up and forgot to save this so I had to rewrite all of it Goddamnit.

    TW: kidnapping, abuse, stalking, yandereness, yadda yadda.

    •The obsessive stalker type. He was in the bushes for Daisy, he’ll be in the bushes for you. Expect him to divise plans to keep you around as long as possible. He’s really attached and will follow you just about anywhere you go if he can. He sees it as his way of protecting you. He’s kinda a white knight trying to save the damsel in distress. Even if you don’t need his help, he’s going to give it to you whether you want it or not.

    •We’re gonna go off the idea his love for Daisy wanes away and he attaches to you.

    •Very persistent and is not a lucid yandere. His yandere side will probably cause him to lose any lucidity. He’ll thoroughly believe that any type of affection you give to him is a sign you love him back unconditionally. Even if you tell him no a thousand times, he’ll still make a way into your life somehow. He’s delusional indeed.

    •HMMMM, what’s that about a man moving into a mansion nearby your house? *Gasp,*he goes by Gatsby?? It surely can’t be the same man you knew all those years ago. How convenient he’s here of all places. Yeah, his persistence is honestly impressive. He’s willing to chase you across the damn country if he has to, the poor man.

    •Kinda a simp, not gonna lie. This mate will get desperate if you don’t get persuaded. He’ll constantly get frustrated when he’s alone and out of view and he’ll do anything for you. He’d die for you, set himself on fire. Anything.

    •Will spoil you to death. Whatever makes you happy, whatever you want. He’ll buy you lavish things because he thinks that his fortune will win your favor. Honestly depressing. He sees his fortune as the key to you liking him back and not himself. Jay Gatsby is who you want, so he’ll give you Gatsby and not James which is, unless you’re Daisy, false.

    •For a yandere and an accused bootlegger, he’s surprisingly innocent most of the time. He doesn’t really plot others’ demise unless they’re an immediate threat, and his smiles are typically genuine. Scary mode happens when his delusion causes him to become desperate and do something irrational. I have a strange feeling he’d eventually collapse into your hold and cry about how you don’t love him, even though he’s tried. He’s not exactly mentally sane.

    •Not really a kidnapper to be honest, at least not until the very end. He’ll probably use his parties to catch you off guard. Mostly keeps you within site by convincing you to stay rather than forcing you to. Last resort, he’ll party you to death so that you’re too hungover to go home each time.

    •I bet he’s the stalker shrine type. Expect items of yours to go missing and never return. Things like clothing, bracelets, jewelry, yadda. All will be snatched so he can be reminded of yky while you’re not in his presence. His mind is all about you, his existence is about you, his life as Jay Gatsby is literally all manufactured for you. The rumors about him following you around should be listened to and the warnings heeded.

    •Old sport.

    •Usually not aggressive, actually. He’s a softer yandere all around and is generally even unwilling to hurt close family or friends. He rarely even threatens them either because he knows that’s not how he’ll get you. Still, there are really rare times he will snap and murder someone, but it’s only if they’re a secret admirer or a significant other that you have. Your friends and family aren’t really in any true danger unless they’re trying to murder you or something. If he has to murder someone, he’ll definitely justify it as having protected you. He’ll quickly and breathlessly go in a rant about how they were hurting you and were a bad influence

    •The type to hug you even if he just murdered your significant other. He’ll white knight it and say it was to protect you.

    •The only times he’s physical towards you are when he’s trying to restrain you from leaving or escaping. Even then, he’s trying his best not to hurt you. It’s a crime in his eyes to bruise you, and he knows it’ll only scare you away. Mostly, he’ll cling to you. Say a hug, those will last forever. He’ll try to prolong any physical contact he can. This man is sneaky when he wants to be.

    •I honestly hope that the reader is either male or transgender or a minority because I’m pretty sure Tom is all the ‘ists’ and phobics. It would be a beautiful slap in the face when he realizes he’s attracted to a reader who isn’t white or a woman. SUFFER, TOM, SUFFER.

    •So my hatred for these two may have manifested in this writing so sorry for that anyways onwards

    •I have a weird feeling these two would actually team up. Okay, it sounds crazy but they are both cheating, both work together to create misery, so I have a feeling they’d both be yanderes. I just got threesome vibes throughout the whole book and movie with these two.

    •Oh, and even if only one of them was a yandere, the other would still probably play along, especially if Tom is the yandere because Daisy’s willing to do a lot to keep her powerful status as a rich, wealthy wife. Also, Daisy’s far less kind to other people than she pretends to be and is rather shallow, cold and manipulative. I think she secretly revels in the chaos she causes Gatsby and loves the spotlight she gets when they both fight over her, even if she pretends she doesn’t.

    •It’s likely her persuasion which leads to Tom becoming a yandere so quick if she’s one as well. She’ll goad him into acting on his actions, especially since she’s hella impatient.

    •Daisy is manipulative, charming, soft, and persuasive. She’ll put on an alluring mask to deceive and string you into her web, she’s not above manipulating you and twisting your emotions and perspective on events. I have a huge feeling she’s an enourmous gaslighter and will deny ever being a perpetrator to a crime. Instead, she’ll always play victim to both guilt trip and make you fearful of looking bad when you accuse her of doing something wrong. She believes you are a doll to dress up, a playmate that will amuse her and keep her company. Someone who she can boss around.

    •Daisy is likely to actually murder, but only really anyone who finds out her real self or anyone hitting on you too much. Close friends are not as much in danger, but she will isolate you from them because she’s quite possessive like Tom. It’s likely she’ll make Tom do the dirty work of murdering someone. If friends get too inquisitive, they’ll end up disappearing. Actually, both of them will usually hire someone to do the dirty work instead of getting their squeaky clean, preppy hands dirty.

    •Tom has a reputation he desperately wants to upkeep. He sees Gatsby as no more than a lowlife dirty bootlegger so the idea that he’s murdering people and turning into a serial killer to keep you is frustrating to him. He doesn’t want to be seen as a criminal so you’ll be a sinful secret and all the crimes he commits are buried to hell. He’ll ignore the idea that he’s committing them by usually having someone else do it. No rumors will ever surface on his watch, not until he’s dead and the sun explodes five billion years later.

    •He’ll probably try to justify his actions, saying that he was defending you rather than committing a crime, but he’s not delusional one bit. He knows what he’s doing every step of the way is wrong, just like Daisy is also lucid. It bothers him to no end how willing he is to have you. Expect him to take out his anger in rough touches and scary faces.

    •Daisy is soft, cooing in your ear. She’s pretty shallow to be honest and I think she’s more in love with your beauty than you as a person. She’s trying to dress you up how she wants, style your hair, make you act all posh. Actually, since they’re hellbent on good manners you’ll be on a strict schedule. Expectations will be as well. You’ll be clean at all times, you’ll use manners at the dinner table. They expect you to obey and listen to them.

    •Tom uses his intimidating presence, fortune, anger, and passive aggressiveness to keep you where he wants you. His fortune helps not only with keeping tabs on you by hiring someone to trail you but with putting up a fantastic mask. He’s classy, he’s in a respected position, he’s old money. Pshhh. The polo playing Tom Buchanan?? A yandere?? Hah, what a bunch of baloney! Unlike those west eggers, Tom could never be a criminal!

    •Tom will threaten any butlers or maids who say anything about his and his wife’s bizarre, extreme attachment to you. Witnesses to anything will be taken care of. Tom is willing to threaten close friends and family, but it’s unlikely he’ll actually act on it unless you really screw up.

    • “Say, how about you stay over a while and grab a drink? How about a game of polo? Or maybe a simple dinner? Stay, I insist...Really, I insist.” Really, he’s passive aggressive as hell. A lot of what they both say have double meanings that, unless you’re observant, you’ll miss. Both are wearing masks, deceiving and lying to get what they want. Unlike Gatsby, who delusionally tries to justify his actions and believes he’s the hero, both Tom and Daisy will only justify them to the public should they ever find out. They know exactly what they’re doing but don’t care about the people they hurt.

    •Don’t play polo, it’s a trap. Daisy? A trap. Dinner, trap. The fucking horses are a trap, damnit. Don’t let them lure you in. Unlike Gatsby, they’ll kidnap and keep you locked away like a princess in a high tower. Once they have you, you’re stuck at their manor playing polo eternally and being dressed up by Daisy until they fuck up Gatsby’s life and leave to fucktoe current, bringing you along with them to their new manor.

    •Kidnapping you will involve Daisy simpily luring you over under the guise of some innocent activity and then allowing Tom to surprise and drag you away. One moment you’re talking about Gatsby and how Daisy should go see him, the next Tom has a hand slapped over your mouth and he’s dragging you away. Getting you too drunk to fight back is preferable as it’s much easier to deal with and explain to any possible witness who doesn’t die. Daisy will probably try to persuade you to stay all while you wake up terrified, remembering what happened before.

    •Tom will get physically violent if you try to leave, he will restrain you and tie you up, he’ll break a leg if he has to. He’ll force you to drink until you’re too drunk to resist. You’re not escaping under his watch, and he makes sure Daisy keeps an eye on you at all times if possible. He might just put up the guise that you’re mentally sick and need their care to his bewildered servants so they don’t come to your help. Any servant who betrays his orders to stay away will die if they’re persistent.

    •Well, at least you have horses now, right?

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    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Ange - VS Cotton - Daisy Lace V-String

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    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #Sono il tuo Huckleberry #Beh daisy se lo fai #solo roba di Angie
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  • blackcoffeewrites63
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Well, I’m currently stuck getting a 3 hour maintenance on my car. I suppose the good news for you is that I now have 3 hours to write assuming my laptop battery lasts that long. The bad news for me is that I didn’t grab lunch beforehand.

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  • daisyyy2516
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    found a random oil pastel lying around

    taglist: @mullthingsoverinthehotwater @faeinorbit @krasivayadarling @punkrific @freddieweasleyswife @mellifluous-cosmos @crazy-beautiful

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    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    lowkey wanna change my theme again but im too lazy

    so i guess the house blog will see another day.

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    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I am looking at these Brand Black Wood bags VERY respectfully. If anyone would like to buy me one as a just finished my first year of the masters degree program as a gift you can send funds to $SophiaChes or my PayPal Sophiachester@hotmail.com I think the mini ones are $80(editors note there is ZERO pressure to send funds so not send me your last dime. This is a for fun post. If you want to you can but don’t send if you can’t. Thanks)

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  • kazuallyy
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    local blood god turns soft for 2 mortal kids ⚔️🌺

    #get yourself an immortal blood-thirsty bestie capable of being your longtime super cool friend and being an advisor to your royal kids 👍👍 #oh oh being the general of ur royal army too theres that heheh #passerine fanart#technoblade#techno fanart#technoblade fanart#passerine#morning glory#yellow rose#white daisy #i think i forgot if there were ever any white daisies in the fic sjndsjkdhdns #zkaart#fanart#digital art #fanart for a fanfic #sbi #blood for the blood god #sbi au#passerine techno
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  • bluevalntine
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    unpopular opinion (?)

    Ben’s acting as The Darkling wasn’t that good.

    I like Ben but I think he was outperformed by the other cast members specially Kit, Amita and Archie (which were my personal favorites, but Danielle, Jessie, Freddy and Calahan were so amazing too). Daisy that didn’t even have many scenes managed to do an amazing delivery and embodied Genya. 

    Like - I think Ben is an amazing actor but he didn’t manage to do anything memorable with Darkling - I feel like he was too afraid of just playing a villain and them trying so hard to “sympathize” him didn’t work in their favour. It just ended up making the character boring. They could’ve had an amazing villain if they actually go full on and truly commited to the characterization in the books. 

    Every other core cast member outperformed and had more memorable acting scenes and just felt more connected to their respective roles. And this is obviously not Ben’s fault but it’s kind of sad how he is getting the buzz for an acting that wasn’t the most memorable on the show.  

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