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    23.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    DAMIANO DAVID being adorable in MAMMAMIA music video

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    23.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Måneskin should cover "Welcome to the black parade" by My Chemical Romance. It would shake the whole universe and I stand by that.

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    23.10.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Adorable <3

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    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i'm never recovering from this

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    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    London 20.10.2021 💫

    📸 IG frankab

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    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #damiano david#måneskin #victoria de angelis #london
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    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Everyone post about their new song, but I can’t still forget their last one.

    Måneskin 2021

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    23.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The way that Thomas was a little bit too serious, until Damiano came on the scene, was brilliant.

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    23.10.2021 - 7 hours ago


    share your less than pure thoughts about måneskin and blind channel to encourage sex positivity and learn to be more comfortable with ourselves and our (perhaps a bit sinful) feelings (i would prefer this stay an 18+ conversation please)

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    23.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Damiano and Ethan in London 10.22.21

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    22.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    𝒶𝓂𝑜𝓇𝑒 𝓂𝒾𝑜, 𝒶𝓂𝑜𝓇𝑒 𝓂𝒾𝑜

    domino david x fem!reader

    your heart’s been broken and you haven’t been yourself. damiano’s tired of you not seeing what’s right in front of you.

    word count- 1.8k

    tw- excessive alcohol consumption, cursing, damiano being a bitch, mentions of cheating, my really bad attempt at Italian words🥴(im sorry if its cringey I tried my best), minor car accident, self deprecation, mentions of vomiting, oh and attempted drunk driving (do not ever do this I cannot stress this enough there will never be a situation where drunk driving is worth it, even in an emergency, you could be a potential danger to others and yourself).

    a/n- my first Måneskin imagine! yay! kind of surprised my first one wasn’t for Ethan because that’s my mans but this idea just worked really well for Damiano, plus I got a request for something angsty with him, so here it is! i’ve been trying to write more gender neutral, which I think this is except for maybe a couple slip ups. I’ve been so used to writing with she/her pronouns for years so im trying my best to break that habit! I really don’t know much about the Italian language so please correct me nicely if I said anything wrong in this fic :/ I tried my best! hope u all enjoy, positive feedback means a lot!🖤🖤🖤 also sorry this is such a long author's note lol anyway im done xoxo roxie 

    ° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 °° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 °

    “God, you are such a fucking brat.”

    “Oh, that is rich coming from you, Damiano. Really, that’s hilarious.”

    The two of you had been going back and forth like this for at least an hour, making everyone at the party around you roll their eyes in annoyance or watch you with concerned glances. The latter mostly from Vic, Thomas and Ethan, who knew your reasons for lashing out, and were a lot more patient than Damiano.

    Ethan, being the most sober of the bunch, had called Damiano, who had plans to stay in with himself that night, to inform him of your excessive drinking, because no one else had the heart to argue with you. And Damiano seemed to always be ready for an argument.

    “Don’t make this about me, cucciola.” The gentle nickname he usually used for you was laced with anger and frustration, and it made your lips twitch downwards in a frown, but only for a moment. “Do you know how exhausting it’s been to be around you lately?”

    You scoffed and rolled your eyes, “Yeah, go ahead. Tell me how you really feel, babe.” Your tone was sarcastic as you poured more dark liquor into a shot glass before tossing your head back and letting the bitter liquid run down your throat, causing your eyes to water slightly before shaking your head and squeezing your eyes shut for a moment, then turning back to Damiano with a fake, sweet smile.

    “Everyone else is too pussy to tell you what they really think, having to call me to come talk sense into you because you’re at this party making an ass of yourself in front of all these people because you can’t cope with the fact that he shoved his dick inside of another woman!”

    A chorus of gasps from the small crowd of people watching rang in your ears, you could hear someone scolding Damiano, but you couldn’t even hear correctly because of aggressive ringing in your ears and the white hot anger running through your bloodstream. Your smile fell and you could immediately feel your face heat up as tears threatened to spill from your glassy eyes.

    You knew you were making an ass of yourself, but he didn’t have to embarrass you like that in front of all these people. You knew, deep in your heart, that no one could ever love you, and now everyone around you knew it too, because Damiano made sure to inform them all just how exhausting and unloveable you are.

    Damiano wanted to shove the words back in his mouth as soon as they fell from his lips. His words were harsh, beyond harsh. They were mean and venomous and they hurt you. But maybe that’s what he wanted, maybe he wanted to hurt you for the way you unknowingly hurt him all those years. Having to watch you in the arms of another man that didn’t love you, unaware of his deep adoration for you.

    How dare you hurt him when you had no clue?

    You felt a dainty hand wrap around your wrist and you knew it was Victoria, trying to save you from the prying eyes and pity glances.

    You pulled your arm away from her and wiped your tears with the back of your hand and turned towards all the people watching, mouths agape.

    “Oh, shut your pathetic mouths, you’ll all catch flies. It’s a party, don’t you have anything better to do?!” Your arms flailed as you shooed away all the people that just couldn’t seem to mind their own business, encouraging them to join the rest of the partygoers in activities and drinking.

    “Thanks for informing everyone and their goddamn mother how impossible it is to love and be around me. I think it’s best you leave me alone from now on. Fuck you.” You ended your statement with a jab of your pointer finger to his chest and you grabbed the big bottle of dark liquor and stormed out of the party, taking a big swig before you reached the front door.

    5 years. 5 years you dated that fucker who never even loved you, who fucked pretty much any woman or man in sight behind your back the whole time, who used your mental illness for his own gain. You would’ve still been with him if you hadn’t walked in on him inside of another woman who looked nothing like you, in your home, in your fucking bed.

    So, yeah. You were drinking more than usual, maybe a little bit more cranky than usual, maybe a little bit more unpleasant than usual, but didn’t you have every right to be?

    You heard your four friends hurry after you out the front door as you began your walk down the dimly lit street, drinking possibly a little bit too much from the bottle that you had an iron grip on.

    “Where do you think you’re going, amore?” Thomas called after you, not having to walk fast at all to keep up with your steps.

    “Home!” You yelled, not bothering to look back.

    “And how do you plan on doing that?” Vic spoke.

    “With my car.” You responded.

    “That’s funny, (Y/n). As if we’d let you get that far.” Damiano said.

    You smirked as you came to a stop and spun on your heel to face the group of four, causing them to stop in their tracks, and lifted up your car keys, pressing the tiny button that made the lights on the car right next to you light up.

    “Fuck.” Ethan cursed.

    After that one word, everything seemed to happen in a split second. You got in your car, stuck the keys in ignition, the four took off running in your direction, you stepped on the gas, your body jolted forward, and then the car stopped. Your keys left the ignition, your door was opened, and Damiano was trying to reach over to get your seatbelt off.

    “Hey, hey. Look at me.” Damiano said in a gentle tone for the first time that night, softly placing his hands on your face so you’d turn your head to look at him.

    You kept your hands firmly gripped on the steering wheel, trying to control them from shaking as your chest heaved up and down.

    “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I- I’m s-sorry.” You repeated like a mantra as you kept your wide eyes straight ahead, not wanting to turn and see the look of anger or annoyance on Damiano’s face that you just knew would be there.

    “Shh, it’s okay. Are you hurt? Please look at me.” Damiano tried again to turn your head towards him, and you let him.

    As soon as you saw his tear filled eyes you began to cry and let your body fall into his while he removed you from the car and placed you with him on the curb.

    “Shh, amore, shh.” He cooed as he ran his fingers along your back, keeping a firm grip on the back of your neck to keep your head up, unsure if you hit it or not.

    “Did you hit your head?” A calm voice spoke from beside you. You shook your head no, but you felt your head being pulled up from it’s spot on Damiano’s shoulder anyway and you were met with Ethan’s dark eyes looking straight into yours, most likely looking for a concussion. He asked you a couple of questions before he deemed you as uninjured and let you return to your previous spot.

    “Breathe, sweetheart, breathe.” Damiano said, trying desperately to get you to calm down as you continued to sob into him after Ethan’s evaluation.

    “I’m so stupid, that was so s-stupid!” You sobbed. This wasn’t you, you would never get behind the wheel of a car if you had anything more than a glass of wine with dinner. You were always the one to take other people’s keys away from them after a long night of drinking, yet here you were, being a danger to yourself and the people you loved most, you could’ve run them over.

    “You’re hurting, my love. Don’t be so mean.” Damiano frowned as he picked your head up from his shoulder and wiped your tears before bringing his lips to your forehead and pressing the gentlest of kisses there, and then letting you rest against him once more.

    He eventually had to do some breathing exercises with you because your crying wouldn’t let up, coming to the point where you ended up all your previously drunk alcohol onto the street as Damiano gathered your hair into his fist and left sweet kisses on the back of your neck.

    “What’s wrong with me?” You asked once you had calmed down after a couple minutes sitting there in mostly silence, apart from Damiano softly humming as he swayed you back and forth. Vic, Thomas and Ethan sat on the other side of the road, smoking cigarettes and talking in hushed tones, wanting to give the two of you privacy but not wanting to go too far after what had just happened.

    “Not one thing.” He said, taking a drag from his own cigarette.

    You sighed.

    “I meant what I said.”

    “Hmm?” You hummed.

    “You’ve been exhausting to be around, cara mia.”

    You were about to protest before his grip tightened on you. “And let me finish.”

    You huffed, but didn’t say a word, letting him finish as he wished.

    “What I didn’t mean was to make you feel as though you were unlovable, that is far from the truth and I am so sorry. But, it’s been exhausting watching you fall apart over a garbage excuse for a human being. You’re too wonderful for shit like that.” He took another drag, letting the smoke seep out through his parted lips before continuing. “He never loved you enough, but (Y/n), I have always loved you too much. So much it hurts me. I would do, and have done, anything for you and it’s been exhausting watching you fall apart when I’ve been right here the whole time. I love you. With my whole heart and entire being, I adore you.”

    You lifted your head from it’s spot on Damiano’s shoulder and looked into his eyes with your teary ones.

    “Um, I love you too, but could you say all of that to me again tomorrow because I don’t think I heard all of it and I probably won’t remember it.”

    Damiano threw his head back in laughter and pulled you closer to him, adjusting one leg so he could pull you in between his legs and hold you to his chest. “Ahh, amore mio, amore mio. I love her.” He chuckled as he planted multiple kisses on top of your head. “I will say it to you a million times for the rest of my life.”


    im pretty proud of this honestly I hope u all like it xoxo⭐️

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    22.10.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #damiano david#damiano maneskin#måneskin #il ballo della vita #vic de angelis #victoria de angelis #zitti e buoni #maneskin#thomas raggi#ethan torchio#maneskin fandom#maneskin edit
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    22.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Quiet Music: Leitmotif (Chapter Eight)

    In collaboration with @bethanysnow

    Bodies finding a rhythm all their own, like planets in orbit. A gravitational pull making them never loose each other in the chaos. Opening wounds to clean them still hurt, but love and patience can heal. Finding a new approach. Judgement calls and rum and cokes make an evening of honesty shared between kisses.

    Content | Fluff

    Pairing | fem!Reader x Damiano

    Word Count | 5960


    Damiano’s hope of enjoying his breakfast with Y/n, to be alone with her for a while before they would go back to travelling, maybe spend some quality time, lasted about three minutes. Then the rest of the band stormed into her hotel room behind him, declaring her suite to be the best place to order breakfast to. Y/n bore it with a smile and a shake of her head, quickly calling for room service, and trying to keep the group from wreaking havoc among her half-packed bags. Yet, as Victoria, Thomas, and Ethan seemed to be flying through the room, high on energy and expectations for the day ahead, Damiano found himself curling up on an armchair away from the chaos. A little vantage point from where he could watch Y/n work.

    He loved being able to stare at her now, unashamed. He loved being able to call her his. Or, well, something like that. They were still figuring it out, after all. Although, if it was up to him, he would throw all caution in the wind. Praying she would join him. Claim her as his own, make her his girlfriend, his partner, whatever she wanted to be, as long as it was decidedly with him. But she’d made it clear she wasn’t quite ready for the jump yet. He tried to push the worries that came along with it away. He was usually the jump-first-think-later kind of person? So the slow speed she was setting for the both of them was new, foreign, and almost scary. When he gave his heart, he gave freely, and when he loved, he did so passionately. Yet, she asked him for patience and time, and he couldn’t blame her. Not with his status, not with being on tour, not with her work.

    He often wondered what exactly Y/n was working on. What exactly was preoccupying her mind, if she was thinking about university or the tour or him. He wondered what exactly caused her face to scrunch up the way it did right then, seeing her tongue edge out from her lips, lost in thoughts, unaware of being watched at all. She didn’t even seem to notice Thomas turning on the TV, as she kept switching between packing up her things and checking whatever notes she had on her screen. Damiano held his head in his hand as he leaned on the armrest, his eyes scanned over her, trying to take in every detail. She was so passionate about her career, education, and this tour. Wanting the best it could be out of everything. It made him want to be a better man. One who deserved someone like her.

    “Alright, everyone! I have to go and run some errands,” Y/n announced to the room of people.

    Damiano noticed how she hadn’t even ordered any breakfast for herself. Leaving Victoria and Ethan to argue over what was going to be for room service. He had hoped they might all have a nice, calm - slightly chaotic - breakfast together, a little check-in, seeing how everyone was feeling for the second half of the tour. But as usual, she was busy, or making herself busy, and would probably only end up grabbing a bite when everything else had been organised and settled.

    “Right, the tour bus is here and ready to go, so we will be leaving at 12 at the latest. Which means that after breakfast I expect you to go pack your bags and head downstairs so we can pick you up. I am running to Sainsbury’s now, so if there are any last-minute wishes, please text me.”

    Looking from one member to the other, she seemed to wait until each of them had given her a nod of understanding. Damiano was last, giving her a broad smile, hoping for a little special treatment. Maybe a moment of extra attention, but she simply shot a smile back and gathered her things. She shouted a quick see-you-later into the room, and she was gone. Damiano felt a twinge in his heart as she went from his sight. Always busy. Not even a moment for a kiss. Or any other sign that would clearly elevate his status above those of the others. Is this what it will be like? Is this all he is going to get from her while working? His thoughts were running in circles, still trying to make sense of this new situation they had found themselves in.


    The trip to the supermarket was quick and even though London wasn't exactly the most characteristically English city she could think of, doing something as boring as grocery shopping in all the usual places gave her a feeling of home. She was looking forward to spending the following days in the UK, surrounded by familiar landscapes and her native language. As such, her mood was high when she finally stepped back onto the tour bus. Getting music playing from her phone, she prepared the space for the rest of the tour, tidying up and putting away the food.

    She shouldn’t have been as surprised as she was when she realised that the place did not only need a bit of tidying up, but also a deep-clean from the looks of it. Generally, she couldn't complain about the band making too much of a mess but time had amassed some problems and apparently, no one but her felt responsible for it. Well, I have to live in this place too, so I guess this is on me.

    It didn’t take her long to get sweaty as she crawled on the floor to sweep under the furniture, climbed on top of the counters to dust the tops of the cabinets, and found herself running back and forth in the small space. She didn’t mind too much, as long as she was in a place where she could blast her music loudly without anyone complaining.

    The song switched to The Strut’s Body Talks and it was enough to get her remembering the video she had seen of Damiano pole-dancing to Kiss This. With a giggle and newly-found energy, she started moving her body to the music, getting lost in it, in how happy she felt, in thoughts about Damiano.

    Taking out the hair band that was already slipping away through her movements, she felt like she wasn’t only literally letting her hair down, but figuratively as well. A moment to breathe and just be herself. No one there to tell her off, no one looking at her, no judgemental stares. No thoughts as she let her hips move to the music, hair flipping along with her dancing. Slowly feeling the heat rising up under her skin, she made quick work of removing her sweater, leaving her with a thin tank top, a pair of blue jeans, and a lot more freedom to breathe. She started to regain her senses a bit, feeling in her body again. The tour was great but left a little to be desired when it came to peace and quiet, so she cherished little moments like these. Right now, she was her old self again, confidence surging through her.

    Making a dramatic turn, cleaning rag flying out of her hand, her heart stopped as her chest collided with another. Damiano. She just about managed to hide the gasp as she looked up at him, studying the grin that had appeared on his face.

    “Having fun?” He teased, wrapping his arms around her to pull her close, still making her move to the music.

    “I am now,” she replied, as she pushed all insecurities away, hands burying themselves in his hair. He was gorgeous. Even sleepy, a warm pullover hugging his torso, no make-up, no jewellery, he took her breath away. Just from the way he was looking at her. From the way his hair was falling into his face, daring her to push a curl away. His body seemed to mold perfectly into hers, chests flush against each other now.

    “What’s that body telling me then?” Taking her by surprise, he pushed her away just enough to let her twirl on his hand before bringing her back in, low singing of You can be cool, you can be shy, say what you want, say what you like… He almost made her forget to answer at all.

    “What do you think?” She bit back, as their bodies collided once again. It seemed to be all the invitation he needed, as he finally allowed his face to come closer, his breath hitting her skin. There was hesitation in his eyes, the slightest hint of insecurity, and her heart swelled at the thought that he could worry about doing her wrong. Taking the responsibility away from him, she dragged his face towards her, letting their lips meet. The kiss didn’t stay timid for long.

    As soon as Damiano seemed to have gotten his groove back, he licked against her, demanding the access to her mouth she so willingly provided. His hands were squeezing her flesh, unable to get enough, if her own movements were anything to go by. Tracing and feeling past the curve of her hips to rest on her butt. Her hands raked across his scalp, pulling at his hair. A hand going to his face kept him tangled to her. Air be damned. The need to breathe was at the back of her mind, far removed, less than important. Damiano consumed all of her thoughts and only felt him and the drums of the song still playing in the background.

    His hand slinked over her back pocket, giving her arse a squeeze. She looked at him in surprise as she broke the kiss.

    “Dami!” she scolded, but he simply giggled and pulling her back into him, tongue once again searching for hers. She didn’t notice her own hand was playing with the hem of his top until his fingers came to rest on top of it, encouraging her to go further. Her blood ran hot as she finally dared, softly touching the skin underneath. The goosebumps under her fingertips were impossible to ignore and she found herself grinning into the kiss at the realisation that this affected him just as much as it did her.

    His own hands were suddenly under her top, stroking her back, never once interrupting her kiss. Bit by bit, they moved to her front, along her hips and waist, edging upwards until they felt the underside of her bra. Her head was a whirlwind of emotions, absolutely overwhelmed by the feeling of making out with Damiano like this. She was ready to let go, let him do whatever he pleased, sink into how much better this was than anything she had imagined, when-

    “Hey, Y/n, are you-”

    She jumped away from Damiano instantly, turning towards the source of the sound, which turned out to be Thomas who looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Behind him, Ethan and Victoria, less surprised expressions on their faces, but rather smirks being sent their way.

    “Damn, if we knew it was getting hot and heavy in here we would have waited until half-past,” Victoria snickered.

    “Half-past!” Damiano exclaimed. “I’m offended you think I’d only take half an hour!”

    “Maybe it’s time to stop talking about this, I’m afraid our dear assistant’s head might explode,” Ethan calmly interrupted, causing all eyes to focus on Y/n. She could feel the heat in her cheeks increase even more - she didn’t even want to know what she would look like.

    “Maybe it’s time to get a move on,” Y/n suggested instead. “You’re playing in Manchester tonight and I’ll be damned if we don’t arrive on time.”

    Smiles still present on their faces, everyone dispersed quickly. Only Damiano made sure to stop again for a moment, pulling her close, making sure no one else would hear as he whispered in her ear.

    “I’m not done with you yet. Just wait until I get you alone again.”


    The ride to Manchester started with a quick stop at Nando’s for lunch, then it was off on the road to make it to the city in time. The air between Y/n and Damiano had cooled down after some time apart, as Y/n sat in her usual spot with Damiano settling into the seat across from her. Victoria watched the both of them, watched what looked like a silent conversation happening between the two, and tried to pick apart what it meant. Y/n had spent the last twenty minutes working on her laptop and sneaking looks at the singer. He was more or less busy with something he was scribbling down into his notebook and sneaking looks at their assistant all the same.

    She wasn’t surprised to find them wrapped up in themselves on the bus this morning. She knew it had only a matter of time before they really hit it off. Although she did find that Y/n keeping up this level of professionalism was getting a bit frustrating - even for her, nothing but an innocent bystander, of course. She didn’t even want to think about what Damiano was feeling. They were all friends at this point. She could relax a little, Vic thought. She wished their assistant would relax a little. What would be hiding under all those layers? Was she always this rigid? The bassist needed to find out - hopefully without the wine this time.

    “Angelo,” Victoria cooed, getting Y/n's attention. When she didn’t immediately react, the bassist followed with a soft kick to her shoes. “I'm curious, what is your favorite song of ours?”

    Y/n’s eyes were darting back and forth between a number of points for a moment and Vic briefly wondered if she shouldn’t have asked. But it was just her, their assistant, and Damiano - Ethan had retreated to his bunk, Thomas was busy on the console -, and it was time for Y/n to get out of her shell.

    “Um, I like a lot of your music. Most of it, really. Fear for nobody is good, Lividi sui gomiti is wicked. But my true favorite is Coraline. I… I don’t know, it just feels like… I get it.”

    “You get it?” Vic inquired, trying to dig deeper.

    “Well, my personal interpretation of it anyway. But, like I mentioned before, my ex-boyfriend wasn’t the greatest. He didn’t hit me or anything, which you know … sets the bar on the floor, really. He didn’t cheat. But I read the lyrics and felt heard. I fell hard when I met him. Like, we were living together, the whole thing. He thought I was pretty but that apparently wasn’t enough, and when we broke up I moved into my friend's flat and ended up sleeping on her couch. My mum thought me and him were gonna get married, I think that says it all. But he wasn’t bad. Just wanted to be a manchild and have his girlfriend basically be his mum. Go to the pub every week, see a football match, get off. Didn’t care what I did as long as it didn’t get in the way. Never showed up to my events. Fell asleep drunk a lot. Never was really invested in me or my life. Realised there was no reason keeping that relationship up at some point.”

    “Men fucking suck,” Victoria groaned. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Damiano open his mouth to protest, but a look was enough to keep him quiet. This is not about you, shush.

    “It’s honestly fine. I moved on, I live in a beautiful city. I am doing something I love, I am going to uni and getting a degree in something I know a lot about. I am doing well. My family supports me. And I have you four now, which is an unexpected bonus. So honestly, you don’t need to worry.”

    Victoria didn’t comment on the way Y/n’s smile faltered in between, or how she avoided eye contact. Her opening up was more than enough for now. And from the way Damiano was staring at their assistant, she gathered it would fall to him to sooner or later pick up her pieces anyway.


    Damiano had listened silently through all of their conservation. It was like the metaphorical lightbulb suddenly turning on over his head. Everything was starting to make sense now. The hesitancy, the refusal to be affectionate when others were there, the innate need to take things slow. All previous desires to speed things up, get her to move more at his tempo, vanished in an instant as he looked at her. Knowing even this little piece broke his heart.

    He wanted her, all of her, so badly and desperately, but it was right then and there that he realised he would need to take a different approach. Prove that he wasn’t going to go away anytime soon. If it meant moving slowly, waiting to make things official even after he was ready, keeping private for the time being, it was the least he could do. As long as it meant she would return into his arms at the end of the day, allow his kisses when no one was looking. As long as she was his, even if they wouldn’t call it that yet. For looking at her was like looking at the sun, warm and inviting, yet fearful you might go blind with its radiance.

    With sudden clarity, Damiano felt like he knew what he needed to do. Keep her safe. Provide a space in which she would allow herself to fall. Step up and be the kind of constant she needed in life. And he would prove that he was the man for her time and time again if that was what it took. Be hers. Have her call him hers.


    The gig that night was like a breath of fresh air. It was more than just the crowd going crazy, or the band playing with as much mastery as they could possibly muster. It was something in Damiano’s eyes when he sang, Y/n concluded. She had seen them play live several times now, always enjoying getting to sit down and simply enjoy the show when she wasn’t rushing to get things done, and every single time she seemed to discover something new about them that she loved. Or maybe this one really was new. The way he caught her eye, the way there was something else in them now that she hadn’t seen before. Hadn’t seen before or hadn’t noticed before? She wasn’t quite sure.

    Either way, she felt herself get caught up in the whirlwind of emotions, laughing and giggling along with the band, as they packed up and left the venue, ready to get back to the hotel and ride the wave a little more. A number of fans had gathered in front of it, nothing unusual, and the four of them quickly decided on sparing a little of their time to greet them, take photos, sign autographs. Y/n was almost gone, halfway to entering the lobby, when she saw it from the corner of her eye.

    The uncomfortable, almost panicked look on Damiano’s face registered before the rest of the situation did. Then she spotted the girl, all but hanging onto the singer, grabbing at his jacket, seemingly hellbent on getting under his clothes. Y/n couldn’t tell if she was drunk or simply out of her mind. A quick look around left her with no answers as to where security was - but it wasn’t present, it seemed.

    In retrospect, she barely remembered what exactly happened. All she knew was that she had gotten between them like a flash of lighting, pushing the girl away firmly but not aggressively. A few choice words might have left her mouth. Pretty sure they had, actually. There had been a slight shuffle as the girl refused to accept the new situation, hands in the air and threatening to hit. Y/n had put an end to that as well, effectively pinning her arms to her side, telling her in no uncertain terms; that this was going to end here and now or with the police being called. After that, everyone had pretty much fled into the hotel, exhausted and disappointed by the way the encounter had turned out.

    Crowding into the lift, Y/n couldn’t hold back a sigh.

    “Guys, I know I’m technically on the job, but I think I could do with a drink.” She rubbed her eyes, taking a deep breath. “We can order room service or something, yeah?”

    The rest of the band looked similarly exhausted, ready to turn in for the night. In the cramped quarters, she barely registered that Damiano was standing next to her until he grabbed her hand. She didn’t know if it was to comfort him, or her, or if they just instinctively needed to be close together. The happiness surging through her didn’t need to be questioned.

    “Thank you, by the way,” Damiano whispered in her ear as the doors opened. “You being protective is...nice. And a little hot, maybe.” He sent her a wink that left her stuck in a place between blushing and giggling, but then he pulled her out of the lift, and Vic’s hotel room wasn’t the place to discuss this.

    Vic was already busy orderíng drinks and whatever else caught her eye on the menu, when Y/n and Damiano stepped in. Thomas casually opened a window, Ethan joining him for a quick smoke. Y/n was in the middle of taking out her laptop, along with some other papers she had been working on when she felt Damiano’s hands slink around her waist from behind.

    “Don’t work tonight, please?” She could almost see the puppy dog eyes he was giving her from there, picturing his exact face in her mind. His lips trailed along her neck and shoulder, soft kisses that weren’t meant to start anything, just creating that pull to get her to let go of the bag in her hands.

    “Dami...” Her voice was a level above a whisper, only just. He started to hum the chorus of ‘Body Talks’ into her skin, low and soft, but enough that she heard. It almost scared her that he knew which buttons to push so accurately.

    “Alright, fine. You win this round. Mr. David,” she relented, turning around in his arms to face him. He had a smug look on his face, obviously pleased at having won, and she couldn’t help put a little kiss on his perfect lips. It was the first time she had kissed him in front of the others and the thought left her giggling, easily infecting him as well.

    “Look at those lovebirds!” Victoria teased, acutely reminding Y/n that the whole band was now, in fact, staring at them. She was glad no one seemed to be bothered.

    Hanging up the phone, Vic crawled onto the bed, collapsing against the pillows. “They said fifteen minutes, so unless the two of you wanna go for a quickie, I’d turn it down a bit.”

    The bassist chuckled at Y/n's face, going a tint pinker than before, as Damiano made his way over to Vic just to smack the back of her head.

    “Wait! Idea! We should play truth or dare!” Vic suddenly shouted, sitting up on her knees as she looked at the group. Of course, Victoria would think this was a great idea. All her ideas were great ideas - according to her.

    “Aren’t we too old for that?” Ethan asked, apparently not quite convinced by his friend’s enthusiasm.

    “Come on, it will be fun!”


    “-...and then I was woken up by a pigeon picking at my face, none of my clothes anywhere in sight, and the roof door was still locked,” Ethan explained as if this was the most normal situation in the world. Damiano could only shake his head at his friend, vividly remembering the incident.

    “Why were you on the roof in the first place? And how the fuck did you not freeze?” Y/n asked, taking a sip from her third rum and coke of the evening, effectively finishing it.

    Ethan grinned like it was some dirty secret. “Because I’m italiano, darling! Also, it was summer - in Italy.”

    The night of ‘truth or dare’ had successfully turned their bad mood from the unfortunate encounter in front of the hotel into something sweet. Y/n and Damiano were leaning against the headboard of the bed, his hand absentmindedly playing with her fingers. Victoria kept draping herself in various positions on the end of the bed, obviously trying to find the best angle for a selfie, while constantly being interrupted by Thomas tapping her leg, playfully kicking her side, or offering her another drink. Ethan was sitting in the chair that was normally located in the corner of the room but had been brought to the front of the bed for their conversation. Damiano thought he looked awfully composed for someone who had just given a lap dance on a dare. Then again, Victoria was once again topless as well, and he couldn’t even quite remember if that had been part of the game or just Vic being Vic.

    “Okay, Y/n, your turn. Truth or dare,” Ethan said, looking at her. She held his gaze, as if challenged, before answering.


    “What is the biggest secret we don’t know about you yet?”

    Whatever was in this question or Y/n’s drink seemed funny enough to her, giggled erupting. Damiano simply watched in silence and curiosity.

    “Um… I guess that I was a ballroom dancer at, like, competitional level?”

    “No, you weren't!” Vic gasped.

    “Try me!” Y/n giggled, pulling out her laptop and going through some files. A few clicks later she seemed content, setting the laptop down in the middle of the bed, as everyone crowded around it to get a good look. “I used to dance with a studio and this was the dance I did with my dance partner to qualify for a competition. He’s amazing. He still dances now, keeps me updated on the world I left.” One more click, and the video finally started.

    The first thing Damiano noticed was the outfit. A little wine coloured thing with a sash going around Y/ns hips. It looked more like a bodysuit than a dress, really. Silver sparkles covered the skin-tone mesh fabric along her chest. Her hair was in an elaborate updo, sleek and tight. He trailed his eyes down her long legs, ending in silver dance shoes. Then the guitar opening to ‘Smooth’ by Santana sounded through the speakers and he was convinced his heart was going to jump out of his chest.

    Her face was lit up with excitement and joy, and a seductive wink went towards the judging table, yet her concentration was unmatched. The dark red lipstick, perfectly tone-in-tone with her outfit, almost had Damiano drool. He made a mental note to make the suggestion for her to wear lipstick more often. No lip balms, or nude tones, but dark lipstick, sexy lipstick.

    Her dance partner was handsome, tall, limber, and wore a matching purple suit with a white shirt. Damiano watched as his hands grabbed Y/n's hips, leading her across the floor. An undeniable chemistry between them, a perfect pairing, completely in sync.

    Damiano was amazed. He was watching Y/n do the thing she knew she was good at. It was so obvious when he looked at her face in the little video. He wondered if this was how their fans felt when watching them perform, just full of awe and love. There was barely anything sexier than watching someone do the thing they were put on this earth for. The rest of the band seemed just as mesmerised, watching the display of not only physical technique but artistry as well.

    “What dance is this?” Thomas asked without moving his eyes away from the screen.

    “This is a cha-cha, only of my favourites. That particular one got me to nationals, actually.” The pride was evident in both her face and her voice.

    In the video, Y/n’s leg wrapped around the man dancing with her, as he pulled her down for a dip, causing her back leg to extend and her back to arch. It was intoxicating. All the thoughts in the world, dirty and innocent and everything in between, muddled themselves together into an explosive cocktail inside his head.

    “Oh dear, that’s the time?”

    Everyone’s eyes seemed to fall onto the little clock at the corner of the screen at the same time as Y/n’s did.

    “Well, as much fun as this was,” Y/n continued, smacking the laptop closed with maybe a little too much force, “it’s way past all of our bedtimes and we need to travel tomorrow, so get your butts into bed, I’ll be doing the same.”

    She was getting up already, getting away from him, and all that came out of Damiano’s mouth was, “I’ll bring you to yours. Room, I mean.”

    “Yeah, sure that’s what you meant,” Victoria giggled as he got up in a hurry, following the woman like a besotted puppy. He didn’t react to his bandmate’s comment. He had more important things to attend to.


    She felt his presence behind her with every step she took towards her hotel room, as she unlocked it, and even more so as they finally entered. It was impossible not to - Damiano, somewhere between larger than life and the sweetest person she had ever met, was hard to ignore.Y/n lugged her bags onto the bed, keeping an eye on the man before her. He was smiling to himself and if she knew anything that smile meant he had gotten an idea.

    “Tell me what’s going through your head because if you don’t I’m going to get scared it’s going to be something really questionable.”

    “Oh nothing, amore. Just... You still have that outfit?” Damiano grinned, sitting on the bed.

    “I don’t actually know, all my dancing stuff is in a box in my closet in Rome. Do I care to know why you’re asking? Or can I assume the obvious?”

    As soon as she passed by him, toiletries in hand with some pajamas on the way to the bathroom, he grabbed onto her legs, pulling her into him. Surprised by the sudden motion, her items tumbled to the floor as he turned her around in his embrace. Looking down at him, she couldn’t help but mirror the smile on his face.

    “What do you think, hm?”

    “Well, I’m thinking it’s time you cool down a bit because it’s 2 am and I’m going to bed.”

    “Ooh, do I have to? Maybe you just need to warm up instead? Fuck, you were so hot in that video. You sure you don’t want to keep that energy for a bit longer, Y/n?” His hands found themselves running up her hips and sides trying to pull her onto his lap. Damiano’s hair had fallen into his face making him look even more deviously handsome than normal. She hoped she wasn’t swallowing too audibly at the sight.

    “Yes, Dami. I would like to sleep. I have to be the adult sometimes, and that requires sleep.” Kissing his cheek and relenting his hands from her figure, she picked up her things and went to the bathroom. “If it helps, I am glad you’re here. I am not a fan of nights alone really…” She briefly tilted her head out from the bathroom door to get a look at him. Damiano had laid back on the bed looking up at the ceiling. She could look at him for all eternity if he would let her. Given their predicament, he just might.

    Quickly distributing what she needed and going through the bare bones of her evening routine, Y/n left the bathroom shortly after. Hair down, pajamas on. She stopped at the foot of the bed where Damiano was still staring at the ceiling. “Oi, lover boy. You alright?”

    “Why did you leave dancing?”

    She sighed. “Long story short, they didn’t want a larger woman winning. My partner and I overheard a couple of the sponsors for the competition speaking to the judges about how I would, quote, ‘ruin the lustrous history of the ballroom dance association’. Obviously, I am putting it far more politely now than they did back then. The next round comes up, we did a beautiful waltz and we are eliminated. Well, dancing is marked in artistry, musicality, and technique. You need high scores in every category to advance. And let me just say they couldn’t fucking touch me when it came to technique, I’m not an arrogant person, but I’ve re-watched the videos a million times, there was no fault to be found in what we did out there.”

    Y/n could feel herself becoming angry, once again, over the same old thing. It wasn’t a thing that was easy to push away, still. Damiano had sat up and his hands found hers. He didn’t attempt to pull her onto the bed, instead, his thumb kept rubbing circles onto her skin. She was too agitated to sit anyway.

    “So we got off the floor and people from other studios were like, ‘aww tough luck, maybe next season’ and ‘oh, be proud you made it here, love’ as if that made it better. Some other dancers made it obvious that I shouldn’t have been there in the first place. The studio I danced at wasn’t exactly happy when they had nothing to show for their efforts. I went home that day, my boyfriend at the time was asleep on the couch with beer bottles and takeout around him, and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I had worked too hard to get there and they didn’t want me. Not because I wasn’t a good dancer, not because I wasn’t putting in the work. I got my papers back from a competition prior and one of the judges said I was a ‘brilliant novelty’. But they hated the way I looked and I knew then they’d never let me advance to the level I deserved. So I quit. Put all my costumes, heels, stupid sparkly rhinestones in a box and there it stayed.” Y/n shrugged, staring at the floor.

    “Hey, look at me.”

    She couldn’t refuse him. His eyes were kind and loving, but none of the pity she feared would be visible in them. Keeping them on her, Damiano stood up, now cradling her head in his hands.

    “Fuck them. Fuck them all.” There was anger simmering underneath, but he kept calm as he held her. “You’re so much better than all of that. These reactionary assholes have no idea what they’re missing out on. Fuck, I don’t know what I would do if any of them treated you like that while I’m around.” He took a deep breath. “You’re amazing, Y/n. And stunning, you know I can’t keep my hands off of you. And as shitty as all of that was, I’m so glad your path led you to me now.”

    The kiss he pressed against her lips, combined with his words, made her so emotional she almost felt like crying. She didn’t though, tiredness taking over once and for all, simply responding to the sweet kiss. When he let go, he looked equally moved.

    “Want to cuddle up in bed until we both fall asleep?”

    She couldn’t possibly say no.


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    So I saw an ask on another blog awhile back about this truth or dare game, and I finally got around to looking at it and I am cackling. 

    So, Victoria chooses Ethan and Ethan’s dare is to persuade the person next to him to go on a date with him. Keep in mind the girl in black is the only person next to him. There is nobody on the other side of him.

    But, instead of turning to that girl, Ethan chooses to turn the other way and talk to absolutely nobody, much to Damiano’s great joy (seriously look at his laugh). But then for some strange reason the girl next to him still decides Ethan was talking to her after he turns back around and says she would go out with him because he touched his hair. Ethan looks slightly confused for a moment, and then he is just like, okay whatever, and everyone starts clapping...except for one person. I think you can tell who that person is, and so can Ethan since he looks up at him to see his reaction.

    I just found the entire thing hilarious and had to post it. I mean...the fact that Ethan didn’t look at her and instead talked to the freaking air, and Damiano’s face. I just...lol.

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    As far as I know, there is only three (3) men.

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    These two 🥺

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