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    pls this kid is cooler than me 💀

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    We all remember the historical Måneskin performance on Polish TV where Damiano and Thomas kissed, as a sign of support for LGBTQ+ community and breaking the stereotypes of toxic masculinity.

    Today, two polish singers: Krzysztof Zalewski and Ralph Kaminski repeated their act during the Fryderyk Awards Ceremony. They kissed on live TV and also said a little speech towards the government.

    As a polish LGBTQ+ person, I’m in tears.

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    Choo choo train to hell

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    Btw, mañana sale la canción IWBYS Måneskin x Iggy Pop!!!!!

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    Damiano David’s voice sounds like a revolution. Like the burning alcohol seeping into your veins. The adrenaline before diving into the water or before falling down on a rollercoaster. It’s what bravery and temptation feel like. His voice can only be described as a forgery between the most intense feelings in the world, carefully curated by the most talented of gods. His voice makes us all horny oops

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    “How do I look?” X Thomas

    Thomas had less then ten minutes left before going on stage and to say he was panicking was an understatement.

    With fresh tears running down his face, ruining his makeup once more, he walked anxiously around the room.

    Today was supposed to be a good day. He was going to bring his girlfriend to one of the band’s gigs, then take her to dinner and perhaps get lucky later on… but all that changed when he arrived to her place to pick her up. Noticing a mysterious car in the driveway, he couldn’t help but think about hundreds of different things that could have happened.

    Wearily opening the door and peaking his head through, he saw his girlfriend’s dress thrown on the floor, together with some dude’s shirt.

    His blood started boiling as he angrily stomped up the stairs, heading straight for her room.

    Almost busting the door down, he saw the two of them cuddled in her bed.

    “Cazzo, go fuck yourself!” He muttered in a disgusted tone, as his girlfriend’s eyes widened and she quickly tried to get out of bed.

    “Thomas! Wait please!” She screamed after him, but he had already made his way to the car, shutting the door forcefully and leaving.

    The memories all struck him once more as he found himself crouched in the corner of a dressing room, as the others looked for him in a frenzy.

    He had hundreds of missed calls and messages on his phone, none of which he was interested in answering.

    Suddenly, he heard a soft nock on the door, and did his best to wipe away the tears.

    “Thomas, amore, every-“ y/n’s eyes widened seeing him in such a condition. She almost ran to him and enveloped him in the warmest hug.

    “Vafanculo, Amore, what happened?” She asked him, voice full of concern, as she pressed a small kiss to his forehead.

    Thomas’s lip started to tremble as he hid his head in the crook of y/n’s neck.

    He started weeping again and holding her tightly, praying it would make him disappear.

    “She cheated on me!” He let out in between sobs, Y/n’s heart breaking the moment he said that.

    “Oh that bitch. She wasn’t any good anyway. I heard you two. I thought I had lost my hearing.”

    Thomas snorted at her comment, smiling reluctantly, before leaning down against the wall and taking a seat on the cluttered floor.

    “You might think I’m joking but I’m actually serious.” Y/n deadpanned, making him burst out laughing.

    “Here’s my proposal amore, we get you dressed, only to have you take off half of your clothes on stage, you put on a bomb ass show like you always do, and then we go to egg her car and house.” Y/n had a shit-eating grin on her face as she said that.

    Thomas rolled his red, puffy eyes and looked at her, before sending an angelic smile her way, despite feeling crushed.

    “Okay. So the rest of the band is wearing black and mesh and garters and makeup and…” Y/n rambled on, getting lost in all the details while she wandered around the room, picking up a thing or two.

    Thomas couldn’t help but stare at her. Her soft, beautiful body bending and turning as she fumbled around maniacally. She always wore a silver necklace around her neck, with angel wings.

    He was with her when they bought it. They were walking around the streets of Rome on a mild, spring day. Y/n had noticed a small boutique next to a pizza shop, and suggested taking a look at what they sold. The second she was inside, the necklace caught her eye as if it were magic, and she immediately bought it. While they were returning home, she explained to him that her greatest dream was to fly ,and see the stars up close. Thomas couldn’t help but fell enamored at her confession, but he pushed any and all feelings away, not wanting to ruin their friendship.

    “THOMAS!” He jolted as he felt her shake him, bringing him back from his thoughts.

    “Oh good you’re here. Black or nude?” She asked, holding two lipsticks in her hands.

    He shrugged and leaned his head backwards, closing his eyes.


    “WHAT THE FUCK?!” He screamed out, holding his burning cheek in his hand.

    “Answer me.”

    “You chaotic little bitch. I don’t know! Which one looks better?” He retorted, annoyed at the measures she was taking.

    “Ugh you’re not helping! Everything looks amazing on you!” She immediately turned red once she realized what she had said, and quickly turned away to go look for something in the corner of the room.

    “Oh really? I didn’t know that’s how you felt.” He called out to her, a cheeky smile on his face.

    “TWO MINUTES!!” An angry, irritated voice shouted from the hallway.

    “Cazzo!” They both muttered in unison. Y/n did a quick work of his makeup and dragged him in front of a mirror.

    Thomas examined himself, looking thoroughly pleased with the outfit, before meeting her gaze in the reflection.

    “How do I look?” He asked, full of vulnerability and honesty.

    “Divine.” Y/n grinned while turning him around, pressing a loving kiss to his cheek and breaking apart.

    “Now go break a leg, bambino.”

    Author’s note: i know this was supposed to be with Vic, but, after noticing how little things I write with him my scabrous little heart broke and now ta da

    (Also i have acquired a new-found obsession with him but haven’t we all.)

    Taglist: @fuckim-so-gay @ginny-lily @messyhairday-me @cheese-toastie-11 @wannabemarlenabutiscoraline @simp-per-ethan @maneskinrollercoaster @juststalking @superchrystaldrug @immrbrightsideeee @shehaddreamstoo

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    Jake Marshall from Ace Attorney as Damiano David from Måneskin

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    Måneskin playing Chosen (Che tempo che fa, 07.01.2018)

    #i love the platform and damiano jumping from it #i'd break my legs lol #maneskin#måneskin#chosen#maneskin live#måneskin live #victoria de angelis #damiano david#thomas raggi#ethan torchio
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    “Enjoying the view, beautiful?” X Damiano

    Dream View

    Y/n looked out the balcony and took in her surroundings. Right in front of their house was a long alley leading to a meadow, hidden deep in the woods. There were trees, plants and flowers everywhere and y/n thought she could never be more in love with a place.

    What made it truly special is that it was hers. Hers and Damiano’s.

    Their relationship had been long and rocky. To say the least.

    With Damiano being an international rockstar and Y/n an achieved medic, work and stress brought them apart more often than they would have liked.

    Oh how many nights could y/n think of in which she would cry herself to sleep, praying she hadn’t lost Damiano forever.

    All her prayers must have been answered, because just today they had moved into their new house.

    It was a large villa in the countryside. They both loved every single thing about it, especially the privacy and intimacy it offered them.

    One month ago, when they had come to visit the house for the first time, both of them pointed out how large it was. Because of that single thought on their head, they brushed past it.

    Once they went upstairs, the agent mentioned that there were plenty rooms for more than two people, a soft smile on his face. Damiano immediately dragged Y/n to a spare room and hugged her from behind, resting his hands on her stomach.

    “Love, I think I want to spend the rest of our lives here.”

    They were both grinning like love-struck teenagers when they exited the room, exploring the house once more, with a new-found interest.

    The way y/n was currently prompted against the fence made it easy for Damiano to embrace her just as he did one month ago.

    “Enjoying the view, beautiful?”

    She hummed, her eyes lighting up at his presence.

    “What are you thinking about?” He whispered in her ear, leaving countless kisses on her neck.

    “You..” she purred, pleased at the contact. Damiano chuckled a little and turned her around, pushing her against the fence.

    “Aren’t you always.” He said smiling, brushing a few strands of hair from her face.

    “Im bored.” Y/n sighed, looking around the balcony.

    A devilish grin appeared on Damiano’s face as he led her back inside.

    “You know what we haven’t done yet?”

    Y/n raised a quizzical eyebrow and hummed.

    “Ikea. Furniture. Chaos. Let’s go babe!” He turned around, still holding her hand so she would follow him, a hand raised in the air as he gestured widely.

    “Oh gods have mercy.” Y/n giggled, before she grabbed her purse and a water bottle.


    “FOR FUCK’S SAKE Damiano! WE are NOT getting a NEON PINK glow in the dark couch!” She exaggerated each of her words, making sure all of them reached her incredibly stubborn boyfriend.

    “Fuck yeah we are.” He said calmly, checking the price tag.

    “I swear to fucking god, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH IT?”

    “FUCK ON IT!” He screamed out so loudly, the whole store heard.

    Y/n closed her eyes tightly and pursed her lips, hoping the ground would open and swallow her whole.

    “Please tell me I had a hallucination and you did not scream that out.” She whispered, embarrassment creeping up her cheeks.

    “You told me that honesty is key. Are you saying you were wrong?” He asked loud enough for the people around to hear, a shit-eating grin on his face.

    “No fucking kisses for you, motherfucker.” She deadpanned, while brushing past a pouty, devastated, mess of a man.


    “Y/n look!” He whispered excitedly in her ear, pointing to the baby section.

    “I can see that, darling.” She answered softly, already grinning like a fool.

    They made their way towards a small cradle, which was decorated with white stars and dark blue sheets.

    “This one is so beautiful.” Damiano breathed out, brushing a finger along the wooden structure.

    “It actually is!” Y/n responded, surprises at the creative decorations.

    “Until now I think I’ve only seen clouds and princesses or bows. But not galaxies.” He commented, his gaze now fixated on the lamp above.

    “So were you serious about wanting a baby?” Y/n asked reluctantly, afraid to hear his response.

    “Are you kidding me? Did we really buy a fucking mansion for two people and two cats?” He faked an emotionless expression, but Y/n could tell he was amused.

    “Okay, okay, I just wanted to make sure.” She blushed at the whole conversation and continued to look at the furniture.

    “What would you want to call the baby?” He peeped in, magically appearing next to her.

    Y/n hummed and thought of an answer, before speaking again.

    “Well, If it’s a girl, I really like Calliope, we could call her Alia, and if it’s a boy, I’m kinda obsessed with Sebastian or Matteo.”


    Y/n frowned, confused, and turned to him.


    He scoffed and rolled his eyes. “I have two names being repeated in my music and you don’t even bring them up. Rude.”

    Y/n snorted and gave him a quick kiss.

    “Oh, you baby. Of course I like Marlena and Coraline but I don’t want our child to be named after someone who keeps leaving or someone who always cries and has anxiety.” She joked, earning a dazzling laugh from Damiano.

    “Fair enough. I really did like Alia though!” He commented, picking up a pair of baby shoes.

    “Y/N!!!” He exclaimed, holding the little shoes in his large hands, while jumping up and down.

    “THESE BARELY FIT ON MY FINGERS!!” His eyes were full of adoration and longing as he looked at them, a million possibilities speeding around through his mind.

    “Can you imagine? Having a little munchkin who looks just like us and is this small?” Y/n giggled, holding one of the shoes delicately.

    “Honey I think we should have children with separate people.”

    Y/n was shocked at his words and pulled away instantly, insulted at his words as regret flashed over his face.

    “WHAT?!” She all but screamed, already feeing a dreadful sensation in her stomach.

    “Chill. I meant that we are both so hot out future child will probably anger Venus herself with their looks.” He replied wide eyed, mimicking his version of a goddess.

    Y/n bursted out laughing as Damiano joined her, the couple becoming the centre of attention once more.

    “We should really be more quiet.” Y/n whispered through giggles, as she pulled Damiano behind a wall.

    He nodded and kissed her gently, before pulling away and continuing to look at clothing.

    The couple spent hours at the shop, proud with their purchases, and returned home on the dark streets.

    They were both seated on a swinging chair, y/n in Damiano’s lap, overlooking the woods.

    “We’re gonna make great parents some day.” Damiano whispered, breaking the silence, as his hand wandered over her stomach.

    Y/n had never felt happier, her heart filled with love and certainty, as she nodded and nuzzled further into Damiano.

    Author’s note: I have baby fever part two (?) or maybe three. Anyway. I think it’s cute👏🥺😩

    Taglist: @fuckim-so-gay @ginny-lily @messyhairday-me @cheese-toastie-11 @wannabemarlenabutiscoraline @simp-per-ethan @maneskinrollercoaster @juststalking @superchrystaldrug @immrbrightsideeee @shehaddreamstoo

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    En todas mis redes sociales he publicaado mi nueva obsesion por Måneskin menos aquí, asi ahora publicaré aqui todo sobre la banda :)

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    CHILI TI AMO ❤️ and Vic too

    Vic’s Instagram Stories August 5th 2021

    #måneskin#maneskin #victoria de angelis #chili de angelis #damiano david#thomas raggi#ethan torchio
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