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  • soupbabe
    17.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Never proofreading again why does this fic I'm writing sound like it's leading up to a Wattpad level smut 😭😭 I'm going back to being illiterate worst experience of my life

    #damn i suddenly feel bad for all of my readers #yall read my shit?? willingly??
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  • maggiandmilo
    17.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    and another thing on adults failing peter parker even though it really wasn't his fault!! when peter went to the sanctum to ask for help, he was thinking of time travel, and he was already talking himself out of that as well, like he was fully ready to just accept his lot and go home, but then strange offered up this memory spell and insisted on it, and strange didn't even give peter any real details about the consequences of the spell? like he just got straight to it? peter had thought about time travel, and he was somewhat prepared for the consequences of time travel (but also not because that's why he changed his mind), but he didn't know the consequences of strange's memory spell until strange alluded to it mid-spell. i just feel like a lot of things could've been avoided if strange had been like "well i can't do time travel, but there is this option, this is what would happen if we do that, and this is what you can't do while i'm doing the spell (strictly no talking or we'll break the universe), think about it and get back to me when you've decided", but instead he pushed on the spell and then didn't take into account that he didn't give peter vital information (or indeed any information), or the fact that peter is a nervous talker who thinks out loud (which he should've known from infinity war and endgame) and then when the spell went wrong he blamed peter for it, and peter has a guilt complex like no other so naturally he believed it. but this was definitely not his fault. i don't really mind the plot progression, it's just sad that peter fully believes that this was all his fault (mj was right it was stephen's mess rip)

    #my damn pandai inner monologue #long post#i'm rambling #but i thought about this too much #mj standing up for peter when he won't for himself #and he doesn't even have her anymore *cries* #marvel#spider-man #spider-man no way home #spider-man nwh#peter parker#dr strange#stephen strange#doctor strange
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  • mebeingay
    17.01.2022 - 3 minutes ago
    #you swear plenty #also the characterization of you as like #uwu soft sucrose can do no harm #honestly #you are more...chaotic? i guess? than i am most the time #see: you exploding your damn bed #63-0-8
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  • wujuhour
    17.01.2022 - 3 minutes ago
    #damn this is only the first few pages and it puts you right into the midst of things #but most of all i like the full-coloring #except i had a feeling it was going to be black-and-white and i'm a bit bummed it isn't all in color it looks nice #but i know doing that would take way too long #zetman#katsura masakazu#masakazu katsura #(huh it's interesting to see that he was also involved with ''tiger & bunny'')
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  • echoesanddoodles
    17.01.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Grayson supremacy time

    #grayson#grayson arcane #arcane out here like 'we know you hate cops but here's a hot one voiced by shohreh aghdashloo so good fucking luck' #and i just. damn. time to simp. #got a fixed computer and a mega crush on viktor so one day ill finish my drawings of him #getting back in the groove of things #art #my type is 'powerful women and completely nonthreatening men' so arcane really just beat me over the head #with hot folks #anyways k thnx bye
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  • espercr
    17.01.2022 - 10 minutes ago
    thinkin’ about how hope only says fuck in the bedroom
    #there's plenty of times she's THINKING it #but she's conditioned not to bc #growing up she got teased bc she cannot for the life of her make it sound #like she actually means it #every curse from her has the same firepower as #if she just said 'gosh darn' #so she only does it sparingly & when she's alone #go to curses for her are shit & damn tho #& she hates when people try to get her #to curse bc it just leads back to the childhood teasing skadjfhaj #yes this is a dare btw i'm daring ur muses #it's so funny to me #//spicy #anyway welcome to dumb headcanons with missa #✶ WHOLE LOT OF HEART IN ME ✶ ( headcanon )
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  • lonelinessisadisease
    17.01.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    Ok but I just feel like mental health interventions require a party. Like where was my soda and cake when you were dramatically telling me to get some help with my hand in yours??? Where were the party glasses and stupid movies during the crying sessions? The dog I could pet for two hours??? The red plastic cups filled with appley juice?????? Honestly 4/10 would not recommend. Do better

    #next time at least bring me sushi when you want to adress my dissociative episodes and memory loss like damn #at least feed me before you break my psyche into tiny little pieces
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  • sangronxx
    17.01.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    Sooo excited for this weekend! I’m gna feel like a bad bitch 🔥🥰 hopefully I get good pics in between all the fun and outfits 😭

    #starting the week w packing and getting my nails done 🥰 #take me away #I take my damn self away #we out
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  • tophendery
    17.01.2022 - 12 minutes ago
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  • maggiandmilo
    17.01.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    on a logistical level i understand pepper potts not being in no way home because of whatever reasons they might have had in terms of getting gwyneth paltrow for the movie, but like, on a purely watsonian level, the fact that pepper wasn't even really mentioned in nwh (that i can remember) kind of makes no sense. for one thing, tony quite literally invented time travel for this kid, like they had a picture of him up in their house. but let's say that pepper decided to go no-contact after tony's death, except that doesn't add up because pepper donated like half a million dollars for them in far from home and happy said something along the lines of "she's sorry she couldn't be here". so what i really don't understand is pepper not being mentioned especially when it was stark industries that was later under investigation? and happy getting arrested too, i just feel like her name probably should've propped up a little more? but anyways

    #my damn pandai inner monologue #don't get me wrong #i love how everything panned out in nwh #it definitely made everything hit hard emotionally #but i just don't get the complete lack of pepper potts #it was kinda confusing to me when i sat on it for a while #marvel#spider-man #spider-man no way home #spider-man nwh#peter parker#pepper pots#happy hogan
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  • jashne-bahaaraa
    17.01.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    yess i came back on here to say that that yt vid i saw is probably from go ahead

    #it matches #the girl? 3 men?? #her talking about getting her first period?? #BUT ik steven zhang and istg i'd have known if he was in that vid #mhmmm i don't remember seeing him in that vid #oh well #i'll know once i come to that ep #which will be sooner than later i think bc it's currently 2009 in the drama #and they all wear a school uniform in that video #and the kids are in hs now in the drama #i'm really curious about how they're gonna grow up together as adults tho #i remember seeing this part where they're at her apartment when my sister was watching it #wait FUCK IS THAT MY MA'S ALARM #fuck it's 4 am already #i hope she doesn't come to check up on me or smth djdjdjdn #i don't want her telling grandma that i've been staying up until 4 am fuck i'm not ready for another lecture #and my aunt will be like 'oh why you don't come stay at my house i'll take better care of you' MA'AM I'M 21 LET ME LIVE MY LIFE DAMN #ok that turned into an unnecessary rant lmaooo #ny.dramas
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  • free-boundsoul
    17.01.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    Welp... I want to go home and curl up in bed and hide with my cat.

    #ramble #i hate when i dont know what triggered the damn anxiety
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  • s1r1ns
    17.01.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    My avatar is Klonoa for a reason. I want to look just like klonoa

    #i haven’t even played the damn game #text
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  • himbodiaz
    17.01.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    forgot they played some kind of love over this scene brb gonna go SOB AGAIN

    #911 rewatch #1.08 #you don't understand this is one of my favourite storylines in the show #like blood donation is something that is super important to me and i literally almost cried the first time i watched this scee #*scene #i just love it with my whole damn heart
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  • gae-bolg-alternative-dot-exe
    17.01.2022 - 22 minutes ago
    #a slept on masterpiece honestly #jank animation be damned #pixbomb-omb#ask
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  • storybookprincess
    17.01.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    my anesthesiologist when i had my gallbladder surgery, going through my medical history: so what do you do when your dysautonomia symptoms get particularly bad?

    me: uhhhhhhh, just kinda deal with it i guess??

    him: ................ i see

    #love when medical professionals look at me like i'm out of my damn mind #but like dude the suffering is inescapable idk what to tell you #having a shitty body day so i have to find some sort of wry humor in it i guess #sick and tired #liv speaks
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  • thexgrayxlady
    17.01.2022 - 24 minutes ago

    I'm really enjoying the Boneshard Emperor, but Phalue's chapters remain so damn painful to get through.

    #she is so damn stupid #and not like in a fun herbo kind of way #shes just so damn stupid #don't reblog this just let me dislike annoying character in peace
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  • rosaincarnato
    17.01.2022 - 26 minutes ago
    #Si però 400k???? Damn the dedication
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  • loosecat56
    17.01.2022 - 28 minutes ago

    Two feelings

    My heart is slowly healing,

    and both halves have their own feelings.

    One is tender and forgiving.

    The other a long repressed fury.

    As the needles swings back and forth,

    they both express themselves.

    One more than the other,

    and the other more accepted.

    I shall show you my heart.

    Gentleness first.

    Fury second.

    Platonic Love.

    I made a breakthrough,

    And now my heart is filled with love.

    For my family,

    For my friends,

    For the one who left me.

    I've felt this way before,

    But now I now what it is. How to handle it.

    It's not a romantic love. It is a platonic one.

    Soft and warm and gentle.

    I no longer with to dance with them under the stars,

    In a grand ball just for us.

    Instead I want to give them gentle forehead kisses.

    While away the hours on a hill, swapping stories, like we used to.

    I won't ask them to teach me how to draw.

    Instead I'll show them my recent progress and be proud.

    But I can't do that. Not with the one who left.

    I can with others. Those close to me.

    But not them.

    And that's okay.

    I want most of all for them to be happy.

    And if that excludes me, then so be it.

    I hope to see them again one day.

    To hug them and apologize for all the weight I put on their shoulders.

    It wasn't my fault, but they didn't deserve it either.

    I only hope, that they're ready to meet me again then too.

    I love you Alan. I hope you're okay.


    How dare you.

    I have looked to try to help you without hurting you.

    Without you knowing it was me.

    And your new partner is just as clingy as I was.

    Or so it seems.

    How dare you.

    How can you have not found a compliment?

    Someone just as bold and brave as you

    that covers for your flaws and you cover theirs?

    Why haven’t you grown more after I left?

    Would you leave a string of broken hearts behind?

    Did I give you a taste of power?

    I’d hurt any who’d hurt you.

    But if you play the fool with others

    you’d be in pain.

    So callous

    so unaware.

    You tried to help

    and only hurt me more.

    Nine. Years.

    And you didn’t know I was an introvert?

    Nine. Years.

    Of sitting in corners and only talking to you,

    and any who would join.

    Why did you thrust me alone into a party

    and expect me to make friends?

    Nine. Years.

    And I’m certain I know more about your struggles than you know about mine.

    Yes my dad was a dick.

    But there’s more.

    But you won’t hear that now.

    Or ever.

    If you even care.

    Do you even care?

    You did once.

    But I suspect not now.

    Not when you left either.

    I can understand on some level.

    But you’re stuck in the same place as before.

    Making the same mistakes as before.

    You always ruined things.

    I wanted to share so much with you.

    But you never were interested.

    While dragging me along with your likes.

    I’d have a story.

    That you’d drive off the rails.

    I was so desperate to get what was lost.

    To be apart of your world.

    But when my likes moved on.

    You didn’t.

    And so I was slowly pushed out.

    And I felt it.

    Day after agonizing day.

    And now I’m left with this agonizing hurt.

    You deserve an apology.

    That is for certain.

    But I have always been the bigger person.

    And I’m tired of it.

    I want to help.

    I will help.

    But only when you show me you want it.

    Because you didn’t want me before.

    Because you’re fragile as glass.

    And I don’t want to hurt you.

    But you have hurt me too much.

    Too often.

    Without realizing it.

    I might be projecting.

    I might have your friend all wrong.

    But it doesn’t matter.

    Won’t matter unless you tell me otherwise.

    I’m different now.

    I’ve grown and changed in ways I think you will be surprised by.

    But that doesn’t matter either.

    What matters is that you haven’t changed.

    In two years.

    I expect better of you Alan.

    You should do better.

    I hope you will be.

    Because I don’t think you’re getting out of that mess until you do.

    Grow I mean.

    I mean fuck all to your development.

    Fuck you.

    And goodbye.

    #rant post#poems #no I'm not saying Alan's ability to get out of that mess is tied to them helping me #I'm saying its tied to their growth as a person #God has helped me most when I started growing as a person #Whether I am involved doesn't matter worth a damn #swearing
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  • leedongsik
    17.01.2022 - 30 minutes ago

    audience: they really need to stop spoiling the episodes so much with their previews

    bulgasal: ...ok but what if we make this one almost 2 minutes long?

    #damn leave something to the imagination lol #bulgasal
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