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    Several Characters X Male!Reader | Headcanons

    Requested?: Yes by the lovely anon 💕! Hello, would you be willing to do dating headcannons for Clark Kent,Damon Salvatore Jasper Hale and Jacob black with a male reader please?

    Warnings: fluff, small mentions of homophobic people, and protective boyfriends.

    Specific Pronouns Used: none were used, yet it is intended for a male reader.

    A/N: angel, I hope you do enjoy this and thank you for requesting 💞! I have done gender-neutral dating headcanons for Jacob, so I didn’t give as much for him, yet Clark and Damon and Jasper have more than him in their sections. also if you didn’t notice I prefer Clark from Smallville, yet I will write for Henry Cavil’s version of Clark if specifically requested.



    It isn’t as accepted in Smallville, due to it being a small town. Yet Clark is very protective over you when the pair of you get into a relationship.

    He protects you against all the haters inside of the small town, and he also will make huge awkward gestures for y’alls relationship in front of everyone.

    Definitely is the type to hold your hand and not want to let go, along with being the little spoon whenever the pair of you cuddle.

    He is a shy baby who isn’t very aware when he does flirt with you, which is most of the time, so whenever you point it out, he’ll get all blush and it’s adorable.

    Totally is the type to gently push you behind him if there is any danger nearby.

    Teaches you how to help out on the farm, if you are interested, and loves to do ‘strength’ competitions with you because he willingly lets you win and see how happy you get when you beat him.


    Damon’s been around for over a hundred years and definitely has gone through some hatred from homophobic people as he has dated some guys in his past.

    He willingly maims or kills anyone who makes any unsupportive remarks towards your relationship with him.

    Gives you his leather jacket as it’ll fit you and it will make you look adorable; yet if you have an issue wearing his own specifically, he will get you your own to match.

    Damon loves to match clothes with you, even though he won’t openly admit it.

    You’re his number one drinking buddy, next to Alaric, and the three of you constantly are seen at the bar.

    Speaking of the bar, Damon would wrap his arms around you while you played pool and played darts; making sure everyone in the grill knows you are his.


    Let’s just say for this, the pair of you are mates, so you’re destined for one another and no vampire makes any unsupportive remarks towards mates.

    Yet, the humans surrounding the world can be harsh and cruel with their remarks; though there are many people who accept and support the pair of you, there still are some mean people in this world.

    Jasper became super protective of you from the moment you properly became his, willingly ready to die for you since you said yes to being his lover.

    He would understand why you decided to hide away from sexuality (if you did hide it away), after all, so did he during his lifetime.

    Whenever he would bring up Maria, you would comfort him and explain that he no longer had to think about that horrible woman because he had you, someone who is dedicated to getting those horrid memories of his to fade overtime.

    Jasper doing his best to keep you out of the prying eyes of the Volturi because the last thing he wants is to see you get hurt.


    Hmm let’s go off and say that you are his imprint, and the pack definitely loves and supports the pair of you.

    Jacob willingly fights anyone in the town or the reservation that decides to say that the pair of you shouldn’t be together.

    He loves taking pictures of you whenever you’re not looking; so that he can cherish you as a lover.


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    Psycho Killer Qu'est-ce que c'est Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-far better Run, run, run, run, run, run, run away Damon Salvatore in New York, 1977 The Vampire Diaries 4.17 ‘Because the Night’

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    Ripper Mode Stefan

    Characters: Damon x Reader, Elena, Caroline and Stefan

    Summary: Elena and you get caught in the middle when it comes to Stefan becoming his well known ripper self. Damon now has to deal with controlling Stefan without getting both of you hurt.

    Warnings: Cursing, Kissing

    "Have you heard?" Elena pulled me aside in the school corridor with a look of concern all over her face.

    "Heard what?" I asked seeing how serious she was.

    "Stefan, he's gone off the deep end, Ripper wise" She sighed avoiding any eye contact.

    "Why?" I questioned completely confused on what was going on

    "Who knows but I have a feeling it's something to do with Katherine" Elena furrowed her eyebrows together.

    She was agitated and worried. Her hand were always twitching and I could see her mind racing through thoughts trying to figure out what's wrong.

    "Does Damon know?" I took out my phone to see if I got a missed call from him

    "Yeah, he ran into me just a minute ago. He was in a hurry somewhere. He tried to ring you he said but you weren't picking up" Elena explained watching me look through my phone

    "Shit, I have 3 missed calls" I locked my phone, bringing my attention back to Elena.

    "Yeah, he said he had a plan to try and get Stefan flip the switch again but he wanted to make that we both stayed together and go somewhere safe"

    "Do you think?" I stopped not wanting to say the words out loud making them too real.

    "I know he would never mean to hurt us but when he's the ripper, he has zero.... control" She hesitated saying the last part looking down at her fidgety hands.

    We both decided that skipping the last few classes would be for the best when it came to wanting no casualties at the school. We hopped into my car and drove to Elena's house. We had a feeling someone was watching us but we couldn't see anyone following us. In the back of our minds we both knew Stefan was stalking us some way.

    As we entered Elena's house, Damon was looking out the windows, he was clearly paranoid about Stefan and knew he was somewhere close. He turned and landed his eyes on me. He sped to me in an instant bringing his hands to my face looking into my eyes. I could see him relax and the stress he was holding in his shoulders melted away.

    "You're finally here" He whispered giving me a peck on the lips.

    "What's up with Stefan?" Elena asked breaking the silence in the house.

    "It's that bat shit crazy doppelganger of yours" Damon pulled away rolling his eyes.

    "All I know is Stefan left early this morning to check up with Katherine to see she wasn't up to anything because she's been suspiciously quiet lately." Damon explained.

    I looked up to meet Damon's eyes and I could see the worry behind them. I rarely saw him like this, he usually didn't really care about Stefan.

    "This not like Stefan to do something like this" Elena peeped out the window

    "I know, which is what makes me nervous. I think Katherine threaten someone's life to get him to flip the switch." Damon looked at both of us.

    "No brother, maybe I just wanted to change things up a little" All of us snapped our head to the door way to see Stefan leaning up against it.

    He looked like he had a rough day, his faced was stained with blood and his shirt been through a lot of activity. His hands were also a mess. Stefan clearly didn't care how clean or careful he was when he became the ripper.

    I could feel Damon hand grip tighter around my waist. He wasn't nervous about Stefan, he was nervous about me. I looked up to see him glaring at Stefan keeping his eyes on him at all times. I started getting a little nervous thinking things were going to get serious. Damon started to noticed my rising heartbeat and gently caressed his thumb on my bare hip.

    "Katherine made me realise that the ripper is way more fun than Stefan will ever be." He continued taking a few more steps in the room which made us all tense up a little more.

    Elena was the closest to him at this moment and I could see taking more and more steps back slowly.

    "Stefan, you know you don't like yourself this way. You're not the type of person to hurt or kill people. You know this!" Elena stated her voice didn't wavier.

    "Elena, elena, elena, you're always trying to help people but I think you're the one need help" Stefan venomous sneered.

    "What do you want?" Damon asked demandingly

    Stefan flashed a sinister smile and landed his eyes on me.

    "You" He confessed feeling his dark eyes drill into me.

    "Over my dead body" Damon said firmly, he clenched his jaw to try and stop from showing too much emotion.

    Stefan suddenly grabbed Elena, wrapping an arm around her neck and pulling her close to him.

    "Look we can do this the hard way. You can give me Y/N now and I'll let Elena go or I'll kill Elena right now" A vile smirk appeared on his face

    "Why do you even want her?" Damon questioned confused by Stefan's motive.

    "Well I can't ruin the surprise Damon" Stefan glanced at me giving me shivers down my spine.

    I could see the panic is Elena's eyes. Her eyes never left Damon hoping that he was coming up with a plan. It seemed like her life was flashing before her eyes.

    Damon leaned down to my ear, I could feel his hot breath on my ear.

    "Trust me" Damon whispered making it barely audible for me to hear.

    Damon pulled away from me making me feel instantly vulnerable to the monster across the room. I felt a quick gust of wind and just like that I was in Stefan's arms. I could feel his arm tightening around my neck. His other hand was keeping my shoulder in place. I knew this position from witnessing it too many times. I was going to have my neck snapped.

    I looked up to see Damon's eyes meet mine. They were cold and hard. I know he was trying to hide any type of emotion from Stefan to show it wasn't affecting him. I had to remind myself that I meant the world to him, he told me too many times.

    "Wow, that was too easy." Stefan sneered.

    "Maybe you don't care about Y/N, maybe I was wrong" He continued putting more pressure on my neck.

    I grimaced from the pain that was shooting in my neck and shoulder and I could feel my tears now running down my face. I didn't even realise I was crying.

    "Stefan, don't you fucking dare hurt her" Damon raised his voice

    "Too late" Stefan grip got tighter and then dropped altogether.

    In that instant, I could hear him gasp in my ear and bend over. Damon pulled me away immediately, wrapping his arms around me sheltering me with his chest. I turned to see Stefan gripping something behind his back and the flicker of blonde hair behind him.

    "What the hell Stefan" Caroline voice filled the room as she walked around to face him. He pulled the stake from his lower back and dropped to the floor in complete agony.

    "Where the hell did you come from?" Damon said completely baffled.

    "I didn't see Elena or Y/N in Math so I knew something was off. I saw car in the driveway and heard Stefan going full ripper mode." Caroline explained

    "Oh, thanks for the text by the way" Caroline glared at Damon

    "Sometimes I would like to be in the loop of what crazy shit is going on this time" She continued to grill Damon.

    "Could you just shut the hell up for a minute" Damon yelled.

    "I think we should try and handle Stefan before he gets out of control again". Damon explained gestured down to Stefan's still body.

    "Good idea" Elena muttered walking away to grab something we could tie him up with.

    "So how are we going to get him to flip his switch this time?" I asked knowing that it wasn't going to be easy.

    "The old fashioned way?" Damon smirked.

    "We will starve him in the basement" He continued while walking over to his unconscious brother and picking him up.

    Caroline got a chair and Damon placed him on it grabbing the rope that Elena had in her hand.

    "Ow! What the fuck!" Damon shouted painfully

    "Oh sorry, I dipped it in vervain water" Elena chuckled getting down on her knees and restraining Stefan to the chair.

    Damon shook his hand to get rid of the pain and glared at Elena who was smiling to herself. He walked over and looked into my eyes. I could see that his eyes were softer now.

    "Are you okay?" Damon brushed the hair from my neck to see any marks left from Stefan.

    "I'm okay, just neck hurts a little." I brought my hand up and moved my head side to side to figure where the pain was coming from.

    "I guess I'll have to give you a full body massage tonight" Damon smirked raising his eyebrows.

    I couldn't resist smiling knowing that we were going to have a lot of fun tonight. I looked at his lips noticing how soft they looked and reached up to kiss him. He leaned down and pressed his lips against mine. He reached around rest his hands on my ass and opening his mouth asking permission with his tongue.

    "Guys, could you at least wait until you're back at your place?" Caroline grimaced in disgust dragging Stefan out of the house and into her car.

    We both pulled away smiling. I gave him one more peck on his lips and broke away.

    "Let's get back and deal with Stefan and then you're all mine" Damon growled playfully into my neck nibbling it.

    I laughed pushing him away from tickling my neck and walked out of the room helping Caroline lift Stefan into the back of her car.

    "Once this is all dealt with, we are going to have to figure out what the hell Katherine plan is" Caroline uttered slamming the trunk of car down.

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    Why is it that the only way to describe Damon Salvatore is to say the words Damon Salvatore and all universe gets your point?

    #damon salvatore#ian somerhalder #a sucker for vampires #vampire diaries #starting a tvd fanric account in 3... 2... 1...
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    #tvd appreciation week #tvd#damon salvatore #i miss you too buddy #alaric saltzman#drinking buddies
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    𝐀𝐧𝐠𝐬𝐭 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐭𝐬 - Request!

    1. "Ican't do arnything right."

    2. "Plesse don't cry."

    3. "Why are you awake right now?"

    4. "Why are you lying to me?"

    5. "Wake up! Please wake up."

    6. "Forget it, you're a fucking asshole."

    7. "Don't you ever do that again!"

    8. "Is that blood?"

    9. "Plesse don't lie to me again, can't take it."

    10. "De you rven still love rme?"

    11. "Nobody's soon you in days."

    12. "Why are you awake"

    13. "I'm worried about you."

    14. "Can you shut up for once in your life?"

    15. "Holding everything in doesr't help, you know."

    16. "Are you hurt?" "No." "Then why are thore bruises all over your face?"

    17. "If you don't hug me right now I think might fall apart."

    18. "Leave! Me! Alone!"

    19. "Stay for me!"

    20. "What's this between us?"

    21. "I don't want your apology."

    22. "You know i have feelings for you!"

    23. "Yeah, I remember the drill!"

    24. "You've never hurt me. Ever!"

    25. "Then leave her/him/them. at home!"

    26. "I don't believe it!"

    27. "This is breaking my heart"

    28. "You met me at a very strange time in my life!"

    29. "What keeps you up at night?"

    30. "I wish you were here!"

    31. "I let you down."

    32. "Something strange happened here!"

    33. "You're not safe here!"

    34. "I wasn't ready to say goodbye!"

    35. "We are not the same and never will be!"

    36. "please look at me."

    37. "is she really just a friend?"

    38. "i'm just disappointed."

    39. "you know i'm not like that."

    40. "don't give me space. that's the last thing i want with you."

    41. "i know you still love me."

    42. "I can't think straight with you."

    43. "why are you so stubborn?"

    44. "don't do this here."

    45. "trust me on this."

    46. "please don't misunderstand me."

    47. "you ... you never had a problem with it before."

    48. "i know i shouldn't be here."

    49. "what do you mean by that?"

    50. "you deserve more."

    51. "can you just kiss me? one last time? that's all i ask."

    52. "I'm scared."

    53. "i swear i'll do things different this time."

    54. "she's beautiful. i hope she makes you happy."

    55. "i want to believe you, i do."

    56. "Not everyone is going to hurt you."

    57. "I'm .. i'm trying. I really am."

    58. "i can't sleep."

    59. "How long will this go on for?"

    60. "can i hug you?"

    61. "do you ever mean the things you say?"

    62. "you won't understand."

    63. "you're making me think that what they told me about you was right."

    64. "am i too late?"

    #the vampire diaries #damon salvatore x reader #klaus mikaelson x reader #the originals#damon salvatore #damon salvatore fluff #kol mikaelson x reader #stefan salvatore x reader #wanda maximoff x female reader #billy russo x reader #bucky barns x reader #natasha romanoff x reader #sirius black x reader #james potter x reader #chris evans x reader #tom hiddleston x reader #jake gyllenhaal x reader #pietro maximoff x reader
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    𝐅𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐡 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐭𝐬/𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐬 - Request!

    1. Ivre = Drunk

    2. Tu me fais chier = You're pissing me off

    3. Bonne chance = Good luck

    4. Pour toujours = Forever

    5. En fin de compte = In the end

    6.  Je suis désolé = I'm sorry

    7. Ça en vaut la peine = It's worth it

    8. Vœux = Wishes

    9. Passez une magnifique journée = Have a lovely day

    10. On ne sait jamais = You never know

    11. C'est mieux que rien = It's better than nothing

    12. Souvent = Often

    13. Le tourbillion de la vie = The whirlwind of life

    14. Je suis prêt = I'm ready

    15. Utilise ton cerveau = Use your brain

    16. S'envoler = To fly away

    17. Je ne regrette rein = I regret nothing

    18. Pourquoi pas = Why not

    19. Je suis en route = I'm on my way

    20. En un clin d'œil = In a blink of an eye

    21. L'autre jour = The other day

    22. J'en ai fini avec toi = I'm done with you

    23. Pas mal = Not bad

    24. Parfois = Sometimes

    25. je suis comme je suis = I am what I am

    26. C'est pas vrai! = No way!

    27. J'ai un rêve = I have a dream

    28. Quelque part = Somewhere

    29. J'en ai fini avec toi = I'm done with you

    30. Nue = Naked

    #damon salvatore x reader #klaus mikaelson x reader #kol mikaelson x reader #stefan salvatore x reader #elijah mikaelson imagine #elijah mikealson x reader #wanda maximoff x reader #pietro maximoff x reader #natasha romanoff x reader #bucky barns x reader #sirius black x fem!reader #sirius black x reader #james potter x reader #billy russo x reader #chris evans x reader #tom hiddleston x reader #jake gyllenhaal x reader
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    I got confused who had become more cuter over there.. ❣️❣️

    Paul is love.. ❤️

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    Requested by Anonymous

    Pairing: Enzo x reader

    Genre: Angst

    Characters: Enzo, Y/N

    Words: 1300

    Description: Y/N has recently been turned with Enzo's blood and they're sired to him. However, nobody realises this until they find out they can only feed on humans.

    Your eyes fluttered open and took in your surroundings. You were in the Salvatore house, lying down on a sofa in the front room. Damon and Stefan were stood at the back of the room whilst Enzo was knelt down beside you, gripping your hand. 

    You smiled and squoze his hand causing Enzo to jump up from his seat in surprise. “Hey, handsome. You did a good job of saving me.” A smile formed on your lips when Enzo leant down and pressed a kiss to your lips, tucking strands of hair behind your ears.

    “About that, my love. There is something that you really need to know.” Damon and Stefan both stepped forward and placed comforting hands on Enzo’s shoulders. Enzo maneuvered himself onto the sofa, making sure that he was sitting across from you. He began to trace circles into the palm of your hand and began to take deep breaths to calm his nerves.

    A confused look washed over your face at everybody’s weird behaviour. “It can’t be that bad, I’m alive! C’mon, you can tell me.” Enzo took a deep breath and looked at you straight in the eyes, sadness and guilt evident in his. 

    “Y/N, my love. When you were injured, I managed to get some of my blood in your system and I thought it was enough to save you. But you died in my arms. It was the worst pain I have ever felt.” Your head tilted to the side in confusion. 

    “But if I died, how come I’m here right...” Realisation dawned upon you and a swirl of emotions overcome you. “Are you saying that I’m a vampire?!” Enzo’s head hung low which confirmed what you had been thinking. You closed your eyes and tried to get a hang on your emotions, trying not to let them spill over. 

    A mixture of thoughts were flying around your head at the same time, you really didn’t know what to think. You sat up and placed your head in your hands, running your fingers through your hair, a trait that you exhibited when you were angry or anxious. 

    “What am I supposed to do? I don’t know how to live like a vampire?! How am I supposed to explain this to my family, my friends?” Tears began to fall down your face and Enzo pulled you into his chest, placing his chin on top of your head. “Don’t worry, Y/N. Me, Damon and Stefan are going to help you through this.”

    “We are?” Damon was leaning against the wall when he earned a dig in the elbows from Stefan. “Ow! I mean we are!” Your tears soon turned to laughter at Damon’s reaction and you sat away from Enzo’s chest, but still keeping hold of his hand. 

    “Alright. What’s the first step of being a vampire?” A wide grin emerged onto Enzo’s face when he realised you were coming around to living your new life. “Well, my dear. The first step is to drink blood. I recommend human blood, it’s the best out there.” 

    Stefan stepped forward and crossed his arms across his chest. “Enzo, seriously! You know how much they were against that!” You jumped up from the sofa and made your way to the front door. “No, Stefan. I want to drink human blood! It’s the best out there!”

    Enzo got up from his place on the sofa and followed you out of the door, giving Stefan a smug smile as he left.

    Stefan stood still in place, mouth hanging open in shock. “Damon, what just happened?” Damon stepped forward and clapped Stefan on the back. “Well, brother. I’m afraid you’ve just been proved wrong.”

    Stefan shook his head as Damon made his way out of the door to follow you both. “But it just doesn’t make sense. I don’t understand how Y/N could be against it one minute and goes for it the next. Unless....” Stefan’s eyes widened in realisation and shock as he came to his conclusion. Within a flash, Stefan ran out of the door and followed you into the woods.

    “Now, my love. You have to be careful not to drain them entirely otherwise we’ll have a lot of dead bodies on our hands.” You nodded your head in understanding and carefully made your way through the woods until you spotted a lonely hiker through the clearing of trees.

    You looked back at Enzo and he nodded, giving you the all-clear. Quietly, you snook around the trees, stepping lightly on the leaves below your feet. You were edging closer and closer towards the hiker when you heard a faint shouting in the distance. Figuring it was a party nearby, you shook your head and carried on towards your pray.

    Sneaking up behind the unwilling soul, you sank your teeth into their neck and began drinking their blood, the cool liquid feeling fresh on your dried throat.  “Y/N, no! Don’t! You don’t want to do this!”

    You let go of the hiker and threw them to the floor. “But I do, Stefan. Human blood is the best for me!” You began to make your way further into the woods when Stefan grabbed your arm.

    “No, Y/N. That’s not what you think. That’s what Enzo thinks. You’re sired to him, Y/N, which means that whatever he says to you, you believe and you will do. I don’t want you turning into something that your not.” 

    Enzo and Damon came running from behind Stefan. “Stefan, mate. Let go of them!” Stefan turned towards him, you still in his grasp. “I can’t Enzo, they’re sired to you. You need to break the bond.”

    “I don’t know how!” Enzo threw his hands up in the air whilst Damon’s face contorted into a mixture of realisation and dread. “The only way I know how to break it is to tell them to switch their humanity off. Because Y/N loves you, when they turn their humanity off, they will no longer have feelings for you which will break the bond.” Enzo dipped his head down in sadness. “No, there’s got to be another way. I can’t lose Y/N. They’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.” Damon wrapped an arm around his shoulder. “I know, but we can’t let them keep feeding on people. Sooner or later, somebody’s going to end up dead, and that’s something that we don’t want.” 

    Enzo shrugged Damon’s arm off his shoulders and walked towards you, placing both of his hands on your shoulders. Tears began to stream down his face as he took in each and every feature of your face. “Y/N, do you know how much I love you?” You tilted your head to the side in confusion but nodded your head in response. “Then you know that I’m only asking you to do this because I love you and I know that you wouldn’t want to hurt anybody.”

    You placed a hand on Enzo’s cheek and rubbed your thumb across his stubble. He leaned into the warmth of your hand and kissed your palm, closing his eyes. “Alright, my love. This is it. I’m going to need you to switch off your humanity, but please remember the person that you used to be. The person that everybody loves and adores. You’re not a monster, Y/N, you’re the person that I love.”

    When he opened his eyes, he was met with a stone-cold expression on your face, instead of the warm, loving one he was faced with moments ago. Seeing that expression on your face completely shattered his heart. In that moment, he knew that the love that you once felt for him was gone.

    Within a split second, you were gone, vanished. Enzo knelt down on the ground and sobbed. He didn’t know whether he was going to see you again, or whether you were ever going to love him again.

    Tags: @akshi8278​ @stellastyless​ 

    #enzo #enzo x reader #lorenzo st. john #lorenzo st. john fanfiction #lorenzo st. john imagine #lorenzo x reader #enzo imagine#enzo fanfiction #the vampire diaries #the vampire diaries fanfiction #the vampire diaries imagine #tvd#tvd imagine#tvd fanfiction#stefan salvatore#damon salvatore
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    Incorrect The Vampire Diaries Quotes
    #kai parker#damon salvatore #the vampire diaries #tvd#incorrect quotes #incorrect tvd quotes #my#chris wood
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    Ian Somerhalder, Kat Graham and Paul Wesley
    #crackship#crackships#ian somerhalder#kat graham#paul wesley #ian somerhalder crackship #kat graham crackship #paul wesley crackship #ian somerhalder x kat graham x paul wesley #bonnie bennett#damon salvatore#stefan salvatore#bamon#stefonnie #the vampire diaries #tvd#heavenandhellcrackships
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    Damon: hey how y-

    Tyler: [walks in]


    Caroline: it don’t bite.

    Damon: YES IT DO BITCH

    #damon salvatore#caroline forbes#tyler lockwood#TVD #incorrect tvd quotes #the vampire diaries #incorrect the vampire diaries quotes
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    TVDVERSE APPRECIATION WEEK  ↳ day 7: free choice — favorite music moments from the vampire diaries (insp)

    #tvdedit#tvdverseappreciation#tvdversegifs#mine#bbelcher#userstream#cinemapix#cinematv#tuserdee#tvandfilm#teendramaedit#tuserkt#katherine pierce#elena gilbert#stefan salvatore#bonnie bennett#damon salvatore #the vampire diaries #s1 had such a good soundtrack #i listened to all these songs bc of this show #tho i always associate happiness with kat / boom with bon / & breathe again with steferine #q
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  • mrrssalvatoree
    13.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    My brother, who’s been my brother for some 160 odd years stole my girlfriend and my girlfriend let him.

    -Stefan Salvatore.

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  • bonnieanddamon
    13.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    damon & bonnie | traitor

    #bamon #the vampire diaries #tvd #damon and bonnie #damon salvatore#Bonnie Bennett#Youtube
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  • targaryen-earper-swan
    13.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Captain Swan? Endgame!

    Delena? Endgame!

    Booth and Bones? Endgame!

    Jeresa? Endgame!

    We love winning!

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  • simply-ellas-stuff
    13.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    How the fuck did Stefan and Damon have nephews and neices and a whole other family line?!

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  • unacarasinvoz
    13.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    I'm setting myself a smut based picture prompt challenge. Every week I will write a one-shot smut/fluff based on a picture. Don't hesitate to send in suggestions <3
    This one was a special request! I had so many ideas for this, so I think I might right two.... This is the slightly less 'intense' version. (I don't own the image)

    Your breath hitched in your throat as you climbed the stairs two at a time. You could feel your blood pounding through your head, rage simmering in your veins. You couldn’t remember feeling this angry before, and it was driving all logical thought from your mind.

    As you reached the top floor you launched yourself at his door, fists pounding on the wood that threatened to give under your onslaught.

    “OPEN THE DOOR DAMON!!” Your kept your voice quiet despite the aggression in your tone, not wanting to alert Stefan to your drama

    “OPEN. THE. DOOR!!!”

    You almost fell inside as the door suddenly swung open, the sudden movement of air enveloping you in his scent. You froze at the sight of his face, your outrage reaching a peak as you took in the source of all your problems.

    “YOU. ABSOLUTE. FUCKING. ARSEHOLE!!!” You screamed in his face, punctuating each word by swinging your bag at the floor.

    “How could you?? How COULD you?” Your anger was making your voice tremble and you took a couple of deep breaths, turning around to close the door behind you so that he didn’t see the stray tear run down your cheek. You refused to let him see you cry, and you quickly wiped your cheek, trying to force yourself to calm down.

    Turning back around, you stood your ground, glaring at him from under your eyelashes as your body trembled. Your mind reeled with all the things you wanted to scream in his face, or throw at his face. Your fists curled and uncurled at your sides as you tried to hold yourself back. You didn’t think you could actually hurt him, even if you did punch him, but it wouldn’t be acceptable for him to hit you, so it shouldn't be for you either.

    Also, you didn’t want to become that petty girlfriend who punched their boyfriend in the arm as soon as she was angry. You refused to stoop to that level.

    In response to your static position, Damon quirked a brow, smirking at you with that knowing look that would normally have you drooling on the floor. But right now, in your state of anger, it was the final straw. All your focus zoned in on that smug face, and your desperate desire to wipe that stupid fucking smirk off his arrogant lips.

    “You had no right. No FUCKING right. You do not control me. You are not the boss of me!”

    You raised a threatening finger at him, jabbing at the air to emphasise your point.

    “I am my own person. I am strong and independent. I have survived for twenty years without a man in my life. And I can survive for twenty more. You have NO right to tell me how to live my life. NONE! Absolutely fucking NONE!”

    His smirk had gone, but his eyebrow was still cocked in amusement.

    “SCREW YOU! And SCREW your misogynistic views. I am not here to be your cook and your cleaner. I am NOT your FUCKING MOTHER.”

    He chuckled slightly in response and before you knew it your feet were carrying you forward.

    “You are everything I promised myself I wouldn’t date. Everything I promised myself I would avoid. And I HATE YOU! I fucking hate you…”

    You glared up into his piercing emerald eyes, and felt almost pierced into place. Normally a glance from those eyes would be enough to lose all your self control. But right now all you saw was red. The red of your rage, the red of your hatred for this man who had asked the impossible of you.

    He chuckled again, and you were suddenly aware of how close you had moved to him. Your chests were practically touching, and with each violent inhale they brushed together.

    “I… hate you.” Your voice was sad, as you realised what that meant for you and him.

    His face moved impossibly closer, his breath tickling your cheek, making a shiver run down your spine.

    His lips moved to your ear and his hands gripped your waist, spinning you both around so he could pin you to the wall. His hands trailed along your sides, then grabbed your wrists and pinned them to the wall above you.

    “Say that again?” He teased, his breath tickling at your ear. You felt yourself squirm in his hands, half of your body longing to lean into him, whilst the other half wanted to shove him away and scream in his face.

    “Hmmm?” He hummed in your ear. He pulled back, taking in your face, almost enjoying your struggle.

    Your mind was whirling. Your rage was rapidly threatening to fade into an intense lust and you were clinings to the last remnants of your sanity. You could feel yourself wanting to lean into him, press your hips into his. But you refused to give him the satisfaction. You were here to convey a message and giving in to him wasn’t going to help matters. You needed to speak your mind and then get out.

    Probably sooner rather than later, you reminded yourself as you found yourself staring into his eyes rather than answering.

    Your mouth was suddenly dry, and your tongue flicked out to moisten your lips so that you could repeat your statement.

    His gaze dropped to your lips, and when you finally opened your mouth to speak, his head moved impossibly closer, his lips a hairs breadth from you, and you found the words stuck in your throat as his breath ghosted over your ear, your cheek, your mouth…

    He froze an inch from your lips, awaiting your response, but your mind had gone blank. All you could think about was how close he was, how fucking hot you felt with your back pressed against he wall, hands pinned over your head, your hips pushed forward, straining for contact.

    He chuckled, aware of his control. Then, finally, his lips descended on your, dominating your mouth, as his body finally moved flush against yours, trapping you between a rock and a hard place...

    His lips were fierce and demanding, his tongue immediately requesting access to your mouth. You managed to refuse him for a few seconds, remnants of your anger preventing you, but when his spare hand roughly twitched your nipple, you couldn’t help the gasp that escaped you.

    He took immediate advantage of your open mouth, his tongue claiming you as it explored.

    Your body automatically leaned into him further, your chest arching upwards, your hands still pinned to the wall behind you.

    His spare hand moved downwards to cup your ass, and you reacted instinctively, jerking your hips forward into his. He growled at the contact, moving both hands down to pin your waist to the wall.

    Your hands finally free, you took full advantage, shoving him in the chest in an attempt to create a gap between the two of you that might allow you to recover some of your more rational thoughts. But your shove didn’t even shift him, although he did pull away, his brow furrowed in a quizzical look. As soon as his lips left yours you sucked in a breath of air, hoping to restabilise yourself, but your nose filled with his scent, and it took everything in your power not to lean into him again.

    “You can’t just kiss me and expect everything to be ok. You asked me to quit my job! My dream career! Just because you want to be able to work full time in a different country and expect me to travel between here and there?”

    He chuckled again, his hand reaching out to move your hair behind your ear.

    “No sweetheart. I asked IF you would consider quitting your current job.”

    “But…” He interrupted you with a finger over your lips.

    “Because I have been offered a job in London, and I really want to take it, and I know that the company you work for has a sister organisation in London.

    “I am not forcing you to do anything. I was just wondering if you would consider applying for a transfer to London. If you don’t want to, I won’t take the job offer. I never want to be apart from you and I couldn’t cope if we lived in different countries. I was just asking if you would consider quitting your current job to replace it with an identical job in a different country.

    “I was not expecting you to become a stay at home, trophy girlfriend.” He teased.

    “I’m proud of you, of how hard you have fought for your career, of how far you have come, of everything you have achieved, and I would never ask you to give it up. If you transferred, you’d have the same job but just in a different country.”

    You felt yourself flush in embarrassment at his words, suddenly wishing you’d heard him out earlier. But you’d been so enraged at what you thought he’d been asking that you’d stormed off, not giving him the benefit of the doubt.

    Your mouth opened and closed as you tried to respond, tried to find the words that could say I’m sorry and I love you and please fuck me all at the same time. Damon chuckled at your expression, his hand cupping your chin as he pressed his forehead against yours.

    “I love you,” he murmured.

    A small smile broke across your face as you lifted up onto your tip toes, pressing your lips against his in a gentle kiss.

    As you softly kissed his lips, Damon’s hand slid down to your neck and you couldn’t help the moan that escaped you as his hand gently captured your slender neck. You felt him smirk in response as he deepened the kiss, his free hand gently roaming your body.

    But with Damon nothing was ever gentle for long.

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    Hi I’m kinda new to a tumblr account lol but I wanna give people ships from fandoms just kinda like send me an ask and put a description of your physical appearance, personality, and you can also include things like your enneagram or mayor briggs personality, hobbies, flaws, strengths, zodiac sign, hogwarts house, etc. (make sure to include fandom and gender preference!!!) I can do ships for the following fandoms (please state which you’d like): MCU, Harry Potter, The Vampire Diaries. Please send requests I’m bored!

    Have some sparkle ✨✨✨

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