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  • Nagito Komaeda:

    ·       One of the things that Nagito admired most about you most was your determination. No matter the task, you always put your all into it and would never give up till the task was complete! Unfortunately you seemingly had a talent for everything to go wrong during pivotal moments. At first Nagito thought it was his luck and would always apologize to you, that was till he heard tale of your other disastrous incidences with your class.

    ·       This even seeped into trying to confess to Nagito in the first place. You tried telling him but you got knocked out by a falling tree branch, you tried giving him a letter but the first time it disintegrated in the rain and the second attempt it got burned by a wayward spark, you tried calling him but you both only heard static no matter where you went, you tried texting it to him but either everything was auto corrected to other words or you misspelled everything so horribly the words together was meaningless, no matter what you tried out it always failed.

    ·       Exhausted from trying for a month non-stop to convey your feelings but to no avail you decided to take a break.

    ·       By laying face down in your local park stewing in your own misery, confessing feeling more like a burden then something exciting. Truthfully knowing yourself you might have chickened out, but damn it, at this point you at least wanted a chance even if you would miserably botch it up!

    ·       You mumbled a thank you to Nagito feeling him pat your head, something he always did when you got frustrated when things went wrong in the last moment. “There, there. You’ll find some way to push past this, I know you will.” You only groaned in response. “So it was really bad this time?” You groaned a little louder. “I see.” Nagito sat before you, stroking your head.

    ·       You rolled over, looking up to the man who sat before you, his silhouette cast against that bright blue sky. “Why must it be so freaking hard to just say I love you!? Look like this. I have a crush on you Komaeda! See was that really so hard! But NNNNOOOOOOOOO the universe decided that would have to be the one thing I have to have the most struggle with saying! It’s so stupid!” You stood up, begging to pace around. “Like really, of all things, why this specifically!? Do I ju-” You then tripped over your own feet, rolling down the hill and crashing into a tree and getting knocked out.

    ·       Nagito stayed by your side the whole time till you woke up. “You… love me?” “… OH MY GOODNESS, FINALLY THE MESSAGE HAS GOTTEN ACROSS!”



    Korekiyo Shinguji:

    ·       “Kiyo! What’s a full proof way of telling someone something without the message being warped or being misunderstood?” “… I’d say directly saying it like that would be one way.” “No it’s not! I could get tongue tied, or stutter, or faint while speaking or get cut-off any number of other ways!” Ah, so this must have been what was troubling you as of late. Korekiyo had noticed you had been acting antsy and admittedly he had been curious as to what was troubling you. “So, a full proof way of telling someone something. I do not believe there is a way that could never go wrong, but there could be a few ways that come rather close.” “UGH! But I need a hundred percent guarantee! Should I give you a blue feather? But have you even played those games!?” And you were now mumbling to yourself as you paced around, a habit you had when you were concentrating on something. You had to do something mindless when thinking hard on something like cleaning or walking, something to get the blood pumping a little. A habit of yours he found rather cute. “How do I tell you I love you without you misunderstanding!?” “Oh? Me?” “Yes you, now how do I do this? What culture are you studying-” “Well, I am rather fond of you too.” “No, that won’t work. Maybe send you a gift, but then-”

    ·       … Huh… you didn’t even notice. As cruel as it may be Kiyo thought it would be intriguing seeing how you’d try confessing.

    ·       You poured yourself into doing research asking him for assistance, looking through history for some perfect way of confessing. Kiyo was admittedly tempted to tease you but seeing how you’d go about this naturally, undisturbed, was more intriguing. You already spent much time with him, but it quickly grew and grew. Kiyo rather liked this development.

    ·       “So, Kiyo… if someone were to confess to you that they had a crush on you, what would be the perfect way?” “For me? Well… if I must answer I would say, I would like for them to… Hmm… I believe I’d simply wish for them to tell me.” “What if I told you I had a crush on you?” “I’d tell you I had a crush on you too, and would ask you out for a date. It is such a lovely day after all. Would you accept if I invited you?” “Yeah. Would you like to go for the date right now?” “Certainly. Shall we be off then?” “… I-I’d like that.”



    Rantaro Amami:

    ·       “Hey, Y/N. Want to go out?” Rantaro knew dating would be difficult given he was always traveling and searching for his sisters, but he liked you and he thought taking a chance couldn’t hurt.

    ·       He liked how you easily got flustered but never held back when giving or receiving affection. He liked how you tried your best to help him in his search. He liked how you always supported him but also took care of yourself and would step back if needed. He liked you you’d always send him morning and night texts everyday in accordance to whatever time zone he was in. He liked how you always sent him pictures of whatever gifts he had sent you showing they had arrived safely. He liked so many things about you.

    ·       Rantaro did notice something… it wasn’t bad but it was something he noticed. You never spoke of your feelings. Or wrote them. Or anything. But it was not for lack of trying. He had found crumpled up letters in your room about how you missed him and loved him when on his trips. On occasion he had caught you confessing your feelings for him to the bathroom mirror only to start stuttering and stumbling over your words. Rantaro found this adorable, it was always a pleasant surprise to catch this.

    ·       After an especially long trip you were there to pick up an exhausted Rantaro from the airport. He soon found himself on your couch, you draping a blanket over his shoulders. With you so close Rantaro couldn’t resist hugging you. Holding you tightly and closely he flopped over, wrapping you in the blanket as well. He lightly chuckled seeing the tips of your noses were touching. “I love you, you know that?” He could feel the heat of your blush radiating off your cheeks. “Ah, I, uh, I-I, I like, live-love you too? Oh no, did I mess up!? Did I say it wrong? Ah, I probably said something stupid!?” “No, you said it perfectly.” You buried your face into your hands as Rantaro held you even closer.

    ·       Perhaps… hearing you say it meant more to Rantaro then he had realized. It just… felt so good. “I don’t care if you mess up, stutter or trip over your words, just please keep telling me that in some way, please.”

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    Save him from this nightmare called having friends

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  • 💙💬💙💬💙💬💙💬💙💬💙💬💙💬💙💬💙

    mod-mikan-idk asked: hey there, i hope that you have a nice evening, and can i have a header with mikan, mahiru miu and rantaro please? (not a shipp, it’s for a group ) Thank you, i like it so mucho, keep up the good work! *In any aesthetic you want, that’s fine by me!* <3

    Here you go, I hope you like them (free to use with credit (do not tag as ship))!





    -Hope (Tsumugi shift)🎬

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    My Splatoon Ink/Octoling In The DR Artstyle!



    Ye i play splatoon 2- and no i dont understand how people can dislike the feesh,,,,



    Note: i forgot the texture again but its fine fhdbdbsn,,,,,,,, i mean i dont think there would be any wool on this avatar anyways since its the octoling pack with a hat so



    Note x2: wow two posts in one day- how



    Thank you for reading! Go follow my instagram accounts for more posts! (@__jataros._.mask__ and @x.candycanekaede.x! )

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  • I’m not even done with V3 yet but I would do anything for this man. Rantaro Amami im free this sunday at 7pm If you ever wanna-

    #Rantaro Amami#V3#danganronpa#Danganronpa V3 #Idc if he died in chapter i would do anything for this man hes so fine.
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  • Kokichi: “Sorry, I just sneezed and liked your post.”

    Shuichi: “And commented ‘Damn Daddy’ on all my selfies?”

    Kokichi: “I have the flu.”

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    Korekiyo’s game over screen!

    #danganronpa#danganronpa v3 #danganronpa version 3 #spooky edit #im too tired to leave more tags #nyeeeeeh
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  • haven’t written moyakiyo in a bit, so heres this lil thingamajigabob

    “Damn it.”

    The anthropologist huffed as he placed his hat down on the side of his bed.

    He was stressed about something. But what?

    Shinguji let out another tired sigh. He then shook his head while holding a tiny box..It almost looked like one that wedding rings were put in. But he wouldn’t admit what it was for, nor what he wanted to do with it.

    “How am I going to even ask him?.. Oh, It’s useless either way. I already know he won’t say ‘yes’, He’s always too busy. I shouldn’t try. Nothing will ever wo-”


    “Ah!- Oh…Saihara. I simply did not see you come in..”

    “You’ve been in here for a while…You seem really nervous. Is this about….?”

    Shuichi didn’t want to push Korekiyo to admit what he was nervous about, but He sort of already knew. Korekiyo nodded slowly in response, then putting his hat back on. Shuichi sat next to Kiyo on the bed.

    “Yes…Moya. I just..don’t know if He’s ready. We’ve been together for only 8 months, but I’ve felt so strongly about this. I’ve never felt like this before..at least, I don’t think i ever have. I’m just so worried He doesn’t want this yet.”

    “Well..” He paused. “..e-even if He doesn’t…You should try. I’m really no expert at anything, but, It could be worth a try.” He nervously chuckled while putting his hand on Kiyo’s shoulder.

    Korekiyo sighed deeply, closing his eyes for a brief moment before looking towards the detective. “I’ll do it.”

    Shuichi smiled. “Good. I wish you luck.”


    The two then shook hands, going their seperate ways. Of course, Kiyo kept the box with him. He clasped it tightly in his hand as He went outside…

    * 2 hours later, 9:00 PM. Don’t ask why Monokuma was letting them be up so late. *

    “The stars are really pretty at night!” Moya’s ears perked up.

    “Mhm..That’s why i picked this spot for us.”

    Moya let go of the taller boy’s hand, sitting down on the grass with him. They both looked at the sky. The stars really were beautiful.

    Moya leaned onto his boyfriend’s shoulder while his ears lowered. He seemed to be at peace. Usually, He didn’t have much time to relax because of his lab work. But this, was indeed a relaxing moment for him and Korekiyo both.

    “..By the way, Moya..”


    “I needed to ask you something.. Would you mind, uhm, standing up for a moment?”


    He did as Kiyo said, standing up. To his surprise…

    Korekiyo then got down on one knee.

    “Moya..I know this is silly, but I have been wanting to do this for so long. You’ve always caught me eye. Your work is phenomenal. How you shape your creatures into living organisms, that have their own little personalities and demeanors..You truly are good at your job. When I first saw you, something inside me sort of unlocked. Like..As if you had the key to my heart, that I thought nobody could have. But you did. Because you just had something. Your eyes captivate me each time i look at you. Your smile stops me in my tracks whenever i see it…Moya…Moya Tani Suraimu…Will you make me the happiest man alive, and…”


    “…Marry me?”

    He opened the small box, revealing just what was to be expected. A ring. Moya’s eyes lit up as soon as he layed eyes on it. His ears shot up into the air in surprise. His surprise then turned into a blushy smile followed by giggling.

    “Y..Yes! I-I-I’d love to, haha!”

    Korekiyo couldn’t even speak. He was at a complete loss for words..in a sort of good way.

    Before another word could be said, they both heard cheering behind them.



    “Nishishishi! I didn’t think He had it in him! Good job!”

    Kiyo and Moya looked at eachother, both equally flustered. They didn’t expect a crowd to be waiting for them. Moya didn’t mind, however. Just as long as him and Kiyo were together at that moment.

    “…I…I love you.”

    “I love you too, Kiyo..”

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