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  • jadenoryuu
    26.01.2022 - 49 minutes ago

    Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Danny Phantom, Big Hero 6 (2014) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Danny Fenton & Baymax, Clockwork & Danny Fenton, Danny Fenton & Tucker Foley & Sam Manson, Danny Fenton & Jazz Fenton Characters: Hiro Hamada, Danny Fenton, Clockwork (Danny Phantom), Baymax (Marvel), Sam Manson, Tucker Foley, Jazz Fenton Additional Tags: Major Character Injury, (nothing half-life threatening I swear), Blood and Injury, Stitches, Humor, Friendship Series: Part 4 of The Dragon's Danuary Xover 2022 Summary:

    Once again, Clockwork needs Danny's help! However, given the state the halfa verses in, he'll need help as well... But fear not! This mission will be mutually beneficial! After all, who needs a Timely Internship when you have a Baymax?

    @amorpho, my enabler, I have to thank you immensely because this had been in my WiPs since 2016.

    You gave me an excuse to pick it back and finally finish it for today's Free Day!

    Hope y'all like it, 🤜🤛 Ba-la-la-la-la!

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  • yagirlomega
    26.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Danny phantom, but everytime he transforms, it the sailor moon transformation.

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  • guardianrex
    26.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    In episodes 1 (Mystery Meat) and 4 (Attack of the Killer Garage Sale) we see the Drs.Fenton develop methods to capture and contain ghosts. In episode 2 (Parental Bonding) they’ve made a chemical compound that can negate intangibility. By episode 5 (Splatting Images) they turned that into ghost gauntlets™️ Which allow them close contact with ghosts. In episode 6 (What You Want) we see a method by which ectoplasm is filtered out of normal matter. In Episode 7 (Bitter Reunions) they have the GAV which is outfitted with weapons enough to fight like 5 ghosts at once. By episode 8 (Prisoners of Love) they’ve made a vehicle by which they can explore the ghost zone and Danny was wearing a camera with mic that broadcasted back to the lab, clearly made to record the trip. By episode 9 (My Brother’s Keeper) they have a suit that covers different individual users in armor that is, presumably, phase proof.

    I think the Fentons had been gearing up, preparing to explore the Zone themselves so they could come back with nigh irrefutable proof that ghosts are real, before telling the public about the portal. After all they’ve been laughed out of scientific communities before, so they wanna be 10000% sure that they have evidence of their claims before revealing their progress.

    This makes Shades of Gray the perfect time for the Fentons to go into the Zone to explore while the Valerie Drama is going on - or even, have it so they’ve already been in there and are now ready to announce to the world: hey we found the afterlife, here’s footage and a whole ghost we caught. The ghost could be Cujo if you want things to be extra dramatic.

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  • tomboy014
    26.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I just like the idea that Ember isn’t the only undead artist still trying to make it in their afterlife.  Entities include Ember, a boy band that’s just refused to let the genre die, l'Opéra des Morts, (think Trans-Siberian Orchestra but they play metal, one of Sam’s favorite bands) and Elvis impersonating an Elvis impersonator doing a really bad Elvis impersonation. 

    I also like the idea that Franchouchou has an absolutely massive following in the Ghost Zone.

    Full disclosure: Lily’s head and Danny’s face shape were traced to make sure I kept everything on model with the show’s style

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  • liang-rexy
    26.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    My alternate universe Danny as a kind of dinosaur, northern raven/ common raven (Corvus corax). (A real raven's feet don't look like that. And ravens' arms can't adopt some of the poses here.)

    I like dinosaurs. I think my AU Danny can be a bird and has a raven form (two or three raven forms?). He might or might not have the ability to change into a not-humanoid form. I am still not sure if this is an actual thing in his universe.

    I got this idea two or three years ago and at that time this alternate universe was a bit different.

    The little Danny in the circle is a redraw of an old drawing. I gave Danny winged-like stuff, and I thought he could have actual wings.

    Anyway, I have already talked about the anatomical structure of ravens, concepts of the AU, and things about drawing characters on Lofter. I don't want to rewrite my long text. 😬

    My post on Lofter:


    The text below the pair of ravens in the drawing:

    Danny is able to use all of his ghostly powers and is not good at flying. His feet cannot grab things (actually he can) (I mean he can't perch on a branch, but he is a creature that can float so it doesn't really bother him).
    He sometimes doesn't feel well, so he lies and have some rest (seriously I think he does not look healthy or strong in most of my drawings).
    He eats blood blossom fruits and meat. And he's not interested in having raw meat. The concepts were written on 3rd January, 2022. (The name "Danny" here refers to both Danny.)


    I drew the picture and wrote the dialogue in December, 2021.

    My post on Lofter:


    I wanted to post something on the day of 冬至 (in 2021), and I thought I wanted to see something that wasn't too upset (I know the stuff I often post can be depressing), so I drew Danny hugging Danny. It still turned out to be a not-quite-happy scene since I realized that I wasn't that cheerful. 😂

    I didn't post it on the day of 冬至 in 2021, but it's 小年 today (in my place), so it's a good time to post something nice here.

    As for the characters, while hugging each other, one of the Danny mentally complains about how miserable they are. Then after some moments (which aren't shown here) he suddenly blames his counterpart for having his breakfast (it doesn't make much sense in my opinion and I still posted this). Usually I need more time to write a short comic. I basically just sketched my random ideas sometimes and when I want to actually think about stories, I can look at my notes and sketches.

    @liang-rexy 嘅第135篇原创文章。


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  • the-b1ah
    26.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Glowy eyes and too wide smiles

    For the free day in Danuary I went with the fandom Undertale. Also watch as my artstyle does summersaults to entertain me. No one knows what your going to get not even me!

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  • primepalindrome
    26.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Going ghost. Felt like making some nostalgic Danny Phantom art. Hoping for a revival of the series tbh

    Insta Twitch Deviant

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  • frostyuwus
    26.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    He has freckles I swears to ya.

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  • frostyuwus
    26.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Here’s the full page!

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  • frostyuwus
    26.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Hi phandom!

    I have decided to contribute. Trying to step out of my comfort zone! I had so much fun drawing Danny!

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  • impyssadobsessions
    26.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    “Stay together and don't do anything reckless. That goes for you too, Danny.” Batman into his comms. Laughter playing over the device. “We'll take good care of them, B.” Dick chimed. Batman had demanded they keep their devices on, at least to him. He needed to hear what was going on at all times, especially with him unable to tag along. “Ooooooo, new kid already getting scolded?” Steph chuckled over the comms. “What he do?” Duke asked, a crinkling sound like opening a bag of chips played after. Batman sighed, “Roped a giant catfish ghost.”

    “..........” Silenced filled the line, til Stephanie started bursting in laughter. “Seriously?” Duke softly chewing on chips. “Affirmative.” Batman rubbed his face, trying to think. “Is Oracle online yet?” “She's up getting a cup of coffee.” Batman grunted with acknowledgment. “But I can already tell you what she found.” “Go on? Sound of feet shuffled, as if one was turning in their spot. Duke's sound of eating still softly in the distance. “Apparently, Gotham wasn't the only city that had a strange battery floating around the black market. Star City was the only one with recorded damages, that reported they were possibly caused by an unknown power source. But, their were reports and rumors of a mysterious power source found in every major city. Even stranger men in white are popping up all over the country asking about the battery, claiming to be government agents.” “Because guys showing up in white vans are not suspicious.” Duke chimed. “Anything from the League?” “Superman came over a while ago asking about the battery, you will not believe what Duke told him.” “Ssh! I was half-asleep, Steph!” sound of struggling was heard as if Duke was trying to keep Stephanie from saying what was next. “He asked-ack-did you check the bat room?” Steph was laughing. “Superman was so confused.” “Uggggghh,” groan of embarrassment coming from Duke. “Then he goes like 'oh, we're in the bat room.' ” “I was half-asleep! I couldn't remember the word cave!” Batman twitched his lip, in amusement. He could only imagine Superman's face when dealing with that. “Were you in costume?” Duke took a moment before replying, “Uh, yeah.” “Had to slap a mask on him, he dozed off in the chair.” “All of you are way to wired for the amount of sleep you get.” Batman took in that bit of information. The sooner they saved the Fentons and get them on board, the better their chances were. “What did you tell him afterwards?” “Oh, that you were investigating it, and you'll get back to him later. He said for you to contact him as soon as you can. He looked concerned.” “Hm.. he has a right to be.” Especially if their theory about kryptonite and ectoplasm was correct. No doubt, Lex Luthor would have bought out at least one of the batteries.

    “I'll contact him, once we've rested up back in Gotham. If everything goes well here, we might be able to secure a direct source of intel for the situation.” Batman hoped the Fenton parents were capable enough and willing to assist to the growing problem at hand. Even if they weren't, perhaps their children could lend access to their files. “Situation keeps going from bad to worse.” “What else is new?” Steph hummed. After a bit of silence Batman stated, “Danny is a half-ghost.” “Wait, so he's a meta?!” Duke asked with excitement. “According to the government, he's not. Its one of the few pieces of information I need to research. But he does have powers and would be considered superhuman, otherwise.” “So it has to count, right?” “Nope, not a meta. Not yet, anyways.” “What, no! He has powers Steph! He has to be one. Come on!” “20 dollars and your share of desserts will be mine!” “You're not even in the lead!”

    ___ ---\o.o/----

    “We'll take good care of them, B.” Dick turned towards the others, a grin on his face. Danny's cheeks were pinkish while his face scrunched with embarrassment. Jason lightly teasing Danny, by poking his cheek while Jay's other arm used his shoulders as an arm rest. Tim and Cass snickering away. Dick was glad that Danny didn't run off after hearing about Jazz. Though Jason was the main reason for that, having held Danny in place by the back of his shirt. He settled down pretty quick afterwards, as if realization sunk in. Dick was hopeful they were getting through to Danny a bit. It felt a bit weird, but Danny did feel like bits and pieces of all his brothers and himself put into one chaotic bag. Which concerned him even more that Danny was so ready to put everything on his shoulders and take any risk without a second thought. It must be tough to be Jazz. Dick clapped his hands, to get their attention. “Alright, lets get going. We need to be dropped off in the loading dock, where the weapons are. Want to explain how the catfish is getting us inside, Danny?” “Oh easy, we're going to phase in.” Danny said as he shoved Jason off of him, turning back towards the catfish. Whispering some incoherent words to it. Jason blinked, having stumbled back a bit, then shrugged it off. It was a bit strange to be shoved off so easily. “We're not ghost though.” “Exactly, reason we need his help.-Oh she? ...they? Ok, ok, their help. I could phase in myself, but I couldn't bring anyone with me in this state.” The catfish having interrupted with some distorted mewing.

    “...a catfish ghost has pronouns?” Tim didn't expect to learn that today. “And green whiskers.” Danny said as he climbed up onto the catfish ghost, Jason giving him a boost whether he needed or not, “Come on, before they change their mind. Oh, Er, Thanks.” Jason staying on the ground, helping give a boost to everyone else to get on top of the catfish. Dick reaching out his hand once up on the head, to help pull Jason up. “Everyone grab on to the lead.” They held onto the lead, Jason and Dick having Danny in between them as Cass sat by Jason's side and Tim by Dick's. “Ready?” Danny asked them, as they all nodded, Cass giving a thumbs up. He leaned forward, to signal to the catfish to go ahead.

    “W̵͚̟̤͇͠ȅ̷̬͘ͅ'̷̠̫̙̠͊r̶̨̼̻͇̋̚̕ḙ̶͚͈͔̚ ̷̢̢̥̳̇̋ͅŗ̷͔̱͙̤̿̐͠ȩ̸̫͒́å̸̛̟̹̥̀͋̕d̴̫̭͚̒̊̄͗y̴̧̹̲̰͉̋̌,̷̩̔̚ ̴̻̤̤̌͛k̴̙͈̺̕͝e̷̗̮̿e̶̥̖̼͍̞͒̊̈p̸̨̣̩̮͗̇̒̉ ̸̢̬͈͔͋̈́u̸̥̤̙̼͕̅s̵͎̳̪̲͂̉ ̷͍̰̰̹̽̊a̴̘͑̀b̸̨̲̔̑̑͘ö̶͓́̈́̓́̑͜v̶̬̀e̷͙̞̬̎̌̕ ̴̧̝̣͓̀ẘ̵̛̹̮̼̌̚ą̶ṭ̵̛̺̐ͅͅe̵̯̯̹͗́͐r̸̨̩̰̞̓ ̸̡̖̉̊͗͝͠u̵͖͋̿̈n̵̯͋͜t̶̻͈̱̅̊͐͐̂i̵̭̫͓͋͒̏͊̋l̵̬̟̰̙̊͒ ̶̟͖̒w̷͎̟̄̽̽̔͜e̶̜͇͔͒'̶̛̥̦̪̑͜r̸̢͇͖̗̹͌̌̍͘ḙ̸̓͐̽ ̷̫̎̽̾c̸͚̦͙̀̌͊̔̚l̶̗͂͛́ȯ̷̰͚̙͘͠s̵͈̻̟͛͝ë̵̝́͒ ̷̠̞̥̮̍t̵̙̅̈̊̀̊o̸̡͙̙͆̈ ̵͕͙͙͔͒͗͆t̶̖̽́̄͘h̸̝̹̮͑e̴̛̯ ̵̡̙̿͋͜l̵̠̈̐͝ạ̶̦̗͗͒͗̾i̶̼͉̽̑̀͜r̷̛͔̭͇̫̞̓̚.̸̼̮̗̣͙̽͛ ̸̭̠̲͎̍W̵̨͙͈̊̉̏̔͠ͅe̵̠̱̼͌ ̴͎͌n̴͎̋̆e̴̬͙̮̹̔̉͊͑e̵̲̺̓̈́d̵̩̫̎͒͒ ̸̳̙͓́̐͗t̵̨̹̫̟̺͊̒̃͒̕ö̸͍͠ ̸̬̭͙͉̅̂͜͠͝e̴̢̜̱͐n̸̥̯̜͐ţ̷̡̍̌e̶̳͌͂r̶̰̩̲͕̺͛͌̈́ ̶̧͌w̶̡̠͙̻̞̄ĥ̴̢̰͙͜ȅ̷͍̺̣͛̕̚r̸̬̩̽̅͑͝e̷͉̖̭̙̊̈́ ̷̼̗̫̞̒t̵͙̦̱̟̫̽͌͐̒̚h̴̞̗̱̯̏e̶͈̓̎ ̸͇͙̾̄̍̈t̸̖̊u̷̧̦̦̜͎͌̓̓n̶̢̜͉̲̔̾n̴̞̤̤̣̟̉̈́ě̶͔͊̔̚l̷̨̥̗̳̥͛͂ ̴̼̹͚̎̓̎͝ͅc̵͖̦̦̜̀̓̃͆o̴̲͖̞͖̭̔̓ǹ̶̤ǹ̸̨̘̲̹̓͗̓e̵̖͊́c̴̠̐ṭ̸͎͝ș̶̭̳̣̥.̷̧̛̙̰̟͛̓̏ ̴̳̬͕̚”

    “M̶͔̹͚̗̥̓̒̃̈͒e̸̡̺͂͛̾ŏ̶̧͇̇͋ͅŗ̶̜̹̑̐͑r̷̫̯̓ṙ̶͓̮̗̇r̴̢̧͍͙̃̊͂r̶̥͇̖͌̒̆̏o̸̠͕̣͛ͅo̷͉̗̖o̵̫̣͝ó̸̲̝͎w̶͇̖̲͈̏w̸͓̼̗̋̆͌̅̕͜ẅ̴̨̪̜̳́̿̃ ̴͔̲̎̍͐M̵̨̜͙̣͌̾́̂ͅe̸̢̖͈̘̯̓͌̎o̷̝͎̻̦͌͌̍̒̒w̵͔͍̥̆̚͝”

    The catfish ghost eased into the water keeping head above the surface. “Ghost have their own language?” Tim inquired. “Uh, kind of? Language implied you learn it. Which to be fair I had to half learn it.. guess where I was half dead. I'm better at it in ghost form.” “So, is that why I can get the gist of it?” Jason muttered more to himself than anything. “Wait, Hood, you can understand it?” “Only Danny a bit, the catfish keeps going.. meow I think.” “No, you heard it correctly.” Danny clarified. “Wait, then how can you understand it?” Jason asked. “Emotions and guess work. Lots of guess work.” “Danny, I think I'm starting to see a pattern and its concerning. Do you use your instincts for everything?” Dick asked. “Uh.....” Danny blanked, he didn't recall. He just thought he was good at thinking quickly. He chuckled out. “Its kept me alive this long.” “Half-alive.” “Hey! That wasn't my instincts that was me just being stupid.”


    They were already near the land mass, ready to dive in. “They're ready to dive. Ok, hold on tight to the rope and don't freak out if you loose all your senses, that's normal.” “All our.. senses-” The catfish dove in the middle of their confusion, turning them all transparent under the surface of the water. It felt like loosing all your senses, but faintly overloading them all at once. Everything was a blur, then came back suddenly, revealing that they were now inside the garage.

    Danny was the first to hop off of the ghost as the others took a moment to get their bearings back. Their skin felt tingly and they were acutely more aware of every organ in their abdomen than normal. Jason was the first to recover, pulling the rest of them off and bringing them back to their senses. “Thanks, Little Wing. Whoo. Is it bad that I want to do that again?” Dick patted himself down, being the next one to recover. “Masochist.” Tim looked pale as he held his stomach. Cass stood next to him, touching her abdomen as if to make sure all of her organs were still there. “Nah, you just like your body to match your thoughts, transparent.” “I'm not that obvious!” Dick whined as Jason just walked over to where Danny was. Danny was reaching into the catfish's mouth, unhooking the bat-a-rangs from its gills. Jason eyeing down the ghost with arms crossed, ready to reach for Danny in case the fish decided to have lunch instead. The catfish ghost just grinned sharply back. Danny yanked the last one out, and gave the ghost a pat on the side of its face. “There, free as a whale.” The catfish whined in an irritated tone. “Oh right, uh hold on.” Danny stood back, holding his hand out in front of him as he blew out an ice sculpture, looking like a chunky rat. He coughed and wheezed as he tossed it into the catfish's open mouth. Trying not to think of how gross that seemed to him. The catfish purred and then swam straight back into the lake. “Your not going to faint on me are,ya?” Jason stepping forward preparing to catch Danny if he happened to fall. “Huh, no,” Danny coughed into his arm, “Just forgetting I'm running on limited supply. Whew... no more ice got it.” “No more ghost powers, period. After all, don't want to miss all the fun because your sleeping, right?” Jason ruffled Danny's hair, then gestured to follow him back to the group. Who were currently cutting down the weapons. “Hm, Got it.” Danny wiping his mouth with his arm, clearing his throat as he followed. It felt strange to be working with a group. Not that he didn't fight with others, Sam and Tuck helped all the time. Valerie was pretty good to have on your team too.. But to fully rely on others was strange. He was willing to give it a shot. Jazz be more upset if he ran after her by himself anyways. It was one of the main reasons, he wasn't running off. Surprisingly, it was Cass up in the rafters cutting down the weapons and not Dick, who stood one the side with concerned expression. Tim was investigating the control room, to see the damages and to investigate. Trying to figure out their escape plan. “Got a broken wing?” Jason nudged Dick with his elbow. “No, Robin went off to find Jazz instead of waiting for us, his comms off again. B isn't too happy, also turn yours on. Pleeasseee...” Dick sighed as he walked over to help catch the netted weapons, lowering them down slowly with Cass.

    “Uggh, Fine.” “Do not turn it off again.” Batman stated over the comm not missing a beat. “Bold of you to assume it was on in the first place.” In reality, Jason just didn't like the idea of Bruce listening to everything he did. Danny let out a snort, overhearing their conversation, making Jason grin. At least someone enjoyed his humor, as Batman just grunted in response.

    “Kay, Danny. Brief run down?” Dick ushering Danny over. “Eh, basically same as any other weapon. Either they blast an ecto-beam or shock the ghost.” Danny picked out the ones that weren't as obvious and explained them. But it seemed like Jazz packed all the obvious ones. Danny smiled a bit, knowing it was something she did on purpose. “Dibs on the bazooka!” Depending on how well it worked, Jason might try to find a way to accidentally keep it on the plane. “Your parents have a bazooka?” “And an iron maiden. And a portal to another dimension. And an encyclopedia about fudge.” Danny's way of saying, so what's your point. “Ah, fair.” Dick sighed. Batman and Jason were still stuck on the iron maiden part. Dick patted his sides, he had a couple of blasters and since his weapon was upgraded, he was going to main it for now. A wrist-ray on his wrist in case he didn't have time to reach for one. Cass was playing with a green ectoplasmic staff, that looked similar to a double ended light saber. She had blasters from earlier still strapped to her sides. Danny plucked out a couple of blasters. He didn't need much, just something to replace his ghostly blasts. Plus he still had Robin's sword strapped to his back. Shame he didn't get to tell him before he ran off, though probably was a good thing by the dreadful look Red Robin gave him. Danny's eyes glance over as Jason picked up some more guns. He had a lot of gun straps, almost as many as his parents. His eyes then trailing over to a bag underneath the weapons. He didn't need to look in it to tell what it was. He smiled, Jazz's doing. “The repellant's in that bag. You guys might want to spray down now.” Danny pulling out the mask Batman lent him from his jean pocket. Bruce made sure Danny didn't leave it behind. It almost hit Danny hard, thinking of how much he missed having someone to rely that wasn't just as clueless to everything as he was. Even Red Hood and Nightwing, trying to save his butt when he was in danger. It wasn't just him fighting. It wasn't just him having to protect everyone. It wasn't just him.... He pulled on the mask, re-tightening the straps a bit to make sure it fit. Nightwing was already pulling out the cans of repellent, tossing one to Orphan and then Red Hood. Jason's face scrunched up as he held the repellent in his hand, having received a faint whiff of it. “Smells like Replacement when he hasn't slept in four days straight.” “Smells like strawberries to me.” Dick sniffed the can. “Coconut.” Cass stated. “To me it smells like a dead skunk that's been rotting in the sun on blacktop.” Danny stood up. “Ah, wonderful imagery. Left my helmet back on the plane, too. Guess worse thing that'll happen I'll puke all over that bastard's face.” Jason stood up and sprayed himself, face scrunched up in disgust. It wasn't the worse smell in the world, and he did work in crime alley to know that for certain. Danny chuckled, holding back a laugh with his hand, imagining Plasmius's appalled screeches now. Tim walked out of the control room, shaking his head. “No fixing the controls, its all melted to the floor.” Dick tossed him a repellent as him and Cass finished spraying each other down. “There might be emergency exits, we'll locate the Fentons first. Keep an eye out for exits on the way.” “I doubt there is many, probably just one other exit, knowing Vlad.” Danny huffed. “And since he's a ghost, there really isn't a reason to have exits, is there?” Tim sprayed himself down, Dick helping spray the back. Cass helped finished Jason off, who coughed and gagged a bit. “Then we'll make our own if we have to.” Jason smirked, holding back his urge to hack for the moment of sounding cool. “Exactly.” Dick grinned. “If you must, try to create an exit point at the top of the building.” Batman chimed in. Dick nudging Danny with elbow with a chuckle, “No matter how many years we've been fighting and he still treats us as apprentices.” Danny smirked, “Must be a paren-er an adult thing?” Batman wasn't their dad, was he? Wait, what if he was? Jason was

    holding back a laugh, as Tim and Dick held back a grimace. They could feel Batman's brooding expression from over the comms. Dick just chuckled, “Must be.” Dick turned with a clap, “Alright, let's go. We'll split up when we see a way to access different levels of the building.” “Call top.” Cass chimed. “Call which ever way is faster to kick the bastard's teeth in.” “Or we could just follow the signs and let Fruitloop find us. Its not like we can really hide the smell. Knowing him, he would have decked out the rooms where he's keeping my family.” Danny said as he walked out the garage doors into the hallway, the others quickly following to his side. Danny pointed to the sign on the wall, “See? Lab that way, stairs that way. I would bet 20 bucks his master suite is on the top floor.” They stared at the strange scrawl of letters, Jason squinting but felt a bit cross-eyed looking at it. “Oh right, its probably in... anyways the lab will probably contain his plans or at least, what he has been doing in the area if Mom and Dad aren't there.” Danny stated turning to them. “Jazz will probably be closer to his suite. He knows better than to harm Jazz or leave her with our parents. So my guess, he's keeping her comfy and far away from Mom and Dad as physically possible.” “Me and Orphan will go up then. We'll all meet back in the middle.” Tim stated as Cass already went towards the stairs. “I can keep an eye out for Danny myself if you want to go after the Demon Brat.” “I trust them, besides I think baby bird be upset if I run in too early.” Dick did want to check on Damian, but he figured Damian want to redeem himself. He did sound rather upset for letting Jazz run off. “....Baby bird, Demon Brat, Replacement, Disco Wing, Little Wing... you know, if I didn't already know who you are, I would have no idea what to call you. Also I rather not meet my parents in the after life, so can we go now?” “Lead the way.” Jason gesturing down the halls, then followed right behind Danny. “Do we really call each other by nicknames that often?” Dick whispering. “Yes.” Batman answered over the comm. (Steph has added Danny's bet to the betting pool.)

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  • phyzhyhzy
    26.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    The boys

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  • coffeecakecafe
    26.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    so like,, I wanted to do at least one piece for crossover dannuary and the concept I latched onto was “well if I had a nickel for every time there was a girl clone of a hero boy that was created by the villains in an effort to control and or replace him, and also that girl had black hair and blue eyes and ended up befriending the hero boy, and ALSO she had to live in fear of her inevitable destruction brought about by the fact that she’s kind of not stable I’d have two nickels, which isn’t many but—“

    I think they should be friends. :)

    They can collect sea shells and travel the world(s) and hang out

    #crossover danuary week 2022 #my art#danny phantom#kingdom hearts #xion kingdom hearts #dani phantom#ella fenton#crossovers#dp au#kh au #I mean for some amount of kh au where all the canon events still happen haha #midnight posting
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  • raaorqtpbpdy
    26.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    How to Navigate in a Pocket Dimension

    ((I tried doing the read more thing but it didn’t work, so once again, here are the first few paragraphs and an AO3 link))

    "C'mon, Ock," Miles tried not to whimper as her tentacles wrapped so tightly around him he couldn't move and could barely breathe. He zapped her with his venom shock, but it didn't do anything against her insulated tentacles. "I thought you moved on from multiverse travel after you almost destroyed New York with that collider. Why did you think this was a good idea? Can't we talk about this?"

    "Oh, I'm not sending you to a parallel universe, Spider-Man," Dr. Octavius explained, holding him directly in front of the glowing green portal she'd created. "This portal will send you to a pocket dimension between parallel universes; think of it like a multiversal hallway. If you manage to get back to our universe alive, I want you to tell me everything. But for now, it'll keep you from mucking up my plans, since I still need a couple hours. Bye now!" 

    With that, she waved with a smile and chucked him through the swirling vortex, unbothered by his screams. Miles continued to scream, eyes squeezed shut, waiting to hit something, but there was no impact. His spider-sense was going off like nuts, but he had no idea what it was trying to tell him. Cautiously, he stopped screaming and opened his eyes.

    Read the whole thing

    #crossover danuary week 2022 #xover danuary 2022 #danny phantom #danny phantom fanfiction #miles morales#danny fenton#walker (dp)#frostbite (dp)#doc ock#spider man#spiderman #into the spider verse #ghost zone#multiverse #ghost king danny #xover danuary week day three
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  • officialroxy
    26.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    [ID: a lineless digital drawing of Danielle Phantom using a limited color palette. The colors are shown to the side with the name "moonlit lake", made up of dark purples, light blues, and a magenta. She is in a cutesy, cartoony style, smiling and holding out a tulip. End ID.]

    @dp-marvel94 requested dani in moonlit lake! I decided to do it in my more chibi style, inspired by osamu tezuka... i forgot how FUN this style is :D i also had fun with her suit... a good time was had all around.

    oh also!!! i love this brush, it's kinda hard to come by good krita brushes but I got this and several other good ones from this pack :)

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  • thesoulspulse
    26.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    I almost forgot to share this one, I updated it in advance with the better versions of Dani and Freakshow.


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  • chasingrabbits-art
    26.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Crossover Danuary week day 4: free day

    Me, draw Danny Phantom with Will Wood lyrics? What kind of degenerate do you think I am?

    Also here's the hidden track:

    #crossover danuary week 2022 #danny phantom#danny fenton #danny phantom fancomic #danny phantom fanart #jazz fenton#maddie fenton#jack fenton#sam manson#tucker foley#dark danny#dan phantom#my art#art #artists on tumblr #artwork#digital art#charabart#my artwork#fan art#will wood #will wood and the tapeworms #will wood everything is a lot #everything is a lot
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  • sansxfuckyou
    26.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Broken bones

    I felt a few of my brittle bones shatter as I was thrown in the van, the doors slamming shut behind me and the car coming to a horrendous start, the car shaking before backfiring. I tried to force myself onto my back, despite how much pain shot through my entire form, my tail bones shattered, internal bleeding imminent.

    I pulled myself across the metal ground of the van, the splintering bone starting to poke through the thinned out skin of my arm. Ectoplasm already oozing in a near consistent stream from my abdomen which was lovingly torn open by the GIW, allowing my to intestines to simply, hang loose at risk of falling out completely considering they almost chopped through my intestines.

    I flopped onto my back, ectoplasm shot up my throat and spilled past my lips, I turned my head to the side so the ectoplasm wouldn't slide back down into my lungs like the ooze has before. I forced myself to lean against the wall of the corner furthest from the doors on the back of the van, I had to refrain from being a jackass and just banging against the walls of the van.

    Then again they could release the laughing gas and put me out of my misery for a small amount of time, might as well, I do love the sweet release of being unconscious due to chemical causes, man I'm fucked.

    I banged against the wall, I would've kicked if I could stand up without wailing in pain or just collapsing and splintering my bones again. I smelt the laughing gas, I waited for the room to fill with gas before taking a deep inhale of the gas, the effects slowly taking place as the chemicals slowly sunk in.

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  • sansxfuckyou
    26.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Cold hands

    "Danny has been... Different lately. Nothing to extreme, just that he's been a lot less active than usual, and his eyes have been glossy like a sick person, but his temperature is perfectly fine.

    "His speaking has stayed average, he hasn't forgotten any words or had a hard time with pronunciation. Although he just drops to the ground for no reason sometimes, standing up and continuing to do what he was doing like nothing happened.

    "Weird letter, from Val of all people." Sam said as she finished reading the letter aloud.

    "Yeah, I mean, sure we have been gone for a while, but I don't think anything that bad could happen." Jazz said as she parked her car with three point turn.

    "We should check in on him, maybe the heat is getting to him you know." Sam offered, hope in her voice a little bit overpowering.

    "Maybe we should've read the letter as soon as we got the chance." Jazz said as she opened the door being greeted with an icy breeze that caused both of them to shudder.

    "Probably." Sam said before taking a step inside, the entire house was coated in a thin layer of mist that did little to block out their vision as they traversed the house, until they reached the kitchen both shrieking at what they saw.

    They saw Valerie, mid transformation, most of her form was covered in her ghost hunting suit, but the contorted look of agony and fear frozen on her face was what struck most fear into Sam and Jazz.

    They heard the door click shut and the lights shorted out, they held each others hands for support as they traversed the darkened house, the only light filtering in through windows coated in an icy veneer. Sam went to grab the door knob being greeted with an ice cold touch against her fingers, she hissed and yanked her hand from the door.

    "Were stuck in here now." She said as she stepped back from the door and looked around the house, the her own breath starting to become puffs of mist that blended with the ambience.

    "Great, now were stuck at home with a rapidly decelerating oxygen level." Jazz said with a sigh as she pulled out a flashlight, crappy quality and only half full battery, but, the small amount of light they got would have to do as the 'explored' the frigid house.

    They took each step with caution, hearing crackling of ice occasionally, eyes darting across the room and their pace slowing to a stop as they searched the room for what snapped, but nothing snapped, the ice only spread to cover more of the walls. The two found the ice had the highest saturation at the stairs to the lab, but neither trusted heading down straight away, instead they headed upstairs first.

    The layer of ice on the stairs was snow white and thick, but traction was still able to made with some sort of ease, the railing on the other hand was coated in ice that one couldn't grip no matter the cost. They found the door to Jazzes room was blocked off by ice completely, you could only tell the door led to her room by the fact her name was sloppily engraved in ice, why? They didn't know, and didn't care at the moment.

    The door they could open led to Danny's room, the icy veneer thin and easy to break. Jazz pushed open the door after Sam kicked off most of the ice, they found Danny's room to be heavily drenched in mist to the point of thick clouds of fog that one couldn't see through. Although the two could make out a set of reflective, glossy eyes in the fog and shockingly thin ice, Jazz pointed her flashlight over to the pair of eyes.

    Sam was the one to shriek at the sight.

    Tucker was encased in ice, his arms seemingly outstretched as if reaching for escape despite his legs being in a solid position, fear plastered on his face, he was trapped in that position till the ice melted which would take forever in an already freezing environment. Sam took a few steps back in fear, Jazz didn't.

    "Uh, Sam." Jazz said as she looked at her feet, ice starting to crawl up her ankles and calves, she freed one of her feet, the other was stuck in ice.

    "Yeah Jazz?" Sam asked, still unaware of Jazzes situation.

    "I'm stuck," Jazz said, Sam's breathing hastening drastically, she was going to be alone, her eyes widened. "Don't panic! Just, take the flashlight and go downstairs, find Danny and fix this." Sam nodded weakly as she was handed the small flashlight before the ice coated Jazzes lower half fully in a chunk of ice leaving her immobilized for the most part.

    "Alright." Sam said before she forced a smile to make Jazz feel good before the ice engulfed Jazz fully, she was frozen smiling, holding out a hand for allowing Sam to grab the flashlight.

    Now Sam was alone and trapped in the frigid house.

    Sam crept out the door and pressed her fingers to the icy wall as she walked down the stairs, her boots helping her keep a grip on the slightly slanted ice that coated the steps. She found herself on the base floor in no time, the windows almost fully frozen over now, the lighting lower than before, a few more spurts of ice and inside would be completely coated in ice.

    Her grip on the flashlight tightened drastically when she heard another crack of ice and the room darkened again, her pace hastened slightly as she made her way back to the stairs that lead to the lab. She found the doors blocking the way to the stairs, the metal doors frozen shut, claws of ice gripping outwards from the cracks between the once sliding doors.

    She couldn't pry open the door, she resorted to finding some sort of pry in the kitchen, lucky her five butter knives, ten serrated knives and nearly fifteen forks was all she needed, a family of four uses a lot of utensils is what she learned. She pushed open the doors, hearing more cracks the last of the windows freezing over as a strong gust of frigid wind hit her, she felt a cold sweat start to form and shivers spark across her frame.

    Sam inched in a few steps down the stairs, finding stalactites and stalagmites scattered across the lab, the ominous green glow from the activated portal giving the heavy fog a sparkling look. Somehow, the almost mythical look of the highly ectoplasm saturated lab soothed Sam's frayed nerves, her breathing steadying out a bit and her heartrate evening out.

    She took a few more steps into the cave like lab, finding crystalline fragments and structures much like the stalactites and stalactites made purely of frozen ectoplasm and ice, mixed into some sort of tie die pattern that the glistened in the light.

    Kind of pretty.

    She lowered her flashlight and pressed the power button again to turn off the light to fully admire the crystals, she always did love her gem stones jewels. She kept Jazzes flashlight at her side as she walked across the labs, she heard skittering and froze, fear preventing her from turning her flashlight back on to see what made the noise.

    She stared up at the roof, finding Phantom clinging to the roof with his head twisted at Sam, a spectral tail taking place of his lower half instead of his legs, his green eyes reflecting the low light as. Sam wanted to scream in fear as Phantom crawled across the roof and down the wall, staying away from the portal as he reached the thick coat of ice on the floor, coming closer into Sam's view, she noticed his pupils where slit.

    The feral ghost slowly crept closer before his tail separated back into his legs, he kept creeping closer to Sam who couldn't bring herself to move from her spot or lift her flashlight, she wasn't frozen in place yet, just in fear. Phantom got to his feet, his snakelike tongue flicking a few times as he tilted his head to the left a bit to get a better look at Sam, then the right, then to the left again, kind of cute.

    Phantom placed his hands on Sam's cheeks, her face heated up a bit at the contact, despite that his hands where ice cold to the touch. He tilted his head once more and opened his mouth a little bit, tongue hanging out like a dog, the color was a shade of dark blue.

    He knew Sam, he remembered her, fully.

    "D-Danny?" Sam asked shakily as she raised a hand to Phantoms face, gently pressing her palm to his cheek, he rubbed his face against her hand, purring a bit.

    Sam felt ice begin to climb up her ankles, at a slower rate than the ice that engulfed Jazz upstairs leaving her as a sculpture. Phantom pressed his forehead against Sam's gently, still cold against her skin, she didn't mind though, just being there felt nice as the ice reached her knees.

    "I missed you to." Sam said, as she wrapped her arms around Phantoms torso, he nestled his head in the crook of Sam's neck, paying no mind to how cold his breath was against her skin. Phantom wrapped his arms around Sam, pressing most of his body against the her, enjoying the heat she gave off against his icy form.

    The ice crawled further up Sam's form, reaching her torso first, Phantom was unaffected by the ice, like he had a repelling coat. Sam felt the ice start to constrict around her throat, Phantom pulled away from Sam, legs returning to spectral tail and eyes returning to red.

    Sam wanted to scream, but the ice creeping between her lips and down her trachea preventing any sound from escaping her lips as she struggled.

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