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  • ave-aria
    25.09.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    DP Shiptember 2021 Day 6 - First Encounter


    She never had much luck with guys.

    Ever since she dropped out of high school to work her family’s diner, she’d been on a streak, one bad lover after another. Maybe it was poetry, of some sort. Dead end job and dead end romances. She was always too quick to jump in bed with them, eager to make it real, permanent, something that might last.

    Would things go differently if she went slow, she wondered? All Kitty knew was, she had a kiss that could make a man disappear.

    The biker guy in the diner tonight was a handsome sort, though a little rough around the edges and a little too cocky for his own good. He kept asking for one thing or another, a new fork, a refill - She knew the signs of a customer flirting and wasn’t going to fall for it this time.

    “What’s a gal like you doing, working at a dump like this?” he teased.

    She raised an eyebrow. “It’s my family’s restaurant,” she informed him. That would shut him up.

    ...It didn’t. He smiled. “Old man got you bussing tables, huh? And a wild thing like you, you didn’t tell him no?”

    - Okay so maybe he was charming.

    Kitty sighed. “Couldn’t,” she said. “I need the job. Besides. Where else would I go?”

    His eyes flickered to his empty plate, then the door. “Ever been on a motorcycle before?” he asked, grinning.

    “No,” she said. But she’d wanted to. The few guys she’d dated who had bikes hadn’t offered. Just came around looking for a good time, and then they were gone. Kitty eyed him. “Are you suggesting I skip work?”

    “You wanna rot away in here forever? Come on, Kitten, let’s blow this joint." He waited a beat, and when she didn’t answer, he said, “Or would you rather get a ride when I come back tomorrow?”

    He planned on coming back tomorrow? Kitty’s heart skipped a beat in her chest. She stole a look at the bike outside, all sleek curves and shiny chrome, then bit her lip.

    “One ride,” she said, tearing off her apron and balling it up in her fists. “One ride, and that’s it.”

    “Anything you say.” He stood and reached for his pocket. Then paused.

    “Er,” he stammered. “- I forgot my wallet.”

    Kitty split a wry grin. “Forget it. Pay your bill when you come back tomorrow. If you meant it, that is.”

    Johnny grinned, offering his arm. Kitty accepted it, wrapping her arms around his, nestling up to the warmth. Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe he wouldn’t be back tomorrow at all.

    But one of these times, she was bound to get lucky. Right?

    “I hope you like to go fast,” she warned, hopping on the back of the bike.

    “For a girl like you?” Johnny smiled. “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”


    [Day 1 - Growth] . [Day 2 - Comfort] . [Day 3 - Heartbreak] . [Day 4 - Patching Each Other Up] . [Day 5 - Pushing Each Other’s Buttons] . [Day 6 - First Encounter] . [Day 7 - Moonlight]

    #DP Shiptember 2021 #Danny Phantom#Johnny 13#Kitty 13 #Johnny and Kitty #Black Cat#Sketchy Sketch #backgrounds are hard
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  • ave-aria
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    This concludes the test run of Skulktech 2.0.

    DP Shiptember Day 5 - Pushing Each Other’s Buttons


    [Day 1 - Growth] . [Day 2 - Comfort] . [Day 3 - Heartbreak] . [Day 4 - Patching Each Other Up] . [Day 5 - Pushing Each Other’s Buttons] . [Day 6 - First Encounter] . [Day 7 - Moonlight]

    Bonus: [Day 2 - Pet Names] comic

    #DP Shiptember 2021 #Danny Phantom#Skulker#Technus#SkulkTech#Electric Hunter#comic#Sketchy Sketch #I think I finally managed to learn how to draw Skulker by the end of it lol #please ignore that first panel I was learning #these two are super married tho guys don't deny it
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  • grimalkinmessor
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    *hastily tries to catch up*

    DP Shiptember: Patching Each Other Up

    No deep thoughts just wing AU brainrot 💖

    #my art#danny phantom #dp shiptember 2021 #pompous pep#danny fenton#vlad masters#vlad plasmius#wing au #ive actually got a whole story idea for this verse #that i will jot expand upon at this time #because i am still two days behind :') #mm gonna pass out now ✌️ #tw blood #tw mild gore
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  • brokeitwiththepowerofmathamatics
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Happy Birthday Danny! - Chapter 7

    Saturday, so I've got another chapter of this fic up on Ao3! *** Danny stood in front of the portal to the Ghost Zone and watched the energies within it swirl. Danny rolled his shoulders, trying to avoid feeling the nervous pit that sat in the middle of his stomach. He normally waltzed into the Ghost Zone carefree, an odd feeling of home enveloping him as the ecto-energy in the air surged.

    This time felt more like the first, when he was launched into the Zone against his will.

    Small. Unsure. Afraid.

    Tucker handed him one of the staffs that his dad had been working on. Danny took it stiffly. “I hope this thing holds up.”

    Danny reached into his core and breathed. Ice frost spread out from his hand up and down the shaft, coating it in a thin layer of ectoplasm-infused ice. “You’re the one who said my powers counter his.”

    Tucker frowned. “That’s like… one instance dude, not something I’d bet on.”

    Ember told Danny that core powers were like breathing. It was instinctive.

    Danny took another breath and breathed once more. Frost spread out, starting at his fingers and quickly spreading up his arms and coating his entire body.

    “I know they will.”

    Sam frowned and took two steps toward Danny. “You want us to come with you?”

    Danny immediately shook his head and floated off the ground. “No.” He bit his lip, his teeth ached as he bit into the ice coating his body. “I didn’t tell you guys how bad it was for Ember, but it was bad. I don’t want you guys going through that too.”

    Sam glared at Danny, either because of the implication she couldn’t handle herself, or the fact he seemed to be protecting her. Possibly both. “And what about you?”

    Danny met her gaze. “I’ve already seen my worst fear, and I promised I wouldn’t let it happen again.”

    With that, Danny flew into the Ghost Zone.

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  • tsubaki94
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Phantom Comic

    Page 28<- -> Page 30


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  • cartoongirl
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Survival Game: Day 2

    Day 1


    Nicole curled behind the counter in the shop, not daring to open her eyes. She was shopping for some new clothes in the mall when something -two things- crashed into the ground and all hell broke loose. There were shouts and crashes in the distance. Not knowing what to do she hid, but when she finally opened her eyes she was shocked to see everyone else in the shop going on with their day as if there wasn’t a fight -or possibly an attack- right outside the shop, and she knew there knew about it cause they cringed at every loud noise and kept stealing glances and whatever’s going on outside, yet none of them seemed amused.

    This was worse than yesterday.

    Suddenly, the place went quite and she heard some cheering from the outside. She got up, ignoring the knowing look some of the customers sent her, and looked back right in time to catch a glimpse of something glowing disappearing in the distance. The space outside the shop was damaged, but not as much as she thought it’d be. And everyone outside just walked through the damage, like it was the most normal thing ever!

    “Then again, with how weird this place is, this is the most normal thing I’ve seen so far.” Nicole mumbled to herself.

    Waking back to the shop, she picked up her stuff and went back to shopping.

    She’ll figure out what’s up with this town eventually.

    “Where is it?” Jacob asked himself, growing impatient. He had been looking for his contacts for nearly 20 minutes now, but found nothing.

    After a little more digging he finally found it, “Aha!” Once he opened the box he realized that theses weren’t his contacts, not the usual ones at least. These were the red contacts his friends had got him a few months ago as a joke.

    Looking at the time, he realized he was running late. Oh well, guess that’ll do.

    He put on the contacts with a sigh.

    Some people waved at him, then gave him weird looks when they saw his eyes, some even took a step back away from him, which really confused him.

    Either way, he reached the grocery store and got everything he needed, and stuff were going well until he reached the cashier.

    She took his things and scanned them, “Okay, sir, that will be—” she finally looked up to meet his eyes and she shouted, “He’s overshadowed!”

    A lot of people turned their heads while Jacob mouthed “overshadowed” to himself, not knowing what it means.

    With the corner of his eye, he saw a security guard pulling a strange looking gun and points it at him, before he can react the guard pulled the trigger.

    Jacob closed his eyes shut, waiting for impact that never happened. When he opened them she saw the security guard and a couple of other people -including the cashier- looking confused, not as much as he was though.

    “It… passed through him?” The security guard asked.

    Jacob froze, it did what now?

    “But, his eyes!” Argued the cashier, “They’re red!”

    Jacob looked at her, “What? These are contacts!”

    With that, everyone calmed down… until the guard became furious, “Contacts? Contacts?! Are you crazy?!”

    Jacob took a step back subconsciously as the guard came closer.

    “You don’t wear colorful contacts around here, especially not red or green! It’s a clear sign of overshadowing!” The guard shouted.

    “Over… what?” Asked Jacob confused.

    The guard pinched his nose “You’re new here?” At Jacob’s nod, he continued. “Well take theses off and don’t wear them again!”

    Maybe he should’ve just looked for his normal contacts.

    When Nicole finally entered the house she saw her husband laying on the couch looking just as stressed as she was.

    “The town got to you too, huh.” She pushed him to a setting position and sat down next to him.

    “Someone tried to shoot me.” Jacob started, shocking his wife, “But… the shoot went right through me, I didn’t even feel it!”

    Nicole put a hand on her head to calm down her headache, “There was some sort of attack or something at the mall, but no one paid it any mind! The center was completely destroyed and they acted like it was the most normal thing ever!” She explained, freaking out a bit, “A-And I saw something! It was flying and glowing and—”

    “Looked like a shooting star?” Her husband guessed.

    She gaped at him. “Yes! How did you know?”

    Jacob sighed, “I was the same thing on our first night here.”

    A few minutes passed where neither of them spoke, trying to process everything, when suddenly a crashing sound came from right outside.

    Sharing a look they quickly got out the door to check it. They saw a flash of light coming from the ally right next to the house so they ran there, determined to actually see what’s going on this time.

    Only to stop when all they saw was a couple of knocked-over garbage cans and the same white-haired boy from yesterday holding what seemed to be a soup thermos. What was his name? Oh, right.

    “Phantom?” Jacob wondered.

    Phantom turned to them, in the daylight it almost looked like he was glowing. “Oh, hey.” He waved at them before strapping to the thermos to his belt, “Sorry about the mess, I’ll—” He suddenly froze when he seemed to hear something, then quickly jumped over the big trash container, grabbed to the pipes of the house, their house, then jumped on the roof and started running just as someone shouted “Get back here!” And the couple looked up to see a girl(?) in a red suit riding on a hoverboard, chasing Phantom as both quickly disappeared.

    What. The. Fuck.

    Jacob turned to his wife, “Still think we’ll make it a week?”

    Nope. She did not.

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  • thesoulspulse
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Good Vlad AU (Black Cat)

    Good Vlad: *in thick accent* Black cat bring good luck-

    Madison the cat: *rubs her cheek affectionately against his hand*

    Good Vlad: *continues saying while petting his precious kitty* -Not bad luck. I have black cat -See, her face- And I am not dead today: Good luck!

    Madison the cat: Meow Merow *purrs innocently*


    #danny phantom #danny phantom au #good vlad au #vlad masters#vlad plasmius#madison #maddie the cat #black cat bring good luck #black cat#tictok#meme#thesoul'spulse#thesoulspulse #the souls pulse #the soul's pulse #au#alternate universe #danny phantom chat #chat #this was too cute to pass up #cat meme#cat
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  • otakukira
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    wait AU where Wes knows about Danny’s secret but DOESNT SAY anything and instead tries to help him out under the radar. like if he knows that Danny missed a class, then the next day there’s notes from the lecture on Danny’s desk. if Danny missed lunch then maybe Wes throws a few protein bars or something in his backpack when he’s not looking. Wes could cover for him and make up excuses to teachers if they notice he’s gone.

    Wes doesn’t see the need to blab about Danny being Phantom. he only sees Danny struggling to balance ghost things with his classes and just wants to try to make it easier for him. he sees that Danny gets hurt from fighting. he also knows what his parents think about Phantom. Wes actually thinks about this rationally and decides saying something might do more harm.

    #are all my aus about wes?? yeahhh.. #he’s not even canon what am i doing #i wanna read a fanfic like this. like wes becomes a part of the gang and helps out team phantom #danny phantom#dp#dp au #danny phantom au #dp prompt#wes weston#wesley weston #unidentified flying ship
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  • aesthetic-ghoost
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Leukophobia Update

    I know I haven’t been posting much.

    But the fic is still coming, I’m still in the process of outlining it, I’d say I’m about halfway through.

    I’m excited to write it too.

    I don’t have much to say, so that’ll be it for a small update:

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  • snackleggg
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I find it funny how in ghost king Danny au's where the Ghost Zone itself has some sort of sentience, something that happens a lot is it will take one look at Danny and be like "That one, I want that one"

    The two examples that come to mind are:

    Little Lion King by @floralflowerpower where one of the characters state that Mother (the GZ) likes Danny even if he was an accident

    Mortified by @five-rivers where the Ghost Zone basically tells the Ancients "I pick this one and if you don't listen you are going to WISH you were still under Pariah Dark's rule"

    The Ghost Zone itself is adopting this child and no one is going to stop it.

    If anyone knows any other fics where something like this happens pls tell me

    #danny phantom #danny phantom au #little lion king #mortified#ghost zone#common themes
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  • vampirequeenoffan
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Shiptember day six: First Meeting

    I went back and forth on this one but some new notes on the vampire AU concept I came up with a while ago made me want to go for it, so! Danny and Val’s first meeting in a universe where he’s less ghosty and more bitey. . . but Val’s still just as curious and ready to throw down.

    Better run for it before she recognizes you, Danny-boy!

    #Danny Phantom#Valerie Gray#Gray Ghost #dp shiptember 2021 #Vampire AU #blood drinking tw #blood tw
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  • shinygoldstar
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago


    26 Days, Ghost Theme, going in alphabetical order (I probably missed out on some ghosts. Can be any ghost that fits the ABC theme. Free days are anything, doesn't have to be ghosts)

    a amorpho / aragon

    b bertrand / box ghost / box ghost and box lunch

    c clockwork / cujo

    d dora / desiree / dannys / dairy king

    e ember / ectopusses

    f frostbite / fright knight

    g ghost writer

    h hotep ra? / free day

    i (free day)

    j Johnny

    k klemper / kitty

    l lunch lady / lydia

    m (free day)

    n nocturn

    o observants

    p pandora / pariah dark

    q (free day)

    r (free day)

    s sidney / skulker

    t technus

    u undergrowth

    v vultures / vlad / vlad and the vultures / vortex

    w wulf / walker

    x (free day)

    y youngblood

    z (free day)

    #danny phantom #which i probably won't be able to finish all considering I'm biting off more than i can chew again #goldpost #dp inktober calendar
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  • shinygoldstar
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago


    someone pls help tell me is this a prank edit or canon

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  • ectoplasmicsoda
    25.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    A Crown Royal aesthetic board!

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  • floralflowerpower
    25.09.2021 - 5 hours ago
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  • danny-phantom-slut
    25.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    sentient infinite realms and ghost zone au, but they love Danny. it's literally the equivalent of a mom being protective over their first and only child

    #danny phantom #sentient ghost zone #sentient ghost zone au #dp#dp au #like the ghost zone is dannys parent now #the zone took one look at danny and was like is anyone gonna parent him #and didnt wait for an answer #technically danny is the zones child tho #he was made when the portal turned on #he owes his death and life to a portal LITERALLY OPENING UP INSIDE HIM #so now the zone responds to danny #semi sentient ectoplasm always gravitates to danny #the zone subconsciously protects danny #and when danny beats pariah dark #he literally takes his birth right as the high ghost king #clockwork is like the cool uncle
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  • playedcrowd5610
    25.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Danny Phantom Head Canons -Part 4

    This is part 4 of my Danny Phantom head canons!  I hope you enjoy! ^^

    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

    61. Sometimes if Sam is really annoyed with Danny she will threaten to put Danny in the thermos.  

    62. During the summer Danny’s friends and sister use him as a walking air conditioner, following him around and asking him to make himself colder for them

    63. Jazz learned how to drive the GAV, and Danny didn’t because he thinks flying is better.

    64. Danny doesn't like to overshadow people, it is his least favorite power after the Freakshow incident.  He hates the idea of taking away someone's free will. 

    65. If Danny uses his ghostly wail in his human form he can’t talk for a week as it would have shredded his vocal cords.

    66. Danny has tons of scars all over his body, he is very self conscious about taking off his shirt around other people.  The scars include: claw marks, burn marks, weapon marks (stab wounds and cuts), and large bruises.  He also has one more prominent scar in the shape of a lightning strike spreading up his left arm from where he got electrocuted and died. It looks very faint in his human form but much more noticeable in his ghost form if he uncovers his arm.

    67. Princess Dora is really skilled in using a sword, and is completely self taught.

    68. Danny’s favorite colour is Red, but Phantom’s favorite colour is blue.  For some reason they have different favorite colours and Danny doesn't know why.

    69. When Danny is being affectionate his core purrs, Sam and Tucker often joke about it.

    70. Ghosts get very defensive about their deaths and obsessions.  You never ask a ghost how they died, you WILL regret it. It is uncommon for a ghost not to attack you if you ask. 

    71. Sometimes Box Ghost and Lunch Lady drop off their daughter Box lunch with Phantom to babysit.  Sometimes Danny brings her over to hang out with Sam as she is much better at taking care of kids than Danny is.  Box lunch likes to call her Auntie Sam

    72. Sometimes Johnny comes to check on Danny and make sure he is okay with his parents, and make sure he is safe.  As Johnny had bad parents as well, he feels for Danny having ghost hunting parents.  

    73. If Danny is extremely exhausted Skulker will stop mid fight to ask if he is okay.  If Danny says he is fine they will continue fighting.  But if something really bad happens Skulker will leave Danny alone, saying that he will only fight the best and wait till Danny is better.

    74. Cujo follows Danny around because Danny was the first ghost (being like him) that he ever met after he died.  They are now bonded and Cujo can track him anywhere. 

    75. All of the other ghosts call Cujo Phantom’s dog, but Danny always denies it saying that Cujo just really likes him.  He’s not fooling anybody.

    76. There are only two types of cores, fire and Ice, fire is much more common of a core and 95% of ghosts will be fire core ghosts.  Also depending on the ghosts specialty, fire core ghosts can control electricity/lightning.  Examples are Technus controlling Technology and Pandora shooting lighting. 

    77. Vortex has a rare thing that is known as a split core.  A fire and ice core.  He can use these to control all of the elements.  And when he splits himself in half, one half can control only fire core elements and the other half can only control Ice core things.  Both halves are their respective colors of red and blue and slightly smaller than his normal green form.

    78. The far frozen is too cold for fire core ghosts to go to for long periods of time.  If they are there too long they can get sick and need to get back to their lair/haunt to recharge.

    79. Most ghosts do not know that Danny has met Clockwork, and some of them think the master of time is a myth.

    80. Most ghosts often use quotes like ‘Clockwork be with you’ or ‘Thank the Ancients’. Including Danny.

    81. Seeing as Danny had defeated Pariah dark in a battle he technically has full rights to take over the throne but Danny doesn't want to do this because he sees it as controlling other people, he sees that everyone else was already doing just fine on their own so he decides to leave them be, and they are extremely grateful for that.

    This was part 4 of some of my DP head cannons.  Please tell me if you want to see more, and what you thought of them. <3

    And also, what are some of your own Danny phantom head canons?  I would love to hear about them!

    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

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  • pbeltarts
    25.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    i leave you with these sketchy redraws + a doodle bc Danny Fenton is a national treasure

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