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  • sailorchips
    08.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    My trio of dannyohantomexe fanart that blew up on my Instagram!! Mostly just because he noticed the first one lmao

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  • darlingdannyphantomexe
    01.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Happy Birthday, Danny, I love you so much and I hope you have an amazing day 💜

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  • tempobaekh
    29.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Danny setting up a Christmas tree

    This video was so much chaos

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  • miss-starkov
    28.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    me: waiting for dannyphantom.exe to start his twitch stream so i can get my boost of serotonin

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  • snortlavender
    23.10.2020 - 7 monts ago

    this is exclusively for dannyphantomexe who’s real  maybe.

    Dear Danny,

    I was first introduced to your content not even a week ago, and yet, I already am too invested in your life.

    A week ago I stumbled onto a video of you reading fanfiction about yourself!!!! a task many are too fearful to even attempt!!! for this I admire your bravery and even at the first glance, I was delighted. Next, of course, I raided your youtube and watched the two other videos you had posted at the time. Next, was your tiktok, rich with content. (I’m realizing that this could have explicit undertones now and I apologize, just my writing style is dangerous liaisons, but more about that in a second). What stole my heart in its entirety was how you marked off your age by saying “season 18″, a clear indication that you steer clear of the outdoors as much as me.

     As I continued through your tiktok, I found that you were in theater like I also was and enjoy the same animes I have such as tokyo ghoul, naruto and ALTA. At this point, the matter of whom my heart belonged to was almost settled, nearly definite, it just needed one last kick into hopeless crushing. This kick, you were very quick to supply in the form of you tying your hair back so you looked like a samurai (which, objectively speaking, is really cool). This catches the story up to the present so now I will just speak frankly.

    Seeing as we will probably never see each other or even make online contact, I demand you to stop it. Stop being so cute all the time. Just when I think you’ve decided your sole content will be  thirst tiktoks, you make a naruto one. I would almost say it’s infuriating, but I could never be angry with you, who would take care of your mushrooms?

    Just take your “choccy milk” and leave my head at once,

    or stay, just don’t move the books and hypothetical situations around too much,



    P.S. - possibly my favorite movie is dangerous liaisons, with their constant banter and reputation crushing comebacks, and the gentleman voice reminds me of that. Also, I think this fan-base could be called the “darlings”

    #dannyphantomexe #god i fucking hate myself its ok
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  • dannyphantomexe
    09.09.2020 - 9 monts ago

    stargazing (dannyphantom.exe imagine)

    intro: you're starcrossed lovers from opposing families, who meet under the midnight sky. also he's a gentleman from the 1800's. kind of based on his tiktok.

    she/her/hers pronouns are used for (Y/N)

    Warnings: N/A


    (Y/N) was from one of the richest and royal families in London. Her parents had both been born into the royal hierarchy and soon enough they were wed, not by choice. (Y/N) was next in line to get married, but she did not want to be forced into it. There were many balls and galas that were to assist her parents in picking the right suitor for their daughter, and boy was it hard for them.

    (Y/N) was very passionate about things she thinks are right and it is why most suitors have decided to choose someone else. (Y/N) had one more chance to choose before her parents chose for her.


    The ball was full of laughter, music, excitement. It was a masquerade and there were so many different masks that hid everyone from one another. (Y/N) had enough of the socialization and wandered off into the nearby halls.

    A stranger stood glancing at the paintings that were neatly hung. "Not a partier?"

    Her voice startled the man. He hadn't been expecting anyone to be out in the halls.

    "I guess I could say the same towards you. Shouldn't you be out dancing?" He spoke with a mild british accent.

    "I would if the party wasn't for me." (Y/N) said walking closer to him. "I'm (Y/N) Marelia and you?"

    "Daniel Pearse, my friends call me Danny." Her eyes widened. A Pearse? She was advised to stay away from this family, and she knew they were never invited to our events.

    "Pearse? You shouldn't be here they'd arrest you." (Y/N) whisper-yelled at the boy infront of her.

    "It's not like they'll know it's me darling." He replied, his voice sounded like heaven to (Y/N)'s ears. He glanced towards the door he came in through then back to the beauty infront of him. "We should leave. Go explore the city."

    "I'd love to."


    Y/N returned home the next morning after the night with Danny. She was met immediately with her parents. They were furious.

    They were well aware of her night with the rival families son, and forbid her to see him again. Her father wouldn't stop yelling. He then put the final blow that would break her heart. He chose for her, and there was no looking back.


    It had been three months since she first met Daniel. It had been two weeks since she last saw him on her balcony. (Y/N) had two more months until she was to marry William Harrin. The Harrin's were friends of the families, but (Y/N) was never close to William. He was arrogant and self-centered, something she loathed about him. She realized she could never love him the same she did Danny.

    Around 11:30 PM, she escaped out the window straight towards the garden's back gate that led to the city. She had to go quickly, worried about the guards catching her. It didn't take her long to get to the city streets and she took off towards the Pearse household, where she would meet with Danny a few streets before his home.

    "Oh, hello darling! You look as gorgeous as always." Danny spoke softly when she arrived. Their smiles illuminated the city street. "How are your parents?"

    "The same as usual. Bossing and pulling me around. I wish it would stop. But overall they're good." (Y/N) told him grabbing onto his hand.

    "That's good.." Daniel trailed off as if he was nervous. "I was thinking.. we could go walk along the seaside? Go stargazing and just talk? Just like we talk about.. I brought the carridge to keep us from walking more."

    (Y/N) smiled at his nervousness. "I'd love to dear."

    The two took off on their adventure to the seaside. They talked endlessly for hours on end. Making eachother feel safe and at home. The two soon rested on a bench under the moonlight.

    "A few months ago, if you told me I met a Pearse in the flesh. I would have called you a liar, but here we are... And I'm falling in love with you every minute." (Y/N) said with certainty in her voice. Her cheeks were flamed with red as she awaited his answer.

    "Darling.. I had always wondered what it was like, what it would feel like to find my true love and I've realized I'm living through it. You've brightened my world and I couldn't picture you not in it." Danny held a light grasp on her chin, turning her face towards him. "I love you too Ms. Marelia."

    The two moved together for a kiss. It was euphoric. They felt as if a wave of happiness and love had just poured over them. The seconds felt like minutes as they sat in the moment; however, they needed to breathe at some point.

    "Let's run away." (Y/N) suggested. "We could be together forever and we won't have to deal with my marriage, and the stupid family rivalry... It'll just be us two."

    "Where to though? We can't go anywhere else in the United Kingdom they'll find us." Danny questioned her. She hadn't thought of that before speaking. "What about France? It's across the sea we'll be safe."

    "As long as I'm with you, anywhere is enough."


    It's been a year in France. The couple owns a cottage in a small village on the North Eastern side of the country. Their families have yet to find them, and the two have yet to write them on their whereabouts.

    A few months into their journey, Daniel proposed. Since then they had gotten married and are happily living the small village life.

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  • qoinq-qhost
    21.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    personally offended bc tiktok user dannyphantomexe looks like danny but has never done a danny cosplay. illegal.

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