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  • justplainwhump
    27.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    7 - Dany

    (Part of the “Shattered Diamonds”- (formerly: “happy”)AU with @ocean-blue-whump)

    Dany has been reunited with her kidnapped husband, and it’s not going well.

    Dany Canon Masterlist || Sunny Canon Masterlist

    [Part 1] [Previous] [Next] || [Masterlist] || [Ao3]

    Tagging the Dany and Sunny crew! @ashintheairlikesnow @whumpinggrounds @whumptakesthecake @whumpfessional @winedark-whump @painful-pooch @distinctlywhumpthing @whumping-on-the-ridge @queenofthenoobs @hackles-up @whumping-newbie @just-horrible-things - let us know if you want to be added or removed from this tag list.

    CW: kidnapping, referenced pet whump / trafficking (BBU), forced to watch, humiliation, caretaker and whumpee angst.

    "Enzo," Dany yells, half out of the chair, but there's a heavy hand on her shoulder and with her hands tied she can't fight it.

    Towering over Lorenzo's curled up figure, Ian is looking straight at her, smirking. Waiting.

    Shit. She needs to be reasonable. Ian Wilcox is relentless. Dany counts to ten, controls her ragged breathing, focuses on herself. The cheap fabric of the T-shirt and sweatpants they made her change into, to lose any trackers. The metal of the cuffs cutting into her wrists. The bruise on her upper arm, where the driver - Andrey - had grabbed her to lead her here.

    She's here. She's strong. She can do this. She can't lose herself in dread now. She has a job to do. That's the only thing she can do for Enzo now.

    She cuts his whimpers from his mind, his voice she's so familiar with and yet has never heard so desperate. Forbids herself to look at him writhing on the ground, but meets Ian's gaze instead.

    He’s smiling. “So, bitch. If we unlock your cuffs, will you behave?”

    Jerkily, she nods.

    Ian tilts his head. "Release her."

    Andrey's hand leaves her shoulder, and some seconds later with a small click, the cuffs fall off her wrists.

    And she obeys. She sits back on the chair and pulls over the laptop computer. It's just herself, doing the job she does every day. Moving illegal goods. She’s good at it. She can do it.

    Another man comes in, with a stack of files, and a leering, disgusting glance down at - no, nothing, there's nothing, she can't follow the man's gaze.

    Without a word she yanks the files out of his hands and starts flipping through the papers.

    There's the files for the pets, Dany skims past these with rising nausea. So many of them. Numbers, designations, photographs. It's making her nauseous. "I don't need these," she mumbles. They know, probably. They just want her to think the one thought she refuses to let take over. That Lorenzo's picture could be on one of these.

    No. She's working.

    She doesn't find what she needs, though.

    "How are... how is the... cargo stored?", she asks carefully.

    "Long haul freight boxes", Ian replies. There's a small cry as he yanks Lorenzo back to his knees by his collar. Dany clenches her teeth and looks away, before he can try and meet her gaze. She couldn't live with it. Ian chuckles. "They're called box boys for a reason."

    She stares at the bare, windowless wall, eyes following the straight lines of the concrete. "How are they sustained?"

    "They're sound asleep. Special container that keeps them warm."

    "Do you have freight papers?", she asks. "Cargo declarations?"

    Ian sighs. "What do you think you're here for, Hammond?"

    "I can... I can get you these, yeah. But..." She frowns, calculating the time frame. "When do you want this shipment to leave?"

    "It should be in Rotterdam in ten days."

    Her gaze flies back to him. He's serious. Face calm, lightly smiling, while his fingers are playing with Lorenzo's hair. She feels sick. "I hope this isn't a problem."

    "It's impossible", Dany breathes. "I don't even have a boat ready, and without the paperwork, it's at least -"

    “Are you questioning me?” Ian grips Lorenzo’s hair tightly, drawing a whimper from him. Dany flinches. “Ten days, Danielle. You get the eight pieces of cargo to Rotterdam in ten days, or I’ll be adding another boxie to the list. Hell, he’s even got a collar on already. I think he’ll fit right in with the others. Don’t you agree, Lorenzo?”

    “Yes,” he whimpers.

    “Yes, what?” The other man asks, the one who can’t stop looking at Lorenzo, the one whose every movement makes Dany’s stomach clench.

    Lorenzo’s eyes squeeze shut. “Yes, sir.” 

    She wishes Enzo would shut up. She can deal with Ian and his lackeys on a power trip, she can deal with insane pressure, she has turned hopeless situations to her favor more often than not. She can't deal with her husband playing along with their sick game. She can't think, hearing him like this. Like he's already given up. Like she's already lost. She hasn't. They haven't.

    "You don't," she mutters. "You don't agree, you don't fit in, Lorenzo, you're not a pet yet and you're not going to be one."

    “As long as you cooperate, that will be true.” Ian releases his grip on Lorenzo’s hair. “Ten days. You’ll find a way, if you really want to keep your husband.”

    He walks forward and leans on the desk, glaring down at Dany. “Rotterdam. My patience is wearing thin, and I wouldn’t recommend testing me. I can make this so much worse.” He takes a step back, arms crossed over his chest. “You’re the Hammond bitch. So proud of your skills, aren’t you? Figure it out.”

    She's pulled a list of the ships at her disposal, their routes, all harbors at the coast. Her eyes are flickering between the lists and the sea charts on the computer screen, while she bites her lip.

    Fucking hell. Of course she's right. It's impossible. Two weeks, if she's lucky and cashes in a lot of favors. Twelve days, maybe but that'd border a miracle. Ten days, never.

    Ian has been in the business longer than her. He's not an idiot. He must know, too. He's playing her, and she has no idea for what.

    "No", she says flatly. "No chance. Fourteen days."

    “Well then.” Ian taps his fingers on the desk and turns to the man in the corner. "Adam, why don't you give our good friend Handler Hanford a call? Tell him that we've got a pretty slut on our hands that would fit in perfectly with the white walls at WRU."

    Adam grins. "Sure thing, bo-."

    "No!" Dany is halfway across the desk, one hand on Ian's arm, the other curled into a fist, before she can think. Before she sees the tiny, knowing smile on his face.

    He's playing her.

    And she just lost.

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  • ocean-blue-whump
    27.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    6 - Lorenzo

    (Happy!AU - The Kidnapping Arc -> Shattered Diamonds)

    The very angsty arc of the Happy!AU where Dany never gets forced to marry Ridley Lordin and follows in her father’s footsteps as a crime lord, Lorenzo Whitlock never becomes Sunny, and their one-night stand at the Bahamas leads to a happy, loving marriage. This is a collaboration with @justplainwhump , Dany is her character.

    Dany Masterlist || Sunny Masterlist

    [Part 1] [Previous] [Next] [Masterlist (coming soon)]

    Tagging both the Dany crew and the Sunny crew! @ashintheairlikesnow @whumpinggrounds @whumptakesthecake @whumpfessional @winedark-whump @painful-pooch @distinctlywhumpthing @whumping-on-the-ridge @queenofthenoobs @hackles-up @whumping-newbie @just-horrible-things - let us know if you want to be added or removed from this tag list.

    CW: 18+ for implications/overall (not explicit), derogatory language, intimate whumper, recorded torture reference, referenced pet whump, organized crime, some violence at the end


    “I'm sorry for being such a-a desperate w-wh-whore that I needed some, something in my m-mouth. It w-won't happen again. Please d-don't let them hurt me." 

    It's the fifth fucking time Lorenzo has heard that video, and every single time, Adam has laughed. "You looked so good like that, baby," he says, almost reverently. 

    Lorenzo tips his head back, staring up at the concrete ceiling and the dim lighting. He's too tired to talk, he can still feel where the gun was, where his voice is raspy now. 

    "Hey," Adam snaps. "Look at me when I'm talking to you, diamond boy." 

    His breath catches. He can't take it if they keep calling him that. It's worse that "slut" or "whore," he can take those. But not Dany's nickname for him. 

    Lorenzo turns his head to face Adam. "P-please," he croaks. "Can I h-have a towel? T-to wipe off m-my face." 

    Adam smirks. "Nah, I like you better like this." 

    Lorenzo wishes he could curl up and die, but he's tied to a fucking chair with nowhere to go. 

    "Suck on it, slut," followed by a chorus of gagging sounds echoes through the room. 

    Lorenzo twists his wrists in his restraints, but the zip ties burn as they cut into his skin. He can't take any more pain today. Or however long it's been since he was drugged and gagged here. He doesn't know, he's not allowed to see the sun. 

    The door swings open and a tall, muscular man with dark hair and piercing blue eyes steps through the door. "Get him up," he says to Adam. "His wife's coming to get him." So this must be their boss. 

    Adam grins and cuts the zip tie, hoisting Lorenzo to his feet. The world spins for a moment, they haven't been feeding him or giving him water. 

    Lorenzo puts his hands in front of his face as much as he can. "Please d-don't hit me," he whispers. He's a coward, they all know it. He's pathetic. 

    The boss ignores him, turning to Adam. "I'll walk our hostage. You go get what Hammond will need to complete our business." 

    "Yes, sir," Adam says, walking away. Lorenzo is happy to see him go, but at least Adam was predictable.

    He doesn't know what this new man will do to him. 

    The boss handcuffs Lorenzo's hands behind his back and pushes him forward. "Keep it moving." 

    Lorenzo bites his tongue and obeys, tears and drool dried on his face, still in his apron and collar and underwear. He doesn't want this, he can't do this anymore.

    The boss forces him to his knees, just five yards from a desk. "You'll see your wife any minute now, pet," he coos, running his hand through Lorenzo's hair. 

    Pet. He hates that fucking word, seeing how he almost was one all those years ago. Dany saved him. He can only hope she'll do it again. He can only hope she'll want to do it again, even after what he just did. 

    There she is, all the way across the room, wearing different clothes than he last saw her in and handcuffed but she doesn't seem hurt and his heart is a soaring, Dany, Dany, Dany over and over until he sees that she looks horrified. He wants to run to her, he knows what will happen if he tries. And maybe she doesn't want him anywhere near her. 

    "Come to retrieve your plaything?" the boss calls.

    "Enzo", she yells, ignoring the men, as she runs over to him. Kauffmann and the other man who entered with her don't seem to care. Her hands are tied behind her back, but she still manages to fall to her knees in front of him and press herself against him in a desperate attempt at a hug. "I'm here, I'm with you, I've got this, okay?"

    Seeing her, touching her as much as he can, has his eyes brimming with tears. "I'm scared," he whispers. "I'm so s-scared."

    Before she has a chance to answer, the boss yanks her up and shoves her towards the chair. "Sit down, Danielle," he says, drawing out the syllables of her first name. "Let's get down to business if you want to see your husband without a barcode on his wrist."

    Dany lifts her eyes at him, gaze switching from worry to pure, unadulterated hatred. He’s never seen her like this. It’s terrifying. "You'll fucking regret pulling him into this, Ian. This business should have remained between the two of us." She sits down in the chair anyway, all but falling onto her tied hands. She doesn’t look at Lorenzo any longer, oddly focused on the other man. "I'm ready. Now, you going to uncuff me, or do you want me to dictate?" She grimaces."I can do both."

    The boss—Ian’s—eyes narrow at Kauffmann. “Why’s the bitch cuffed in the first place? I know she would have come willingly, seeing how we have her little lapdog.”

    Lorenzo shudders as Ian plays with a lock of his hair. Dany won’t look at him, why won’t she look at him? She must be too disgusted with how obedient and quiet and good he is. How he’s already just a pet. 

    Kauffmann is holding himself awkwardly stiff, as he replies. "Bitch took a moment or two to understand who's in charge now. Tried to fight, dislocated my shoulder. Andrey popped it back in. Hurts, though."

    Lorenzo can’t hide his smile. Yes, Dany. Fight back. Even though she didn’t get far, she tried. She made Kauffmann hurt. 

    “Well, I guess we have to teach her a lesson, don’t we?” Ian’s hands leave Lorenzo’s hair but he doesn’t move away. He doesn’t need to keep holding onto Lorenzo to keep him still, his cold voice is enough of a threat. Lorenzo feels sick to his stomach. “This isn’t a joke, Danielle. Your husband’s life is on the line here. So if you’re not a cold hearted bitch, I’d suggest following my orders.”

    Ian moves quickly, placing his hands on Lorenzo’s shoulder and arm, and pushes and pulls at the same time. There’s a horrific pop and crunch and Lorenzo’s mind whites out with the overwhelming pain. 

    He falls to the floor screaming, tears blurring his vision. His arm is pulled uncomfortably from the handcuffs and it hurts so bad, he’s not good at pain, he can’t do this anymore. His screams taper off into a pathetic whine and he closes his eyes. 

    He hopes Dany listens to them. He feels horrible for thinking that but he doesn’t want to leave here broken.

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  • justplainwhump
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    5 - Dany

    (Part of the “Shattered Diamonds”-AU with @ocean-blue-whump)

    In which Dany learns about the intentions of the kidnappers, and makes her first mistake.

    Dany Canon Masterlist || Sunny Canon Masterlist

    [Part 1] [Previous] [Next] || [Masterlist] || [Ao3]

    Tagging the Dany and Sunny crew! @ashintheairlikesnow @whumpinggrounds @whumptakesthecake @whumpfessional @winedark-whump @painful-pooch @distinctlywhumpthing @whumping-on-the-ridge @queenofthenoobs @hackles-up @whumping-newbie @just-horrible-things

    CW: guns, referenced kidnapping, vaguely referenced pet whump (BBU), and a tad of violence.

    Dany stares blankly at the empty screen, mind refusing to process what she's just witnessed. Her fingers are still clenched in Kauffmann's jacket, his hands around her wrists with iron strength.

    "Well," he breathes into her hair. "Good advice from your husband. Do as we say. Don't let us hurt him, hm?"

    He lets go of her and shoves her back so that she tumbles into her office chair, while Kauffmann settles on the edge of her desk in front of him. "Damn, I could really need a drink after this. Do you happen to keep something in your office?"

    Dany's eyes wander to her gun at the other end of the desk. Too far, she thinks numbly. Maybe better. She shouldn't do anything stupid. But damn, she feels like it.

    Kauffmann leans back casually and picks it up himself, spinning the weapon in his hands tentatively, before he points it to the framed picture on her desk. Her and Lorenzo, both laughing, on a far away beach, flowers in her hair, his shirt open a little too much. Their wedding.

    The gun traces the lines of his face on the photo. "Shouldn't get married in that business of ours," he muses. "People will get hurt."

    "I'll kill you", she says flatly and meets his gaze. There's a cold rage gathering in the pit of her stomach, and it feels so much better than the helpless dread from when she was watching the feed. It's just the two of them now. "You won't get away with this."

    "Oh, come on." He points the gun to her face. "It was just a gun. There'll be worse if you act up, sweetheart." Kauffmann taps the nuzzle to her lower lip and she flinches. He laughs. "Personally, I'm not into obscene displays like that one, but I am pretty sure there are people out there who'd pay a good price for a pet like your husband. He obviously enjo-"

    No. Her instinct is faster than her reason.

    Dany grabs his wrist with one hand, her other hand on his shoulder. With a sharp snap, he lands on the ground, screaming. The gun is back in her hand, pointed between his eyes. "No," she growls.

    Kauffmann is curled up on the floor, hand clenching his dislocated shoulder. Tears are forming in his eyes, his face contorted with pain. "You fucking.... bitch."

    "People do get hurt," she coldly repeats his words from before. "You fucking chose this business, unlike my husband. Now you tell me what you want from me, or I swear I'll make you hurt more."

    "We'll kill him," he cries. "We'll kill your pathetic -"

    She places a foot on his shoulder, just lightly, and he traces off with a whine.

    "Then you die, too, Kauffmann. You're here for a deal. Believe me, I'll do a fucking lot of things to make sure Lorenzo gets back to me, but you've got to know that to me, your life is as negotiable as his is to you. Now. What does your boss want?"

    Kauffmann groans in pain under her foot, and however much he fucking deserves this for what his lackeys just did, Dany pulls back and steps away.

    Lorenzo is still in their hands. Deep down, in a cruel, hurtful part of her, she knows there's nothing she can do. They're going to break him, regardless. She remembers the men's laughter, Lorenzo's foggy eyes, his shaking voice, the dread and despair and humiliation.

    There has been a void in him that she's never seen, and that scares her like nothing else ever did.

    She has to defend him. She has to protect him, not avenge him.


    Glaring at her, Kauffmann pulls himself up on the floor to lean against the heavy wood of her desk. "You... You know what he wants." His voice is clogged with sobs, and he's fighting to steady it. "We've... talked about it. The... shipment. You will do it." His eyes narrow, an odd sight with the tears in his lashes. "Can't... can't take out the competition and not live with the... backlash. Somebody has to ship our goods."

    "Your goods are... people."

    Kauffmann snorts and shakes his head. "Your goods kill people. Besides, they aren't people any more. They're pets. It's even legal here."

    "Legality isn't exactly the point. It's disg-"

    "Princess", Kauffmann says sternly, looking at her past the gun. "We're... here to talk business, not morals. This... cargo needs to be smuggled to Europe, asap. The goods are ready, the buyers are waiting. You forced Sommerville out of business - congratulations on a coup well done - and now you take over. Shouldn't play the game when you don't like the rules."

    Dany's hand clenches around the gun. "You're coming after my family."

    "You failed to protect him."

    She unlocks the pistol, but Kauffmann just chuckles.

    "This is your chance at making this right to him. Come with me, comply, make sure our shipment crosses the ocean and arrives safely, and you get your husband back. Don't, and he ends up part of it."

    He doesn't repeat any of his comments from before. About how pretty Lorenzo looks. How lovely his voice sounds, when he begs. About what a perfect pet he would make. He doesn't need to. She understands.

    She remembers.

    Tears are welling up in her eyes, and she doesn't even try hiding them.

    "Fine," she whispers. This isn't about morale. This is about Lorenzo. About how she failed him. "You win." She puts the safety back in, and drops the gun to the ground. The clatter rings in her ears, the sound of defeat. "Where... where do we start?"

    He’s smiling despite the pain in his eyes. “First, Ms Hammond, you’re going to see your husband. It’s your anniversary, after all.”

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  • orionangeline
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Still angry that the Elders are alive in Boruto and I'll never get over until they DIE

    Sasuke! U slacker! Kill themmmmm

    #i uh hate them a lil. not as much as like danzo but still some
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  • atqh16
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Reading a Naruto au fic where Fugaku is basically a good dad who not so subtly tells Danzo to fuck off with his manipulation and fuck off to Hiruzen for treating Naruto like shit and inevitably preventing the Uchiha Massacre and I’m crying cause it may not have been the Fugaku we got but it was the Fugaku we deserve.

    #I love aus where the uchiha massacre never happened #I know it’s a vital part of the plot of Naruto #but it’s one of the most tragic parts of the story #and Naruto is already a pretty tragic manga #I love fanfic writers #it’s only 3 chapters in #it’s called to ‘perspicacious’ #ngl I didn’t like the rest of it #but worth reading for those first 3 chapters alone #naruto fanfiction#Naruto#fugaku uchiha#Danzo#danzo shimura#fuck danzo#sasuke uchiha#uchiha clan#naruto uzumaki
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  • ocean-blue-whump
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    4 - Lorenzo

    (Happy!AU - The Kidnapping Arc -> Shattered Diamonds)

    The very angsty arc of the Happy!AU where Dany never gets forced to marry Ridley Lordin and follows in her father’s footsteps as a crime lord, Lorenzo Whitlock never becomes Sunny, and their one-night stand at the Bahamas leads to a happy, loving marriage. This is a collaboration with @justplainwhump , Dany is her character. 

    Dany Masterlist || Sunny Masterlist

    [Part 1] [Previous] [Next] [Masterlist (coming soon)]

    Tagging both the Dany crew and the Sunny crew! @ashintheairlikesnow @whumpinggrounds @whumptakesthecake @whumpfessional @winedark-whump @painful-pooch @distinctlywhumpthing @whumping-on-the-ridge @queenofthenoobs @hackles-up @whumping-newbie​ - let us know if you want to be added or removed from this tag list.

    CW: NSFW. 18+. GUN IN MOUTH, creepy/intimate whumper, derogatory language, bad gun safety, loved one forced to watch, self-loathing, humiliation, degradation


    Lorenzo shifts around, his shoulders straining from having his hands tied behind his back for so long. The zip tie is cutting off his circulation, his fingers are stiff. He can see Dany standing in her office, barely able to keep herself upright. He’s glad she can’t see that the man standing behind him has a finger hooked in his collar. “I’m sorry for the sudden change in anniversary plans,” he says. “It wasn’t intentional.” He has to keep his panic down, has to show Dany’s that he’s okay. He flashes a smile at the camera, his teeth white. “How’s work?” 

    Dany is taking a controlled breath before she shakes her head. "Shit day," she whispers. "I'll get you out of this, okay? We'll be good." 

    The tablet is placed on a desk and someone else appears next to Dany, gently takes a gun out of her hand. Dany doesn't fight it. 

    "You know what we want, Ms. Hammond," the other man says. "You've made a mistake, thinking you could decline our offer."

    “I know.” Lorenzo takes a shaky breath. “We’ll be good.” 

    “No, you won’t be.” The man standing behind Lorenzo gives a harsh yank on the collar, making Lorenzo sputter for air. “You definitely won’t be.” 

    “I left food on the grill,” Lorenzo says. “And I think I left a burner on too. I’m so sorry, Dany.” They both know he’s not talking about the food.

    Dany flinches and her hand twitches for the camera, as if she could touch him. "You won't hurt him", she presses through gritted teeth. "You want something of me, you won't get it if you hurt him." 

    "I think there's levels", the man with Dany says mildly. "We will hurt him. And you'll still give us what you want. So we can make him hurt less." He looks at the camera with a short nod.

    They're right. She'll cave, give them exactly what they want, especially once he's bled a little. "Don't give them shit, Dany," he says, looking straight at the camera, straight at Dany. "Don't give these bastards what they want. I'll be fine, okay, but whatever they want you to do, don't do it, don't fucking--" 

    He's cut off by another man walking forward and grabbing his face, squeezing his cheeks together. "I wouldn't listen to him. He's in way over his head." 

    Lorenzo stares up at him, fury blazing in his eyes. It's the only way to hide how scared he is. The collar that once felt so safe is closing in on him, too tight, too much to handle. He needs Dany. Desperately.

    "Enzo." Dany looks into the camera as if nobody could see her but him, her gaze speaking of nothing but love and worry. "Enzo, this is my business, I'll handle this, alright? You... you just do as they say."

    "And we say that you should be quiet and pretty and stupid just like you're meant to be," the man holding his jaw croons. 

    Lorenzo wrenches his head away. "Fuck you," he snaps. "Don't do it, Dany. Whatever they want, it's bad, please don't do it."

    A harsh slap connects with his face, his neck twists to the side. "I thought I told you to shut it and let the adults talk. Now...now, we're going to make you pay."

    "No," Dany hisses and spins to the man next to her, grabbing his lapel. "Kauffmann, tell them to leave him be, we're not fucking done talking here. I'm sure we'll find a deal."

    Kauffmann's hand wraps around her wrist and he pulls her in. "You are not in charge, sweetheart. We are." He nods at the camera. "Show her." "Don't touch her!" Lorenzo yells. 

    The man behind him chuckles and tangles his hand in Lorenzo's soft hair. "Come on, Fitz. Let's put his pretty mouth to good use, huh? Give his wife an extended version of the show we got earlier." Now that he's saying more than a few words, Lorenzo recognizes his voice. He's the man in the ski mask, the one who kidnapped him. 

    "Yeah, I think that's a good idea." The man in front of him, Fitz, grins. 

    Lorenzo jerks in his restraints, eyes still latched on Dany. "Don't tell them...anything. No matter what. I love you, Dany. I love you so much." 

    "You think I should give him a chance, Adam?" 

    "I think you should." Adam tightens his grip on Lorenzo. "I think he can be a good boy for us." 

    "Not your good boy," Lorenzo grunts. He's only hers, only Dany's good boy. 

    "We'll see about that." Fitz tilts his head to the camera, smirking at Dany, before turning back to Lorenzo. There's a gun in his face, quicker than he can blink. "Suck on it. Come on, diamond boy, put on a show for us." 

    "N-no, no, I can't--" 

    "Or I'll shoot you. Not somewhere that would kill you right away, but somewhere so your wife can watch you bleed out slowly." 

    The words send a chill down his spine. "I'm sorry," Lorenzo whispers to Dany again. He's sorry he's weak, that he couldn't fight back, that he let himself get captured. He's sorry that he's going to do whatever they say because he doesn't want to die, not anymore. 

    Lorenzo Hammond bends his head and takes the gun between his lips for the second time today. 

    The metal is cold and heavy on his tongue, cloying his senses and making him gag on the foul taste of gunpowder residue. He swallows his pride and the saliva gathering in his mouth and bobs his head up and down the length of the barrel, looking up at Fitz with tears in his eyes. 

    Fitz groans. "Fuck. That's hot."

    In the background, he can hear Dany make a soft noise of distress and his brain short-circuits. "Oh, no," he mumbles around the gun, but it comes out incoherently. No no no no no. He can't do this, he can't have this thing in his mouth ready to kill him and his lips are stretched obscenely around the steel and it tastes awful and he's crying and gagging slightly and he can't do this, especially not with Adam's hand on his head. 

    He can't do this. 

    Lorenzo whimpers and tries to pull away from the gun, but Adam keeps him in place. "You're doing a horrible job, diamond boy," he hisses, loud enough for Dany to hear. "Trying to pull away before I'm done." 

    No one gets to call him that but Dany, but it's happening anyway and Lorenzo is shaking as the first tear slides down his cheek. He doesn't want to be shot, doesn't want to die, he can't just die like this. 

    He goes back to working his head along the barrel, hollowing out his cheeks so he can fit more of the gun in his mouth, gagging slightly. 

    "No," Adam says. Lorenzo stops, confusion wracking his brain. He's doing what Adam asked, he's...sucking the gun, he's being good even though it makes him sick. "Fitz, I think it's time we showed this stupid slut what it means to get his pretty face fucked. "I'll keep him in a good position for you." Adam pulls Lorenzo's head back slightly and forces him fully upright. 

    Lorenzo looks into the camera, right at Dany. She looks like she's coming undone and desperately trying to keep herself together, watching Lorenzo with the gun in his mouth, debasing himself for these men, his kidnappers. 

    Fitz thrusts the gun into Lorenzo's mouth. The rough edges scrape the delicate skin, he's forced to keep his jaw wide so it doesn't bust his teeth. The gun slams into his gag reflex and Lorenzo chokes, coughing and sputtering and crying now. He's not getting enough air, he won't survive this, he can't.

    Fitz doesn't stop, he keeps pushing the gun in and out at a relentless pace, despite Lorenzo's gagging, and Adam is holding his head still, talking to him the whole time. "Pretty boy. You should go to someone who would make good use of that mouth. I love your noises, baby. You're such a pretty crier. That's it. Look at your wife. Look at your wife while you let yourself get face fucked by a gun. Dumb little whore. I'm surprised this hasn't happened to you yet." 

    Drool is falling from Lorenzo's stretched lips, coating his chin and chest, making the apron stick to his skin. This was supposed to be his safe outfit, they're ruining it, they're ruining him. He can't catch his breath with the gun cutting off his air supply and the sobs wracking his body. 

    "Think the gun's had its fill?" Adam asks. 

    "You know, I think so." Fitz pulls back the slide and Lorenzo's eyes go wide. 

    He can faintly hear Dany yell, "No!" in the background but he's not focused on that. They're going to kill him they're going to shoot him. He's going to die here all alone. He's going to die. 

    The gun is jamming against the back of his throat with increased force, he's too scared to fight back. He just has to sit there and take it as Fitz's finger inches closer and closer to the trigger-- 

    Fitz pulls the gun away and Adam lets go of his hair. Lorenzo doubles over, gasping for air. There's a strand of saliva connecting the gun to Lorenzo's lips, and saliva all over the gun and Lorenzo himself. Fitz frowns and looks down at the dirty weapon. "Fucking disgusting." He wipes it on Lorenzo's apron and steps away. 

    Lorenzo whimpers, still softly crying, still sputtering for air, he needs more air, he can still taste the gun.

    "Apologize to Mr. Kauffmann for interrupting," Adam snaps. "Say it, slut. And make it real good, otherwise I'm gonna fuck your mouth with the gun, and I won't be as nice as Fitz. Look at the camera, too. Look your wife in the eyes and apologize for being such a desperate whore that you needed something in your mouth." 

    Lorenzo can't but he has to, he can't have the gun in his mouth again. He raises his tear-streaked, drool-stained face to the camera, his lips sore and red and swollen. His voice is raspy, it hurts to talk. "I'm s-sorry, Mr. Kauffmann," he chokes out. Adam grabs onto his collar again as a warning. "I'm sorry for being such a-a desperate w-wh-whore that I needed some, something in my m-mouth. It w-won't happen again. Please d-don't let them hurt me." 

    A deep wave of shame washes over him, watching the expression in Dany's eyes shift as he speaks. These next words are directed at her, but subtle enough that his kidnappers don't notice the change in tone. "P-please. I'm s-sorry." 

    I love you, Dany. So much. And I hope you'll still love me.

    Fitz picks up the camera and brings it forward, getting several close-ups of Lorenzo’s swollen mouth, of the tears in his eyes before making him come face to face with Dany one last time. 

    She looks disgusted, horrified. Lorenzo is half glad when they end the call and leave him alone in the darkness. 

    He wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t love him after that. He just wishes he was strong enough to save himself.

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  • justplainwhump
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    I made a little moodboard to commemorate the RP with @ocean-blue-whump where it all began; canon backstory for both Sunny and Dany and kickstarter for the fabulous happy AU where all goes well for eight more years, and things start to spiral just then (precisely on the yacht anniversary, because we're mean like that).

    [The Bahamas]

    [Dany canon] [Sunny canon]

    [Shattered Diamonds (the Happy!AU)]

    And tagging @whumpopology whose question made this happen, @painful-pooch and @winedark-whump for Nate and Erika, the first witnesses of Dany and Lorenzo together and the @whumpawoman server because thank you for everything.

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  • hisnephew
    24.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    @uchibito​  | |  ✔️    ↳   ❛ go ahead , you can say i’ve changed . ❜ 

                            Aqua-green eyes took on a steeled look  .  Before him stood another , masked ,  but Kaien already knew . Just by the soul of the man standing before him .  This was once the boy he’d befriended -- eyebrows knit together in frustration , eyes echoing a hollow sadness from within his heart . He’d always mentioned to Rukia to never die alone. . .to always give your friends your heart . Obito , however , looked as if he lost his .  ❝  Maybe your voice has , but your soul says otherwise , kid . ❞  How could Kaien possibly believe it ? The devastation was in front of his eyes ! 

              Men , women , children , even families - !! So many souls. . .❝ Your own kin ? Where’s your sense of pride , Obito ?! Your own flesh and blood ! ❞ his voice rose as did his spiritual pressure . This was unforgivable but also , Kaien didn’t have the heart to strike down the boy who had felt like his own child . ❝ What the hell happened ?! ❞

                      His pain echoed within the depths of the other’s inner being  .  Kaien couldn’t imagine -- actually , he could . For he had also lost everything ; his clan , his uncle , his wife. . .everything had been wiped out by a hollow .  The Lieutenant missed the days where he’d spent talking to the small boy , teasing him , and praising him for helping the elderly .

    #uchibito #// im not crying u r #// can u imagine - #// kaien's an empath and being a shinigami -- #// he can see and feel souls all around him -- #// im#// fgefgrer #// fuck danzo- -
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  • justplainwhump
    24.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    3 - Dany

    (Happy!AU - The Kidnapping Arc -> Shattered Diamonds)

    The very angsty arc of the Happy!AU where Dany never gets forced to marry Ridley Lordin and follows in her father’s footsteps as a crime lord, Lorenzo Whitlock never becomes Sunny, and their one-night stand at the Bahamas leads to a happy, loving marriage. This is a collaboration with @ocean-blue-whump , Lorenzo is her character.

    Dany Masterlist || Sunny Masterlist

    [Part 1] [Previous] [Next] [Masterlist (coming soon)]

    Tagging both the Dany crew and the Sunny crew! @ashintheairlikesnow @whumpinggrounds @whumptakesthecake @whumpfessional @winedark-whump @painful-pooch @distinctlywhumpthing @whumping-on-the-ridge @queenofthenoobs @hackles-up @whumping-newbie​ - let us know if you want to be added or removed from this tag list.

    CW: referenced kidnapping, guns, some light swearing (it’s Dany, okay?).

    She failed. She should’ve stayed home, she should’ve given in to Lorenzo’s begging in bed this morning. It was their anniversary after all. Eight years ago, on this day, both their lives had turned to the better. And now, on that very same day, she’s ruined it. Someone, some motherfucking asshole, is threatening him, because of her. She should’ve saved him. That was their deal, she worked, he stayed at home, and she kept him safe. Fuck.

    Dany paces in the center of her huge corner office, trying to control her breath. She can't just sit and wait, she can't do anything. Peter has sent Kauffmann, that fucking asshole, up the long way, which makes it a question of minutes until he arrives; it feels like hours though.

    She's looking at her phone once again, at the photo of her husband, the love of her life, his eyes groggy, just half opened, a gun shoved in his mouth. There's the half of another picture in the message history above it, where he's posing in their kitchen, and she forces herself not to think about what happened between these two pictures. About how someone must've - No, she tells herself. No. She can't allow herself to spiral now.

    This mess is on her, and now it's on her to get him out of this.

    "Mr Kauffmann," she hears Peter say from outside her door. He's a better actor than she is. Her whole body is trembling, and she must be pale as a ghost. "I'm sorry for your wait. Ms Hammond could clear a spot in her timetable for you after all." There's even a touch of confusion to his voice, as if he had no idea why Dany changed her mind.

    Kauffmann mustn't know Peter is aware of what happened, that's the one thing they had the chance to talk about. Whatever they'll do to her, Peter needs to stay out of it. Everything will rely on him. He'll try and reach Frankie, who was responsible for Lorenzo's security today, and they'll find out what's going on.

    Fuck, Frankie. He was at the house, too, he doesn't answer his phone - Dany just hopes he's alive.

    They’ve put a tracker into the lining of her shirt as well, a tiny line of connection. Both Kauffmann and his boss probably are too smart for that, but it’s worth a try.

    If Frankie and Peter can’t get to Enzo in time, the Hammonds’ business will be lost. Dany would sacrifice everything for him in a heartbeat. And these fuckers know that.

    Her hands are itching for her gun, to put a bullet right between Kauffmann’s eyes the moment he gets in here. Fuck. She splays her fingers, runs her open hands down her business skirt to give herself something else to do. She can’t afford to give in to her rage.

    Peter knocks at the open door and peeks inside. "Mr Kauffmann for you, Danielle... Oh, you don't look so well? Are you alright?"

    She hates him at this moment, she hates acting, she hates Kauffmann, she hates everyone. "Got a little headache", she says lightly. "Don't worry. I won't need you any more today, you can go home."

    Peter nods eagerly. "Sure, I'll just get you both a coffee, and -"

    "That won't be necessary, thank you," Kauffmann steps into her office, as if he owns it, and maybe he’s right. He’s dressed perfectly, in a tailored Italian suit and expensive leather shoes. The pretty poster boy representing his boss’ dirty business.

    Kauffmann’s voice is smooth, confident, and he smirks as he notes Dany's hands curl into fists at her sides. "I think we want to be undisturbed. Have a good night, Mr Lennox."

    Peter didn’t introduce himself. His name is not by the door either. Kauffmann is just establishing power here. As if the photo of her tied up husband wasn't enough to that end.

    "Good night, Peter," Dany says coolly. "Please close the door behind you."

    Peter does as he's bid, and once he's gone Dany's superficial relief at his safety is swept away by barely concealed rage.

    "What-" She asks sharply as she steps in closer. "What did you or your fucking boss do to my husband?"

    "Nothing yet." Kauffmann smiles and Dany fights the urge to slam a fist into his grin. "But, as you can imagine, his wellbeing from now on depends entirely on your cooperation."

    He reaches into his jacket and Dany's hand goes for her gun.

    "Ah." Kauffmann chuckles. "Come on, sweetheart. I'm not suicidal. I wouldn't dare bring a weapon into Hammond heartland."

    "I'm not your sweetheart," Dany says icily, fingers resting on the gun.

    "Maybe not." Slowly, cautiously, he pulls out a tablet computer and flips the display to her. "But you're his."

    "Dany?" From the screen, Lorenzo is looking at her, blue eyes wide with panic, and Dany's knees give out.

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  • touyahoedoroki
    24.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Okay but like sasuke wanting to kill danzo bc he ordered itachi to kill the clan isn’t even that bad danzo sucks what’s everyone up in arms about sasuke is right

    #kill danzo or bust #alex watches shippuden #my posts
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  • ocean-blue-whump
    22.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    1 - Lorenzo

    The wonderful AU where Lorenzo Whitlock never becomes a pet and Danielle Hammond never gets forced to marry Ridley Lordin, and their one-night stand at the Bahamas leads to a happy, loving marriage. (Dany is a sexy crime boss and Lorenzo is a trophy husband. I don’t make the rules.)

    Danielle Hammond belongs to @justplainwhump, and this series was written in collaboration with Sara! We’re so excited to finally share this. 

    Dany Masterlist || Sunny Masterlist

    [Next] [Masterlist] (coming soon)

    Tagging both the Dany crew and the Sunny crew! @ashintheairlikesnow @whumpinggrounds @whumptakesthecake @whumpfessional @winedark-whump @painful-pooch @distinctlywhumpthing @whumping-on-the-ridge @queenofthenoobs @hackles-up @whumping-newbie

    CW: kidnapping, noncon drugging, references to consensual sex, references to BBU, domestic fluff at the beginning, sadness at the end, consensually wearing a collar, creepy whumper at the end. 


    Lorenzo dips his finger into the bowl of ocean blue icing and licks it off, imagining it was Dany’s finger. Cake batter is smeared across his cheek, he doesn’t bother wiping it away. 

    His last text to Dany, a picture of him in his apron and collar, cheekily turned to the side so she could see his figure, was answered with, “Please stop. -Peter”

    He smirks and puts his phone on the far counter, shaking his hips and singing to himself as he grabs his cooled cakes out of the fridge and moves them to the center counter. 

    There’s a bottle of expensive wine, the same he and Dany had on their first real date, on the counter, a satin bow tied around it, next to a vase of fragrant flowers. He’s hidden the real presents behind his shelf of poetry books, though, the diamond necklace and the new tennis shoes. 

    Up on the bed is a lingerie set. He picked it out to complement her eyes, to highlight her freckles so he can kiss each one. 

    He’s been…a nightmare today and he’s immensely proud of himself for it. Shame Dany had to work on their anniversary. So far, he’s given her several videos and photos, of him lounging the pool, barely covering himself with a towel, still in their bed, staring longingly at a framed photo of her. 

    She’s running late. Normally, he’d call that a good thing, since he hasn’t finished dessert yet, but tonight, he’s antsy. He wants to greet her on his knees at the door, just like all those years ago…

    Lorenzo sighs, running his finger along the buckle of his collar, and picks up his spatula. His left forearm is bandaged from burning himself on the oven, and the cakes are a little worse for the wear. There’s three tiers, flavored like margaritas. The batter tasted pretty good when he licked the spoon clean earlier, but now, slightly burnt... 

    It’s the thought that counts. 

    He puts frosting between each layer and stacks them up, moving onto frosting the outside. The kitchen looks like a bomb went off, pots and pans everywhere. He still has the steak on the grill, his homemade rosemary butter is in the fridge, the vegetables are covered on the stove, the potato gnocchi are ready to be reheated. 

    But with the way Dany’s night is going, he’ll have plenty of time to clean the kitchen.

    He covers the outside of the cake in a thick layer of the blue icing. It’s the same color as the water in the Bahamas, he adds some white sprinkles to represent the waves cresting. 

    Lorenzo wipes his hands off on a towel and goes over to his poetry bookshelf, reaching behind the battered volumes of Mary Oliver to grab a shopping bag. Inside is a tiny replica of a yacht. It’s not an exact match, but it looks very similar to the one his father owned, the one he brought Dany on the day they met. 

    The day his life changed, the day he finally learned to be happy. When he tried to show off his stupid earring and she was…unimpressed. 

    Shit. Lorenzo’s tearing up just thinking about it, smiling and clutching the mini yacht to his chest. 

    He shakes his head to snap himself out of it, walking back over to the kitchen and delicately placing the figure on top of the frosting waves. He grabs his piping bag, filled with a thinner white icing, and spells out “Happy Anniversary.” He took a confectionary class a week ago, Dany didn’t even notice the charge on their bank card. 

    Lorenzo carefully puts his masterpiece on a glass stand and sets it off to the side, ready to impress Dany. 

    With his final anniversary gift done (other than himself), he starts washing off the dishes. 

    He never thought his life could be this good. He didn’t even believe it at first, when he and Dany started dating the first time. Or the second time. 

    He hasn’t touched a WRU brochure since, hasn’t fallen back on his old habits since Dany helped him. That world, that long before, that wasn’t where he was supposed to be. 

    He needed to be here. He needed her. He hates thinking about what would have happened otherwise. 

    Over the sound of the sink and the clanking of dishes, he hears the back door open. His ears perk up. Dany always texts before she leaves, definitely tonight, and she never comes in the back door. 

    His heart racing, Lorenzo picks up a paring knife and walks towards that direction. With Dany’s line of work, he can never be too careful.

    He hears their voices before he sees them, loud men trying to be quiet and failing. “Let’s just get the husband and get out of here,” one of them grunts. 

    Lorenzo’s eyes go wide. He’s…he’s the husband. They’re coming after him. 

    He turns around and heads back to the kitchen, walking, not running, back to the kitchen. If he runs, they’ll hear him, and he won’t be fast enough to get to his phone in time to warn Dany. 

    “Split up,” the man says. “He can’t get far, and he definitely won’t fight back.”

    Lorenzo grips the knife tighter. That’s what you think, bastard. He crawls along and he’s so close, he’s so damn close until he steps on a squeaky floorboard. 

    “Over there!” someone yells. 

    Lorenzo squeezes his eyes shut, panic fluttering in his chest. There’s no time for that. He stands up and starts running, he needs to get to his phone and warn Dany—

    He sharply rounds the corner into the kitchen and lunges across the counter. His fingers are just inches away from his phone when a rough hand grabs onto the back of his collar and pulls, hard enough for Lorenzo to choke and go limp. 

    No one does that but Dany. 

    He’s flipped over onto his back and pinned to the counter, coming face to face with a man wearing a ski mask. His eyes, the only visible part of his body, rake over Lorenzo in a way that makes his stomach turn. 

    “Yeah, boss was right,” he says. “You’re a pretty one, aren’t you?”

    Lorenzo lashes out with the knife, but the man chuckles, catching his wrist with one hand and pulling the knife away. “Cute. You’re going to be a fun hostage, aren’t you? Dressed like that? You’re even already collared for me.” He reaches down and grabs the tag on the collar. “Diamond boy. Yeah, well, let’s hope you’re worth at least a few diamonds.” The man drops the tag in favor of pocketing Lorenzo’s phone. “We’ll be sending your wife a little…something about the conditions of your return. For now…” The man’s eyes are ravenous, Lorenzo is spiraling deeper and deeper into panic. “Nighty night, Lorenzo Hammond.”

    A needle pierces his skin and the world goes dark.

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  • shiggyskitten
    22.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    if your anti sasuke your wrong

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  • deadreckon
    22.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    naruto will spend 400 episodes exploring the profound depths to which a given character sucks ass and then in their final dying moments will attempt to make them sympathetic by giving them a 15 minute backstory

    #i actually do not care that danzo was once a teenager. die
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  • rose-lalondde
    21.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Naruto Suphero AU History

    The hidden villages are each a superhero agency, they all wanna outdo each other or whatever. Hashirama founded the Konoha agency with Madara because he wanted to use his powers to protect regular people + do better for the community.

    It works really well and makes ppl less apprehensive about those with powers. Tobirama, however, is a bitch and makes Madara into a villain (and by extension the rest of Madara's family) Madara leaves, "dies", and plots his revenge. After Madara leaves, Tobirama takes over the agency (hashirama dies rip), & tobirama has his squad. Tobirama dies, hiruzen takes over, hiruzen takes the sannin on as his squad, hiruzen steps down and minato takes over,,,minato dies (rip king). Orochimaru kills Hiruzen, then Tsunade takes over and the story takes place 5-6 years after that.

    Teams are still assigned & under Hiruzen's era kids started to be recruited into a program, The Hidden Leaves, that basically fosters future superhero teams, by putting these kids into squads of 3 + a teacher. It's under Tsunade's era that teams are each required to have an assigned medic/basic emergency medical care. The Hidden Leaves is a recruit program for those with powers, it offers help to control powers and provides a stipend for those who are enrolled. Those who work in Konoha Agency or enrolled in the Hidden Leaves Program operate under an alias in order to keep normally functioning in their daily lives. The exception to this have been Hashirama, Tobirama, Tsunade, Mito, and Hiruzen. (MInato would be included if he and Kushina hadn't been tragically murdered saving the city/nation idk where they are yet, anyway it was decided that it was safer for naruto if no one knew who the Yellow Flash was).

    Instead of the Chunin Exams, there is an Exhibition every year that occurs in the summer and a different agency hosts it every year. There are 3 different trials and at least 2 of the 3 trials are televised and broadcast across the nations. There are no promotions given but this does allow for young supers to foster a quick reputation and can also gain favor/sponsors this way.

    #I have more but this is like history of the au lol #it is stretched out a lot more so tsunade is director in their sophomore year of hs and sasuke leaves the summer before senior year hs #story begins in the summer before sophomore yr of college #i wanted to write about the girls in college but not like a normal person ofc we're going thru the entire plot of shippuden with them #im definitely missing some points but yes Danzo and elder council are still around fucking shit up #yes unfortunately the orphans will still grow up alone this isn't a happy story for them and its also not about them srry #me about to make naruto and sasuke's childhoods worse while not including them in the story: haha watch this #naruto#naruto shippuden#naruto au #naruto superhero au #moon writes#konoha #modern naruto au
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  • enbysciencesnek
    19.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Sarutobi to the sannin before leaving them alone: No drinking. No drugs. No kissing. No tattoos. No piercings. No ritual animal slaughters of any kind

    Danzo: Stop, you're giving them ideas

    #fuck sarutobi all my homies hate sarutobi #and fuck danzo with a catus #orochimaru#tsunade#jiraiya#sannin#sarutobi#danzo#naruto
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  • kagami--uchiha
    19.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #~{kagami uchiha}~#~{shisui uchiha}~#~{danzo shimura}~#~{hiruzen sarutobi}~#tw death #GOD I LOVED GOING THROIGH THIS IDEAAAAA #IMAGINE A COUP #BUT WITH THE SHINOBI OF THE LEAF AS WELL!!!
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  • mr-shimurka
    18.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    My lovely Shimura🖤

    #shimura danzo #anime naruto danzo shimura #young danzo shimura #naruto danzo #anime naruto shippuden #dijital art#my artwork#fanart#anime#manga#art
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