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  • panickedpenguin
    13.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    The skylight is nearly as big as the room, looking out to the clear bight sky. Stars, and a moon nearly full. Chris lays in bed and watched the constellations appear. Everything is still. Everything is calm.

    Until there is a thump. Chris could think of nothing of it; a raccoon shoving about; a mountain lion on the hunt. But Chris is familiar with this particular thump, the weight of it as it creaks the wood. It's a step, a footstep, up onto his front porch, where his boots have marched up day after day, that's where that thump came from.

    Chris lays still, listening to the thing outside, the thing on his porch that has climbed the four steps and now, as he listens, falls into the rocking chair sitting out there, the rocking chair that hadn't been moving in the breeze but now sways back on the floorboards.

    Chris slowly, carefully, reaches towards his nightstand, grabs his phone. He only has two cameras set up, for all that he is in the middle of unmapped wilderness in every direction, and one is in the corner of the front door. He opens the app attached to the surveillance system and clicks into viewing the front porch.

    There, silhouetted in bare moonlight, is a beast. A monster, with backwards ankles and curling claws, with a long snout that breathed heavily into the chill air. Chris watched, unbelieving of the monster his mother always told him about, of the creature his father died trying to kill. So long ago, when he was more a child himself.

    As he watched, in the seconds that ticked past, Chris watched the monster shift and change and sprawl farther into the chair, the chair that Chris had built twelve summers ago, when he built the house. Its legs straightened one way and bent another, forming knees and flat feet against the wood, its arms shuffled fur off and shortened into forearms and lean shoulders. And the things snout, first long and narrow, broke in on itself to settle into a flat face. A human face.

    There was no longer a monster on his front porch, no longer a beast nearby. There was but a man, naked and dark haired, tipping his head forward and pushing his breath out. A man who straightened a leg enough to push at the floorboards and rock himself back and forth in Chris' chair.

    It was a long while of watching, waiting, before Chris got up. He put on sweats and went to the kitchen, finding bacon and biscuits and coffee. He hummed softly, letting his heart stutter in fear of the unknown, let his hope spread throughout his limbs, that he can invite the beast in.

    #teen wolf#dargent#derek hale#chris argent #monster in the woods #could be peter hale too #pre-chris/derek #invite your monsters in for breakfast
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  • ojos-que-fuerontuyos
    26.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Nunca supe lo que se sentía, hasta que paso. Me esta quemando la cabeza y el corazón, por favor basta, ya no quiero sentirlo, me duele, me mata.

    Por favor ayúdame a olvidarte.

    #escritos #cosas que escribo #citas en tumblr #citas#ange dargent#fragmentos#amor #frases en español
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  • franklovisolo
    24.06.2021 - 1 mont ago
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  • wolfflock
    23.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I know I'm cheap but I'm sold

    Written for my TW Bingo 'Jealousy' square, and posted for Day 3 of Hale Week (Rarepairs). @twbingo @haleweek

    Pairing: Derek/Chris Rating: Explicit Additional tags: Jealousy, Choking, Porn With Plot, BDSM, Sub Derek Hale, Dom Chris Argent, Bottom Derek Hale, Top Chris Argent, Getting Together, Brat Derek Hale, Face-Fucking, Rimming, Riding, The Dick Kind, Fluff and Smut, lots of petnames

    Part of my Convention AU (that I am still working on).


    “Hi,” Derek says as he smiles at the cashier with his most blinding, ‘I am a literal angel’ smile. The fact that he is holding a pair of speedos that are a size too small for him should go unnoticed if he can distract the girl enough with his smiling. Hopefully.

    The girl looks down at the item, blushes, and punches in the price. “Is there going to be anything else, Sir?”

    Well, okay, that was entirely unnecessary, Derek thinks, calling him Sir; he’s no more than 5 years older than this girl. Why would you call someone that close to you in age Sir is beyo-


    Now Derek is the one blushing as he fishes his wallet out of his back pocket and puts some cash on the counter.

    “Keep the change,” he throws back over his shoulder as he practically runs out of the store, shoving the tiny garment in his armpit to hide it.

    He feels a second of regret, buying the ridiculously small speedos, but then he remembers why he did it and gets to work. First, he needs to figure out where Chris is and how long he’s going to be away. He heads to the hotel’s entrance and looks for today’s program.

    There, by the reception, is a big poster with bold letters announcing the “1st Annual Convention of the Hunter-Were Alliance”, and a detailed list of talks, workshops and activities that take place during the week-long event.

    Read it on AO3

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  • clotpolesonly
    21.06.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #i don't even usually ship them romantically/sexually!!!! #i'm really committed to them platonically/familially #but this one scenario won't leave me alone #i just love it adlkfghj #it's both super hot and also super fucking funny XD #Dargent#Deropher#Derek Hale #sub!Derek #Chris Argent #dom!Chris #Teen Wolf
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  • wolfflock
    07.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Dargent and Starrish double cake

    So I was talking to @jacyevans about Derek x Chris, as usual, and she mentioned how Derek might feel vulnerable and soft being called "boy" in public.

    Then Andrea said what if Chris slips and says it in front of the pack, and Scott scrambles to shut Stiles up before he can say anything because Derek, his bestest bro, is finally looking happy. What if Derek starts to doubt himself, his likes and kinks when Stiles teases him for it? And Stiles would, for once, be totally sincere and apologize:

    "Look, Derek. You like what you like. Never be ashamed of that. And you found someone who is into the same thing! How cool is that?! You know what I would give to find someone who would put a collar around my neck and call me a 'devious kitten'?"

    Jordan quietly chokes on his drink in the background. CAN YOU IMAGINE IT???

    STILES AS A KITTEN? An asshole one, obviously. Knocking shit over all the time, sitting in weird places, demanding attention at the worst possible times (read: when Jordan is on the phone with Stiles' dad).


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  • ojos-que-fuerontuyos
    31.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Y aunque intente aparentar ser fuerte, al final termine siendo transparente y todos vieron lo frágil de débil que era.

    Y aunque tu lo sabias, me rompiste.
    #escritos #cosas que escribo #citas#fragmentos#ange dargent #citas en tumblr #frases en español #amor#songs#playlist
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  • mylittleangelxxx
    27.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Derek fighting the Kanima and Chris just happens to turn up? Exactly where Derek is? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    (I really wish it had just been Chris turning up and not Gerard too. Grrr)

    #dargent#chris argent#derek hale #angel watches teen wolf
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  • exlibrisfangirl
    22.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Derek: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Derek: So, uh... is that a gun in your pants, or are you just really happy to see me?

    Chris: *pulling a pistol out of his jeans*

    Derek: That was a stupid question, and I do not know why I even bothered to ask.

    #derek hale#chris argent#dergent#dargent#teen wolf #brotp: you saved my life #christopher argent and his stupid traveling gun show
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  • franklovisolo
    17.05.2021 - 2 monts ago
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  • stiles-ao3-centric
    10.05.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #dargent#dargent fic#ao3 #read on ao3 #archive of our own #teen wolf #teen wolf fic
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  • bunnywest
    30.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Some lovely Dargent to start your weekend!

    #Dargent#teen wolf#fanfiction#a03 link #read this it’s so lovely!
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  • clotpolesonly
    21.04.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #Dargent#Deropher #cuz i hate mashing up first and last names lol but i am overruled #Derek Hale#Chris Argent#Teen Wolf#bookwormcheerleader #and the answer is
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  • asarcasticwitch
    13.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    My Fanfic Masterlist

    Below the cut is a list of all of the fics I've written and posted!

    Total Works: 38

    Last Updated: 28/07/2021


    Intoxicate Me Now

    Steter | Explicit | 82,453 | 16/?

    Stiles stares dubiously at the ad from the Daily News. There, in the center of the half-crumpled back page in faded black ink reads:
    Had he not been knee-deep in bills and seriously concerned about where his next meal is coming from, he may have ripped the ad apart, dismissing it as a bad joke.
    As it stands though, he is (to put it mildly) up shit creek, so he's in desperate need of a decent paying job to last him through summer—a job that’ll potentially take him on full-time once he finally finishes college. A woolly advertisement is not going to moot that fact.

    Good Boy


    Hunt You Down

    Petopher | Mature | 1,278 | 1/1

    Years he's been training for this moment, and he’s determined to see it through, to prove to his father that he's worthy of the Argent name. He’s not going to fail. 
    He can't fail.


    Starrish | Mature | 284 | 1/1

    He's undoubtedly the most gorgeous thing Jordan has ever seen. Truly ethereal, and he can't even imagine how he ever got so lucky.


    Wrong Feels So Right

    Deter | Explicit | 2,159 | 1/1

    Derek's seen most of his family naked before. They’re wolves, they're not shy about nudity, but Derek's older now, and for some reason—a reason he doesn’t quite understand—from that one encounter, he's suddenly seeing Peter in a completely different light and feeling things he never felt for the man before.


    Your Face

    Stargent | Mature | 498 | 1/1

    "You're going to be alright," Chris chants the words like a prayer as he cradles Stiles close to his chest. "Just keep talking."


    Make Me A Mute

    Steter | Explicit | 499 | 1/1

    Stiles has just discovered at least two new kinks in the span of eight seconds; he’s gonna need some time to re-evaluate his whole life.


    Driving In Style

    Steter | Teen | 498 | 1/1

    "Where’s the Camaro?"
    "I gave it to Cora. Black no longer fits my aesthetic."


    Nobody But You

    Steter | Teen | 2,917 | 1/1

    It’s Stiles’s turn to roll his eyes, and he does so with great vigor. "That's ridiculous."
    "Is it?" Lydia counters and Stiles realizes she isn’t teasing him. She’s deadly serious.
    Stiles casts a glance around the room and is unnerved that every single eye is on him, waiting expectantly. For what, he doesn’t know, but they’re clearly delusional. "Yes, it is, and I'll prove it."


    This Doesn't Happen In The Movies

    Steter | Explicit | 1,000 | 1/1

    "Until we’ve watched it back, I don’t—" Stiles's sentence cuts off at the same time his heart stops. His eyes focus on his screen after doing a double-take, and all the color drains from his cheeks. "Oh, no."


    Fangs And Claws And A Knot, Oh My

    Steter | Explicit | 2,210 | 1/1

    They've been married for almost a year now, so Stiles is intimately familiar with the monthly change in his husband’s nature, and he fucking loves it. Even if he waddles for a few days afterward, it's totally worth it.


    Struck A Chord

    Steter | Teen | 1,263 | 1/1

    Music meant everything to Peter once, and it hurts to look at all these sheets and know he lost another part of himself.
    The best part.



    Petopher | Explicit | 4,634 | 1/1

    Peter has an attitude, and it takes Chris less time than everyone else to notice. He's the guy's bodyguard. He’s up close and personal with the Rockstar day in day out, so it's no surprise that Chris has become quite intimate with every single one of Peter’s moods—and what causes them.
    The particular brand of petulant brat that Peter is currently displaying is because he hasn’t gotten laid in several months. With constant tours and changes in location, there hasn't been much downtime for the Rockstar. Chris pities him, really he does, but he also can’t help snorting in amusement or shaking his head in exasperation every time the singer snaps for seemingly no apparent reason—or glares at inanimate objects as if they've personally offended him.
    Something needs to be done, and luckily, Chris has a plan. 
    Of sorts. 


    Beg For It

    Dargent | Explicit | 1,152 | 1/1

    Those words are the key, laying waste to the last shred of Derek’s restraint. Ultimately, he’s a slave to his longing for Chris to own him. He wants Chris to mark him as his. To claim him—body and soul. 
    He won’t deny himself anymore.


    The Flames Are Too Loud

    Steter | General | 338 | 1/1

    Gentle hands trail over his sweat-slicked skin, and long, sturdy arms wrap him in a comforting embrace. "Shhh. It's alright, you're safe."



    Steter | Explicit | 12,730 | 3/3

    The life of a pirate isn’t as thrilling as it’s made out to be. Well, at least not always. They do occasionally sail to new lands or revel in the riches of those they’ve already discovered. They plunder and pillage any passing vessels, but—to put it plainly—the ocean is fucking colossal, and the odds of passing an island or meeting another ship ripe for looting is considerably rare. The adrenaline from a successful raid wears off eventually, and the empty void it leaves behind grows and grows as the months drag by with nothing to fill it.
    And that's predominantly the reason Peter spent the majority of his evening in his quarters hunched over his desk, comparing the stranger's map with his own and planning out the quickest and safest route to that splotchy black X.



    Steter | Mature | 3,866 | 1/1

    Stiles is ready, okay? He’s ready for his smoking-hot soulmate to sex him up—many times and in several different positions—but Peter doesn’t seem to share that sentiment.


    Maid Service

    Sterek | Explicit | 1,196 | 1/1

    “Does that— Is that something you like?” he asks over Stiles’s shoulder. His supernatural eyesight managing to catch a glimpse of the video's contents before Stiles can scroll upwards in a knee-jerk reaction.
    “Er…” Stiles flounders, mild panic rising from the pit of his stomach. “I mean, it’s pretty hot?” he says with his best attempt at a nonchalant shrug. He’s drastically downplaying his actual thoughts on the matter, unsure of the reception he’ll receive.
    Derek makes a face, something contemplative, before walking away, and Stiles breathes a sigh of relief, thinking that’s that.


    Paid In Full

    Sterek | Explicit | 4,746 | 1/1

    It all started with his Jeep.
    Long story short, it broke down—for about the eighth time in the last month, but he’s not salty about it—and Derek paid for the repairs after Stiles unwittingly griped about not being able to afford it right now. It was just a flyaway comment, grumbled under his breath as he stared dejectedly at the billows of smoke pouring from his engine.
    The Alpha heard him—because of course he did. Everybody knows it’s only on special occasions that Stiles is allowed to stand back and watch in peace as his life crumbles down around him.


    A Monstrous Love

    (Collaboration with Green)

    Steter | Explicit | 3,209 | 1/1

    They talked about it weeks ago, after Stiles made a throwaway comment regarding the dimensions of Peter’s cock in Alpha form. Peter asked if it was something he'd want to try, to which Stiles—probably a little too enthusiastically—said: "Hell fucking yes!"


    Make Your Choice

    Petopher | Explicit | 3,929 | 1/1

    “I told you I’d have you, Peter. I told you I'd own you one way or another.”



    Steter Sr | Mature | 1,165 | 1/1

    Peter knows he's playing with fire, he knows it perfectly well, he just doesn't care. He's survived the flames once; why not just throw all caution to the wind and tempt the fates once more?


    Be Mine

    Steter | Explicit | 4,680 | 1/1

    Granted, Peter isn’t the sort of man to deny himself what he wants, especially when it comes to things of a carnal nature, so there’s obviously an unspoken reason for his delay. What that might be, Stiles isn’t sure, but he doesn’t much care since it's clear the man has now set aside his reservations to take their relationship into uncharted territory.
    Territory of the sexy variety, in case that wasn’t clear.


    Once In A Full Moon

    Sterek | Explicit | 4,199 | 1/1

    Underneath the twinkling spark of teasing, he notices something akin to hope mixing with the maddening kaleidoscope of green, a pleading edge to the usual Alpha confidence radiating from him.
    Derek wants this just as much as he does.



    Sterek | Teen | 2,310 | 1/1

    Derek breathes out a resounding sigh, his hand reaching out to rest on a nearby tree, the rough bark biting into his palm as he leans, taking a moment to ground himself.
    He's so fucked.


    Under The Mistletoe

    Steter | Mature | 23,353 | 4/4

    It’s always been on the cards for Stiles to one day visit his last remaining relatives, and since there’s no one on his father’s side, he feels even more compelled to get his finger out his ass and actually do it instead of stalling. Especially now that college is done, nothing should be holding him back. But that’s just the thing. Something is holding him back and has been since graduation. There's one thing Stiles noticed as soon as he made the Skype call to his babcia to celebrate the end of his studies.
    That one simple thing—or several, but they’re all under the same heading—is a variation of the same inane question he’s been bombarded with by each and every family member since that one fateful phone call...
    'Have you met anyone?’


    Make Me Bleed

    Steter | Explicit | 2,304 | 1/1

    Peter’s expression contorts, impressed or surprised, Stiles can't decipher, but the grin on his face proves he’s not exactly disappointed with the unexpected turn of events.
    “Which bite exactly were you hoping for, hm?” The older man curls one hand around the back of Stiles’s neck, trailing his thumb along his pale, fragile throat.
    Stiles tilts his head back in unyielding submission, giving the wolf no room to debate his sincerity. “I’m sure you can figure it out, Alpha.”


    True Mates

    Sterek | Explicit | 71,932 | 18/18

    True mates. Every werewolf has one, but many go years before finding theirs or, more often than not, they never find them at all.
    It's somewhat equivalent to the human term 'soul mates', albeit slightly more complex.
    Nothing’s ever simple in the world of the supernatural.


    Please, Alpha

    Steter | Explicit | 3,566 | 1/1

    Peter’s never been known as a good man, but lately, he’s attempted to retain the last vestiges of his morality, if only to appease the family he has left. Call him sentimental, but while the blood lust hasn’t died a death completely, it’s reduced to a contained, comfortable simmer, and that’s all thanks to his newfound urge to belong to a pack again.
    Naturally, he’d never admit that out loud; for all intents and purposes, he’s still dancing merrily along the tightrope of insanity. Derek and Stiles are the only two who’ve warmed to his presence considerably in the last year, and that suits him just fine.
    They’re the only two worth his time and effort anyway.


    Already Dead

    Steter | Explicit | 7,578 | 1/1

    While a wooden stake through the heart will prove inconvenient to a child of the night, it won’t outright wipe them from the face of the earth. They may be rendered inert if the action is paired with a good ole fashioned decapitation. But after a hearty dose of virgin blood, their wounds, however severe, will knit back together; several days and they’ll be right as rain.
    There is one thing, however, written throughout the myths and legends regarding vampires that is entirely true—if not a little understated.


    I Forgive You

    Steter | Mature | 3,107 | 1/1

    Now, twenty swats of Peter’s hand later, he’s seriously cursing his penchant for being a little shit. His ass is burning, the sharp sting blooming across both cheeks and down to the crease at the top of his thighs. He’s sore, writhing, and very nearly weeping as the wolf serves his punishment.
    The punishment he pretty much asked for.


    Is That Really Necessary?

    Steter | Explicit | 5,581 | 1/1

    Peter doesn’t need a mate. Hell, he doesn’t even date; he gets laid and leaves. He renders his partner an incoherent mess then walks out the door, never to be seen again.
    But, somehow, he can’t shake off the feeling of rightness as he peppers nipping kisses across the boy’s jaw. Can’t help how the sweet sickly scent of spiced apple and vanilla overwhelms him with the feeling of home.
    He wants to give in.


    That's Not A No

    Sterek | Explicit | 2,375 | 1/1

    “I want to suck you off,” Stiles states, none too delicately, tapping his foot impatiently against the ground while chewing his bottom lip between his teeth, waiting for a reaction.
    Derek stills, eyes lifting from the page he’s currently reading in favor of bestowing his full attention upon his mate. “I’m listening.”


    Not Broken

    Steter | Explicit | 3,666 | 1/1

    She’s not even sure at what point Peter wormed his way into her dilemma, but she can’t help feeling grateful for his persistence and patience. She’s never had a lover so dedicated to seeing her writhe with pleasure that they’ve completely ignored their own desire to the point of staying fully clothed. She didn’t expect it from the wolf, thought he’d be the type to use her for his own end, then not give a shit about hers.
    How wrong she was.


    Run Fast, Little Fox

    Steter | Explicit | 1,610 | 1/1

    ‘Run fast, little fox. It won’t save you, for no matter how fast you run, I will catch you, and when I do, you are mine.’


    Peter Hale's Hero

    Steter | Explicit | 11,698 | 2/2

    The first time Stiles met Peter Hale, it had been entirely by accident.
    An accident he will be grateful for until his dying breath.
    The man had been brought into the station after allegations—which were later proved false—were made against him. The moment was akin to one of those cheesy Rom-Coms where the two love interest’s eyes meet across the room in slow motion; Stiles’s breath had seized in his throat, his heart hammering wildly in his chest, and, well, he fell.
    He fell hard.


    Baby, Satisfy Me

    Steter | Explicit | 4,081 | 1/1

    Elvis’s deep, husky voice hums from the record player, the glorious sound bouncing off all four corners of the penthouse suite, filling every nook with the upbeat tune.
    Despite the volume, Peter finds it difficult to concentrate on the words flowing from the King of Rock and Roll.
    How can he possibly pay any mind to the legendary icon when his attention is being ensnared by the tempting display happening at the corner of his eye?


    Devour You

    Steter | Explicit | 2,745 | 1/1

    “And what, sweet boy, can I possibly do for you?” he purrs as he refrains from looking up just yet, content with putting up the false façade of nonchalance—if only to make the other stew in his lust a little longer.
    “I-I just wanted to see what you’re doing,” the voice flows through the room, small and childlike.
    Peter smirks to himself, a filthy thing that curls the corner of his lips.
    The boy is here to play.


    How Much?

    Steter | Explicit | 4,970 | 1/1

    Stiles is stressed. Stressed with a capital S and Peter—Peter the gigantic asshat—is just lounging, calm and casual as can be, while the rest of the pack are out fighting the newest monster rampaging its way through Beacon Hills.
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  • panickedpenguin
    11.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Chris is tasked by his dad to gaurd a little house in the redwoods. Hes told only that theres a monster in the basement, that it must not be let out and that one of its friends may come knocking. Practically a vacation, his sister sneers. But Chris considers it punishment for letting Victoria divorce him and leave the family.

    In the basement lives Derek. Sad, angry, guilty Derek, snatched up by hunters and locked up in a cement cage. A couple weeks into his capture, he finds that the electrically locked basement door of his prison to be completely malfunctioning and shut down. But Derek doesnt run. He thinks its complicated and it hurts, ultimately believing he deserves this cage and should be punished. He is 19 and his family was burned alive because of him just seven months ago.

    Derek knows there is a hunter guarding the house, so he mostly stays in the basement, but he cant help grabbing books, a blanket and the occasional bit of food from upstairs. Chris begins to notice discrepancies, spends half his time in denial and the other half in extreme paranoia. One day, Derek is writing corrections into a reference book that Chris later finds and adds in his own, only to later find further writing and an all out debate breaks out across the pages. When that debate comes to a natural end, another book appears with another set of corrections. Chris picks out a fiction novel to diagnose next and a strange friendship is established.

    Derek begins cooking meals and Chris leaves notes of praise, being the bachelor-style cook that he is. Derek shares his moms recipes and includes little stories of how his sister had always managed to mess them up. Chris writes about how his own sister messed up everything. Chris stopped worrying about what ghost he may be talking to and chose to accept that he liked this person and was enjoying their shared notes immensely.

    They inevitably meet at some point and might feel betrayed or unsure, but they werent as lonely or sad or guilty when they had eachother.

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