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  • noekiiloves
    13.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago


    Summary: Y/N has been best friends with the gang since like forever. When she one day gets herself a boyfriend they suddenly get really portective of her.

    Please keep in mind that English is not my first language.

    Also sorry that it’s so short.


    Y/N P.O.V.

    I was walking up to the Curtis house to tell my friends some amazing news. I walked inside wothout knocking and smiled at all the guys. "Guys I have some news" "What is it Y/N" Darry asked you. "I got a boyfriend" I beamed. "You what?!" all the guys except for Pony and Johnny yelled in sync.

    "I got a boyfriend" I replied a frowning little confused at their reaction. "Why are you guys acting as if that is a problem?" I questioned them. "It's just we don't want you to get your heart broken Y/N" Sodapop said.

    "How about I let you guys meet him and then you'll see he's a good person?" I suggested. "Alright That's fine with me" Steve said and the other guys agreed. "Great!" I said smiling again. The rest of the day was spend just watching television and joking around.

    Eventually the day cale where I was going to introduce my boyfriend to the guys. Honestly I was freaking nervous. I mean don't get me wrong the guys are great and all but they can be quite intimidating when they want to be.

    Me and my boyfriend Jake walked up to the Curtis house and slowly walked inside. When we got ther we saw all the guys in the living room spread around the couches and the floor.

    "So uhm guys this is Jake. Jake these are my friends" I introduced them to each other. Darry was the first one to stand up and shake Jake's hand "nice to meet you I'm Darry. So you're the guy who has stolen our Y/N's heart huh" "I-uh I guess I did" Jake chuckled. You were glad that they both were getting along.

    The rest of the guys also introduced themselves to Jake and also seemed to get along with him.

    Hours later it was time to go home and you decided to ask the guys' opinion on Jake. "So what do you guys think?" "He's okay" "Really?!" you smiled. "Yeah but if he ever does decide to break your heart he's a dead man" Dally said.

    "Thank you guys" I said before giving them all a hug. What would I do without my friends.

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  • noekiiloves
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The Outsiders Masterlist

    Ponyboy Curtis

    Darry Curtis

    Sodapop Curtis

    Johnny Cade

    Steve Randle

    Two-bit Matthews

    Dally Winston

    Curtis Sibling

    The whole gang

    Protective  Y/N has been best friends with the gang since like forever. When she one day gets herself a boyfriend they suddenly get really portective of her.

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  • fercnmi
    12.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    darry mfing curtis

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  • outsidersdoll
    12.06.2021 - 21 hours ago

    pony: what's a word thats a mix between 'sad' and 'mad'?

    darry : disgruntled, miserable, desolated

    soda: smad.

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  • ciggaroach1983
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Can you imagine darry showing all his coworkers ponyboys good grades at work. Like him bragging like a proud father. "He got 4 straight A's and has scouts looking at him from track!" And all his coworkers would be like "we know darry you've showed us like 5 damn times" then he hangs it on the fridge when he gets home for the rest of the gang to see. 👌☺💜

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  • nonbinary-ponyboy-curtis
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Darry: what are we having for dinner tonight?

    Soda, looking down at the food he just burnt: regret

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  • the-outsiders-fandom
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Send me requests 🖤

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  • jaywrites80s
    11.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    #JaysRequests#Darry Curtis #Darry Curtis Smut
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  • jaywrites80s
    11.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    #JaysRequests#Darry Curtis #Darry Curtis Smut
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  • jaywrites80s
    11.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Andromeda & Perseus

    Summary: With no peace at home, you and Darry decide to go camping for a night, just the two of you. Pairing: Darry Curtis x Reader Word Count: 1,775 Warnings: Smut Requested: Yes Yes

    Darry woke you up by kissing your neck languidly, his arm draped over your waist holding your back flush against his chest. "What're you doin'?" You asked tiredly with a yawn before tilting your head some. "Can't a guy just show his girl how much he loves her first thing in the morning?" He asked with a lazy smile. "You can, but I can feel just how much you love me pressed against my lower back," you teased, wiggling your hips some and smirking at the small groan he let out. "Can you blame me, baby? I gotta see your pretty face first thing in the mornin' and last thing at night, and it's sorta been a while," he started kissing your neck again, a small smirk on his face he did. "I suppose it has been a while," you said with a soft hum. "And we've both still got some time before we gotta get dressed for work," he pressed, nipping softly as he trailed kissed down your neck to your collarbone.

    "Just get over here before we run out of time," you mumbled as you pulled him into a kiss, one of your hands already moving down to push his sweatpants off. "Yes ma'am," he chuckled quietly and lightly nibbled your bottom lip, his hand slowly finding its way beneath the waistband of your shorts. Just when his hand was almost where you needed it to be, the loud, piercing sound of the smoke alarm filled the house. In under a second, the mood passed, both of you letting out groans of frustration as you listened to the chaos downstairs as the guys tried to open windows and clear out the house. The sound of something breaking loudly let you both know Dallas probably used the hammer to silence the device, again. "Well, there goes that opportunity," he grumbled tiredly. "We need a night out," you said as you let yourself fall back into bed.

    Your shared room fell quiet for a bit before he spoke, propping himself up on his elbow "how about we go camping this weekend? Just the two of us; we can get a bunch of blankets and pillows, drive to the outskirts of town and spend the night by that little lake my dad used to take us fishin' at." "Are we really going to be the married couple that has to plan for sex when we're only 20?" You asked jokingly with a smile. He shrugged with a quiet laugh and tucked some hair out of your face "well, it's either plan for it or just wait for some peace and quiet in this house." "Fair point, that sounds like a plan," you pecked his lips softly and reluctantly got out of bed so you could get ready for the day.

    The rest of the week dragged on slowly, it felt like Saturday night would never arrive, but when it finally did, you were both filled with excitement. Darry had more or less thrown a bunch of pillows and blankets into the truck bed, an eager grin on his face. "We'll see y'all tomorrow, just try not to burn the damn house down while we're gone, okay?" He asked when he was done, looking at his brothers and friends sternly. "We can survive without you guys for a night, we aren't helpless children y'know," Two-Bit said with a slight scoff. Darry smirked as he got into the truck "agree to disagree." He snickered to himself when Two repeated Darry's words under his breath mockingly.

    An hour later, shortly before the sun was done setting, Darry had parked the old pickup truck and you were both cozied up in the back. You were snuggled up to his side with his arm wrapped around your shoulders; you both silently drank your beers as you watched the sun fall below the horizon, taking the orange and yellow tones with it and replacing them with deep purples and dark blues until all that could be seen was an endless blanket of dark blue with millions of little specks of light scattered around at random. His hand innocently rubbed your shoulder as you gazed at the stars above before finally breaking the silence and asking: "you like astrology and such, right doll?" You gave a small nod, glancing up at him for a second before looking back at the sky "yeah, I do, why?" You felt him shrug some "I was just rememberin' all the times you used to show Ponyboy the different constellations and such when he was a kid, I always liked listenin' in."

    Silence settled comfortably over you for a few more minutes before you smiled "you wanna hear one of the stories now?" "Yeah, I do," he said softly, his voice sounded so peaceful. "Okay, so you see the big dipper up there right?" You asked as you pointed up in the sky. You felt him nod before you continued, taking his hand and moving it to point a little more to the north "now, notice how those stars up here form a 'W', well the brightest of those stars is called Perseus and right next to that is one named Andromeda. They actually have an interesting story together." "Well don't keep me waitin', baby," he planted a soft kiss on your shoulder as he looked at the stars while you began to explain. "Okay, so Andromeda was a princess and her mom went around claiming they were more beautiful than these sea goddesses which, naturally, pissed them off. They went to go tell Poseidon who gets even more pissed off and threatens the entire country with a flood and a sea monster all because of one woman's ego. Poseidon tells them the only way to make things right is if the king and queen sacrifice their daughter Andromeda to the monster so they chain her to a rock to be eaten," you begin to explain.

    "Geez, talk about shitty parents," he mumbled, making you both laugh quietly. "Oh, it gets worse, baby," you tease before continuing. "After slaying Medusa, Perseus just happens to fly over and see the princess, and he immediately falls in love with her. He finds out what's going on and says he'll rescue their daughter and slay this monster if he can marry her, which they agree to. He kills the monster and they go to the palace to get married but they'd already agreed to have her marry someone else. Then those two men fought, and again, Perseus won. Perseus and Andromeda got married and left her parent's kingdom for Perseus' home, where they lived happily ever after," you finished, punctuating the last few words by pressing kisses along his jawline and finally his lips. "Hm, that sounds eerily familiar," he said with a quiet snicker, fingers gently playing with your hair. "It does, doesn't it?" You grinned.

    "I might not have slain a monster for you but I beat up a guy ugly enough to be one for ya," he joked with a laugh. "I know you did, baby, you're my hero," you wrapped your arms around his neck when he moved to lightly straddle your hips, a teasing smile on his face. "And, after they got married, how was their life?" He asked while his thumbs rubbed light circles just under the hem of your shirt. "He became a kind, then they had seven sons and two daughters," you answered happily. "Well, it kinda feels like we've got six already, huh?" He said with a faint chuckle but you saw the look in his eyes, you had a pretty good feeling as to where he was going.

    "How about we just start with one of our own and see what happ-" before you could finish your sentence, his lips were on yours in a passionate, loving kiss, his hand cupping your cheek. Clothes were thrown off in a matter of seconds, just thrown out of the way. His lips on yours muffled the moan that escaped your lips as he slowly sunk into you. He wrapped your legs around his waist and rocked his hips gently. His kisses trailed from your lips to your neck and down to your collarbone until he took one of your hardened peaks into his mouth, sucking softly and grazing his teeth over the bud. Your fingers tangled in his hair and tugged at the tufts lightly, his name leaving your lips in breathy moans as you rocked your hips at pace with his. A sudden rough thrust made your moan come out almost as a squeak and you heard him chuckle quietly to himself.

    He carefully picked up his pace, setting a rhythm that brought you right to the verge of an orgasm, only to slow down and leave you frustrated while he held back a chuckle each time you whined in frustration. Thankfully, another upside of being alone in the middle of nowhere meant there was no need for either of you to try and be quiet. Your hand found its way between your bodies to rub your clit with your thumb, eyes screwing shut in pleasure as you rubbed circles of the bundle of nerves. The only word that could describe your climax was utter euphoria, white-hot pleasure searing through each of your nerve endings. Your mind barely registered Darry's swearing as your nails left angry red marks down his back or his entire frame tensing as he came with a groan.

    All that could be heard was the sound of nocturnal nature as you both caught your breath. He planted a bunch of soft, loving kisses on your face before getting comfortable next to you. "I love you so much, darlin', I can't even imagine what I'd do without you," he whispered lovingly as he rubbed your back. "I love you too, baby, there's not another person in the entire universe I'd rather be with," you whispered back before yawning. Neither of you was awake for much longer, between the peaceful sounds of nature and the week's-worth of exhaustion, it was a miracle you both stayed awake as long as you did. It felt like the best night's sleep you'd had in weeks. The two of you wound up staying out most of the next day too, not getting back home until eight the next night. You actually found more time to spend together, you two just had to be careful and quiet so none of the guys knew since you'd never hear the end of it. It wasn't long before you were both staring at the two lines on the pink piece of plastic, sharing excited grins.

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  • greaserkilljoy
    11.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    the wrong place, the wrong time, but the right hearts

    This is a story I've been writing for a little while about a Curtis sister who's a lesbian and falls in love with Marcia because I thought it would be an interesting twist as opposed to most Curtis sister stories I see. If you could read it that would be kinda cool-

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  • ratcraft84
    11.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Do y'all think Darry makes beer biscuits??

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  • cherryvalanceisreallypretty
    10.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Psh imagine a modern AU of The Outsiders

    Oooh imagine Dally sent a text message to the wrong person


    Dally: Oh sorry wrong person

    Darry: 😟

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  • onyxs-side
    10.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    the outsiders

    — nav


    dally winston

    darry curtis

    johnny cade

    ponyboy curtis

    sodapop curtis

    steve randle

    two-bit matthews

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  • nonbinary-ponyboy-curtis
    10.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Here I made this :)

    #the outsiders #nobody asked kat #the outsiders memes #ponyboy curtis#darry curtis#sodapop curtis#johnny cade#dallas winston#steve randle #two bit mathews #darrel curtis #darrel shaynne curtis #soda curtis #sodapop patrick curtis #pony curtis #ponyboy michael curtis #dally Winston#dally#stay gold #stay gold ponyboy
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  • ciggaroach1983
    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Chocolate cake


    Steve:HoW dArE yOu. I know you did not JUST SAY THAT.

    Dally:*whispers*you fuckin take that back.

    Pony:*shocked Pikachu face*

    Johnny:*whispers to him self in confusion*chores?but i don't even live here.

    Twobit:but dArRy *tearing up*

    Soda:*on his knees* noooOooOOOOOOO.

    Curly:is he even allowed to do that?

    Darry:*sighs*what the hell are you even doing in my house curly?

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  • ratcraft84
    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Two-bit, running into the house: Have you guys seen Candice??

    Darry, panicked: Candice, who's Candice?!

    *holy music starts playing*

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  • ciggaroach1983
    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Darry: for once i would like to HAVE A NICE FUCKIN FAMILY DINNER. Just once.

    *ponyboy and steve fist fighting in the background while soda screams at them*

    *dallas threatening to cut off two-bits fingers for eating his fries with two-bit cackling*

    And then there's Johnny just sitting at the table watching everything unfold while smiling lightly

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  • outsidersdoll
    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    teacher: ponyboy has gotten into a fight

    darry; that’s unacceptable!

    soda: did he win?

    #the outsiders #the outsiders fandom #the outsiders incorrect quotes #ponyboy curtis #the outsiders ponyboy #ponyboy michael curtis #darrel curtis#sodapop curtis #the outsiders sodapop #the outsiders darry
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  • orangejuice-m
    09.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Im going to do height hcs for the boys because I can.

    Ponyboy: 5'8 (same as me 😋) but grows to be 6'3

    Johnny: 5'5 and only grows a bit (will cold shoulder someone in the gang if they make fun of his height)

    Steve: 5'11 (he lies about his height to everyone and says hes 6') maybe grows

    Sodapop: 5'6 but tries to look taller

    Darry: 6'1 and stays that height

    Two-Bit: 6' and reminds Steve every single day

    Dally: 5'11 but doesn't tell anyone


    Cherry: 5'5

    Marcia: 5'7

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