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    12 jan 2022

    The first post from 2022 in 2022! In that day I finally started with my Flutter studies and I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with so many braces in waterfall structure. But Android Studio and the autogenerated comments help a lot! I'm also without smartphone, so I'm doing every single task through my mom'm tablet and my computer. This is the part one of the Jan 12, me in my girl power developer mode, edited with Polarr for W10 (that is a little bit dificult to use), and here we are. Hope you all are well!

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    Lululemon Run: Dart & Dash Shorts Sz 4 Flowabunga https://ift.tt/3IwAhJm

    #Lululemon Run: Dart & Dash Shorts Sz 4 Flowabunga
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    #SovenasArt#Rain World#RainWorld#Rw game#Rwartmonth#Spider#Spiders#Arachnophobia#tw: spider#tw: spiders#Art#Digital Art #artists on tumblr #First met these guys while playin Drought #And they just kept #Making me fall off of the screen with their paralyzing darts #How effective can their hunting method really be in a place like the exterior?
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    Ok party's over back to shitposting

    #chuffin a fat fuckin dart #the ralsei blunt image is ingrained in my brain i am trying to purge it with this #rayzorcore#pokemon#pokemon oc#bisharp#shitpost
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    #✯dart throwing general✯; varys #✯kingdoms knights and swords✯; ic #✯ {asks} #rxdhairxdsirxns
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    #that would be the cerebro shell and the zeonomicon and the liegian darts #corrupted relic #rip frumbles i loved you
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    I am very carefully breaking off some of the crystals and putting them in my bag I’m so excited. There’s so many!!!!!

    #addie.txt #uncle dart when somewhere else for a bit but I’m gonna show him once I’ve gathered enough if he doesn’t come to me!!
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    Tyler has like four friends over and the oldest is 30 and Mason ain’t here rn and Im gonna need a stiff drink here in a sec to get through the night cause their gonna be playing poker and the accents are atrocious

    #help #Tyler why are all your friends old and loud #I’m just a baby and one of them is hitting on me #I beat him in darts and he stopped #helpppp #they’re all drunk
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    Episode 392 #Visit #Latvia #On #Tv #travel #robe #cat #home #cnn #subwoofer #relationship #speaker #digital #sound #darts #fun #dixlvcomics #comics #comicstrip #dailycomic #comicbook #sliceoflife #truestory #talk #unique #system #art #ink #music #tech (at Riga, Latvia) https://www.instagram.com/p/CZDOV-ivLYz/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    I Choose to Love You

    By very popular demand, here is Part 2 of fic ‘Of All People’. Starts right the next morning, maternal Frankie & Annie, Jeff and Annie are super mature and communicate well. Who’d have thought 😂

    Read Part 1 Here

    Pairing: Jeff/Annie

    Season: Season 06

    Category: Fluff/Hurt/Comfort/A Little Angst

    CW: Previous Addiction, allusions to sex.

    Rating: T

    Read on AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/36578656

    Gif from Gifer (by Beazelas)

    She opened her eyes groggily, hearing the buzzing of her alarm fade more and more into the foreground, becoming aware of her surroundings.

    She’s normally an early bird, always up at the crack of dawn to take on the day, but last night she got home, and after a quick check in with Abed to make sure he was okay - and with Britta not home from her shift at the bar yet - she managed to stay awake long enough for a bubble bath and then barely made it to her bed before she crashed.

    Rolling over she grabbed her alarm clock, pressing the button and sighing, needing to figure out how the hell she feels about everything. She checks her phone and sees a text from Frankie,

    “10 okay? My place or want to go somewhere?”

    Seeing it was 8:45 she shot off a quick reply of

    “Sounds good, yours please, the craziest thing I found out yesterday was after I left you”

    She rolled out of bed and went to the kitchen to put the kettle on, always starting out her day with a peppermint tea. Something her mother always used to do, but she tries to ignore that fact. Britta was snoring over on her sofa, nothing could wake that girl before about noon when she’s on a shift till 3am at the bar.

    Her phone buzzes again with Frankie’s reply “Wow, okay. Since it’s just mine come over whenever you’re ready, okay? We’ll figure anything out”

    She smiles at that, Frankie is someone she can always rely on in a way that isn’t as codependent as the rest of the group, but is still just as consistent and supportive.

    She slowly gets ready at her own pace, not bothering to dress up much so just throwing on a pair of comfy sweatpants, a cami and a zip hoodie. She brushes her hair to untangle it and runs her GHD’s down it to smooth it over. She puts a little mascara on and then brushes her eyebrows into place, having messed them up nuzzling into her pillow and stuffies in her sleep.

    A knock on her bedroom door made her turn her head.


    He peered his head around the door “Good morning. You okay? Last night you had red eyes like you were crying, but you went off for a bath before I could ask and you didn’t have them in the study room, logically meaning something happened in between”

    She sighs again with a sad smile “yeah I’m okay, I had a chat with Jeff. I told him how much it upset me that you guys tested my blood”

    Abed frowns “but we needed to check you were okay” as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

    “I know, Abed, but Jeff has been supporting me through my sobriety ever since we started at greendale and it really upset me that he betrayed my trust” she says blatantly. She knows with Abed there’s no sense in being coy about things.

    “Oh, and you were upset because he didn’t just ask you about it and instead invaded your privacy?” He questions simply.

    “Yes, that’s exactly why it upset me.”

    “Is that why you were crying?”

    She sighs, then looking back in the mirror to carry on her light makeup “it was at first. Then Jeff admitted some stuff that I have to figure out I guess.”

    “Oh.. that you were the reason we got out the basement?”

    Her head snaps towards Abed, dropping the concealer onto her vanity table. “You knew?” She exclaims!

    “Not for sure. He’s been distant this year, drinking a bit more. When I looked back to when he got broodier it kind of made sense. There’s no reason for me or the dean to have been what opened that door, and if it was Britta he’d have had no reason he couldn’t have said it. It had to be you.” He says sweetly, voice full of hope and promise. “And honestly.. I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. Every trope leads up to it, the opposites attract, the young mature girl and the older immature guy, the will they won’t they, the 6 year build up you guys have had, the handsome lead and the nerdy pretty girl that helps him study..” he adds, continuing his list with more and more tropes they fit into as he walks back to his blanket fort. She sits there in shock, that it was so easy for Abed to work out something that she’d have never guessed in a million years. She needs to talk to Frankie.

    Grabbing her purse and phone, she picks up her keys from the hook by the door and calls quietly over to Abed, trying not to wake Britta. “I’m heading to Frankie’s, I’ll be back later. Call if you need me, okay?”

    Abed gave a thumbs up and waved back cutely over the top of his lucky charms, before turning back to the morning cartoons. She smiles at the way it feels like leaving her kid at home in a way, and drives to Frankie’s place about 20 minutes away.

    She’s been there a few times, so feels comfortable enough with the route to not need a GPS. Pulling into the guest parking spot next to Frankie’s car, she pulls her bag from the passenger seat and locks her car from the drivers side, jogging up the few steps to Frankie’s townhouse.

    After a few knocks Frankie opened the door, in comfy leggings and a jumper. When she sees the half panic, half anguish in Annie’s eyes, she immediately ushers her in and after she shuts the door she gathers Annie into her arms. Annie’s arms automatically cling to Frankie, and her head buries into Frankie’s shoulder. One of Frankie’s hands rubs up and down the top of Annie’s back, and the other strokes Annie’s hair while she gently shushes her reassuringly, like a mother with a crying infant. Annie doesn’t have a Mom anymore, doesn’t even consider the woman who gave birth to her a mother, but she thinks to herself this is as close as it would probably feel to ever having one. The thought makes her hold onto Frankie even tighter.

    After a few moments, neither letting go, Frankie asks “what happened sweetie?”

    Annie sighed and took a step back, “so much”.

    “Come on, coffee’s already on”.

    They walked side by side to Frankie’s modern-style kitchen, Annie pulling up her usual stool at the counter as Frankie hands her a latte in a dumbo mug that makes Annie smile.

    “So Jeff confronted me right after I spoke to you, actually followed us to make me talk to him”

    Frankie nods understandingly, “I saw him peek out from behind the corner, had a feeling he had followed you”

    “Yeah, I wouldn’t even look at him let alone leave together like normal, so he came to apologise for why he thought I was mad”

    Frankie’s brows furrowed a little “Why did he think you were mad?”

    Annie rolls her eyes as she replied “Britta. As if a 2 word email to Chang from years ago was the worst thing he’d done”

    “I thought you said yesterday there wasn’t anything between you two? Why would he think you were mad?”

    Annie sighs, she knew this was coming. “So those exact words I said to you yesterday? They were what Jeff used years ago to deny in front of the group that there was anything between us. It was also the day we found out about him and Britta hooking up. We’d had a couple, what did you say the dean called them? Cutesy capers?”

    Frankie nods.

    “Well, we’d been on a few of those. Some long looks under the first blanket fort, stolen stares across the room. We’d kissed a few times by then. He totally ignored me the entire summer after we kissed, though in his defence I was still a teenager and he just had two other women confess their love for him in front of the whole school at a prom the Dean had called the ‘tranny dance’…”

    She pauses to sip her coffee at that point, Frankie looking a little horrified.

    “What the hell kind of orgies happened here before I arrived?” She asks rhetorically into the air.

    Annie laughs through her nose a little before continuing “anyway, so Jeff decided to deny in front of everyone that anything was happening. Said it was just chemistry and he had it with everyone. Made me believe it was all in my head to save his own ass. I knew it wasn’t, but it made me doubt everything. And then these past 6 years he’s been my rock whenever I struggled with my sobriety, flashbacks and memories from rehab..” she looks up, knowing Frankie hadn’t been told this part of Annie’s history before this point, and took a shaky breath “I’m at greendale because my Adderall addiction lost me my Ivy League scholarship. I checked myself into rehab when I was 17, after running through a plate glass wall back in high school. My mom hasn’t spoken to me since”

    “Wow, Annie you’re so strong sweetie…” Frankie frowns, a sad smile “so you were saying, Jeff was your rock?”

    “Yeah, that’s why I was so angry at him, much more so than the rest of the group, when they had my blood tested behind my back instead of just asking me how I was doing. I get that they care, but..” she pauses, shaking her head.

    “But it was an invasion of privacy and betrayed your trust?”

    Smiling sadly, she replied “yeah”

    Frankie’s grimaced smile matched Annie’s, “I’m learning this group has a tendency to do that”

    Annie’s eyes shot up to Frankie’s, before both lightly laughing a little. “Yeah, we do. I’m so, so sorry Frankie. Who you are, who you date, is absolutely none of our business. And to bet on that was just gross, I’m sorry”

    Frankie shakes her head, “it’s okay Annie I forgive you. I’m a little disturbed by your entry, but we’re friends.” Frankie jokes about the entry “We’re sat here chatting about your love life, it shouldn’t be much different to talk about mine”

    Annie smiles “I really did have to pick last you know!”

    Both laugh a little more about that, the air feeling entirely clear between them.

    Frankie continues, “I see why you’d be mad at Jeff for that. Did you tell him the real reason you were upset with him?”

    “Yeah, we went back to his car and I told him just how much it hurt that he’d disrespect me and my sobriety like that”

    Frankie nodded a little “I’m really proud of you, that can’t have been easy, but you deserved to get that off your chest” she says as she grabs her own coffee from under the machine and leans on her forearms across the counter top from Annie.

    Taking another sip of coffee Annie smiles and looks down into the cup, contemplatively.

    “So, how did he respond?” Frankie asked.

    “He was sincerely apologetic, recognised and acknowledged that it was wrong and why it hurt me, and said that in the interest of me believing truth and honesty are separate things he made a promise to always be honest with me from now on, starting with something kinda big…” she explained, looking at Frankie through scared, wide eyes.

    “Wow, I’ll hand it to Winger that’s mature.. what did he say?”

    Annie gazed out the window for a moment, before staring back down at her coffee. “How much do you know about the basement we got trapped in where we found Borchert?”

    Frankie’s eyes widened in surprise at the bizarre topic “the Dean has tried to explain it to me but I never knew what was embellishment and which parts were real given the entire thing sounds entirely insane. I did have to go down there for the liability insurance reassessment after the roof collapsed. Met Borchert.. weird dude, even for Greendale..”

    Annie chuckled a little at that “yeah, he is, but he created the place so what do you expect. Long story short?” She asked, Frankie confirming with a nod.

    “Umm so the school was assessed for liability but because of the save Greendale committee we were profitable not a liability, so the school board tried to sell it off to Subway to turn it into a sandwich school. Apparently a thing I guess. Abed and I were helping the dean clear out his office when we came across Borchert’s instructions for buried treasure. We ran back to the study room where unbeknownst to us, Britta and Jeff had just gotten engaged.” She rolls her eyes at that part. “So we go hunting, find a secret trapdoor in the teachers lounge, we found the lab, Borchert, Raquel and millions of Gerald Ford dollars none of us have seen since. Then, school board guys and Chang who decided to become a bad guy again came down, stole the money and trapped us in there, wiping Raquel’s systems out with a magnet, and at that point we figured we were stuck down there. Mind you I’d have happily given up my food and water to not have to see Jeff and Britta pretending to everyone - including themselves - that they were madly in love.” Which earns another eye roll.

    “I had finally - FINALLY - after all these years decide I need to let Jeff go, no matter how self destructive he was being, when Borchert told us that because he had been teaching Raquel to learn emotions it’s possible a blast of human passion could reboot her system. Jeff grabbed the headphones and told us all to turn around so we did. All I knew until yesterday was then the lights came on and the door opened and we saved the school.”

    “I’ve got a slight feeling I might know where this is going…” Frankie replies lovingly.

    “Well apparently Abed did too, he told me this morning he’d known for months because Jeff has been broody and drinking and distant since that day. I would have never guessed in a million years though, I mean, he was engaged to Britta. But last night he told me that all it took was him hearing us say our little ‘milady’ ‘milord’ that we’ve done for 6 years in his head, and the entire system came on. Apparently he now has empirical, actual proof of the feelings he’s kept avoiding because as he put it, he keeps making decisions to try and make sure I won’t get hurt but ends up hurting me anyways”

    Frankie sucks a deep breath in and blows it out, nodding, not sure what to say, but Annie kept going anyway.

    “I mean if he’d said that after we first kissed I’d have known it was some kind of play, some game to sleep with me. But that’s not what it is, we literally had a computer reset because of how strong his feelings are for me. And it’s not like he ran to me and professed his love when it happened, he tried to keep it to himself because he said he knows I deserve better, but he finally told me because he said I also deserve honesty.. and now my brain is kinda fucked. I have no idea how to feel about it. He’s hurt me so many times. But I also know how much he’s changed and I just…” Annie tears up but tried to blink them back, before whispering “I don’t know what to do”.

    Frankie came around the counter and moved to the stool next to Annie, holding her again and just letting her cry into her shoulder. They were slow, quiet tears. No hiccups or whines, just little sniffles and lots of cuddles. They stayed like that for a little while, Frankie just holding Annie like the poor, very confused thing just needed to be. She knew Annie wanted someone to tell her all the answers on this one, and Frankie knows how she personally feels about the idea of Annie who’s so young and has so much potential, dating a 40 year old often-toxic Greendale teacher - but she needs to put that aside. This is about Annie and what she needs. She feels a little maternal in that way, having hopes and dreams for Annie but wanting above all else for her to just be happy and loved.

    “You know whatever you decide, is going to be the right decision, as long as it’s what’s best for you. As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters, okay?”

    Annie doesn’t respond but Frankie knows she heard her because Annie’s arms tighten around Frankie’s waist.

    After another couple minutes of the cuddle, they both lean back, Frankie brushing Annie’s hair out of her eyes, seeing them wet and red underneath. “Oh sweetie”.

    So quiet Frankie can barely hear, Annie whispers “I haven’t heard from my Mom since I was 17, but I like to think I wouldn’t need her anyway, cause now I have you”

    Frankie’s smile beams at Annie, dimples showing vividly, her thumbs wiping away the tear tracks from Annie’s cheeks “I never got to have a kid, but I like to think if I ever did, she’d be even half as great as you are.” Frankie whispers back, finally bringing the light back to Annie’s eyes.

    “And we are gonna figure this out, Annie. I promise. Come on let’s go in the sitting room it’s comfier”

    So they walked side by side, arms around each others waists, into the front room with Frankie’s sofa and a noticeable absence of a TV.

    “So your feelings for Jeff, tell me them”

    Annie leans her head sideways onto the back of the sofa, facing Frankie sat at the other end “I don’t know I mean.. when I was younger it was just a crush. We kissed at the school debate but I was 18, I dated Vaughn soon after that, but he left the day Jeff and I properly kissed. I had just walked back after him thinking I was leaving with Vaughn, his head was all messed up from Britta and Slater. I think I kissed him first, for just a couple seconds. But I leaned back, waiting to see his reaction, and he just like grabbed me and crashed our lips together, it was amazing.” She smiles remembering it “But after a while people started coming out the gym and we didn’t see each other all summer. I found out that first day back he and Britta had had sex on the study room table the week before we kissed, during the first paintball game. After that we had our moments, I found out a year later he’d been hooking up with Britta occasionally but they were completely unromantic, just sexual. About 8 months after that I accidentally ended up playacting in a hotel we were staying at that we were married, the staff had mistakenly called me Mrs Winger since Jeff booked the rooms and I just didn’t correct them. Staff thought he was cheating when he was flirting with a woman so I had to save face, threw a drink in his face.” Frankie laughs a little at that thought “But he found out it was mainly cause I was mad he ditched me and as a friend it made me feel dejected, so he bought me a drink and we seemed a lot closer after that from then on. When he graduated he kept looking at me in this weird way, looking back I think he knew about his feelings back then but would never have said anything, and he’d already made me feel crazy enough so I’d have never asked”

    Frankie frowns knowing all she’s had to go through.

    “Then last year I came back to switch to forensics, we were even closer in a way but in another now he was a teacher it put a little bit more of a barrier in the way, just because we went from having classes and stuff together to me helping him write lesson plans, which for him is considerably less fun. But then the Ass Crack Bandit came back - still think it’s Duncan and Britta working together by the way” she adds pointing her finger “and both the bandit on the phone and the dean said how they think we were just doing a rogue investigation as an excuse to be close to each other in a way that’s acceptable. When our investigation fell through I asked Jeff if maybe they were right but he said again that it’s just platonic between us. Leonard basically immediately proved him wrong - don’t ask “ she adds shaking her head when Frankie suddenly looks really confused “and then Pierce died and Troy left quickly after that, shaking up all of us. We were a perfect synced duet in the school wide floor is lava tournament.”

    Sighing “Then came the whole basement thing. And down there I finally gave up all hope on my feelings and turns out he finally understood his.. now, here we are” she finishes with a deep breath in having run out of air explaining it all.

    “Wow.. okay so besides all the times he gaslit you into thinking he didn’t have feelings-“ she starts off poignantly.

    “Which he explicitly recognised, apologised for, and promised to never do again yesterday” Annie interrupted.

    “Okay good, so point being besides that, what I’m hearing is you’ve had feelings for the guy for 6 years and now he’s telling you he feels the same way.. just to sum it up..”

    Annie nods, contemplatively.

    “Okay so that being said, what are your concerns about a relationship? Because I think that’s what you have to figure out and then talk to him about”

    “You’re right. Um, I guess I would have said his playboy ways, but now I think about it I don’t think he’s so much as even hit on a girl since that basement day. And it’s not like he had any reason to hide it, we’re best friends that never changed.” Annie’s eyes look into the distance and she smiles wistfully “that actually reminds me of something he said back on that day the hotel staff thought he was cheating on me. After he found out I’d been pretending we were married, he said that he ‘can tell me one thing my fantasy got wrong. If we were married, I wouldn’t find him in a bar flirting with another woman’. It was so genuine, so sweet, I really don’t think I’d ever have to worry about that”

    Frankie smiles, hearing how sure Annie feels in Jeff’s fidelity.

    “That’s great Annie. What other concerns then?”

    “Um…” she thinks hard “I guess I’d never want to lose our friendship. I’d worry that he’d try and push me away if he thinks he’s ever holding me back, which is insane cause no one will ever stop me from achieving what I want”

    Frankie is relieved to hear that. Her biggest worry is Annie’s potential, but she’s confident Jeff would never keep Annie from anything - not that anyone could.

    “Anything else?”

    “I suppose my inexperience with guys compared to his lots of experience with girls. I guess I feel kind of insecure for a few reasons that I’d want him to reassure me on. Also I’d want us to make sure that Britta stops coming between us. I don’t want to be awkward with her she’s one of my best friends. And also I’d want to make sure he doesn’t have any worries like insecurities with our age and stuff.”

    Frankie wears a proud smile, “I think it’s time you go tell him that, then”

    Annie bites her lip anxiously, nodding.

    She leans over the couch for a hug “thanks, Frankie. Seriously”

    “Anytime kiddo. I love ya”

    “You too” Annie said pulling away and standing up, heading to the door and skipping her sneakers on “I promise to let you know how it goes!”

    “I’ll get the student-teacher relationship forms ready” Frankie replies with a wink.

    Annie leaves and waves from the car as she gets in. She puts on her happy playlist, needing to calm her nerves on the drive over. She was really gonna do this. She was really going to Jeff’s to say she wants to try with him.

    Song after song went by, singing along she tried to keep her mind off of her impending conversation.

    She pulled into the space she’s been in so many times she thinks of it as her space, and heads up to Jeff’s floor in the elevator, chuckling to herself as she passes by the Dean’s door. A few steps later, she’s finally at her destination.

    She takes in a few steadying breaths, before finally lifting her fist, and letting her knuckles connect with the wood.

    She hadn’t told him she was coming over, but she comes over unannounced all the time, so it’s not too unusual. She considers using the key that thanks to Pierce’s lie detector test he knows she has on her key ring, but the door finally opens. Jeff stands there in surprise, not having expected her.

    Suddenly he’s worried that she’s there to tell him they’re not going to be okay, but when he sees the shy smile on her face, and a little gleam in her eyes making them warmer than they have been since before the email leak, he calms down.

    “Hey, come in.” He stands aside as she walks in and kicks off her shoes, “are you okay? I thought you were spending the morning with Frankie?”

    She smiles, him letting slip that he had been listening to them.

    “I was, she helped me work through some stuff.. that’s why I’m here. I have questions and I wanna talk to you about them”

    His breath shakes as he inhaled. “Okay, um.. is this a good thing? Or am I gonna need padding while you punch me kinda thing?”

    She laughs, him never failing to put her at ease, and moves forward to wrap her arms around his neck as his slip around her waist. He leans his cheek on her hair and breathes in her strawberry shampoo, his entire body relaxing into her. She always has that effect on him, it doesn’t matter what’s going on, she grounds him.

    “I take this as a good sign?” He asks a little cheekily.

    She smiles and pulls her head back to lean her forehead up on his, without releasing her arms at all. “Yeah, it is” she asks looking into his eyes, before then closing them to enjoy the closeness. “But I do want us to talk about some things first, okay?”

    Jeff smiles before lifting his head to place his lips on her forehead. “Of course that’s okay” he speaks against her skin before finishing with a kiss there, and pulling away, leading them both hand in hand to the couch. She intwines their fingers of the hand holding his, clinging onto it tighter.

    They sit down next to each other, not much space at all between them, and she sits casually with her legs across his, sitting sideways on the couch with her back on the armrest. It’s a position they would normally sit in after a couple drinks anyway, so feels entirely natural. Jeff places his hand on her calf, gently stroking his thumb back and forth.

    The added level of intimacy now they both know his feelings warms her from the inside, making her belly tingle like it has butterflies in it.

    She feels so at home here, when it hits her, it’s not his place she feels at home at, it’s anywhere she’s with him. He’s home to her. He’s her safety. And if that isn’t love, she doesn’t know what is.

    She decides to start with the biggest question of all. “Okay so, complete honesty-” she said pointedly referring to yesterday “in an absolute ideal world, complete happy fantasy, what do you want for us? Like the kind of fantasy scenario that people think about before bed without realising they’re doing it” She asks looking into his eyes.

    They widen in surprise before he huffs out a laugh “christ start with the easy one. Um..” he steadies himself “I guess if this wasn’t to make things awkward and in the name of absolute honesty, if this is my dream fantasy..” He looks her in the eyes and smiles before looking down to his hand on her leg, too nervous to look her in the eyes.

    “We um, well this would be a bunch of years down the line, not for a while yet, but we would be married. Living in some really bright, happy apartment. Maybe a son, a really cool name like Sebastian. We’d raise him Jewish, obviously, but he’d have an awesome Christmas every year too. He’d have my blond hair but your giant blue eyes. He gets away with just about anything because if those doe eyes work for you they sure as hell work for him. We have a play room set up for him in the third bedroom with his drawings taped up all over the wall, that’ll hopefully keep our living room as our space. I’d make sure to never be one of those married couples that forget about the marriage after the kids. You’d have some insanely cool career like President or something and I’d go back and genuinely work for a good law firm, fighting for the little guy, make Sebastian and you proud. We’d be there front row for all your speeches or for when you get medals or whatever you do that you’ll be amazing at. And I’ll be that guy that gets to cheer the loudest cause that’s my wife up there being celebrated. And we’d have Egyptian cotton sheets cause lord knows if I ever got lucky enough to be with you I’d be like a man starved all the damn time. And I think we’d take relaxing holidays, ones with kids clubs - so we get lots of fun adult time too” he adds suggestively. “I’d spend our lives trying to make you happy. Making sure you achieve all your dreams. Making sure to never make the mistakes my father did.” He looks up to her eyes and sees the smile on her lips and the tears running down her cheeks. “I’d spend my life worshiping you, Annie. If I could” An extremely heavy silence hung over them, Annie too shocked to speak. He starts getting nervous, would be far more scared is it wasn’t for the smile on her face.

    “You know, of course only if that’s what you wanted too. If you just wanted to be friends then-“ she cuts him off with a hand on his shoulder.

    “Jeff” she whispers.

    “Yeah?” He gazes up apprehensively.

    “I want a life with you. There’s things I’m terrified about, things I’m concerned about, things I want to address. But I want a life with you. Don’t doubt that, okay?”

    His eyes fill with tears as his smile grows the widest it’s ever been. He slowly leans over and holds her cheek, pulling her lips against his. They can taste the mix of both their tears, but neither cares. Their lips continue to move in perfect sync, but soon they’re smiling too much to keep kissing.

    She pulls back, and moves to sit on his lap, straddling it with her legs either side of his, not in a sexual way but just to keep them close while being face to face. She sits back on his lap, looking at his smile and understanding the happiness firsthand.

    “What is if you want to talk about, love?”

    She smiles at the pet name, but her face gets a little more serious - yet still relaxed - as she goes on to talk. “I guess I feel quite insecure about how many women you’ve been with before me, I’m not that experienced nor am I the prettiest and I just.. I don’t want to not live up to expectations, be it in general or in the bedroom or-“

    “Annie” he interrupts “you are by far the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I’m serious, you could line up every women I’ve ever seen and I’d pick you a thousand times over, and I promise to make a point of always making sure you know that. And as far as any of that stuff goes? Annie I’ve never slept with a woman I’ve been in love with before - in fact I’ve never been in love with anyone else before. Any experience with you is going to be magical because it’s you. And honestly? People in new relationships learn each others likes and nuances over time anyway. We just gotta talk to each other and be honest about what we like and don’t. Plus, we’ll take this as slow as you want, okay? No worrying about pressure at all, please”

    She smiles at the reassurance, it all sounding incredibly logical. “Oh that’s one thing I’m not worried about, as soon as I get my hands on you I won’t be able to stop” she smirks suggestively while grinding down on his lap a little and kissing his cheek playfully.

    He groans in frustration but grins at how eager she is for them to connect in that way.

    “Okay before we get too carried away, anything else?” Jeff asks.

    “Yes actually. No pushing me away, whether it’s because you don’t know how to deal with something or you think you’re doing what’s best for me or think you’re holding me back or something, no pushing me away. If we do this Jeff we communicate. We talk about our feelings even if it’s uncomfortable, because it’s way better than the alternative or it causing a rift between us.”

    Jeff nods “I’m going to have to learn, but I will learn for you. And you are more than welcome to call me out if you think I’m not, okay? But if you ever get insecure or shy about something, I’ll call you out too okay?”

    He cutely puts out his pinky finger with the question, and it makes her smile even more. Linking her tiny pinky with his much bigger one, she replies “promise.” Him responding with his own “promise” and kissing their linked pinkies before she does the same. “And if we ever feel we need to talk, or we feel we need the other to talk to us, lock your pinky with mine. That’ll be our signal for calling each other out”

    She grins “wow, Winger, who knew you are such a softie!”

    He huffs a laugh “just for you, Edison” he replies with a wink, before pulling her in for another kiss, slipping his tongue past her lips this time, her opening her lips even wider to let him in. They savour the feeling of being connected at the lips before she pulls away, his lips chasing hers before he pulls back too.

    “We can get to that in a minute, but I need your blood in your thinking head for a minute okay?” She says cheekily.

    He frowns a little with an adorable pout, before she gives him a quick peck to make the pout go away, it working perfectly.

    “Something yesterday showed plenty of evidence of, is that for the last 5 and a half years, Britta has come first. I need to be a priority from now on, I don’t want awkwardness and I want us to handle this right, tell her properly. But after talking today I think I can trust that I’ll be your priority. I just have to know we handle the Britta situation well. No jokes about sex with her either, it’ll just make me feel inadequate”

    He smiles a little sadly at that “I promise you you’re my priority, and always will be. We’ll tell her about us respectfully, but I promise there is no way in which you are inadequate to her, nor any other woman in the world. In any way”

    “Thanks” she says shyly, “I also never want to lose our friendship. Not that I ever plan on us separating, but I just want us to keep our friendship at the centre of anything between us. It means so much to me Jeff I couldn’t handle losing that, I couldn’t” she adds sadly

    “Annie we’re best friends. Together or not, we always will be. It may not always be easy, but we’ll always be okay. Yesterday was just an example of that” he cements with a peck to her lips, then rubbing their noses together affectionately.

    “Hmmm..” she hums smiling, happy with his assurance.

    “You know, Mr ‘I don’t believe in marriage, nut up and die alone’ has sure changed his tune..”

    He laughs hard at that for a moment “well he fell in love and found out that the most courageous thing you can ever ‘nut up for’ is to tell the love of your life that she is”.

    “It’s probably a good thing you’re the love of hers then, isn’t it” she smiles back before planting a long, loving kiss on his lips.

    “In the name of good communication, concerns? Questions? Insecurities? Un-assurances?” She asks him after she sits back.

    “I guess I’m worried that you can do better, that you’ll one day find out how much better than me you truly deserve”.

    She shakes her head, “Jeff that’s not how love works. I choose to love you. The very fact you’re someone who is trying to be the best them they can be for me, that’s what I deserve. Not someone more put together but who doesn’t bother trying to be better. That’s why I love you Jeff. You try so hard to be good to me. That’s all I’ll ever need, I promise, okay? I’m not some kid anymore, I’ve faced a lot in life so far and it’s proven to me what I want” she wraps him into a hug, and they hold each other close. Letting their heartbeats feel the other, both rhythms slowing and steadying while they feel at home in each others arms. Feeling safe and sure of who they are, and what they want.

    “Anything else you’re worried about” she asks, not moving from their hug.

    “No, but that’s the good thing about communication. If something ever comes up I know I can just talk to you about it” he turns his head and starts kissing her neck. She hums and tilts her head giving him room as he keeps kissing along it, sucking lightly. She realises after a couple minutes he must be leaving a love bite.

    “Marking your territory there?” She asks sassily.

    “Absolutely” he says against her skin, “I can’t believe you’re mine. I need physical evidence or I won’t believe it”

    It makes her smile even more knowing it wasn’t even about showing she’s his to other men, he’s doing it for himself. He noses around at his mark before pulling back and pecking her on the lips.

    “Have you had lunch yet? We could go out and get something to eat?” He asks, concerned she hasn’t eaten much the last couple days at all.

    “How about we order in?” She asks, “I want you all to myself until further notice” she whispers sensually against his lips, causing him to bite back a groan and capture her lips fiercely.

    Humming, she pulls back but not by much “actually maybe ordering can wait” she says diving back in for another kiss.

    “Totally agreed” be mumbles into the kiss, it heating up even more, as she feels him grow and harden under her.

    He pulls back, leaning his forehead against hers. “Wait I wanna do this with you right. So, Annie Edison-” he begins to ask while catching his breath “will you please, my love, be my girlfriend?”

    She beams back at him “of course” she responds, giddy and giggly, barely finishing the word before her lips were back on his, her hips grinding down with urgency, making him grip onto her tighter, one hand gripping her hip and the other in her hair holding her to him.

    “Milady?” He asks into their kiss, knowing she knows he’s asking if he should take them to her room.

    She pulls back for breath, before smirking sexily and winking “milord” she confirms. He stands with her still in his arms, her legs automatically wrapping around his waist. One hand slapping her ass into a grab, making her half giggle and half moan, the other holding onto the other leg. He carries her effortlessly as he walks them both into his bedroom, shutting the door as quickly as he can, both giddy with happy and exciting anticipation.

    Yeah, they’re gonna be WAY better than just ‘fine’.

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    "An animal we eat but doesn't eat us? That's easy! Dragon!"

    Sir Robert looks very puzzled. "Varys. Do you eat dragon?"

    "No! I don't eat dragon because it's not a meal for peasants, it's a meal for kings, and I'm sort of a common man. But they don't eat us, they...it's like a misconception. They actually eat gold and treasure. That's why they're always sitting on a big pile of it."

    Show us dragon!
    #✯dart throwing general✯; varys #✯sarcastic yet witty mentor✯; sir robert #✯kingdoms knights and swords✯; ic #✯ {crack}
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    #[ms. popular] ayanei utsukushi #[neon darts] taoji datsu #[nap if else code] yue makura #[background chan] bea futsu #[purple hellfire] ski'nei yami
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    #Get good at darts #List of songs I'll totally look up later but not right now #because I'm lazy and also too busy listening to by Brian David Gilbert #ralsei#deltarune#honeycomb ralsei#Honeycomb#deltarune au
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    #1. i have no fucking idea what you're talking about #like as in the post. youre referring to a post but you're wrong btw #also im not a dc comics expert pls i hope you know that #also 2. bruce hitting his kids is literally the worst characterization ever ! writers will do the thing in which they write a thing #and then throw a dart to see who says it or does it lmao
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    the fact that Shammy did the confirmation of the body makes me so sad. he’s so hurt

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    Episode 392 #Own #Your #Personal #Meaning #Of #Christmas #cat #home #tv #subwoofer #relationship #speaker #digital #sound #darts #fun #dixlvcomics #comics #comicstrip #dailycomic #comicbook #sliceoflife #truestory #talk #love #unique #system #art #ink #music (at Helsinki Finland) https://www.instagram.com/dixlvcomics/p/CZA_wU_PB3T/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    damn he really is the goat, he knew he couldn’t be who she needed so he left. and her new man is a piece of shit

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    Homage to Conway & García López's Atari Force by Luis Heluis

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