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  • former-ly-darth
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Rewatching your favorite show seventy times just to see you favorite character’s micro expressions

    #Darth Maul #the clone wars #they animated him so well #season 7 is so pleasing to watch
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  • zabrak-butts
    26.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    A playlist of songs that remind me of maul based on like one lyric

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  • unlightsabered
    26.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    sw villains as bad and annoying stuff u get on the internet

    no clue where this came from. enjoy

    darth maul - chain emails. like the Forward this to 15 people in the next 24 hours or you’ll have bad luck for a decade. except it’s real

    emperor palpatine - very sinister multilevel marketing scheme texts from an old friend. the Hey Girlie I Have A Fantastic Opportunity For You! ❤️

    darth vader - those fraud texts atm that say u have a package coming and if u click on the link it kills ur phone entirely

    kylo ren - the callers that target the elderly and say they need their credit card details for whatever service they’re providing and just yoink their money

    orson krennic - the annoying asf ads at the end of every big Instagram meme account

    asajj ventress - when ur trying to do YouTube to mp3/mp4 and it opens a new tab and tries to download some viruses. but u still managed to download the actual file so ur like… fine

    grand admiral thrawn - mfs who get ur bank password and spend all ur money and steal ur identity and hack your social media

    pong krell - that time when i was 11 and downloaded lots of sims 3 mods and it all seemed fine and then 3 weeks later my computer crashed and we spent a whole weekend getting malware off it

    all the inquisitors - when the computer crashes halfway thru doing an assignment and u dont know if you saved it recently or not

    Jabba the Hutt - you are our millionth visitor click here to redeem your free iPhone 11

    #That’s all for now #the clone wars #star wars #star wars incorrect quotes #incorrect Star Wars quotes #asajj ventress#emperor palpatine#darth vader#orson krennic #jabba the hutt #pong krell #grand admiral thrawn #admiral thrawn#Kylo ren#darth maul #Star Wars shitposting
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  • jadeebarks
    26.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I don’t even have a real excuse on why i drew shirtless darth maul i just wanted to…

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  • dilf-vader
    26.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    That’s how that one episode of tcw went, right?

    #couldn’t sleep until I made this #darth maul#obi-wan kenobi #the clone wars #tcw #star wars rebels
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  • chamomileteainabuttercup
    26.10.2021 - 10 hours ago


    Darth Maul puts little rubbery caps on the points of his horns so they don’t rip up his pillow

    Darth Maul uses a solid neck rest like a takamakura instead of a pillow so his horns aren’t touching anything while he sleeps

    Darth Maul lets his horns rip up his pillow any old how

    Darth Maul has never had a pillow in his life and if you gave him one he would angry-cry

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  • bacarasbabe
    26.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Beat the Devil's Tattoo - Day 19

    <- Day 18 || Day 20 ->

    Prompt: Impact Play

    Demon!Maul x Female Witch!Reader

    Word Count: 1.4k

    Rating: E

    Tags: Impact play/spanking, dom!Maul, dirty talk, cream pie

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    "I want to hear you say it." You can hear the smile in his order but you can see it. Not with the way Maul has you positioned, ass up and face buried in a pillow.

    "I love you," It comes out a whisper. Still slightly embarrassed about confessing your heart to the demon after waking him by sucking him off.

    Maul leans over, resting his face on your pillow. Patiently waiting until you turn to face him. When you do, he kisses you. Soft and slow and completely perfect. Golden eyes closed as he revels in the feeling of you before pulling back. He places a kiss on your cheek then sits back in his original position. Between your legs on his knees, hands running over the globes of your ass.

    "I want to hear you say what you want," Maul changes the phrasing of his order. Flames of embarrassment run up your face as understanding hits you and you seek comfort and solitude in your pillow. You gave him the wrong answer. But not an unwelcome one. His goal wasn't to embarrass you. Maul is trying to give you what you want but you were still so caught up in voicing your feelings. Now he wants you to voice your needs.

    One of Maul's hands leaves your ass before sharply coming back down. Smack! It stings and it burns but it sends shocks of pleasure up your spine until it spills out as a debauched moan. 

    "Only a good girl gets her pussy fucked full of cum." Shit. Fucking hells. The mood is set. The scene is familiar with easy rules for you to follow. He's doing this to put you at ease because he knows you love this. He must know this is what you had originally wanted when you were sucking his cock while he slept. Letting Maul take the reins so you can relax and get exactly what you need is precisely what you want.

    "F-uck me," You lip sticks, dragging across your teeth in a way that makes your words sound slurred.

    Maul slaps your other cheek. Both globes now blooming with stinging heat in perfect symmetry. "Fuck me, what?" He sounds light, relaxed compared to you being wound up and on edge.

    "Fuck me hard," you offer. Really, you don't care how he fucks you. The craving you got when you first took Maul's cock into your mouth, just an overwhelming need to have him inside, never really left you. But you must have supplied another wrong answer because all you're greeted with is two more sharp swats to your rear.

    "You need to ask me nicely, sorceress, before I'll even consider it." 

    Yes, fuck yes, "Please!" You moan into your pillow. Trying to tempt him by slightly shifting your hips so your ass wiggles enticingly.

    "Please what?"

    "Please fuck me. Maul! Please just fuck me. Ineedyousobad," Your words slur together as you chant them into your pillow.

    Two clawed fingers softly tease your clit before they run up the length of your slit. You hear Maul humming in disapproval. 

    "I don't think you're nearly wet enough for that, darling. I still think we have some work to do."

    There is no counting tonight. Maul isn't dragging this out, leaving you in suspense, trying to guess when his hand will meet your skin in stinging pleasure again.  Instead, he brings it down repeatedly. Soft swats kiss your skin over and over. Building your tolerance and almost imperceptibly increasing in strength with each impact. He leaves no part of your supple rear untouched. Traveling down far enough that his hand just catches your aching pussy.

    You clench around nothing on every swipe. Just concentrating on the overwhelming feelings Maul is forcing you through. There's a loud, guttural gasping sound and it takes you a few seconds to realize that it's you that's making that sound. You're only able to reach that conclusion because Maul is asking you questions, checking in on you and the sounds continue. It only stops when you speak. 

    "Yes, 'm good." His hand continues the rhythmic beat. "More." It's all you can manage. Thankful that he's not requiring a more coherent answer from you because you're not sure you have it in you at the moment.

    "Look at you, gorgeous girl." Maul slows his spanks to nearly stopping. "Going mindless just from having your ass spanked?" Of course you are. That's what you wanted. 

    The next blow lands hard and true. And though he's retracted his hand for the moment, you can still feel the sharp outline of it, pulsing on your sensitive skin clear as day. 

    "Fuck!" The swear is forcefully dislodged from your throat.

    "That's much better," Maul coos. You feel him run a finger along the inside of your thigh. "You're dripping, Sorceress. Ready to take my cock." He doesn't hide the sounds of him working his dick, the head of which lightly presses into your folds. His hand runs up and down his length, spreading your slick around so you can take him easily. 

    He doesn't warn you. He doesn't need to prep you further. Maul just lines his cock up with your entrance and pushes inside in one fell stroke, burying himself to the hilt. You stretch to accommodate his girth, moaning into your pillow as Maul holds your hips flush to his. There’s a pressure on your clit, a tendril of Maul’s magic, as he holds you still. Allowing your sopping cunt to adjust to his size. It takes no time at all until you’re coming. The orgasm is quick and just beginning to take the edge off but it’s not nearly enough. Held in place by Maul’s strong grip, you’re unable to get the friction that would send you cascading over. Instead, you’re forced to just flutter and squeeze his cock, impaled and stuck where he keeps you.

    “You’re doing so well creaming all over my cock,” Maul rakes his claws down the length of your back, ending with another hard slap to your ass. Spit flies from your mouth at the sudden sensation. “But we can do better I think.” He withdraws his cock until only the tip remains inside before he begins fucking you at a brutal pace. Pounding into you relentlessly until your legs give out. Following you down, Maul spreads your legs wide with his own. His hands find their way underneath you to grapes at your hips. Pulling you up to meet his now grinding thrusts into your pussy. His chest presses into your back, forcing you deeper into the bed.

    It’s all you can do. Just lie there underneath Maul, taking his cock, grinding into the bed. It’s hot and should be difficult to breathe but instead you’re completely blissed out. Head spinning and stomach tightening every time Maul digs himself into you. Every scrape of his rigid cock sends you higher and higher as he presses it repeatedly into your cunt. His hands are hot on your skin and you can tell you’ll have marks on your body from where he’s been careless with his claws. 

    “You take my cock so well, love. Don’t you?” Maul punctuates the question with a particularly strong grind of his hips. Yes, yes you nod your head for him. You’re beyond words at this point. Your mouth, completely incapable of forming syllables and your mind too far gone to conjure up words. It takes you a few seconds to really take in the meaning of what Maul is grunting into your ear as his sharp teeth bite at your heated skin. “One more. Give me another, Sorceress.” 

    It's easy, terribly easy to fall apart at his words. The spring in the pit of your stomach snaps and you let loose. Clamping down impossibly hard. Clenching and crying for him as he calls out for you. Fulfilling his promise, as he always does, to fuck you full of his cum. It’s hot, splashing deep inside of you only to be forced out from you tightening your fluttering muscles. Pushed out by the slick drag of Maul’s cock. 

    Heaving harmoniously together, Maul reaches under your pillow, finding your hand. Your fingers entwine with his, both holding on to the other. To steady yourselves. To reassure yourselves. To cling on to this moment before it slips away, fading into the night. There are questions on the horizon. Decisions to be made. But for now you have each other, just as you are, as you cling onto the present. Unsure of what the morning will bring.


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  • brothertedd
    25.10.2021 - 16 hours ago
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  • daeserter
    25.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Darth Maul

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  • razzledazzleistakensothisisme
    25.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Today on out of the box but still a tool we're taking a look at a short story this time. The story is old wounds from the collection of short stories in star wars visionaries. The comic was never canon and is one of the main examples of canonicity not being very relevant to enjoyment of a story. This review is riddled with spoilers for this 16 page comic that you need to read so go read it. There you go. That's the recommendation given. Now onto gushing. The plot is that maul survived the duel with kenobi and jinn and gained himself some sick ass robot legs and spent the next 16 years hunting kenobi all the way from kamino to mustafar all the way to tatooine, even implying that he killed watto for information.

    Maul proceeds to knock out Owen and threaten beru and luke before telling kenobi to reveal himself. It's here we get the best lines in star wars period as obi wan shows himself and they both get ready to fight.

    The fight commences and it is a brutal 4 page exchange. They clash and kenobi punches maul so hard his horns break apart, but kenobi ain't done there as he flips his lightsaber to a reverse grip and leaps at maul severing his arm and cleaving his hilt in two. But maul refuses to go down and kicks kenobi so hard he smashes into the speeder metres away. Maul then catches one of the two parts of his lightsaber and turns... only to find kenobi standing before him lightsaber in hand and emitter pressed firmly to mauls skull. Time stills as maul stares death in the face but kenobi hesitates seeing all the pain dealt to him by maul and the dark side.

    Then a shot rings out as blaster bolt burns through mauls skull. Kenobi looks over to see Owen smoking blaster in hand. The two men look over the body of maul and exchange a few words. Owen says he'll keep luke safe even from kenobi if need be and ask kenobi to leave and never come back. Owen then goes to check on luke and beru as kenobi tells luke through the force that he'll protect him even if gone unseen, always. And the comic ends.

    An incredible story made all the better with its brevity. The artwork and designs are beautiful and the fight is intense. I could never recommend this story enough. Give it a read you won't regret it.


    #luke skywalker#star wars #star wars legends #darth maul#maul #obi wan kenobi #review #a brutal end to a brutal character #I'd say its better than twin suns but theyre different and can both exist #the clone wars
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  • its-kinda-snowy
    25.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    maul brainrot

    #fanart#star wars#sw#darth maul#formerly lol #hes my homeboy #my rotten soldier #my sweet cheese if you will #ngl i havent seen any prequels content but he just invaded my brain regardless #also you cant tell me he doesnt put little cushions on his horns when he goes to sleep lol
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  • doseisama
    25.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    I am too laze to do the arm thingy…maybe one day I’ll finish this but ehh

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  • stairset
    25.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    When you’re coming up with character theme songs is it acceptable to give two characters the same song if they’re from different franchises

    #i'm writing down character themes and sin with a grin by shinedown makes me think of both darth maul and green goblin #i mean i could pick a different song for one of them but i can't think of any #you're going down by sick puppies fits maul's hatred of obi-wan #but also i kinda associate THAT song with black manta and his hatred of aquaman #so that just brings me back to the initial dilemma lmao #shut up tristan
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  • multifandomnonsense
    25.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Found the darth Maul comic cover and…

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  • eliszelis
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Maul Inking I have done some time ago :3

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  • derpymidnight
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Maul and Obi Wan's dynamic is so funny and so homoerotic. Maul's like "I hate you. I obsess over you. I want to crush you like a bug. You're all I've thought about for 12 years." And Obi Wan's like "I like your new legs:)))"

    #obimaul #maul x obi wan #obi wan x maul #darth maul#maul #obi wan kenobi #star wars clone wars #star wars#sith#jedi#george lucas #enemies to lovers
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  • smaultalk
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    식후경 (1)



    밥집에서 식사하는 형제를 생각해보다가 원작에 나오는 장면들을 다시 보고 싶어졌습니다. 밥이든 음료든 뭔가를 먹는다 싶은 장면.

    그리 많지는 않지만요. 다른 장소에서 먹거나 밥이 아닌 목적으로 식당에 간 것으로 보이는 장면도 제외하고 나면 ...

    코믹스에서는 2개가 떠오릅니다.



    출처는 Star Wars : Darth Maul - Death Sentence



    음식이 드러나진 않지만 가게를 가게 원래의 용도로 사용하려고 들른 것은 분명해보입니다.

    그런데 그들을 알아본 현상금 사냥꾼들이 우르르 ... 다음에 일어나는 일은 예상대로 ... 난장판을 치워야 하는 가게 주인이 불쌍해요. ㅠㅠ


    검은 망토는 이것의 전작에 해당하는 클론 워즈 코믹스에서 이미 입고 나오던데, 용케 어디에서 구했는지 ... 시스 로브 차림은 그저 멋있지만 이 당시의 모습은 동생에게까지 입히며 고집 부리는 것 같아서 웃기기도 합니다. ^^;



    다음 출처는 Star Wars Adventures (2020) 3



    식당씬은 이 한컷 뿐이지만 조용히 들어왔다 나갔겠죠 뭐. 그랬기를 바랍니다.



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  • soullessidiotwithabucket
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I'm not short, you're just gigantic!

    He is tho

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