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    I’m not sure if Diavolo actually worries about Lucifer or if he just likes to mess with him.

    Both, maybe?

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  • #i made that meme bro #mammon #mammon x reader #mammon x mc #mammon fluff #mammon x reader fluff #mammon drabble#obey me #obey me x reader #obey me x mc #obey me shall we date #shall we date #anon ask#mammon ask #obey me ask #shall we date ask #obey me shall we date ask #obey me drabble #obey me shall we date drabble #shall we date drabble
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  • @furiosities said : ❛love the catholics. you can get away with anything.❜

    brows raise at such a strange comment   ,   though he really shouldn’t be surprised when it comes to a mouth as big as simeon sommerfeld’s nowadays. they’ve spent quite a considerable time together the past few days   &   he’d be a liar if his incredibly energetic personality didn’t rub off on him a bit. he actually kind of liked how bubbly this man could be   ,   even if he did have a tendency to get up into his personal space a lot   ,   which he wouldn’t mind much if he didn’t look at him the way he did. now that he thinks about it   ,   simeon kind of stares at him like that fairly often   ,   even when not considerably near him. was there something weird about him that made him inclined to stare   ?   whatever it was   ,   it probably wasn’t enough to make him not want to spend time with him   ,   seeing as here they are   ,   walking down the street side by side   ,   the warm LA sun hitting barry’s skin   ,   warming up his form   ,   through he knows it would behoove him to get inside soon   ,   so as to avoid a nasty sunburn. shoulder gently nudges simeon’s in a playful manner as they pass by the small church sim just so had to comment on   ,   followed by a roll of his eyes.   ❝   man   ,   that is so not true.   ❞   he shakes his head to further express his disagreement   ,   though a smile soon breaks through the surface. it’s small   ,   barely visible   ,   but it’s there.   ❝   they might forgive you for all your sins   ,   but the guilt of it all will never leave you. nothing will haunt you more than the terrifying look of uh   ,   father joe staring you down as he absolves of all your sins   ,   but the sting of disappointment still hangs in his eyes. i should know   ,   as a recovering catholic   &   all.   ❞   barry nudges simeon’s shoulder with his own again   ,   the small smile now in full bloom under the bright light of the sun   ,   picking up the pace a bit so his walk was much more brisk as an idea comes to mind.   ❝   let’s go grab something eat. catholic’s might have the body   &   blood of christ   ,   but this bakery i know of down the street is much less uh   ,   creepy.   ❞   large hands stuff themselves in his pockets   ,   feeling a sudden twinge of nerves hit his chest as he looks at his friend   ,   though it’s not big enough that he can’t easily ignore it. it’s not important anyway.   ❝   c’mon sim   ,   join me for some coffee   &   pastry goods   ?   totally my treat. i could use a break from all this hot sunlight anyway. i uh   ,   don’t exactly tan with my complexion. definitely not gonna be uh   ,   beach body ready for the LA summer anytime soon.   ❞


           𝙵𝙻𝙴𝙰𝙱𝙰𝙶 𝚂𝙴𝙽𝚃𝙴𝙽𝙲𝙴 𝙿𝚁𝙾𝙼𝙿𝚃𝚂   /   selectively accepting   !

    #furiosities #🎭 * ´ ⠀ ╱ ⠀ &. ⠀ answered   —   performance notes. #🎭 * ´ ⠀ ╱ ⠀ &. ⠀ v   —   just another la devotee. #( this is cute. they're cute ) #( is this a sort of almost date ? hmm... maybe ) #( barry is so oblivious xD )
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  • A part of me wants to join a dating app, another part of me doesn’t want to speak to anyone.

    #bored#cant sleep#dating#lonely #dont talk to me #but please do
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  • Since pretty much the world is on lockdown, I figured I’d give a shot at starting a discussion thread of sorts?

    Cause…. (*-ω-)


    Preach my handsome otaku bb! (^▽^ʃƪ)

    So my question is:

    In anticipation of whenever the next season/arc(?) of Obey Me is released, what are the top three things (can be more or less lol) you’re hoping that are included/explained, etc?

    Mine are:

    1. DID MC GET TO STAY?!? (Obviously that’ll get answered)

    2. How the other bro’s are going to react (probably lose their damn minds Mammon) when they find out about the spicy time with Luci?

    3. Not expecting it to happen anytime soon but I realllyyy hope we eventually get more backstory about the celestial war…*begs* please let us see their angel forms!!!

    Welp! That’s my thoughts! How about yours? (ʃ⌣́,⌣́ƪ)

    P.S. - Much love to all! Stay safe and hang in there! We got this! °₊·ˈ∗♡( ˃̶᷇ ‧̫ ˂̶᷆ )♡∗ˈ‧₊°

    #obey me #shall we date obey me #obey me leviathan #obey me lucifer #obey me mammon #obey me belphegor #obey me beelzebub #obey me satan #obey me asmodeus #tell me your thoughts
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    You Only Get To Chooss One


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    Hello everybody i have a question for you all

    I found this photo online and i know its From a photo album of the romanovs but i was wondering if anyone knows in what year and were it was taken

    If anyone knows please let me know thank you 😊

    The top on is Colorized by me

    Do not repost the colorized photo without my premission! Thank you😊

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  • Mammon: “My Goal in life is to….”

    Lucifer: “You’ve failed miserably”

    Mammon: “I didn’t even finish my sentence!”

    #obey me #obey me shall we date #obey me lucifer #obey me mammon #Mammon#Lucifer #incorrect obey me quotes #incorrect quotes
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  • #just-a-writerr ask#mammon#mammon fluff#mammon ask#ask #obey me ask #shall we date ask #obey me shall we date ask
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  • you’re on a date with kurama and with each step you make he makes flowers bloom from your footsteps

    #who gonna be on that date
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  • Fandom: Obey me!
    Pairing: MC x Asmodeus
    Chapters: 1/1

    You were doing your homework, sitting at the desk in the fireplace. Everything was calm. Maybe too silent, the quiet before the storm. Suddenly, you heard the sound of a fight and Asmodeus screamed at someone:

    “ - Oh dare you, untrustful and piece of trash of a brother !"   

    You didn’t move. There were 99% of chances that it was Mammon trying to steal something valuable at the Avatar of Lust. There were a lot of tasks you had to do. So you put on your headphones with some music and continued your work. *

    What it seems to be hours later, your D.D.D rang. It was a text message from Asmodeus. 

    ” Asmo <3: Sweetheart, I need your help. Can you come to my room, please? Right now. The door is open.“ 

    You rose on your feet and headed straight to the demon’s room. The door was opened so you came in. Asmodeus was sitting on the edge of his bed. He didn’t look like himself, he seemed to hurt or in pain. You kneeled in front of him putting your hands on his kneel. You ask softly :

    ” - Hey, what’s wrong? 
    - I…I’m hurt. 
    - Psychologically or physically? 
    - Physically. Did you hear when I fought against Mammon earlier? 
    - Yes, I did. Did you hurt yourself? 
    - I tried to grab the thing he stole from me. A necklace I just brought from Majolish. During the fight, he pushed me hard against the railing of the stairs. Since then, I have a backache. “

    You rose on your feet and ask if he needed you to massage his spine. He said agree handed you a jar who contained some cream.

    ” - You have to take off your shirt. Can you do it yourself? 
    - Who could have guessed the first time I take my shirt off in front of you was in this kind of situation?
    - Shut up, and take it off. “

    While he was undressing, you sat behind him.  His back was covered in bruises of various sides. Mammon was in serious trouble. Maybe Asmodeus wasn’t strong enough against him. But you were thank’s to the pact you had with him you could make him pay for it. Asmodeus felt your anger and asked : 

    ” - That bad? 
    - I’m going to kick his ass when I see him. “ 

    You put a little bit of cream in your hands. You moved your hands together trying to heat up the lotion. When you started to rub it against his back, you saw the Lust’s avatar tensed. 

    ” - Sorry, it may be cold. 
    No, it’s okay. My back is sensitive. 
    I will be careful, I promise. “ 

    You continue to massage him. untying the knots in his back. You sensed a change in the air and a strong pull from your link with him. In front of your eyes, you see him turning. His horns black with pink-tinted tips who look like the claws of a scorpion. His four bat-like wings are just in front of your eyes and his tail fixed at the end of his spine who looks like a scorpion’s tail. Asmodeus warned :

    ” - Oh that problematic. I - Just be careful if the tail. 
    - Poisonous? 
    - Not really. It’s just a strong aphrodisiac. - he explained embarrassed.
    - Of course what kind of poison could be useful to the Avatar of Lust?“ - you said with a deeper voice. 

    You let your fingers starting to moving on his wings. In a micro sec, you pined on the bed. Asmodeus on top of you was hold your wrist together.  He seemed angry and aroused at the same time. 

    ” - What do you want sweety?
    - All you can give me. 
    - Your orders are always my top priority.“ 

    Then everything happens too fast. The only thing you can focus on is Asmodeus’s mouth on your body. Everywhere. It feels like your body is on fire. The last thing your brain understands is the feeling of someone undressing you and the sound of Asmo whispering you sweet things all night long.  That night or very early in the morning, you fall asleep on the sound of Asmodeus’s heartbeat. 

    #obey me #shall we date #obey me mc #obey me lucifer #Satan #obey me satan #Lucifer #obey me leviathan #obey me beelzebub #leviathan #obey me belphegor #belphegor#beelzebub#mammon #obey me mammon #asmodeus #obey me asmodeus #Fanfiction#MC #asmodeus x mc #wings#demon#form
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  • marianne takes you to a seance so they can hold your hand

    #ooc — god released me into the wild & now he’s hunting me for sport ! #you realize when they ask you for your number it was a date.
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