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    Originally posted by nakamotens


    lee jeno.

    a/n: i know i said johnny’s would be the next one,, but y’all :(( inspiration hit for jeno but i promise!!! my mans johnny is next!!

    • lee jeno :(((
    • he is so cute man im going to combust
    • basically
    • jeno is shy, lets be real guys
    • but don’t get him wrong!! he’s an absolute dork when comfortable!!
    • in a relationship, he’d be the absolute sweetest bro :(
    • jeno reminds me of an excited and really friendly puppy :(
    • he’s the type to be spontaneous regarding literally everything
    • kisses? whenever he feels like it
    • hugs? almost anywhere he doesn’t care 😾
    • i love you’s? probably says it in his sleep :(
    • he’s spontaneous!!
    • wait omg 🥺
    • he’d probably be really excited to kiss you the first time and would probably just smoosh his lips onto yours at first bc he’d get carried away 🥺
    • ugh he’s so cute
    • he’s so dorky around you it’s devastating:(
    • he isn’t afraid to make his usually “weird” jokes but best believe when you laugh he will combust and love you even more
    • jeno is hilarious 😠
    • he is so mf CUDDLY
    • the type to just flop on top of you and completely SQUASH you
    • he’s a muscly boi so he loves to just cage you in and hold you really tight and never let go :(((
    • the most giggliest !!!
    • he !!! giggles !!! so !!! much !!!
    • he’s really thoughtful :(
    • probably talks about you a lot without realising
    • like he randomly brings you up into conversations and the boys are so used to it they don’t even question him anymore lmao
    • “i really want cake”
    • “did u know y/n loves cake especially vanilla omg i should make her a cake ^_^ !!”
    • he’s just so sweet <333
    • bby loves cuddling pls
    • if you play w his hair he’s melting
    • pls play w his hair
    • !! cheek kisses !!
    • the type to stare at u for a while and just …
    • SMOOCH!!! <33
    • y’all are doyoung’s babies he loves you so much :(
    • he’s always teasing jeno and poor baby just sits there like -_-
    • “jeno hows your y/n doing?”
    • “jeno you treat y/n well, right?”
    • he knows he does he’s just being annoying
    • he is so helpful :(
    • like if he comes over and sees that your place is a bit messy he won’t even think twice before cleaning it and making the job easier for you
    • he just wants to help u pls
    • like if you can’t open a jar or smth
    • he’d see you all pouty and be like omg who hurt my baby 😠
    • but then you’d be like “…….. open it pls”
    • “since u asked so nicely, of course baby i would love to help you!!”
    • he opens it so effortlessly you probably get a bit mad lmfao
    • but then u see his smol smile and you just melt 😔🥺🥺
    • he’s probably the type to lift you up and spin you around so effortlessly when y’all hug sigh i want a bf
    • more specifically jeno
    • he plays a lot of games esp at night so that can sometimes lead to a bit of arguing
    • speaking of arguments omg
    • this baby !!
    • he cannot handle it pls spare him be nice 🥺
    • if it gets loud and serious he will most definitely cry :(
    • and then who are u to keep being angry at him ?? he just looks so cute and adorable and sad and you just M E L T 🥺🥺
    • pls kiss n hug him :(
    • i feel like he’s just such a nice person u know ??
    • he’s so caring and always puts you before himself and you’re just like
    • nooo !!!! put yourself first babe pls :(
    • and he’s like “but ur my baby and i have to protect you and treat you well :(”
    • he probably forces you to do asmr videos with him
    • and even if you hate it,, you comply anyway because his smile is so big and he just looks so excited to film with you 🥺
    • how could you ever say no?
    • he probably messes around so much pls he’s so silly 😔🥺
    • honestly half the video is just him whispering “i love you” into the mic while sending you finger hearts :(
    • the other half is him feeding you food and watching you eat with the biggest heart eyes ever
    • he’s in LOVE
    • he shares everything with you 🥺
    • clothes, food, secrets, kisses, hugs, everything!!
    • he likes to watch you sleep a lot
    • lmfao not in the creepy way just in a small comforting way yk??
    • he just loves how peaceful and calm you look and tbh you look so kissable to him it’s painful 🥺
    • he literally just wants to attack you with kisses and squeeze you in a thousand hugs all the time pls 🥺🥺🥺
    • now onto dates !!!!
    • he’s like hyuck in the sense that he likes to play a lot of games so the arcade is a place y’all visit a lot
    • i also feel like he’d love smth super exciting and playful
    • like laser tag!! or those fun indoor trampoline places !!
    • when you go to the arcade he loves to take you to those claw machines with really soft and cute plushies inside first!!
    • “baby we have to do this first look at how cute these are!! they’re almost as cute as u”
    • “almost?”
    • “yeah nobody is as cute as u, you’re the only person worthy of that title”
    • cue the mad blushing pls y’all are so cute it’s sickening
    • he tries to mf hard to get you a toy from one of those ,,, it’s highkey hilarious how engrossed he is in the whole game
    • you have to stop him from blowing all his change on just the claw machines lmao
    • at first he probably just wants to play all the cute games to keep up the whole innocent fun date atmosphere you know??
    • but as time goes on he gets more competitive and y’all literally end up running around the entire place trying to beat each other in every game possible
    • “y/n, if i win this you have to kiss me in front of everyone” 😼
    • “ok and if i win, you have to give me two of your most favourite hoodies” 😽🤲🏽
    • he laughs because
    • 1) he knows he’ll win
    • 2) he’d give you any of his hoodies regardless of which he treasured more bc pls he’s so in love w you
    • he ends up winning
    • as he knew he would
    • and now you have to kiss him and he’s smirking so big you want to slap him but he just looks so cute and excited and
    • ugh y’all are so whipped
    • so you kiss him !!
    • in front of everyone !!
    • he’s blushing so hard and highkey he doesn’t even know why he dared you to kiss him in the first place despite knowing his poor heart wouldn’t be able to handle it 🤕
    • but PLS it’s YOU !!!
    • his precious y/n
    • his baby
    • the lohl
    • how could he ever refuse you a kiss 😪
    • he loves to call you cutie and sweetheart 🤒💞
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    gryffindors dating slytherins

    break my heart if you like, it was only ever yours to break anyway

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    It’s never just six sentences…. But here is something to prove that I am still writing…just not right now. From Start of Something Good, part 2 of the Getting to Know You series.

    As Luke entered their room from visiting the communal refresher, he was quickly brought up short as he saw Mara lift her shirt over her head before neatly folding it and laying it on top of her travel bag. She had her back to him and he could see the definition of her muscles through the thin white tank and argued with himself hoping she would and wouldn’t turn around. But as soon as her body started to turn and face him, all his lesson’s about modesty and privacy Aunt Beru drilled in to him took over and he spun to face the door, giving her space.

    Clearing his throat, he said, “I didn’t know you were changing, otherwise I’d have knocked.”

    “You’re such a Farmboy,” she chuckled as he heard her boots hit the floor followed by the rustle of fabric that could only be her pants. “You ask me to marry you and then you act like I’m going to be upset if you see me in my basics.”

    He heard more fabric rustling and assumed she was getting under the covers as he said, “Yeah well, since we’ve only shared 3 kisses so far I didn’t want to presume anything.”

    Still with an amused sounding voice Mara said, “You can turn around now.”

    He did and saw she was on one side of the bed with the covers pulled up over her chest reading a datapad.

    “We traveled together for weeks,” she remined him.  Don’t tell me that in that entire time you never peeked.”

    “It was dark!”

    She just rolled her eyes at him and went back to her datapad.

    #luke skywalker#mara jade#dating series #dating in a gffa #getting to know you #jade writes #or pretends that she is #star wars fan fic #star wars
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    Originally posted by imlostinsantacarla

    Dating Tim Shepard:

    Dating Tim is very different than anyone. He’s straight up a hood- leader of a gang. He’s very straightforward and cold when he comes to his gang. He isn’t soft when it comes to you per say but he’s… gentle.

    When you two first met he was quiet and observant of you. He isn’t a huge talker to begin with. He doesn’t really do relationships- made that damn clear- and has to have trust before anything. He also needs someone who is understanding. The gang and family come first, you can slowly move yourself into the family though.

    He’s tough and tuff- you definitely need to be tough in some sense of the word. And understand his humor. How else could you handle dating him? He isn’t always so cold though- not like Dallas can be. Which don’t ever be by Dallas by yourself.

    Once you and Tim are together longer and he trust you more I see him stealing or buying you small meaningful gifts and making time for you.he definitely is protective, it took a minute before people knew you weee together but once they found out guts would never look at you. Too scared to get pounded by Tim unless they are trying to find a weakness for him. Luckily your smart enough to realize it and so is he.

    He enjoys watching you be a smart ass towards other people or straight up telling them off. Some things besides his siblings you gotta deal with is going to jail. His lifestyle comes with a price but someone always watches over you for him. He was a little nervous first time he went in and you two were dating. Mainly because of being cheated on. You didn’t cry- you tried to keep an eye on his siblings and kept to yourself though.

    I could keep going about this.

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    Originally posted by jeongjaehyuns


    jung jaehyun.

    a/n. hh this is so informal and tbh it’s just a phat self indulgent mess pls forgive me.

    • ok so this man SCREAMS high school sweetheart
    • so he’s dedicated from the start
    • like, no fucking around
    • he’s serious 😳
    • y’all have probably been together for ages and he literally thinks about your future together more than anything else
    • he’s the type to be so mf sweet and gentle
    • no u don’t get it :(((
    • he’s the type to wrap you in his arms softly whenever he feels like it n gently hold your head and jus
    • s w a y
    • i mean like
    • sway side to side slowly as a soft lofi track plays in the back
    • because here’s the thing
    • i just KNOW this man has rnb and all that gr8 shit playing 24/7
    • even when he’s watching tv or sleeping like it doesn’t matter
    • even when y’all are making out because,,, my mans finds that hotter than literally anything else
    • wait 😳😳😳😳
    • a thought,,,,
    • i kinda see him as being the narcissistic type too,, so sometimes when he’s mad or smth he might play his own mf songs to boost his ego
    • i was jus listening to mad city and boss and phew
    • he’s sweet as fuck bro :(
    • like,, the thought of looking after you n helping you doesn’t even come to him twice, because it’s literally his default setting lmao
    • jaehyun said: *ken sounds*
    • im melting he’d probably be so into celebrating anniversaries,, like even if it’s been YEARS he’s still gon make it as magical (or even more) as the first time 🥺
    • he has a tradition of leaving a rose for you every valentine’s day, anniversary, or literally any day he feels like it because he’s soft for u ok
    • the mf type to pick u up n spin u around w the biggest smile on his face
    • he just screams dedication and adoration :(
    • he probably takes you on the most fanciest dates,,
    • this man does NOT believe in mediocre dates at mcdonald’s no no no (sorry jungwoo)
    • either he’s taking you out to a five star restaurant downtown or he’s recreating the restaurant at home
    • ain’t NO in between
    • u don’t feel like going out?
    • absolutely fine bby!!! but just know he gon be busting his back in the kitchen preparing the most beautiful candle lit dinner known to man
    • he knows he looks like the biggest mf husband in an apron and how much you love it so his narcissistic ass will probably just keep it on for the sake of satisfying you
    • his hair is probably so soft :(((
    • like imagine just running ur hands through it n mindlessly braiding a few strands while y’all watch a movie :(((((((
    • he gon EXPLODE
    • “bby wyd”
    • “u have soft hair sshhh”
    • DO YALL HEAR ME???/!!:&:£:8329:8:£:&&;
    • !!! fOREHEAD KISSES !!!
    • he’s so cute im gon die
    • literally might fuck around n fall in love 😳
    • sleeping with this man is heaven let me jus say
    • before y’all get excited im talkin bout cuddling n shi not bangin boots
    • halal shi only 😾
    • ne ways
    • he loves to get in beside u and roll u over w him until you’re on top of him bc nothing makes his heart go boom boom more than seeing ur face the second he wakes up
    • he also loves the feeling of ur chest against his if u kno what i mean HAKDHSJSJSJ
    • he’s so praising man :(
    • “baby look, these thighs? heavenly. your face? ethereal. my heart? weak.”
    • “shh let me kiss your pretty face.”
    • hhh he’s so NICE
    • god im gon disintegrate
    • arguments with him…. okay y’all hear me out
    • i don’t think he’d be the type to argue a lot
    • like if you’re mad, he’ll kinda just let you vent and let it all out before smothering you in affection so you literally don’t even last
    • he secretly has an album of photos he takes of you when you’re sleeping and every time he misses you he literally just sits there and scrolls thru it
    • johnny is like your best friend
    • and it makes jae so happy
    • like seeing you getting along with john like he’s your own family makes his heart flutter and now he can’t get the image of you walking down the aisle out of his head
    • “baby when do you want to get married?”
    • “i don’t know, when do you want to propose?”
    • he’s like :0
    • so it’s like that huh
    • literally melts
    • the amount of coffee dates y’all go on is unhealthy
    • but they end with literally dozens of aesthetic photos of you two so who’s the real winner
    • he loves to call you honey, baby 😔💌
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    kim doyoung.

    a/n. i am not mentally nor emotionally stable for this but when on earth am i ever ready to write these. time to break my own heart :)))

    • ok y’all
    • idek where to start
    • so
    • doyoung is a confusing guy
    • he could be the cuddliest bub one second
    • but then suddenly he’d be all cold n quiet for no reason
    • i feel like as a whole he’d be a kinda cold-ish boyfriend
    • like to others it just seems like he flat out couldn’t give a shit
    • but they couldn’t be more wrong
    • he cares for you so so much
    • but he does it in a quiet almost unnoticeable way that makes your heart flutter
    • he shows his love through small gestures
    • such as
    • silently draping his coat over your shoulders if he sees you shiver
    • or stroking your hair and holding your hand when you’re nervous
    • or offering you advice when you’re conflicted
    • speaking of
    • he gives the best advice
    • like he just gets it you know?
    • you’ve fallen out w your best friend? he’s telling you to call and work it out asap because relationships are important, especially friendships
    • someone’s bothering you? he’s telling you to be firm and not shy away from hurting their feelings bc you’re comfort should matter the most
    • you’re falling behind on school work? he’s already pulling out all the text books he can find bc “education first”
    • he’s not into pda at all
    • the most he will do is hold your hand and that’s strictly it
    • he doesn’t say i love you a lot
    • which leads to you being upset which then leads to an argument that gets pretty…
    • yikes
    • y’all yell a lot
    • mostly because you’re angry and you both have a lot to say at the same time n it gets a bit messy
    • it’ll start w him being upset over something like your male friend or someone being a bit too touchy w you etc
    • and bc of this he’ll be jealous n get all affectionate w you just to spite the guy
    • n you’re like
    • 🤨🤔🧐 ???
    • that ain’t it mister
    • which leads to you feeling like he only ever shows affection to you or says he loves you when there’s a possibility of losing you or someone else is involved
    • if that makes sense ya feel me
    • and he’s fuming bc
    • what’s even happening
    • this whole fight is pointless y’all are just petty and let it drag out
    • he’s yelling ab how he loves you but just doesn’t feel the need to say it all the fucking time and you kinda have a realisation and you’re like….
    • oh
    • yeah so fights never last too long
    • mostly because screaming is tiring
    • he just sighs and hugs you and says sorry for shouting and being mean
    • and you’re like >:///
    • yeah sorry for being dumb and jumping to conclusions :(
    • y’all have a soft moment
    • he’s like your best friend
    • he’s so whipped for you but he’d never admit it aloud to anyone
    • which leads to taeyong n yuta teasing him and he just ends up throwing hands n being moody bc,,,, shut up :////
    • he loves to go on traditional dates
    • old school things like walks in the park at night
    • or visiting old book shops and museums in cute lil foreign cities
    • omg did I mention
    • travelling!!!!
    • if he could take you on tour with him he would but >:(
    • instead he sends you like 20 selcas for every stop
    • he gets annoyed when you ask for pictures of hyuck as well “for science”
    • instead he just sends you more pics of himself bc um he’s better than that rat??
    • his own words omg
    • the dreamies are like y’alls babies omg
    • esp jeno omg :((
    • you love that boy like he’s your own lmao
    • he has soft moments when he listens to you gushing over them and blurts out how he can’t wait to have children of his own w you and you’re like
    • :0 woAh
    • then he blushes and he’s like wait no not w u ur gross shut up when you tease him
    • but on the inside he already has his whole future with you planned out n everything
    • did i mention
    • !!! singing for you !!!
    • you woke up from a bad dream? ofc he’s gonna whisper a calming ballad against your hair as he holds ur hand :(
    • you’re cooking food? who needs radios when you have doyoung belting out pop songs as he dances w you in the kitchen??
    • the kitchen probably burns down tho
    • names he likes to call you by are probably
    • love, angel, babe 🥴
    • am i weak? most likely
    • he’s such a loser when it comes to you
    • like literally the biggest fool
    • he loves to take care of you no matter how much he insists that it’s a mAsSIvE inconvenience
    • he likes to take advantage of the fact that you have to be in bed all day n takes it as a chance to cuddle you longer than usual
    • you catch on instantly but don’t mention it bc then he’ll be moody n distance himself to be annoying
    • he’s the best person to cuddle
    • he’s so soft n tall n relaxed :((
    • he has this calm aura that is so comforting when you’re cuddling
    • cuddling for y’all is time for venting
    • you let out all your worries and comfort each other bc you’re supportive like that
    • he loves loves loves to have you on his arm
    • like picture this
    • he’s laying on your bed w his arm out against the pillow waiting for you
    • n you come in, tired n grumpy, which he thinks jus makes you look even more cute >:(
    • yall don’t even need to say anything
    • you jus rest your head on his arm, throw your leg over his, and hold onto his torso
    • he’s literally like (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ on the inside
    • bc you’re the cutest most adorable most pure most babiest person to exist >:(((((
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  • Dating series pt 5 exo’s chen


    Originally posted by littlepcy

    •being the loudest couple ever


    •you guys would have movie dates all the time

    •you guys singing together

    •him teaching you how to dance

    •him being horny 25/8

    •deep talks late at night

    •sleeping alot

    •him coming home from practice and cuddling you

    •heated makeouts


    •loving all of his hair colors


    •spending time with the rest of exo

    •being best friends with xiumin

    •him singing to you

    •being silly together

    **I take requests**

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  • Dating series pt 1 monsta X’s hyungwon


    Originally posted by sh0wnu

    •he would ask you to be his girlfriend at a fancy restaurant

    • he is very cuddly

    • “come cuddle with me”

    •shows you off to everyone

    •gets jealous easily (a/u I feel like he would)

    •your best friends with his members

    •you both being very sassy

    •he would be very productive over you

    •he would spoil you

    •lots of neck kisses

    •face kisses

    •nose kisses

    •just lots of kisses everywhere

    •not a very big fan of pda but with still hold your hand and give you small pecks in public sometimes

    **I take requests**

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  • Dating Thor:

    When you first met Thor you thought he was hilarious. He had no idea about Earth things and how they worked. Luckily for him you were very patient with explaining things and how they worked to him.

    In return, he taught you about Asgard and his family.

    The one thing you did notice about Thor, no matter what planet you were on was how protective he was. Didn’t matter who was around, he would glare at them and wrap his arm around your waist .

    Also he loved to show off around you. Thor always felt the need to prove to you how strong he was. He always wanted to reassure you that no matter what challenge was thrown at him he could protect you. Even if that challenge was Loki.
    #The Avengers#Thor#Dating Series #the avengers imagine
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  • So I just noticed that my latest posts from the Dating Series are much longer than my first posts. I was thinking about updating Taemin, Jonghyun and Jihoon’s so they can be around the same lenght as the other ones. Would you like me to do that?

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  • I honestly don’t know why everybody is shocked about Briana and Curtis they are like the Shanley and Chris T this season, and looked what happen to them.  But I honestly have more hope for Briana and Curtis tho!

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  • Hideyoshi: wow you’re such a great sister

    Hideyoshi: you’re the best sister


    Masamune: and you’re SURE you don’t wanna get into my bed, lass?

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    Okay if you want me to stay I’ll stay just for you, Masamuna

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    🎧 The Moldy Peaches - Anyone Else But You

    #taynew#taynew gifs#tay tawan#new thitipoom #taynew meal date #petekao #kiss me again #dark blue kiss #thai bl#bl series
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  • oh yeah i wanted to talk about ch 205 for a brief second 

    i dont like it chief but still super cute )  ‘ :

    #i have problems with this series but that will be another post for a later date #but thats just How i feel
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  • #i’m laughing i love this so much #thank you all for giving them love #i shall dub this series of events... #literature date #whoa! an ask
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  • casually drinking a milkshake and suddenly thinking about cute scenarios about a milkshake date special :))

    #aren’t i just fantastic #<33 #no jokes might start a series about this #it sounds cute... #milkshake dates 💫✨ #i like it 🥰
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    Originally posted by volleygifs

    Dad series ✍︎ — Bokuto Koutarou

    ❦︎ warnings: a tiny bit detailed birth giving and short smut

    ➪ Planning

    • Koutarou doesn’t take hints and I think that you’ve learned that the moment you started dating him
    • he just doesnt, it’s in his nature
    • you have to be very upfront with him, if you want something, you have to tell him directly
    • you and kou have been married for over 4 years now and not once did he show interest in trying for kids
    • not like you didn’t enjoy your time alone with your husband, it was starting to get a little bit lonely whenever he had to go for work and you knew exactly that him being a pro player meant that he had to be away for long periods of time and you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him how lonely you felt while he was away
    • until tonight
    • he had just gotten back from a hang out with his old buddies back from highschool, and he found you laying on the couch in nothing but his shirt and some panties, his favorite look on you if he had to be honest
    • but then he noticed the glum look on your face and he was quick to turn into protective husband mode and sat next to you on the couch, pulling you closer to him
    • “Hi baby, what’s up with the look on your face?” his thumb and index finger held your chin up so that you could look at him and the little adorable pout on his lips which made you sigh a bit and rest your hand on his jaw
    • “Nothing I’ve just been…” You made sure that your words were chosen perfectly, so that you didn’t hurt your husband’s feelings “feeling like something is missing-”
    • and guessing by the way Koutarou’s shoulders dropped, you immediately finished the sentence
    • “Not in our marriage Kou, don’t worry,” you chuckled and kissed his nose
    • “then in what?” then you went silent for a moment before looking up at him nervously
    • “In our family…” you said quietly and Koutarou stared at you for a few moments, waiting for you to finish your sentence
    • “I enjoy the fact that you’re overseas to do what you love but lately I’ve been thinking… would it be good if we um..” “had a baby?”
    • your heart jumped out of your chest when he said that, your eyes immediately looking up to find his golden ones and the big grin on his lips gave away that he wanted it as much as you did
    • “wait really?” you asked, almost unsure if this was actually real and not a dream
    • “why not?” The grey haired male said before sliding his hand under your shirt, caressing your stomach with rough hands “I would like to see you carrying my child”

    ➪ Conception (NSFW)

    • Bokuto Koutarou = impregnation kink
    • I don’t make the rules
    • you didn’t even wait a few days after you talked about having babies before trying
    • Koutarou straight up jumped into it when you made sure that you two wanted this
    • and when you said yes?
    • *wipes sweat* damn
    • Koutarou was wild, feral, almost like a beast as he hovered over you once again after tossing you on the bed, your first round being on the couch but now, you took it to your bedroom
    • He didn’t waste any time before he was thrusting inside of you again, golden eyes fixated on the way your face would scrunch up in pleasure when the tip of his dick brushed against a certain spot deep inside of you, a small smirk making its way to his lips as he pushed your knees up to your chest
    • “Wait Kou—” you couldn’t finish your sentence before he was picking up his pace again, the contrast between his rough thrusts and the gentle hand wiping the tears cascading your cheeks lighting up a fire inside your stomach
    • “What? Can’t take it?” he was shameless, suddenly letting go of your knees to spread your legs wide again and he looked down at your stomach, humming before tracing it with his index finger
    • “This stomach…will have my baby in it so soon,” he continued, the same finger tracing down towards your clit to pinch it along with his thumb, eliciting a yelp from you
    • “You want me to fill you up, don’t you?” thrust “you’re gonna be so full,” and another thrust before he was pulling out to toy with your folds with his middle and ring finger, humming at the sight of your arousal mixed with his semen from your previous session, Bokuto’s recovery time being so short definitely did help a lot
    • “Guess you definitely do need more if you want to end up pregnant,”
    • and that’s how you ended up unable to walk for…a few days

    ➪ Breaking the news!

    • You and Koutarou knew that there were very low chances of you getting pregnant on the first try. I mean, it always happens with other couples as well
    • But right now, you didn’t know if it was true or if you were imagining the two lines on the little screen of the pregnancy test
    • “But..we only started trying like last month?” you were shaking, it’s not like you didn’t want it or you weren’t happy but you had to make sure that you were actually pregnant before breaking the news for your husband
    • and after taking several tests, you were convinced that you were indeed pregnant
    • but how to tell your husband? you had no idea
    • he was out to get some food and you were contemplating whether or not you should tell him to hurry up and come back home or just wait
    • that is until you heard his voice in the hallway after closing the door behind him
    • “Queen of this castle! I’m back with chicken nuggets!” shoot, you still didn’t clean up the mess that you made with the packagings of the pregnancy tests
    • “(Y/N)?” his voice was getting closer to the bathroom, and your heart was drumming loudly against your chest as you tried to hide a few tests and just keep one with you but you were kind of too slow since he opened the door of the bathroom right when you were about wrap the last test in toilet paper
    • “What are you-” he looked at your face and how pale you looked, his eyes squinting a little bit before he noticed what your shaky hands were holding
    • “(Y/N), what is that that you’re holding,” his voice sounded almost nervous, as if he couldn’t believe what he was actually seeing
    • “Koutarou,” the little smile on your face along with the tears welling up in your eyes confirmed his theory
    • “Oh my god,” he was quick to pull you in a bone crushing hug, having an athlete as a husband being kind of tough in this kind of situations
    • “Kou-can’t breathe-” “Oh shoot sorry,” he laughed as he pulled away and wiped his own tears before cupping your cheeks in his hands and you anticipated his next words, ready to get showered with romance—
    • “Damn, I have super semen,” “Kou!”

    ➪ Pregnancy/Gender reveal

    • Bokuto may be a busy man, but he makes sure to spend as much time with you as possible, especially after you found out that you were pregnant
    • he was still away for his job, he couldn’t just quit after all but he always made sure to call and check on you, make sure that you didn’t need anything and if you did? you bet your ass that he was going to ask order it for you right away
    • thankfully, on the month that you found out the gender of the baby, he was around
    • you didn’t tell him about your appointment today and just told him that you were going out with a few friends which of course, he told you to have fun and to be careful
    • And when you found out the gender of your baby, you were honestly so excited to tell him
    • Walking inside your house, you were greeted by your husband laying down on the couch, watching the sports news as usual but he definitely didn’t hear you coming so you sneakily made your way up to your bedroom to get a few stuff from your drawer to reveal the gender for him
    • grabbing what you needed and putting it inside a small box, you made your way downstairs and that’s when your husband heard you
    • “Oh? you’re back early!” he smiled and stood up to greet you with a kiss which you returned gladly
    • you pulled away for a second to show him the box and grinned
    • “I got you something, open it,” you found the confused look on his face so adorable but you couldn’t wait until he found out what was inside of the box meant
    • “a pink ribbon?” he grabbed it and held in his hands, the confused look on his face deepening until he froze for a moment and looked back at you
    • “You’re kidding,” “Kou, why would I-” “we’re gonna have a baby girl?!”
    • and for the next few moments, it was just Koutarou screaming and jumping around in happiness, his reaction showing that he was definitely going to be the best dad to your baby girl

    ➪ Going into labor/Delivery

    • To say that you felt heartbroken cause your husband was probably not gonna make it to his little girl’s delivery was an understatement
    • you’re been crying about it for a few days now, everytime you remembered that your due date was nearing, your heart would just ache
    • You hated how you wished he had a different job cause it made you sound so ungrateful
    • Thankfully, you had a few friends sleeping over with you so when your water broke, you had someone to take you to the hospital
    • and everytime the doctors told you how much you were dilated, your heart would sink further down in your stomach at the realization that Koutarou won’t make it to the birth of his daughter
    • “Get ready to push Mrs. Bokuto,”
    • you held onto the bed railings, ready to start pushing and bring your baby girl to this world until you felt a hand engulf yours tightly and you looked up, your eyes welling up with tears when they met your favorite pair of golden eyes
    • “Kou,” you let out a sob and he leaned down, kissing your sweaty forehead before intertwining your fingers together
    • “I’m here, I could never miss something as important as this, baby.”

    ➪ Them with their kids

    • His baby girl has his eyes and you think that that has to be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen
    • especially when he places her on his shoulders and all you see is two pairs of golden eyes staring at you
    • they’re such good buddies it’s insane
    • he lets her do his makeup, host a tea party with her, lets her dress him up and he never ever complains or says no to anything she asks for
    • which can be a bit bad since you didn’t want her to grow up too spoiled
    • “(Y/N), I’m never around,” Koutarou’s voice came out softly as he stroked his daughter’s cheek, admiring her sleeping figure with warm golden eyes, “This is the least I could do to make it up to her”
    • you were still against it
    • but thank god, your daughter started saying no to a few of his gifts
    • “Daddy… this is too much,” the little girl frowned when she saw the many gifts and then the tired look on her father’s face, Bokuto’s heart dropping at her sentence
    • “I just want daddy to rest so that we can go to the park together with mom tomorrow”
    • maybe you two did raise an angel, but it was more of your raising than his
    • but he was definitely grateful for both of you
    • his girls 🥺
    • she starts finding volleyball interesting and Bokuto’s convinced that she’s definitely daddy’s little girl
    • “what do you think is the best position?” “Libero!” “No!”
    • sometimes you think that they’re one person trapped in two different bodies
    • “Koutarou, (D/N), what do you want for dinner?”
    • and then you hear two different voices at the same time saying
    • “Anything with meat!”
    • Koutarou is definitely the best dad to his little girl

    p͟r͟e͟v͟i͟o͟u͟s͟ ➪ Oikawa Tooru

    n͟e͟x͟t͟ ➪ Tendou Satori

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  • Stereotyping gay people as top/bottom or husband/wife because of their physical appearance is a gross cishet behaviour. grow up.

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  • “Love is strawberry berry good, gently, please! In my heart, there’s sprouted nothing but love love love, for you alone.”

    OR: A girl in love with a friend during strawberry season.

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