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    Originally posted by wkhs


    ↳ hendery

    will add links later!

    i didn’t mean for this to happen but here we are

    • i’m whipped for this man
    • let’s get ready to cry for the fourth time this week
    • so first of all
    • hendery is annoying and embarrassing and stupid but
    • he’s so endearingly adorable and all the things that he does that makes you question his sanity aren’t powerful enough to overcome the things that make you uwu
    • he’s extremely playful, so a lot happens bc of that
    • first of all, he’ll never leave you alone
    • not necessarily that he’s clingy but yeah kinda clingy
    • he’s just obnoxious 
    • texts you like forty times in two minutes just to send you memes and random ass emojis
    • solely wants attention
    • when you try to do work, he’ll just plop himself into your lap
    • or play with the hem of your shirt
    • or braid your hair
    • or kiss your neck
    • literally anything that makes you look at him instead
    • has a hard time staying quiet, but has an extra hard time staying quiet AND still
    • needs a lot of stimulus
    • please never stop giving this baby all of your love
    • the type to close your laptop when you’re trying to write an essay and demand that you take a break that is filled with kisses
    • (this is after, like, ten minutes of you doing homework)
    • calls you at 3am for mcdonalds
    • doesn’t have much common sense, so also doesn’t really get why you’re grumpy after being woken up at 3
    • tries to make you smile 24/7
    • can NOT take it if you’re sad like he will literally malfunction
    • cuddles you for every situation
    • even though he talks a lot, he’s also a very good listener
    • most of your dates consist of just really long nights telling each other stories while snuggling up to each other
    • you’re always the first one he goes to for any problem that he has
    • anytime he needs advice, he asks you
    • you’re easily his best friend in the entire world
    • the relationship almost seems more platonic than romantic
    • but he’s definitely a cheeseball and a softie
    • constantly flirting with you and using stupid pick up lines
    • also always has your hand in his
    • very soft, very sweet, very loving
    • what did you do to deserve him
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    Originally posted by wooyoungs


    ↳ wooyoung

    all members: seonghwa, hongjoong, yunho, yeosang, san, mingi, wooyoung, jongho

    last up in the ateez series is my sweet lil woo 🥺🥺🥺 i’ve been in my feels for him lately so honestly this isn’t very good for my health but we love unhealthy coping mechanisms in this household! also i wrote this like three times and tumblr deleted every version!! so fuck this hellsite!!

    • wooyoung,,,,baby
    • did you say the best boyfriend in the world?
    • because that’s what i heard
    • he’s honestly so amazing to you
    • however, he’s a grade a clinger
    • literally you can’t pay attention to anyone or anything else ever or he will. scream.
    • he’s a brat, do not test him
    • first off, with skinship, there are no boundaries for him
    • he is all over you all of the time
    • and he doesn’t give a single fuck about pda
    • if he wants to kiss you, he’s gonna do it
    • and if someone provokes him, he’s gonna do it more
    • bc the dude gets BIG JEALOUS
    • i feel like particularly with san like you’re not allowed near him
    • superrrr protective and it likely does come off as unhealthy sometimes but if you tell him that he will be crushed that he could ever be that overbearing/possessive boyfriend
    • he won’t cross lines that you specifically tell him not to, but you have to clearly draw them out bc again
    • the boy gets jealous
    • even gets clingy about the weirdest things??
    • if you even think abt things that aren’t him, his feelings will probably be hurt
    • s p o i l s THE FUCK outta you
    • his logic: if there’s something that reminds you of him at every corner, you will never forget him
    • so, let’s just say there are a lot of mildly useless gifts all around your apartment
    • but again, they remind you of woo so are they truly useless
    • (yes)
    • just in case the endless gifts aren’t enough of a reminder of his presence and his love, don’t worry bc he’ll be texting you 24/7
    • sometimes you have to mute him to get him to stop and he whines at you for like the next month abt it
    • his lockscreen on his phone is you, and he wants ppl to ask abt it so he can be like “oh this? psh, this is just the love of my life, nbd”
    • i cannot stress this enough. he is a n n o y i n g
    • you never get a break from his needy ass
    • pestering you for kisses, for sex, for you to just stare at his face for three hours straight, who fucking knows
    • if you don’t provide the attention, he’ll poke your cheeks or tickle you 
    • he is (i cannot stress this enough) the WORSTTT
    • but he’s cute and he’s your baby so you can’t get mad at him okay
    • he’s super spontaneous and adventurous
    • i don’t think he would last w a secret relationship bc he has to take you out to see the world !!
    • and he’s not gonna pretend as if he’s not in love?? who do you think he is
    • so expect many dates at unexpected hours
    • rip to your sleep schedule
    • always taking you with him to the dorms and to dance practice and is very openly affectionate w you that the other members may lose their minds
    • they don’t know how to get him away from you
    • so they just gave up
    • you and wooyoung are conjoined twins as of now
    • n e ways i’m writing this at work so i’m not gonna do smut rn but if you want a part two lmk ;)
    • same goes for all ateez members
    • because i’m a hoe for them all
    #mine#writing#dating series #dating ateez series #100
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    Originally posted by 190629seonghwa


    ↳ yunho

    all members: seonghwa, hongjoong, yunho, yeosang, san, mingi, wooyoung, jongho

    try n tell me that yunho isn’t a furry. you can’t

    • what a soft boi
    • he’d be such nice company
    • like he just radiates such a warm energy and he’ll make you happy no matter what he does
    • tries to act cute to get out of any bad situation
    • can and will use puppy dogs eyes to his advantage
    • makes you wear his clothes which look MASSIVE on you
    • he’s kinda clingy but it’s precious
    • he’ll want contact with you all the time
    • but not necessarily in person
    • he likes the little things
    • when he’s away you’ll find notes that he left all over your place
    • and he’ll constantly send you a million text messages either to tell you about his day or to ask you about yours or to just remind you that he “LOVES YOU SO SO SO MUCH !!!!!!!! 🌸💐💘”
    • the type to send a million emojis without prompting
    • sometimes he just sends them and not actual words so that’s how you have to decode what he’s saying
    • he also calls you a lot
    • sometimes they’re just for a few seconds to show you a cute dog he saw or smth
    • doesn’t like using snapchat, he’ll just send 5 second videos over text
    • M U K B A N G S
    • again, no prompting, yunho will just show up to your place with an abnormal amount of food
    • he holds your hand A LOT
    • and he loves to swing them back and forth when the two of you are walking together >:(
    • pda is not a problem at all
    • he openly shares you with the world as much as he’s allowed to
    • he loves taking you out for dates without having to worry about his reputation
    • forces you to watch nearly every performance of him and demands commentary
    • you are watching those fancams or he will shun you
    • like “my baby doesn’t even love me enough to watch me perform :/”
    • he literally acts like a puppy
    • demands attention 24/7 and will follow you around while pouting if you don’t provide him with the necessary amount
    • LOVES cuddles and loves it even more when you play with his hair
    • his fav is when he lays his head on your chest and can hear your heart and your breathing
    • it 9/10 puts him to sleep
    • when the two of you fight, he has 0 clue what to do
    • like he just goes,,, no thoughts. brain empty
    • yunho has clocked out for the day
    • he h a t e s seeing you upset, especially if he’s the cause of it
    • if you just get frustrated at him for no reason, he’ll just sulk around until you apologize
    • but if it’s a valid argument that you’re making about something, he’ll panic
    • he’s so so scared of saying the wrong thing and will likely just try to avoid it
    • me too, yunho
    • when you make up, he demands a million kisses
    • also, he requires a kiss for every little thing
    • a bit of a praise kink, but like, domestically
    • he’ll get so proud when he actually cooked breakfast for you one time and he wants you to admit how amazing and cute and perfect he is
    • if you neglect him, his entire demeanor will change
    • not to sound gross and sappy or anything but his mood literally revolves around you
    • because his life revolves around you !!!
    • even while being a busy idol, he still has you on his mind 24/7
    #mine#writing#dating series #dating ateez series #100
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  • Dating series pt 5 exo’s chen


    Originally posted by littlepcy

    •being the loudest couple ever


    •you guys would have movie dates all the time

    •you guys singing together

    •him teaching you how to dance

    •him being horny 25/8

    •deep talks late at night

    •sleeping alot

    •him coming home from practice and cuddling you

    •heated makeouts


    •loving all of his hair colors


    •spending time with the rest of exo

    •being best friends with xiumin

    •him singing to you

    •being silly together

    **I take requests**

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  • Dating Thor:

    When you first met Thor you thought he was hilarious. He had no idea about Earth things and how they worked. Luckily for him you were very patient with explaining things and how they worked to him.

    In return, he taught you about Asgard and his family.

    The one thing you did notice about Thor, no matter what planet you were on was how protective he was. Didn’t matter who was around, he would glare at them and wrap his arm around your waist .

    Also he loved to show off around you. Thor always felt the need to prove to you how strong he was. He always wanted to reassure you that no matter what challenge was thrown at him he could protect you. Even if that challenge was Loki.
    #The Avengers#Thor#Dating Series #the avengers imagine
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  • So I just noticed that my latest posts from the Dating Series are much longer than my first posts. I was thinking about updating Taemin, Jonghyun and Jihoon’s so they can be around the same lenght as the other ones. Would you like me to do that?

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  • I honestly don’t know why everybody is shocked about Briana and Curtis they are like the Shanley and Chris T this season, and looked what happen to them.  But I honestly have more hope for Briana and Curtis tho!

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  • 90 Day Fiancé anyone??

    Does anyone watch this show? I think seeing the relationship dynamics are so interesting. And to be honest, it made me realize that what I want isn’t unrealistic or super outlandish AT ALL. I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts if you’ve seen this season, especially from fellow heauxs. So please feel free to reply :).

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    AGF 2019 Merch Sale Part 12!

    ★ AGF Cybird Ikemen Sengoku Ikemen Live Acrylic Standee ★

    👉🏻 Set for SGD$30 (Date Masamune + Ikelive Eisuke)

    👉🏻 Please make payment within 48 hours to confirm. Items are in SGD, mailed via tracked airmail. PayPal is accepted. Mailing is additional.

    Tags: ikesen, ikelive, Cybird Animate girls festival agf 2019

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  • A Speed Date With Markiplier (Egos)! Yancy x Reader (3/12)

    “So uh, who am I going out with next?” [Y/N] asked while rubbing their arm and looking around the room.

    “Well That should be obvious! It’s the third Sunday of the month after all!” Seal cheered, clapping their hands excitedly. “It’s time for our favorite prisoner! Don’t worry, your time won’t start till he enters the room.”

    “What roo-?” Before they could finish the question Seal snapped her fingers and they found themselves alone in a small room with a table, some chairs, a tv and… Was that a bed in the corner? What?

    Their thoughts were interrupted as the door to the room opened and Yancy was nudged in by an oddly familiar female guard.

    “Remember, only twenty minutes. Have fun.” She said before closing the door.

    “What is yous doin here!?” Yancy looked [Y/N] up and down before running over to them and pulling them into a tight hug.

    “I promised to visit didn’t I?” They laughed, returning the hug which probably lasted just a tad longer than it should have.

    “It was pretty smart of yous to sign up for this kinda visit, that way we can hug and stuff!” He said, as he pulled away but they seemed confused.

    “What… Kind of visit is this again?” They asked and he laughed, like they didn’t know.

    “Ya know, the conjugal visit. Not that wes have to do anything like that.” He added the last part quickly. “Wes got 20 minutes we could watch some of a show, I could show yous this new song I’m working on…” he continued to list the number of things they could do before [Y/N] stopped him.

    “20 minutes? In the song Sparkles said 14, did they change the rule?” They asked and Yancy rubbed the back of neck and looked away, though he was happy to know they knew his song that well.

    “Well, no. It’s just 20 didn’t sound that great in the song so I put it as 14 to go with the tempo of what I’s had.” He admitted and they laughed.

    “Right, So it’s all about the tempo.” They said with a small nod before taking his hand and leading him to sit at the table.

    “Yeah! See yous get it!” He laughed with them as they sat down. “So, what do yous wanna do? I uh, thought about all the things we could talk about when yous visited but… I can’t seem to remember any of thoses.” He couldn’t get himself to look at them, embarrassed at admitting that.

    “Why don’t we start, with what you’ve been up to since you helped me escape?” [Y/N] asked, reaching over and placing a hand on top of his, he turned his hand over and held on loosely.

    “Well, the other day Bam Bam and Tiny got into a fight with these others guys-“ he began telling them all he could think about that had happened while they were gone. [Y/N] listened closely, their hands never leaving each other and then it became [Y/N]’s turn to tell him what they had been up to, leaving out the dates.

    “Sounds like yous been busy.” He laughed and they shrugged.

    “Not any busier than usual. But um, earlier you mentioned something about a new song?” They decided to change the subject, watching a special light come to his eye as he quickly stood so he could also show them the dance moves that would go to it.

    “What do yous think?” He asked with a bright smile at the end as they clapped.

    “That was great! You should make a whole show some day.” They said as he moved to sit near them again.

    “Yous think so?” He laughed excitedly. “That means a lot coming from yous. Also, while yous is here I…” he looked down his smile dropping as he became nervous. “Paroles gonna be coming up here in a bit and well… I’ve been real good recently, staying outta fights and the like. Maybe, next time I see yous it’ll be on the outside?” He offered.

    “My home will always be open to you Yancy.” They told him, weather he was the one they chose to go on a second date with or not, if he got out they’d show up for him.

    “Thanks, I knew I could count on yous.” He said, [Y/N] looked up to the clock and saw they only had one minute left.

    “Before we have to go.” [Y/N] stood up and opened their arms, silently asking for a hug. With a smile he stood up and gave them the hug with no hesitation, they didn’t want to let go as there was a knock at the door before it opened to reveal that oh so familiar guard.

    “Times up Yancy, gotta go back now.” She said and he sighed before letting [Y/N] go.

    “I’ll see that handsome and or beautiful face of yous later.” He said with half smile before following the guard out. Seal winked over to [Y/N] and snapped her fingers sending them back to the plain room.

    “Did you have fun? Ugh I felt horrible taking you from that one, but then again prison has rules that even I gotta follow.” Seal shrugged with a sigh. “Don’t worry, if he makes parole you can still go get him, that’ll just be for a later date if he doesn’t win the favorite. I won’t make you leave him waiting.” She laughed and [Y/N] let out a breath they didn’t know they were holding.

    “Thanks. I feel better knowing that.”

    “Thought you would. Now, shall we continue on to the next one?”


    Our prison boy! I added the part that the reader can still go get him even if he doesn’t win the poll thingy (I guess that’s what it is, most notes wins) cause I didn’t want people to feel like if he didn’t get the vote that he’d be left alone if he got parole! Yancy deserves the world and honestly I was gonna write a thing like that eventually anyway. So fear not dear readers! I don’t want y’all feeling guilty for not trying to pick him. As always I will accept any and all feedback and I hope you enjoyed reading this! ~Seal~ (tomorrow I’m gonna have to go back to posting late cause I go back to work)

    #speed date series #xreader #yancy x reader #iplieregosxreader #yancy doesnt get to be meta though #meta is only allowed when it makes sense
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    Characters: Tony x Reader
    Warnings: None
    Synopsis: Fake Dating AU! Tony needs a girlfriend to salvage his reputation and save his inheritance, you need to learn how to say no to Tony.

    Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four 

    Tags: @thevanishedillusion@kahlanmars​ @blackcloudwalker @redroomproperty

    “Tea for my missus”

    “Calm down, we’re not married yet”

    You take the mug from his hand, using it to warm your own. Tony walks over to the kitchen counter, you shared an apartment together now. Tony had insisted that to keep up the charade of being together and engaged, you should move in together, he didn’t let you keep your previous place nor did he let you help pay the rent for this one.

    It was a comfortable size, not too large and flashy. Certainly less flashy than what Tony was used you, but he had picked the place. You knew why he’d picked this one, it had been the dream apartment when you were living at home, something that was a nice place with good security but not fancy enough to make you feel like you didn’t belong.

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    #marvel#marvel fic#marvel fics#tony stark #tony stark au #tony stark x reader #fake dating au #fakefake series #fake part four #fake part 4
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    another i love leslie post, that is all

    #wizardess heart #shall we date series #shall we date? #shall we date #swd #swd wizardess heart #swd wh#leslie roseblade#liz hart
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  • bidiu and xiao hei

    #the legend of luoxiaohei #legend of hei #羅小黒戦記#mygifs #this series has been going on since 2011!!!! insane #the last update official update was aug #but then before that it was 2017 #thats a loooong time #but i subscribed to a channel that subs it soooo ill keep up to date #am i gonna buy a blind box on taobao....maybe....
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  • Tom Holland x female reader


    Summary: After what happened with Tom you hide away in your flat until Kate takes matters into her hands.

    Words: 3k

    Warnings:   angst, fluff, maybe swearing?, nothing else I think (let me know if there is anything in there that I should add)

    A/N: The final part is here. How crazy is that? Thank you all so much for reading! I will also be writing an epilogue. That should be up sometime next week :) 

    I hope you enjoy!

    Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6  | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 


    The next day you woke up around 10am with dried tears on your face. You reached for your phone and saw that you had several missed calls from Tom, as well as a bunch of messages. You couldn’t bring yourself to read them. You unlocked the phone to make the notifications go away but you were greeted by your home screen. It was one of the pictures you had taken with Tom and Tessa the day you had dinner with your parents. His lips were on your cheek as you leaned into him with one arm around Tessa as she looked into the camera. You quickly locked your phone again, throwing it to the other end of the bed. This was so stupid. How could you grieve about something that was never really a thing? 

    The repetitive vibration of your phone made you pick it up again. Tom was calling. You couldn’t talk to him. You were sure he was only going to make excuses. You had been at this point before. You were not going to give a guy that power over you anymore. You had learned from your mistakes. So after you let the call go to voicemail you blocked Tom’s number, his instagram, everything you could. 


    You knew you had to get groceries at some point. You had spent the whole weekend in bed. On Monday you finally took a shower and got dressed. Life around you didn’t stop. You had obligations. After work, you dragged yourself to Tesco closest to your flat to quickly get the things you needed so you could get back home. You purposefully avoided the aisle with all the magazines. While you would’ve had a look at them a week ago, just to see what the yellow press was saying, you tried to keep anything that reminded you of Tom as far away from you as possible now. But that was easier said than done. There weren’t a lot of things that didn’t remind you of him. If something didn’t make Tom’s face appear in your mind immediately, it made you think of something else that would.

    What made things even worse was that you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing his face. Well, it wasn’t always his face but the red and blue Spider-Man suit was equally as torturous. Every store seemed to be selling Spider-Man: Homecoming and you couldn’t even do your weekly groceries without coming across the DVD or any type of merchandise at least five times.

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    #tom holland x reader #tom holland au #tom holland fake dating #tom holland imagine #tom holland fic #tom holland scenario #tom holland series #tom holland fluff #more than i know
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  • A Speed Date With Markiplier (Egos!) Darkiplier x Reader (2/12)

    “So! Ready for your next date?” Seal turned to [Y/N], an excited smile on her face.

    “Yeah, who’s next?”

    “Well! Dark was supposed to be first before Actor came and ruined that. So Dark will just have to be next. Don’t worry, the other egos are better about playing by the rules… Hopefully. Anyway! Enjoy your 20 minutes!” She lifted her hand and snapped her fingers.

    Once the snap echoed out [Y/N] found themselves in the restaurant from before, the only difference this time being that Darkiplier was the one sitting across from them.

    “You’re late.” His voice seemed to echo in their head.

    “Sorry, I was um…” would it be bad to tell him they were on a date? If he found it was with Actor that probably wouldn’t go over well…

    “Say no more, what matters is that you’re here now.” He seemed to smile. “I went ahead and ordered for you, figured we could better use our time to.. Get to know one another. That’s what these are for right?”

    “Right, right.” They took the glass of water in front of them and took a quick drink, they had to think of something that wouldn’t anger him if they asked.

    “Well then, you already know so much about me. Tell me about you.” His aura seemed to be calm at the moment. “Tell me, everything.”

    [Y/N] wasn’t sure how much they could fit into the short time they had but they told him small tidbits that they figured he could find interesting. He listened, nodding from time to time and asking a question when he felt appropriate.

    “This is going well I believe, don’t you?” Dark asked once the food arrived, not moving to even look at it while [Y/N] started eating.

    “I think it’s going great! But I do feel bad for doing all of the talking. Are you sure there’s nothing you want to say?” They asked.

    “Me? Why? You already know all I have to offer, everything. But if you want me to reaffirm such I can do so.” He looked amused at the thought. “After all, one could technically call this our second date already.”

    “I guess you’ve got a point yeah.” They nodded, thinking back to ADWM and how there was a route that ended with Dark.

    “I will admit though, this” he gestured to the restaurant. “Is nice, I wouldn’t mind doing this again, learning more about you without the time limitation. If you’ll have me.”

    “I um, yeah we’ll have to see.” They laughed nervously, this was only the second date they’d been on so they surely couldn’t make the choice yet despite this going well.

    “The others don’t have much to offer you, you know that correct? But it’s always about you and your choice. I know you’ll pick the right one.” His aura began to crack, his eyes seeming to look into their soul.

    “Right… Of course.” They felt uneasy now, but at the same time something about him drew them in. “You’re um… Not going to eat?” They asked, wanting to change the subject.

    “I’m not really hungry. I came here for you, nothing else. I didn’t pick the venue after all. But I promise that the next time we meet, it’ll be somewhere much better than this.” Dark looked up to a clock on the wall, frowning for a moment before looking back down to [Y/N]. “Well, it would appear our time is up, until next time my dear.”

    “Times up.” Seal’s voice filled [Y/N]’s ears once again and a snap echoed. Once again in the plain room they took a breath.

    “That went a lot smoother I think! Don’t you? Course you do, oh this is going so well! Let’s hurry on to the next shall we!” She was speaking quickly, [Y/N] wondered what they got themselves into here.


    Part two done! I’m off today so I was able to get this one done a bit quicker today and post early! I’m hoping to do the same tomorrow as well! I hope everyone enjoyed the Speed Date with Dark! As always I accept any and all feed back! I hope y’all enjoyed it! Also if anyone has any fun date ideas feel free to share! (I’m still trying to brain storm some of these heh heh) ~Seal~

    #speed date series #xreader #darkiplier x reader #iplieregosxreader #dark x reader
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  • A Speed Date with Markiplier (Egos)! Actor x Reader (1/12)

    “Hello there! Welcome to Speed dating with Markiplier egos!” Seal said, walking up to [Y/N] with a smile. “I’ve got all kinds of fun things planned for you, so feel free to just sit back and relax while I take care of everything!” The woman’s tone was chipper as she slung an arm around them and motioned to the sparsely decorated room they were in.

    “Now, we have twelve different egos for you to date! That’s certainly a lot, but fear not! They’ll only last for 20 minutes each and once you’ve gone through them all you can pick your favorite and go on a second date with them for as long as you like!” Or for as long as she could write. “Do you understand?”

    “Um… I guess?” [Y/N] shrugged, honestly they didn’t even know how they got there…

    “Great! Let’s get started then shall we? Now for the first date I figured we’d start big! Always start with a bang ya know? So I figured we’d do the main favorite, Darkipl-“

    “AHEM!” She was interrupted, very rudely.

    “What?” She frowned, looking to her left to see that the Actor had somehow gotten in.

    “I think I may have misheard, you said you would start with the favorite and then it sounded like you were about to say Darkiplier.” He said with a disbelieving laugh.

    “No, that’s what I was saying.” Seal said bluntly and he scoffed.

    “The villain does not get to go first and he is certainly NOT the favorite.” Actor certainly seemed offended, [Y/N] took a step closer to Seal. She was the writer so certainly she’d be safe.

    “So what I’m hearing is you wanna go first? You just got to go on a whole heist with them! Can’t ya give someone else a chance?” She questioned, but only received a huff. “Ugh, Fine. You get first dibs happy? You only got 20 minutes though and those 20 minutes start…Now.” She said with a snap.

    The snap echoed and the two found themselves in a fancy restaurant, at a table in a small corner and waters already waiting for them.

    “Pretty swanky place, I bet this is what she was planning for Dark. But you’re with me now so, what do you say we get out of here and find a real adventure?” Actor offered.

    [Y/N] Thought it over for a moment before nodding, if this place was meant for a date with Dark then they figured they should go somewhere else.

    The two quickly left the restaurant without seeming to draw too much attention and hurriedly walked to try and find something to do in their short time, conveniently finding a small festival.

    “Well, looks like she can think of anything. What do you say we go in here huh?” Actor offered and they nodded. He took a hold of their hand and the two looked around the small stalls.

    “How easy do you think we could steal this stuff?” [Y/N] joked quietly to the Actor who looked around at the vendors, he figured pretty easily but he saw no need to steal over priced trinkets.

    “They would never even know it was gone.” He answered before pulling them away from the shopping centers, they didn’t have long and he wanted to win them something!

    They quickly got to the stalls of games, they had 14 minutes left if he counted correctly, surely he could win something!…. He was wrong of course, failing to knock over the bottles no matter how hard he threw the ball.

    “I think they super glued them all together.” [Y/N] whispered to him as he scoffed, finally giving up on the game and taking them to a different game. But they all seemed to be rigged against him.

    “What kind of cliche date is this supposed to be if I’m not even allowed to win you anything!” Actor ran his hand over his face.

    “Well… Why don’t we ride some of the rides? Besides, it doesn’t need to be a cliche date!” They said and he nodded, taking their hand in his again as they made their way to the rides.

    The pair decided on a fun house, the other rides looking not that well put together so they didn’t trust them. The house of mirrors part was confusing,each ran into at least one mirror and the titling room wasn’t much better. The two clinging to each other as they tried their best to get through without falling over.

    Once they finally got out they felt dizzy and were laughing at each other as they wobbled over to some place to sit.

    “Well… We don’t have much longer. Is there anything else you want to do?” [Y/N] asked as Actor placed his hand over theirs , staring up as the sky began to get darker.

    “We’re always running around and having to make choices, I think I’d just like to sit with you for a few moments.” He said, letting out a breath as he relaxed against them, their shoulders touching.

    “You’re right, it’s nice to just… Sit here for a time.” [Y/N] commented.

    “Yeah, especially when the writer really wants you to do something. But it’s not her choice, it’s yours [Y/N] and we’re running out of time.” Actor took a deep breath and tightened his hold on their hand. “Look, you don’t have to go on 11 other dates if you don’t want to. Again, it’s completely up to you. We could.. Just go off somewhere, I’m sure there’s some place we could hide!”

    “Actor… Mark, that’s very sweet of you. But she was right, we do need to get the others a shot.” They said, watching as his shoulders sagged.

    “Right… Of course. Sorry for assuming that you’d just want to run off with me. It’s fine.” He said and they rolled their eyes, it felt like he was trying to guilt them into it now.

    “Hey, we had a good time! It’s not that bad! Who knows! Maybe you’ll get the second date in the end!” They tried to cheer him up, it earned a smile.

    “And…” Seal’s voice filled their ears. “Time is up.” Another snap and [Y/N] stood before the woman in the plain room again. “Did you have fun? Did he try to talk you into leaving? Ugh, he’s hard to keep control of.” She rolled her eyes before clapping her hands together, smile back on her face. “Well then! Let’s continue shall we?”


    And there is part of on this series! I don’t know why but I really like Actor!Mark being super Meta. Twenty minutes doesn’t sound like a lot of time but trying to fit enough stuff in twenty minutes but also trying not to do too much to get cut off is HARD. The 20 minutes started at the snap and ended when the story Seal interrupted them. I just thought that would be fun, hope y’all like the little addition haha! As always I accept any and all criticisms and feedback! Hope y’all enjoyed this first bit! I’ll see you tomorrow! ~Seal~

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