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  • This dude trying to get me on a first date saying “Let’s get together and watch some Tom Hardy movies.” 

    This sounds like a fantastic and terrible idea at the same time. Someone talk some sense into me.

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  • God help me, I’m officially back to online dating. Let’s see how it goes this time.

    #ARGH#dating sucks #why can't a dude just materialize out of thin air
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  • Legit hate modern dating. I hate messaging why is it so hard to have a decent conversation with one another. I need to hear your voice, your tone, see facial expressions. It just bums me out I’ve hit a dead end. I’m just over it. Just going to date myself now bye

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  • && I can’t help but feel As if our time was only borrowed…

    That it wasn’t ever real Not an ounce of your sorrow.

    It wasn’t portrayed as honestly as you meant it…

    I doubt I could care Even if I felt it.

    So I suppose this is the end.

    Good riddance to the one I can’t call a friend..

    T. A. C.

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  • I’ve got a cold and I’m looking through Tinder, while inebriated by various cold relievers, and I think to myself:

    Why don’t I just put a bunch of pictures of me with my friends like these guys do and then see which one they think I am?

    I mean that’s what we have to do isn’t it?

    But on the other hand, I just want someone to tell me I’m pretty… so why don’t I go phishing for compliments and just have my bio be “my friends are prettier than me” and see what happens?

    Like I’m all for women not needing men to validate them but I haven’t really been validated by a man in my entire life and it’s not a great feeling let me tell you…

    #i need out of this city #dating apps suck #what if#dating sucks#dating
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  • So that dude I’d started seeing…for almost two months…has now ghosted me. I’d given him one of my Lover CDs (since I had four but really just wanted the journals). I kinda wanna text him and make him give it back.

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  • Okay but hear me out: A dating sight but instead of actually dating the person it’s just for people that want a baby but can’t afford artificial insemination so it matches girls that want kids up with guys that are willing to impregnate them but don’t wanna be involved, and guys that do want kids with girls that are willing to carry a kid for them and then bow out 🤔🤔🤔

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  • examples of “Situationship” head game clichés I was referring to earlier. It’s like they took every negative stereotype the so called “intels” claim woman are like and put them all up as memes…just in a non ironic way.

    #dating sucks#head games #playing with my head #karens
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  • #still hurts#dating sucks #i rather stay alone
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  • Real talk time and why I cut my hair

    Soooo, first off, I cut my hair cause I hated my long hair at this point. I was sick and tired of it and I had it through the bad times in my life, so I felt it was time for change.

    Now for real talk.

    I’m in a rut again, and I just kinda wanna be honest and transparent. Maybe get some advice as well.

    So, I’ve been trying to get out there in the dating world again, using both Bumble and Tinder to try and find some possibly partners. Most of the people who are liking me are guys, which I’m bisexual, so I’m not opposed to that, but like I’d like some variety.

    Anyways, it’s getting discouraging and starting to effect me more than it should. Either my matches don’t respond or all they want is sex. Like, am I just not pretty enough to date? Am all I good for is my body?

    Like, I love smutty anons, I love fluffy anons, I love that shit. But my irl dating life is in shambles and it’s disheartening. T~T

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  • Honestly it’ll take a miracle for me to get rid of this fictional title that my vagina has been given.

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  • Bumble sent me an email stating they’ve reactivated my account even though I didn’t request to do so, wtf?! I don’t even have the app on my phone or iPad. I am so happy to be deactivated or outright deleted from every dating app or site I got suckered into using that has never resulted in a single live in-person date. I’m done with that shit. I’m just gonna wait until I have a meet-cute with Rachel McAdams one day.

    #rbjm#dating sucks #online dating sucks even worse #probably a lost cause for me
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  • Everybody knows a relationship pause is the end.

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  • Isn’t it funny that I walked into the theatre to watch the joker movie with my date and I walked out with a new crush

    On a fictional character


    Originally posted by londonlifeme

    #This is why I suck at dating #Catching feelings for real people is difficult
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  • Ok I seriously need help because I’m so fucking lonely but have no idea how to meet people

    #lonely#sad #talk to me please #this sucks#alone#depressed #girls who smoke weed #girls who kiss girls #girls who like both #girls who date girls #girls who like girls #lesbian#bisexual#pansexual#meet people#lgbt#lgbtq
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  • I need someone 2 cuddle with… like things are good. but I wanna get physical affection so bad

    #wanna just hangout with ppl again but im terrible at advertising myself.... #n dating apps suck
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  • Tomorrow is discharge day. Eating has been a trash fire recently. I want this to work and I’m terrified of this working and I’m a little fatalistically hopeless about the odds of this working.

    #anorexia#ed recovery#PHP#IOP#anorexia recovery #attempting ed recovery #eating disorder #eating disorder treatment #ed treatment#discharge date #return to work #residency#psychiatry residency #at least my chiefs are super supportive #and so is my leadership #one more month of intern year #terrified of recovery and want it and don’t think it’s possible for me #this sucks #I wish treatment had worked better #I wish I felt more hopeful #one of my coresidents has agreed to help with meal plan compliance #and my life is still a mess
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  • am i the only one who had a perfectly good time during the presale? 😅 i did the american express presale and got a pit ticket in 4 minutes for $200 including fees

    #harry styles#presale#ticketmaster #love on tour #this was for the chicago date #BTW i am NOT defending ticketmaster they can suck a dick for what they put ppl thru today
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  • love seing everyone on my dash be like „fuck school/job i’m gonna do THIS“ we really are just a bunch of irresponsible bitches huh

    #but it feels good to know the dates suck for almost everyone glskkd #not just me
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  • Of course because of that damn message, I’m now wide awake and fuming because there are about fifty was I could respond. However I don’t want to come across as rude as what’s in my head.

    Just fucking own up to the fact that you’ve been playing me for the last month and admit that you don’t want to see me, rather than saying “It seems like you’re talking to other people which doesn’t bother me.” You’re seeing random messages that people don’t have the balls to send to me with their name attached, so no I’m not talking to other people. But you wouldn’t know that because you never bothered to ask. You just shoved your head further up your own ass.

    Admit that you just don’t want to try and maybe things would be smoother, don’t cover it up with the fact that you’ve been busy lately because honey you’re talking to a teacher, you don’t understand busy. Especially during the last few days of the first nine weeks of school.

    I wasn’t talking to other people. I was talking to you and was being filled with false promises that you had no intentions of fulfilling.

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