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    16.05.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Same fuckin person

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    14.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    No cus why were there actual people who found David Dobrik hot

    #now that hes cancelled i can finally say it #david dobrik#youtube#mine
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    07.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    Friends With Benefits (Jeff Wittek Imagine) Part 12

    Summary: Jeff and Y/N have been hooking up for a while. The whole vlog squad assumes they’re dating and Y/N does too but Jeff doesn’t like labels. He eventually starts to express interest in Natalie.

    Note: Planning on making this a multiple part series, depending on how good it does.  You’re 21 & Latina in this (maybe) series. Also, I’d like to apologize for the typos, if there is any. I’m just illiterate lmao.  

    Disclaimer: I started this series in August of 2019 out of pure boredom and because I was a fan of the vlog squad. Since David stopped vlogging at the start of this pandemic, I stopped watching any of their content cause I was hurt that they stopped. Due to recent stuff that’s happening, I’m very upset by their actions. I feel bad for the victims from that vlog. As for Jeff, I feel so bad about what happened to him and it changes how I view David. If he truly cared about his friends, he wouldn’t be risking their lives for his vlog. He’s a 24 year old man who acts like a 12 year old. 

    As for this series, I’m going to continue on as planned. It’s annoying reading a series and it’s left unfinished. I still don’t know how many chapters this will be. I might split it up into multiple “books” or something.

    (I am so sorry for not updating. All hell broke loose in my life after my last post but I’m finally done with school! I do have job but it’ll me much easier to post from now on.)

    Word count: 2k

    Warnings! Pregnancy, Swearing 

    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 , Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11

    Christmas Day 12/25/19

    *hears little feet running around*

    Jeff: *groans* I think my nieces are up.

    Y/n: Ugghh I want to sleep in before I kill Jonaaaah

    Jeff: Baby wake up. It’s Christmas….

    Y/n: If only you woke me up like I woke you up yesterday haha

    Jeff: Hey I couldn’t help it. I get boners in my sleep when I dream about you. You give great blowjobs.

    Y/n: Oh I know.

    Jeff: Not gonna lie, I’d fuck you rn if my family wasn’t awake. I like hearing your moaning when I go rough on you *winks*

    Y/n: Please stop talking about sex. The second trimester is the horniest trimester. I don't want to rely on cumming everyday. Makes me feel like a sex addict.

    Jeff: Hey hey calm down tiger my family is here. We can bang all we want when we fly back home tomorrow night.

    Y/n: Haha okay.

    *knock on the door*

    Jeff’s mom: Honey, wake up it’s 8am. We gotta open presents and eat breakfast.

    Jeff: We’ll be out in a sec ma!

    Y/n: So when are we going to kill Jonah? Before or after presents?

    Jeff: Let him eat his last meal and then kill him before opening the presents.

    *After Breakfast*

    Vardon: Jonah are you done with breakfast?! I want to open presents!

    Jeff’s mom: Sweety you can open presents first. The adults go last.

    Y/n: Jonah can I talk to you for a sec?

    Jonah: Um sure what for?

    Y/n: *Punches his arm* You little piece of shit told the entire friend group about the twins maybe being deaf last night!

    Jeff: That wasn’t your shit to say to the others Jonah. If our families weren’t in the other room, I’d be screaming my head off.

    Jonah: Listen I didn’t mean to..

    Y/n: You didn’t mean to??? Jonah, we saw the text messages you sent to EVERYBODY. This wasn’t an accident.

    Jonah: I don’t know what the big deal is! They were going to find out anyways!!

    Jeff: The fucking deal is that we wanted to wait until after the holidays to pass to tell everybody. Y/n let it slip last night by accident but you know what, she said it to the immediate family. She’s already stressed out of her fucking mind. I can barely sleep not knowing if my fucking daughters are going to be okay. WE DON’T WANT PEOPLE JUMPING DOWN OUR FUCKING THROATS ABOUT IT.

    Y/n: Hey hey Jeff calm down. Look at me. Shhh..

    Jeff: Don’t plan on me talking to you anytime soon when we get back to LA. You’re off of barbershop

    Y/n: Jeff stop. You don’t mean that.

    Jeff: Yes I do.

    Jeff’s mom: Honey is everything okay?

    Y/n: Uh yeah everything is just fine.

    Jeff: Yeah yeah everything is fine ma. Who’s turn is it to open presents?

    Jeff’s dad: Well all the kids already opened up and I think the next person is y/n

    Y/n: Now y’all making me sound super young… I’m ALMOST 22. *opens presents from Suzie, Marie, Karyn*

    Jeff: Your last gift is from me

    Y/n: Babe really? We just got back together?? How did you get me a present so last minute? *opens box and sees 2 little gold bracelets”

    Jeff: Well… After my talk with Karyn on Thanksgiving, I went out to get these little bracelets because I remember you told me it's a thing hispanic/Latinx people give to their kids but your parents never got one for you and your sister.

    *Flashback - November 2018*

    Y/n: So do you have any siblings?

    Jeff: Yeah. I have an older brother and sister. Karyn and Steven. I’m the baby *rolls eyes* What about you?

    Y/n: Well, I also have an older brother and sister camed y/b/n and y/s/n. And weirdly enough, I’m also the baby.

    Jeff: I got away with so much stuff being the youngest.

    Y/n: Ugh I didn’t. My brother did. My sister and I were so annoyed. Our parents WORSHIP him. He could never do anything wrong in their eyes.

    Jeff: I doubt it.

    Y/n: No, I’m serious. In a hispanic family, girls have no rights basically. We’re always kicked to the curb. My parents bought a gold chain and bracelet for my brother when he was a baby. There’s literally pics of him in it yet my parents were too lazy to get one for my sister and I. They also bought his class ring when he graduated high school! Yet when it came to my sister and I, they ignored us.

    Jeff: Damn, sounds rough. I’ll buy you a gold bracelet if you want.

    Y/n: Don’t be ridiculous, we’ve only been hanging out for like a month! I just know that I'll for sure be buying the gold bracelets or chains for my kids one day.

    *Flashback over*

    Y/n: I can’t believe you remember that. I told you that when we were first talking.

    Jeff: And once we pick out the names, we can get them engraved.

    Y/n: I really wasn’t expecting anything. I’m sorry I thought you were a terrible person after we broke up.

    Jeff: No no no, I was. I should’ve never treated you the way I did and I’ll always regret it.

    Y/n: *Kisses and hugs Jeff* Thank you so much Jeff. Te amo.

    Jeff: I love you too but hey don’t hug me too tight. You don’t wanna crush the babies.

    Y/n: Oh shut up.

    *Back in LA - 12/27/19*

    Jeff: I’m pretty sure David is picking us up.

    Y/n: I hope he’s out there already. I just want to go home and sleep and maybe hang out with Carly and Erin. I missed them. Hey, where’s the Antonyan’s?

    Jeff: They had someone in their fam pick them up.

    Y/n: Jeff, you don’t really mean it when you said Jonah is kicked off of barbershop, right?

    Jeff: No, I really meant it.

    Y/n: Hun, you two were really getting along. Y’all hung out all the time as much as you don’t like to admit it.

    Jeff: Please, can we talk about it another time.

    Y/n: Sure.

    *David arrives at the airport*

    Zane: *yells out the window* AYE HOW MY LITTLE COFFEE BEANS BEEN. IT’S BEEN LIKE 5 YEARS.

    Y/n: It’s only been a week and Jeff and I have been good.

    Zane: Girl I’m talking about the babies. I’m gonna be a great godfather.

    David: Zane’s gonna be the godfather?? That’s not fair!

    Matt: Yeah that’s not fair. I’m obviously the most mature one in the squad. It should be me.

    Y/n: *laughing* Are y’all actually arguing about this right now?

    Everybody: YES

    Y/n: *Gets a text message* Looks like Kylie texted me.

    Text from Kylie: Why didn’t you tell me about the babies? I’ll literally pay for anything you need. I’ll find the best doctors for you, whatever it takes. Please come to my house when you get a chance. I miss you <3

    Text from you: I can hang out tomorrow. I just got back like an hour ago but I’m too tired today.

    Text from Kylie: Don’t worry hun! You can take as long as you want. I’ll see you soon :)

    *Convo over*

    Y/n: Ugh who tf told Kylie??

    Zane: Oooo that’s kind of all of our bad.

    David: Yeah, we were all hanging out at my house and Stass was on facetime with Kylie and she heard everything.

    Jeff: Jesus. What’s next? Somebody is gonna reveal Y/n’s pregnancy?

    Y/n: Oh god I hope not.

    *The next day at Kylie’s house*

    Kylie: Babe! I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever!

    Stass: You’ve basically been spending all your time with Jeff again

    Y/n: I know I know. I’m sorry. We sorted things out, he apologized. Am I still a bit on edge? Yeah but at least both of us are in a good place.

    Kylie: I swear if he messes up again, he better fucking wish he doesn’t cross my path. I may not kick his ass that well but Khloe can.

    Y/n: *laughing* Stooop you’re gonna make me pee

    Stass: Soooo how was Christmas with Jeff…

    Y/n: Well…. It went way better than expected. His family accepted me right away, he took me to the bakery I went to all the time as a kid (*mumbles* wehookedupacoupleoftimes)  

    Kylie: What was that last part??

    Y/n: We may have hooked up a couple of times

    Stass: Y/n!

    Y/n: *Tries to change the subject* Kylie why didn’t you tell me you and Travis broke up 2 months ago?

    Kylie: Don’t try to change the subject!

    Y/n: What! We couldn’t help it! Toys are not the same as the actual thing. Also, I wasn’t gonna go through security with that. They were probably going to check my luggage…

    Kylie: Be honest, who was better, Jeff or David.

    Y/n: I mean…. I gotta say Jeff. David is like very sweet and caring but w/ Jeff…. I’m sorry but ya girl likes it a little rough.

    Stass: Can’t blame you haha.

    Kylie: Have you guys figured out what your plan for the twins are?

    Y/n: We both agreed that we’d learn sign language and that the girls would obviously have to learn it too. As for surgery, we might have to wait a couple months to a year old so they could get an implant.

    Stass: That sounds like a lot.

    Kylie: Don’t worry! I’ll literally find you the best doctors there are and I’ll pay for everything, no matter the cost.,

    Y/n: Thank you so much. Jeff and I make more than enough from youtube to pay for stuff.

    Kylie: I know but it would be one less thing for you and Jeff to worry about.

    Stass: We all have your back.

    Y/n: I don’t know who I’d be without all of you by my side.

    *Kylie’s phone starts blowing up*

    Stassie: Damn who’s messaging you so much

    Kylie: *Shows Stass*

    Stassie: Oh my god no

    *Y/n’s phone starts to blow up*

    Y/n: Wtf is going on. *checks phone*

    Headline: Social Media Influencer Y/n is Pregnant!

    Headline: Famous Youtuber Y/n seen pregnant!

    Headline: Y/n is Pregnant but doesn’t know who the father is!

    “The young 21 year old youtuber was seen with close friend Stass earlier today in Calabasas while getting food at Chick-Fil-a. Sources close to the youtuber says that she may not know who the father is! Her large fan base knows that she is a senior at USC and will be graduating in the Spring semester. The chances of that look slim now that she’s going into motherhood alone.”

    Y/n: Oh. my. GOD. No no no no no. Jesus fuck people know. *starts to have panic attack*

    *Jeff calls*

    Kylie: *picks up y/n’s phone* Jeff she’s freaking out.

    Jeff: Please put her on the phone

    Y/n: *still panicking* Jeff I didn’t want people to know!

    Jeff: Honey it’ll be okay

    Y/n: They’re saying so much shit abo- oh god I can’t breathe.

    Jeff: Babe?!

    Y/n: I can’t breath. I can’t breath.

    Jeff: Y/n!!?

    Y/n: *starts to fall over a bit*

    Kylie: OH MY GOD STASS CALL 911.

    Stass: They’re gonna be here in a couple of minutes. Y/n stay with us. *Talks to Jeff* We called 911. She’s having trouble breathing. Meet us at Cedar Sinai.

    Jeff: Please don’t leave her.

    Kylie: We won’t. We’ll both stay with her.

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    05.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    Scotty sire vs just talking about his anxiety anytime he does something wrong for sympathy

    #its so funny #its fake woke white peoples favorite thing to do #not anxious enough to make that david defense vid #deal w the fact that youre a white rapper first #hes also a pisces moon man ugh #even in talking about how the aftermath affected him. like who cares about you? no one told you to say anything in the first place #jac is dumb af too but thats a whole other thing #scotty sire#vlog squad#david dobrik
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    04.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    i want jeff to live a soft soft life ☁️

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    02.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #asks#anonymous #is this about the david dobrik post?? #because i was pretty much just ranting dude #if this is about harry styles leave me alone #and if this is about something else SPECIFY please
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  • needscaffeine
    02.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I told my Dad about what David Dobrik did to Jeff Wittek and he said that they used to do stuff like that too


    I trust my father who's been driving semis and working with farm equipment his entire life behind the wheel of an excavator. He is the only person who I would ever trust in that situation, even when he was in his teens, that is a promise.

    David is a Youtuber. He hasn't had experience with heavy machinery. He almost cost someone their eye and their life. My dad's done some dumb things but he hasn't almost killed someone , especially for a video

    My Dad understands how basic physics works and knows that you DON'T JUST STOP THE MACHINE SUDDENLY WHEN IT IS GOING TOO FAST

    And that's all I'm saying. I trust a redneck from Texas who's been working his entire life with large machines and acting a fool than an idiot from Chicago that's only accomplishment is exploiting people

    #brooke's being boring #david dobrik#jeff wittek#death mention#caps tw #my dad has done some messed up crap but he was a kid and he was usually drunk #he hasnt almost killed anyone when it comes to machines and i trust that man with my life #my dad is a very trustworthy person and he may think the stuff he did is funny even now and he has every right to #what david did isnt funny no one thinks its funny and its a terrible situation #it wasnt just friends hanging out he was purposefully trying to make money off of this he had been told it was too fast already #it makes me angry and he needs to learn a lesson from it
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  • ester-dobrik
    01.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    i will not be answering rude questions about my brother so please stop sending me rude messages about him :)

    love him or hate him, i promise you no one cares.

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  • because-im-an-aquarius
    30.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    No, Jeff Wittek is not making $2.2 million a year on Patreon, not that it should matter anyway.

    This article claims that Jeff Wittek is making $2.2 million a year on Patreon. This, to me, is obviously a twisting of the facts and clickbait. Jeff started his Patreon less than two weeks ago with the intention of sharing the uncensored images of his injuries and recouping some of the money he lost out on when YouTube demonetized and age-restricted his “Don’t Try This at Home Videos.” At the very least, using the rounded figures the article did in the headline, he has made at least $185,000. Now, to take less than two weeks of activity and data and be like “$2.2 million a year, look at this guy,” is misleading and, I feel, is further pushing this idea that Jeff is “milking” his injuries for money and views. 

    1.) I think most of us would come to the conclusion that Jeff’s Patreon has garnered so much attention this quickly because of the uncensored injury photos and videos he has posted to his account. I think Jeff’s going to see a sharp drop in patrons after the “DTTAH” series ends and he either stops posting injury photos or is posting less of them throughout his recovery journey.

    2.) Jeff still made a lot of money. And I’m glad he made a lot of money, because he’s still got future surgeries and even more time in recovery and he’s gonna have medical bills coming in at exorbitant prices, he’s still got his personal bills to pay, he seems to be really mindful of his status as en employer and making sure that he can still pay his staff their wages. I’m glad he made at least $185,000-ish, according to the info we have publicly available to us. He’s gonna need it.

    3.) Jeff said in his series that David Dobrik was covering his hospital expenses back during his initial hospital stay. But later, Jeff also states that he and David haven’t talked for months. Now, maybe Jeff sends his bills to David’s accountant and they take care of the bills or something like that. Or maybe David doesn’t see the need to continue to cover Jeff’s medical expenses since Jeff is also responsible for his own injuries. We don’t know yet.

    4.) Jeff broke like the entire left side of his head and body in a wild and terrifying way. He felt comfortable enough, after like a year, to share that publicly. He has a right to talk about it how he wants, as much as he wants, and even make money off of it if he wants. (Seriously, I don’t even want to think about how outrageous his medical expenses for the last 12 months have been.)

    5.) This has nothing to do with Patreon or money or views, but I have to say something about the people who are mad that no on else in the Vlog Squad spilled the beans before now. Jeff has made it abundantly clear that he didn’t want to talk about his injuries until this recently. Not only would it be so disrespectful and harmful to Jeff during this time if someone else had said “Jeff got his face cracked open because David’s a total moron with no regard for other people’s safety,” but that then forces Jeff to talk about a traumatic situation that he was still just beginning to really process. Maybe David has a lot of power over the VS members and told them to keep quiet, but I think it’s more likely that Jeff asked his friends to refrain from discussing the subject publicly until he was ready and able to talk about it himself.

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  • eggbabey
    29.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    thinking about that one 7 ur old who told me I looked like david dobrik as if that wasnt the meanest thing anyone has ever said to me

    #she wasn’t even being mean she just meant it #which makes it sO MUCH WORSE #it was like being hit by a fucking train #how do I respond to that how could I have possibly responded #so I just went oh ok and it haunts me #TO BE CLEAR #I DO NOT LOOK LIKE DAVID DOBRIK I SWEAR #I REALLY DONT I PROMISE #oh egg? #*cries*
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  • corinna-kopff
    29.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    watching jeff’s documentary... yikes

    #i’m trying to refrain from being judgemental until i see the whole thing #lord help me #jeff wittek#vlog squad#david dobrik#corinna kopf#zane hijazi#davids vlogs#natalie mariduena
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  • artzee-bee
    28.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Blind Date | Datalie x Reader

    Fandom: Vlog Squad (David Dobrik, Natalie Mariduena)

    Summary: Your friend Zane sets you up on a blind date with someone very familiar

    Genre: Fluff


    A/N: I wrote this piece a long time ago, on a different blog I had for David. I deleted it now. Not sure how I feel about him anymore but I didn’t want this piece to get lost so I’m posting it again here


    I was just about ready to leave my house, when I received a message from my good friend, Zane

    "Just letting you know that your date will be waiting for you outside the dinner we talked about" 

    "Alright, I'm about to leave right now" 

    "Nervous? :)" 

    "Not really" 

    But I was. I hadn't been on a date in the longest time, and I never thought I would be the one to go on blind dates, but Zane somehow convinced me it would be a good idea. He was convinced he had someone I would "love" and got really excited when I agreed to meet up with this person. The fact that Zane set up everything was mainly what got me to say yes in the first place. He was my best friend and I knew I could trust him with this

    On my way out, I took one last look in the mirror, making sure my makeup and outfit were ok. I got my jacket on and headed out. Since the dinner wasn't too far away I decided to walk. I figured the fresh air would probably calm my nerves and for the first half of the way it did, but then anxiety kicked in. I was going to a random dinner, at which I had never been before, to meet with a stranger for a date. This was absolutely insane and in that moment I wished I would have told Zane no, but he was so excited,and I think I was too. I was excited to go on this adventure and make some memories. Zane just wanted me to be happy, I knew that. He would never do something like this just to prank me or anything like that, he knew how nervous I was when it came to relationships. If there's anyone in this world I could trust with this, it would be him. 

    Soon enough , the dinner came in full view. The powerful light that came from inside lit up the whole street. On the front steps, I could see two people chatting. I wrapped my jacket tighter around me and headed their way, looking down at my feet the entire way. I was only a few steps away from the front door, when I heard a familiar voice call out to me

    "Y/N?"  I looked up to see David and Natalie facing me with uneasy looks on their faces

    "Hey guys" I replied "What are you doing here?" 

    David stuffed his hands in the pockets of his jeans nervously before answering

    "Well, uhh, Zane convinced me to go on a blind date he would plan and, uhh, it turns out it was with Natalie… "

    "Yeah, we didn't know, he told each of us that it would be a blind date, we had no idea we were going with each other, I don't know what he was thinking…"  Natalie obviously seems embarrassed by the whole situation. Her and Dave had always been very clear about not being interested in each other so I could understand why being caught in this sort of situation would be awkward for them. 

    " So wait, Zane got both of you to go on a blind date?" both of them nodded in response “He did the same thing to me" 

    "So all three of us?"

    "That's what it looks like…" came Natalie's response

    We were all quite for a second, gathering our thoughts, trying to figure out what to do to make the situation even a tiny bit less awkward. David was the first to speak up

    "So, before you arrived" he starts, locking eyes with me "me and Nat were talking about whether or not we want to go through with this. So, what do you think? Are you comfortable with this?" 

    "I mean… I'm pretty hungry, I haven't eaten much today in preparation for tonight" 

    "Yeah, me neither…" answered Dave.

    "Alright then" said Natalie "let's go in I suppose" 

    Once inside, we got seated in a corner booth, in the very back of the dinner. The place was nicely decorated with vintage posters and colorful lights . None of us spoke at first, it was only after ordering our food, David asked

    "So how was your day, Y/N?" 

    It was a crappy attempt at starting a conversation, I knew that, but I couldn’t blame him. 

    "It was pretty good. I spent it at home since I didn't have work today. I watched a movie, drank some tea, took a bath,that kind of stuff" 

    From there,however, the conversation followed smoothly. Dave and Natalie talked to me about their work day, about the bit David did with Carly and Erin and about what their plans were for the weekend. Since I was pretty new to the friend group, David and Nat had lots of questions about me and my past. I enjoyed telling them about my family and my home town and they both listened, to the best of their abilities. Soon, it felt like a real date, and I was enjoying myself more than I thought I would. The initial awkwardness was replaced by laughter. David had lots of stories to tell, and I loved listening. Nat enjoyed making sarcastic comments to all that David had to say, which made me laugh. And still, whenever I had something to say, both of them would listen quietly, locking eyes with me, giving me their full attention which resulted in me blushing and getting flustered. I had been crushing over the two of them ever since I was introduced to the friend group, and Zane knew that. That’s why he wanted me to agree to this so badly, and even though I wanted to be mad at him, I couldn’t help but be thankful.

    Time passed quickly, each of us had finished our meal and for just a moment, silence took over. This time, much more comfortable than in the beginning. 

    "Guys, why do you think Zane did this?"  asked Natalie, almost in a whisper

    Me and Dave shared a nervous look. I didn’t want to tell them why. I didn’t want to confess everything right now, it was not the right time. David started playing with his green bracelet, nervously.

    "I don't really know…" I replied, just as quietly

    "I'm having a great time" said David, which made both me and Nat look up at him "I don't really care why he did it. I just know this might just be the best first date I've ever been on" he looked up at us and took a deep breath in before adding “I don’t want it to be the last one either”

    "I feel the same way" I said, placing my hand on top of his. Nat took a deep breath and placed her hand on top of mine. 

    "I do too" 

    #david dobrik#natalie mariduena#vlog squad #poly!vlog squad #david dobrik x reader #david dobrik imagine #david dobrik fluff #natalie mariduena imagine #natalie mariduena fluff #natalie mariduena x reader #datalie x reader
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  • wabatai
    28.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    david's dead to me

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  • shinycrobat
    28.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
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  • thecheesewearsme
    27.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Miss him ❤️

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  • urlocaloversharer
    24.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    David Dobrik disables & almost murders Jeff Wittek

    It is chilling that before all these stuff on David Dobrik coming up recently, I really am convinced that in some point in time David would’ve murdered one of or a few of his friends in some attempt to do a crazy ass stunt for his stupid content. 

    In Jeff’s documentary it is so chilling for Corinna to tell David that he always goes too far right before Jeff gets into this horrible accident that disables him and almost kills him. 

    It pisses me off how he still has a lot of people defending him. He was literally driving the excavator with one hand and filming with another. How does he even get a license for that excavator? 

    If a friend PURPOSEFULLY puts you and your life on danger, that person was never your friend. 

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  • heygirrrrllll20
    24.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    David Dobrik is definitely hitting his head against the wall right now.

    Not only did the Insider article destroy his “career”, now Jeff’s videos shows what a fuckin psycho David is.

    HE COULD HAVE DIED. IM SHOCKED HE DIDNT. David almost killed him, all for some video

    And to top it all off...the Hype House is getting a reality show on Netflix...why that matters?

    Netflix rejected David’s show idea back in 2018. He wanted to call is David’s Frat House. I’m not kidding. He wanted to quit YouTube but had to continue on when they rejected him. His words not mine!

    Just had to get my thoughts out. Ignore me lol I just couldn’t stop laughing at the idea of Netflix working with the Hype House and then I remembered that David thing.

    Anyway yeah David’s a psycho, who doesn’t care about others peoples feelings or their personal safety. He puts everyone else in dangerous and uncomfortable situations that he wouldn’t put himself in. He controls people and has some weird sketchy power dynamic with all his “friends”.

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  • sapphos-hoes
    23.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #tw injury #tw death reference #tw illness #tw sex assault #tw sex crimes #vlog squad#david dobrik#jeff wittek#zane hijazi
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  • sapphos-hoes
    23.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    can we talk about david dobrik almost killing jeff wittek for a moment? Watching Jeff’s second episode of his documentary almost made me cry at how deeply sad it is.

    The first red flag is that David asks Jeff, Todd and Natalie to become certified in sky diving for his big come back vlog. This requires them to jump out of planes over and over again, they then progress onto doing it without an attached instructor. At one point Jeff almost injures himself by being pulled off course by the wind and landing in a neighbouring field away from the landing zone. Not only is David asking his “friends” to risk their lives for content but he is not even at the ranch with them and is said to be at home playing video games. At one point in the video Todd and Jeff are shown creating video wills in case they die.

    The video then goes onto where they were vlogging in Utah. David is operating heavy machinery that he is not qualified to operate and swinging his friends around on wakeboards, inflatables and finally a rope. Corinna is the first on the rope and is swung around so recklessly that she slips, luckily she is unharmed. However, the rope is knotted and it is easy to see how it could have become a noose and killed her. Jeff then gets on, it is clear that David is swinging him more dangerously and way too high all while operating the machinery one handed so he can hold a camera.

    While this is not completely shown in Jeff’s video, full videos of the accident can be found on tik tok and twitter. David is swinging Jeff very high and fast when he suddenly stops the crane arm, Jeff then smacks into the crane arm at top speed, the rope is tied around his ankle and he drops, hanging upside down from the crane with his head under water.

    Jeff stated on Logan Paul’s podcast that he broke his skull in 9 places and has metal plates holding his face together, his eye popped out of his skull. According to some reports he suffered brain damage and loss of vision in one of his eyes. He also required multiple surgeries as hinted at in the trailer for his docuseries.

    What is most abhorrent is that David is in the documentary episode, grinning away, while he recounts how he almost killed his “friend”. David clearly shows again and again that he does not care if his “friends” live or die, he constantly puts them in life threatening situations for content and it’s despicable. Natalie, his childhood friend and assistant, puts her life on the line for his video and Jeff his friend of 2 years was inches away from being killed from participating in his videos.

    This was entirely hushed up until recently, with Jeff being vague about his injuries and how he got them. David had everyone believe he was taking a break because he was being responsible with COVID measures while actually he had almost just murdered his “friend”. David’s return vlog was instead a tour of his new mansion and him flexing his obscene amount of wealth, all while Jeff was still undergoing surgery for an injury that David had inflicted on him.

    Even after all this Jeff remains David’s friend, I assume he is under contract and has received settlement from David. But it is telling of David’s cultish friendship group that people will still be friends with him, defend him against recent sexual assault allegations which describe him enabling Dom to rape a girl and including it in a vlog, and be in his vlogs at all. What is he holding over them to make them remain friends with him?

    Jeff is permanently injured by this accident and will suffer the consequences for the rest of his life, David does not give two shits.

    David Dobrik is a monster.

    #david dobrik#jeff wittek#vlog squad #tw death reference #tw eye injury #tw injury #tw sex assault #tw sex crimes #tw violence
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