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    1st April 2020

    Day 4

    Hi! Today was kind of slow.I had two lectures on private law and it almost took my whole day. Me and some of my friends got to second round of application in a fellowship programme. And we started writing the project plan for that.

    I am free tomorrow. But I plan to take some time to study my MOOCs and also start preparing for TOEFL. God knows when I will be able to take the test in current situation but it is best to be prepared, don’t you think?

    One of my friends just texted me and said that their dorm just called and it will be given to healthcare staff so they need to take their things asap, but there is travel restriction so I don’t know how that will happen. I am scared same will happen to me. Almost all of my things are in my dorm and I am very anxious right now.

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    Rosegarden Week 2020

    Day 4: “kidnapped”

    The kid took a nap, the kid woke up, so the kid napped

    I know, not what the prompt said, but it is (?

    I’m not a fan of angst so I went for a cute family moment with Alex Pine! :D



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  • A View of Mountains from a Roadside Pulloff by Mark Stevens
    Via Flickr:
    Not far from Cantwell, Alaska, along the Parks Highway.

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    Day 4

    Well since I was even below my “ugw” I do remember having the fear of not being able to have a family in the future, because I lost my period for a while so I guess that. Oh and also hair loss… It was, and still is a very scary thing when you wash your hair and just pull out chunks of it every time you even go near it😔

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  • Daily Intervention Day 4: Barbie Mermaid

    I remembered having beach/island type of Barbie dolls and I wanted to bring them out. Unlike the shells, I’m doing one at a time to ease their way into it. I started with the mermaid Barbie because who wouldn’t want to interact with a mermaid in a pool that’s soon to become a beach/island getaway?

    So far, putting everything in this space already makes me understand how to put into words the appeal of having a pool in the backyard. My family and I love going to the beach for vacation, so getting to turn the pool into a “vacation spot” shows what I imagine whenever I think about using the pool. It’s like having a piece of that vacation at home.

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  • daily doodles 4, 5, 6 

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  • Isolation Diaries

    Day 4:

    I am so tired. I got less than 5 hours of sleep last night because I stayed up late reading and then woke up early for my workout. My muscles are really sore and I’m totally killing my body but I know it’s beneficial. Lately I have had trouble finding the motivation to get up in the morning. With no school, there’s nothing to be late for. As a solution, I set up an alarm with the app ‘Alarmy’. My first alarm is at 0430, where I have to do 3 algebra questions to shut the alarm off. The second one is at 0500, I have to shake my phone to turn the alarm off. So far, these haven’t failed to get me awake and out of bed. This week school was cancelled, but there is no work because it’s basically a holiday extension. In 2 more weeks I will have to start online schooling, which is bound to give me a headache because Microsoft Office is hard to work with. I actually miss school. I feel useless now because there’s nothing to do. It’s only been 4 days and I’m already bored out of my mind. I spend most of my time reading now, which is nice and calming. I am challenging myself to watch less than 3 hours of YouTube and T.V. a week, which is pretty easy. I’m thinking of cutting it down to 2 hours.

    It’s strange to watch the economy collapse like this in front of my eyes.

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  • Haven’t gotten up to much today other than showering and doing a face mask, but at least I’m actually doing my homework, right?

    No breakfast, as I stayed in bed way longer than I thought I did

    Lunch was a ham, provolone, and mustard sandwich w/ pretzels and a ginger ale, way better than most of my lunches

    I’ve heard tell that dinner will be meatloaf, which I’ll have to get out of somehow

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  • 29.03.2020

    5 things I’m grateful for:

    1. chocolate

    2. WOMEN

    3. finishing another 2 books!

    4. being able to do some useful things for my family

    5. wanting to play around with my style~

    #daily gratitude #100 days of gratitude #day 4
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  • Shinichi Weekend 2020 Day 4-Final

    Prompts used: Presumed Dead + Ichigo is the King of Hell + Soulmates AU

    Tag: shinichi weekend 2020, Day 4, Presumed Dead, Ichigo is the King of Hell, Soulmates AU, Canon Divergence, Yuzu and Karin are Princess of Hell, amnesia, Tensa and Shiro are separate entities now, Hell choose Ichigo to be it’s King, Post-Winter War

    Some knowledge about the Hell Verse Movie is needed to know the backstory and the characters outside of the main ones from the series


    “You’re looking at it again Ichi-Nii,” Yuzu called out cheerfully as she slid down the arm of the Kushanada that she had deemed her favourite and brushed her dress off before wandering over to her big brother who was slouched in the Throne of Hell, staring longingly at the grey mark on the palm of his left hand.

    “I can’t help it Yuzu, I feel like this is important but I can’t remember why.” Ichigo scrubbed his right hand through his long orange hair and sighed in defeat before looking at his sister.

    “Where’s Karin?” Ichigo stood up from the Throne and laughed as Yuzu vaulted up onto his shoulder with practiced ease and he held onto her knees to keep her in place.

    “Training with Shiro and Garogai again,” Yuzu waved at the wandering Kushanada that they passed as Ichigo walked.

    “They dot on her too much,” Ichigo chuckled fondly as distance explosions echoed, backing up Yuzu’s words.

    “Milord! There you are! It’s time!” Taikon bounced excitedly as he held up a blood-red cape with golden skulls decorating the mantle of it.

    “Ugh, do I have to go to the what was it again?” Ichigo set Yuzu down to allow Taikon to settle the new cape into place around his shoulders.

    “Meet and make peace with the Soul Society leaders, show them that Hell is under new management.” Shuren reminded Ichigo as he and Tensa dropped into view.

    “Ugh, politics. Hell itself chose me isn’t that enough for the Shinigami?” Ichigo whined as he adjusted the mantle to sit comfortably around the shining armour that Hell itself gave him when he accepted his place as its King.

    “We will just show them why Hell choose you,” Tensa reminded as he fell into his place at Ichigo’s right side, patting Yuzu’s head as he did so.

    “I’m going to find Gunjo and make our usual rounds of Level One! Good luck Ichi-Nii!” Yuzu planted a kiss on Ichigo’s cheek when he leaned down to hug her.

    “Be safe!” Ichigo called out needlessly, Yuzu was a Princess of Hell and Hell protected her as it did him. Not to mention that the Kushanada and Gunjo were strangely protective and terrified of her.

    “Come back to us and do not let those Shinigami get into your head,” Shuren advised as Shiro suddenly dropped down into space on Ichigo’s left hefting his meat cleaver of a sword up onto his shoulder.

    “Don’t let this place go too well Hell in my wake and if ANYTHING happens to Yuzu and Karin…” Ichigo trailed off, leveling Taikon and Shuren with glowing gold eyes and a deadly expression on his face. Shuren and Taikon nodded quickly, not speaking, they had seen Ichigo’s rage first hand and now as King of Hell, it only increased tenfold.

    “Let’s go then King,” Shiro snapped his teeth together and Ichigo just rolled his eyes before lifting his right hand and gold light bubbled up from his palms and a gate of Hell opened and the trio stepped through it.

    They stepped out into the human world, a town called Karakura Town that had been chosen as neutral ground for this meeting. Ichigo, Tensa and Shiro walked into the main park of the town to see the Captain-Commander himself standing there flanked by a few more Shinigami Captain’s. Shiro snorted at the show of power as he spun his sword aimlessly as he stared down the Shinigami.

    “Ichigo?” A small woman with purple eyes in a plain Shinigami outfit blurted out, stepping forward but a man with a Captain’s Haori and kenseikan in his hair placed a hand on her shoulder, stilling her.

    “What is the meaning of this Kurosaki Ichigo?” The Captain Commander rumbled out, stomping his hidden Zanpakuto as his eyes creaked open.

    “You act as you know me, but I do not know any of you. I am Kurosaki Ichigo, the King of Hell, chosen by Hell itself.” Ichigo narrowed his eyes as he took in the unfamiliar faces, but one face he couldn’t help but focus on. It belonged to a Captain with blond hair with a Cheshire smile who was clutching at his right palm and a pained look of loss and longing in his eyes. Ichigo flinched as suddenly his left palm began to burn in a way it never had before.

    “You truly don’t remember who we are?” The same woman from before spoke, heartbreak on her face but not nearly as deep as the blond man’s and therefore the woman didn’t interest Ichigo.

    “Memories of my previous life had been erased to ease my transition into my position of King.” Ichigo didn’t understand why this caused such discomfort and sadness in the gathered Shinigami, but his eyes once again zeroed in on the blond as his mark began to pulse on his hand.

    “Ichigo, go to him. Understand what that mark on your hands means.” Tensa encouraged in a low voice.

    “We’ll watch your back King,” Shiro agreed as he bumped his sword against his shoulder, yellow eyes never leaving the gathered Shinigami. Ichigo hummed and moved until he was standing in front of the blond in a small burst of gold light.

    “May I see your hand Captain-San?” Ichigo asked gently, not sure why he was talking to this man as if he was a prized loved one like Yuzu and Karin.

    The man didn’t speak; he just released his hold on his hand and lifted it for Ichigo to look at. Ichigo’s breath left him all at once as a familiar mark stared back at him and he lifted his hand to show the Shinigami his matching mark. The Shinigami let out something like a sob as he pressed their hands together and the marks burst to colour and their souls sang.

    “You’re what I’ve been missing, all this time and I had no clue that I had been searching for you,” Ichigo whispered in complete awe as he and his soulmate sank to the ground, overwhelmed by their souls mingling together.

    “You were presumed dead, I truly thought you were dead Ichigo. When my mark turned grey I thought I lost you forever.” The man clutched at Ichigo’s hand like a lifeline.

    “I’m so sorry I put you through that, I’m so sorry I left you behind, I’m sorry I don’t know why I did that.” Ichigo leaned forward to touch their foreheads together and the blond just let out a small smile.

    “I’ve got you back now, that’s all that matters and I’m never letting you go again. Even if that means following you back to Hell.” The man announced loud enough for everyone to hear.

    “Good, I don’t think I would be able to leave you behind now… Shinji,” Ichigo smiled as a name rolled off of his tongue like it was muscle memory and Shinji beamed.

    “I’ll remind you of our old memories but we will make new ones as well,” Shinji promised, calming down a fear that had just made itself known in Ichigo’s mind. The King of Hell smiled and knew that Shinji was truly his.

    “Now, let’s commence this meeting so I can bring my soul mate home.” Ichigo and Shinji rose and joined Shiro and Tensa to face the Shinigami hand in hand. United as soul mates and as King of Hell and his consort.

    #Shinichi weekend 2020 #Day 4#presumed dead #ichigo is the king of hell #soulmate au #hirako shinji/kurosaki ichigo #AU #yuzu and karin are princesses of hell #amnesia #tensa and shiro are separate entities now #hell choose ichigo to be it's king #post winter war #fallenqueen2
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    Doing day 4 and day 5 because I didn’t do this yesterday 🙃

    Day 4: Bullet Your Whole Day

    • Wake Up around 10-ish • Take a shower • Make a smoothie • Go to the store with my dad • Do German homework • Do some readings • Go pick up some family for dinner @ my dad’s (was less than 10 people) • Ate sandwiches • Talked for hours • Played games • Looked at the moon • Went home • Got a migraine • Passed tf out • Slept for almost 12 hours

    Day 5: Things you want to say to your ex

    (Not technically my ex, but one of those situations where we “never dated but still ended up heartbroken” and I’ve been thinking a lot about recently) • I really do miss having you around. I miss the friendship we had and I really wish things were different. I wish we never really tried anything because I do miss goofing off with you and I feel like us talking and flirting and shit ruined that. I hope you’re happy. I hope you’re doing well. I hope things keep going great for you. Truly.

    #30 day challenge #day 4#day 5 #day 4 and 5 because yesterday was hectic
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    Pedro Pascal Week

    Day 4 - Favorite Friendship (ft. Pedro and Oscar Isaac)
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  • GOCHI WEEK 2020


    March28: Sneaking off/In-canon moments we don’t see

    Some came to visit (Gyumao:b) but goku wants a quickly, Chichi is “yesbutno” uwu
    Some fun will no be bad uwu

    No canon but yes moments we don’t see, I think xD
    I really don’t know what to do in this one or yeah but this came and I make it c’:

    Hope I did it all right :c

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  • Food log — 3/28 [day 4]

    • Breakfast : /
    • Lunch : vermicelli noddles (37) + lentils (55) + tomatoes sauce (27) = 121
    • Snack : homemade vegan machiatto (161) + golden apple (53) = 161
    • Diner : salad (14) + vermicelli noodles (38) + tomatoes (22) + green beans (16) & some vinegar + olive oil (64) = 210

    Total = 493 calories

    feeling kind of dizzy and loving it. wtf is wrong with me?

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    #song a day challenge #music#wtfam#day 4
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    Day 4

    Progress is Progress is Progress. Getting a new room tommorw!

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