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    Ah- I think I’m on day 5. Radioactive by imagine dragons

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  • Mesa Arch (Black & White, Canyonlands National Park) by Mark Stevens
    Via Flickr:
    A conversion to black & white using Silver Efex Pro 2 where I used some color filters to bring out a much richer tonal contrast for the final image.

    #Airport Tower#Azimuth 90 #Black & White #Buck Canyon#Canyon#Canyon Walls#Canyonlands #Canyonlands National Park #Canyons #Capture NX2 Edited #Central Canyonlands #Color Efex Pro #Colorado Plateau#Day 5#Desert Landscape #Desert Mountain Landscape #High Desert#Intermountain West #Island in the Sky #Island in the Sky District #La Sal Mountains #Landscape #Layers of Rock #Looking East#Mesa Arch #Mesa Arch Area #Middle Fork#Monster Tower#Mostly Cloudy#Nature
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  • View from Big Badlands Overlook Not Long After Sunrise (HDR, Badlands National Park) by Mark Stevens
    Via Flickr:
    A setting and overlook I had to soak in after seeing an image from another photographer before heading out on a recent trip to the Dakotas. Given what I felt was a high dynamic range with the morning sunlight and the shadowed area across the badlands, I attempted to meter as best I could but still felt like I didn’t quite capture what my eyes saw. I later decided to try something I’d only recently updated with Aurora HDR Pro. I made some initial adjustments and then exported a TIFF image for some final work in Capture NX2 with a few CEP filters (Low Key, Polarization and Graduated Neutral Density) for the final image.

    #Aurora HDR #Aurora HDR Pro #Azimuth 61#Badlands #Badlands National Park #Big Badlands Overlook #Blue Skies #Blues Skies with Clouds #Capture NX2 Edited #Central Great Plains #Color Efex Pro #Day 5#Eroded Buttes#Eroded Pinnacles#Grassland#Grassy Area#Grassy Field#Grassy Meadow#Great Plains#HDR #Ideas I Got From Others #Landscape #Layers of Rock #Looking NE#Mako Sica#Meadow #Mixed-Grass Prairie Ecosystem #Nature#Nikon D800E #Niobara-Missouri-Black Hills Plains
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  • Weekday Drawing Challenge

    Day 5 - House Plant



    I honestly didn’t think I’d keep up with it.

    Today I bring a quickly done sketch - since I didn’t have much time - of a plant in my house.

    It’s a cactus for those who couldn’t tell (I know it’s kinda messy).

    All I used for this one was my trusty mechanical pencil (and of course some paper).

    Overall, this was a pretty fun challenge. Heck, I may even do it again, but I’m not sure yet. Who knows how busy I’ll be, haha!

    Guess we’ll wait and see

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  • 1/13/21

    Yesterday I said I was not going to look at the Product Landing page again because I was so sick of it, lol. But today when I got on to start the portfolio I was like “what if…” and tried out a different method of getting the content centered properly. And it worked! So that was really exciting for me :D

    There’s still some flaws in the page. I’m honestly not overjoyed with how it looks, but I love that I was able to come back to it and fix something that had me stumped before. I also added some color and touched it up a bit so it looks even more like a web page. Although full disclosure for those of following along, these are probably all going to look wrong on mobile. I haven’t put the time into fixing that and I’m almost definitely not going to… 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Anyway, I fixed that up a bit, and then moved on to the Portfolio. My final product before I get the responsive web design certification. I’m not sure why I thought I’d be able to get it all done tonight. I got stuck on such a simple thing, adjusting the width and aligning the nav links to the right. I finally got the links (on accident, shhhh) but the width still eludes me. I know what it *should* be doing. I can’t figure out why it’s not. So I found a workaround. I’m just gonna set the background color of the body and. Well it doesn’t matter. I found a way to be lazy with it so that’s what I’m doing.

    Now I just have to figure out how to pick colors for these things.

    Day 5 Summary

    Project you are working on: A new and improved Product Landing Page and my Personal Portfolio
    Progress today: on the product page: Fixed (some) alignment issues, added color and just made it look a little less boring, and removed the video (needed one to pass the assignment for FCC, but I much prefer the way it looks without)
    On the Portfolio: Made navbar with links aligned to the right. Started playing around with colors, not sure what exactly I’m going with yet
    Challenges you faced: had trouble aligning the navbar links to the right without them showing up in reverse order. honestly i fixed it by accident, i couldnt tell you which change finally had the desired result. having trouble settling on colors but i think i’m going to leave that for last.
    Tasks for tomorrow: finish, hopefully, the portfolio

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  • After going over the completed parts of my work and revising them, I finally reach the part I’ve been worried about.

    Day 5. Still incomplete beyond the first choice of the day.

    I think I burnt myself out by the time I got to this part when this project was still in the early stages, and then I felt bad that I couldn’t work on it and abandoned it for a while.

    Now I’m back though, and I have a better understanding of my creative limits and how long I can work without burning out thanks to the two daily-art contest thingies I’ve taken on.

    I’m gonna smash this outta the park.

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  • so uh. this is very late. I might have forgotten about this for like a week. anyways, here we go!


    I don’t really have any eyeburners in my lair, at least in my own opinion, so i chose to interpret this theme a bit differently. 

    Sol (he/him or they/them) might not look bad in an illustration like this, but if you ever looked upon him in real life, your eyes would definitely be very sore. He both contains and surrounds himself with an intensely warm, bright fire. Everyone in his clan know not to look straight at him, and also not to get too close. Very often, this isn’t really a problem. He rarely shows himself, choosing to either fly high on the sky to come closer to the sun itself, or to live down in the clan’s caves on cold days, heating up the entire system for those who are more sensitive to the cold. 

    (art by Arahiku!)

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    Krisdahlia week day 5 - HELL

    Is there a hotel????

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    Written by: Leo Tolstoy

    Translation by:  Anthony Briggs

    Enjoyment Rating: 3/5

    The party is over and its time for our guests to go home.

    Prince Hippolyte is a bloody menace. First he tries to flirt with a pregnant woman (whose, by the way, husband is literally right outside. Have some decency man!), then he tries to “help” the couple or maybe just the beloved little Princess into the carriage but ends up being a main bother. I think im so close to officially not liking this man.

    Pierre, on the other hand, is starting to be illuminated for me. He’s lowkey kinda bootlicking Napoleon right now, which Prince Andrey does not approve of. Pierre strikes me as this petulant child whose also kinda lost right now. He doesn’t want this courtly life that Russia offers, yet he doesn’t want to enlist either. God knows what he wants, but I bet it will unfold!

    So this chapter is mainly filler, I do hope the action picks up!

    (Also I read this in conjunction with Chapter 6 today because I had a horrible headache yesterday.)

    #vp reads War and Peace #vp reads War and Peace: Chapter 5 #war and peac #Day 5#Chapter 5#filler chapter #tbh i dont have much to say lol
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  • “Ratty”

    Adjective Landscape prompt

    #art prompt#day 5 #The way that I keep posting to main and deleting and reposting #IASJDMAISDJMASJDn#anyways
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  • 2021 plushblr kickoff: Day 5

    Free space! Write about anything you want related to plushies:

    I still to this day don’t know about the mysterious, potentially bootleg Jellycats I found.

    For those of you who don’t know, I was looking for Mellow Mallow Jellycats back when I just found out they were a thing and I found these two “Jellycats”on third party baby websites but not on the official Jellycat website which was weird cause I reversed searched both images. My first thought was that they were new but I searched again for them like a couple days ago and it only brings up the same baby websites?? It’s weird to cause the images look like they would kinda fit with the mellow mallow line too??

    #plushblr #plushblr 2021 kick off #day 5 #bootleg? potentially.
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    Day 5 - Sushi!

    I’m not too happy with the rice…

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    День 5

    5 мест в которых хотел бы оказаться прямо сейчас🤔

    1) Москва

    2) Хочу на старый причал

    3) Крыша многоэтажки

    4) Лес Канады

    5) В снежном поле

    #30 дней челендж #30 days challenge #День 5#Day 5
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  • ABC Diet Day 5

    Max. Calories: 100

    Breakfast: Black coffee (0cal)

    Lunch: 100g of boiled cabbage (33cal)

    This morning I did chew a few cookies and spit it out after, because I felt like I was going to pass out, but I knew it was just my brain playing tricks on me. So after I tasted the cookies I felt better.

    As always, I’m going for a walk later. I think my friends are planning on hanging out later, I can’t exactly refuse if they invite me. So I’m thinking of getting just 0cal drinks while I’m there.

    I’ll update this post later, but I hope I manage to stay within the allowed calories for today.

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  • Alyse & Juliet (The Sims 4 Series) Day 5 Image Set.

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  • Flexibility Challenge- Day 5 🧘🏻‍♀️ ✅


    I’m so very proud of how my body is responding to this challenge 🤩

    Candice is super sweet and forgiving, and she reminds me of my first yoga instructor in my homeland. She specialized in back problems and physical rehabilitation so I was referred to her by my physical therapy once month after my first back surgery.

    She knew exactly what to do and how my body would respond, and she was incredibly kind. Her name was Patricia. I feel pity I lost her number when I emigrated, I know she would be proud of me as well ❤️

    Nevermind, just sending a bit of love to people who have been kind to me and have helped me in my physical therapy journey, helping me emotionally along the way, and hoping that the Universe will deliver that love to them ✨

    Sending love to Candice even though I don’t know her personally as well, as her practice was the first one after a long time that helped my body respond to yoga and that made me feel comfortable enough to keep on going and believing in myself ❤️

    #flexibility challenge#day 5#YogaCandi #proud of my body #thank you Candice #thank you Patricia #thank you all yoga instructors and physical therapist out there #gratitude #healing from the inside #building myself #healthy weight loss
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  • I’m gonna have to delete all the illenium and griz from my spotify cause I definitely can’t deal with those reminders

    #probably sent everyone the same songs #just recycled shit #personal#day 5
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  • Day 4 - LISTEN

    Listen to the feedback that every gesture gives back to you. Rather than just doing the poses, or doing yoga, trust that the practice really is an art of listening. Listening and responding.

    Day 5 - REPLENISH

    Today’s practice focuses on how the power of a true breath led yoga practice can shift and replenish the whole package. When we train our body to support deeper and more efficient breathing, we will begin to experience benefits that can shift, transform, heal, and center.


    #heyo #here's to days 4 and 5 'cause i didnt post yesterday i was too tired! #good luck to anyone on this journey #30 days of yoga #yoga challenge #yoga with adriene #yoga#breath#day 4#day 5
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