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  • mattyhorror
    25.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    40 Days of Halloween! (Sept. 24th) Day 3: Grimm! 🎃 [I really liked this ridiculous show. (Also, @mrgiuntoli , might I add, *swoon*). Detective procedural, but make it Brothers Grimm? Yes please.] 🎃 • • • • • • #40daysOfHalloween #Day3 #Grimm (#grimmtvshow ) #DavidGiuntoli (#swoon ) #BrothersGrimm #GrimmFairyTales #TheBrothersGrimm #GrimmsFairyTales #BreeTurner #RussellHornsby #SilasWeirMitchell #ReggieLee #JacquelineToboni #Halloween #iLoveHalloween #AllHallowsEve #Samhain #Fall #Autumn (#theBestSeason) #MattyHorror #HalloweenAllYear #happyhalloween (at Jersey City, New Jersey) https://www.instagram.com/p/CUOxy-7tstl/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • everadream
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago
    #stonegrot#stonegrot week#stonegrotweek2021#day3#ao3 writer#love story#fanfic#fluff#family fluff#deet#rian#grottan#stonewood #deet x rian #rian x deet #the night before #babyjen#family#tdc #the dark crytsal: age of resistance #tdc aor#aor #tdc age of resistance #the dark crystal
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  • elrosil
    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago
    #daily writing challenge #dwcday3#dwc2021#day3
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  • sammachu
    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Shinkami Week | Day 3 | Prompt: Pet Adoption

    More like introvert adoption


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  • stayconnectedchatroom
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • stayconnectedchatroom
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    H. ist dem Chatraum beigetreten

    DU: Hey F.

    Ich habe mir unterschiedliches Zeug im Ausverkauf bestellt. Da die das alles reduzieren und man ja eh nirgends hin kann.. Habe ungeduldig auf die Post gewartet, aber kein Erfolg. Nur Rechnungen...wer brauch denn das?

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  • mutant--haart
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    daily mutantheart day 3

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  • winterherself
    13.09.2021 - 1 week ago
    #arenaaction20#126#day3#locationsector5 #(positive) Have a nice cool drink of (potable) water #ruleandtask#sponsor gift#honey
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  • winterherself
    12.09.2021 - 1 week ago
    #dale#sponsor gift#126#arenaaction19 #(positive) Camp out in Sector 9 #ruleandtask#locationsector9#day3 #getting to these but now i gotta head to the beach ayy
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  • dharmahla-blog
    11.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Day 3: The sweetest nurses in Gleneagles, Patricia and Busak...they got me 'kuih' for breakfast😊

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  • startingover2108
    10.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Workout done. 4700 steps today maxed out... So tired so sleepy. Napped like 2h. Went to a party at friends place. Good day all in all. No 10K steps but it's okay I guess. DAY3 done

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  • startingover2108
    10.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    DAY3. Easy morning walk to the store (2400 steps). Got myself some protein vanilla lactose free pudding, hazelnut bars and some stuff for work. Getting in a habit of always having bags with me. This one I actually used as a cloth when painting 🎨 so the product I got is this :$


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  • highladyof-erilea
    05.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Rowaelin Month, Day Three

    A/N: Sorry it's so late guys! I got really busy yesterday and had no time to write. I decided to do a headcanon this time because I didn't have the inspiration to write but I hope you still like it! Today's prompt will hopefully be coming out in the next couple of hours.

    follow my writing blog @highladyof-erileawrites

    Prompt: A Secret Relationship


    -Rowan is a detective at Doranelle Police Department; Maeve is the police commisioner

    -Aelin is heir to the Adarlan Mafia; currently she works in Doranelle expanding their business

    -Nobody knows exactly who the heir to the Mafia is because Arobynn wants to keep it a secret, therefore nobody suspects Aelin when she moves to Doranelle and is able to hid in plain sight

    -Maeve assigns Rowan to head the investigation into the Mafia, particularly trying to find a way to take down Arobynn Hamel before he is able to spread his business into Doranelle and farther

    -Rowan runs into Aelin at a bar after she had a business deal (he suspects nothing at his point) and they end up going home together, Aelin waking up in his bed the next morning and knowing exactly who he is thinks she’s in deep shit but still wants to continue it somehow

    -Aelin leaves while Rowan is in the shower but puts down her name and number hoping to see him again

    -When Arobynn hears about her night out with Rowan from Wesley, who he knows is working on his case, Aelin uses seeing him in order to lead him down the wrong path as a cover for seeing him

    -Eventually Aelin and Rowan continue seeing each other and at a few weeks down the road Rowan finds some messages that lead him back to Aelin

    -Rowan is furious and when Aelin refuses to say anything he gives in and arrests her

    -When questioned Aelin eventually gives in and reveals that she’s been working for Arobynn ever since her parents died when she was a little girl

    -Maeve makes an agreement with Aelin, that she’ll let her go on probation if she agrees to be their informant about Arobynn and his Mafia

    -Aelin agrees and starts feeding them information leading to many raids and eventually an arrest of Arobynn that puts him in jail for life

    -Eventually Rowan starts to warm back up to Aelin and they continue living their life, moving in with each other a couple months down the road and end up getting engaged a year later after Arobynn is arrested

    -A couple weeks before their wedding, Rowan and Aelin hear news that Arobynn busted out of jail and nobody knows where he is, they are both alert, but start to bring their guard down when their hear news of him being spotted in Adarlan

    -Two nights later, Aelin is kidnapped from their home while Rowan is at work

    -Rowan comes home to find their apartment trashed, blood splattered all over their living room, and a note that only says one word


    -Aelin wakes up to find herself tied to a chair in dark room

    -Arobynn comes in, and realizing that he knows she betrayed him, Aelin starts to struggle against her restraints knowing just what Arobynn does to the people that go behind his back

    -Without saying anything Arobynn beats Aelin into an inch of her life where she eventually ends up blacking out due to the extent of her injuries

    -Rowan gets Maeve and Lorcan to help him track down Arobynn who he knows will lead him to Aelin

    -They end up tracking her necklace, which Rowan had given her months before which had a tracking device in it

    -Rowan had the same thing except his is in his engagement ring

    -When Aelin wakes up she finds herself hanging from chains in the ceiling, shirtless, with her toes barely touching the ground straining her shoulders

    -This time Arobynn doesn’t walk in, but some dude she doesn’t know walks in with an entire tool kit

    -She doesn’t even bother talking because her face is so swollen it would hurt even more

    -“All you need to know is that my name is grave and you're never going to be able to say it.”

    - Before she can blink Aelin feels something hit her and looks down to find a knife sticking out of her stomach

    -Rowan hauls ass as soon as he finds out where Aelin is, he brings Lorcan with him and once they get there Rowan doesn’t hesitate to shoot anybody that gets in his way

    -He makes his way down to the basement, but by the time he gets their Aelin is barely breathing, bloody and bruised barely within an inch of her life

    -Aelin’s in a coma for 3 months

    -When Aelin wakes up she finds herself in a hospital room attached to machines with Rowan sleeping at her side

    -When they start talking Aelin decides that she doesn’t want to wait a second longer to marry Rowan

    -So, they decide to have their own secret wedding in the hospital with their only witness being Aelin’s nurse

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  • mnsamsi
    04.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Memoar Tentang Keluarga (2)

    Jika satu hari nanti, guruku menyuruh mengambil selembar kertas, lantas beliau memberikan intruksinya,

    "Sekarang anak-anak, gambarkan atau tuliskan tentang bapak di kertas yang sudah kalian siapkan ."

    Maka aku akan menggambarkan sosok bapak sebagai teman. Bahkan ibu sendiri yang menyampaikan kepadaku kalau aku ini anak bapak. Bukan karena ibu tak perhatian, namun saat mendekati usia empat tahun aku memiliki adik. Jadilah bapak dan ibu membagi peran. Karena adik lebih banyak membutuhkan ibu saat itu, jadi secara otomatis ada periode tertentu di masa tumbuh kembangku lebih banyak bersama bapak. Sangat membekas. Mungkin itu juga kenapa masih terbayang dalam ingatan dan lancar ketika menceritakan.

    Sebagaimana komentar teman seperantauanku waktu itu, di suatu kesempatan saling bertukar cerita tentang keluarga.

    "Kok kamu masih inget aja sih kejadian pas masih kecil gitu? Aku ini ngrasa kehidupanku mulainya dari TK."

    Bapak, ada adalah teman sholat ke masjid, sholat apapun itu, termasuk sholat Jumat. Beliau adalah orang yang ku kunci dari dalam rumah, ketika tak kudapati bapak di rumah ketika aku bangun di waktu Subuh.

    Tentu dengan mengunci engsel pintu bagian bawah. Jika mulai terdengar suara sandal bapak, aku akan duduk bersandar dibalik pintu untuk menahannya. Sebentar saja pintu akan di ‘ogleg-ogleg’ karena susah dibuka. Kalau nyaliku sudah menciut dan tak tega, aku akan membukanya pelan-pelan, lalu kabur kembali ke kasur dan pura-pura tidur.

    Berkali-kali menceritakan hal ini selalu membuatku tertawa.


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