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    05.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
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    05.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    — With one light touch of your finger, you can give me what I want most. I'm only afraid that you'll miss the target.

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  • ikemensworld
    05.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Comte: Is anyone d—

    Arthur: Depressed?

    Leonardo: Drained?

    Dazai: Dumb?

    Jean: Dead?

    Shakespeare: Disliked?

    Sebastian: Dancing to hell?

    Comte: —done with their work... What is wrong with you people?

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  • xavieraoreo-chan
    05.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #dazai x reader #dazai#dazai osamu #armed detective agency #fanfiction #dazai osamu fluff #headcanon#bsd #dazai x you #detective dazai#angst #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs x reader #bungo stary dogs #dazai headcanons #dazai osamu headcanon #osamu dazai#x you#x y/n #dazai x y/n #osamu dazai x reader #osamu x y/n #dazai osamu x reader #dazai osamu x you #dazai osamu x y/n
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    05.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I'm shaking i love these two

    #bsd#bungo sd #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #dazai bsd#bsd dazai#bsd kunikida#kunikida doppo#dazai osamu#nicknames#partners #partnership goals? lmao #i love them #and their relationship #god aaaaahhhhh theyre so funny #i love them sm i cant say that enough times #i found this while looking for stuff for a fanfic lmao
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  • chaejiah7
    05.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Dazai Osamu(My Love:)))) from Bungou stray dogs.

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  • supersleepdeprived
    05.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    i have a fic idea ( idk if i will write it but hear me outtt)

    ghost oda watches his dazai fall in love with chuuya and it’s written from the perspective of oda and oda and dazai were in love and were a thing before he died

    sorry lol

    #bungou stray dogs #bungou stray dogs dazai #dazai osamu#odazai#past odazai#dachuu #dazai x chuuya #bsd chuuya#odasaku headcanons
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  • gemdarkness
    05.08.2021 - 4 hours ago
    Higuchi, chuuya and atsushi: *wearing necklaces with the taurus symbol on them*
    Dazai: oh?~ what's this? Don't tell you three believe in zodiac signs?~
    Chuuya: yeah..zodiac signs *laughs nervously*
    Higuchi: *stuffing dirk strider pictures in her pocketbook*
    Atsushi: *looks away as he stuff his phone into his pocket to hide the trollsona art* yeah...zodiac signs. That's it
    Dazai: ???
    #bungo stray dogs #dazai osamu#nakahara chuuya#atushi nakajima#higuchi ichiyo #listen I'm not saying higuchi chuuya and atsushi are homeststuck fans but #they're homeststuck fans #homestuck
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  • keiluvr
    05.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    dazai osamu | bungo stray dogs

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    — pls do not remove watermarks <3

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  • chuuyasboots
    05.08.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #bsd #bungou stray dogs #bsd hcs#bsd headcanons #bungou stray dogs headcanons #bsd chuuya #bsd dazai osamu #bsd akutagawa#bsd ranpo #nakahara chuuya x reader #chuuya scenarios#chuuya headcanons #dazai osamu x reader #dazai x reader #dazai x you #akutagawa ryunosuke #akutagawa x reader #ranpo headcanons #ranpo x reader #ranpo x you #dazai headcanons
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  • decayofsanity
    05.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    hey I promised this a long time ago but my depressed ass didn't let me write so

    Analyzing Atsushi and Akutagawa pt.2

    cw: dazai hate and beast spoilers

    previous part here

    first of all I want to clarify that this has been sitting in my drafts for nearly a whole year so yeah it's very likely that I might forget some important details but I'll try to get to my initial point anyways.

    a few month ago when I decided to reread beast for a second time (after realising I hadn't paid much attention to it the first time) I came up with all these ideas of how and why Dazai decided to pair Akutagawa and Atsushi together.

    again, this analysis is going to be a very real-life-based interpretation on the characters and the whole plot probably. so don't really pay much attention if I mix stuff from the light novels with stuff from the main plot bc the point is basically analyse why their relationship was built.

    parting from the final scenes of the beast novel that end with Dazai telling Atsushi and Akutagawa that he needed to make them fight each other in order to protect the world he had created for Oda inside the book, I tried to tie a few ends that were hanging lose for a while in my head.

    now, you can read this however you like (be it me being just stupid or whatever) but, ever since we got to see part of how Dazai treated Akutagawa back in the Port Mafia I kept finding myself going through the same problem over and over again to try and understand why the hell was he so fucking obsessed with making him physically stronger rather than, you know, actually focusing on training him as a whole good and worthy subordinate.

    why did dazai, being as smart and manipulative as he is, made such a rudimentary mistake of only teaching akutagawa how to strengthen his ability if he knew the boy was a killing machine?

    I think you can understand then why the part where Dazai makes them fight each other in beast was even MORE confusing to me...

    but that's not all there is to it.

    Dazai not only failed (?) to train Akutagawa but he did succeed in training Atsushi??

    well, as much as we love to see a character growing and as much as you'd like to attribute it to him leaving the mafia, I don't really think that was the reason. after all, as I already said, Dazai is very smart and has always been, he probably already had it all planned back in the port mafia.

    and here's where my galaxy brain starts to think.

    right from the start, the whole Dazai's subordinates deal felt very strange and inconsistent to me. I never understood why would he loose so much for Akutagawa and obsess so much with pointing out the fact that Atsushi was better than him when he was no longer part of the PM therefore he supposedly shouldn't mind about wether Akutagawa was good bad or whatever.

    it started getting very dense to me tbh but that's not important

    enter beast, a world where Dazai can literally do almost anything he wants, and what does he do? the boy goes and straight up fucks up akutagawa and atsushi for the second time makes akutagawa and atsushi hate each other and hold the weight of the world in their hands. again.

    ok this was getting VERY annoying, plus their fight was so so so painful to read that it literally made me wonder what was the point in forcing them to face their trauma in such a cruel way at a moment like that.

    thankfully there was a reason... but it never clarified precisely WHY FIGHT EACH OTHER.

    if Dazai never taught Akutagawa how to be a better and sharper person because he didn't really know how, that was not a problem in beast. because Oda was there to do it. Oda could have taught Akutagawa what Dazai lacked as a mentor.

    then, if Dazai wanted Atsushi to protect the book, he could've literally ask him without any need to involve Akutagawa.

    but then, the whole point of why Dazai took Akutagawa in the first time "in the original world" and the reason behind why he also took Atsushi would've been lost.

    Dazai is, indeed, a mastermind.

    he knows what's necessary to make a world where people like Oda can live and write. he knows, probably better than anyone, that god doesn't care about things like balance and harmony. that he'd have to create it himself.

    after all, coherency is one of the rules of the book.

    Akutagawa and Atsushi fail their mission against Fukuchi (probably at Aku's life cost) in the main plot because that happened in the same world where Oda and Gide die after fighting for the same goal. a world where only those who fight and have the talent will prevail.

    Dazai knows very well that, in that world, balance and harmony will never exist.

    that's why Dazai creates a new world instead, where Atsushi and Akutagawa never team up and try to kill each other instead. a world where they force each other to recognize their flaws and admit their mistakes, a world where they'll have to learn how to live on with it no matter what they want to protect the world.

    protect the world by proving that both sides of the same coin can fit, that none is better than the other.

    so yeah, basically, the events that take place in "the original world" are proof to Dazai that god doesn't care about good or evil, that the only ones that will prevail are those who fight for their right to live (and this also probably explains why Atsushi and Akutagawa will never win as long as they fight without acknowledging what they have in front of them).

    therefore, he decides to create a world where Oda won't have to fight to live because Atsushi and Akutagawa will fight but won't have to kill each other to prove their existence. they'll simply accept that both sides of the coin can exist even if they're weak, afraid or bad and that will be enough to give birth to a new world order.

    there's actually more than this. in fact, there are a lot of reasons why Akutagawa and Atsushi are important for each other despite Dazai's plans and the world's destiny. however, since it'd be too confusing to try explaining it all in the same post sooo I'll be leaving that for a 3rd part.

    #bsd #bungou stray dogs #bsd beast#bsd dazai#bsd atsushi#bsd akutagawa#sskk #can't believe it took me so long to write this #and I still couldn't say what I wanted bc it's too long #analysis time
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  • osazaii
    05.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    random dumbass duo things

    warnings: mentioned violence, mentioned murder, siblings being siblings,

    let me know if i should add anything else

    masaaki is very passionate about random ass things and is very easy to set off

    and bc ozuru is an asshole he will purposefully set him off

    no work gets done by anyone whenever that happens

    ozuru can be bleeding out on his very last breath and still manage to piss masaaki off

    both are very protective of each other, and despite the fact that they cannot stand each other it doesnt change the fact that they would die for each other

    when ozuru became an executive masaaki lost 50$

    “50 bucks i can become an executive in under a year.”

    “we literally just started working here theres no way.”

    a couple of months later ozuru not only became an executive but the bosses right hand man

    masaaki is older than ozuru by 30 seconds

    ozuru can sweet talk his way into and out of things easily

    masaaki usually gets asked out a lot


    he also loves being out in the rain bc it calms him down significantly

    masaaki actually has quite a lot of self control when it comes to his anger. ozuru is the one who has anger issues

    these two struggle around each other everyday

    bc on the rare occasion that they arent at eachothers throats theyre trying to not laugh



    have tried to kill each other multiple times

    masaaki is convinced that ozuru is immortal bc that mf wont fucking die

    when ozuru heard that he immediately went and tested the theory

    didnt die

    cant be taken anywhere together

    always arguing

    masaaki enjoys mint chocolate chip🤢🤢🤢

    ozuru enjoys chocolate chip cookie dough & regular vanilla

    for whatever reason the smell of rain, or vanilla and coconut combined helps reduce ozuru’s stress

    masaaki likes the smell of cinnamon

    ozuru firmly believes that milk goes before cereal

    masaaki firmly believes that a hotdog is a sandwich

    nobody is safe theyre both menaces

    masaaki has ozuru as ‘social hazard’ on his phone bc whenever theyre both out in public something always goes wrong

    ozuru is so fcking dramatic and i mean like he once had everyone, including masaaki, convinced he was dead bc masaaki said he didnt like his favourite character

    masaaki once had a breakdown bc ozuru told him that ‘one day the man on the moon is going to come down and take your stupid body as his own’

    nobody understood why it affected masaaki so much but whenever it’s brought up he shuts down

    ozuru is so emotionally constipated it’s actually embarrassing

    hes also touchstarved

    but he wont let anyone touch him

    masaaki is very in tune with his emotions and is actually very healthy when it comes to coping


    thats it for now ig

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  • keonamariearelis
    05.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Kunikida: open up.

    Dazai: open what?

    Kunikida: the feelings of your heart.

    Dazai: surgically..?

    Yosano: *suddenly peaks around the corner with spark in her eye*

    #anime#quotes #bungo stray dogs incorrect quotes #bsd dazai#bsd kunikida#bsd yosano
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  • muiichiroo
    05.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Chuuya Nakahara

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  • nameless-shrimp
    05.08.2021 - 7 hours ago


    PAIRING: Osamu Dazai x GN! Reader

    TYPE: drabble/short one-shot

    WORD COUNT: 969

    WARNINGS: none

    SYNOPSIS: An ice skating date with Dazai.


    Chilly wind nearly scraping your flushed cheeks. Hands intertwined with one another and necks stuffed deep within the two matching scarves. You laughed; a pastel purple style. Not something that you’d expect Dazai to choose, but you thought the scarf was cute, nonetheless. And he was fixing one of his ice skates, tugging his foot; golden eyes fixated at the laces.

    “Having trouble there?” You chuckled, clearly amused by his struggle. Dazai shook his head; reddened cheeks hidden beneath the soft fabric of the scarf.

    “I think I got it, love,” Dazai responded, tilting his head as he kicked the skate around. He let go of your hand to help check if the laces were fully tied and he turned to you.

    Kisses were planted on your lips, causing a yelp to rush out of your lips. A smirk grew on his witty expression. Part of you hated your lover yet it was an odd feeling—still immersed with everything that Dazai was. The way that he’d lean in with that smirk on his face caused you to hide yourself within the purple scarf. This was amusing to him. Satisfaction etched on his face.

    The way you looked away from him whenever he’d portray his flirty acts around you along with having you push him away during the times that Dazai allowed himself to get a bit too close to you meant more than you thought. With the way your eyes crinkled underneath the faint, white lights and the touch of your fingers dancing on his hand, Dazai only found himself falling in love with you more.

    Even when he’d act so idiotic on the ice rink. The breeze was tough on you, causing you to shake while you slowly slid on the ice, watching your lover wail his arms around as he dramatically cried out your name. Embarrassing. Yet you found so much love for him deep within your heart.

    Because Dazai managed to be so amusing and cheerful even during the times you both went out. Regardless of his loud antics, he was devoted to expressing his love to you—even if it meant him screaming how he’d yell out to the nearby skaters to run him over since he was drenched in misery—and you knew he had his silly moments. Yet Dazai did it to make you laugh; a ringing melody that fascinated him. In tune with his ears.

    “My loooove,” Dazai’s voice trailed out as he managed to keep his balance on the ice. Shaking your head at him, you kept your face hidden within the scarf. He trailed his warm fingers on your cheek; skin-to-skin contact, warmth with a chilly tingle. Dazai noted the faint shivers from your body. “Is someone cooold?”

    “No,” you whipped out the response quickly.

    Definitely not.

    “Let me warm you up, baby,” Dazai grinned cheekily; tongue pressed against the teeth as a sparkle was noticeable within those lovable eyes. Arms wrapped around your figure; skaters brushed past your shoulders as he slid you close to the outside of the rink. “We haven’t even gone around the rink a couple of times yet.”

    “You keep embarrassing me,” you pouted.

    Oh, how cute. Dazai couldn’t help himself but smile.

    “Aww, but I love you!” Throwing his arms around you, your face was met with the matching purple scarf, nearly inhaling the cheap cologne on his coat. Laughs rung outside of the rink. Dazai’s melody was always exquisite to hear.

    It was starting to get colder. At least, within a few minutes, your hand was met with Dazai’s; fingers hiking on one another as feet were slowly pushed on the ice. Loss of balance here and there, but what kept both of you steady were your intertwined heartstrings—a beating heart with one another. Breaths were fanned along the air with the kiss of the bittersweet chills. The warmth of his fingers and the joyous smile that he kept on his lips was enough to raise your temperature up.

    Dazai looked so peaceful underneath the glow of the stadium rink. Content. Eyes deep in a sea of infatuation. Nothing mattered in his head, at least. He found himself to be comforted by the breeze that cruised through the air. Yet you were cold; chilled to your bones. And he found this cute, glancing at your side every so often. Music blasting in the background faded out to a soft grey. Only the color of your eyes mattered to him after one turn on the rink.

    “Come here, baby,” Dazai spoke softly, keeping your hand close to his as he picked up the pace and then skated to the outside of the rink. Lost in confusion, yet you still obliged. Part of your legs were starting to grow weary.

    And you nearly lost your balance, almost tumbling down onto the ice. Slim yet sturdy arms grabbed hold of you in an instant. Blinking once, you looked up to see a chuckling Dazai, shaking his head. Muttering about your clumsiness. You decided to raise your hand to smack him, but he stopped you with the arms thrown around your figure before your body dipped.

    Lips pressed against yours, melting into the touch of him. He tasted like the hot chocolate he bought a while ago. Dazai fluttered his eyes open, laughing to your lips as your eyes widened. Clearly off guard, Dazai took note of that, and he couldn’t help but ring your ears with that boisterous laughter that you always found yourself to get lost in its own music.

    “You’re so adorable,” he complimented you.

    “Dazai.” Speaking breathlessly, Dazai grinned to himself in amusement.

    You blinked. He leaned in and kissed you once more. Hot chocolate taste on your lips all over again. Seems like it was dark chocolate.

    Dazai pulled away—now smirking.

    “Are you still cold, my love?”

    tags: @whorefordazai @tender-rosiey @internetkilledtheroxstar @sadcannibal @bsdparadise @pompompurin1028 @dazais-osamu @tetsustation @milky-toast @missrown @requiem626k @jessbeinme15 @kyuus4ku @so-chile @kiyokoxd

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    05.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    ✨50+ follower event✨

    Hello, and welcome to my first event! This is a blindbox event!

    For short, you'll be choosing a number, and I'll write something based on the theme associated with the number, it can be anything, be it angst or fluff, songfic or not.

    My rules for this event are:

    No NSFW stuffs, well not yet, please bear with it for now.

    This is SOLELY FOR DAZAI, only his request will be accepted, others won't be accepted.

    It might take a long time, since I'm quite busy lately, again, please bear with it.

    Request will be closed in 3 days, be all number has been chosen or not.

    You won't know what you get until it's done.

    Now, feel free to choose one from this list below and drop that in my ask box!







    This is my first time hosting an event, please forgive me if I have any mistakes.

    #bungou stray dogs #50 followers#yoha event #bsd x reader #dazai osamu x reader #dazai x you #dazai x reader #dazai osamu#bsd dazai
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  • ofsavior
    05.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    “ I am the most eligible bachelor in all of Yokohama. ”

    #( c. Dazai ) #( dash commentary. )
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  • meatbun-aku
    05.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    this idea feels like a fckin fever dream but pls enjoy my stupidity

    **also for the sake of the joke the characters are bisexual including y/n okay thanks**

    taglist: @justmycupoftea93 @loveliestmolly @darlingimawitch @b-i-t-t-i-e-s @browneyespinkhair @silverstar22x @anotakugardener @jhopesstickeredcarrier @spacedoutcoffeebeans @puddingowo66 @beomluvrr @stupidfrogfreak @joyfulartisanstudentlamp @kaeyapng
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  • rashamon
    05.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    so fyodor,

    #look #im adding him #my lil murderer 💝 #my itty bitty dazai kin 💝 #i hate he 💖 #ooc /
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  • seralin
    05.08.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I'm bored so

    Here's what I think of you based on who you kin in bungou stray dogs (part one??)

    Atsushi: you're worth it bestie, stop feeling like you're not. Your trauma does not define you and you deserve so much better. I love you, get better soon <3

    Akutagawa: how's that villain complex going? Yeah, also, stop defining your whole value based on what that one person thinks of you, their opinion is not as important as you think it is.

    Dazai: I mean this in the nicest way possible but get some fucking therapy holy shit. And yeah I know you hide all your issues by joking about them, and that's not healthy bestie. Get well soon <3

    Chuuya: being short isn't a personality trait. You're hot but also need some anger management classes or something. And uhh is that abandonment issues I sense? Yeah

    Kunikida: you're cool but stop being so uptight about everything. Let yourself relax a little, you deserve it. Hope that gifted kid burnout of yours isn't too bad <3

    Ranpo: kiss me please. You're so hot. Also, you're probably not as smart as you think you are tbh. You might need to work on that superiority complex. Also please kiss me please what's your ring size do you like 5'3" enby's with purple hair who are poe kinnies by chance 😳😳😳

    Poe: this is my top kin in this show so this one's gonna be extra accurate I think. Emo ass bitch I love you. A lot of people think you're nicer/softer than you actually are, but that's probably just cause you're anxious around new people. You're super competitive, aren't you? Hope you can find someone to have a homoerotic rivalry with soon if you haven't already <3

    #bsd #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #nakajima atsushi#akutagawa ryuunosuke#dazai osamu#nakahara chuuya#kunikida doppo#edogawa ranpo #edgar allen poe #poe bsd#swearing tw #ranpo kinnies please make out with me youre so hot please- #seri speaks
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