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    05.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I think people tend to forget that Dazai is actually a depressed burnt out genius who has a problem with alcohol (whiskey) and probably smokes to numb the pain or even forget how numb he actually feels sometimes or so he started and then became addicted.

    Dazai is basically a young adult, after all, and has a shit ton of trauma.

    He's known in the Port Mafia as Demon prodigy and was raised by Mori himself.

    When talking about him, the Mafia says "your blood is black. Mafia black, more so than anyone else in this country, "

    And yet, we can see glimpses of hurt. We can deduce Dazai is hurt by everyone brushing off his suicide attempts. We can tell he doesn't actually want to form bonds with others because he knows he'll end up leaving and it's better to be hated than to have people crying his death.

    He could have just left the Mafia, after all, and yet, he blew up Chuuya's car. Why do you think this is? Because Dazai knows Chuuya cares about him.

    Dazai is scared of feelings and scared of even the idea of being loved and doesn't find himself worth it. This is the truth.

    Even more, looking at how much he cared about Oda, we can deduce that at some point he believed he could be loved or accepted. But Oda died and I'm sure Dazai blames himself. He probably thinks that people who do stick to him will not end up well. He probably finds himself to be like a black cat—a misfortune.

    "The greatest misfortune for Dazai's enemies is that they are Dazai's enemies"

    He craves death—or, better said, he craves being free. Some might not understand it, but when you are suicidal, you don't necessarily crave death itself. No, death is too simple and too easy. You crave liberation. You crave the chains to be ripped apart, you crave freedom, from yourself, from people, from feelings. From everything that is considered life and actually brings you nothing but sorrow.

    Someone who finds themselves in such situation doesn't think on a too long term. The moral compass is broken beyond limit and, as he said:

    He wants to feel human. He wants it so bad and yet he's ingrained into himself and was even encouraged in more or less known ways that he is not human, from quotes like Demon prodigy to mafia black blood and we could go on.

    Even more: Dazai respects Yosano and Fukuzawa. Yosano, who had to deal with Mori, just as he had to. It's quite of a bonding over the trauma, even if different. Fukuzawa is like an actual proper father figure he probably never had and seems to understand him yet trusts him. Fukuzawa gives Dazai a stability he probably never had, not in the proper way.

    (as someone who studies the development of people, I can tell you that a kid who's not given stability by the important figures in their life ends up insecure)

    We are given hints of him being a womanizer and yet only in the context of commiting double suicide with him. He's rather flirtatious if anything else and with how manipulative he is, he could make someone double suicide with him, but he wants a "clean suicide". I am indeed sure that he is probably a womanizer (yes, Dazai bisexual king in my opinion) and is indulging into such things to feel something other than numb or guilt or hurt.

    Because Dazai does feel guilt.

    He acts like a clown to entertain people, loves nagging at Kunikida, told Kyouka 35 people are nothing and people not being able to change is bullshit with Oda in his mind.

    Dazai is complex and I'm not negating that he's bad. He is bad. He is toxic. He is everything you wanna call him. But he's also a heavily traumatized kid who became an adult and you gotta keep that in mind.

    Dazai is relatable in the way most of BSD characters are. He's morally grey at best and the Mafia days haunt him.

    Like it or not, Dazai is an amazing and very influential character.

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    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    🎬 𝑇𝑜𝑝𝑖𝑐 ⇒ {as a neko behind your door...}
    👥 𝑃𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔 ⇒ Atsushi Nakajima || x gn! Reader
    ✒ 𝐴/𝑁 ⇒ AHEM! Requests are open~


    The strangest thing that has ever happened to you? Surely finding a small, homeless kitten right behind your door!

    A rainy night, when no one wants to leave their house; You hear the sound of your door.

    who the fuck can it be?

    You open the door but you didn't see anyone.

    A... box?

    You sat in front of that box, on your and hesitantly open it.


    A white kitten with black lines on its body...

    how cute!

    but kitty didn't look well, as if it was sick, it was moaning hard.

    You gently caressed him. He rubbed his body on your hand and then looked at you with his beautiful yellow-purple eyes.

    The sound of lightning caused him to throw itself into your arms in fear.

    You had no choice but to take that kitten home with you. You looked around again to make sure there was no one around, and then, you went in and closed the door behind you.

    The little kitty was trembling in your arms.

    You thought warming him up was the best option in the first place.

    While you were wrapping him in a blanket, you opened the letter that was in the box.

    {This is an orphan kitten, no one wanted him.}

    "How cruel!"

    {His name is Nakajima ... he's a transformer cat... a Neko. If you want, you can keep him.}

    "A Neko? Do people really believe in these things?"

    The kitten finally opens his eyes and regains consciousness, he was afraid so he hides quickly under your desk.

    It may take a long time to convince him to open up to you. He was small, weak, scared and hurt.

    In the end, he hardly trusts you and sits next to you.

    He's very sensitive to touch, but after a while, he realizes how much he needs to be loved all his life.

    He enjoys every moments of bathing, he feels good when you ask him to choose his favorite shampoo.

    He also has a gentle spirit. He tries not to play too much and doesn't break anything. He doesn't want you to be upset or angry because he's so afraid that you'll kick him out of the house.

    Maybe sleeping together has become a habit for him. And sometimes when you hug him, he feels a very indescribable electric current pass through his veins.

    (This kid doesn’t even know he can become a human)

    For a long time you live together and he feels completely happy.

    One midnight, when it was raining and the full moon had cleared the black clouds, he felt a change in himself.

    He hardly opens his eyes and realizes that his body has changed a lot.

    He looks at you and tries to call you, but he realizes that instead of his small paws, he has a human hand.

    He tries to stop himself from screaming.

    His thoughts:

    I'm a human?! * Silent scream of boundless joy *

    I'm a human! I like to see myself in the mirror! But I don't want to wake y/n up!

    What if they don't like me? Will they kick me out of here? Should I tell them? But ... I'm afraid ...

    Okay, his happiness turns to sadness again.

    He has been trying to hide this for a long time.

    The next month, again when the moon is full, he falls asleep without noticing.

    But you accidentally feel thirsty and wake up.

    Okay, what's the second weird thing that happened in your life? Yes, seeing a beautiful naked guy instead of your dear kitty right in your bed ...


    {We have censored this embarrassing part because it's not suitable for people of a certain age.}

    * After covered himself *

    He tries to apologize because he doesn’t want you to kick him out of the house at all.

    Well, we assume you accept him. (Of course you do!)

    "I didn't know I could do that, please believe me! Y/n... "

    What do you gonna do? :)

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    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago
    #dazai fluff #bungou stray dogs dazai #dazai x reader #dazai#bsd dazai#dazai hcs#dazai layouts #bungou stray dogs x you #bungou stray dogs x reader #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs headcanons
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    28.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #bsd#bsd fanfic#bsd imagine #bsd x reader #bungou stray dogs #chuuya imagine#chuuya #chuuya x reader #chuuya x you #chuuyanakahara#chuuya fluff #chuuya x y/n #dazai x you #osamu dazai#dazai headcanons #dazai x reader #dazai x y/n #dazai hcs#dazai imagine#bsd hcs#chuuya hcs
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    28.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    50 follower event - Collaboration

    Thank you all so much for helping me reach 50 followers, I can't believe 50 of you out there support my writing!

    To celebrate this, I'll be collaborating on one SFW fanfiction (BSD, male character x fem!reader) with one of my mutuals/followers! DM if interested <3

    #bsd chuuya #bsd x you #bsd fluff#bsd smut #bsd x reader #nakahara chuuya#chuuya fluff #chuuya x reader #chuuya smut#dazaibsd#dazai osamu #bungou stray dogs dazai #dazai hcs #dazai x reader #dazai headcanons #bungou stray dogs chuuya #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #bungou stray dogs smut
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    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #dazai#bsd#chuuya#bsd fanfic#bsd imagine #bsd x reader #bungou stray dogs #chuuya imagine #chuuya x reader #chuuya x you #chuuyanakahara #dazai x you #osamu dazai #dazai x reader #dazai fic#dazai imagine #chuuya x y/n #chuuya fluff#chuuya hcs#dazai hcs#bsd hcs#bsd chuuya
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  • simpforchuchu
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #bsd#chuuya#bsd fanfic#bsd imagine #bsd x reader #bungou stray dogs #chuuya imagine #chuuya x reader #chuuya x you #chuuyanakahara #chuuya x y/n #bsd chuuya#chuuya fluff#chuuya hcs#dazai osamu #dazai x you #dazai#dazai hcs #dazai x reader #dazai x y/n #dazai imagine#dazai fic#bsd dazai
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  • chuuyasboots
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    sfw alphabet with dazai

    genre: all over the place, mostly fluff

    warnings: none?

    pairing: dazai x gn!reader

    master list

    [A] ctivities - What do they like to do with their s/o? How do they spend their free time with them?

    dazai loves listening to you talk and tell stories about your day. whether it’s over coffee/tea, lunch, or just a passing story, he really enjoys listening to you.

    board/video games. dazai loves playful competition. he’ll tease you nearly relentlessly whenever he beats you, gloating his ‘superior skills and intellect.’ if you ever manage to win, he’ll pout and demand a rematch.

    [B] eauty - What do they admire about their s/o? What do they think is beautiful about them?

    dazai loves your smile more than anything else in the entire world. he thinks it’s so beautiful to see you happy, and it’s all the more rewarding when he’s the cause of it.

    [C] omfort - How would they help their s/o when they feel down/have a panic attack etc.?

    when you’re having a panic attack, dazai will gently place a hand on your face, forcing you to focus on him > whatever is causing you stress. he’ll talk you down from your panic while rubbing his thumb softly over your cheek.

    [D] reams - How do they picture their future with their s/o?

    dazai wants his future to be calm. relatively speaking, pretty much anything would seem calm when compared to the earlier parts of his life. but ultimately, dazai wants to be able to feel relaxed and fully able to enjoy life with you.

    [E] qual - Are they the dominant one in the relationship, or rather passive?

    honestly i think it’s a pretty 50/50 split. typically dazai is pretty down to do whatever it is you want to do, but he also has his opinions on things that he’ll stick to.

    [F] ight - Would they be easy to forgive their s/o? How are they fighting?

    dazai can get scary in a fight, and he knows it. not that he’d use that to his advantage, in fact it’s usually cause for him tapering his anger down a little bit. as for forgiveness, i don’t think dazai would hold a petty grudge over his s/o but i do think he would make a compromise rather than dropping the argument altogether in favor of quick forgiveness.

    [G] ratitude - How grateful are they in general? Are they aware of what their s/o is doing for them?

    there are definitely times where dazai catches himself taking advantage of how good you are to him, but that’s not to say he doesn’t appreciate you. it’s the little things you do for him that send his thoughts reeling with how much he is really in love with you and thankful for you. like when you cook for him- that’s never been something that he’s had before, someone caring that much about him, and he just kind of melts and thanks you over and over.

    [H] onesty - Do they have secrets they hide from their s/o? Or do they share everything?

    dazai makes it a point to try to keep things completely up front with you. however, that amount of trust takes a long time. he’s not going to be 100% honest about his past with you until you’ve been together a long time and he’s sure that he can trust you beyond shadow of a doubt. even once you get to the point where he’s sure he can trust you, dazai catches himself hiding little, inconsequential things from you on occasion, but quickly tells you because he really is trying. trust issues are certainly there, but he’s putting in the effort to be honest with you.

    [I] nspiration - Did their s/o change them somehow, or the other way around? Like trying out new things or helped them overcome personal problems?

    did you ever change him. dazai wants to be the best possible version of himself for you. you’ve changed so much about how dazai sees the world- you’ve shown him that he can be worthy of good things and that he does have worth.

    [J] ealousy - Do they get jealous easily? How do they deal with it?

    oh geez. so dazai loves to claim that he doesn’t get jealous easily, but all it really takes is someone’s gaze lingering a little too long on you for him to grab your hand a little bit tighter.

    [K] iss - Are they a good kisser? What was the first kiss like?

    phenomenal kisser. first kiss caught dazai off guard because he just did not expect you to kiss his cheek so innocently and sweetly. like his heart stopped and he couldn’t stop smiling. of course he got you back with many more kisses, but that was the first.

    [L] ove Confession - How would they confess to their s/o?

    dazai confesses his love to you as often as he can. sometimes he struggles to find the words to even convey how much he loves you, but he makes it a point to tell you often.

    [M] arriage - Do they want to get married? How do they propose? What would the marriage be like?

    yes yes yes he wants to get married. before you, he’d never really thought about it too much, but that’s just another thing you’ve changed about him. dazai would propose by taking you somewhere really special. a long, gushing monologue about how much you’ve changed his life and how much he loves you.

    [N] icknames - What do they call their s/o?

    love, my love, belladonna, sweetheart and darling when he’s teasing you

    [O] n Cloud Nine - What are they like when they are in love? Is it obvious for others? How do they express their feelings?

    it’s so obvious to others, although dazai doesn’t exactly try to hide his affection. he’ll talk about you pretty much nonstop to anybody who’ll lend an ear. he’s just enamored with you and wants everyone to know.

    [P] DA - Are they upfront about their relationship? Do they brag with their s/o in front of others? Or are they rather shy to kiss etc. when others are watching?

    lol banking off the last one- he LOVES showing you off in front of everyone. maybe it’s not always the most extravagant, but when the two of you are out, dazai always has an arm around your waist just to keep you close and to make it very clear that you’re taken. (again w the subtle jealousy…)

    [Q] uirk - Some random ability they have that’s beneficial in a relationship.

    actual abilities aside, dazai is always able to make you smile. even if you’re going through something that’s not so good, he will find his way through to you and brighten your mood even if it’s just a little bit.

    [R] omance - How romantic are they? What would they do to make their s/o happy? Cliché or rather creative?

    okay so here’s the thing- dazai loves to be fake cheesy and use a bunch of dumb pickup lines and whatever else, but he also has a real romantic side. he’d do anything to make you happy, and his date ideas (especially for bigger events like birthdays or anniversaries) are always special and meaningful to the two of you rather than just somewhere that’s just simply nice.

    [S] upport - Are they helping their s/o achieve their goals? Do they believe in them?

    absolutely- dazai believes in you wholeheartedly and loves being able to help you get to your goals.

    [T] hrill - Do they need to try out new things to spice out your relationship? Or do they prefer a certain routine?

    dazai LOVES trying new things. even in his more relaxed lifestyle with you, dazai loved to explore and adventure and generally take risks.

    [U] nderstanding - How good do they know their partner? Are they empathetic?

    dazai perhaps knows you better than you’d even like. not necessarily because he’s nosy, but because he’s been trained throughout his life to be able to read people impeccably. he also doesn’t lose track of any of the things that you tell him over time. one little factoid about you and it’s imprinted in his brain.

    [V] alue - How important is the relationship to them? What is it’s worth in comparison to other things in their life?

    dazai has a life outside of your relationship, certainly, but he also makes it undoubtedly clear that you’re his #1. never will you to more than maybe a few hours without hearing from him, even if he’s away from you. he’ll always make sure to send texts, whether he actually has anything to say or not, just because he loves talking to you about anything.

    [W] ild Card - A random Fluff Headcanon.

    up until he met you, dazai had pretty much hated the thought of real intimacy. sure, he’s had his share of flings and whatever, but actual closeness with another person is foreign to him and has always kind of scared him. he wasn’t repulsed by your touch at first, but he didn’t seem it out. as you grew closer and showed him that you really did love him, he slowly started letting that fear go.

    [X] OXO - Are they very affectionate? Do they love to kiss and cuddle?

    omg wait am i about to lead straight into this from the last one? i didn’t even mean that but perfect okay so. after he lets down his walls, dazai craves affection. he never realized how deprived he had been until he let himself enjoy your closeness. so yes. he loves to be close to you as often as he can, leaving little kisses on whatever part of your body is closest to him.

    [Y] earning - How will they cope when they’re missing their partner?

    when dazai is away from you, he texts you as much as he can manage. he hates not being able to see your face, but he can handle it a little bit better if he’s at least able to hear from you. if, for whatever reason, he can’t text you while he’s away, dazai is definitely more withdrawn than usual. he’ll cover it up to the best of his ability, but those who know him know that he’s struggling.

    [Z] eal - Are they willing to go to great lengths for the relationship? If so, what kind of?

    dazai is willing to do whatever you want or need him to do in your relationship. he won’t chase you against your will of course, but he will do anything for you at the drop of a hat.

    i love the sfw alphabet bc i feel like i rly have to have a grasp on the character to be able to write it. and also because it’s fairly easy. expect more of these for different characters to come lol.

    requests are open!!

    taglist: @yae-mikko @nanascigarette @toodeepintofandoms @nameless-shrimp @masdelicada @scul-pted @ssagacious @idkwhattonamethi @jessbeinme15 @finniesblog @trashykawahq @whats-humanity-lol @dazaiaiko @duckiichan @fuckingfucker @scarlet-kazuha @11nolongerhuman @cattecatt @rirk-ke @xelia25 @kyotorchidea @dazaisfavgf @sonder-paradise

    reply to THIS post to be added to my taglist!

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  • incorrect-bsd-quotes
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Kunikada: Atsushi. That woman you were out with the other day…I-is she single?

    Atsushi: um…technically yes 😅

    Atsushi internally: HOW DO I TELL HIM THAT WAS DAZAI IN A DRESS!?!



    #I hc that Dazai enjoys wearing dresses because fuck gender conformity!! #bsd incorrect quotes #bsd dazai#bsd atsushi#bsd kunikida#kunidazai
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  • whoreforbsd
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Send in your requests using the following prompts!

    Example: I would like to request number 10 with Dazai but with a kitty, fluff please!

    “I’m sorry, I never meant for this to happen.”

    “Don’t you dare blame me!”

    “I love it when you laugh.”

    “I don’t want to forget this moment.”

    “Here’s a concept, me and you married.”

    “Here, take my jacket.”

    “I brought you dinner.”

    “I fall more in love with you everyday.”

    “I’ll carry you if you’re that tired.”

    “I bought us a puppy!”

    “Hey, I know you haven't been feeling great, so I…..”

    “Sometimes, I wish you could see yourself through my eyes.”

    “You look like you could use a hug.”

    “Please, talk to me.”

    “Tell me who did this to you.”

    “I need you.”

    “It’s okay, everything’s going to be alright.”

    “This reminded me of you”

    “Hold me”

    “Sing to me again”

    "I'm right here if you need anything"

    "I just wanted to check on you and see how you're doing"

    "you must be hungry"

    "try to relax"

    "I wish I could take your pain away"

    Prompts taken from over the internet by @miss-akutagawa , I just took them from her account :)

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  • miss-akutagawa
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    New Prompts~

    so.....I've been feeling really low so I gathered some prompts to work on... send me the number assigned to the prompts along with the character (Dazai, Akutagawa, Atsushi or Chuuya, preferably Dazai or Chuuya) along with specifications.

    Example: I would like to request number 19 with Chuuya! Maybe one of the two was feeling lonely so they said that? Up to you :)

    “I’m sorry, I never meant for this to happen.”

    “Don’t you dare blame me!”

    “I love it when you laugh.”

    “I don’t want to forget this moment.”

    “Here’s a concept, me and you married.”

    “Here, take my jacket.”

    “I brought you dinner.”

    “I fall more in love with you everyday.”

    “I’ll carry you if you’re that tired.”

    “I bought us a puppy!”

    “Hey, I know you haven't been feeling great, so I…..”

    “Sometimes, I wish you could see yourself through my eyes.”

    “You look like you could use a hug.”

    “Please, talk to me.”

    “Tell me who did this to you.”

    “I need you.”

    “It’s okay, everything’s going to be alright.”

    “This reminded me of you”

    “Hold me”

    “Sing to me again”

    "I'm right here if you need anything"

    "I just wanted to check on you and see how you're doing"

    "you must be hungry"

    "try to relax"

    "I wish I could take your pain away"

    NOTE: I might take some time to finish it up and post it

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  • ranpossnackstash
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    when they catch you doing the ‘i got a man but i want you’ tiktok trend

    character(s) : dazai, chuuya, ranpo

    genre : fluff;crack

    warning(s) : none

    a/n : i saw the tiktok trend and can’t get it out of my head<3 also i’m considering a part two so comment if you want it! 

    okay so this starts out as a joke

    well, not really because you are, to some extent, attracted to the brunette

    but you’ve never thought about making a move on him

    anyways, this was during the agency’s celebration after the guild was defeated

    you saw dazai in a suit and started sw00ning

    soo while he was distractedly annoying talking to kunikida, you pulled up the sound on your phone and prepared to record

    there was literally no one you could ask to film for you…until you spotted kyouka<3 (who, although a little confused, agreed)

    anyways you quickly plug in your airpods (as to not draw attention) and get in position next to dazai

    you look into the camera and point at dazai as the audio starts playing

    but unfortunately for you, the tall man shifts and you two accidentally bump into each other

    “y/n…what are you doing?” dazai scans your figure with judgmental eyes

    you quickly retract your hand and move away from him in embarrassment

    “nothing,” you play it off nonchalantly, walking towards kyouka to get your phone

    dazai is quick to notice this as he follows right behind you

    “why is kyouka filming? and why were you pointing at me? are you trying to make a fool out of me or something?”

    you can feel your nervousness dissipate as his annoying questions slowly but surely start to get on your nerves

    you had completely forgotten about your phone as you abruptly stop in your tracks to turn around and face him

    “dazai, this has nothing to do with you okay? so stop being annoying- w-why are you so close…” your voice trails off as dazai bends down to your height

    before you could even process what was happening, dazai reaches his arm out behind you and snatches your phone out of kyouka’s grip

    “h-hey w-wait!” your eyes widen in surprise as you internally panic at the thought of getting caught

    but it was too late 

    he had already disconnected your airpods and turned the volume on to watch the tiktok for himself 

    as soon as the audio started playing, you immediately feel your embarrassment return 

    “ooooh, i see how it is. you’re really going to cheat?” dazai teases you 

    “n-no! i don’t even have a lover!” you deny persistently 

    “well then, you and i need to have a talk in private because you’re about to~” he chuckles as he pulls you away by your arm 

    omg this man is so hot 

    of course you have a crush on him 

    this short-tempered mafia executive has stolen your heart<3 

    anyways, usually, he wouldn’t pay attention to you and your tiktok shenanigans

    but as they say, curiosity killed the cat 

    chuuya had just finished a meeting and, as kyoko told you, there was nothing left for him to do today 

    so you enter the meeting room in time to see chuuya getting up to leave

    you literally planned to film right then and there

    but there was nobody to film for you:(


    “hey, Q, can you film me for a sec?” you half-whispered, quickly shoving your phone in the poor child’s hands

    you were very lucky they had no murderous intentions towards you

    Q reluctantly pressed the film button and you walked backwards, pointing at chuuya

    little did you know, the red head heard the entire interaction between you teo

    and he turned around, looking at you with a very unimpressed expression

    “you look like an idiot,” he voiced

    you stopped DEAD in your tracks, your face laced with instant regret as your eyes squeezed shut

    “i don’t know what you’re talking about,” you turned around, forcing a smile

    “oh really? let me see your phone then,” chuuya held his hand out

    you remained silent and then…Q betrayed you 💀

    “here you go, i’m gonna get going,” they handed your phone to chuuya as they walked away 😭

    “well well well,” chuuya drawled as he replayed the tiktok video

    at first he was expecting you to tease him for his height, or his hat

    but he wasn’t expecting...THIS????

    wdym you got a man but u want him??? since when did you have a man in the first place???

    “l-listen i can explain!” you scramble to get your phone out of his hands 

    you were bracing yourself for another one of his violent scoldings when your realized how eerily silent he was 

    you look more closely at him and realized he was actually FLUSTERED 

    his face is nearly as red as his hair<333 

    “chuuya-san, are you...blushing?” 

    ohoho how the tables have turned!! 

    chuuya literally turns around like a statue and walks away in a daze 

    i guess it’s your turn to steal his heart now;)

    he’s caught on to the subtle hints you’ve been dropping on him these past few weeks 

    but he hasn’t done anything because he wants to tease you

    and you’re over here getting extremely frustrated as to how he’s so oblivious????

    anyways, mans KNOWS this is coming 

    he literally hears the audio coming from your phone and you’re humming it nonstop on your way back from solving a case with him 

    he’s curious whether or not you’re gong to record the tiktok so he decides to stop and buy some snacks 


    “y/n, i’m gonna go buy some snack over there,” he points to a food stall on the streets 

    “sure, ranpo-san,” you nod, not thinking too much of his spontaneity

    after standing around for a few minutes, you started to get bored 

    and then you remembered THE tiktok

    so you pull out your phone and started recording with the front camera 

    i mean, ranpo’s got his back to you, how could he possibly notice? 

    you subtly point at him when the audio starts playing 

    what you didn’t expect was for him to turn around and look STRAIGHT INTO THE CAMERA

    gurl what-

    no but his green eyes made your heart skip a beat<3 

    anyways you completely freeze up, lower your phone, and whipped your head around to glare at him in shock

    “i knew you were going to film that, y/n,” ranpo shrugs, happily munching on the snacks he just bought 

    “you did???!?!?” you inquired with great surprise, “then how did you not know-”

    “i also know you’ve been dropping hints that you like me these past few weeks,” he cuts in 


    you literally turn around and start running away from him 

    but then you stop half way 

    because this man has no sense of direction whatsoever and will not be able to find his way back to the agency without you-

    so you have no choice but to begrudgingly turn around and face him 

    “ahaha, why didn’t you saying anything???” you complained 

    “because,” ranpo smiled cheekily, “you look kinda cute going after me like that.”

    MORE INTERNALY PANIC but for different reasons ofc 

    “hmmm y/n,” ranpo makes his way over to you, “i guess i like you to. so stop sulking and let’s go eat something,” he takes your hand in his, swinging it like a little child as he pulls you along 

    after that cute little confession, you two go on a date and eat cakes awww


    #bsd dazai#dazai hcs#dazai imagines #dazai x you #bungou stray dogs dazai #dazai headcanons #dazai x reader #dazai x y/n #dazai osamu#dazaibsd#dazai #chuuya x you #chuuya x y/n #chuuya x reader #chuuya headcanons#chuuya nakahara #bungou stray dogs chuuya #chuuya #ranpo x you #bsd ranpo #ranpo x y/n #ranpo x reader #ranpo headcanons#ranpo edogawa#ranpo #bungou stray dogs #bsd headcanons #bsd x reader #bsd #bungo stray dogs x you
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  • simpforchuchu
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Dazai x s/o who is studying physiotherapy

    a/n: Hi, i know it is a little bit weird but Im studying pt at university and I wanna write smth like that 😄

    Requests are open, if you want me to write something, just let me know 😊

    Sorry for the grammer or spelling mistakes.English is not my main language so...

    Thank you and love you 🥰

    Warnings: violence, blood and betrayal

    • You were still a university student and studying physiotherapy

    • You crushed Dazai in a cafe and when you saw that his whole body was wrapped in bandages, you got worried and asked if he was okay, thinking you were hurting him.

    • He said the bandages weren't because he was injured and said goodbye to you saying it was okay.

    • When you met again in the same cafe, you started chatting and as you got to know each other, you fell in love with him, and him with you. He was an agent with ability and you were just an ordinary student

    • But he didn't think so

    • He admired you even more as he saw you helping people with their injuries and health problems, and he talked about how talented you were every day.

    • Especially to Kunikida..

    • You got along very well with the agency, especially with Kunikida, who loved you very much and you helped him with muscle spasms and aches caused by hard work.

    • Dazai might be a little jealous of this...

    • Because even though he was not doing any work, he would come to you every day and say that he was tired and in pain and ask you to massage. He was completely melting under your hands...

    • Although he had been taking a break from new suicide methods since meeting you, sometimes you would find him injured and no matter how worried you were, you focused on his treatment and took good care of him. Grateful that you didn't ask questions and that you still love him. He would let you try on patterns, exercises, massages or treatments you just learned at school, even asking you if you were learning something new every day and showing that he was excited about it.

    • He loves you very much and cares about you very much.

    • Sometimes when he saw you were working out for joint cracks, he would volunteer with excitement and have you crack his whole body. He is at least as interested in your medical books as you are and very pleased that you are studying on them.

    • Although he hated to see you stressed and tired during exam weeks, he knew that your lessons were difficult and therefore gave you full support.

    • When you fell asleep at your desk, he would lay you on your bed and hug you tightly and sleep with you.

    • And if anyone messes with your job or says something bad to you... god help them

    #bsd#bsd fanfic#bsd imagine #bsd x reader #dazai x you #dazai#osamu dazai#dazaiosamu#bsd dazai#dazai fluff #dazai x y/n #dazai x fem reader #dazai x reader #dazai fic#dazai hcs#dazai imagine
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  • simpforchuchu
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #chuuya#bsd#chuuya imagine #chuuya x reader #chuuya x you #chuuyanakahara#bsd chuuya#bsd fanfic#bsd imagine #bsd x reader #bsd hcs#bungoustraydogs #bungou stray dogs #bungou stray dogs hcs #chuuya x y/n #nakahara chuuya#dazai osamu#osamu dazai #dazai x you #dazaibsd #dazai x reader #dazai imagine#dazai hcs #bungou stray dogs dazai
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  • whoreforbsd
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #dazai osamu #dazai x reader #dazai hcs#dazaibsd #bungou stray dogs dazai #bsd #bsd x you #bsd x reader #bsd fluff #bsd x y/n #bsd x male reader #bsd x gender neutral reader
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  • ranpossnackstash
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    bleh, hot

    character(s) : dazai

    genre : fluff; crack 

    warning(s) : injury/burnt tongue? 

    prompt : y/n burns their tongue on something hot, dazai kisses it better.

    a/n : i wrote this on a whim. also tried to properly edit it. #girlboss 

    You were having a terrible morning. You had gotten out of bed and tripped on your charger first thing in the morning. With many mishaps in your already clumsy morning routine, you arrived 5 minutes late to work. After being annoyed endlessly by Ranpo, you were finally able to sit down at your desk. It was only 7 a.m. and you were already pushed to your limit. You heaved out a sigh, tiredly rubbing your growing headache as you prepared yourself for a long day. 

    All you wanted was to enjoy a nice cup of morning coffee. You were thankful that you managed to stop by your favorite cafe and order a drink. But in the spur of the moment, you drank too much of the bitter beverage and burnt your tongue. The minimal amount of energy that you had left in your body drained immediately. The next thing you knew, you were rushing around, trying to find ice to cool down your scorching mouth. And then, you bumped into your one and only boyfriend, Dazai Osamu. 

    Of course, he notices your short, ragged breaths as you lolled your tongue out like a dog and continuously fanned your face. He lowkey thought you were having a panic attack at first when he saw the coffee on your desk and the familiar scent coming out of your breath. Piecing this all together, he managed to figure out the small injury you had brought upon yourself. 

    “You okay there, y/n?” he asks, giving you one of his teasing smiles. “I’m-obviously-not-” your breath cuts off in between each word as you try to maneuver yourself around him. But unfortunately for you, Dazai hadn't finished talking just yet. He was quick enough to grab your arms and pull you back in front of him. “I know a better way to treat that burnt tongue of yours,” he tells you in a way that was impossible to decipher whether or not he was joking. “W-well-hurry-up-and-help-m-” before you can even finish complaining, he had already crashed his lips into yours. His kiss was so sweet and passionate you almost forgot about your burning tongue. Almost. You shoved him away and looked him dead in the eye with an annoyed expression etched on your features. “You are not helping, Dazai,” you glared at him, a slight scowl on your face. “But I did distract you enough to get you to talk normally again,” he winked. 

    Oh. He was right. You had stopped breathing like a dog. “Huh, maybe he was trying to help me after all,” you pondered. 

    Dazai himself knew he was not trying to help you at all. He just wanted a kiss. He knew full well that kiss did nothing to soothe your burning tongue long-term. 

    And sure enough, you still had to shove some ice in your mouth. 


    #dazai x you #dazai imagines#dazai hcs#bsd dazai #bungou stray dogs dazai #dazai osamu#dazaibsd #dazai x reader #dazai x y/n #dazai fluff#dazai #bsd x reader #bsd headcanons #bsd x y/n #bsd x gender neutral reader #bsd x you #bsd #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs #bungo stray dogs x you #bungo stray dogs x reader #bungou stray dogs x reader #bungou stray dogs x you
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  • moon-mars-ikemen
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #today’s ask game 🚀 #bsd fluff #bungou stray dogs x you #dazai hcs#dazai osamu#dazai fluff #dazai x you #ask games on weekends #ended 🖤 #with love 💕
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  • simpforchuchu
    21.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    Chuuya x s/o who is Fukuzawa's daughter

    a/n: Requests are open, if you want me to write something, just let me know 😊

    Sorry for the grammer or spelling mistakes.English is not my main language so...

    Thank you and love you <3

    Warnings: violence, fight, swearing, knife...

    • Being Fukuzawa's little daughter means that the whole ADA loves you and protects you at the cost of their own lives.

    • It's so normal for them to be over protective and loving towards you, especially considering you don't have an ability and you're the daughter of their dilf boss

    • Although they agree with your father not to send you on missions, they support teaching you to protect yourself and know your enemies

    • Or they like to travel around the city with you because you are incredibly sweet and a source of joy for them.

    • Kenji loves planting flowers , Ranpo loves eating snacks, Yasona loves shopping, Kunikida loves organizing notebooks together, Atsushi and Kyoka loves eating together and of course Dazai loves doing everything with you

    •  He especially loves when you say "Dazai-san" and follow him around like a little puppy... He's like your big brother - even not that old-  and he's trying to protect you from the dark side of himself and the others..

    • How did you meet Chuuya? Let's get to the main topic ;)

    • One day, while walking around the city with Dazai, you realized that something was wrong when he suddenly turned serious and looked suspicious.

    • A few minutes later, when you saw a short but very attractive redheaded man walking towards you, you knew it was Nakahara Chuuya.

    • Let's be honest Dazai talks about how much he hates him every day...

    • When they were grinning at each other and a red aura formed around Chuuya as soon as he saw Dazai, you felt that Chuuya was a much stronger person than Dazai mentioned and you were scared because he was in the mafia and constantly telling you to stay away from him

    • You took a step back and slowly grabbed Dazai's arm and whispered

    • "Dazai-san-"

    • Dazai sensed that you were scared. He squinted at you and smiled and said it was okay.

    • Chuuya found your reaction sweet and laughed.

    • You were even more agitated by his laughter and tightened your grip on dazai's arm

    • "It's okay 'y/n'-chan, no one can hurt you while I'm here. Also, Chibi is not someone you should be afraid of, he's said for years that he'll kill me but he still hasn't succeeded"

    • Chuuya laughed and approached you with a smile after Dazai's words, and smilingly grabbed Dazai by the collar and threw him against the wall.

    • By the time you were frozen in shock, they had already started fighting with each other. They didn't seem like they were doing great harm to each other, moreover, he couldn't use his  power because Dazai touched him, he was too strong and you involuntarily looked at him with admiration.

    • You never thought anyone could defeat Dazai before...

    • While watching their ridiculous fight, no one could sense the approaching danger. While watching them, unaware of everything, you were startled by the cold metal held in your throat and your eyes widened with fear.

    • Both ADA and Mafia were at war with the Guild, and even though you didn't know the enemies, you realized that it was the Guild member who took you hostage.

    • When you were frozen with fear, you involuntarily shouted "Dazai-san!" and got two idiots back to you

    • Dazai was calm as he knew that Chuuya would never hurt you, but right now, fear was evident in his eyes as he knew that the man behind you was not from the mafia and could hurt you

    • When Chuuya realized what was going on, he whispered something in Dazai's ear and everything was so sudden

    • Using his Gravity ability, he approached you and prevented the bullets from coming towards you when Dazai pulled out his gun.

    • While Dazai took care of the man who took you hostage, Chuuya caught you, who was about to fall to the ground with fear, and took you in his arms and stepped aside.

    • Minutes later, when you realized what was going on with the shock you were in, you were still in his lap and when you looked into his eyes, you saw that he was smiling at you.

    • When all this mess was over and Chuuya slowly dropped you to the ground, you gave him a small thank you and smiled shyly. 

    • He smiled at you with that charming smile and patted his head and started walking.

    • You were still looking after Chuuya when Dazai came to you, and you felt like your heart would burst when you saw him turn around and look at you again as he left

    • You looked up when you felt an arm wrap around your shoulder and were relieved to see it was Dazai.

    • He was giving you a judgmental look

    • "Oh, no. No 'y/n chan'. At least not him, don't fall in love with Chibi."

    • "Shut up!" •

    • Nakahara Chuuya was amazing!

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  • cuz-like-why-not
    20.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Bsd Boys With An S/o Considering a Navel Piercing

    (Dazai Osamu+Chuuya Nakahara+Mori Ougai x Reader)

    Requested from Here!

    tw: none? Just a bit suggestive.

    Dazai Osamu:

    I feel like he’d support you…to scary extents.

    I mean, unlike the other two, he wouldn’t even question you and rather start contemplating one himself.

    I would suppose it more whimsical on your side though, the desire to get a piercing.

    When you word your thoughts to him…I feel like he’d laugh.

    Probably because at a certain point in time, Gin wanted to get those too—until Akutagawa stepped in.

    He ‘d reminisce that and would turn into the menace he’s always been.

    Now…there are two possible outcomes of him being involves.

    Either he would scare you and try to see how far you’re going to go for the piercing…

    And when I say that, I entirely mean telling you some gruesome cases where the piercing did not work out.

    Or make up facts that would prove to be inconvenient for you.

    Headh even make up plans to stop you from getting it done.

    Or would tell you the most absolute crazy ways to get the piercing.

    I won’t even think what…but you just understand what I mean.

    More so Dazai is the type who’d want to get matching things- which means matching piercings.

    So on you go to show him the process and well, an ex-mafia member he might— my mans has no likeliness for pain.

    But, he would instead help you decide other places for piercings-

    Not just a navel one, I do not know why but could suggest a piercing in certain places for his likeliness.

    All in all, wouldn’t stop you, rather encourage whatever you decide upon.

    May or may not become one of his new kinks-

    Chuuya Nakahara:

    Thinks you’re drunk.

    Would simply look at your face and so, “No”.

    Out of all three, he’d be the one to be The most annoyed.

    And as I imagine him, he is simply put, the mother of the group.

    So expect entirely to hear taunts from him.

    Would let you know how all of it can go bad— annoys you like Dazai but worse.

    I feel like if you start planning on doing it, he wouldn’t bring the topic up for the longest of time.

    But then one day, when you’re cuddling together, he’d grab your face and simply mutter “Please don’t do it.”

    You did not have to think a lot to know what he was referring to.

    It could cause fights between you two too, especially of you are as head strong as him.

    So it will be in the end that your realise that he just doesn’t want you to, 1)Be in pain, 2)Regret getting the piercing.

    In the end, if you do get the piercing, he’d compliment it so much.

    And will be so gentle around you-

    I don’t want this is to go nsfw but….he would for sure use your piercing as an advantage to him during your sessions.

    And if you don’t get the piercing, I feel like he’d apologise to you?

    Would feel guilty and think that you did not get it because of his constant bothering.

    But poor baby still would appreciate the fact that you didn’t because well, he knew you’re not good with commitment.

    Don’t even lie- you know it too.

    Would also help you pick out good piercings.

    All over, would try to persuade you but as he is, he just cannot say no to you.

    Mori Ougai:

    Would stare at you when you tell him your thoughts.

    Raise a brow and tell you to discuss the matter later.

    You almost expected him to drop the topic, but when the night rose upon, there he was in your shared bedroom.

    And well, Mori is a doctor and finds you quite sensible too.

    So I feel like he’d know that you’ve well thought of it and are still considering it.

    Unlike the other two, would not waste time telling you the after effects and such.

    I just think he’d encourage it— a lot.

    He’s used to granting wishes, I mean, Elise is his ability so-

    He’s sort of old you see, so he’d be the type who’s want people to enjoy their youth (incase you’re taking him to be older than you); and if not, he would still want you to enjoy the things you want.

    After all, what kind of a partner would he be if he didn’t let you enjoy yourself?

    If you lean towards a yes on the piercing matter, he’d get the best person he can for that— no matter what the price.

    Would then go ahead and get the safest way possible with the least bit pain inflicted.

    Now then, he wouldn’t even let you waste time deciding what you want but rather he would have designs selected himself.

    If you lean onto a no…would drop the matter quickly.

    He’d ask a couple times to as why you decided on a no but then let it be.

    He won’t be the type to force things.

    And uh…although his type seems to be more kiddy, you getting a piercing would’ve excited him.

    Such that he may get back into the grunge phase he once had (you and i both know that old people had one).

    Also, you considering a piercing would remind him of a Younger Dazai and a Younger Chuuya.

    He’d smile too, when he you first mention it.

    At the end of the day, he’d want you to get it but of course, no forcing.

    Tags: @ravenina14

    All of this is my original work; please refrain from copying or reposting.

    Reblogs would be Highly Appreciated!

    #bsd x you #bsd hcs#bsd anime#bsd headcanons #bsd x reader #bungou stray dogs dazai #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs #bsd dazai #dazai x you #dazai x reader #dazai osamu #dazai bungou stray dogs #chuuya x you #chuuya hcs #bungou stray dogs chuuya #nakahara chuuya#chuuya nakahara #chuuya x reader #mori x reader #mori x you #mori ougai x reader #bsd mori#chuuya bsd #chuuya bungou stray dogs #chuuya nakahara x reader #bungou stray dogs manga
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