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    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #dazai's belladonna interaction #lu's mail
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  • my-introvert-hideout
    15.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    Everything about this screams Dazai.

    "Forgive me for making you wait up for me. I'll pull you in like the waves of the sea, I promise."
    "It's hard to forget me, just wait and you'll see. I cannot help it, it comes naturally. If I'm honest, I'm never honest. You'll be screaming out my name, cursing me for getting oh so close. Didn't mean to cause no pain but it's just out of my control, oh boy. And you're better off on your own."
    "Uh, sweet like a flower at the beginning but nothing is ever the way that it seems. But I like it, I can't deny it. Soon as I'm done, I just get up and leave. I swear I don't do it intentionally. I can't help it; a little selfish."
    "Poisonous, contagious, get you high in my cabana."
    "Dangerous, addictive, don't come here unless you wanna."
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  • reidyoulikeabook
    13.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    #/j #this IS Something thouhh #turns out i prefer hotch sad if the alternative is THAT #someone asked amelia #tiktoks#dazais-belladonna
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    13.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    #[✉️] — mailbox #dazais-belladonna #you’re so cute
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  • sadspencer
    12.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    #AKSJDKSJSKS#/joking #babe i CANNOT deal with this the hotch ones are terrifying sir put ur teeth away #dazais-belladonna
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  • jessbeinme15
    11.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    @dazais-belladona @the-wholesome-ranpo @kiyokoxd @ y'all take this quiz and tell meh what you get

    There's spoilers so yeah


    I'll tell you who I got in return 😏

    #dazai's belladonna#jessbeinme15 #the wholesome ranpo
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  • explosion-queen
    06.05.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #lu's mail #dazai’s belladonna interaction
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  • explosion-queen
    30.04.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #lu's mail #dazai's belladonna interaction
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  • prxblemcyld
    24.12.2020 - 5 monts ago
    #mary: i'm laughing too Edgy #mary: bc when Dazai answers the asks he tend to talk with himself and now he started to do funny moves I can't help but laugh lmaooo #it's always a pleasure to make my belladonna laugh ♥︎ #dazai#dazai says #dazai takes over #dazai the king of hastags #the great dazai #m(ar)y(-chan) soulmate #love of my life #partners in crime #bsd#dear soulmate #bungou stray dogs #self insert#self ship #bsd self insert
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  • rebel-ramen
    21.11.2020 - 7 monts ago
    #clown really said 🧍 #and ​I swear i didn’t mention Dazai how’d you that- #beloved mutuals #tysm sarah 🥺 #unrelated but when I tried to put beloved it autocorrected to Belladonna-
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  • gloomxroses
    22.09.2020 - 9 monts ago

    i will FOREVER live for the headcanon that dazai would call his s/o belladonna. IT’S SO SWEET AND ADORABLE AND SO FITTING!!🥺😭💘

    #MY HEART!!😭💘 #yes i am his belladonna🥺🥰 #dazai osamu x reader #osamu dazai x reader #dazai x reader #dazai osamu#osamu dazai #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs #bsd #bungou stray dogs headcanons #bungo stray dogs headcanons #bsd headcanons#headcanons#anime#weeb
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  • aarcanechaoss
    21.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    The Worst Possible Luck

    Here’s my tester lmao @slowlyfoulenthusiast | also aged up to college age because I cannot imagine a 16 year old walking into the port mafia headquarters demanding to see an exec lmaooo

    Waking up on a Monday morning Emi didn’t expect to be thrust into a mission- curses fluctuating in the port area of Yokohama… Now that isn’t a problem she’s been on missions like this before-

    The problem is getting Gojo off her back.

    “Come on Yokohama is a wonderful place you’ll have a great time Koko.”

    “Don’t call me that.” The brunette huffs. Gojo merely smiles.

    “Bring the trio with you. Yuji, Megumi and Nobara could do with a mission like this.” Gojo grinned.

    “Then why don’t you send them…”

    “We have reason to believe someone else has invested a cursed spirit.”


    Emi sighed and turned towards the first years- ever since her accident last year Gojo was less willing to send her out on her own and she could tell he meant well but it didn’t make it less annoying. With a heavy sigh she agreed.

    “Fine but you need to listen and not run into danger without me saying so. You’re eighteen now I’m sure you know what you are doing but I don’t want any casualties.”

    Yokohama is a very big area, the group of four (the three first years and one second year) groaning as they enter a cafe.

    “The city is too large we’ll never find them.” Nobara said falling into her seat.

    “We’ll have to make do for today, find a hotel to stay at.” Emi said face already smooshed into the table. Unbeknownst to them a young man perks up after listening to them and leans towards his seat mate to whisper.

    “But what if we don’t find them? It? What even are we looking for?” Yuji pouted, Megumi who wanted to give imput just huffed and shrugged.

    “As long as they aren’t like Emi or Yuji we should be fine yeah? We can get rid of them easier. If they are like you both we’ll have a whole debacle to deal with back in Tokyo.” Nobara said.

    “Excuse me-“ the waitress began before a man slid in beside the college students. The waitress sighed and turned towards another table.

    “Hello dear belladonnas my name is Osamu Dazai you seem to be having trouble why don’t we help, upstairs is a detective agency-“

    “No thanks.” The group of four says, the monotonous tone reverberating in the small booth.

    “I’m so sorry Dazai likes to insert himself in things he shouldn’t-“ a white haired man said exasperatedly. “He isn’t wrong though if you need help the detective agency is upstairs otherwise please have a good day.”

    “But Atsushi!”

    “No buts Kunikida will have our heads.” The growl that came from Atsushi’s throat made the group pause. That was far to animalistic to be human, and far to feral to be cursed… Emi sighed and locked eyes with Yuji.

    After working with Gojo and Emi Yuji has become quite good at figuring out curses just from their energy alone, ever since he was fifteen and had Sukuna become apart of him he knew he’d need to work hard to be able to keep himself alive… he knew that look, the one the second year was giving him meant they found something. With a quick glance towards Nobara and Megumi they all knew something just happened- and even the quiet musings of Sukuna stopped, he was… intrigued?

    A growl, so deep, quiet but audible and clearly something that detective was used to shouldn’t have been made by a human. Was the white haired man a curse? A demon? They couldn’t tell… maybe he is like Yuji and Emi? If that’s the case how annoying that means more work for them. Is the detective agency upstairs another group of Jujutsu sorcerers?

    No if they were Emi would have told them, Gojo would have told them. That man… was he their target?

    Oh man I’m sorry this is so shit lmao I’m sorry- so if you want me to write something properly (Emi is obvi the oc for JJK and you’ll get backstory if I do a proper story duh) just let me know I guess.

    #jjk#bsd #jujutsu kaisen x bungou stray dogs #jujutsu kaisen #bungou stray dogs #jjk oc #I’m sorry this is so bad
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  • mobang-ja
    17.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    fandom list

    𝕒/𝕟: welcome, welcome! these are the fandoms i write for. please keep in mind i will only write reader x chara and ONLY exception for a few ships. i write other fandoms, ask before requesting.

    -+> you can find more on my ao3.

    ↪ x reader

         ↳ ships: ONLY bumbleby, white rose, emercury, enabler (SFW).

    ↪ sfw and nsfw!

    ↪ top 5 characters i’ll write for:

          ✩ yang xiao long       ✩ blake belladonna       ✩ qrow

                          ▸ rest of the character list! ◂

    ↪ x reader

        ↳ ships: NONE.

    ↪ sfw and nsfw!

    ↪ top 3 characters i’ll write for:

           ◧ kurapika        ◧ chrollo lucilfer        ◧ feitan portor

                           ▸ rest of the character list! ◂

    ↪ x reader

      ↳ ships: ONLY inukago.

    ↪ sfw and nsfw!

    ↪ top 3 characters i’ll write for:

        ๑ inuyasha     ๑ sesshomaru     ๑ naraku

                           ▸ rest of the character list! ◂

    ↪ x reader

       ↳ ships: NONE.

    ↪ sfw and nsfw!

    ↪ top 3 characters i’ll write for:

         旦 ken kaneki      旦 juuzou suzuya      旦 uta

                           ▸ rest of the character list! ◂

    ↪ x reader

       ↳ ships: NONE.

    ↪ sfw and nsfw!

    ↪ top 3 characters i’ll write for:

           ✒ osamu dazai        ✒ fyodor dostoevsky        ✒ ryunosuke akutagawa

                          ▸ rest of the character list! ◂

    ↪ x reader

      ↳ ships: NONE.

    ↪ sfw and nsfw!

    ↪ top 3 characters i’ll write for:

           ♚ ciel phantomhive        ♚ sebastian michaelis        ♚ undertaker

                          ▸ rest of the character list! ◂

    ↪ x reader

       ↳ ships: NONE.

    ↪ sfw and nsfw!

    ↪ top 3 characters i’ll write for:

         ☯ shikamaru nara      ☯ kiba inuzaka      ☯ hidan

                          ▸ rest of the character list! ◂

    ↪ x reader

       ↳ ships: NONE.

    ↪ sfw and nsfw!

    ↪ top 3 characters i’ll write for:

         ⚔ levi ackerman      ⚔ eren yaegar      ⚔ armin arlert

                          ▸ rest of the character list! ◂

    ↪ x reader

       ↳ ships: NONE.

    ↪ sfw and nsfw!

    ↪ top 3 characters i’ll write for:

         ♨ souma yukihira      ♨ joriro yukihira      ♨ ryo kurokiba

                          ▸ rest of the character list! ◂

    ↪ x reader

      ↳ ships: NONE.

    ↪ sfw and nsfw!

    ↪ top 3 characters i’ll write for:

        ♜ mello     ♜ light yagami     ♜ l lawliet

                           ▸ rest of the character list! ◂

    ↪ x reader

       ↳ ships: NONE.

    ↪ sfw and nsfw!

    ↪ top 3 characters i’ll write for:

         ✜ giyuu tomioka      ✜ kyojuro rengoku      ✜ tengen uzui

                          ▸ rest of the character list! ◂

    ↪ x reader

      ↳ ships: NONE.

    ↪ sfw and nsfw!

    ↪ top 3 characters i’ll write for:

        ♱ akira fudo     ♱ ryo     ♱ miki kuroda

                         ▸ rest of the character list! ◂

           all rights reserved © mobang-ja / ❝have a great day!❞

    #anime#anime fanfic#anime fanfiction#anime fandom#fanfic#fanfiction#x reader#anime x #anime x poc!reader #anime x black!reader #anime x gn reader #anime x gender neutral reader #rwby x reader #hxh x reader #inuyasha x reader #tokyo ghoul x reader #bungo stray dogs x reader #bsd x reader #aot fanfiction #aot x reader #snk fanfiction #kny x reader #demon slayer x reader #devilman crybaby x reader #<<#fandom list #bm. d
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  • chronic-claire-universe
    28.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Claire’s 300 Special Event

    Hey sooth runners, Claire’s here for the 300 special event, here the rules and prompt list for you ❤

    Prompt  List:

    1.  Kiss 2.  Hug 3.  Cuddle 4.  Kitchen 5.  Spring 6.  Bed 8.  Shower 9.  Comb 10. Summer 11. Bikini 12. Dinner 13. Cold 14. Clothes 15. Challenge 16. Magic Spell 17. Punishment 18. Watch 19. Cat 20. School

    @jin-mowi​​ thanks for your idea ❤ 

    My dearest mutuals if you want to help spreading the word or just request, your help will be very appreciated: @noritoshiikamo​ , @sassyeahhhh​ @nkogneatho​ @inumaki-flakes​​ @fyodamn​​ @whorefordazai​​ @sugawara-sweetheart​​ @dazais-belladonna​​! I’ll be waiting 🥰

    #chatwithclaire#claire milestone #claire tag games #specialevent #hunter x hunter #my hero academia #jujutsu kaisen #sk8 the infinity #bungou stray dogs #haikyuu!! #anime x reader
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  • awoogayanderes
    23.05.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Bongou Stray Dogs Masterlist


    - My beautiful belladonna, how much I love you…


    - (Nothing here…yet)


    - (Nothing here…yet)


    - (Nothing here…yet)

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  • temporaryrose100
    05.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Thinking Someone Broke Into Your House [Part 1/2]

    Pairing: Osamu Dazai x Reader, Chuuya Nakahara x Reader
    Genre: Comedy
    Warning: Swearing
    Fandom: Bungou Stray Dogs

    ⚰️Osamu Dazai⚰️

    •It was late at night when you and your boyfriend were cuddled up next to each other. But you were woken up by a loud ass noise. Your eyes quickly opened as you heard the noise.

    •You got out of Dazai tight grip and stared at your bedrooms door for about 5 minutes before Dazai woken up. “What the matter Belladonna” your boyfriend said as he sat up while yawning.

    •When you told him about the noise and that someone might be in your house, Dazai would be teasing the shit out of you. Aww is his little Belladonna scared that so cute! “Dazai, please I’m scared...” you would say staring at your brown-haired boyfriend with fear in your eyes. Dazai looked at you before the door and frowned. No one can make his Belladonna scared. No one...

    •Before he got out of bed, Dazai gave you a quick kiss on top of your head and told you he was going to check it out. “Don’t worry Belladonna” Dazai started as he held your shaking body in his embrace. “I’ll see if there is someone and if there is they better hope I don’t find them...”

    •After about 5 long minutes of waiting for your boyfriend to give you okay you began hearing footsteps coming towards your bedroom. Not realising that it might be Dazai you got up from your bed, grabbed the bat that was next to your bed and ran over to the door. The only thing that ran through your mind was to protect yourself.

    •As the door opened you swung your bat right into the intruder's stomach not realising in time that it was Dazai. Your boyfriend fell to the ground and grunted in pain from being hit in the stomach. You let out a gap as you quickly dropped the bat and yourself to the ground. You began apologising profusely. You felt so bad. “I’m am so sorry Dazai, I thought you were-“

    •Before you could finish you were cut off by your boyfriend chuckling Weakly. This confused you. “At least we know you can protect yourself when I’m not here...” Dazai groaned out in pain.

    🍷Chuuya Nakahara🍷

    •It was 4 in the morning when you had heard something. Both you and Chuuya woke up when you had heard a loud bang coming from your living room. “Shit what was that?” Chuuya question as he looked at you shrugged your shoulders.

    •After a minute you both realized that someone was trying to get into your apartment. You both nodded at each other before getting out of bed. You took out the gun that was kept in your drawer and Chuuya had his ability. So you both had something to protect yourself.

    •You stood behind Chuuya as you both slowly walked out of your bed and to the living room. It was dead silent when got there. Everything looked the same. Nothing seemed unusual. Letting out a small sigh, you looked at your boyfriend. “I’ll go check in the kitchen” you said. Chuuya nodded before he continued to look around the living room double-checking that nobody was in your apartment.

    •You walked into the kitchen turning the lights on. You didn’t even more from your spot as looked around. No one was there. Like the living room, everything looked the same from when left it. “What was that noise them?” Not even a second later you heard a familiar loud bang before you heard your boyfriends voice yell “WHAT THE FUCK!?”

    •You ran out of the kitchen holding your gun tightly. You got back to the living room and saw Chuuya near a window glaring a something. You walked over to him with confused look. “Why are yelling?” You asked looking over the red hairs shoulder to see what he was glaring at. “Look down there!” Was all Chuuya said well yelled.

    •You looked down and saw about three teenagers that looked about sixteen, throwing rocks at your window. You were annoyed but not as annoyed as Chuuya was. He looked like he was about to blow a fuse. You were about to try and calm down your boyfriend but Chuuya had cut you off by opening the window and yell “OI, STOP THAT YOU LITTLE SHITS!”

    •After he said that one of the teens had thrown a rock Chuuya. It hit him square in the face. You cringed while the teens laugh hysterically. It’s like they want to get killed....“They're dead...” you heard your boyfriend mumble with a scowl on his face. You tried to calm Chuuya down but it didn’t work. He wouldn’t listen. “They're teenagers!” “And I don’t care!”

    •Next thing you know Chuuya is outside chasing after the teens. The cops had shown up because there had been a call that an angry-looking dwarf was chasing some kids while screaming and yelling that he was going to kill them...

    #bsd x reader #bungou stray dogs fanfiction #bungou stray dogs imagines #bungou stray dogs x reader #bungo stray dogs x reader #bsd#x reader #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #x y/n#y/n #x reader imagine #y/n imagine#imagines#bsd imagines#bsd chuuya #chuuya nakahara x reader #chuuya x reader #chuuya x y/n #chuuya nakahara x y/n #bsd dazai #dazai osamu x reader #dazai x reader #dazai x y/n #dazai osamu x y/n #fanficion#fanfic
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    03.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Lost in Space #30

    Howdy, Isolans! We have conducted an activity check for the month of April!

    If your character isn’t on this list, make sure to check this page to see how many stars that character has earned this month! Stars can be used for purchases at the marketplace.

    The blogs that were removed from the Isola Radiale masterlist are under the cut. Note that both blogs with broken links and deactivated accounts will be included both at the top of this list and in their proper categories.

    If you were removed in error, please simply send a re-application message. Several different people work on the activity checks, so it’s possible there are mistakes! If this happens to you, you will be able to keep everything you previously had, you just may be placed in a different residence.

    Our general activity rules regarding checks are as follows:

    Make at least two in-character posts during a calendar month (for instance, if the activity check is for January, have two in-character posts between the 1st and 31st of January).

    Only one meme response of 300+ words counts as activity.

    One-liners or minis not tagged #isola mini also do not count.

    Please Note: If you are removed during two consecutive activity checks, you will not be allowed to re-apply as that character for two calendar months.
    Additionally, anyone removed during the activity check will have a 12-hour window from the time of posting to re-claim their character. Any character not reclaimed during that period will be open to the community at large.
    Please send in your reapplications from the account of the character that was removed.

    Broken URLs

    Cissie Ann Allen (ORIGINAL CHARACTER)


    6  ( TOWNHOUSE 221)


    John  ( TOWNOUSE 209)


    The Penitent One ( APARTMENT 321)


    Dazai Osamu  ( HOUSE 113)


    Graham Calloway ( TOWNHOUSE 240)


    Richter Belmont ( APARTMENT 306)


    Harpy ( CONDO 409)


    Gru ( CONDO 425)


    Berserker (Florence Nightingale) ( APARTMENT 350)

    Rider of Red (Achilles) ( APARTMENT 350)


    Prompto Argentum ( APARTMENT 304)

    Warrior of Light (Black Mage - Kal'ihnia Ki'tsu) ( CONDO 462)

    Warrior of Light (Summoner - Cirina Kahkol) ( TOWNOUSE 214)


    Kamui (f) ( HOUSE 108)


    Kyo Sohma ( HOUSE 151)


    Jean Gunnhildr ( APARTMENT 353)

    Paimon ( TOWNHOUSE 241)


    Michael ( CONDO 409)


    Lucilius ( CONDO 441)


    Henry Stickmin ( TOWNHOUSE 232)


    Hornet ( HOUSE 152)

    The Radiance ( TOWNHOUSE 247)


    Doppo Kannonzaka ( TOWNHOUSE 230)

    Gentaro Yumeno ( APARTMENT 317)

    Jyuto Iruma ( HOUSE 107)

    Riou Mason Busujima ( HOUSE 102)


    Edgar Valden (Painter) ( TOWNHOUSE 208)

    Mike Morton (Acrobat) ( HOUSE 105)

    Norton Campbell (Prospector) ( TOWNHOUSE 238)


    Gyomei Himejima ( CONDO 467)


    Susie ( TOWNHOUSE 222)


    Dani Ardor ( APARTMENT 321)


    Speed Of Sound Sonic ( HOUSE 105)


    Alarian ( HOUSE 158)

    Carina 'Cassy' Aegir 

    Cissie Ann Allen (BROKEN LINK) ( APARTMENT 323)

    Herman Rasulov & Dmitrii ( CONDO 419)


    Jamison Fawkes (Junkrat) ( HOUSE 150)


    Leon ( CONDO 401)

    Piers ( APARTMENT 315)


    Lio Fotia ( TOWNHOUSE 214)


    Adam Taurus ( APARTMENT 318)

    Blake Belladonna ( HOUSE 105)


    Sal Fisher ( CONDO 408)


    King Knight (King Knight’s House, GOLDEN)


    Alice ( TOWNHOUSE 249)


    Marisa Kirisame (CONDO 414)

    Remilia Scarlet ( CONDO 454)

    Toyosatomimi no Miko ( CONDO 424)


    Rung ( TOWNHOUSE 240)


    Cater Diamond ( TOWNHOUSE 219)

    Malleus Draconia ( TOWNHOUSE 231)

    Vil Schoenheit ( TOWNHOUSE 208)

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  • explosion-queen
    29.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    (#)Tag list

    Tags I use

    lu's mail (un-named/visiting anons)

    lu's thank you notes (the lovely heart melting notes anons send me)

    lu's announcements (updates and weird things about my day/on coming things)

    lu's randomness (as it says, pure chaotic things i come up with when I'm procrastinating or bored)

    lu's mini breakdowns

    lu answers

    lu.tag game


    tags for non-anons so far (mostly my mutual's interacting with me - you can request a different # than what I give initially).

    immortal interaction @jadegreenimmortality

    pompom interaction @pompompurin1028

    dazai's belladonna interaction (decided this instead of Dazai's whore like the user name) @whorefordazai

    smad interaction @smadhuman

    neighborhood L interaction (I'm so uncreative with tag names, I'm sorry) @neighborhoodfriendlysimp

    shiny interaction @shiny84244

    Atsushi interaction (not anon) @a-young-weeb

    star interaction @starglow-xx

    rown🙂 interaction @missrown

    milkbread interaction @milkbreadd-d

    tags for emoji/name/character anon

    none :(

    i would like some anons please...

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