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    18.06.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    canceling plans is ok. nearly killing your father figure's son is ok. staging an android uprising is ok. do whatever u need to do to cope

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  • nothing-but-dreamy
    18.06.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    ON THE EDGE ~ Pt. 9

    A/N: I'm sorry for the long wait. But I hope it was worth it. Have fun :)

    Characters: Gavin Reed x fem!Reader

    Warnings: cursing

    Words: 2.340

    The next morning, once again, yn went early to the police station in hope she would find Connor. And she was right. Like the day before, the android was already there, sitting at his desk, checking some files at a fast pace. She approached him slowly, still searching for the right words, "Good morning.", yn said softly with a careful smile.

    Connor looked up with a warm smile, "Hey, good morning. You wanna talk, right?", he asked softly, already knowing what would follow.

    Yn felt guilty as she saw Connor's eyes. He was so nice and handsome but sometimes that wasn't just enough, "Yeah… Listen, Connor, I… I like you. I really do. But not in this way-"

    Connor raised his hand to stop her, "You belong to Gavin. I get that. Hank meant that you accepted your feelings the same way like I have become a deviant. First, you had to discover what there was before you could understand your feelings.", he said matter of factly but still smiling. As yn had followed Gavin the day before, Hank had explained it to the android. For some time, there had been a certain dynamic between them. Like a bond. Connor understood it. He had noticed it as well. He had seen the same between North and Markus. For him there was no reason to step between two people who belonged to each other.

    Yn was surprised but it was indeed suitable, "Wow.. yeah… I- I guess you could say it that way. I just didn't know about it until now. I'm sorry.", she said and hoped he would accept her apology.

    But Connor smiled reassuringly, "Don't worry. I understand that.. well, I don't understand what you see in him-", he said and looked around yn.

    She followed his glance and both watched how Gavin came in. Yn smiled softly. He looked a bit better, still tired but better. Suddenly, she felt excited to see him. Remembering last night…

    Connor caught her attention again as he spoke up, "...but I will accept it. We... We can still be friends, right?", he asked hopefully.

    She smiled broadly, "Of course! You won't get rid of me so easily.", and to underline her words, she hugged the android.

    After that, Yn walked over to Gavin who leant casually against his desk, checking the file of the operation 'JoJo' once again. He smiled broadly as she approached him, "Good morning, Detective Reed. I'm not sure if you're aware of that but you have something in your face."

    Gavin looked confused and started rubbing his face, "What? Where? There's nothing.", he said a moment later.

    "Sure! Right there. I guess, 'normal' people would call it a happy smile.", yn said grinning.

    Gavin rolled with his eyes but was smiling again, "Very funny. Oh, I have something for you."

    "W-what?", yn was surprised and watched curiously how Gavin grabbed something from behind his back. It was a cardboard cup of coffee from her most favourite Café in town, "Oh, thanks. That's so sweet of you.", yn said with a huge smile. Usually he did this move on special occasions like her birthday. But this time, it was different. It meant something different.

    Gavin stepped forward, "Turn the cup around.", he whispered. It was as if they were in a bubble - just the two of them.

    Yn turned the cup in her hand and her smile went even bigger. She even blushed a bit much to Gavin’s surprise. Since he knew her, he had never seen her being this 'girly-like'. Especially, because what he had done wasn’t such a big deal in his eyes. On the spot where usually the name of the customer got written was 'dream girl' scribbled. Next to the nickname was a heart.

    "Gavin, that’s so sweet.", yn whispered and saw Gavin's love filled eyes sparkle because of her reaction. She lowered her voice, "You know, if you would have pulled off something like this earlier I might have checked something.", yn said with a wink before she walked to her desk.

    Gavin chuckled, "Yeah, that was what I tried to prevent, you remember?"

    "Well, but who knows how much coffee I would have got from you by now.", she said grinning.

    Gavin's smile changed into a devilish smirk. He took a small note, crumpled it in his hand to a ball and threw it against yn. He didn't hit her. Instead, the small ball bounced from the cup in yn’s hand and hit Chris' forehead as he passed yn. Chris looked up confused and both yn and Gavin acted as if nothing had happened while they tried to suppress a grin.


    Captain Fowler stood in the door of his office. As Hank noticed him, Fowler nodded to signal him to join him in his office. Connor went over to yn and Gavin to go over the plan of the operation 'JoJo', the name was just too silly not to get used.

    Hank closed the office door and joined his boss who stood in front of the glass to watch over the office.

    "The operation is almost fully planned. Just a few things are left. But with Captain Allen and his unit, we won't have any problems.", Hank said.

    Fowler nodded, his eyes observing yn and the two men. While she explained something, both were listening to her, "She has this team under control, hasn't she?”, he said, acknowledging all of her actions so far.

    “Oh, yeah. She has some true magical powers.”, Hank said proudly.

    “It's also helpful that Reed admitted his feelings to her, finally.”, Fowler said and noticed how Hank stared at him.

    “But… how…? You knew about that?” Hank asked, visibly surprised.

    Fowler just smirked knowingly, "Of course. It wasn't that hard to see. Yn is such a good Detective, I was surprised that she never noticed something."

    Hank looked at the small group. A question came into his mind regarding the rules when it came to relationships at work, "So are you gonna separate them later?"

    Fowler looked at his old friend, "And having a raging Reed running around here? I don't think so. I like the peace-"

    "Watch it, asshole!", Gavin barked as an officer dropped a bunch of files to the Detective's feet.

    Fowler shook his head as he saw Hank's side glance and smirk, "...you know what I mean.", Fowler said and went back to his desk.

    Hank observed his team a moment longer. They all had done a great job and he was sure the operation would be successful.


    Operation ‘JoJo’ caused even Captain Allen’s team to chuckle. While yn stood grinning in the conference room filled with amused guys, trying to explain the plan to them, Gavin watched her amazed. He was still surprised how everything had changed so fast. The day before, he had tried to kill Connor and now, he stood across the room, watching yn who always started to grin when her eyes fell on the nickname on the cup of coffee. It was just a coffee he had brought and yet, she reacted more to it than she had to the flowerpot of Connor. Once again, Gavin grinned stupidly and tried to hide it.

    As Hank began to speak, the room was calmer again and the attention with him, “Captain Allen, Detective Reed, Connor and I will go inside. Detective Y/L/N will observe the whole operation from the outside.”, he said, looking at yn who nodded in confirmation.

    Captain Allen stepped forward, “Jones, Tenner, you two will stay with Detective Y/L/N. The others will surround the warehouse. Hastings and Benner, you will join us to go inside. We will launch the attack all at once so no one can escape.”, he said authoritatively. All his men were nodding understanding. Allen looked at his men, “Any questions?”, Allen asked but there was none. The plan was clear: no shooting unless it was necessary. It was an operation to arrest the dealer and the boss to blow up a drug nest.

    As everything was clear, Allen’s team got up and cleared the room to get ready. In two hours, the operation would start. The next meeting would be at eight and they had to make sure that all of the suspects would be there before they could strike. Connor and Hank left the room and only then, Gavin walked over to yn who collected the files, “You still wanna stay outside missing all the fun?”, he asked with a smirk.

    “Yes, like I have promised you that. But it’s a one time thing. The next time, I’m in the middle of the rodeo no matter what.”, yn said jokingly but as she saw Gavin’s expression she stepped forward laying her hands on his chest and searching his eyes, “What is it? And don’t you dare to run away or to say ‘nothing’. Speak with me, please. Do you still feel guilty?”, she asked and as he looked away she knew she was right, “No matter what I say, I can’t change that, right?”

    Slowly, Gavin shook his head before he matched her glance, “It’s not that I wouldn’t try to move past it but I… I have this dream…”, he admitted and embraced her softly around her waist. He didn’t care if anyone would see them. He had waited too long to have her close and now, no one would get between him and her.

    “Dream? What dream?”, yn asked surprised. It was the first time she heard something about a dream.

    “About the case and how you got … shot. It’s haunting me. Almost every night, I dream about how you pushed me away and how you laid there bleeding. I can’t get the pictures out of my head because I…I-”, but her soft hand on his cheek stopped him. He closed his eyes as he felt her touch.

    “I know, I can’t stop you from feeling guilty but I’m here for you. I will listen to you when you wanna talk. Just don’t shut me out, please. We will get through this together.”, she whispered. She smiled as she saw Gavin looking at her.

    With his thumb and index finger, he grabbed her chin carefully to raise it up before he kissed her lovely, “I like the way you say ‘we’.”, he whispered.


    Even if yn became more and more jittery the closer they got to the warehouse, she stayed outside as planned. The docks were dark and from some distance, they had watched how cars had stopped and parked until everyone had entered the warehouse. Yn observed how Allen’s men sneaked through the shadows around the warehouse. To watch this tactical team move was always a pleasure. As Allen got the information that his men were ready, Allen and Hank took the lead of her team to position in front of the door. Nervously, yn watched how Gavin and the others ran over the open place, how they stopped at the door before Allen kicked it open. She could hear the typical DPD-instructions calling through the night while from the other side Allen’s men were stopping a few guys from escaping. Not one shot was necessary, and yn felt relieved to know that her friends weren’t in any danger AND she was proud that their plan had worked out this well.

    Jones and Tenner helped their colleagues to store away the arrested dealers in the cars while yn watched the scene. Everyone considered the operation as over until yn noticed a movement on the right side of the warehouse. A tall guy sneaked out of a hole behind a stone. And even from a distance, yn noticed that it was the boss. Obviously, he was able to escape or to hide inside until he could crawl through this sideway. Her team was still inside and Allen’s guys were busy with the already arrested men. Yn knew the longer she would just stand there the more it was possible for the boss to disappear with one of the cars.

    Without thinking, Yn grabbed her gun and ran after the fleeing guy, “DPD! Stop and hands up.”, she called out, the guy stopped surprised, turned around, looked at her and raised his own gun to aim at her.

    Two shots were echoing through the night. Gavin was just about to close the handcuffs around the wrists of a henchman as his head shot up in fear of what was going on out there, “Yn!”, Gavin breathed. In the next second, Gavin ran out of the warehouse. He got followed by Hank, Connor and Allen. All four men stopped on the pavement. Eyes glued at yn who slowly lowered her gun.

    Gavin ran over to her, grabbing her shoulders with a concerned expression on his face and turning her over to him, “What happened? Have you shot?”

    “This bitch shot me! She tried to kill me! She's crazy!”, the boss called out who was lying on the ground.

    Yn looked from Gavin to the boss, “Crazy? Yes. But if I would have wanted to kill you, you would be dead by now. I never miss my prey.”, she said with a grin, storing away her weapon and relaxing while she winked at Gavin who relaxed as well, just very slowly.

    “You shot me in the foot!”, the boss called out again, this time holding his foot in his hand protectively.

    "Of course. I told you to stop and you threatened me with your gun. I’m just a much better shooter than you are.", Yn said grinning. She looked at Hank who stepped forward, "He sneaked out of a side door behind a stone as you were busy inside."

    “Good job.”, Hank said with a proud grin and patted her shoulder.

    Gavin embraced her, bringing her close, “Hell! And I thought you would be safe out there.”, he said relieved.

    “You know what? Me too.”, yn admitted. She was slightly shaking and glad to have Gavin by her side.

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    18.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    My pride month hcs for dbh!

    Connor: Aromantic Asexual, any pronouns, uses the nonbinary label

    Markus: Pansexual, uses he/they pronouns

    Kara: Bisexual with a preference for men, she/her pronouns

    North: Bisexual with a preference for women, she/they pronouns

    Simon: G a y, he/him pronouns

    Josh: Omnisexual, he/him pronouns

    Hank: Bisexual, Nonbinary with he/they pronouns.

    Gavin: Aromantic Asexual, he/him pronouns

    Kamski: Aromantic Heterosexual, he/they pronouns

    Ralph: Panromantic Asexual, he/they/it pronouns

    Nines: Aromantic Asexual, Agender with it/it's pronouns, basically, if someone asked it how it identified it'd say "no <3"

    And since we're talkin bout pride month and identities, lemme share mine

    Hello, my name is Connor, I'm a transgender man, I use he/it pronouns and I'm Aromantic and Pansexual

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    18.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hank, Alcohol, and Regret


    I wrote something for once! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything (Mental Health went pooey) so I hope you guys like it!

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    18.06.2021 - 3 hours ago
    When I saw you, I fell in love.
    And you smiled, because you knew.

    –William Shakespeare

    Mod from: Connara | DBH

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    Hey Alexa, how do I tell my therapist that my only real method of self-control is imagining my fictional robot boyfriend(s) being alarmed about my bad decisions?

    #this IS about DBH #but also Mr. Data #sometimes also David 8 #OH AND RACHEL LIKE VERY FREQUENTLY
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    18.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Ralph wins a big plushie from a game at Pirate’s Cove and promptly falls asleep on it once he returned home 🐻

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  • doesitsparkjoytho
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    I'd never chosen the "go back" option so this is new to me!

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    #Webby Writes#dbh fanfic#DBH#dbh connor#Hankcon #sort of? #dbh hank anderson #detroit: become human #detroit become human #fanfiction#angst fic#hannor#machine connor
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    I’m tired and changed the colours on this way too many times

    Connor blacklight blue glow stuff

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    18.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Detroit: Become Human !! MASTERLIST

    "!!" means DISCLAIMER.

    RK800 (Connor)

    Coming soon...


    Coming soon...

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  • enkisstories
    18.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Carlos: “I noticed Mr. Phillips’ LED has turned yellow, but there was no visible damage...”

    Gavin: “We didn’t so much as lay a finger on him.”

    Carlos: “But an android LED doesn’t lie! He is hurting... in his heart, maybe?"

    Gavin: “How would I know? My job is to shred the plastic when it’s served its purpose. I’m not an expert on how it feels while it’s still alive.”

    Carlos: “You don’t have to be an expert. Just tell me how Phillips is holding up in general! He’s strict, I noticed. To a larger degree than is expected. I wonder...”

    Gavin: “What’s your angle? Just spit it out!”

    Carlos: “If you guys were mistreated, that would be cause for instant replacement of Phillips in his position.”

    And then the android would could never become a citizen. Even the prisoners in their shack would be more free than Daniel. For destroying the Andersons’ future, he’d pay with his own and all it took was telling the truth.

    Gavin: “David gets his substitute drug on time (because Enki finally remembered that he’s supposed to be a junkie in this AU, oops).”

    Carlos: “So his survivial is ensured, okay. But how about the rest of your living conditions? This isn’t medieval toss-in-and-forget dungeon anymore, there are regulations for the keepers as well as for the kept. Anything we might want to know?”

    Gavin: “Look, officer, you must have profiles on all of us at the DPD? Mine should say “highly bribeable, knows no loyalty”, so come back when you have something along the lines of a detective bagde and a fat pension to offer. Then I may give you some dirty laundry on Phillips.”

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  • enkisstories
    18.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    One of these days after Daniel’s change Carlos visited the quarry to check on the convicts and their social worker.

    Carlos: “Wow, running a tight ship here, are you? Would it kill you to let me chat up Connor for a moment?”

    Daniel: “You can flirt with your sexbot when his shift is over. Or if you want to stay, find a free fabricator and start sliding menus!”

    Carlos muttered something and then went back outside.

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  • enkisstories
    18.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Gavin: “Not ticklish seems to need to be taken scarily literally, when it comes to androids...”

    Daniel: “Stop spouting nonsense and COME HERE! I feel as if invisible hands were grasping for me from all directions! Is that anxiety?”

    Gavin: “Nah. Anxiety is what makes you wear that stupid shirt’n tie at day.”

    Daniel: “Grrr! Insinuating I need to cover up insecurities? I’m not! I’m in charge!”

    Gavin: “The only thing you’re in charge of is the board meeting of all your insecurities. Because they have unionized!”

    Daniel: “You haven’t said that for nothing! Let’s see how you’ll look with black eyes!”

    Gavin: “Pfft! You never fought me fair! The one time you bested me, it was only because you shot the inflatable flamingo I was dozing on!”

    Daniel: “This...” *laughs* “...was tense until you mentioned the flamingo.”

    Gavin: “‘C’mere, shithead! You know what? You need to loosen up!”

    Daniel: “I KNOW, idiot! Pray tell me HOW!”

    Gavin: “Maybe I’ll take one for the team and do just that. You... But, nope, not tonight.”

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  • enkisstories
    18.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Daniel had changed for the worse, but two things hadn’t changed: Him being the only one with a weapon and a direct connection to the governor. Making a move against the guard android was dangerous, even with the Anderson gang having the numeric advantage.

    But they still had “Daniela”, the hand-sewn voodoo doll. One evening (and with the help of a cup of coffee) Gavin felt bold enough to pull it out again.

    There had been a brief time when Gavin Reed had wondered what Daniel’s plastic skin might feel against his own. He’d almost been ready to try it out. But these notions were in the past now. Now they were enemies again.

    Gavin: “Does little Daniela want to get tickled? No? Out of luck, then, because here goes...” *tickle, tickle*

    Daniel: “Gavin...? That you at the coffee maker?”

    Gavin: *tickle, tickle*

    Daniel: “Could you come over here for a moment? I’m not feeling too well...”

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