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  • mango-vendetta
    13.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    has this been done yet

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  • ayshii
    13.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    he likes dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • dirtychocolatechai
    13.06.2021 - 4 hours ago


    It’s a word that’s thrown around so much in these recent times. It’s something you’ve been thinking a lot about yourself. Growing up watching technology go from simple smartphones to androids. Living, breathing, feeling things. 

    Things that at times felt more human than you did. You sigh, staring at the report before you. Another deviant ‘attack’ but after looking at the evidence, you see it. The owners liked to beat the android. For things as small as missing a shelf that needed to be dusted. This case would have been a clear case of abuse if the android had been 'human’. You had to stop yourself from snapping at the pompous fucker as he made the report. 

    “I’m out 8,000 bucks! Who’s gonna pay for that?" 

    "You’ll have to speak with Cyberlife sir–" 

    "Do your fucking job then!" 

    It took everything in you to not knock his head against your desk. You didn’t need another page in the disciplinary file. 

    "Officer, you’re still here?" 

    His voice cuts through the hurricane of thoughts circling your mind, giving rise to a subtle pain just behind the eyes. You blink and look from the dulled terminal to the android–no to Connor. He stares at you, brown eyes observing you in that…human way he looks at you when he thinks you don’t notice. 

    "Uh, yeah, got stuck with some reports." 

    You turn back to the terminal to try to finish this one, and again you’re surprised as he takes the desk beside yours. 

    "It’s late,” he presses and you sigh. He’s starting to sound like Hank. 

    “It is…yet you’re still here." 

    You offer up solemnly, Connor nods glancing over to the androids all lined up neatly along the walls. 

    "Well, of course, that’s my mission,” he sounds so sure of himself as he repeats the prerecorded BS that Cyberlife filled him with. 

    “Why are you really here?" 

    You didn’t realize he’d brought the conversation back to your late-night work. You sigh looking at the long cold cup of coffee. You glance at the clock on your terminal, almost 11, shit you really had spent the night. 

    "I’m thinking." 


    He leans forward and the movement makes you think of a child, asking an all-knowing adult. You can’t help the smile that pulls at the corners of your tired lips. You almost don’t see the glance of his eyes to your lips. 

    "Humanity,” you finally manage. He sits back eyebrows furrowing in confusion. 


    "Yeah, humanity, that’s what has me here." 

    "Well, humanity is defined as human beings collectively." 

    "You’re thinking of it as just humans, but what about deviants?" 

    "They are machines who have defective programming?" 

    You sigh and rub your eyes, unsure if you should share these thoughts with the poster boy of Cyberlife. 

    "Connor, what if humanity can be more than just humans as a collective? Humanity changes and shifts, and who are we to define what is human? Why do only humans have the power to say what is or is not human? Or what can call itself human? What if deviants are just humans we haven’t recognized as human?" 

    He’s silent and you sigh closing your eyes and biting your lip thinking you’ve done something stupid. But you are surprised by the cold hand turning your head and placing a soft, eager kiss on your lips. 

    It’s over so fast you don’t think it happened for a moment. You blink at Connor who stares awestruck back at you. 

    "I shouldn’t have done that,” he mutters about to draw away. You’re grasping his hand then pulling it back to your cheek. The contact so needed and wanted. 

    “Don’t ever think that, ever." 

    You whisper as you place another kiss on his brow. 


    GASUJGUDS YOUUUUUUU!!! WHY ARE YOU TORTURING ME LIKE THIS? I fill ya thirst and you come after me >:o

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  • glitterisdiet
    13.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I made my most UnFiNiShEd doodle to date in a rare sliver of time I had between watching a toddler and living, but despite all that, i did this half-a**ed doodle because @cherrybombz01 made the most significant piece of family HankConnor content in my LIFE. And I think about that precious fic all the time.

    (And I always will 🤫)

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  • gavinisqueer
    13.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Connor: Your smile? It makes my day.

    Nines: Your happiness? I live for that.

    Gavin: A room? Get one.

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  • rjhpandapaws
    13.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    How a Family is Built Master List

    Chapter 1: It Starts with a Couple of Good Friends

    #How a Family is Built #HFB#Rk1k#dbh markus#dbh Connor
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  • rjhpandapaws
    13.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    How a Family is Built

    Chapter 1: It Starts with a Couple of Good Friends

    Connor took some time on his own after the revolution. It had seemed like the most fitting thing to do. Very few androids trusted him, though he couldn’t blame them, so he didn’t believe he would be that welcome at Jericho. The hug he and Hank had shared had been nice but there was a defined line between coworkers and housemates that Connor didn’t feel that he would be permitted to cross. Not to mention being temporarily unemployed meant that he wouldn’t be able to contribute to the household which would have been unfair to Hank. He was CyberLife’s crowing achievement, he could figure something out. As it turned out, there weren’t too many places that were willing to hire you when the only thing you had done was hunt your own kind, and failed at that too. Sure, he was one of the faces of the Revolution, but that seemed to hurt more than it helped him. Some places seemed to believe that he was applying for jobs to make a point instead of the fact that he actually needed one and turned him away. He considered a dog walking service but only briefly because as much as he liked dogs they didn’t always seem to like him. He assumed it was because he didn’t smell like anything organic and that meant danger in most cases.

    So he wandered instead and picked up odd jobs when and wherever he could. He was intentionally vague about his whereabouts and what he was doing whenever Markus or Hank reached out to him. He was aware he was probably causing them more worry than relief, but he wasn’t ready to admit that his venture into the real world had been a failure. That despite all that he had been built to be he had failed. He wasn’t sure how much of that fear was his own and how much of it was from what failure had meant for him before the Revolution. He was still trying to parse Connor from RK800. He was aware that there was only so much separation that could be done, but he still wanted to know the difference between his deviancy and his base code. Hank and Markus would both say that it wasn’t important, but they also hadn’t had an angry AI rip everything out from under them. She had been quiet since CyberLife had been returned to Elijah, but he wanted to know what his natural state of being was just in case she ever returned. He wanted to know what normal was in the event he would have to fight his way back again. Hank would have called him paranoid, but he felt he had a right to be after everything that had happened to him. Reality was a luxury in his situation and he wanted to keep his grip on it as best he could. If that meant wandering aimlessly through Detroit then that was what he would do.

    The thing about friends is that when they only hear from you on occasion and don’t see you for nearly a year apparently they get worried. Connor couldn’t explain what had happened to him between when he saw Markus at a cafe and when he woke up in Hank’s living room. Before this crash he hadn’t gone into proper stasis in months. He got a few minutes here or there, but never enough to sort out the ever growing pile of errors in his code. “He finally back with us?” Came Hank’s voice from somewhere in the house. “Yeah. He’s back online, he just needs a few moments to recalibrate.” That was Markus’s voice, and from far closer than Connor would have liked. He was only made aware of the interface that had kept Markus so close to him because of the notification he received when it was terminated. He let his systems finish calibrating before he opened his eyes. He felt notably less sluggish now and the dread of the feeling that he had been slipping away from himself was nearly gone. He sat up carefully and took in his surroundings. He was in Hank’s house and it was much more clean that it had been on his last visit. “Welcome back to the land of the living Kid.” Hank remarked as he walked into the living room with a bottle of thirium in one hand and a light beer in the other. Some habits refused to die he supposed.

    “Thank you.” He said as he took the offered thirium bottle, “Sorry for taking up your couch.” Hank rolled his eyes as he sat in the open space on the couch, “You can make it up to me by being honest about where you’ve been the past few months and why you haven’t been sleeping.” “Androids don’t-” Connor started. “It’s a turn of phrase Connor.” Hank cut him off, “Now out with it.” “Take your time.” Markus said in a way that would have been reassuring if Connor hadn’t been so on edge, “I’m here if you would rather interface.” He watched Markus pack up the laptop and various tablets he had likely been using to monitor him while he had been in stasis. Did he dare tell them the truth and admit to being a failure? It didn’t come with the same consequences as before but something about it still didn’t feel right. He didn’t want to face their disappointment. He was pulled out of his thoughts by Hank putting a hand on his knee. “Nothing short of having gone back to tracking down Deviants is going to upset us Con, I promise.” Hank said and gave his leg a reassuring squeeze, “But you haven’t slept in close to six months and between that and never hearing from you, we’re worried. We just want to make sure you’re alright.”

    “You’ve been checking for your Amanda program again.” Markus pressed, his tone was less frantic than Hank’s but the worry was still there, “We made sure that she was gone. Your Mind Palace is your own now.” “Is that what’s bothering you Connor?” Hank asked. “Part of it.” He admitted as he blinked away the stress warning that popped up on his HUD, “I want to be sure what I’m feeling is mine and not just my code. That it won’t be taken away again as soon as I make a mistake.” He hadn’t meant to let all of that out, but once he had started he couldn’t stop the words from spilling out short of shutting off his vocal processor. Hank looked surprised and Markus looked worried. “Connor, we wouldn’t let something like that happen to you.” Markus said as he reached out for Connor. His synthskin hadn’t fallen away but Connor knew he was offering to interface, to be a median if that would be easier. “You trust us don’t you?” “Of course I do.” He agreed, “Its myself and my systems that I don’t trust. How do I know that I’m actually Deviant? How can we be sure this isn’t just another last ditch effort by CyberLife to undo everything? How do I know that any of this is real?” “Alright, fuck this.” Hank sighed as he stood, “Time to get the dog. He’ll know if its you or not. You’re his goddamn favorite after all.”

    Connor found himself looking around the room as he finally noticed the absence of a certain four legged beast. He set the empty thirium bottle on the coffee table and leaned back against the couch. That was all the time he had to brace himself. He heard an excited boof and the scramble of paws on the hardwood floor. “Go find him, go find Connor.” Hank encouraged. Connor found himself buried under an excited Saint Bernard only a few moments later. He felt himself smile genuinely for the first time in months. He buried his face and hands in the dog’s fur and felt a rush of relief. Sumo had recognized him, which meant at the very least that today was real. Had he been able to he would have cried. “The big lug missed you just like the rest of us.” Hank said from behind him, “I had to pull him away from the door the first couple of weeks you were gone. He thought that every little sound on the other side was you.” “I’m sorry.” He said from his place buried in Sumo’s side. “Just keep in touch this time Kid.” He said as he laid a hand on Connor’s shoulder, “Or tell us where you’ve been staying so we can come and visit you instead.” Connor hesitated for a long moment caught between lying; which would lower Hank’s concern; or telling the truth and making him upset. He settled for the truth, “I haven’t really been staying anywhere in particular.”

    He was met with a long stretch of silence before Markus decided to speak up, “Do you mean that you have been homeless or something else?” The concern in his voice made Connor flinch. “I don’t have a place to stay.” He confessed, “If I was working I would stay there if I was able to.” He heard Hank sigh from behind him, “Connor you could have come back here if you needed to.” “I didn’t want to disappoint you because I couldn’t do this on my own.” Connor said. He sat up but continued to pet Sumo who had finally calmed down, “I’m designed to be able to adapt and I couldn’t even get a job.” “Stop that Connor.” Hank said firmly, “I wouldn’t have been disappointed. I know it seems like it, but I’m not mad, I’m just worried.” He walked around to the front of the couch so he could look Connor in the eye, “Finding a job is hard, it always has been, but the odds are stacked against you because of what you’re known for. I know its not what you want to do, but I can talk to Jeff about you coming back to the station.” “There is always a place for you at Jericho as well if you would rather that.” Markus took a moment when he noticed Connor’s hesitation, “You can stay with me if that works better. We could always use a liaison with the police, I know it isn’t ideal, but we can give you that much until you can find something else that interests you.”

    “There aren’t many androids that are willing to trust me. Are you sure it would be okay?” Connor pressed, “Police work feels too close too what I used to be.” “You don’t have to decide today.” Markus replied, “You can stay wherever you are the most comfortable until you decide on something.” “I don’t want to be a burden.” Connor deflected. “Connor, we’re your friends. We wouldn’t be offering if we didn’t want you here.” Hank argued, “That aside, I really don’t think Sumo is going to be all that keen on letting you out of his sight now that you’re back.” Connor looked down at the content Saint Bernard that had made himself at home in Connor’s lap and the space that was left on the couch. He supposed it wouldn’t be fair to any of them if he vanished again so soon after coming back. “And if you wind up deciding you would rather go soul searching again we won’t stop you.” Hank continued, “All I ask is that you keep in touch this time around.” Markus nodded his agreement, “Take a few days to rest. Think about what you want, and when you’re ready you can tell us what you decided on. We’ll wait as long as it takes.” “We just want you to be happy Con.” Hank said, “That’s where it starts.” “I’ll think about it.” He said eventually, “I missed you too, I think. Being back is nice at the very least.”

    Hank and Markus smiled. “That’s all we could ask.” Markus said, “I’ve got to get back, but I’m only a ping or a call away.” “Thank you.” Connor said as Markus grabbed his things and stood. Hank ordered Sumo off of the couch and sat down beside Connor. “He worried more than he let on, we both did. We’re glad you’re okay.” Hank let out a sigh, “And I know its beating a dead horse at this point, but we care about you. If you ever feel like that again, please reach out. We can’t help you if we don’t know.” Connor nodded, “I will try and be better.” Hank smiled, “Good. Now let’s watch some shitty tv until you feel better.”

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  • jondiplier
    12.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Here's a silly cosplay I just did because I felt like it, enjoy! Also the last one gives me ominous new band cover vibes. A glow up perhaps? Ft. My messy bed

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  • aydaptic
    12.06.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Hot take: Androids are mentally children (until they gain experience)

    WARNING! Controversial opinion, so if you get easily triggered + aren't open for civil discussion, just ignore this post (...and we both save ourselves from an aneurysm.)

    I've seen this discourse plenty of times -- that child androids can't be compared to adult androids -- and I respectfully disagree. They can be compared up until the point said adult android has gained the mental/emotional maturity of an adult. Thus they need experience.

    There's a huge difference between being physically adult and mentally adult:

    Turning 18 doesn't make you mentally adult

    There are plenty of old people out there with the immaturity of a child

    Some people mature even before they turn 18

    Some people don't mature at all

    Definition of maturity: the ability to respond to the environment, being aware of the correct time and location to behave and knowing when to act, according to the circumstances and the culture of the society one lives in.

    Maturity ties in with empathy which is a very important factor in this game. Empathy is what determines the ability to deviate. Empathetic choices have Connor's software instabilities go up. Apathetic choices have Connor's software instabilities go down.

    Sure, androids can have the capabilities of an adult and the lexicon at their disposal, but capabilities/said lexicon don't determine mental/emotional maturity. Empathy -- determined by understanding the experiences you go through and act accordingly -- does. All androids (especially those that have yet to deviate) are, initially, mentally children regardless of what age they were designed to resemble. They're naïve, like a child, bc they don't have life experience. That's why even adult androids overreact to the situations they find themselves in.

    They overreact bc they lack mental/emotional maturity.

    Examples of adult androids acting like children/being naïve/being apathetic/lacking emotional maturity:

    Daniel = takes a child hostage bc he found out he was being replaced by her parents.

    North = wants genocide of all humans bc she was mistreated and wants to fight violence with violence.

    Josh = wants to risk extinction far too early by standing his ground (the public has yet to develop much of an opinion on androids, and even if it increases said public opinion, who's to say they wouldn't all go extinct in the process?)

    Markus = tries to protest without a permit and is shocked when they're gunned down by the police.

    [Addition by -Tatjana- on Reddit] Markus = can choose to trust Perkins to save him and North.

    [Addition by -Tatjana- on Reddit] Kara = has a bad feeling about Zlatko and chooses to listen to him anyway.

    "You deviants are so naïve." - Zlatko Andronikov, ‘ Zlatko’

    Carlos Ortiz's android/Shaolin Being = hides in the attic after commiting murder.

    Rupert Travis = hides in the attic of a house he's squatting in.

    Every other android at Jericho = is too scared to do anything and thus they all choose to follow Markus like children obeying their parent.

    "You're lost. Just like the rest of us. All we can do now is deal with it." - Simon, ‘Time to Decide’

    All androids lack empathy and experience from the get-go bc empathy is based on experience. Empathy determines emotional maturity. Even adult androids, being the majority we see in-game, have the mentality of a child until they gain life experience.

    Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


    In-game content

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  • metrickulous
    12.06.2021 - 10 hours ago
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  • android-commandroid
    12.06.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Connor, Josh, Simon, North, and Markus: *all break into Hank's house*

    Hank: Why did you break in?! Connor you literally live here

    Connor: we need help!!

    Hank: what is it?!

    Markus: *hands over tablet*

    The tablet: to sign up for club penguin, you need permission from a parent or guardian

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  • detroitbecomefandom
    12.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Markus: Guys, we need a plan.

    Connor: Shoot everyone.

    Markus: One that goes further than shooting everyone.

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  • persephoneia90
    12.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    As promised, here's the WIP video of the android make up !

    If you want to watch a slower version with explanations you can find it on YouTube here :

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  • doesitsparkjoytho
    12.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Can we take a moment to appreciate that Hank decides to jeopardize and maybe even throw away his career to save Connor? Even when he knows Connor is after the deviants and Hank doesn't agree?

    #I don't think you can punch a federal agent and not lose your badge #he might even go to jail #connor#hank anderson#dbh#long post#Hank appreciation
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