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  • Ravager: What is a healthy number of stab wounds?

    Robin: None???

    Ravager: Wrong. The answer is five.

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  • Robin: Alternative responses to “I love you”?

    Red X: Who doesn’t?

    Aqualad: I know.

    Cyborg: Thanks.

    Jinx: A horrible decision, really.

    Terra: Why?

    Starfire: *laughs nervously*

    Speedy: *laughs hysterically*

    Bumble Bee: YEET!

    Raven: I’m sorry.

    Beast Boy: *finger guns*

    Blackfire: If only there was someone who loved you.

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  • 19 episodes into Gotham and I have some more thoughts:

    •It’s nice to see Jim netting himself an upgrade at work while he’s already blackmailing the commissioner. Good for him.

    •Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent should never be allowed to go on any work-related excursions by themselves. The boy scout brigade has no talent for subterfuge and I’m amazed they lasted at the gambling den long enough for Bullock to save their asses.

    •Dollmaker is awful and where the ever-loving fuck are Fish and co. supposed to be? Maybe Canada? Possibly Greenland? I’m trying to think of places near the East Coast that would make sense to go to. It seems really impractical for an organ trafficking operation regardless.

    •"He looks like a bird!“ Oz, run for the hills right now.

    •I think Ozzie counts as a smart dumbass: he’s good with strategy but he lacks so much common sense it’s not even funny. Also how many concussions has he had so far just in season one…?

    •I generally want to throttle Ed every time he’s on screen. Dude, you screwed up the entire order of files in Kringle’s office on a whim. You’re lucky she realized before anyone else needed something out of there. That could have cost her her job depending on who found that mess first. Why the fuck would that make her want to go out with you??? Use common sense.

    •Gee Alfred, I wonder where Bruce learned that bad habit of working while gravely injured from, hm?

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  • “What the hell, Jesse? Are you working at the FBI again?”, sincere surprise on Hartley’s face is mixed with a misunderstanding of the whole situation: it is not someone who catches him at the scene of the crime, but, damn it, the Trickster himself - the Pied Piper’s former partner in his dirty deeds and not only.


    “They needed a person with my abilities”, James weakly shrugs, again playing the clown he has been since childhood, but at the same time speaks quite seriously. “And you, bud, as I see, also didn’t escape… some troubles. The FBI even managed to get me a contremarque* for your robbery!”, Jesse answers an old friend too enthusiastically and too joyfully; as if he had come to a meeting set by the Pied Piper at some ingenuous cabaret; as if it weren’t behind James the police lights were flashing, and people in uniform and with weapons weren’t standing behind his impressive back.


    They are separated by a jewelry store glass door. The shop is lit up with warm, subdued light, and the dark blue colors of the deserted and cool night flood the street. The Pied Piper has already picked up a dozen ornaments with flickering stones, but the flashing lights on the cars behind Jesse shine brighter than any jewelry.

    Rathaway watches the scene unfold in front of him, which almost elicits a nervous laugh, but then notices James winking at him. And then it finally dawns to Hartley’s clouded mind that the Trickster, that damn homophobic son of a bitch in multicolored tights, is once again on his side.

    *Pass-out ticket in theatre or something like that.
    Credits to gifs (I edited it a little to fit together): @griffin-helps​ Travis Van Winkle as James Jesse, @twyllodrus Andy Mientus as Hartley Rathaway.

    #there is some mistakes cuz i'm not good in english #pipester#pipster#pied piper#the trickster#trickster#james jesse#dc#dc comics#fancast #james jesse fancast #au#*my edit#*mine #travis van winkle #andy mientus#rogues #countdown to final crisis
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  • Jason: (bleeding out) this is fine.

    Jason: (stubbing his toe) HAVEN’T I SUFFERED ENOUGH?-

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    • Dick: It's not my fault Damian likes me better than he likes you!
    • Jason: Oh, don't flatter yourself, he likes everyone better than he likes me!
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  • Batman in batburger watching the young justice team dare eachother to drink a batsprite in one gulp: 👁👄👁💢

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  • (On patrol)

    Red Robin : Are you okay?

    Red Hood: No, not really. I have crippling PTSD because I was brutally murdered. On top of that, my murder is still running free. Sometimes I just stare at a wall and think, “Did I deserve to come back?”

    Red Robin: (exasperated) Are you okay physically?

    Red Hood: I’m fine aside from the gunshot wound.

    Red Robin: THE WHAT-

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  • I can feel the struggle of Duke Thomas fans choosing the subreddit user flair


    I think I’m gonna choose the We are Robin one tho. Duke’s robin story made me love his character.

    (Pic from Duke Thomas subreddit r/DukeThomas in reddit)

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  • [Unpopular Opinion]

    Ben Affleck is the best Batman and Andrew Garfield is the best Spider-Man

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  • Wanna know something really sad? Oswald knew that avenging his mother would cost all of his power. He knew the price to pay for his actions. He made peace with that. Oswald was willing to die as long as it meant killing Galavan first.

    Sure, Ed helped him ignite that sparkle, but that only led him to a path of more pain and deceit. His mother was the reason why he wanted power, and now he is forced to constantly strive for it until the day he dies, because otherwise her death would have been in vain.

    But really, it’s not power that he desires. Not anymore. He just wants to be loved, to regain the most important thing in the world, that was taken from him the moment his mother let out her last breath, and this really shows specially in the following 2 seasons. Oswald’s journey from here on out is a pursuit of love and redeeming himself in his mother’s eyes, which isn’t too much different from Ed’s, but while Oswald wants to be loved, Ed wants something to love, to obsess over.

    And the biggest irony of all is that, had fate not been so unkind when it came to the conditions of his birth, he might not have become evil.

    But fate is a bitch.

    And Oswald is as wicked as they come, even if most of his goals are noble. He truly does care about Gotham’s wellbeing, even if it is under the perspective of being loved.

    But it is not all bad. By the end of the show, Oswald finds this love in Edward. No, they don’t have power anymore, but they have eachother and honestly, that is so much bigger for EITHER of them than being Gotham’s rulers. By the end of the show, they are happy even if they only have eachother.

    Tldr; Oswald’s heart is his biggest weakness, but it is also the only thing that gives his life meaning.

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  • Raven from teen titans came to see the old master 😎

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  • Hands

    Hands, Arthur! Hands have their own language and I observed how you used them. How your hands spoke to me even when you weren`t aware. You would just touch a random subject and your hands would tell a story. And I was reading between the lines. Craving to be touched by them. I need your fingertips to read me like braille. I want them to read my outlines, then sink deep into my skin until I`m liquid under your touch. Dive into the waves of my longing and we`ll be united.

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  • WIP of a piece inspired by Marvel’s Black Widow #ScarlettJohansson #marv…

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  • The blissful sigh that escapes Arthurs lips when you wake him by kissing the spot behind his ear ❤

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  • image

    Скетчи с Эдиком и евойным мужиком, потому что я начитался фиков ваших блин, капец вы крутые! Такие дела.


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  • image

    Me trying to prove this is one of the bat kids: uhhhh *slaps a mask on real quick* yeah that’s Jason Todd

    #fuhfjehfj #I just wanna practice portraits and use some funky face claims for these characters so none of them look traditionally like #the characters do in the comics #bc I think batman characters desperately need to b more diverse #ask me about my dc head canons 🥺 #Jason Todd#red hood#robin#Batman#dc#batfam#bat family#my art
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