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  • mejacinta
    25.10.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    Let me try to count the offscreen scenes that would've added so much impact to individual character arcs:

    1. Kory telling the team about Blackfire, Faddei, her ship and the fact that she's royalty. Two seasons down this was worth it and what we've wanted to see. But we haven't and never will because it's not important? Or other character reactions like Dick's don't matter? Yeah, right.

    2. Dick 'checking up on Kory.' Remember that friendly chat Dick had with Hank in the kitchen, and Dick brushed off the awkward Barbara topic by saying he's going to check up on Kory (who's been hallucinating, attacking her kids and sleep walking for half the season?????) Yeah, they should've never interrupted that upcoming moment with mission stuff. We had this one chance of Dick, the team lead, checking on his other team lead, Kory. They're each other's support systems as the 'adults' of the group but couldn't have that single interaction? One that Kory had with Gar and Conner and even Blackfire? Okay...

    3. The Titans life in San Francisco. After seeing the opening scene of the team kicking ass at Dayton Labs, all light hearted, more confident, happy and united...we deserved to see a little more of them together as a team in the Tower before Jason's death came up.

    A time jump of 3 months is no simple matter. We at least deserved to see a sneak peek of what made them grow closer in 3 months, any internal conflicts they're hiding from each other (Gar, Conner AND Kory were definitely hiding some deep stuff from Dick) etc. Seeing just a small clip of them hung around each other casually would help us see what they are: a family. The 'family' that was often referenced, but not actually shown this season. 🤷

    4. Reunions. Kory/Rachel. Kory/Donna. Donna/Dick. We saw none of that in the finale and it was pretty disappointing. Rachel and Gar's reunion, as lukewarm as it was portrayed, gave me chills. I say CHILLS!!! It makes you remember that they mean the world to each other. That they're family. Donna had been dead for months! Kory was at the verge of an emotional breakdown without Rachel and Donna. We should've seen them reunite. The tears, the relief. The love. The life. We needed this.

    Notice how all these off screen moments would've amped up the family feels Titans has been known for all these years. How they would've helped greatly with some character's arcs and not made them seem pointless. Notice how these scenes add soul, substance and even create bridges to the other seasons in a way that brings realism.

    I hope that season 4 will have less of this weird writing, but I'm not holding my breath. For as long as we have the same showrunners with zero interest in what makes/made the show great, things will just keep plummeting.

    If it comes to that I'll be the first to attend the Titans funeral, and I will do that Grant Gustin pose on their grave. Not kidding. I don't know for how long some or all the showrunners want us to tell them they can do better.

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  • circusclownsam
    25.10.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    Titans roleplay? I don’t bite :)

    Fine with 18+, just rather not go into detail. Just a little

    “The two went into the bedroom together, thus proceeding to spend the night together” is fine, no “omg these two are having hardcore sex” yk.

    Because, ew.

    No Littles or furries, thanks.

    My OC is I believe 19-23 so no crazy or illegal age gaps, thank you.

    Don’t kill my OC, and I won’t kill yours.

    Don’t control my OC, and I won’t control yours.

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  • mejacinta
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Just saw the word 'Cauliflower Burger' and my first thought was Dick Grayson did that. 🤢

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  • rowletlittenpopplioteam
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    So I think Titans TV Show could use a rewrite because it’s just not giving me actual Titans vibes.

    Like Starfire doesn’t even feel like an alien at this point rather a meta human. They ruined her entire storyline all together as a whole. She’s just not giving Starfire vibes at all personality or power wise. Same with Blackfire, they might as well make them Metahumans.

    Raven is just…. So irritating and like doesn’t give Raven vibes at all, just please the writers need to get it together with her storylines and what was the need to age her down or have her go to Themiscyra if she wasnt going to be the one who revives Donna.

    Beast Boy… you already know what i have to say about him

    Dick Grayson, he does not feel like Dick Grayson at all rather what they wanted Jason Todd to be.

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  • soldierofkrypton7777
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Dick gets more and more like Bruce each season.

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  • zorilleerrant
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #look i said something #my writing#fanfic#titans hbo#donna troy#batman #(sorry that's my dc tag)
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  • hiddenqveendom
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    OC HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE : [ day 24 , multiverse au ] pt. ii

    ⤷ ft. Bobbi Ocampo ( by @stanshollaand​ ),  Maude Sweetnam, & the parallels between their connections to Jason Todd.

    tag list : @nightstorms-universes , @mer-writes , @sgtbuckyybarnes , @anna-phora , @decennia , @reggiemantleholdmyhand-tle , @ocfairygodmother , @raith-way , @scootermcooter , @stanshollaand , @lokitrasho​​

    send me a message to be added / removed !

    gif credit [ x , x , x ]
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  • jacscorner
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago


    Look, buddy, read the tags. I mean it! And the TITLE!

    Miss Martian: Ow...I don't know about this culture exchange, guys. That spanking was brutal. Starfire: But friend Megan, you should feel most honored. On Tamaran, it's traditional to give a slap to the Grebnacks when you are pleased with someone. So receiving repeated slaps must be a sign of being very beloved. M. Martian: Eh, r-really? Supergirl: Yeah, uh, no offense Star, but I don't feel particularly 'beloved'...

    --- Just a fun crossover I wanted to do. Well, crossover of sorts; of 3 DC animated series: Miss Martian reps Young Justice, Starfire Teen Titans, and Supergirl of, er, I guess the various Timverse shows, but I mostly picked her for Justice League Unlimited. 3 Sexy Alien babes across the DC multiverse~

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  • neptunes-atmosphere
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    yea no ... jus finished the finale....and i wanna watch more....i need domestic titans , where are the dickkory roadtrip head cannons? whats korys music taste like? are we getting robin tim AND red robin tim? still dont love conner and blackfires relationship. anyways its time for me to write fanficton 

    #Titans#dc titans#titans s3 #no but what the fuck did rach do to crane #like yea okay girlboss but HUH #anyways #i really think i mustve missed something in all those 13 episodes #bc where in gods name was the 'dickkory bombshell' #am i remembering this wrong or were we told there would be a dickkory bombshell #titans my beloved AND beloathed #anyways i might be becomign a jason todd apologist bc there isnt a moment where i genuinely disliked him #sorry but i love jason in all dc media and i will not change my mind on this #anyways so glad we got to see kori and kom #next season gar-centric or i'll explode
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  • stuckylokanefan
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Jason Todd: So you are Damian’s girlfriend now?

    Rachel Roth: Yes, why are you asking me that?

    Jason Todd: Well there us something I have been meaning to ask and I hope I am not being rude. What is the deal with that red gemstone on your forehead, is that some sort of religious thing?

    Rachel Roth: Don’t worry, I am not offended since I get asked that a lot. It isn’t something religious. I use it as a prison for my father. He is a demon named Trigon, he is basically Satan and I am the only being that stands between him and his ability to conquer the universe.

    Jason Todd: Dude, that is really metal. Want to join the Outlaws if you ever get bored of the Teen Titans, we could use a bad ass like you.

    Rachel Roth: Thank you, I definitely think of joining if I want to try something new.

    #dc#bat family#rachel roth#raven #damian and rachel #jason todd#red hood#the outlaws #i could definitely see jason and raven becoming friends #teen titans#trigon
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  • kiwijulia
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    i just finished watching season one of Titans (DC) and HOLY FUCK I'M SHOOK


    #THAT LAST LINE HE SAID FUCKED ME UP #titans dc#julia talks
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  • fatheriimaginedyoutaller
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    If Damian could pinpoint a guilty party, he would.

    But the truth was that: there was no one to blame for this. Everyone and no one at all was at fault.

    Perhaps Damian should've have asked more questions, perhaps Talia should have been more assertive, perhaps Bruce and Dick could have been more conscious.

    The truth was...that he felt loss. And yet at the same times he was overcome with a sense of pride.

    What was exactly the blood that ran through his veins?

    Religion had been banned in the League, so much so that it was punished with public execution. But every know and then, when he had nothing but his mama's company, he would hear the whispers of his father's Jewish traditions. How he laid down rocks on his parents tombstones every summer, how he and his cousins hadn't celebrated Hannukah together in years. Those little things brought Damian the pieces of the puzzle his baba was...

    His first language was Arabic, gulf dialect espefically. He still remembered how he couldn't pronounced certain words which turned into punishment from the part of his grandfather, how his siblings mocked his formal demeanor without thinking "Hey, maybe this isn't his first language" and how those things he could never verbalize to the involved people.

    He was ten years old when he saw his eye shape on his maternal grandmother's eyes for the first time.

    Damian would absolutely prefer that he didn't had an identity crisis every two years

    His mandarin was...Alright, at best. It did caused Cass and Jason to laugh, but not out of malice but about how adorable he sounded when he couldn't pronounced the alphabet.

    Sometimes he would look at himself in the mirror, trying to find the factions of every person in his family that came before him, as if he could be the perfect mix and not just...who he was.

    Because what if who he was wasn't enough?

    Did he had a responsibility to keep his father's traditions alive? Did he needed to speak up at every interview of galas about his heritage? Could he ever be just...Damian?

    What if at the attempt to honor every side of him? He ended up failing them?

    He hated not having a straight answer.

    He hated that because of this or that he didn't felt like he belonged to a specific group.

    But most of all...he loathed that feeling of dread on his chest that wouldn't go away.

    It was a dark and cold night when he entered his room and saw his Robin tunic waiting for him in his bed.

    He didn't knew how it happened, he would have said he was possessed by the way his body moved independently from his brain.

    He had sew before, but this project requested for the gentle hand of a seamster. So he drew in his sketchbook exactly how he wanted it to look and passed the flimsy page under Alfred's bedroom door alongside a note.

    Next thing he did was to search in his paternal grandmother for jewelery, he found a pretty transparent jewelry box with the Star of David engraved in it. That's where he found the earrings that said "Bruce" in Hebrew. He took one.

    And lastly he lastly he took Goliath and went to 'Eth Alth'eban an entered for the first time to Melissandre's chambers when he retrieved a spear, a Fangtian ji from the Song Dynasty.

    When he came back to the Manor, his father was furious for him leaving, but before he could open his mouth Alfred interrupted him by coughing into his fist and announcing his attire was ready.

    The old man barely showed him the box before Damian grabbed it and went to his room, locking the door behind him although that didn't make him feel any less the curious looks his Father and Grandfather shoot at him.

    He took some last arrangements that were only his, like the fact that he ditched the domino mask and just straight up put spray paint over the eye-zone of his face, and went out of the room to confront both men.

    He was now in front of both men, wearing a red tunic that reached his hips, with a yellow utility belt and a yellow wrap over his shoulder and neck. Behind him he had his maternal grandmother's spear and in his left ear there was Martha's old earring. He had kept his green gloves and boots.

    Damian smiled at himself, feeling good in his own skin.

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  • dceasesd
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago
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  • sbd-laytall
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Vampire Lore That States That Vampires Can Turn Into Bats + Gar Turning Into A Bat = Titans AU Where Gar Is A Vampire.

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  • dicapitoe
    25.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    DC Titans crew members could benefit from watching Insecure.

    Three seasons in and the cinematography is still a -2. Anna Diop and Kori deserve better highlight and low lighting.


    Let this Christopher Nolan type of crappy lighting go.

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  • the--lighthouse
    25.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    The Club of Unauthorized Heroes

    Fandom: Teen Titans

    Pairings: BBxRae, RobxStar, CyxJinx

    Rating: T

    Summary: Five lonely outcasts come together to set up a fake school club exclusively so they can laze about. But when the other students start thinking the mysterious club are superheroes for hire, the five will have to decide whether they want to keep up the act, or make the pretense real. [High School AU]


    Chapter 17: March. The long and unexpected story behind Dick’s school records p.1


    “Aha! Jackpot!” said Gar suddenly, and they all looked up to see him going through Raven’s bookcases.

    “I told you to quit going through my stuff!” she called out.

    “I’m sorry, Rae, but this is too good.” He turned around and she saw what he was holding—he’d found her bag of Tarot cards, and taken the cards out. “I can’t believe you’re into this…” he was going to say ‘crap’, but he took one look at Raven’s face, recognized she was about to lose it on him, considered he’d probably already pushed her enough today, and backtracked. “I mean, who knew, right?” he said, turning his tone from teasing to innocent. “That rumor about you turned out to be true. You’re really into magic or whatever.”

    “Bring me those cards over here,” she commanded.

    Gar complied, but plopped down on the bed next to her. “Ooh, ooh! Ask the cards who’s behind the graffiti!”

    Raven took the cards and put them back in their bag, ignoring him.

    Vic laughed. “That would be a good idea, though.”

    Kori clasped her hands together. “Oh, Raven, please, demonstrate! I always wanted to go to one of those fairs with, the women with cards and those, glass balls!”

    “Crystal balls,” droned Raven, hating her friends.

    “Come on, Raven! Please?” insisted Gar, and they all looked at her imploringly.

    Is this what peer pressure looks like? she wondered. She was considering acquiescing, because if she said what she really wanted to say –that those cards weren’t toys, and that she wasn’t really into magic or whatever, thank you very much, as much as magic was into her- she’d look even crazier than she already did with the whole Azarath thing.

    Read:   On AO3   On FF.Net   On Wattpad

    Read from the beginning:   On AO3   On FF.Net   On Wattpad

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  • byghostface
    24.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Beast Boy & Raven doodles💚💜

    #beast boy#raven#bbrae#teen titans #teen titains go #beast boy dc #raven dc #teen titans 2003 #tt art#fanart#myart
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  • scooby-doo-is-best-robin
    24.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    The Titans: You've only 1% of our power-

    *loses immediately*

    [Image ID: Right to left - Changeling, Starfire, Kid Flash, Robin, Cyborg, Wonder Girl stand determinedly. Robin points off panel. Robin: "That does it, mister! We weren't ready when you fought us for the first time." They run towards Trigon who stands beside a massive purple dog. Wonder Girl: "We didn't have anything to really fight for. But now -- we fight for the Earth! Titans -- hit him!" The dog barks and they all go flying backward. Trigon says "fools" from off panel. End ID]

    The New Teen Titans #6

    #it's alright queens you tried your best and that's what counts #see this is what titans hbo is missing #instead of Dick going off alone and getting his ass kicked #they should all go off together and get their collective asses kicked #it's called ~teamwork~ #ntt#teen titans#dick grayson#donna troy#cyborg#victor stone#dc comics#beast boy#garfield logan#kid flash#wally west#robin#starfire#koriand'r#wonder girl#trigon
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  • spiderben2011
    24.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    New OC:

    Name: Luna

    Alias: The Bunny Flash & the Lightning Bunny

    Age: 22 years old

    Birth: 1/1/1999

    Birthplace: Torreón, Mexico    

    Gender: Female

    Species: Metahuman

    Weight: 110 pounds (50 kg)

    Normal Appearance:

    ·       5ft 8 inches

    ·       Green eyes (turns red at times when fighting)

    ·       Gray fur

    ·       Sharp small fangs

    ·       Short black hair

    ·       Short-size bunny ears

    ·       Slender figure

    ·       Small fluffy bunny tail

    Beast Appearance:

    ·       9ft 8 inches

    ·       Dark fur

    ·       Long black hair

    ·       Long bunny ears

    ·       Long sharp claws

    ·       Long sharp fangs

    ·       Red eyes with no pupil

    ·       Tall slender figure

    Civilian Outfit:

    ·       Black fighting gloves

    ·       Black sports hat  

    ·       Brown boots

    ·       Dark cargo shorts (can be dark green, blue, & red color)

    ·       Red scarf

    ·       Short top with short sleeves (black, white, blue, orange, red, blue, or green color for the outfit)

    Hero Outfit:

    ·       Gold belt w/white bunny lightning in the middle

    ·       Green mask w/white lightning bolts on side

    ·       Green tights w/white bunny lightning symbol

    ·       Green tube top

    ·       Red boots

    ·       Red gloves


    ·       Medical equipment

    ·       Retractable Bo-staff

    ·       Two brass-knuckles


    ·       Anime expert

    ·       Gifted intellect

    ·       Marksman

    ·       Master hand-to-hand combatant:

    o   Aikido

    o   Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    o   Boxer

    o   Capoeira

    o   Chi-Block

    o   Judo master

    o   Karate

    o   Kickboxing

    o   Krav Maga

    o   Kung Fu

    o   Martial artist

    o   Muay Thai

    o   Tae Kwon Do

    o   Wrestling expert

    ·       Medical expert

    ·       Swordsman

    ·       Tracker

    ·       Video game expert

    ·       Weapons specialist

    Basic abilities:

    ·       Superhuman agility

    ·       Superhuman durability

    ·       Superhuman elasticity

    o   Able to stretch, deform, expand, or contract one’s body to any form imaginable

    o   Able to shapeshift any part of her body to form a weapon or for defense

    ·       Superhuman senses.

    ·       Superhuman speed

    ·       Superhuman strength

    ·       Superhuman stamina

    ·       Superhuman endurance


    ·       Accelerated metabolism

    o   Rendering them resistant to weight gain, illness, injury, intoxication, and accelerating their healing speed.

    ·       Decelerated aging

    ·       Immunity to all Diseases/Toxins

    ·       Rapid Regenerated Healing Factor

    Speed Force:

    ·       Creation of vortexes

    ·       Hyper-accelerated brain-activity

    ·       Infinite Super-Speed

    ·       Intangibility

    ·       Invisibility

    o   Vibrating molecules at high velocity to allow them to go invisible

    ·       Phasing

    o   Vibration to phase through objects

    ·       Speed-Force aura

    ·       Speed stealing

    o   Steal the motion or momentum from objects or people to reduce their speed & potentially stop them.

    o   Enhance the user’s speed & power

    ·       Time travel and dimension travel by running faster than the speed of light

    o   Capable of accelerating her body’s speed enough to slow time all around her.

    o   Capable of running fast enough to punch through dimensions & travel to other worlds, including universes


    ·       Energy absorption & redirection/transmutation

    ·       Electric senses

    o   Can sense weak bioelectrical fields generated by living beings & can track them

    o   Can sense their surrounding environment by generating electric fields & distortions in these fields

    o   Can sense non-living objects as well as living beings

    ·       Electro-blast

    o   Can release electricity over a specific target, causing great damage & delivering great shock waves of pure force.

    ·       Electricity Generation:

    o   Can generate electricity through her body from charged articles.

    o   Can disperse it into a powerful electrical attack

    o   Can transfer the electricity from her body to anything she wants.

    ·       Electromagnetic generation & manipulation:

    o   Can create an electromagnetic force field around her body.

    o   Can control anything metallic & bend it to her will.

    o   Can magnetize someone’s body to anything metallic.

    ·       Electricity/Lightning Empowerment

    ·       Electricity/Lightning manipulation

    ·       Generation of electrostatic force-fields

    ·       Immunity to lightning bolts

    ·       Lightning element control

    ·       Light projection

    o   Create & project bolts of light, while able to control the intensity/power of their projectiles

    o   Can generate light of various intensities for illumination, brightness, etc.

    ·       Sonic shockwave projection

    Personality: Luna is a fun-loving girl who despite not being completely human, still tries her best to blend in and have some fun. She loves playing games, interacting with her friends, reading books, reading comic books, reading manga, watching unlimited amount of anime, drawing, creating costumes, and being active. She loves even spending time with kids and encourages them not to let what people say about them keep them down. To keep moving forward and never give up on their dreams.

    Luna loves her heritage. She loves celebrating the traditions of her people, while encouraging others to embrace their heritage. To not be embarrassed or ashamed by those with hatred in their hearts. She’s proud of being born from Mexico and tries to help other Hispanic girls embrace their heritage too.  

    Luna does her best to help people out as much as possible, while also not affected by what others think of her. She knows she isn’t human and has at times been treated like a freak. But she was raised by a sweet old lady who taught her to never let what people think or say about her keep her down. To keep moving forward and one day she’ll find people who will accept her.

    Luna doesn’t always like fighting but will get involved in order to help people. She tends to be a jokester during fights, even annoy her enemies. But when she’s fighting against a dangerous foe, she will take her fight seriously. And do whatever it takes to win, even if it means drawing on her beast side.

    If it’s against foes she can easily beat, she does tend to have some bit of fun. Using her super speed and electrical powers to beat her opponents. All while trying to teach them a lesson. To avoid being bad and to be good.

    To be better and be a good person to help others too.

    Strength: Luna’s speed is around the same level as the other Flash and Kid Flash incarnations, except Barry Allen. Despite him telling her he believes she will one day be faster than him. She’s capable of drawing on the Speed Force like the other speedsters. Capable of using similar abilities as them, while capable of using her own abilities.

    She’s capable of stealing the Speed Force from other speedsters and the speed of other metahumans. Increasing her speed and power. She can even use her powers to slow the speed of her opponents. She’s also capable of accelerating her body to the point that time slows down to a crawl around her.

    She only does this when an explosion erupts, which she can sense, so she uses this ability to help her help save the people.

    She’s fast enough to go back in time, but only does it within a day to a week. To avoid causing a Flashpoint and affect the future. With her speed, she’s also capable of running to the future and know how things are going to go. While making sure not to tell the people about what happens.

    With her bunny traits, she’s capable of hearing up to five miles and swivel the ears independently to capture sounds from specific directions. Her eyes can see nearly 360 degrees, as well as above her head. She’s capable of jumping up to 30 feet, but with her speed, she’s capable of jumping 3500 feet. She’s capable of sensing danger, which causes her ears to flop up and her tail to tingle to let her know something bad is about to happen.

    She’s capable of enhancing her abilities like increasing her speed, strength, healing abilities, etc. She’s immune from being harmed by electricity, including lightning. In her words, it tickles everything she gets shocked. She’s capable of using her powers to magnetize her powers, magnetize anything metallic, and even control anything that needs electricity.

    She’s capable of generating her own electricity, while also able to disperse it to a powerful electrical attack. More like launching an EMP blast, which can knock out anything electronical for three miles. Combined with her electrical powers, she’s capable of creating an explosion that equals up to 800 kilotons of force.

    She’s also capable of absorbing the electricity from the entire planet if she runs around and absorbs its power. When she combines it all, along with combining it with her Speed Force, she can launch a powerful attack that Infinite Mass Punch, which can hit with a force of 10 octillion megatons.

    However, doing this will leave her in a weakened state for a whole day. Unless she can recharge with any electrical energy, which can help her heal much faster.

    Luna has also mastered every fighting style in the world and even combines it during her fights. She did this after reading every book about each of these fighting styles. Even trained herself to master them. With her speed, she was able to master these fighting styles and even put them to the test with Batman’s help, who even gave her some tips on how to improve on them after she lost to him.

    She is strong enough to lift 25 tons (50,000 pounds) in her normal form, but in her two forms she’s capable of lifting ten times than in her normal form. In her final form she can lift 250 tons (500,000 pounds), but while filled with electricity as her fuel, along with her Speed Force, she’s capable of lifting 2,500,000 tons (5 billion pounds).

    She’s capable of shattering through solid concrete without much effort and bend metal beams in her normal form. While in her two forms she can break through twenty to 100 solid metal walls without a scratch.

    She has superhuman elasticity, which allows her to stretch her arms, legs, body, and head in any way she can imagine. She usually uses this to help launch her from a great length or to help restrain an enemy. In her secondary form and third forms, she uses it more for stronger attacks. She can shapeshift her arms to form bladed weapons, make her hands bigger to launch a stronger attack, shapeshift her hands to form a giant hammer, etc.

    She can heal from any injuries faster than other speedsters, and when she absorbs electricity, it helps her recover even faster. She’s durable enough to survive an explosion yielding up to 50 million tons of TNT, but this is in her base form. In her final form she’s capable of surviving at least up to 100 million tons of TNT to a billion.

    Weaknesses: Despite her abilities, Luna isn’t as fast as Barry and Wally who have done things she hasn’t done before. Her speed isn’t on the same level as Barry when he goes all out, but is still faster than the other speedsters, including Reverse-Flash. She’s more careful though when using her powers and tries not to exhaust herself. She’s also careful when using her powers involving electricity, to ensure she won’t harm anyone or anything.

    Her elasticity can be affected in sub-zero temperatures. Preventing her from being able to use her powers to stretch herself, otherwise she runs the risk of her limbs breaking. She can use her ability to help her grow tall, but if she does this, then she can’t use her super speed to run. Otherwise, she could accidentally hurt innocent people if she tries this.

    She can be affected by weapons and magic that target those with the Speed Force. Trying to slow them down and can even get her speed stolen from her from another speedster. She can also be affected by devices designed to drain her of her electrical powers. Until she is drained completely and is weakened.

    She’s also careful in her beast form since in this form, her power is increased to a new level. She’s capable of controlling this form and can use it for as long as she can. However, if she exhausts herself from using too much of her power, she can return to her normal form. Being left in a vulnerable state for a full day.

    This is the same when she draws on all the power around her and uses it for an ultimate attack. These are moves she only uses when she absolutely has no choice. Not to show off or to risk hurting people. Just as a last resort.

    Bio: Luna doesn’t remember much of her life when she was young. She remembers her parents, but only their voices. She doesn’t remember what they look like but remembers bits and pieces of where she lived. Before she was taken away to be raised in a lab with other children.

    All orphans or those that were taken from their homes. Taken somewhere secluded and to be used as lab experiments.

    All experimented on by these scientists, who wanted to put them through dangerous trials. Trying to unlock their metahuman genes or to try giving them powers. The children didn’t know why the scientist did this. Maybe to be used as weapons, to kill, or even to be used a test subjects before they can use the experiments for suitable patients.

    A few of the doctors and scientists though befriended the children. They cared for them, looked out for the children, and made sure they weren’t killed. One of them, was an elderly woman, who looked out for the children. Keeping them from being killed and treated them as children, not as lab rats.

    She would feed the children well. Show them cartoons, anime, comics, and books. She even taught them. Along with the other doctors and scientists. Trying to help the children get through whatever they are put through and give them something good in their lives.

    One day, Luna and a few other kids were put through an experiment that mutated their bodies. This was done to help better their chances for an experiment, which the scientists hope will help them replicate the same process that gave Barry Allen his powers to become the Flash. The experiment transformed the children to appear a andromorphic animals. They were then put through the experiment, which resulted with only five out of the ten in gaining the powers.

    However, four of the children ended up going insane and began destroying the facility. Killing the people inside and hunting down the ones in charge of the experiments. All except Luna, who was saved by the elderly doctor. She risked her life to save Luna and the surviving children.

    Getting them somewhere safe, before one of the crazed children nearly killed her. Luna unlocking a hidden transformation allowed her to save the others and defeat the four crazed children. They managed to escape, but the elderly doctor was too injured to keep going. She gave Luna a flash drive, which contains the information of the organization behind these experiments.

    She even named Luna after her daughter and made her promise to use her powers to help protect people. And to never lose herself.

    The Justice League arrived to help the children before Luna handed the flash drive to Batman. Once the Flash found Luna and saw what she can do, he ended up adopting her. Promising to help her control her powers and give her a life. Iris agreed to this and took Luna in like her own child. Luna was happy to have them both in her life and promised to do what the elderly doctor wants her to do.

    To use her powers to protect the innocent and become a hero. Barry and Iris gave Luna her own super suit, along with a place to stay with the Teen Titans. To put her skills to the test and make friends. All while vowing to make sure no other child goes through the same thing she went through. 

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