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  • auntorange
    18.09.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    How dare you? 10 cc ft. Miss Martian

    I think Miss Martian is such a complex and underused character. Just imagine a comic series spanning 5 decades of her life on earth, one issue per decade starting with the 1970s, focusing on her self discovery, adapting to earth, trauma caused by repressing her true form and origin, alienation, her fluent sexuality etc.

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  • bangtwicehub
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Rick saves Harley (from the cursed Killer Croc)

    ♦️ Suicide Squad Rebirth #8

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  • evilhorse
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    You haven’t got the nuts.

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  • bangtwicehub
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Rick didn't trust Harley at first, and set up a mission with just the two of them, to gauge her. But Harley, saved Rick without a doubt and defied the Joker!

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  • ao3feed-brucewayne
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The Hidden and The Brazen

    by SuperIceLight

    When Matches Malone needs to break up a gang meeting without breaking cover, he does the only rational thing: He calls his boyfriend to cause chaos. Guy is very happy to obliege.

    Words: 964, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 14 of Tropetember 2021, Part 3 of BatLantern (but not that Lantern!)

    Fandoms: Green Lantern - All Media Types, Green Lantern (Comics), Batman - All Media Types, Batman (Comics), Justice League International (Comics), DCU (Comics)

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Guy Gardner, Bruce Wayne, Gotham City Police Department Officers

    Relationships: Guy Gardner/Bruce Wayne

    Additional Tags: Introducing: Matches Malone, Not that Guy cares, Guy Gardner is a shithead (affectionate), Kissing, Property Destruction, Gun Violence, (barely), Established Relationship, Humor, Fluff, Fluff and Humor

    source https://archiveofourown.org/works/33934825

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  • ao3feed-harleyquinn
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago


    by BeyondElectricDreams

    Words: 436, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 3 of After The Gold Rush, Part 11 of World At Large, Part 2 of Blown A Wish

    Fandoms: DCU (Comics), Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) (2020), Suicide Squad (2016)

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/F

    Characters: Pamela Isley, Harleen Quinzel, Original Female Character(s)

    Relationships: Pamela Isley/Harleen Quinzel, Original Female Character & Original Female Character

    Additional Tags: Writing

    source https://archiveofourown.org/works/33945013

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  • somekindapen
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Carpe Noctem (Jason Todd x Original Character Sibling) Part 6 (Ongoing)

    "Fuck fuck fuck.." Chelsea paced back and forth her room trying to collect herself.

    Where it all began.

    Chelsea knew exactly what that meant.

    By why would Jason send her this? Nonetheless she had a gut wrenching feeling that was telling her to go.

    Roof of the Library.

    Chelsea landed perfectly with her grappling hook. Scanning her surroundings she seemed alone.. Then she heard a male voice from behind her, quickly turning around and observing the man's shadow as he talked.

    "Aww Batgirl I'm disappointed in you. I expected more from you."

    "Show yourself!"

    "That ruins the fun."

    "Do. It." The caped crusader started walking forward.

    Walking out of the shadows, The Man was revealed to be Black Mask.

    "Shouldve listened.." Black Mask began firing at Chelsea but she quickly moved out the way to cover behind an AC unit.

    "What the fuck is this for?" Bullets whizzed overhead.

    "The 2 main attractions aren't quite here yet.." He maniacally laughed which sent shivers down her spine.

    Chelsea was tired of this shit. Tired of it. The gunshots themselves made her eyes twitch. It reminded her of the hospital and the wounds.

    Then out of nowhere, the man behind the red mask fired from behind a water tower. Black mask dove for cover.

    She could tell that this man was not the same man firing upon her. Peaking to see Red Hood.

    "Batgirl? Are you hurt?"

    "No Red Hood. I'm okay."

    Black Mask seemed pleased with his results. Everything was going exactly to plan for him. Exactly.

    Chelsea felt like a coward for hiding behind cover and not fighting back. But every single gun shot destroyed her nerve to fight back. Her will to be Batgirl.

    "I love a good fight Batgirl! Come out!"

    She couldn't move a muscle. Embarrassing for a vigilante. "Fuck you Mask." She thought quick. Aiming her batarangs right for Black Mask's well.. Mask or skull. It doesn't really matter though.

    It seemed to miss its intentional target, hitting the chest of the villain. Using this as an open window, Red Hood and Batgirl rushed him at the same time.

    Bang! Someone fell to the ground. Take a hint. If you guessed correctly, ITS Black mask WOO!! Batgirl reached him first. "Why are you coming after me?" She grabbed his throat. Rage. It's all what consumed her. Chelsea was sick and tired of seeing good people fall to corruption. "Kinky." Fucking sick. He was a mentally ill man. Sadly, no matter how much you kill or get rid of go away. Chelsea gritted her teeth but before she could say anything else bits of his brain were suddenly on her hand. Then the gloves slowly turned Red.

    Chelsea pryed her eyes from the dead corpse and turned the other way. "What did you do!"

    "You know what he said. THAT BITCH DESERVED IT." Jason holstered his weapon and then throwing his hands up in frustration.

    "I know its just.." The torn hero sighed. They were lost. They didn't understand. "I don't.. know."

    Meanwhile Jason had ripped the mask off of the supposed Black Mask. It wasn't him. This was a setup.

    "This isn't the real mask. Something is off."

    Chelsea gagged. "So you killed the wrong guy? What the fuck is wrong with you? Maybe Batman was right about you." She didn't understand anything.

    Jason didn't understand why his sister was suddenly against him.

    "If you want to talk to me, meet me at the base." Chelsea grappled off into the sunset. Questioning what she just did, talking to herself.

    "Why would I do that?"

    "Fuck. He's my brother. He was probably right doing that."

    "No, Bruce always said that if you kill you go down to their level."

    Back at the batcave.

    Chelsea removed her mask, letting out a deep sigh of relief that she made it back alive.

    "I lived another day." A dark silhouette came out from the bat computer.

    "Somehow no matter how much you get shot, you do."

    Bruce smiled faintly and gave his daughter a hug.

    "Bruce. I love you."

    Bruce's heart melted. His daughter, the one he'd always protect the most. Quite ironic right? The playboy billionaire hated the thought of his daughters heart broken even though he had broken many.

    The Bat was loss for words.

    "Dad. Can I call you that?" That death. What she had saw brought her closer to him. All the other times. The hospital. It made her appreciate him for everything. Heal the wounds.

    "Yes. Anytime you want." The Bat cried. Surely not a lot, but he still cried. He was a father to his children. But what had made her come to him like this and just fall into his arms? It was unlike Chelsea.

    Bruce would let her come to him later. He understood she was just a traumatized teenager. Tired of life. Tired of everything.

    "I'm going.. to bed. Good night." Chelsea awkwardly left to her room. She went out to her room's balcony and looked out on the Midnight sky, talking to herself.

    "Why is everything so sudden.. and confusing? I never can just.. have something normal."

    "You don't have to go through this alone!"

    Someone wearing a black hoodie masking their face and black jeans alone with red biker gloves mysteriously said from down below.

    "Who.. wait. Carlo?" Chelsea was surprised. She didn't expect him to well.. just show up like this.

    "Yeah. I'm here to apologize. For, y'know." He shrugged his shoulders.

    "For what. Admit it and maybe I'll let you up." Chelsea deviously smirked. She was going to make him admit his wrongs.

    His stubbornness made him go silent for a few minutes before rolling his eyes and making the decision to own up. "I'm sorry for blaming you for my injuries. You almost died for me and.. I miss you. I really do."

    "Okay.. I'll let you in. Go to the front."


    Chelsea rushed downstairs to the front door and opened it for him. They walked through the halls. Even passing the grandfather clock.

    "I was a dick. You saved my life and.. I know when we stopped talking I felt kinda.. kinda lonely."

    Chelsea scoffed in surprise, and victory. "Ha. You, lonely?"

    "Don't make me take it back."

    "Okay okay."

    Upon reaching her room they both entered. Sitting on her bed. Chelsea looked around her room and Carlo tucked his hands into his hoodie.

    "So, you never told me what happened to the guy who shot us." He had to break the silence somehow, he was going to admit something even more daring.

    Chelsea recalled the hospital. "He's dead. Jason killed him." The room continued to carry a somber tone.

    This was his chance right? To finally fix his wrongs? "Oh. Well.. I need to tell you something."

    Chelsea wasn't expecting what he was going to say. Not at all.

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  • tic---tac---toe
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Theme Song of the day:

    Duvet - boa
    #[marie.exe] #[t.t.t] #[tic tac toe (muse)] #dc ocs#original character#dc universe#dc multiverse
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  • ao3feed-brucewayne
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    No One I'd Rather Die For

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3nKNJlM

    by fishfingersandjellybabies

    In canon, Damian blamed himself for Dick getting shot, despite not being there.

    So...what if he was?

    Words: 1330, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Batman (Comics)

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne

    Relationships: Dick Grayson & Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne & Damian Wayne

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3nKNJlM

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  • ao3feed-brucewayne
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Keep Me Company (I Can Get a Little Lonely)

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/2XpFq3t

    by WanderingSpiritCC

    The documents Damian had found had been difficult to read. The diagrams of his own body, the recording of blood samples, that notes on the procedures done to him. Everything about it made him feel inhuman and violated. But worst of all were the notes on the embryo put in him. A clone, Ra's had been attempting, had in fact accomplished making. An alpha clone of Tim, that was what was growing in his uterus. It was much better than the alternative, carrying some amalgamation of Tim and Ra's. That would have made Tim feel sick. But a clone? A clone made to be an alpha? That was a slap in the face, a testament to how worthless Tim was as an omega. His only worth to Ra's was as a carrier for a better model.

    Words: 11432, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Batman - All Media Types

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Tim Drake, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, Alfred Pennyworth, Kon-El | Conner Kent

    Additional Tags: Mpreg, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Angst, Fluff and Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Tim Drake-centric, Tim Drake Needs a Hug, Bruce Wayne is a Good Parent, Good Sibling Dick Grayson, Good Sibling Jason Todd, Good Sibling Damian Wayne, Good Sibling Cassandra Cain, Good Sibling Stephanie Brown, Alpha Bruce Wayne, Beta Dick Grayson, Omega Jason Todd, Omega Tim Drake, Alpha Damian Wayne, Alpha Stephanie Brown, Alpha Cassandra Cain, Clones, Creepy Ra's al Ghul, Misunderstandings

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/2XpFq3t

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