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    Black Manta in Aquaman vol 8 #50

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    25.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Nyssa Raatko was never president of the United States.

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    25.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Well.. maybe this isn’t that bad.. 

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    25.01.2022 - 19 hours ago
    #jonathan crane x reader #jonathan crane #scarecrow x reader #scarecrow #batman villains x reader #batman rogues x reader #batman rogues#batman villains#dork squad #jonathan crane fanfic #scarecrow fanfic#btas #btas jonathan crane #batman the animated series #arkhamverse#batman comics #the dark knight #cillian murphy#rogues gallery#dc#dc comics#dc fanfiction #dc x reader #fanfiction#my writing#request#edward nygma#batman#batfamily
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    24.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    The Flower Shop Owner


    This morning was different from the rest, the bed was still gathering warmth from both Victor and I's bodies. Looking at him I can see his posture lacking, the angry scars stare back at me, I inch my way closer to him and wrap my arms around his naked waist. "Good morning" mumbling into his abs as he places one of his hands onto the top of my hair that is disheveled from the night before. A moment like this was something we treasured as well, being in each other's arms in the early morning. Victor takes some time to look at his small blackberry but in seconds places it down on the small table next to our bed. "You're still in bed," asking, as I release him and sit up just like he is, "haven't gotten anything from the boss so I'm not on the clock." I start to pick up the clothes that I lost last night and make my way to the master bath. "Well since you're not on the clock, keep me company in the shower," I say in a teasing manner as I look back at him. Showering with Victor was rare since he would be up and ready way before I open my eyes for the day, either way, it felt nice.

    Victor had a system to his clothing, he cleaned his own clothes and he folded his own as well. He kept his shirts crisp and clean in individual sections in the dresser and he neatly folded his pants in the closet in a small tower, granted victor's fashion was limited to one outfit and only wearing neutral colors. He still seemed to catch my attention with the simplest colors and outfits. I, on the other hand, loved the fashion of Gotham to the point of buying some overpriced pieces and not wearing them once. I want to wait for the perfect moment to bring it out for victor and the world to see. Our morning today was slower than others, after dressing we each went to the kitchen and made a small breakfast that would wake us up. Sweets were always in our home, from sugary cereal to the freshest baked goods. They never stay for long since Victor has a major sweet tooth. Hot tea seemed to wake me up in the morning, the warmth of a mug of green tea filled the drained battery that is my body. A ritual that we have before we leave the apartment was us grabbing our wedding rings and putting them on together. I would put it on my finger and Victor would have to hide his by turning it into a necklace of sorts, it hides well thanks to the layers of black clothing.

    Leaving and in a short, while entering the shop Victor seems eager to work. "Can I cut those?" as a reference to cutting the stems of flowers for bouquets, that job was to him the best for the reason of using shears to cut them. "a lot of discount one huh?" "Yeah a guy came in here yesterday and bought one, and they are the cheapest ones here." "You get the top-of-the-line flowers so, of course, they're going to be a pretty penny," he says as he helps to lift buckets to hold the bouquets. A loud sound came from Victor's area, the tune Funky Town played, Answering it his face become stone-like showing no emotions. "got to go the boss has a job for me." putting his blackberry back in his blazer pocket he walks over to me and gives me a loving kiss on the lips. "I'll be sure to call if it lasts longer than planned." "Okay, be safe out there rockstar." and with that victor leaves the shop and waves me goodbye through the front window.

    Crime in this area was a normal occurrence, carjackings, muggings, and robberies were the top crimes in this part of Gotham. With this property being pretty much Falcone property not that many people try to rob me or anything. So having two men from the GCPD in here was strange. I instantly recognize one of the men, he was the one who bought a discount bouquet from me. "You're miss y/n yes?" The man said. "Yes, I am, is something the matter?" "Miss I'm afraid to inform you that you are under arrest for conspiracy." His scruffy partner told me as the clean-cut one proceeds to handcuff me. "What! I don't understand! Please you're making a mistake." I continue to plead with the men but my voice reached only deaf ears it seemed.

    The way the silver handcuffs rubbed my wrists was uncomfortable. I was placed in a chair that I assumed was the officer's desk chair. His scruffy partner was seated at his desk in front of me. "Don't I get a phone call?" A sigh was heard "you have the right I guess." Pushing the black phone my way he returned to the paper he was reading. I quickly enter Victor's number, it only took two rings before he answered with a questioning tone. "Vic?" I whispered into the phone but not in a way to make it look suspicious. " angel? Why are you calling me on a different number, what's going on?" I hear his voice rise and his breathing was sharp. "I'm at the GCPD, I don't know why I'm here, they arrested me, Vic, please come get me." I could sense that my voice was shaking, my eyes had a burning sensation as if I was going to start crying. "Don't worry, I'm coming for you." The call ended.

    It didn't take long for the air in the room to turn cold and thick. The sound of heavy footsteps echoed throughout the station, the silence was almost painful to endure. Looking over the ledge, Victor with a gun in hand and flared nostrils makes eye contact with me. I leap up from the chair holding my cuffed hands to my chest. "What the hell!" The shag dog man stands up as well and calls out for this partner. A standoff seemed to commence as Victor states down the officer in front of us. "What is it this time Zsasz?" I turn my head to Victor, I try to walk to him but embarrassingly trip over my own two feet and proceed to force me to land on the floor. My perspective on Victor's clean shoes let me see the motion of him turning and helping me back upright. "You have what's mine, Jim." With that, he brings out his gun once again and shoots up at the ceiling. "Everyone out!" Like a school of fish, the light diverse crew of officers left the station swiftly.

    Returning upright I clunch Victor's black blazer jacket, the two detectives staring in confusion at the interaction between Victor and me. "Zsasz, what are you doing here?" the man that was freshly named Jim spoke to Victor with a confident voice. "I'm here for her" "I don't know your relationship with her but, she is under investigation so I can let that happen." "Investigation? For what?" releasing my hands for Victor I take a step to them. "Your name is y/n l/n right." Silence came, I fidget with my fingers "well actually, my name changed in the last couple of years." "You changed your name? yeah that doesn't look suspicious at all." his older counterpart says as he seems to grab a tan file folder. He opens it to revile a small photo of myself with my record attached to it. "That's you!" pointing at the file in question. "Have you got the updated version of my file though sir?" Sucking his teeth he grabs that file once again and looks through it, turning a page he let out a large deep sigh. "Jim, come look at this." "What the?" "My last name changed to Zsasz two years ago."

    "Oh god please let it be that your his long-lost sister or something!"

    "She's my wife."



    To be Continued ➡

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    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    the cat decided to join me gamin lol

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  • deleriumscreaming
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    playin lego dc supervillians and clearin out all those videos on my watch later list lol

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    they out here ready to raid Walmart lol

    #kyd wykkyd#teen titans#see-more#see more#seekyd #just kids trying to be edgy #they look more evil than they actually are lol #they be looking good tho ngl #fanart #kyd with sharp canines supremacy #hive five#dc villains
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    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #bullying is ok as long as it’s tim drake #damian wayne#not homophobic #dc is the true villain
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    I don't know if I'll ever clean this up more so here's some ivy with questionable lighting choices

    #i'm trying to learn how to draw women #so i'm starting with my favorite ecoterrorist #I saw this pose and really liked it for some reason idk #it seemed menacing #poison ivy #poison ivy dc #dc comics#gotham rogues#villain#plant#nature#pamela isley#digital art#photoshop#digital rendering#my art #small art blog #art#fanart#dc fanart#female villains
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    listen i love dc but they don't know the characters like i do. i should become a dc writer just so i can make my own continuity where everyone is written perfectly and raven is the main character.

    #she's literally the most powerful character in all of dc lore #even vs like the most insane villains like the anti monitor or darkseid #like if the jl had just called up dick and been like #hey we have an end of the world situation can you get your infinitely powerful demon girl over here #and then rachel shows up and blasts them into another dimension #i mean Come On she beat trigon she literally is the most powerful demon lord in existence #i would say she's more powerful than the anti monitor but the writers keep nerfing her retroactively to make the story more interesting #i mean if raven is the most powerful being in the dc multiverse then it becomes less interesting when no villain can match her #so they either take her out of the story or they nerf her and it's sooooi annoying
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    23.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Poison ivy cosplay account in the making 🌿

    Message with any requests or words of encouragement. Can't wait to hear from you all and make all your dreams come true 💚💋

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    23.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Have you heard about the new pastry shop that Mr. and Mrs. Freeze have opened?

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    Tony’s snap eviscerated Thanos and his army, and, despite all odds, he managed persevere. However, our heroes had little time to celebrate.
    Traveling back in time was a risk with consequences they could anticipate, but luckily they came out of it unscathed. Or so they thought. A couple of months later, everything turned upside down when Doctor Strange (with the help of Peter Parker) messed up a spell allowing heroes and villains from every universe to come through to this world. Trying to seal the rifts only made things worse and with no way to stop what was happening, it was time for everyone to band together to figure out what was going on.

    welcome to the multiverse..

    Set after the events of Endgame and No Way Home, MultiversalHQ sees the worlds of Marvel and DC collide to fight for their lives. Think you have what it takes?


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    The Villain Wrangler

    From chapter 32: The Human Martainhunter

    Damian returned a few minutes later, and Danny didn't even bother to hold in his laughter when he saw Cass and Jason trailing behind him, with Jason holding Tim's struggling body over his shoulder.
    "He tried to protest, so I enlisted help," Damian explained with a sniff. "You're welcome, Johnson."
    "Huh." Danny patted Damian's head and ignored his offended shout of hey! "You sound like your father."
    "Well that's terrifying," Jason muttered. "Anyways, you asked for restaurant boy?" He unceremoniously dropped Tim to the floor.
    "I would've been more willing to come down if he didn't keep calling me that!" Tim groaned as he sat up, glaring up at Jason. Jason merely shrugged.
    "I wouldn't keep calling you that if you'd just apologized for kidnapping me, but here we are," Danny said. "Although… if you do me a favor, I promise not to ever mention 'Red Robin the restaurant' again.”
    “Done," Tim readily agreed, reaching up to shake his outstretched hand.
    "I need you to get me into the Justice League Watchtower."
    "Fuck!" Tim swore.
    Jason cackled. "Oh, I've got to see this.”
    #ehehe I made a comic of my own fic #the villain wrangler #batfamily#hawk’s art#jason todd#tim drake#damian wayne#danny johnson#dc comics#fanfiction #i was too lazy to shade it in
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    Marvel villains: Almost entirely a commentary on the problems with society as a whole. Complex moral dilemmas that centre around the subjectivity of right and wrong, discussion of whether or not helping the minority is worth risking the majority, serious topics like the impacts of poverty on crime rates and the problem with using people’s lives for profit.

    DC villains: idk man some clown cosplayer hired a bunch of people to put white face paint on and cause some trouble, good for him I guess. Why? Gotham’s boring, what else would you do?

    #dc villains r better purely because of presentation #dc comics#dc#dcu#joker#the joker #marvel vs dc #dc vs marvel #dc villains#marvel villains
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    22.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    The Mad Hatter by Tim Sale

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